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My ID is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Live Recap Episode 13

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I have a feeling this episode is going to be lit. We ended last time with all the emotions exposed (in a quiet way) from Kyung-seok. He said he would wait for her and it looked like he meant it. However, he was bout to lose his ever loving mind at the end of the last episode with just the slightest pat pat pat on Mirae’s shoulder by Woo-young.

Fists might be flying this episode. Or possibly just a bit of brooding? Shower brooding? Drinking brooding? Han River brooding? Or maybe even the tried and true jimjilbang brooding? Or, you know, Mirae couuuuuld suprise us all and confess her feelings too. That would be nice.

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Shorthand: My ID is Gangnam Beauty

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Kyung-seok walks up to the conversation of MR and WY, he is at the bottom of the stairs and sees WY patting MR’s arm. But WY just comforted MR and said she should do what she wants, don’t cry.

Kyung-seok swallows his anger and turns to walk away in the opposite direction. He tries to cool himself off as he gets further and further away from them.

At home, it looks like HJ might see something? She sees something and hurridly turns away. Perhaps she saw MR and WY together?

Meanwhile, WY walks MR to her steps. They say goodbye and he watches her walk up to her place.

HJ is at attention at home, thinking. But she becomes her cheerful self when MR comes in.

KS finds his way all the way to his friends Bar. WJ asks what happened in this short amount of time, was it the girl? Do you have first love heart ache? They both talk about first love and how you talk to people that you like, you will learn your lesson after several first loves. Kyung-seok just sighs and puts his hands behind his head.

At MR’s plase, HJ pretends like she is sleeping, but MR thinks it is too early to sleep. HJ keeps pretending.

At WY’s house, he pours himself a shot of soju and gulp it down right away, then he pours himself another.

At MR’s place, she lays in bed thinking about WY telling her that he hopes she will do well with Kyung-seok. She tells herself that she thought no one would support her.

At the cafe, KS and WJ drink shot after shot. KS tells his friend that he will close up for the night. WJ reluctantly says he can (he was reluctant because he is nto actually the owner of the store anymore). KS stays and drinks.

WY wakes up hammered after drinking 3 shots. He sees that KS did not come home last night. then he pushes the soju away, he does not even want to see it.

At school, KS shows up very hung over. He goes to his lab group. MR tells him that he can go to the nursing room if he is having a hard time, she will tell the assistant manager. he thanks her and then goes to the nurses office to rest. But he sits on the bed and rubs his head instead of sleeping. his phone rings, it’s Woo-young. But he throws it on the bed instead of picking up.

Later on, MR and the two other girls in their department talk about why Tae-hee isn’t there. SA is at the other table with her friend and the guys. She is worried about KS. JH makes a joke about SA being worried about Kyung-seok. But then she tells her not to be angry. But SA looks at MR and says that it is right, I like Kyung-seok.

Won-ho asks if they are dating? She says that they are not dating yet. Everyone at that table becomes grumpy about it.

WH goes to the bathroom to steam off after hearing the news. His friend sung-woon goes in to talk to him and tell him that it isn’t a big deal, SA just likes pretty guys. You were already dumped anyway when school started. Wonho says that he knows all that, but she should at least not say that she likes Kyung-seok in front of him.

The video guy is in the stall and texting his internet friends about how SA played him and she has “some” with another guy, he is really angry about it.

At that same time, Hye-sun gets notice that her son is sick in the nusing room due to drinking too much. She heads over there and asks if he is okay. He hops up when he sees her so she asks if anything is wrong, what happened?

He says nothing happened. She wonders why he drank that much even though nothing happened. It was nothing bad? How much did you drink? He says it was nothing bad and he only drank 5 – …6 -…..7 bottles. His mother is all like WHAT? Do you have a death wish? But then she pulls herself back and sits on the bed. She tells him that he shouldn’t drink that much.

he tells her that she really can’t smell, because everyone does not want to be next to him because he drank so much. She tells him that she will not give him sepecial privileges because he is her son, he will be out next time. He understands. But he starts chuckling and says that he did not realize it, but now it feels like he has a mom.

She tells him to wait, she will make gul mul tea. (hangover tea).

meanwhile, SA and JH sit around in the lobby with MR, YN, and YE. SA and her friend talk about KS as if they are already a couple. MR notices this and feels a bit sad about it. But then Tae-hee comes in looking sad and tells them that seh broke up with Oppa. YN tries to comfort her a little and softly tells her to stop crying.

YE looks at SA questioningly during all of this.

Elsewhere, WY talks to Mirae, he called her and asked her if Kyung-seok went to work today (the itnernship). She says yes. He tells her that he did not come back last night. She says, really? He tells her that he was just checking, are you okay? She says, I am okay. They hang up then Wy sits and says that he is not okay.

back at the internship, Yena talks to Tae-hee about how Yae-young broke up by phone. They fought because of CW, but that should not be the reason. Is he embarrassed because he has a fat girlfriend? Ah, this oppa!

Jihyo and Soo-ah talk about the situation with Tae-hee. They say that they like each other, but you can’t avoid what people will say. But then YE tells them not to talk about other peoples lvoe lie and then glares at them both as if they commited a crime.

Flashback to YE walking home, but then she sees Soo-ah get out of a taxi with Tae-young. They both happily exchange goodbyes and YE quickly turned around so they would not see her.

Back in the lab, YE sighs as SA goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Ehile leaving, she sees MR and tells her that Tae-hee broke up with Te-young because people say that they are not good enough together. SA wonders if she is good enough for Kyung-seok. MR thinks that KS does not like her. SA tells MR that men want to show off their women. Thank you for the other day, it was so embarrassing with me and Kyung-seok like that, but you ignored us and left.

She walks to the bathroom. MR thinks that SA knows everything, so why is she doing that to her? She turns and walks back to the bathroom, but then she hears hurling noises as if someone is throwing up. She walks inside and stays stands there. SA is clearly throwing up after eating.

SA walks out and washes her mouth, but then she sees MR standing there. She asks her how long she was there. MR asks her if she threw up, it sounded like you did. SA says she did nto throw up, it was just a nauseous feeling. MR keeps looking at her. She says that she did not look nauseous when she watched her eat. Do you eat and throw up?

SA asks why she cares, does she think she is that kind of person! She storms out, but MR just thinks that SA was embarrassed, she was really embarrassed.
Sung-woon goes to the nurses office and asks how Kung-seok is. How much do you have to drink to be so wasted like this? KS asks if he still smells like alcohol. SW takes a sniff and is all like, of course, yeah. KS starts to drink the honey water his mother made. SW wonders who made it for him and then talk about SA. He tells him that at lunch SA told everyone that she liked him. How can you make SA like you in a one-sided love? Did you not know?

KYung-seok says that SA is crazy and storms out.

Meanwhile, MR is still in the bathroom and is reminded that she was bulimic for a moment when she was young. She empathizes with SA for a moment and thinks that SA is not happy even though she looks like that.

Kyung-seok goes back to the lab, (he still looks all messed up) and tells SA that he should talk to him. SA happily says that she can. MR walks back to the class but watches from the hallway.

WY calls Tae-young and tells him that he wants to have a little drink with him. Tae-young asks why hyung wants to drink. WY is all like, yeah, sometimes I want to drink. Come by with the other kids, see you over there. WY hangs up and sits back in his chair and sighs.

Back in the lab, the assistant manager tells them all that if they are late or miss something or anything, if it happened one more time, there will be no certificate for them. She leaves.

SA asks KS where he would like to talk. he says there so everyone else says that they should leave. KS looks pissed.

The girls leave and wonder if today will be the first day for the two of them. But they also think he looked upset.

In the lab, KS basically tells SA to stop all of this, why is she telling people that she likes him. He pities her. She tells him that she did not know that one sided love is this hard, she is tired. he tells her that he pities her as a human. If he dates someone else, does it hurt the reputation of a goddess?

Meanwhile, MR sits at the bus stop and thinks that KS will refuse her and then everyone will think that he will date someone even prettier than Soo-ah. She remembers SA saying that men want someone to show off….even if they don’t like her. But then MR thinks that SA does not actually like Kyung seok.

In the lab, SA asks why KS likes someone like MR. How come? Do you think this is good for Mirae? Mirae runs in at that moment. They both turn to look at her.

Mirae looks directly at Kyung-seok.

MR – Kyung-seok, let’s go.

SA tells her that she is telling him something important. But KS asks her what she is doing? MR says that she will tell her privately a little bit.

KS leaves so MR and SA can talk privately.

MR tells SA that she knows she hates her and KS likes her. She can’t stand it, even so, don’t use Kyung-seok. And don’t bother KS’s life.

What are you talking about? I am bothering his life?

Everyone acknowledges that KS is the best, so if he dates someone else then that means that you are not the prettiest anymore. So you don’t want KS to date anyone else unless it is you.

Are you insane?

I am sane, now. I understand what you are trying to do. You stopped me becaue CW was hitting on me, so you approached him. And now I know you approached that middle school guy to humiliate me.

SA – Yes, I am different than you from birth. I am different than plastic surgery women.

MR – Maybe you and me are similar.

SA – What? Do you think that because you saw me doing that on the toilet? I did nto eat and throw up, I was just nauseous.

MR – You talk about it, this situation, so it confirms that you ate and threw up.

SA – YA!

MR – First, expression I see on you. You showed me your true self, not pretty Hyun Soo-ah, but true Hyun Soo-ah.

MR leaves, confidently. SA says that MR is a B that does not know her position. (Like, how dare she…).

MR goes outside, KS is waiting for her. He asks how it went and that she wanted to talk to him, what do you want to say? MR is a bit nervous and asks….are you okay from drinking? KS is barely standing and says, that is the improtant thing you wanted to say? He sighs. She also says, I worried about you (but it might have been in her mind?).

He asks her if she would like to eat and then leads the way. She looks on nervously, then follows.

MR’s umma is looking at Gangnam Beauty cartoons on her phone and then throws it away. Appa comes home a bit tired as well. Umma is bummed, but appa tells her that no one died. She thinks it is her fault, she told her to do everything, just change everything. I should have told her to just change a little bit. Maybe they don’t say that in front of Mirae, just behind her? My poor girl…

But appa tells her that no one died, why are you crying? A lot of kids like our Mirae, she is polular. A lot more people like her. Whoever does not know her says that, whoever knows her wont say it. Umma agrees, that is it.

Kyung-seok asks Mirae if that is all she wanted to say to him, if he is okay after his hang over. She stutters and asks him why he did not go home last night. KS tells her that he did not want to see him, so he did not go home. MR asks if they fought. He says no, MR wonders why he did not want to see him, he is a nice guy.
Meanwhile, WY is drinking with the upperclassmen. They wonder if WY is okay since this is the first time that he is drinking. WY is all like, it’s cool. Then the conversation changes to Tae-young and Tae-hee. But then another guy says that he dumped a pretty girl from the Biology department. They all talk about nonsense things about dating.

Back to Kyung-seok and Mirae, he asks her what she talked to Soo-ah about. MR is caught off guard by the question. She says she might have a high temper which is why she had to talk to her so soon. She also mentions that she knows he does not like Soo-ah. He sighs and asks if she is done. She says yes, so he stands to leave.

MR starts thinking that she actually went there because she did not want anyone to mistreat him, she hates that. She does not want someone she likes to be mistreated.

He turns and asks her if she is coming. She snaps out of her thoughts and tells him that she is coming.

Elsewhere, SA gets home and looks in her mirror. She thinks back to Mirae telling her that this is the first time she saw her true self, not the pretty Hyun Soo-ah, but the real Hyun Soo-ah. SA remembers going to the restroom and trying to make herself throw up. She thinks that she tries so hard.

But her phone rings at that moment so she answers it after wiping her tears. It is Tae-young. Probably the last person she wanted to talk to. He tells her that he had a dream, but she says that she is busy right now. CLICK.

Back at WY’s place, Kyung-seok sits on the couch when the fellas drag WY back to his place. Theya re all drunk, it is a wonder they got there at all. But they don’t stay and just tell KS to take care of WY, they leave.

KS tells WY to go to his bed. WY grumbles in a drunk way about not sleeping outside the house and other drunkeness. KS tries to get him to stand, WY says he has to brush his teeth. KS tries to help him stand again.

Cut to the bathroom. KS gives WY his toothbrush with toothpaste already on it. WY thanks him and then tries to brush his teeth, but he is horrible. KS mutters that this is driving him crazy and grabs the toothbrush from WY, then he starts to brush WY’s teeth for him. WY speaks all sorts of drunk stuff and KS tells him to open his mouth wider so he can keep brushing them.

Finally, WY falls in bed. KS asks why he drinks. WY tells him that he was dumped by Mirae, then promptly passes out. KS is all like, what did you say? Hyung, hyng…hyung…hyung….

He tries to wake him up but WY is out out.
Kyung-seok calls MR right away, she is at home. he asks her to come out right now.

But then she stops running and starts walking when she sees Kyung seok sitting on a bench. They both sit there together and are quiet for a while.

MR – so ask me what you want.

KS – What did you do with Woo-young hyung last night?

MR – why do I have to tell you.

KS – I heard that you dumped him

MR – WHo said that, woo-young sunbae?

KS – Yes.

MR – I did not know he was that kind of person to talk about those things. Did you want to see me just to ask me that?

KS – Yes.

The are quiet for another moment.

KS – Would you like to walk back.

He gets up to leave btu seh stays.

KS – Your not levein?

MR – I will tell you why I dumped him, it is because I like someone else……it’s because…I …… like you.

KS’s heart looks like it is about to go super nova inside him. But you only see it in his eyes a little bit. He keeps his normal composure.

MR – I like you…….I know I don’t deserve it. I refuse you twice. It is okay.

KS – I told you I would wait for you.

he slowly sits back down. They are quiet for another moment.

MR – Well,…we are now…um…

KS – We are dating. (small smile)

MR – No! We are not….(embarrassed).

Quiet again.

MR – Let’s leave.

She hops up and walks away, but she walks in the wrong direction so she quickly turns around and walks the right way.

he gets up when she passes in front of him again and they walk together.

Theya re quiet for another moment.

MR – Well, nothing has changed right?

KS – WOuld you like to hold hands?

MR – Well….okay.

They hold hands as they walk up the steps to her place. Kyung Seok smiles the biggest smile of the drama (still a small smile though).

They get to the top. MR tells him that theya re there already. He agrees. She says that they should probably let go of their hands. She lets go. He blinks a few times as he looks away.

MR – Thank you…bye.

KS – Okay…bye.

She walks to her place and turns around and waves. He waves and looks at his hand and rubs his fingers as if she left some fairy dust on it. He smiles as he walks back to his place.

MR gets inside, HJ asks her if she still likes Kyung-seok? You can change your heart and like someone else. MR says that she doesn’t like anyone else. Then she goes to her room. HJ thinks that they should both like someone that works.

MR closes her door and then looks at her hand as if Kyung-seok left her a bit of fairy dust. She holds it close to her chest and smiles an awkward – happy – nervous smile.
Kyung-seok is up and making breakfast. WY wakes up drunkenly and asks what happened last night. KS tells him that he drank a lot, then he gives him something to take. I think it is hangover medicine. WY asks him what he is doing, KY is all like, it’s nothing.

WY wonders if he did something bad last night? Is this his last meal before moving out? KS tells him that he is not moving. WY eats and says that he is good at cooking. KS tells him that the internet has all the recipes. WY is still confused, what did I do! KS is all like, you teared up a little last night, you were drunk. When you brished your teeth.

WY is all like, ah, at least I brushed my teeth. But then he tells KS that he confessed to MR, but she dumped him. He thought she would consider it a little bit, but she dumped him right away. I know you like Mirae so, fighting. KS says he is considering it (?). WY tells him that Mirae is careful and trapped in a box so it might not be too easy for you. Also, don’t tell Mirae that I was drunk and did all those things. She will be sad.

KS asks if he liked her a lot. WY says he did, more than he thought. They keep eating.

Meanwhile, MR is awake in bed. She wonders if this is a dream. KS texts her.

KS: Are you awake?

MR realizes that it was not a dream! She wakes up and texts him back. He tells her.

KS: Lets see each other and walk together.

HJ wonders what she is doing, it is bad news? MR says no…..I NEED TO PREPARE.

She hops up and runs all over the hosue as she gets ready to go. HJ wonders what she is doing. Mirae looks at her face and thinks that she should have put on a pack last night! Why am I so pu=oofy!

At the bus stop, KS is nervous as he tries to sit, but he is too nervous to sit so he stands up and tries to pose.

Mirae walks up around that moment and they both look at each other bashfully and expectantly.

KS – Good morning, how are you

MR – I am fine and you?

KS – Me too.

MR – This is like an Engilsh text book.

The bus comes so KS tells her that she can go in first. They are very awkward as they sit on the bus. He asks her if she ate. She says that she drank water. He asks her if she eats breakfast? She says that sometimes she does and sometimes she does not. he says he ate with Woo-young. She wonders if he told him. He says he did not…should I? MR tells him not to, that might not be so good right away.

KS asks if he cares about him. She says he was the first person to support the two of them. He said that we can do well.

KS – He deserved my teeth brushing

MR – What?

KS – Nothing.

MR – By the way, I want to keep it secret.

KS – WHy? Are you aftraid someone will say somethin gbad?

MR – Yes, do I look stupid?

KS – I will not leave them alone if they do. Do whatever you like, I don’t care. W have no one that we know here.

MR – Huh?

He puts out his hand for her to hold it.

KS – You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

MR – No no no I don’t – don’t like it.

She slowly takes his hand. He wraps his hand around her and tells her that they can hold hands like this until they get off the bus. She smiles and bashfully says, okay.
Sung-woon talks to Ji-hyo about how Kyung-seok did not look happy with Soo-ah. Soo ah comes in and says that Kyung-seok likes someone else. Sung-woo goes outside and talks to Won-ho. He tells him that Soo-ah is dumped. Kyung-seok likes someone else. WH wonders who, but then he says that Soo-ah is not that pretty and walks away as if he never cared to begin with. The internet kid hears this and walks around them.

Outside, MR and KS get to the building. He tells her that she can go inside first if she wants. But she says he can. They go back and forth with that until YWE shows up and asks them what they are doing. MR says that they just met each other. KS tells them that he will go inside first.

YE uses this moment to ask MR what happened with SA. MR says it did not work out. YE says that she knew it, to her, it seems like Kyung-seok likes Mirae. MR is all like….ha aha ahahaha, what are you talking about? Let’s go to school.

Inside, tae-hee and yena talk in the bathroom about how everyone knew that yena likes Kyung-seok. But tae-hee says that she was a little different, she was a little pocky to him. (pushy).

Kyung-seok hets inside and SA immediately calls his name. MR and YE walk in after her. SA wants to keep talking to him, he says he said everything he wanted to yesterday. She tells him that she told everyone that he dumped her. She will not do it anymore. I am sorry I bothered you. We can see each other at school, we should at least say hi to each other.

But then she asks if he is dating Mirae. Are you dating? Mirae comes back and says yes.

MR – We are dating.

She stands her ground as she stares at Soo-ah.

Fade Out

AHHHHHH, I loves that super awkward moment with them deciding to date!!!!!! The camera did not cut away and kept close to them for all the awkwardness. I loved it so much, that is what I am hear for y’all.

VO – Kang Mirae, you are brave now.
SA – How dare…
KS – I feel like we are shooting a spy movie.
MR – We won’t see our school people all the way over here.
VO – It seems like Taeu-young is confessing.
SA – Eunnie, do you need to tell me something?
VO – It is Soo-ah (a picture of a chubby girl)
VO – what is this?
VO – I just saw it online
HJ – Your department people? It’s secret from them?
MR – If people know that KS dates me after dumping Soo-ah…
KS – Don’t be sorry to me. That is what Soo-ah wants.

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    Kyung Seok's tiny yet huge smile made my day! I was getting stressed during the first half of the episode, but I'm so glad we got a few moments after they started dating. And I'm especially glad we got to see Mi Rae face off against Soo Ah and stand her ground. As much as I love every glance and word and handhold MR and KS exchange, the show is primarily meant to be about Mi Rae learning to love herself and not letting others trample all over her self-esteem. I have to thank Gangnam Beauty for continuing that focus instead of pivoting to KS like most dramas tend to do in the back half.

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    Im just wondering if they will show the one scene from webtoon that made ma laughed so hard….the one that KS mom found out about KS and MR and she told them just to make sure to use protection 😂

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    MiRae reminds me of a lioness in that she cares for Kyungseok more than she realizes. She heads toward Sooah as if she is has to protect KS from Sooah. It’s a nature instinct to protect those you care about.

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