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My ID is Gangnam Beauty Kdrama Live Recap Episode 11

Baseball bat fun in My ID is Gangnam Beauty Korean Drama
Everything seems to be going a bit too well for our main duo, so I suspect we will get a little shake up this week. Or it could keep going swimmingly, I really don’t mind at all.

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Shorthand: My ID is Gangnam Beauty

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Do you like Kyung-seok? Really?

VO – Why? Shouldn’t I like Kyung-soek.

MR – You can do well, you have a good character, you are bright and pretty.

SA – You are also pretty.

MR – Why do you think that?

SA – Pretty is a God given present because people like you. All those ungifted people do plastic surgery to enjoy it. Naturals get disadvabtages. Because of plastic surgery, natural people are not rare anymore.

MR – I thought it was my mistake that I thought you were bad, it wasn’t. You hated me from the begining.

SA – I is not that (complete change of tune) I am just telling you that there are a lot of pretty people around I am sorry if it hurt your feelings. I know that you had to do plastic surgery because you suffered. I did not mean it.

VO – Liar, what you are saying is that you hate people with plastic surgery.

Later on, MR meets with her best friend who immediately says that SA is a Biatch. HJ thinks she is eager to screw up MR’s life. Are you really going to help her and KS? MR says that she does not want to.

Int he break room, the upper classmen asks MR who she is dating. CW is also spreading rumors. Tae-young and tae-hee are dating? Are you really really dating? Why are you hiding it? Everyone will welcoe you.

But the woman say that this is not congratulating. They talk about how Tae-young likes fat women because he is super skinny. YB starts to stand up to CW as Jung-ho comes in. MR notices that this situation is about to get heated and leaves.

Jung-ho tells CW to apologize. Right now, you should apologize to her.

Outside, MR thinks that everyone will laugh at her as well if she says that she likes Kyung-seok.

meanwhile, SA is watering some plants when she gets a text. Cut to inside the building. She meets with Won-ho, he apologizes for taking her picture, she also apologizes for being angry. he asks her if she would like to take a photo. She agrees.

Elsewhere, the manager is on the look out for the politicians daughter. He gives someone a picture of her with his phone number on the back.

Meanwhile, Won-ho and Sung-woon walk to the vending machine. It seems like Won-ho is trying to look like Kyung-seok? This is not clear. Kyung-seok comes up and asks where he got those clothes. WH tells him that he bought it.

Ah, now I see, those clothes probably belonged to Kyung-seok. His sister is selling all his stuff online. Kyung-seok goes outside and calls his sister, are you selling my clothes? His sister says yes.

Int he cafeteria, Yena tells Jung-ho that he was cool back then. She apologizes for not treating him well all the time. He tells her to just eat so she does. But he kind of looks at her and then tells her, Yena, you know I like you? She nods. he tells her that he should have told her this a little earlier, I am going to the army.

What? When?

After finals. Before I go, I wanted to confess to you properly. I really like you.

Yena is speechless, but is able to spit out some words, YAY, WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT NOW?

Why are you angry?

This makes me so mad! She starts tearing up. Why are you doing this!

Dont’ cry! Don’t cry!

MR is sitting in class thinking.

VO – Men and women should match based on class. KS is a handsome man but I am not a pretty woman, we don’t match each other.

SA sits next to her and pulls her out of her thoughts.

VO – Someone like Soo-ah should be next to Kyung-seok.

Meanwhile, Kyung-seok is not in class, he is looking for his sister who is in a tiny room somewhere. He goes to her room and tells her to pack everything up. She tells him that he also left home but he just tells her to pack up.
Woo-young is meeting with Hye-sung to talk business with the school. They want interns to come and find out how the business works.

On the street, Kyung-seok is everything but dragging his sister up the street. But she is not going anymore. She yells at her brother about knowing all the secrets and keeping her out and how she hates everyone. She is the one that does not know anything and told that woman all those bad things.

he tells her that that woman will be super happy if he tells her that she is coming.

Back to the company, the mother hurries off. Woo-young looks at it. the manager says he thinks it is not a bad thing, he thinks it is a good thing. If you run like that then it is usually a good thing.

In the elevator, Umma cancels all of her meetings. then she goes to meet her kids. They are waiting in the lobby, the man that is supposed to spot the daughter is surfing the internet, not paying attention at all.

The daughter is not confident and wants to leave, she thinks that umma will hate her. Umma comes up at that moment and says she won’t hate her. Then she gives her a soft hug.

Thank you for coming….

The daughter lets herself be hugged and tears up. KS kind of stands there but doesn’t really know what else to do.

Outside, assistant YM is still on the hunt for the student. He asks a girl if she knows her, but he zipper is down so she screams and says he is a pervert!

The manager takes off running as the police chase him. But then he gets a call from someone and thanks them so much.

Cut to Umma’s place, she tells her daughter that she can stay there and she can also have whatever she wants. She gives Kyung-hee her own room and then closes the door. On the other side of the door, she lets out a deep breath.

Meanwhile, MR is still thinking about whether she will help SA with KS or not. She is in a daze about it. HJ comes in and asks her why she is still in a daze. She is pulled out of it with a series of texts by WY who is asking to get together with HJ, KS, and MR.

At the bar, Kyung-seok talks to his bar friend about losing his bar and how it sucks, only Kyung-seok is not so understanding of the situation. His friend is so annoyed.

At the apartment, HJ and WY are steady text storming each othr about what they should do tonight. They finally settle on something and decide to meet in front. HJ tells MR to prepare.

In the bar, Woo-jin continues to talk about his trials and tribulations of life. His mother is not giving him a job and he has no money. KS is also broke. Maybe he can take a semester off? he has no money for tuition. WJ wants him to do better and think about MR, without her, he would not have met his mother again.

KS smiles a tiny bit, a drunk Woo-jin wonders what that smile is. He has a good feeling about it, let’s drink some more. Woo-jin gets up and drunkenly walks away. At that moment, KS gets the text about indoor baseball.

WY and the girls get to the indoor baseball room first. WY gives them instructions on how to hit the ball. You hold it like this and look like this and swing.

At the bar, Kung-seok tells his friend to drink quickly because he has to go somewhere. Woo-jin is all like, hyung is sad, are you ditching me? Kyung-seok cannot deny that. But then Jung-boon comes in so Kyung-seok tells her to comfort him. He takes off.

Jung-boon is happy to comfort him, but she brought a boy-friend with her or actually a man-friend. Woo-jin is so bummed. Jung-boon is all like, what? Were nothing to each other.

At the baseball batting room, Woo-young is hitting everything that comes at him. The girls clap in amazement. It is HJ’s turn next, she is a bit more timid, but is still having fun. Kyung-seok finally shows up and walks through the building to the room. But as he walks, someone stops him and asks if he is an entertainer? He is super handsome as a normal person. He wants to scout him for modeling, can he have his phone number?

Kyung-seok is all like, um, no. He walks off.

Now it is MR’s turn, it looks like she is ready as she does a few stretches to get ready and prepares to hit. But she is taken off guard at how fast the balls come. The other two tell her that she can do it! Fighting! So she gets ready and swings the ball, she hits the ball on the net one. She hits a few after that. She is actually really good. WY wonders if it is her first time, but HJ just reminds him that she told him MR was good at sports.

Kyung-seok is steady looking for the baseball place, the first place was not the right one so he is walking to all of them in order to find them. he finally finds them, they are all shocked to see him. WY throws a bit of shade and asks KS if he can play baseball? KS just smiles and says that he would not have come if he could not.
Someone says, “You called?” as MR and Kyung-seok sit outside and watch Woo-young swinging the bat in the cage. They keep watching him hit the balls. Finally, it is Kyung-seoks turn. He is no nonsense as he steps up to the bat and hits every ball coming at him.

WY is suprised as well, he hit too home runs, he is good. MR tries not to be too mesmerized at Kyung-seok and Kyung-seok tries not to be steady looking at MR.

Afterwards, Woo-young happily pays for everything. Kyung-seok has no money. they all go to eat and talk about Kyung-seoks weakness points since he is good at everything. Maybe he is not good at soccer, but nope HJ says he is. They then talk about MR, HJ says she is very competitive she is annoyed that she lost the baseball thing.

KY wonders if she is really mad that she lost? MR tries not to talk to much about it and says it is cool, she takes off. HJ tells them all that it was jut a joke and runs off to catch up with MR. WY tells KS that he is not so sure that it is a joke, did you make her mad about something? You have become an adult, you are poor and are dumped by a woman. Let’s go.

Mirae and HJ get to their apartments to talk. HJ tells her that KS is not her ideal type, so why is she like that? MR says it is just about the baseball game like she said. But HJ tells her that she is not stupid, you like KS, don’t you? MR tries to leave but HJ tells her that now is the time to be a little honest.

MR tells her that she does not want to be talked about by people. Never ever. She has never been in a rumor with good things. ‘This plastic surgery monster does not know where she belongs and wants to date a face genius.’ I don’t think I can handle that. I want to live quietly.
Kyung-seok and Mirae get to work. She is still not comfortable with him so he asks her if he did something worng. She tries to play it off and says that his mother should be happy.

But then SA walks up to them both happily and in the same uniform. She tells them that she had an interview yesterday, MR introduced her. The young guy she is with says that both women are pretty. KS is upset and tells him that they are not objects. The guy is all like, um, okay. See you later.

KS walks off with MR and tells her that he knows that SA said something to her. He walks off. MR wonders how KS is so fast in figuring things out. Then she gets a text from SA who asks if she can let her and KS eat lunch alone.

Kyung-seok’s father puts in his ballot during election day. A sea of camera flashes captures the event. Afterward, his assistant tells the father that he did not tell him yesterday because he might be upset, but his daughter went to the moms house. The father is not upset in the slightest and thinks that he would have slept better last night had he known. It is much safer for her to be at her mothers house.

Cut to Hye-sung’s house. She made a large breakfast for her daughter to enjoy. A pasta breakfast and two salads? I’m not sure. But she tried her hardest. It looks like it might not taste so good. Umma apologizes and says that she can’t smell so she can’t taste the food, but seh tried to search the internet on how to make everything and followed the directions as best she could.

the daughter is so touched and starts eating all the food. She thinks everything tastes wonderful. The most wonderful.

SA and Mirae area about to have lunch with Kyung-seok and another guy. But the guy is pulled away to volunteer. he needs one more so Mirae agrees to go as well. So now SA and KS will eat alone. KS feels like something is just not right.

he goes to lunch with SA and asks her why she is so interested in them. She is not that stupid. SA is taken aback.

At the company, Mirae explains how something works to two customers.

At lunch, SA says that she knew he did not like her in the begining, but she wants to be closer now. He asks her what she gets by doing this. She wants to know why she is always stange to him. It makes her sad, she really wants to be good friends with him, but he always sees her as fake. If you are angry because I try to be close to you then fine, I will quit today.

He gets up and tells her to keep eating. Then he walks off.

Later, Mirae and the other guy eat together. He asks her what she is doing with Kyung-seok, they look close. She says they are just friends. he asks her if SA is the girlfriend, do you have a boyfriend? She says no so he tells her to eat. They keep eating together.

Meanwhile, MR’s dad is driving in a taxi and is so happily talking about his daughter. he is with a yung guy and tells him that people say his daughter is a Gangnam Beauty (but he does not know that it is a bit derogatory to the younger crowd). He points to his daughter, the college kid is all like, ohhhhhhh.

The mother is the same way. She goes to a salon and says that she wants a Gangnam style hairstyle. Someone called her daughter a Gangnam Beauty so she wants to match her. The woman is older and is all like, yeah, your daughter is tall and pretty, bring her here so I can do her hair and see her.

At work, the bad guy at work asks Kyung-seok which one he likes at work, Mirae or SA? He says he likes MR’s body but Soo-ah’s face. If they merge the two together then it woulg be the best. Kyung-seok is so annoyed, but does not say anything.

Int he women’s restroom, Mirae washes up when SA comes in. She tells her that KS was not that comfortable eating without her there.

Int he boys restroom, the bad guy asks KS a question, it looks like Mirae had plastic surgery?

Kyung-seok turns around and immediately punches him. He falls to the ground. Mirae is in the hall and hears this. The bad guy pulls KS out to where KS sees MR is standing there. he starts yelling at the bad guy and tells him to shut up.

The manager sees them and approaches. The other guy tells KS that he is not interested in that cheap woman so KS drags him backinto the bathroom to beat him up some more.

Cut to the polcie station. The other guy has a huge shiner on his face. KS looks fine but is a bit ruffled. he reluctantly apologizes but says that he should have killed him instead to keep him from talking.

Mirae tells that guy that he is bad, he should be the one to apologize first. If he is a little bit sorry to her then she should release Kyung-seok.

At work, another woman tells the manager that the other guy is a pervert everywhere. The manager says he will take care of it and grummbles that he should have just fired him. SA hears this and then sees Kyung-seok’s mother. She asks her if she is looking for anything? Umma says she is just looking around so SA asks her to tell her if she has any questions.

The mother asks where Kyung-seok is. SA says that he is not there right now. She says that she is his umma. SA greets her as Kyung-seoks classmate and then tells her about KS fighting, he is in the police station right now. Umma is concerned and asks what happened. SA says he fought someone because of MR. Umma asks what this has to do with MR? They live in the same eighborhood.

SA whispers to herself that MR is so great.

At the police department, the bad guy apologizes reluctantly but wants KS to kneel to him. MR calls the manager and has a request, but the manager tells her something instead. She says okay, then she turns to the bad guy and tells him that he is fired. The manager says that he will be a witness to sexual harrassment (or he has a witness). So what are you going to do?

Umma gets to the polcie department and tells them that she heard about it at the store, you should have called me in this kind of situation.

Meanwhile, appa won the election! it is a very big win, so he is the new mayor of Seoul. His assisatant says that he was worried abut his kids causing trouble, but the mayor says that they are not those kinds of kids (he did not raise them like that).

Umma walks with MR an KS and tells them that that bad guy deserves it, but they still shouldnt’ stoop to that level. SHe makes sure that MR is okay and says that it is surprising. MR starts crying and says that she hopes it will be okay if she thinks it is okay….but it wasn’t okay.

MR tells her that she did not do anything wrong, those people are the bad ones. That gives MR some strength so she says she is okay and she will go home. KS tells her not to go home alone, lets eat and you can go with me. Umma tells her that that is right, they should go home together.

KS pulls MR off to walk with him, Umma walks behind them but gets a call. She tells her daughter that she will have to eat alone, she has friend rice in the fridge.

Cut to Jyung-seok eating the fried rice on the computer or all of her followers. He is not wearing her mask and says that the fried rice is special friend rice that her mother made. ALl the text messages on the side are all about how she used to eat expensive foood but now she is eating umma’s food? Is there gold sprinked on it?

She starts eating it and loves it and talks about what is in it to her followers.

The politician gets home to an empty house. He looks a bit sad as he walks upstairs and looks around. He goes into his daughters empty dark room and looks around for a moment, then he goes to his sons empty dark room as well. He walks into this room and looks around a bit. Even though he just became mayor, he does not look happy in the least.
After eating, MR waits in the car while Umma talks to her son. She tells him that he caused trouble, but this is her first time being his guardian so she feels good. If something happens, just call me. And you tuition, can i pay it? I am not a stranger, I am your mother. I wish for you to accept it.

he says okay which brightens her face. Really? I thought you would say no. I was nervous. Thank you.

Kyung-seok tells her that he will pay for it later. SHe smiles lovingly and we cut to KS and MR walking home.

She thanks him for today, but tells him not to hit anyone becaue of her. She tells him not to care about him, he is not angry at her.

KS – I am mad because using my fist is the only thing I can do. You should not be a rumor for guys like that. You can go home.

MR – Okay….bye.

KS – Mirae….

She stops walking and turns around. they look at each other for a moment.

KS – If this kind of think happens to you again, even if I don’t use my fist, I will get involved, is that okay?

MR – If you talk like that, then I will mistaken it.

KS – What?

MR – Like me and you…nothing…go home. You should go.

But he holds her arm.

KS – Are you….don’t you like me at least a little bit?

MR – What?

She looks at him with wide eyes.

Fade Out

SA will not just go away, I feel like she is here for the long haul and will continue to get in the lives of our couple until the finale. The good news is that Kyung-seok is not the one to be swayed by anything that Soo-ah does. Unfortunately, Mirae is, and her insecurity is showing.

I can actually understand her need to live quietly. She is already being talked about for just living her life. I can definitely see all the ish hitting the fan if it comes out that she is dating the most handsome man in college who just become the most eligible bachelor now that his father is mayor. The good news is that his mother is on her side. Hopefully she can be the normal rock to break that judgement tide coming their way.


WY – Mirae, do you have time on Wednesday? Let’s see each other, I need to tell you something.
KS – If you think stay like before…I can’t.
Umma – Do you worry about something?
MR – I am doing it because I am scared.
MR – He is too much for me, too handsome.
KS – I told you to stop there….doing all those meaningless things (behaviors)
SA – So you don’t feel anything?
KS – If you are having a hard time because of me, then I shouldn’t do that thing. But I will wait for you.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 31, 2018 / 9:21 am

    Yes, you go Mirae girl! 🙂

  2. Emily
    August 31, 2018 / 10:24 am

    I was stressed all episode because Soo Ah and the boys at school brought my girl Mi Rae down, but I’m so glad she has Hyun Jung, Hye Sung and Kyung Seok to remind her of her worth. Now if only she could be brave enough to tell KS how she feels. 🤧

    Thanks for the awesome recap as always! Also, Ye Na and her man whose name I have forgotten were adorable lmao. I didn’t like him before because even though he would defend Ye Na he was rude to other girls or at least let his friends be cruel to them. But I’m glad love is changing him rofl. He better not disappoint like Tae Young did.

    • V
      August 31, 2018 / 10:29 am

      Jung-ho! Yes, he was so adorable this episode 😍

  3. sam
    August 31, 2018 / 10:32 am

    you ever notice Mirae usually says “What” to everything KS says? and please for heaven’s sake why are they still letting in that SA snake come between them? I want KS to at least treat her like before- like the snake that she is.

    I was frustrated the whole episode but my gash, KS really whoo. the way he was softly talking to MR as he held her wrist asking if she likes him a bit? That’s the most tender expression ever to cross his face. Im worried how he will take MR’s rection. that alone saves this episode for me. His heartbreak and the next episode preview of them being apart is killing me. MR please find a backbone and dont let KS suffer!

    Thank you so much by the way for the live recap because the wait for the subs might just kill me in my sleep!

    • V
      August 31, 2018 / 10:42 am

      We are here for you 🙂

  4. Rose
    August 31, 2018 / 10:38 am

    I think i almost fell off my couch when KS asked MR if she likes him even just a little bit 😂😍

  5. Jammmm
    August 31, 2018 / 10:46 am

    PLEASE, please and PLEASE!!! I’m dying here, can’t stand SA, I want people to know she is lying about EVERYTHING!!! I do feel MR pain, insecure about her old face again with new face. She need to repeat what WY told her, she wanted to be pretty so she had a surgery and she succeed!!! Thanks for the RECAP, it was very long week for me.

  6. Sashaa
    September 1, 2018 / 2:47 pm

    Thank goodness for the mother!!!
    Yeah, it’s not going to be easy for Mirae to face all this.
    Hope there is no unnecessary suffering.

  7. Deborah
    September 2, 2018 / 1:32 am

    new face new face, mirae dont feel sad mr handsome Do kyung seok is there for you. Thanks for the recap can’t wait for ep 12

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