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My Country’s First Episode is off to a 3.5% Ratings Start

Episode 1 Ratings for My Country on JTBC
Kim Seol Hyun in My Country, image sh_9513

My Country on JTBC is off to a 3.5% start which isn’t bad for a cable show on JTBC. The real question is whether they can increase the ratings in episode 2 that aired today. This is particularly good for JTBC because they are in competition with Vagabond and Pegasus Market who both air on Friday.

Vagabond had a rating of 11.3% and Pegasus Market had a 3.3% ratings which is pretty stiff competition for My Country to sneak in and steal a bit of the shine from them. I also heard great things about Pegasus Market. Pegasus Market is so different from either Vagabond or My Country, so it does not seem likely that they would take viewers from that show.

Vagabond is most likely their best best to take ratings from. Though I also think it will be pretty hard to take ratings off of Vagabond which is all action all the time (seriously, just turn your brain off while watching and enjoy the thrills) but that is probably the show that will have to be cherry picked.

I loved the first episode of My Country and am looking forward to watching the second one sometime today. I mean, they pumped up this exam so much, I have to see what happened! Though we are basically all recapped out at the moment after having done Vagabond and Melting Me Softly this morning, so we will try and get to it later on. If you don’t see it, just know that it is coming. (There is a line though since we also still have to finish up Strangers From Hell, eep!)


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