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My Country: The New Age – Episode 9 Live Recap

Recap My Country: The New Age Episode 9
My Country: The New Age Recap Episode 9

So much happens in this show that makes it is so hard to keep up. In the last episode, Bang Won found out that Hwi was trying to kill him and is a spy sent by Nam Jeon. So Hwi shows up to Bang Won’s place and shoots him with two arrows. This episode picks up right there but also rewinds to let us know a bit more about what went on that night.

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Hwi knocks down the door to bang Won’s room. He tells him that he is there to kill him and shoots an arrow through Bang Won’s chest. He reloads and shoots another one. It goes into Ban Won’s belly. 

He dies or at least starts to fade and looks like he is dead. His guards come in and yell to call the doctor. They do not kill Hwi.

Sun-ho runs in and sees that Hwi shot Bangwon dead. Taeryung stabs Hwi in the belly, he falls. Sunho asks, why? Why? then he gets knocked out. Taeryng tells him that he did not see anything. If there is a rumor then I will kill you first.

In the woods, Chido struggles to stand after killing Cheon-ga and all his men. Moon and Beom run to him and asks what happened.

In Bang-won’s place, both Hwi and Sungho are thrown in the house jail. Sunho asks why he found a way to die, why not find a way to live?

The spy goes to Nam Jeon and tells him all that happened. He also tell him that his son is there also. Nam Jeon tells him good job and then has his assassin kill him.

Nam Jeon then goes to Bang Won’s house and tells him that he is there because he heard that the prince had an assassination attempt. Taeryung tells him it is a rumor, nothing happened.

Nam Jeon tells him that he will have them killed if they do not step aside. So Taeryung steps aside and Nam Jeon walks in with all his guards.

He sees blood on the floor and inside the room. he walks around the corner and sees bang-won resting with a doctor. The doctor tells him that he is barely alive, the poison spread everywhere, so we have to get ready.

Nam Jeon tells him to leave. Then he looks at Bang Won and tsks. Why did you become like this. You were barking so much, now look at you. Your last breath will stop soon.

Bang Won opens his eyes. Nam Jeon starts to choke him. he tells him that if he disappears from the world then the secret letter will as well. Because no one can oppose me except you. I was struggling for my entire life to get what you were born with. After risking and betraying, the King starts to notice me. But you have everything, you don’t know what it feels like.

Bang Won tries to say something but does not. nam Jeon lets him go so Bang Won breathes in deeply. Nam Jeon tells him that people will laugh at him, so listen to me while you are still alive. I will control the Grand Prince and I will be the King in the hat.

Bang Won closes his eyes and Nam Jeon leaves.

In the house prison, Hwi kind of wakes up and starts moving around. Sunho asks if he is okay. But his father comes in and pulls Sunho out.


Nam Jeon stays with Hwi. he tells him that he barked well. But he did not bite well. That is why he is here like this right now. He takes out a small blade and cuts Hwi’s ropes off. then he drops the blade and tells him to kill himself.

Just as your Father died to save you and Yeon, you need to save Yeon by killing yourself.

Hwi asks him if he did this to his father also? Nam Jeon asks, if I say no will you believe it? Delaying it won’t make a difference.

Hwi tells him that he should keep the promise that he will take care of Yeon. Nam Yeon tells him that it is all up to him.

So Hwi stabs himself in the gut and a lonely tear falls from his face. He falls to the ground. Nam Jeon leaves.

Sunho sees him with the knife in his belly. Nam Jeon tells him to blame him, you are the best at that. His father has him knocked out and then tells his people to kill Yeon when he goes back to the palace.

Nam Jeon tells Tae-ryeong that this will be reported as a coup by his own soldiers. TR tells him that he is not dead yet. Nam Jeon says he will be dead by morning.

Tae-ryung picks up Hwi and brings him inside the house. We see that he stabbed himself in stuffing or some kind of protection. Bang Won comes walking in right then looking absolutely fine.

Then we see a flashback showing their plan in how they accomplished this trick. Hwi talked to Ban Won when Bang Won was still inside his secret house. He told him that he was Nam Jeon’s spy.

BW says that he really wanted to embrace him. But now you are at the stage to kill me. Do I look funny? Hwi says that he was not targeting him. BW asks who? Hwi stabs the letter into the wall and says that his target has always been Nam Jeon.

Bang Won sees that this is the original letter. he gives Hwi his sword and asks how he can trust him. Hwi throws the blade on the ground and sys that they have a witness from that day.

They go talk to the sword man who tells all about the plans from all those years ago. Bang Won has him killed for following those orders from that time.

Hwi tells him that he will destroy Nam Jeon. Bang Won tells him that he should die also.


In the present, Bang Won asks him why he stabbed himself hard enough to actually piece his armor. Hwi says that he did it so it would be believable.

Moon and Beom run in and check out his blade in his chest. They pull it out and says that it is already going bad. We need to stop the bleeding first.

Bang Won leaves and starts to think about the days events. He thinks about Nam Jeon chocking him and all the things Nam Jeon said to him. 

In the other room, Hwi tells Chido that he will not die, if that was his fate then he would already be dead. Chido tells him that in war people try to walk with cut legs and hold swords with cut arms. For you, this is war. That is why you don’t feel that your arms are cut and injured.

Hwi starts to say that he thought about Yeon when he was about to stab himself. And he thought about his father and how scared he must have been then to leave them behind.


Sunho wakes up in his bed. He touches the part of his head that got hit and thinks back to Nam Jeon saying that they will kill Yeon. So he runs to Yeon’s place and tells the guard to let him in.

Yeon hears and comes out. So the guards give him a moment to talk to her. She asks what he wants to tell her. If you have nothing to say, then can you do me a favor since you came here. Can you save my brother? Now I remember everything. From the beginning to the end. I won’t ask you anything, jus save my brother. You know why.

Sunho asks who knows she has her memory back. She says no one. He tells her that no one should know it. I will sneak you out. She asks when that will happen and what if Hwi dies getting hurt. She pulls his sword and puts it to her throat. She tells him that she will die, if she dies then her brother can survive.

He pulls it away and cuts himself accidentally. he tells her that they can move away from this place


Hee-jae sits with her guard and another man. She basically says all that happened last night and surmises that Hwi and Bang Won faked it all. So she gives them an order as to how to surveillance Bang Won’s house. Then Hwa Wol comes in with a message for her to visit the Queen.


The Queen tells her that it feels like a dream that her son is the Grand Prince. She called her because the world changes so quickly but I am trapped in the palace. I want to see the gisaeng House Lee Hwaru.

Hee jae says that she already sees it through her. The Queen says that is not good enough. I heard that Seo Seol is sick, why don’t you give it to me? Hee Jae says that Seo Seol is not dead and Lee Hwaru is not for sale. The Queen asks, what if bang Won gets it?

Hee Jae says that now is the time to wait. The Queen says that Nam Jeon will kill Bang Won. The wife says that I took you in and you are paying my effort back like this? Hee Jae says that she visited her herself and paid her back by risking her life. Please kill Bang Won, if you fail then you will really have to be prepared to die. So, be well.

The Queen asks where she is going without her? What can you do without me? Hee-jae says that she is going to make a Lee Hwaru that no one can touch.


In Bang Won’s house, Hwi looks at a candle burning in a room. Bang Won stands next to him and starts talking about his mother and how she died and is not a Queen anymore, she is just one of the wives.

Hwi asks why he did not kill him when he found out he was a spy? bang Won says that it was similar to someone he knows. Hwi asks who that person is. Bang Wan walks away without telling him.


Seo Seol speaks with Hee Jae and says that she heard that she met the King. Hee Jae says that she will get the key to the secret room and be the head of the gisaeng house from now on.

Seo Seol takes hre to the secret room and says that all the information in the world is here. It can be small or it can destroy a family. So use it wisely. Hee-jae understands and says that she will kill Nam Jeon when he doesn’t have anyone left. Then I will make fun of him and kill him.

Seo Seol gathers everyone in the gisaeng house together and gives them her last order. All these letter boxes will fire officials. If you get caught or if people talk about it then I will kill the person who carried the letter. So if the letter gets traced back to the gisaeng house then they will kill the person who carried the letter.

The letters are passed out to all the politicians and nobles. It appears to be a letter that talks about all their bribery  and corruption in the palace.

All the men gather and talk about this letter. They think they need to do something about this. It is targeting Nam Jeon. We should not all die for Nam Jeon.


Hwi tells his team that if something happens to him, please rescue Yeon.


The littlest prince is crowned as the Grand Prince and it is so cute.

In Nam Jeon’s house, Sunho kills the guards guarding Yeon and takes her hand to leave their house.

But we immediately cut to them running through the city. Armed men catch up to them so Sunho has to fight them off, but there are too many of them.

Yeon tells him that he did enough, you should not die for me. She is about to sacrifice herself, but Sunho covers her. He is about to get stabbed when Chido, Moon, and Beom show up to save the day!

They kill everyone and tells Yeon that her brother Hwi is waiting for her. Sunho starts to cry and asks, is he still alive? Yeon asks what happened to him? Chido says that everything is okay. So Sunho tells them to please take care of Yeon and then says his goodbye’s to Yeon. She tells him to please be well. They have a tearful goodbye as she leaves with Hwi’s men.



The little prince stands at the front to receive his fathers sword. This is the sword he used to open the country. He tells him that they still have people who are targeting them, so with this sword you need to kill them all and make a strong foundation.

Bang Won comes in and asks how to distinguish the owner of the sword?

The King asks him how he looks like that and how dare he ruin this celebration of the country. nam Jeon is super surprised to see him. Bang Won basically says that people tried to murder him (the King) and they tried to murder me. He looks at Nam Jeon and says that it is Nam Jeon.

The King tells him that he needs evidence. So Bang Won brings the original letter with the seals. he tells the King that this is one piece of evidence. The other is who got the order from nam Jeon. He yells for him to come in.

Hwi comes in right then and walks to the front. Nam Jeon is so nervous that he might have peed his pants. But all he can do is stay there and wait. Hwi tells the King that Nam Jeon took his sister hostage and ordered him to kill bang Won. But I could not do it so we found a way for me, my sister, and Bang Won to all be saved. I am the second piece of evidence and the current evidence.

The King tells Bang Won to say something. bang Won says that the secret letter is true, but the truth is difference. I joined them to find out who wanted to kill you. that is the truth of that, my loyalty does not change. Also, the Prince is wrongly accusing me.

The King asks what the congregation thinks. They murmur and then starts to say that nam Jeon always talked bad about the Prince and always says that they have to kill all the previous princes.

Nam Jeon’s eyes are so big right now. But he stays quiet.

The King tells Nam Jeon that trying to murder the princes is the same as trying to murder me. I will torture you myself. Take him out!

Nam Jeon is led out to the torture chamber. Bang Won tells the King that he is sorry to tell him this but as soon as you disbursed the private soldiers, this happened. How can I protect myself from those bad people that will try and assassinate me again? Please take your order back and protect the royal family and high officials. All the politicians ask for the same thing.

The cute little prince is still standing there.


Hee-jae says that she feels empty because it seems like everything has ended. Seo Seol tells her that it has just started. In politics they argue like enemies in the daytime and drink like the best of friends at night.

Politics is smiling while stabbing someone in the back. So look at this and see what will happen.


Nam Jeon gets tortured with the King watching it all. The King tells him to just answer his questions and beg for mercy. Tell me who is behind this.

Nam Jeon tells everyone to listen closely, the Queen is behind this. He stars to laugh.


Cut to Nam Jeon sitting crosslegged in jail. Hwi comes in to pay him a visit. He asks him if this is the result of him barking and running next to the King? You destroy my father and Yeon and me and now you are here.

Nam Jeon tells him that he should say that after he dies. But i am still alive. Sorry to say. 

Hwi tells him that he did not kill him because the pain would not be long enough. So feel that pain now. Live like you are dead and in front of all those people mocking you. Nam Jeon tells him that they would see who lives longest.

Hwi stands and tells him that his world already ended.

He walks out and right into bang Won. He thanks him for his consideration. He tells him to go, your sister should be waiting for you. Then he tells him that his friend and teacher and father in his heart is the person that he looks like.

Hwi tells him to please be well.

Then he takes off running to his not so secret house. Several people are there but Yeon is not outside. But then they all smile at him and Beom opens the door to let Hwi inside.

He goes inside to see Yeon. She is a little ashamed and asks him why he does not change at all, you are so dusty. Then she turns around with tear stained eyes and tells him, thank you for not changing. I am sorry that this is all because of me. You did a good job.

He touches her shoulders and apologizes. They both cry as he hugs her and tells her that her brother came too late. Sorry Yeon.

It is a nice reunion between brother and sister.

Later on, Hee-jae and Hwa Wol set up a big feast outside for everyone. They all joke and eat but it looks like the food tastes horrible? So they bring out the alcohol.

Even later, they all sit around the fire and chat as something cooks in a bowl over the fire. Yeon asks everyone how her brother was all this time. Moon asks if she sees the wind? Your brother is like a tornado, when he storms the others are goners. he fought so hard to see you.

The Captain put that hair tie in the fire and Hwi put his hand in there to get it. This is it! he pulls it out and says that it is all burnt. he thinks that Yeon gave it to him, but actually Hee-jae gave it to him. She gets up and walks off.

He follows her to a spot on the lake. She tells him that next time he can just leave it alone. There are a lot of hair accessories. he tells her that that one was the only hair accessory in the world. He holds her hand and says that everything is like a dream. I failed the exam and I was dragged to the border, Yeon became like that, it all felt like a bad dream. I still feel like I am dreaming.

She says that it is like a dream, like a kite, we are all together again. Maybe it is a good dream. He tells her if it is then he does not want to wake up. She says that she hopes she is there at the end. I will wait for you.

He tells her that he will be back before it gets too late. Then he gives her a kiss. She kisses him back and then stand kissing for a moment.



The Queen comes in and tells the King that she ordered to kill Bang Wan. I told you a mother will do anything for her kid. he asks her why she is saying that? Bang Won is also my son. She asks why he is afraid of him. The King tells her to watch her mouth. She tells him that he is afraid of him, that is why he used Nam Jeon to fight him. After Nam Jeon dies, who is the next one? You are so strict to your followers, so who will do things for you? Why don’t you kick me out and the Grand Prince? Why don’t you put Bang Won in that position and watch bang Won collapse for a long time.

Don’t you know, Bang Won’s sword will kill us all. Save Nam Jeon. The King’s order is ahead of everything. Who will be against your order? The Kings order? I told you my last word, I will wait for your answer.

She leaves.

Cut to Nam Jeon sitting all bloody and determined in jail. The King thinks about all this. then he asks his guard what is going on with Bang Won. The guard says that he is gathering his soldiers and all the high officials who kept their distance from him are going to his house.


The King goes to the jail. Nam Jeon bows in front of him. The King tell him that what he wants is to not kill each other. Nam Jeon tells him that even though he is the King, he can not have everything.

The King tells him that he would have to kill his older and younger brother if he kills him. Those people are very important for the country. He cannot kill those people just for having a dumb brother. So you can keep your position as a person who helped open the country. But don’t talk to the Queen or the Grand Prince and don’t be against bang Won, just do your job.

Nam Jeon asks who will be against Bang Won? The King says his son will. He is not good yet, but he is just like you were when you were young. He does not care about anything and has a fiery desire like you did. I gave you a chance. If you told me the truth before the Grand Prince ceremony, then you won’t be here.

Nam Jeon tells him that he knows him. If he told him that truth back then, then he would have been torn apart. The King tells him that he still does not know him.

At a location somewhere, Sung-rok runs into a room and tells Sun-ho that his father got out.

Nam Jeon goes back to his home. Sunho comes in. nam Jeon tells him that he will kill Hwi and his sister. Sunho says that he will stop him. Nam Jeon says that he will kill everyone against him. You even killed my soldiers to protect Yeon. Tell Hwi to run away, far far away.

Sunho runs out, presumably to do just that.

He rides his horse quickly to Hwi’s place. Several guards ride there as well.


Everyone is there at Hwi’s place. We also see that his infection is getting worse on his chest. Outside, Sunho gets there and tells Hwi that he has to get out, soldiers are coming from my father.

Then he gets shot by an arrow and falls. They quickly tell each other to meet up in another location that they all know about and start to either head out or stay and fight.

Sunho, Hwi, and Hee-jae’s guard head out with Yeon and Hee-jae. They tell them to run ahead. Then Hwi stays to shoot his arrow into as many men as possible. Sunho stays to fight as well.

Hwi hits a lot of men, but he is in pain due to his festering injury. Sunho is also injured do to getting his arm cut by Yeon.

They fight side by side, but then they separate and tells each other, let’s not meet like this anymore.

Hwi runs out, but it is difficult because of his injury in his chest.

Meanwhile, Yeon, Hee-jae and the guard wait for them at the river. Hwi comes up happily and waves at them.

Yeon comes out to greet him, but a soldier comes out to cut her with his sword. But Hwi shoots him. Another soldier comes out, Hwi shoots him.

But it wasn’t a clean hit. The soldier falls, but he gets back up. Hwi tries to shoot another arrow, but his side pains him which is just enough time for the guard to run his sword completely through Yeon.

Fade Out


Poor Yeon. I mean, did she really have to die? Hasn’t Hwi been through enough? Or is she going to miraculously come back to life like Sung-rok? Tis but a scratch, y’all! Tis but a scratch!

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  1. Rose
    November 1, 2019 / 11:42 pm

    Thanks for the recal V and i hope you’re feeling much better now! ☺

    I dont think Yeon will survive that one. Its so heartbreaking coz they just got reunited and that happened 😭

  2. Rose
    November 1, 2019 / 11:43 pm


  3. Snow Flower
    November 2, 2019 / 1:03 pm

    Oh wow. Just wow. What an episode!

  4. ben
    November 3, 2019 / 2:36 am

    Hee-jae and the guard were totally useless. They didn’t even try to help.

    • V
      November 3, 2019 / 1:25 pm

      For real.

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