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My Country: The New Age – Episode 8 Live Recap

My Country: The New Age Recap Episode 9
My Country: The New Age Episode 9 Recap, image jtbc

Hwi is still trying to juggle several people’s lives in this episode. He wants his sister alive, but he wants Nam Jeon dead and he needs Bang Won to do it. But Bang Won always seems to be a step ahead of Hwi causing Hwi to play catch up. Or is that all in Hwi’s plans as well?

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Nam Jeon rips the sign off of his door and remembers betraying his comrades all those years ago. He breathes deeply as Sunho speaks.

SH – 12 years ago you tried to assassinate the King – no – general Lee Sung-kye. Was that true? If that is true, then our family will be destroyed.

Sunho holds Yeon’s hand and steps in front of her. Nam Jeon says he is involved. Sunho tells him that he has to confirm that, not just guess.

So Nam Jeon goes to meet with Yeon and takes Sunho with him.

In his room, Bang Won tells his right hand to bring Hwi to him. If the sun is up before without him then I will kill you.

In a storage room, Nam Jeon tells Hwi that only two people can hit a target from 400 steps away. The first is the King, you are the other one.

Nam Jeon pulls a sword and holds it to Hwi’s neck. He asks him who hit the Kings target. Hwi tells him to calm down. You are the one that told me to hide your anger and remain calm.

Nam Jeon asks again. Hwi says that he did it. Nam Jeon swings his sword. But Hwi says that Bang Won is the one that ordered him to do it. He ordered him to put the letter on the second arrow and shoot it at the Kings target.

Hwi reminds him that he has his sister so he will not do anything against him. So don’t suspect me anymore.

Nam Jeon tells him that he will get the information from another spy, so I will use you as a sword. he leaves. Sunho tells him that their family depends on this. So he will stop this in whatever way and kill anyone who is behind him. His wish is that Hwi had nothing to do with it.

Elsewhere, Hee-jae finds out about the girl in Nam Jeon’s house. She thinks about the letter that Seo Seol gave away. it was for someone that a person wanted to save. 

Hee Jae goes to meet with Seo Seol and asks if it was Hwi that received her letter? Seo Seol is coughing and says that the letter was exchanged in silence and the person who received it is secret. You know that this is the rule.

She asks if the life that he wants to save is Yeon? Seo Seol tells her that she will not answer. She also tells her guard to protect Hee Jae at all costs and tells Hee Jae that she can do what she needs to do, i will protect you.

In his room, Sunho thinks about Hwi and his circumstances. He thinks that all of this is because Sunho was held back by his friend and his blood line. Now, I won’t hesitate anymore.


Hwi’s friends are eating when a group of men walk up to them. Cheon Ga is at the lead. Moon asks why he is carrying a sickle with him. Are you a preying mantis? Go cut some hay. 

Cheon asks where Hwi is, the prince wants him. Or is he dead? We need to cut the quiet mouse to make him speak!

Cheon Ga attacks them but they throws pepper spray on him and walk  away. While walking away, they wonder if they ruined the plan. Should we give the secret letter to the inspection or police agency? Chido tells them no, Nam Jeon controls them all.

They walk to where Hwi is and tells him that bang Won is looking for him. They just ran away from some thugs. Hwi says that he just shook the King to control Nam Jeon and make Bang Won suspicious. So if he is looking for me then this is according to my plan.

They ask him what he wants to do? Hwi says that they can only use the secret letter through Bang Won. That is the way to destroy Nam Jeon in order to save Yeon. But if Bang Won finds out, then we are done, all of us.



Hee Jae goes to bang Won’s house. She tells the servant that she is there for Sunho and says that she will wait there while he is gotten. But then she runs away to find Yeon somewhere in the house.

She sees Yeon’s she and asks if the room owner is there? Yeon comes out which makes Hee Jae gasp. Yeon asks her who she is coming to her room this late.

Hee Jae can’t really say who she is, she is so shocked. So Yeon asks if she knows her? Hee Jae says that she might be in the wrong place and turns to leave. But Yeon grabs her arm and says that she does not think that she is in the wrong place, just tell me.

But Sunho comes up right then and says that Yeon does not know her. He takes Hee Jae back out and tells her that this is the best that he could do. But Hee Jae thinks that this is not the best he could do. If he did his best then Yeon would be next to Hwi right now.

Sunho reiterates that it is the best, otherwise they both would be dead. In order to protect Yeon, this was the only way. Hee Jae says that this is not protection, it is a hostage. You are using Yeon to control Hwi. Now I know why he wanted to hide and why he was so desperate.

Hee Jae leaves, angrily. Yeon hears it all through the gate.

Yeon heads back to her room, but Nam Jeon comes up and asks if she is trying to leave again? I told you that you can only breathe with my permission. Are you looking down on me? Do you think I am a joke? Where did you go after escaping the hut? Who did you meet?

Yeon remembers Hwi tell her not to tell anyone that she came there, so she doesn’t tell him. But she does start to tremble. He asks if she will have a seizure again or is your memory back? He grabs her wrist.

Sunho tells his father to let her hand go. Then he takes her by the wrist to lead her back. But she pushes his hand away and starts to walk back to her room alone.

In the city, Hee Jae tells her guard that she needs to see Hwi right now, wherever he is.


Hwi and his team are outside of someones house. This person is a witness to the secret letter. So he thinks that Nam Jeon will try and find him as well.

Cut to Nam Jeon thinking about the witness and telling his guard to kill that guy, but use someone that won’t cause any trouble for them.

The guard asks what to do after that. Nam Jeon tells him to find the guy that used to be in the royal guard. I need to hear something from him.

Scene change to the thug with the long scar on his face. He is happily eating even though one of his men says that prince Bang Won wants them killed. he starts to talk about 12 years ago but the colleague tells him not to talk about that. This thug sys that he will never die. Nam Jeon can never kill me because I saw everything.

Flashback to the thug with the scar witness Nam Jeon kill his friends over that letter.

But then Hwi attacks this house that the thug is in and brings him out. the thug asks him why he is doing this to him? Hwi tells him that he is not killing him, so follow me.

Hee Jae is there as well. She sees the thug with the scar and remembers him from that night that her mother died. The guard asks if that is the guy? She says yes, he is the guy that killed her mother.

The guard pulls his sword and starts to fight Hwi and team to get to the thug. The thug escapes and holds Hee Jae hostage. Hee Jae tells Hwi to shoot him. Hwi pulls his bow and arrow. 

But Hee Jae stabs him first. Then Hwi shoots him with his arrow. he falls to the ground. Hee Jae picks up the sword and remembers a flashback to when she was a kid holding a knife to him as well.

He tells her that he was just following orders. Then he says that Nam Jeon ordered him to kill everyone. So Hee Jae reluctantly does not kill him. In the past, Hwi’s father talked to her as she wanted to kill the thug and said that they will send more assassins to kill her.

He tells her to choose one. Either kill the bad guy and wait for another assassin to come, or wait until you can get your revenge later. She dropped the knife and Hwi’s father told her good choice.

In the present, Hwi holds her hand that holds the sword and pulls the sword away. then he takes Hee Jae’s hand as she struggles to calm her breathing.


They go somewhere to chat. Hee Jae says that she killed that guy more than 100 times in her mind. But she could not kill him this time because they need him, even though he killed my mom.

He apologizes for not knowing.

Hee Jae says that she sent her mothers candlelight and Hwi’s candlelight. You came back as a miracle. My mothers secret letter is yours now. I went to you to tell you that. You should be lonely all alone here. Was it difficult? Don’t carry your burden all alone anymore. Let’s share it and do it together. I don’t want to lose anyone anymore. Especially you. Now, I finally have come to the world where you live.

She hugs hims softly. He softly hugs her as well and a few tears fall between them.


Sung Rok tells Sunho that he heard Hwi shot the arrow from the mountain using Bang Won’s red arrow. Sunho asks what bang Won gets to have the Kings suspicion. SR says nothing. The King can kill his own son only with suspicion. 

With what was written in the letter and with the arrow puts Bang Won and Nam Jeon in danger. But who gets the most benefit from that situation? SR thinks it is the King. But Sunho says, who has the secret letter? 

He thinks back to Hwi. A voice over is from Nam Jeon and says that there is a sword on his throat that will destroy their entire family.

Sunho’s new goal is to find out who has the letter.

Cut to a ton of guards going to Nam Jeon’s house. The head guard tells Bang Won that he is there to arrest him on the Kings order. Nam Jeon tells his people to honor the King’s order. This is a warning from the King. He can destroy me anytime he wants.


The Queen tells the King that Sunho is fired and you are pressuring Nam Jeon right now. Bang Won is acting up now, so why are you pressuring our people? When are you going to appoint the Grand Prince?

He says that he is waiting for the right moment? She asks when the right moment is? What if something happens to you? He is all like, Ho Ho Ho, you are so honest right now so I will not hide my thoughts. Do you think I am picking your son because he is my favorite? No, it is because he is the youngest so I can keep my position longer. So don’t say anything and just wait. Never raise your voice in front of me.

The Queen says that she will lower her voice honoring his order. For you, it is your position, but my sons life depends on this. A mother can do anything for her son. So I will not wait around.


Elsewhere, Sunho jumps a gate to someones home. It looks like this might be the palace? he walks up to a courtyard that is heavily guarded and tells them that he is a former inspector. Open the door.

The guard tells him that they do not allow him there. You would not be able to pass the gate so you scaled the wall. Sunho tells the guard to tell the King that he knows who owns the secret letter about the coup on the King. HURRY.

He basically yells this so the King might have heard him. He is let inside. Inside, the King asks him who owns the letter. Sunho says that he has to promise that he and his family will not get hurt. 

The King tells him to tell him. Sunho says that Bang Won has the secret letter. If that letter comes out to the world then you will have to kill my father and me. So, who fights against Bang Won? before he breaks the secret letter to the world, please process the Grand Prince.

With the secret letter you can suppress my father and kick Bang Won out to Gaegyung (far North of Korea, it is the old Goryeo Capitol).

The King asks what he gets for this? Sunho says, you get me. The King smiles, you? Sunho says, the seat next to you that used to be Bang Won’s and is now my fathers. Give that position to me and I will protect your crown with my life. If the letter comes out, then the promise will break.

The King yells for the servant outside. Then he tells the servant 4 names and to let them in. He says he will talk it over with them to finalize the Grand Prince.

Sunho leaves and meets with Hwi in their secret location. Hwi tells him to let him know the plan. Sunho tells him that he knows that he has the secret letter. bang Won will not give this secret letter to the King. he will use it to suppress father. You will be abandoned after being used, like before. You will die if he knows that you are a spy.

Hwi says he will die whatever the case, so it is no different. Sunho says to give it to him and he will give it to the King. I will save you and Yeon. Hwi tells him to stop pretending. You say you want to save us but you really want to stop your family from collapsing.

Sunho says he can do his best. Hwi tells him that if he turns him in or uses him as a spy, it is your choice. Do what you want. It’s whatever.

Elsewhere, Chido tells the Hwi team that he will go find Hwi. Beom tells him that he thinks he will kill this thug, he is not human. How can you kill the mom in front of the daughter and then try to kill the daughter? Chido tell him, not now. They need to save Yeon.

Meanwhile, Hee-jae is remembering all the happy times she had with her mother as they made shadow images. It looks like her mother might be a gisaeng? Not sure. Hee Jae hopes that she did a good job as she starts crying.

But she stops when Seo Seol comes in. Hee Jae asks, did you know everything? You knew it was Nam Jeon, how could you hide that from me? Seo Seol tells her that she did not want to lose an important person again. It is the same to me. I wanted to protect you, whatever it takes.

Seo Seol wipes Hee Jae’s tears and tells her that she did a good job. Everything will be okay. They hug and Seo Seol comforts Hee Jae by patting her on the back.


Hwi looks at Nam Jeon’s house from outside and then gets hit upside the head and carried off. He drops Yeon’s shoe.

The people who captured him are Bang Won’s people. they take him to Bang Won.


Bang Won tells Hwi, how dare you involve me by using the red arrow. Hwi tells him, because of that, you are part of my game and you cannot get out of it. 

Bang Won tells him that he can just kill him and get out of this game. Who are you targeting? Hwi tells him, Nam Jeon.

Bang Won asks him, why Nam Jeon?

Hwi explains that he sent him to the border and he sent assassins to kill them while there. there is no way that Nam Jeon and I can coexist. Do you have anyway? The King will put you and Nam Jeon in both hands and measure you two and will eventually pick Nam Jeon. You will die outside of Gaegyung.

Bang Won yells, how dare you! How dare anyone try to kill me. How dare they.

A man comes in and bows to Bang Won, he tells him that there is an urgent letter from the palace. All the princes should come in right now.

Hwi tells him that he thinks his game already started, but you should check this yourself.



The team stopped investigating so the guard says that Nam Jeon can go back to normal. they did not find anything, their goal was just to make your place a mess both inside and outside.

Nam Jeon goes to the palace. A man tells him that two high officials went to see the King, I think he already decided. Nam Jeon says that he also wonders what the King decided, me or Bang Won. Who will he kick out, me or him or both of us?

Bang Won shows up and has to listen to a man talking to him about how the King wants him to remove all his private soldiers and chides him about all the swords at his home. He has so many that the dogs even bark sword-sword (like ruff-ruff).

Bang Won tells him to just shut his mouth and he excuses himself. the man mutters that he will know how scary his older brother is when he is stabbed in the back.


The King has everyone gathered in the official meeting to appoint the Grand Prince and tells the youngest that he is smart and can protect the country when he is older, so I will have you as the Grand Prince. The King tells everyone to listen, you should support the young Prince with everything that you can. Except for coup and murder, everyone will be released before the Grand Prince ceremony.

The King tells everyone to disperse their private soldiers. if anyone keeps a private soldier and I find it out, then no mercy.

Bang Won meets with the King afterwards. The King tells him that he should be disappointed, what should I do to comfort you? You are not considered a founder of the country. I can give you a 500 people that must take your orders.

Bang Won tells him that he said no private soldiers. The King says that his soldiers are not private soldiers. Then he asks, how about the governorship in the far south?

Bang Won asks, so you don’t need me anymore so you are kicking me out? Your highness, I was on the front line to open the country. The blood I drew for you is almost carved on my hand. But you are saying that you have the Grand Prince so I don’t need you anymore. Leave the capital and die. That is what you are saying right? WHAT DID I DO SO WRONG?

The King says this is because he knows him. When you do not get what you want, you destroy it. Band Won says he does not know him well! I never give up or step back until I get what I want. I will not leave Gaegyung at all.

He walks away angrily.

Outside, the Queen and the little Grad Prince walk up to the courtyard and stop when they see Bang Won.

He walks to them.

BW – You got what you always wanted. Congratulations mother.

Q – it is all because of you. If the hyung’s were all good then the youngest would not be the grand prince.

BW – Why are you hiding behind your mothers skirt?

He kneels to the little princes height.

BW – Your highness, a skirt cannot protect you from a sword or defeat an enemy. So there is no use hiding behind it. Okay.

Q – How dare you.

BW – Proceed.

He motions for them to walk past. She starts to walk, but then stops.

Q – I almost forgot, you will be a governor. Enjoy the good scenery and conduct good politics.

BW – Omoni, please hold the Grand Prince position well. He is in that position before me, but he will not be able to be there to the end.

Q – That will never happen while I am alive.



The queen meets with Nam Jeon and asks what he is going to do about Bang Won. NJ says that it is a good day, so let’s just celebrate. But the Queen reminds NJ that he promised her that he would hunt Bang Won.

She is worried about Bang Won and the other princes. She thinks that they could do something, especially if Bang Won moves. So, take your sword out now. Whoever is hesitant will die first.


Bang Won asks Hwi if he wants to kill him? Hwi says that he had a lot of chances to kill him. Do you think I cant right now? Everyone wants to kill you, but I will save you.

Bang Won tells him that he pushed himself to the edge of the cliff, but you want me to hold your hand now? Do you think I will rely on you?

Taeryung comes in and tells Bang Won that Nam Jeon invited him to the Grand Prince ceremony. BW tells him to refuse it. Hwi tells him to accept it. He can show him his game plan. Then you can decide to join me or not.


The Hwi team is still with the thug. Beom is staring daggers into him so Moon tells him to stop looking at him, your eyes will pop out. Then he asks if someone is his wife or lover. Beom says his wife. She was beaten to death because she went against a rapist. I had a little baby who was still breast feeding that they killed because it cried too loudly.

He tells the thug to wake up. Moon tells him not to kill him. Beom says it is okay if he does not kill him right? So he punches the thug several times until he passes out.


Hee Jae tells Seo Seol that she will use their surveillance on Nam Jeon and will try and kill Nam Jeon. SS thinks that will take much too long. So she gives her a key to a secret information room and tells her that she can get all the information. The surveillance people arent as good as this. But for return, you need to protect our Gisaeng House. We can protect you as well.

Hee Jae asks if she wants her to be a Gisaeng Head? You are the Head, how can I become it? SS tells her that the Grand Prince was appointed today. There will be a lot of noise, so what do you think we should do? Hee Jae says that big noises hide big profits. We should maximize our profit and minimize our danger.

SS tells her, that is why it is you.


Lots of men show up to the gisaeng house to celebrate the grand Prince with Nam Jeon. Bang Won shows up as well with Hwi.

BW – I am still standing, how dare you all still sit?

They all start to stand

NJ – Sit. I am the owner of this room, so why are you listening to a guest?

They all sit.

NJ – It is a congratulations party, we should not be angry.

BW – Why did you invite me? I need to know the reason so I should know if I should join you or turn over the table.

Man – *sarcastic* You are not grand prince and will be kicked out soon. So you are the one that had their table thrown. isn’t that right? It will be a long trip so I will send you a Feng Shui person to find a good place for your tomb.

They all start to chuckle.

NJ – Watch your mouth, he even killed Po Eun so your neck is not safe. 

Man – *sarcastic* Aigo, I am so scared.

Hwi – Should I kill him?

BW – Kill him.

Hwi steps over the table and pulls his sword on Nam Jeon, but BW tells him to stop right before he cuts off his head. All the men are scared. Nam Jeon glares at Bang Won.

NJ – You crossed the line

BW – You started it.

Another man shows up and says that he should go out.


Nam Jeon goes out and sees copies of the letter posted all over the Gisaeng house. Bang Won is outside as well and lifts up one of the letters to read it.

BW – Goryeo’s loyal subject is now a treacherous subject in Joseon now. We should get angry. I am reporting nam Jeon who betrayed three friend on that day. The King…Nam Jeon…..execute.

Bang Won folds the post and hands it to Nam Jeon. NJ tells him that he did it. BW tells him to ask the King, you never know, he might not kill you.

NJ leaves.

BW tells him that if he does not have the original then this is all just a rumor. Hwi says that he will show him the evidence when the time comes. he will pick the date. the King should see it with everyone else in the palace so the King cannot bury it.

BW tells him that his game is interesting, I will be part of it. He hands him the letter. Then he pops his fan and walks away with all his guards following him.

Outside, Nam Jeon mutters that BW has the secret letter. If he gives it to the King….call Hwi right now.

Cut to Nam Jeon meeting Hwi. He asks him, if Bang Won didn’t stop him, would you have killed me? Hwi says that it would not have happened, BW was just testing him.

NJ tells him that he is testing him as well, kill Bang Won. If he does not, then everyone in their house will die, including Yeon. But there is no way that you will survive after killing Bang Won. But isn’t it enough for Yeon to survive?

He gives Hwi poison to put on the arrow head. But he tells him to remember that the death should be reported as a solder not being satisfied with Bang Won.

Hwi tells him to keep his promise with Yeon. NJ tells him okay, but don’t think of anything stupid, my mole will be watching you.

Hwi agrees and grabs the poison. He leaves. Another man comes in so NJ tells him to prepare their best soldiers. When the plan is executed then I will invade Bang Won’s house right away.

Inside, Yeon holds her shoe and thinks about all the conversations that she had or overheard. Her head starts to hurt again as more memories start to come back. She remembers time she spent with Hwi and how he bought her those shoes. 

She drops her shoe and says, brother….brother Hwi….*cries*

Meanwhile. Hwi goes home and rests as he sits and stares at the sky.



Tae-ryong goes into Bang Won’s office and tells him that he back ground checked Hwi because he was suspicious. He searched his military record and found out that he has a sister. The sister is held hostage by Nam Jeon.

Bang Won thinks that he needs to check for himself if Hwi’s game is to kill Nam Jeon or kill him for Nam Jeon.

So Bang Won takes a ton of men with him to Hwi’s secret place in the forest. CHido was there, but escapes undiscovered.

Bang Won sees Hwi’s secret plans on the wall and looks at his image on the wall.

BW – All the red is pointing at me. I am the target. So he wants to kill me using Nam Jeon, that is the plan. But whatever he has, that has nothing to do with me. Kill him.

All the soldiers go out to kill Hwi. Chido is able to get to him and tells him that the plan failed. Bang Won came to our place. he knows that youa re a spy.

Cheon Ga finds him first and they start to fight with all the soldiers with Cheon Ga.

Chido tells Hwi to run away, he will take care of them. So Chido starts to fight them all. But then more people show up. But Chido does not run away, he grips his sword tighter and continues the fight.


Sunho meets with Nam Jeon in their house. Nam Jeon gives him the letter and says that everyone knows. they need to kill Bang Won now. Sunho is uspet and says that he ws supposed to protect their family from getting destroyed, but he is making it happen quicker!


Meanwhile, Hwi has gotten to Bang Won’s place and is running inside. he takes out a lot of guards with his bow and arrow as he goes through the house.

He makes it right outside of Bang Won’s door and shoots Tae Ryeong with the bow and arrow. Then he kicks Bang Won’s doors open and pulls his arrow back at bang Won. He tells him that he came here to kill him.

He releases the arrow and it hits Bang Won right in the chest. then he grabs another arrow and releases it at Bang Won.

Fade Out


I really loved he music this episode. I also like how the story is unfolding. But there is something about this show that doesn’t let the anticipation of an event build. I want to feel the anticipation in my gut for at least half an episode before something else flips. But this drama only lets you have it until the very next scene like 3 minutes later.


SY – I remember everything. From the begining to the end.

BW – Your sister should be the begining of everything.

Hwi – Also the end.

Hwi – Please keep the promise that you will take care of Yeon

SH – I will take you out, lets leave from this messed up place.

HJ – The Gisaeng House favors no one. You cannot own our Gisaeng House or force us to do anything. I am the head from now on.

Hwi – I dont’ want to wake up from that kind of dream, I will be back.

SH – Us…We will never see each other like this anymore.

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  1. WPB
    October 28, 2019 / 10:16 pm

    I love this show but I haven’t caught up with the latest episodes. When I watch it on Netflix my biggest problem is to follow the names and references among their conversations. I guess I am not familiar with the names of the characters and relationships among them at this point. It would be helpful if there is a character chart. Unthinkable that’s extremely helpful for period drama.
    Netflix lists this drama as 12 episodes. Is that true?

    • V
      October 31, 2019 / 11:14 am

      I think it is actually 16 episodes? Unless Netflix combines a few episodes.

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