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My Country: The New Age – Episode 7 Live Recap

My Country: The New Age episode 7 Recap
My Country: The New Age episode 7 Recap, image JTBC

Okay, Hwi must have nine magical lives because he gets himself into some pretty horrible situations and somehow makes it miraculously out. Though, he hasn’t made it out of Bang Won’s house yet, so there is that.

But it leaves me wondering, was this really their plan? For Hwi to get his #$% kicked by Bang Won’s men? Is that why Moon went on and on about the pain relieving drug he was making? Did Hwi take that before he got beaten and dragged (by horse!) to Bang Won’s house? Hopefully all will be answered in the opening minutes.

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Sun-ho walking into Ban Won’s house like he owns the place and greets the prince. he tells him that he is not there for the Prince, he is there for Sunho. Then he pulls out his sword as if he wants to kill him.

All of Ban Won’s men pull their swords outa s well and stop Sunho. Bang Won pops open his fan and tells his men that they should see what happens, it is fun to watch this.

So Sunho goes up to Hwi and ells him that he knows that he killed the general, who is behind you? if you don’t say anything then you will die here. But if you say something, then I guarantee that I wll save you. If the man who ordered it is here then point him out.

Hwi does not say anything. So Sunho holds the blade to his neck and tells him to say it. Hwi grabs hold of his sword with his hand, it cuts into it.

Hwi – Who are you to kill me or save my life? I will find my own way so stop and just leave.

He throws the sword away. Sunho looks saddened by this. Bang Won claps.

Bang Won asks Sunho if he thinks he can take it? Sunho tells him that he should be ready for it, not him. Then he walks out. Hwi falls to the ground, exhausted and asks Ban Won to either kill him or give him a glass of water.

While walking away, SR tells Sunho that this was too dangerous. If Hwi said anything then Sunho would be dead. Don’t you understand, everything could have ended because of that guy. If you have feelings on your sword, then they become dull.

Inside, Hwi gets his bowl of water and drinks it all up. Bang Won watches him from inside his home and tells one of his close hands that Hwi should not have done this alone, he should have someone who supported him, so make him say everything.

Bang Won and Taeryong then speak to Hwi privately and ask him if he killed the general. Bang Won says all the thugs he rules an fight, but they have no brain to make plans. Hwi tells him that it sounds like he is suspecting him of something?

Bang Won says this can be interest also, why did you approach me? Hwi says he thought he could be his life line for his low class life. He wants to turn his life around. But his line is rotten and the weapons are rotten, it is all rotten.

Bang Won asks him if his weapons are rotten? Hwi sys that his swords and spears are all weak, they are easy to break. if you don’t trust me then check it yourself. TR tells him that it is a trap. But BW wants to go to the weapons facility and take him with us.


Bang Won goes to his artillery and sees Sunho and a group of military men trying to break in. He asks what he is doing there. So Sunho tells him that no one should have their own private artillery, anyone who does is planning a coup and I should kill them on sight. 

BW asks him why he does so much, what do you rely on? SH says that he relies on himself. Then he says to kill whoever resists. Bang Won calmly tells his soldiers to kill all of them if they do anything. So it is a stand off.

SH tells him that he will open the door. You can die of fear. He goes to the door and opens it. Then the guards all attack Ban Won. But Ban Won opens his fan and they all stop. The room is empty.

Bang Won walks inside. There is only a lonely blade stabbed in the table in the middle of the room.

BW tells Sunho that he went too far this time, there will be consequences. Sunho says that he won’t avoid it and then stares at hwi before walking out.

Bang Won takes the sword out and breaks it easily against the wall. He starts to laugh. Hwi tsks and says that it isn’t even pure steel. The blackmith did a poor job, though you can trade it for candy.

BW asks him where he put the rest of the weapons.

Cut to Moon and Beom turning the weapons into the police so that their loyalty wont be questioned. They say that it is from Bang Won.

At the artillery, BW asks Hwi if they turned the weapons into the prosecution? Hwi says that they did not turn it in, they dumped it so he can fill this place with better weapons.

BW thinks that he blamed Sunho for wrongly accusing him and made it so he could have better weapons? Hwi says that is it. Bang Won sits and wonders what he should do with Hwi.


Bang Won walks with his men and hwi to the gisaeng house. BW asks if it is his second time there? hwi says it does not matter. BW tells him that it could be his last. Then they all go inside.

Hwa-wol sees them coming inside and tells Hee-jae. They both run outside to look. Hee-jae runs up and calls Prince, and then she says that she knows Hwi. He is all like, yeah, you two should know each other. 

Hee jae mentions that she still smells general Jung’s blood, will thee be more trouble? Bang won tells her that they are just drinking today. Don’t worry.


Inside, Bang Won and Hwi sit to eat alone. But Bang Won doesn’t eat. He asks Hwi if he is made of stone or steal? Did you drink gisaeng when you were little instead of your mothers milk? Hwi says that saw people die of hunger but he never saw anyone eat too much and die.

Bang Won tells him that he heard no one is strong at getting hit a lot, but maybe you are not the case? Hwi jokes that couples like each other more after hitting each other, so maybe you and I will like each other a lot.

Bang Won laughs and makes himself comfortable. He tells him that he heard he was a hunter, so how to you hunt tigers? hwi says that they push them a certain way into a corner and use their dogs to makeit confused. Then they use their arrow to stop the movement and use a spear to kill it.

Bang Won thinks that he should do the same. Then he goes outside and wee see the Hwi-vengers all tied up.

BW – It was strange, you were confident even with a sword on your throat.

Hwi – They have nothing to do with me!

Bang-won tells him that he thinks they have something to do with him.

Cut to BW getting an arrow. He says that it is his and throws it to the ground as he looks at Chido. He yells to them that he controls everything, if you lie, then you die, if you each say something else, then you will die. The only way you will survive is to tell the truth. SO who asked you to come to me?

A sword is put on Moons neck. Hwi sits with them at this point as well. BW says he will asks again, who sent you? No one says anything so he yells to kill them.

The men all hop up and start to fight away Bang Won’s men. they are each able to get a sword and hwi pulls out his bow and arrow and points bang Won.

Hwi – We were soldiers send to the Jurchen’s first. Then we were used and abandoned. To me you are the same. We got bloody for the country but you and me are all made fun of because of that blood.

BW – So?

Hwi – your country, the country of the abandoned, I wanted to do it together. That is my answer, so you give me your answer.

Bangwon walks right up to the arrow.

BW – You want to see my country of the abandoned?

Hwi – Yes

BW – What you said, just saved your life.

He motions for his men to put their weapons down. Then he tells Hwi to come by his place, he will give him his answer then. bang Won and all his men leave. Hwi passes out.


Outside the Gisaeng house, TR asks bangwon why he didn’t kill them when they tried to assassinate him? bangwon tells him that they made all those plans and penetrated inside our group and involved that inspector all at the same time, that is rare. That is why I did not kill him. It seems like he has a story, so investigate it.

Hwi gets carried to a room in the back where Hee-ae nurses his wounds. he looks like he is in a lot of pain.

In another room, Moon tells Beom that he ate so much of the pain numbing medicine. He just wanted to not feel anything when he died. But Bang Won is super scary, it looks like he has King carved on his forehead. Beom looks like he can turn the country upside down. Chido asks if he likes bang Won? Beom thinks, why not, he might give me a family registry.

Then Hwa-wol comes in which makes Moon go crazy with love. She ends up throwing water on him but she does say that his medicine worked great. They ask how Hwi is, she says that he is sleeping.

Hwi wakes up from his pain filled slumber and sees Hee-jae sleeping beside him. He is still all bloody. he touches her face, she wakes up softly and tells him not to disappear again, she does not want to lose him anymore becasue there is a lot she hasn’t done with him yet.

She wants to walk on flowers in the spring and step on fallen leaves in fall and feel the snow together in winter. Maybe because we met in winter and separated in summer, that is why I want to see other seasons together. I have to at least have something to remember, we can do at least that much right? It is not being greedy.

He whispers that he remembers everything already. The colors the first time he met her, the wind on that nice day, the rain when he left. if I add all those memories up, then I missed you. 

But she has gone back to sleep.

He leans over and kisses her as a lonely tear falls off his face.


Hwi gets all dressed and leaves. He sees Seo Seol standing outside waiting on him and asks ifi he is going to start it now? He says that it has already started. She tells him that she cannot cut the two of their strong ties, so she is just watching it. But if Hee-jae gets hurt because of you, then I will not tolerate it. Keep your promise.

He says that he is doing this to keep his promise, and walks out.

Hee-jae wakes up alone in the room and looks around for Hwi. it looks like he might have tucked her in in her own bed?

Cut to Seo Seol telling her not to go near Hwi. That is why I gave you permission. Hee-jae says that their relationship came from his father, so she will go closer to Hwi until the end. And her mothers letter, which was saved by his father, she will get it from her.

Seo Seol says that she does not have the letter. She gave it to someone who needed it more. Hee-jae asks who needed it more? Seo Seol says that Hee-jae wanted to kill someone but he wanted to save someone, so he needed it more.

She asks who it is! Seo Seol starts to cough a lot and cannot respond. hee-jae is worried.

Elsewhere, Sunho and hwi meet. SH tells him that he crossed the line, SH can lose a lot with what Hwi did. His house or position or maybe his life. Hwi tells him that it is his responsibility to survive, like how he was abandoned with the Jurchens.

Sunho punches him and says that hwi said the Jurchen land was hell. Well everyday is hell for me. I am standing here even though all those people are laughing at me. So, listen to me. From now on, Even though it is you, I will kill you if you become a bottle neck – no, I will kill you because it is you.

he starts to walk away and then tells him that he regrets trying to save him. he walks out. Hwi tells him to survive.


The King read a scroll and mentions that there is only one name for all these complaints and it is all about punishing Sunho. Your name is here also, are you using your son as a sword? he is talking to Nam Jeon. he asks if he is threatening the royal family?

Nam Jeon apologizes. The King tells him that he is supposed to deliver the Kings order, why do you not distinguish private life from public life. I want to execute you and your son as an example. But you were a loyalist for opening the country, so my verdict is to de-promote Sunho to 9th degree.

One of the politicians next to Ban Won says that he should punish them, don’t give them a break. Everyone agrees.

They are all upset because Sunho broke into nobles houses and punished them all and took away their artillery and all that stuff.

The King says that he will not do any more, do not mention it again.


Later on, the King meets with Nam Jeon privately and tells him that he saved his life twice. From now on, time is on bang Won’s side. Remove all of the private soldiers, otherwise the Grand Prince will not be the little prince.

Nam Jeon leaves and thinks that Son beom will have to pave the road for the stability of the country and He, Nam Jeon, is responsible for doing all the dirty jobs. he looks at bang Won and mutters, if you want it that much then i will cut it for you.

He walks to his side. BW tells him that the sons wrong doing is the fathers fault. You should give up your position, but you use your son as a sacrifice? A slave born is still your son.

Nam Jeon tells him that if his father gave up his position, what do you think would have happened? BW asks him if he remembers what he told him? The new world is not yours, it is my fathers country and my country.

Nam Jeon says that he remembered it, how could he forget that cockiness? he takes a step closer and tells Bang Won in banmal that this country is not the Kings country. So don’t you ever say that it si your country.

BW asks whose country it is then? Nam Jeon tells him that it is the subjects country. So even if we have a stupid King or a violent King, the country will not collapse. You will never be the King.

BW says that the 8th son wants to be the King,  so the 5th son can be a King. Look at it in your tomb as to who will become the King. Then Bang Won walks off.

In the library, Sunho looks at his old political attire and then tells a servant to tell Yeon that he cannot go home for two weeks due to work. She will worry about me so just get enough clothing to change into.

He leaves and then several guards come in for Sunho. They are arresting him for everything he did. So they take him to a torture chamber and torture him right away. The main guard tells him to tell him everything so his torture can stop. Sunho tells him that the is not saying anything, just do your job. So the torture continues.


Meanwhile Hwi looks at Yeon who is giving clothing to the servant for Sunho. She wants to deliver it herself, but the father tells her that she should not go out. She tells him that she wants to deliver these items to Sunho brother. He asks her who her brother is? How dare you say that he is your brother. He is not coming home because of you. From now on, in this house do not do anything, only breathe. No, you should get my permission to breathe. Put her in the storage.

The servants start to pull her way. Then she falls and hits her head on the steps and all her memories come back all of a sudden. But she doesn’t tell anyone, she just gets dragged back inside the house. Hwi does not know what to do.

The servant throws yeon into one of the storage houses. She asks what happened? Just tell me! But they do not tell her anything.

In the city, hwi stops Nam Jeon from being carried through the city. Nam Jeon gets out of his carriage and asks him if he knows what he did? hwi tells him that was the only way. He recounts how everything went well.

Nam Jeon tells him that bang Won should be killed by his own private soldiers, then it will not affect him (Nam jeon) and it will be a good excuse to get rid of all the private soldiers in the country. So until Igive you an order, do not do anything and just endure. Like now.

Hwi tells him that he will never forget. Nam Jeon tells him that he knows how to suppress his anger. Hwi says that he is barely hiding it. Then he tells him that he said he will treat Yeon as a noble woman, are you doing that?

Nam Jeon tells him that he told him to live and die for him, are you doing that? He turns and leaves.

At home, Hwi puts the two letters together and looks at them.


Seo seol meets with the Queen and asks for her assurance on the trade with China. She is giving them information so she just needed to meet with her.

Seo Seol then starts to mention that the Queen has stomach pain and only eats juk. She says that her stomach disease is something that only a few doctors know about, how do you know? They look at Hee-jae. 

The Queen asks what else she knows? Seo Seol says that she knows what she wants. The Queen asks if she wanted to see her for more than the trade? The Queen tells Hee-jae to step out.


When they are alone, Seo Seol gives the Queen two letter cases and thanks her for taking care of Hee-jae. Then she tells her to use it when she needs it. The Queen is shocked and asks when she thinks she will use it? Nam Jeon may kill me. Seo Seol tells her that she can save Hee-jae.

Later on, Hee-jae and the Seo Seol walk out. She asks Hee-jae what she saw. Hee-jae explains that you need to know the other persons weakness and not be pressed by them. Just step back and make the other person feel like they won and then say what I want to say. 

Seo Seol says that the Queen is starting to suspect er, did you see that? the fire does not care about the firewood. The Queen is the fire, make sure you are one of the firewood.

Hee-jae says that she will use that letter case from now on. Seo Seol tells her okay, I grant it to you. Then seh gets in her carrier and is carried away.

Then several people come up to Heejae. It looks like this is the spy network. She tells them to find out everything, but Hwi should not know about it and should not be apart of it. If he recognizes it then stop spying on him. Start.

They all run off.

In his room, bang Won checks his bow and arrow and thinks, about what Nam Jeon said about how dare he call it his country, he will never be the King. He fires his bow and arrow. Then TaeRyeong comes in and tells Bang Won that what they said is true, they were on the front lines. Hwi’s father is panghyung punishment and the other three are suspicious as well.

Cut to Hwi and his team looking at a house and thinking that they need to change their fate to be noticed by bang Won. It looks like they are outside bang Won’s house. They all take a deep breath and go inside.

TaeRyeong tells them that anyone that comes within 3 steps of the Prince will be killed.

A mini verbal fight kind of breaks out between CheonGa and Hwi but Taeryeong stops Cheonga from attacking Hwi. He has to draw blood outside. CG tells Hwi that he needs to watch his back outside.

Hwi and bang Won meet. Bang Won tells Hwi that he will give him a chance to be his sword, but he will first dig two tombs, one for me and one for you. You have to put your life on the line and then we can turn the world over.

Hwi tells him that he is already dead with the Jurchens, he does not need a tomb anymore. bang Won asks about Chido, what about you? You are the former team leader of the Black Snakes. Chido says that he does not have that memory anymore, he will serve him only.

Bang Won asks about the undertaker that pretends to be a doctor and the slave that killed his owner, this is a good combination. Follow me.

Hwi follows, but only Hwi can follow. The other three are kept out. Chido nods for Hwi to keep going.


Bang Won takes hwi outside and says that he heard that hsi father was Panghyung punishment. Hwi says that he is a corrupt guy that snuck out military food.

Bang Won asks, is that so? Hwi says yes.

They keep walking to the middle of a bridge. Then bang Won pours a circle around himself with a drink. 

BW – I killed Po-eun, to open the new country we had to kill him but no one wanted to draw his blood. 

He kneels on the brdge and looks at the ground

BW – This is the place that saved my family, but I was abandoned. This country started right here.

He touches the ground

BW – Not even one year passed that I had Po-eun’s blood on me. So I can’t do another thing to make me a devil again. So, you shuold take my orders.

Hwi – The prince who does not become the King should die. The only way for you to become the King is to kill the Grand Prince. The blood I draw will make you the King. If you are afraid of the blood, then just beg Bang Seok (the 8th prince) or pretend like you went crazy. You never know, he might not kill you because he pities you.

BW – Now you make fun of me and talk bad about the King and are even talking about the coup?

Hwi – You already talked about opening a new country and a coup. The place you kill Po-eun

BW – Whoever’s blood you draw, keep this in mind – if blood spills on me again, you and your group will all die.

Hwi – if I was afraid of death, then I would not have even started. It is your turn to dig your own tomb now.


Hwi goes to his place and sharpens a few arrows. he looks at his drawings on his wall of the prince and the King and then he heads out to where the King and Bang Won are shooting arrows.

The King tells Bang won while they are shooting arrows that BW takes what he wants. BW say that he learned it from the King, he tool the country from the last King

The King says that he didn’ want to get hae Young, but Poeun. However you destroyed him.

They fire their arrows again, that is when Hwi’s arrow hits as well.

Everyone yells that it is an assassination attempt! But the King sys that he is more than 400 steps so they will not catch him. Then another arrow shoots, it has a letter on it.

The King tells Bang Won that the arrow is not targeting him, it looks like it is for Bang won. Bang Won thinks back to what hwi said about how the blood he draws will make his country.

The King opens the note on the bow and arrow. 

Note: Gyung shin year, November 23.

The King crumples this up and tells his people to let Nam Jeon in, and you, follow me.

Bang Won looks interestedly in the arrow and picks on up. It looks like he did not know that hwi was going to do this.


Nam Jeon meets with the King with Bang Won and asks Nam Jeon if he found out that assassination attempt in the Gyun Shin year and executed 4 people. You told me that only you and I know about it.

Nam Jeon says yes, that is true. The King throws the crumpled up letter and says that another person knows about it.

Nam Jeon reads the letter and says that this is just one day of many days. The King tells him to shred it. Then he tells him that this person invaded his target and coincidentally bang Won was there, is that a coincidence?

Bang Won says that he is the only person that can hit the target 400 steps away. it should be someone that involves me. The King asks what he should do. bang Won says that he should execute that person.

Bang Won says that he will kill anyone that tells lies or had bad plans. he will think it all over before taking his sword out, but once it is out it will not be sheathed again until it draws blood.


Cut to Sunho passed out and bloody in jail. He wakes up when his father comes to see him and asks if he is there to make fun of him. Nam jeon says no, he will get him out. Someone is targeting me, so I will get you out so we can fight together before our family is destroyed.

He lets him out and tosses him the key and lock. he tells him that if the person targeting him in Bang Won, then they have to kill bang Won.

Sunho is sent into a memory of his mother. he tells her that they should run away together. The mother asks him if he wants to have that slave stamp on his forehead as a runaway slave? Or do you want to die getting hit? 

He tells her that they should die together. She asks why he is doing this, listen to me. If you pity your low class mother, then you should become a big person and make the world into a place where low class people like me can have a happy life.

Sunho walks out of the jail. A guard tells him that it is good for him that he has a powerful father. 

Sunho walks all the way home.

At home, yeon tries to break herself out of her prison as well. She is able to break part of the wooden board open and continues to try and free herself little by little until she gets out. Once out, she runs all the way to the jail, but drops her shoe as she is running way. 

At the jail, they tell her that Sunho lost his position and is undergoing very difficult torture. It barely keeps people alive.

Yeon sadly walks all the way back home.

Elsewhere, Hwi puts up a post on a door and then sees Yeon’s shoe. he picks it up and looks up the street.

Yeon is wandering around and happens upon her old home. 

Hwi is running around looking for Yeon as well as he holds her shoe.

Yeon touches the gate to her old place and lets herself in.

While there, her head hurts as if she is remembering something. She sits on the pyongsan where her head hit it and stats to cry as all the memories come back.

Hwi continues to run around looking for her and runs all the way to their old place. He sees her sitting outside. 

She holds up a stick to keep him away and tells him not to come near her or she will scream!

Btu he comes right up to her face and yells for her not to tell anyone that she found her way back there, no one! You do understand? She nods and runs off.

A man looks on with interest, it might be one of the spies that Hee-jae sent to look at Hwi.

Yeon gets near their home and is stopped by Sunho who holds her arm and and asks if this is fathers doing.

Then nam jeon gets home and sees the letter on his door that Hwi put there. he stares at it.

Letter – After general Lee Seung-gae defeated the Japanese, he is obviously showing that he wants to have a coup. We should kill Lee Seung-gae and as subjects we shuold do a proper job.

Flashback to the murders.

Letter – …we will meet in Haegomdang (Seol Seols secret information place) and we will execute the plan. Kim Young Soo, Park Seung Min, No Kyung Chun, and Nam Jeon.

But Nam Jeon betrayed everyone in the flashback and killed them instead. he tore the secret letter up but he did not find them all. He asks one of the men where the othe secret letter is! The man asks, why, are you afraid that Lee Sung-kye will find out?

nam Jeon kills this last man as the man curses him saying that he will die with all the blood drained from his body.

In the present, Nam jeon crumples up the letter on his door in a rage.

SH – 12 years ago in the gyung shin year, is it true that you tried to assassinate the King, no, General Lee Sung-Kye?

Sunho is standing in front of Nam jeon and so is Yeon.

SH – if that is true then our family will all die.

Nam Jeon looks at them and says that he is involved in this.


Okay, the plot thickens. It is a confusing plot but at least it is all coming together. But the language is so hard to translate and then write for this drama, I think I need a nap.

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  1. Rose
    October 25, 2019 / 3:59 pm

    Makes me wonder about the scene from the first episode where SunHo and Hwi are going to face each other into a death battle, i have a feeling that its all a show. But then again it so hard to tell where are the loyalties of some of the characters here. You may think BangWon is a bad guy but it feels like he isnt just like SunHo. I cant wait to see who will kill SunHos father: Hwi, BangWon or SunHo himself or maybe the lead girl who knows 😄 as long as one of them kills him i’ll be a happy camper 😆

    Thanks again V for the recap! ☺

    • V
      October 25, 2019 / 4:06 pm

      I constantly think back to that while watching these episodes! I wonder if we will see it again soon or if we won’t see that scene again until the finale?

  2. October 25, 2019 / 7:12 pm

    Firstly Thank you so much for translate. İ think in this episode hwi changed. İ mean he looks like as if he has a plan and he is going to on his way. İ loved that hwi. Yeon’s story was boring cliche. The scripwriters could writing Better than this. And sun ho… İ cant understand what he is doing any more. İt was boring too. İ love sunho but this guy so complicated. And so handsome and that’s enough for me for the present uffjjfjgj

    • V
      October 25, 2019 / 11:21 pm

      You’re welcome! And yes, even though things are happening, this show is starting to get a bit boring in parts.

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