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My Country: The New Age – Episode 6 Live Recap

My Country The New Age Recap Episode 6
My Country The New Age Recap Episode 6

There are plans on top of plans on top of plans that Hwi and Sunho are trying to execute. Hee-jae is in the mix as well, though only because she is the one that got pulled into it this time due to being at the wrong place at the wrong time at the gisaeng house. The problem is, those plans might not have gone as they should? Or did they? I’m not sure, alls I know is that Hwi’s life is dangling precariously off the edge of a blade.

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The assassins kill all the guards at the gisaeng jip. 

The King thinks that if Bang Won has more than 100 soldiers then General Jung will die tonight.

Hwi kills general Jung and Hee-jae watches. Hwi’s mask is ripped off by the general as he dies so Hee-jae sees his face. They both look at each other for a long moment.

We are sent on a montage flashback of all their happy moments together. Then, in the present, Hwi tries to hurry off. But Hee-jae runs up and holds his hand that holds the sword to keep him there.

They go somewhere alone. Hee-jae tells him that she has not seen him in a long time, you are still alive. When I was dozing off, if I see you when I take a tiny nap or doze then I couldn’t sleep because I wanted to see you. If I closed my eyes again, then you were still a dream. Is this still a dream?

He tells her that she was not in his dreams. It was too difficult to survive, he did not think of her at all. He tries to walk off, his eyes are teary. She thanks him for being alive. He leaves.


Sun-ho is kneeling in front of the King, the King asked if general Jung will die? Sunho says yes, when you open a country then a loyalist should die. then the people will be afraid. If anyone should die then it should be him.

The King says that he did not order his death. Sunho says that his job is to guess what he needs and do it before the order is given. The King asks Sunho how I think Bang Won? Sunho says that he is afraid of him taking the Kingdom and you miss him as well. he is the one who drew blood for you.

Sunho tells him to let him go anywhere and call anyone, then you will not have to worry about Bang Won anymore. Or miss him anymore.

The King paces around Sunho as he talks and says that he lets the loyalists have their own soldiers, but now law officials want their own soldiers. What should I do? Sunho says that he knows about it, so he will execute it.

The King smiles.


A man pulls off the masks of the dead men so a gisaeng tells him to call the police. Hee-jae walks up and says no. If you call them then they will know about us and our business will close also. She tells Hee-jae that she is the one that left without looking back, but now she is pretending like she cares? is it because of that guy?

Seo Seol comes up and asks what they should do? Both ladies turn around quickly. Hee-jae says that they can make the bodies disappear and erase the blood. No one saw anything or heard anything, nothing happened. Seo Seol says that this is right. She yells for the servants to get started doing it and they hurry out.

Hee-jae goes to sit next to her friend who is still healing from her injuries. Her friend is awake and asks if Hee-jae saw her friend? Why do you look like that? Is seeing him not enough?

Hee-jae says that Hwi looks like he has hell carved in his body. She felt that all his wounds were screaming. It hurt her heart so much. The hurtful thing he told me with his painful eyes, stabbed me. I shouldn’t have done that without any power. I shouldn’t have sent him off like that.

She starts to cry, her friend comforts her.


Sunho walks around the palace and runs into his father who is walking up the hall toward the Kings chambers. he tells his father that his personal meeting with the King ended. Nam Jeon says he has something urgent to tell him. Sunho tells him that the King heard everything already.

Nam Jeon says that it is unheard of for a 6th grade official to meet the King alone, you are trying to fly before you run. Sunho tells him that all birds can fly before they can run. Nam jeon tells him that he is a tool that will be disposed of. Sunho tells him he is not worried about it, whether I fly or fall is all up to me. He bows to his father and leaves.

Upon walking out, SR tells him that general Jung died at the gisaeng house. Eight went in, Hwi is the only one to come out. The skirted minister was there. Sunho asks where she is right now.


Cut to him running to a house. Hee-jae shows up in a carriage and steps out to see Sunho standing there. She tells him that she say Hwi. You knew this.

He accepts that he knew it all, but it was his choice to ignore her, not his. She asks what choice he had? he was dragged to the military and he has a friend like you? 

Sunho says that they are not friends anymore. She tells him that now she knows how to crush and destroy people. You are just like your father. A carbon copy. She goes inside the home and shuts the door.


Bang Won fans a small child who is sleeping and looks like they might be sick. He happily does this when one of his men comes in. Bang Won goes outside to talk to him.

The man tells Bang Won that general Jung died. the dead bodies did not leave the gisaeng house. Do you think that you can trust the gisaeng house? The have many hundreds of coups planned that were never executed.

Bang Won asks if he knows any of those unexecuted plans?


Hee-jae meets with Seo Seol in the gisaeng house and tells her that they have to find out who is behind killing general Jang. They need to prepare. 

Seo Seol says that only two people can order to kill general Jang. First Nam Jun, but Nam Jun never uses gangsters to kill anyone. Who is the other one? 

Hee-jae says Bang Won. 

Seo Seol tells her not to do anything or Hwi will get hurt. If you get in the middle of this, then you will need to be responsible. Will you still do it?

Hee-jae says that she will.

Seo Seol walks her out with Hee-jae. Hee-jae tells her that she did not have to come out this far to say goodbye. Seo Seol says that she is greeting someone. She also wants to give her a priceless letter holder, will you take it?

Hee-jae tells her to give it to her. Seo Seol says that Bang-seok is the crowned prince but the King is Bang Won, do not doubt that. There is no other choice.

Bang Won comes walking up to her right then with all his guards and smiles. He calls Seo Seol an active old woman and says that she lives long. he gives her a gift. She happily accepts it.

Bang Won tells Hee-jae that it is nice to see her again. Hee-jae excuses herself and tells them to have a nice conversation. But Bang Won tells her that he actually wanted to meet her as well.

They go to a private room to talk and have tea. bang Won says that he forgot, she lives in a gisaeng house, but she is not a gisaeng. Seo Seol looks at Hee-jae with quiet concern. 

Bang Won tells her that his father always had the smell of blood. He always knew from a young age that his father came back from a war. That smell of blood, I also smell here. I sent the assassin that killed general Jung.

Hee-jae asks if the sword he sent worked for him? They looked like gangsters. Bang Won says he is going to use them and throw them away, if they cause trouble then I will kill them and bury them.

Seo Seol asks why it was at her place. bang Won says that this is the only place that does not have any trouble. Even if a loyalist dies here. Seo Seol says that they are not a cemetery, please do not continue to do this.

He says that he might continue it.

She answers that they will spit out the dead bodies. he tells her that she will be the one buried then. 

Seo Seol answers that she is an old woman, you cannot threaten me. 

He mentions that there are other people that can die there.

Hee-jae asks if he remembers the time they were running away? 

He says the Queen was tired then and they supported her. When the boy was tired, we gave him a piggy back ride. We did not sleep much or eat much. We didn’t even get threatened by a sword on our throats. Of course I would not forget.

Hee-jae says that she should have killed him back then. I will have another chance.

He says that he will give her that chance now, you work for me. But you still have to be the Queens right arm and the friend to Sunho. Everything that they say, think, and do – tell me. For that, as a return you can kill me anytime.

He holds his sword to her. She asks, what if I refuse it?

He looks at her seriously but jokingly says, well, we will see what will happen. 

Seo Seol looks concerned.



Hwi covers up his wall of images and notes. Sunho comes in and tells him that their next target is Bang Won’s artillery factory. Sunho says that he will get all the weapons, Hwi should take over the factory. You can start as a guard and then get promoted all the way to bang Won.

Hwi says that he will die from old age to get to bang Won. Sunho says that bang Won always suspects people, so taking time is the best way.

But then they hear something so Hwi looks out the window, a person is coming. Sunho pulls out his sword but Hwi tells him to stay there, if they see him then Yeon will be involved also.

Hwi gets out his bow and arrow and points it at the person. But this person it Hee-jae, so he puts his arrow down and runs to her to follow him. He pulls her away and then tells her that it is dangerous, why are you here!

She tells him that he should ask her how she found this place, not why she is here. If I can come here, that means that bang Won can come here. I do not know what you are doing, but it is dangerous.

He tells her to leave and to never come back. She says that he cannot stop her. He tells her that she should see what is going on. he killed someone, do you think you are any different? Leave. He holds his bow and arrow up to her.

But she sees her hair tie tied to it and their music starts to play as he looks at it as well. She tells him that he said he forgot, so it means nothing? He trembles as he holds the bow and arrow and then puts it down and starts to turn away.

She runs up to him and hugs him from behind. She tells him that, from now on, she will protect him, she will never lose him.

He tells her that the world that she lives in, he can only go there after he dies. 

She says that she is not that person that puts up posters anymore. In front of Bang Won, we don’t know each other. I will do things without your permission. I will go to the world that you live in without anyone knowing about it. She thanks him for his goodbye and starts to walk away.

Hwi turns around to watch her leave. Both are teary eyed. Sunho watches them from a distance and then turns to walk away.


Sunho goes to the gisaeng house to drown his misery with alcohol and gisaengs. While there he thinks about his last drink with Hwi before going off to war. He gave her his last drink, but she gave hers to Hwi. He thinks about her telling him that he destroys people just like his father, he is a carbon copy of him.

Sunho starts to spring angry tears, the gisaengs ask if he is okay. He quietly gets up to leave. On the way out, two men call to Sunho and asks if he remembers them? We met at a meeting once.

They both laugh about how they know he is slave born. But then joke that he is an inspector so he knows everything about your family. These men look drunk. Sunho tells them that he did not have a choice who his parents were. You two are just lucky, so thank your good luck.

The men say it is a joke, it is not their fault that he is slave born. Sunho looks at the hand pointing at him and says that when they meet again, he won’t be able to use his hand ever again.

He gets home and sees Yeon who meets him in the courtyard. She keeps him from tripping and falling. He is happy to see her but he tells her not to wait for him anymore. A lot of eyes watch them and he is also no comfortable with it. Also, do not come to my room anymore.

Yeon asks if she did anything wrong? He says no, nothing. Then he walks off.



Moon starts to make painkiller medicine and tells them that if you take it then you can get hit a hundred times and not feel anything. Chido laughs. But Moon says that people who get paid to get punished for other people take this medicine all the time.

Beom is practicing his writing because he thinks that when he buys a family tree he should at least be able to write his family name. They laugh that he has a nonsense dream.

Chido smiles and asks which Jung family name it is? Beom tells him so Chido shows him how to write it. it is the first time that Beom has seen his name written, he thanks Chido for that.

Hwi comes out then with his bow and arrow and says that he will go catch a few birds. he heads out.

Hwi goes to the thugs building. The head thug asks how he survived? You have a long life. Hwi tells him that he is good at surviving. He also says that he was looking for this place for a long time. the man asked if he was looking for his tomb? 

Hwi says that he was looking for a straight sword. the Kind of sword that can penetrate armor. The thug asks how Hwi knows about this long spear that can kill horses? Then he yells to kill him!

All the men start to charge. Hwi pulls out his arrow and shoots the boss first. But he lives. Hwi continues to shoot them in the legs.

Chido comes in and slices a few men, but he tells them not to kill them, be soft. So they cut the men in their arms and legs instead of killing them easily. Moon and Beom are also there fighting like the Hwi-vengers.

The thug gets away, Hwi tells Chido to let him go, he needs him alive.


Sunho shows up at he nobles house that made fun of him with many soldiers behind him. the soldiers kill all the mans soldiers. Sunho goes up to the noble and stabs in the hand with his sword. he tells him that he guarantees that this noble will not be able to touch him until he dies. If you do not believe it, then see who will die first.


Hwi and his Hwi-vengers round up all the thugs and tells them tha their life is not in danger. They have a choice, they can stay with him or they can leave. But if they leave then he does not want to see them again.

All the men leave.

Moon complains about them all. Hwi asks them why they are here, he told them to stay at their place. Chido tells him that there are no birds here, so explain to me why you are here.

They all go to a locked storage area. Hwi breaks the door on it and steps inside. Inside are a lot of weapons organized along the walls and in rows in the middle of the room. Swords, staffs, and bows and arrows are neatly organized everywhere.

Chido asks who owns this place? hwi tells him that it doesn’t matter, it is there’s now. But then he sighs and says that he will stop lying to them, this are Lee bang Won’s weapons. I have a plan, but if you know any more details then you will be in danger.

Chio asks what his plan is. Tell me. Hwi tells him that he could die. Moon and Beom are looking inside at the weapons and say that they are all fake. They are so easy to break. Beom breaks a few of them. Moon tells Hwi that they survived in the war because they have good eyes, not because they can fight well. Lets hear your plan.

Hwi looks at them and then tells them that they have to see something. he takes them to his CSI style wall and opens the curtains to reveal all the drawings of the people as well as maps and notes about them all.

He then voices over all the soldiers that bang Won has while we see Bang Wan walking with his soldiers. Tae Ryeong and Cheon Ga control the soldiers. They are all divided in groups A, B, and C. Tae-Ryeong and Cheong Ga are part of A. Tae Ryeong controls B and Cheong Ga controls C. 

Only the people in the A group can be within 3 steps of Bang Won. The B group are the house guards and the C group are outside soldiers. They are all disguised as gangsters or gamblers.

Beom tells Hwi that he wants to save his sister, so we can do anything. They start to talk about how poor Yeon is, she lost her parents and her brother and her memory. Beom says that to save Yeon, he has to be noticed by Bang Won. The 4 of them came back from the North, so they can be noticed by him, no problem.

Moon says he will kill Nam Jeon and Chido says that they will do it. Even if they die separately, they can live together. Hwi thanks them all. Moon tells them that they should drink on a day like today.



Meanwhile, the gangster tells Cheon Ga that his place was vandalized. Cheon Ga asks him about the weapons, what about them! he holds him by his neck and says that if he moves he will cut his neck. Who made you captain of the C group?

The man says that he will pay all the money that he owes him! Cheon Ga lets him go and tell shim that they are private soldiers, they do not have patriotism or anything. We only do this for money. But you have cut our money so I have to cut something of yours. Where is that hwi guy? Show me his face.

They go back to the gangsters place, but Hwi is gone. So Cheon Ga tells him to go find him!

Flashback to the gangster and little Hee-jae. He was the one that killed Hwi’s parents. But Hwi’s father saved her life. He told the gangster to go back and tell his master what happened and to not harm this girl, if you do then I will find you.

The gangster thinks that if he was not defeated by Seo-gum (Hwi’s father), then he would not be in this position now.


Seo Seol or Hee-jae thinks that Hwi might be the person that is under surveillance. Hee-jae wants to protect Hwi. Seo Seol ask what she gets by doing it? Hee-jae says that there will be a huge trade with China, I can give you 20% of the profit.

Seo Seol asks how she can trust her? She does not make deals with things that are not tangible. Hee-jae tells her that the guy that is in charge of the trade is the Queen’s person. 

Seo-Seol says that her condition is that she wants to hear this from the Queen directly.


Hwi meets with Sunho and tells him that he has more people. As he expected, the blacksmith has the weapons artillery. About 300 weapons. Sunho tells him to wait for the next order. He mentions that when Dan-gi is out then the plan will fail.

Cut to Hwa-sol walking into a doctors place and seeing Moon. Moon is immediately stuck by her beauty and walks up to her. She asks if he is a doctor? Then she asks if something is on her face? He says that she is pretty. What is your name? She asks what he needs her name for so he says a name is there to be called. 

She says her name so he says that it is like moonlight on a flower, your name is also pretty. He asks what her problem is. She says that she thinks her wound on her head…~. He tells her to follow him.

He sits her down on his patio and looks at her head wound. He thinks the person who initially dressed it did not do a good job, it might swell. So he gives her a lot of medicine to use and also tells her that he has a lot of medicine in his chest. She wonders if he is really a doctor?

Then the real doctor comes in talking about certain medicines that he has and grumbles when he sees Moon there. He asks him if he is selling his stuff here again? Hwa-wol ends up leaving looking annoyed, but she does take all his medicine.



Moon talks to his friends and tells them about the numbing medicine. If they take it then they have to take it right before he is about to get hit. Hwi smiles and then heads out with Chido.

Hwi and Chido talk and walk about how bang Won has a lot of suspicion. Nam Jeon does too. They won’t be easy. Hwi says he has a trap to catch thm both. But he hopes to be promised one thing. if something goes wrong and I die in front of you, don’t notice it.

He tells Chido that if he does not promise it to him then he will go there alone. So Chido promises to him.


Bang won gets updated that all the high officials private soldiers are being targeted by Sunho. General Jung’s private soldiers are all dispersed. bang Won tells his soldier to gather all those soldiers under him, including all the thugs on the street.

Tae-Ryeong asks if they should do this in this situation? Bang Won says that they should not get pressed when they are pressing us. the King has control over all the soldiers so I should have my own soldiers so I can survive. When we are corned, we should shake the table more.

Bang Won heads to the palace.


All the politicians looks at Sunho sitting with the other politicians. He is the only blue person sitting with them. The little prince asks who that blue person is. The Queen tells him that he is the only person that will protect him, so look at him closely.

The King stands and introduces how Sunho is qualified to be among them due to killing a lot of soldiers at battle, so he asked him to be there, do not talk about him.

Bang Won comes in just then and says that he agrees with him.  The little prince is scared. His mother tells him not to hide, be strong, he will serve you. face him.

Bang Won tells everyone as he walks to the front that he also saved the Queen and protected the two princess so his contribution is not smaller than Sunho’s, so let me be part of this event.


Bang Won is about to say something to the Grand prince, but the Queen cuts him off and says that they did not formally appoint who the grand prince is yet, so stop talking.

Bang Won says that he will congratulate him in advance for being the grand prince. When you become the grand prince and then the King, please do not forget about your brother. We shared a few hardships and happiness together.

The Queen says that they had hardships together but they never had happiness together because you are so cocky and ill-mannered. 

The King tells him that the general seat is empty, he can go sit in it, it is your seat.

Bang Won kneels and asks why he even gives him that important position, why not just tell me to go kneel at the end of the seats. The King asks if he wants to hide the sky with his palm? You are the one that made that position empty.

Sunho addresses the King and stands. He tells him that all the the high and low officials all have their own private soldiers, this is dangerous for the country. Please remove all the private soldiers and make the country safe.

Bang on stands and tells them nope, that is impossible. If the King did not have private soldiers, then how could it be possible to open the new country? Now that all the chaos has ended, we have the military all put together.

Sunho asks, if someone is not looking to start a coup, then why do they need private soldiers? 

Bang Won tells him what is he talking about with a coup?!

Sunho asks why he is so angry? Did I see your thoughts?

Bang Won walks up to him and asks how his shallow eyes can see his loyal heart. 

Sunho asks how he can see a loyalty that does not exist?

Bang Won addresses everyone and asks how they will stop a coup? What if Hwang wants to have it? Will you stop it with your snake tongue? How can you stop it?

Sunho says that countries block the countries trouble, not you prince. One of the politicians yells at Sunho and asks how dare he devalue the princes loyalty! Do you think all these officials are not talking because we are not as good as you?

The politician then stands and tells the King that they cannot judge the private soldiers right now, please think about it deeply and make the best choice for the country and the people.

Everyone but Nam Jeon stands to ask for the same thing.

After the meeting, Te King asks why Sunho cut off what he said. Sunho says that bang Won decided to be humiliated and show that he is not on the loyalist list. He wanted to receive pity from the high officials. So that is why I cut what you said.

The King says that Bang Won went out smiling and you could not say anything. To me, you lost, no, I lost. You need to watch your mouth from now on. If you cut off what I say again, I will kill you.

Sunho walks out and sees his father. His father tells him that he is still alive, that is good. The King is old now. It was good timing to cut what he said, all the officials pointed their arrows at you.

Sunho says that the King does not know that. Nam Jeon says that he only pretends to not know. Then he asks about the private soldiers. Sunho says that he is targeting a certain grade. His father says that he will go high if he targets the higher ones.

He then leans in and says that bang won is up there because he killed a high official. there is no on he cannot kill. You need to give your opponents this fear, not anger.

Sunho says that bang Won could kill that high official because the King was behind him. If I target Bang Won, where will you be?



Cut to Bang Won hunting game in the woods with his bow and arrow and soldiers behind him. he is a very good shot. he sees a huge wolf in the near distance and starts to walk toward it.

He aims and shoots the wolf with two arrows, one to the body and the other to his head. Ah, but the head shot was by Hwi! the body shot was by Bang Won.

Hwi walks up and says that they were bothering him. Tae-ryeong tells him to take a knee to the prince. But Bang-won stops him from saying any more.

the servants bring the wolf up to them so Hwi says that his stupid arrow ruined his leather.

Bang Won asks if he targeted the neck on purpose? Hwi says it is not the neck, it is the ear. If you shoot the ear, then I will get the most with the leather.

Bang Won asks what his name is so Hwi says that he should tell him his name first. Bang Won tells him that normal citizens cannot come to this area, but you are here so you deserve to get punished, right?

Hwi says that is wrong. These wolves come to the town and hurt people from this hunting place. So it is a sin of the King first, ask for his sin and then punish me. I will receive it then.

Bang Won yells, How dare you! But then he chuckles and says that he is the prince. bang Won is my name. So now tell me your name.

Hwi says his name. Cheon Ga remembers it due to the gangster guy telling that name to him.

Elsewhere, Sunho tells SR to prepare the soldiers, they will break into the weapons artillery.

In the woods, Bang Won tells him that if he is sick and tired of  hills, then come and see me. I will use you very importantly. Hwi tells him no, he likes to be the head of the chicken, not the tale of a cow. And you already have a lot of tails here.

Bang Won tells him that he has good skills, but he should learn how to kneel first. Taeryeong and Cheon Ga come to his side to force him to kneel.

Hwi tells them that he is not at the slaughter house, you can at least give me a sword.

So Bang Won throws him a sword. Hwi thanks him and then looks at Taeryeong and Cheon Ga. They tell him that they will teach him how to kneel.

The sword fight starts. Cheon Ga knows that this is the gambling place guy, Hwi tells him that the rumor spread quickly. But then arrows start to shoot at all the people taking out Cheon Ga and lots of other soldiers. Chido is the one shooting the arrows.

Bang Won takes off to Chido on horseback. Hwi follows him by foot. He tells him that his soldiers are bad, they should shoot back, then we will know where the shooter is.

Chido shoots right next to bang Won on the tree. Bang Wan asks Hwi if he wants him to teach him how to survive? Follow me. He follows him up the hill a ways. But Chido gets away. Bang Won might not know that this was Chido.

Chido runs away and actually got hit in the leg. He wonders if he is okay?


Back with the wolf, Bang Won asks hwi how he got in? Hwi says that he was already in. He did not break in. To catch the wolf, he had to be in position, not chase them. But this wolf is mine, okay?

Bang Won tells him to tell him what he wants. Hwi says that the leather is all he wants. Bang Won chuckles and says that he is either not greedy or he has a small heart. How about this, please save me.

He tells his people to roll up Hwi.

Cut to Hwi being dragged by horse behind Bang Won and his remaining team that is alive.

Sunho gets word that Hwi is in Bang Won’s house. SR thinks that something went wrong, let’s delay the plan. Sunho says he has to see this with his own eyes. SR tells him that someone won’t be able to survive if he does that. Sunho tells him that he will decide Hwi’s life, not him.

In Bang Won’s house, we see a bloody Hwi in the middle of the courtyard. He has water thrown on him and Bang Won is looking at him. Bang Won asks how he can stand with Cheon Ga who is as good as a first level royal guard. But you are just a hunter. On top of that, you can shoot the ear of a running wolf. But you could not hit he assassin. Is that a coincidence?

Hwi tell shim that when there are enough coincidences then it is fate. bang Won chuckles and says that he wants to see inside him to see if it is good fate or bad fate. How did you come here?

Hwi tells him that he walked there. Bang Won tells him to say who sent him. Hwi says he told him. Bang Won looks Hwi in the eyes and tells him to give him a reason that he should not kill him. Who are you?

He holds his fan up to Hwi’s face.

Hwi sys something that is hard to understand, but it makes Bang Won chuckles. Then he pulls out one of his soldiers swords and puts it to Hwi’s neck to ask one last question. Who are you? I do not think that this is a good fate.

He swings the sword but stops just short of cutting Hwi’s head off when his home gate opens and Sunho comes walking in.

Bang Won tells him that he came all the way here, so he should be here for important things. Sunho says he is not there to see Bang Won, he is there to see him. He looks at Hwi and pulls out his sword.

Everyone pulls out there sword and holds it up to Sunho.

Fade Out

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