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My Country: The New Age – Episode 4 Recap

My Country The New Age Recap Episode 4
My Country: The New Age Episode 4 Live Recap

The battle scenes were amazing yesterday and my drama beau Jang Hyuk showed up which makes everything ten times more exciting, so quiet all around while the show is on, please!

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We open with the destruction that is the assassination attempt on their own troops in the cover of night. Hwi and Sun-ho end up squaring off and looking at each other, both realizing who they are seeing, the pain and disbelief on each ones faces is evident.

But then the red soldier stabs Sunho, he falls in front of Hwi and collapses. He looks dead or at least very close to it. The red soldier asks if Hwi planned this? You are the guy from the hunting team. I will take your heart as well.

Hwi grabs his sword and starts to fight the red soldier. Hwi is better than the red soldier and manages to stab him in the chest. He drives the sword vertically down inside the red soldier, almost like he is gutting him and then turns back to Sunho who is struggling to survive. 

Hwi tries to hold himself together as he looks at his friend in his arms and screams in agony as his colleagues look on.


The father still waits for his son and the team, but no one comes back. 

Sunho is still in camp with the last of the living soldiers who are the ones that we have gotten to know. Moon-bok, Jug Beom, and Chido. Hwi wants them to save Sunho, but his friends are all like, um, you know he just tried to kill us all right?

Chido tell him to either persuade them or beg them, but you cannot just ask them to do it. So Hwi gets on his knees and begs the undertaker friend to please save his friend. I beg of you. Moon-bok thinks this is an f-ed up thing to ask but okay, I’ll try.

Flashback to Hwi dragging his fathers body through the woods as he tries to find a place to bury him. it is raining and he isn’t strong so he falls several times as he does. he finally gets to a spot where he can make a gravesite. But he passes out as he digs the hole.

Suddenly we see another shovel digging next to him. Hwi wakes up and sees Sunho there. Sunho tells him that he has to change his fathers clothing to these clothes so he will see his wife wearing something nice. Then he starts to dig.

In the present, Hwi sits next to the almost dead Sunho and wonders why he sent him there and why he is there as well, what is going on?


Cut to the woods where Bang-won is fighting a whole crew of assassins. It looks like he might be the only one of his team left alive as he saves his mother in law and her family from these assassins using his sword skills. He kills them all and tries to see about the mother in laws wounds, but she does not want him to check on them.

She tells him that his father in law sent him there to humiliate her. he says that his father loves her the most. You never know, if I serve you well, maybe I will be on the list of awardees.

Hee-jae tells her that her wound is deep, we should treat it. She goes about doing that and has actually brought several vials of medicine with her. Bang-won asks if she expected these things to happen? Who are you? Hee-jae explains who she is and says that this medicine is common in the gisaeng jip. She tells him that the gisaeng jip does not only have gisaeng living there.

She finished up dressing the wound and they stand to head out again. But they cannot go to the closest town, they need to go somewhere else.

While walking with one of the kids on her back, Hee-jae thinks about a flashback with Hee-jae when he was piggy backing his sister Yeon. 


Back at the war, the sun has risen on the campsite, hwi looks around at all the destruction around him. Chido comes out and tells him that this is the best time to cross the river. 

On the other side of the river, Nam Jeon is still sitting there. His soldiers tell him it is time to leave now. They also tell them that The King and general Choi are running away now. Nam Jeon stands and tells his person that he should stay, and if anyone tries to cross the river, kill them.

The man asks, what about the assassins? Jeon denies sending any. So the an asks, what about your son? Nam Jeon does not respond.

Meanwhile, Hwi walks through the woods with all the guy. He is piggybacking Sunho. They get to the river and board a boat to cross. While crossing Moonbok wonders what they did wrong, why do they want to kill us? The friend says that their revenge is living.

Chido says that they are not alive yet. They came to hell to kill us, but do you think that they aren’t waiting outside hell for us?

He is definitely right because the soldiers are hiding and waiting for the boat. The boat comes up and is empty. The soldiers have all their bows and arrows out. But the boat looks empty. However, it is not empty, they have Sunho covered inside and Hwi is also inside. They attack the soldiers first and also hop out of the river to kill everyone.

Everyone dies. But there are able to ask the last soldier why they are here, who put your here? The soldier says that Nam Jeon did it. Hwi thinks that it can’t be, his son is with them. The man says that if the son is a hostage, then kill the son first.

Hwi looks back at Sunho who i still struggling to live. He is passed out and continues to bleed. They lay him on the ground where hwi tells the two friends that they can go their own way and he will go his own way. The problem is that they don’t have horses or anything.

But then Chido comes up with several horses that the other soldiers had.

Cut back to the campsite where we see that the red soldier is still not dead even though he was seriously almost gutted. (Um, did he come back to life like Game of Thrones?). He walks out like nothing has happened and also has Sunho’s sword that his father gave him.

The red soldier walks around like it ain’t no thang and starts to track Hwi and his team. He sends a letter via carrier bird as well.


Hwi and team get to a mans house and tie him up so he will not alert anyone that he is there. Then moon starts to work his magic on him. he says that dark blood means you are still alive. He opens Sunho’s wound and dark blood comes out, so Moon says that this guy really has a strong life force. 

The red guy meets up with a few soldiers who saw his bird message and they head out. He seriously has no problems riding a horse or talking or anything. Not even a cramp.

With hwi, there are kids singing outside so Moon asks the man that they tied up what all that means. The man says that the person with tree in their name will be King. Moon does not really care about that. Then the man asks where Moon learned medicine. Moon tells him that he learned it in the military where he had to fix so many peoples intestines.

Then he looks at Hwi and comments to how he has not moved or anything from that spot in two days. Hwi keeps looking at Sunho.

In the village, the red soldier asks if they saw any wounded soldiers. the kids point around and say that they have seen a lot. The camera scrolls around to show a lot of wounded soldiers all around

(Okay, the character description of the red man says that he does not feel pain. Though, it does not say he can heal himself.)

Inside the house, Sunho wakes up and sits himself agains the wall. Hwi tells him that he was lucky that the sword did not stab his intestines. Sunho tells him that he got stabbed because of him. So Hwi says that he carried him for so many miles, so we are even.

Sunho is quiet and then tells Hwi that it is difficult to change their luck. He realized that he had something to lose. hwi-you. i wanted to catch you. But it is difficult so I will let you go. Why don’t you ask me why I went there? Hwi says that they can talk about it later.

Sunho tells him that he did it all. Hwi tells him to stop. They only fought because it was an order. Sunho tells him that this is war, you follow orders and die. Hwi asks about Yeon, is she still alive?

Sunho pauses and looks at hwi. Then torch arrows start to rain into the building. Everyone seems to notice this except Hwi and Sunho. Sunho tells him that yeon is dead.

Hwi picks him up and asks for him to tell him one more time. So Sunho says that she is dead. However we see a flashback where the father told him that he cannot tell anyone that she is alive otherwise I will kill her myself.

Hwi tells him that he cannot forgive him for making his Yeon like that. he will go to his fathers. Sunho says that he cannot go, i will stop you. Don’t you understand, you will die. Hwi lets Sunho know that they are not friends anymore. When we see each other again, we are enemies and I might kill you.

Meanwhile, the house is burning to the ground around them and the red man watches it from outside. The red man starts to prepare another bow to shoot. But then Hwii and team come out from around the corner and shoot their arrows into the red man.

The red man gets shot like two times by arrows but barely looks injured. He is like The Terminator, he just keeps running after them and then turns back to the house. He goes inside the house and sees Sunho standing there. 

Sunho asks if he caught them? The red man says that they have to complete the mission or it is suicide. You are the hostage, just in case I fail, so I will make a deal with your father and get promoted. You could also be promoted.

Sunho tells him that he is stupid. The house burns all around them. Sunho tells him that they sent the assassins to the Jurchens to die. Just like the soldiers with criminals were sent to die. The red soldier says that it shouldn’t be that way. Sunho tells him that he only sees in front of his nose which is why he only sees in front of his nose. The house continues to burn around them.

The red soldier asks, what about you? Sunho says that he is a tool that tests his fathers loyalty.

Cut to his father talking to Sung-kye. KS thinks that Jeon’s son would be a good hostage to the other side. So he will take care of it.

Right now, SK is about to face General Choi’s fortress. They are moving forward. SK asks Jeon to choose, his country or his bloodline? Jeon says, his country. So SK says that he will take care of them both.

In the burning house, Sunho and the red soldier keep talking as if nothing is wrong. Sunho basically tells the red guy that the soldiers outside already had a mission to kill the red solder and Sunho. Sunho tells him that he needs a new master and Sunho needs a sharp sword, so stand next to me.

The red soldier asks him, how dare he ask that. Sunho says that his father will eat him alive, so he will survive and gather power and cut it out of his stomach. if he cannot be a King during the day, then I will rule the night. So decide, do you want to die during the day, or be alive at night?

They are still inside this burning house and yet act as if this house is not burning. Finally, they decide to break out and the red soldier kills the soldiers that are outside. Sunho comes out walking very cooly and dramatically with the blazes burning around him.


Hwi and team walk through the woods. Then Beom calls a whistle which makes a ton of bandits come out and talk to them. They ask which family he is from and asks how they know their secret bird sound. Beom talk to them and convinces them enough to let them pass. He also asks if they can feed them a little bit.

So they are led to a little village where they can rest and eat. It looks like these bandits are more like Robin Hood bandits as we see a pleasant village with women and children running around. They all eat a proper mea happily and basically stuff themselves.



Meanwhile, Bang-won and team hide in a cave. Bang-won wont let them leave and says that they will only move at night. Hee-jae wants to leave to get some fruit. Bang-won does not want her to, but he lets her go.

She grabs a lot of fruit, but then she sees a lot of solders so she runs back to the cave and drops her fruit. She runs back and tells them that the soldiers have come, there are 8-10 of them. The mother tells Hee-jae to take one of her sons. That way at least one of them has a chance to survive.

She gives her an item to use just in case she is taken hostage. But it looks like this is a knife so she is given it to kill her son if they are taken hostage. Hee-jae says that she understands. Hee-jae runs off with the son and hides.

But someone sees them and runs to them. Hee-jae tries to kill the boy and apologizes for it. But the man stops her and says that he will escort them. bang-won comes out and sees that it was actually their soldiers looking for them, not the bad soldiers? So, everything is good and the team is reunited.


The bandits ask them if they would like to stay living here? He also fills them in the coup that is going on with Sung-kye. Moon asks about the Jurchen invading team? The bandit does not know what they are talking about.


Sung-kye walks alone to the throne and runs his hands over it.

Cut to Bang-won riding his horse slowly as he leads his group through a village. he stops and tells one of his soldiers to take his mother and brothers. he is going into the palace with a horse and a sword so he can see with his own eyes if this world was turned upside down. 

Jeon goes to the cast throne room to talk to Sung-kye. he explains that they have taken care of everything so this country is his now. SK tells him to watch his mouth, he cannot talk about a coup right now. Jeon pulls out his sword and tells him to kill him. He is reporting this to him, this country is now yours general.

Jeon continues talking, he says that he was the first in the officers exam, but he was always an outsider. I defeated the Japanese, but I had to clean the Kings horses. Because I am your soldier. Is that good? You came back to clean up all the corruption, but my idea is different. I think we need to open a new country. This is not the end by Killing General Choi. We need to take out the King and all the loyalists, then this war will end. You will become the ruler and I will draw the blood. If I am being greedy, then kill me now.

He holds his sword up to KS while kneeling. SK takes it and holds it to Jeon’s neck. jeon waits. But then KS puts the sword to his side and kneels next to Jeon. He tells him that he has to learn how to watch his mouth. Then he hands him his sword back.

Jeon leaves and walks right into Bang-won. bang-won repeats what Jeon said and laughs. he chides that if someone sees this they will think he is a loyalist from China. You should be a little more polite. Jeon looks less than thrilled to see him. 

Bang-won says that their mission was successful to the King and General Choi will die while rotating jails. Now you can put any dumb prince as King and kill them as well to open a new country and you will be the first loyalist and get a huge promotion that you would never imagine. But how dare you, you low class officer. Don’t forget that next to my father is the spot that belongs to Seo Gum (which is Hwi’s father). Seo Gum should be his right arm. Do not try to be in front of me.

He places his hand on Jeon’s shoulder and tells him that the new world is not his. It is my fathers country and my country. Bang-won switches between banmal and jongdaemal while talking to him. Then he walks off to see his father.

He slightly bows to his father and says that he came back safe. His father tells him to kneel and asks, how dare you low class officer report to me standing?

Bang-won’s face falls a bit and he kneels. His father asks him how dare he talk abut rank? You are only a 6th grade officer? Is that right? The important thing is not to use people well but to abandon them well. When you wear a hat, you should know when to use it and when to throw it away. Nam Jeon is important, so don’t humiliate him.

Bang-won asks where he stands, is he on his foot or his knee. KS tells him that he is his son. How can he compare him to a servant? BW asks if this is why he made him kneel? He throws his sword on the ground and stands. 

SK tells him that he did not tell him to stand up. Bang-won says that he did not tell him not to stand up. All you need to tell me is good job. Then I will trust you and me. Not the relationship of a master and servant. 



Hwi lays awake in the bandit village. But he gets up and looks like he is about to leave for good. However his friends notice and basically tell him to leave an address. Hwi tells them his address and tells them to come by anytime. They tell him to be careful, whatever he does. he nods and heads out.

Hwi walks with his horse back to his house. There are cobwebs on the fence and an overall look to the place that it has been abandoned. he touches the still blood stained part of the outdoor pyongsang table where his sisters head hit (um, still blood stained?). He goes inside and sees the shoes that he got for his sister. 

He is sent into a memory where she said that he should not exchange the shoes. She will live long enough for the shoes to fit her feet.

Hwi sinks to his knees as he cries while holding the shoes.


All the politicians and top army officials stand in the throne room in opposing lines while SK talks. SK tells them to try their best for the people. But the politicians on his right ask if he really did this for the people? What about the death of the front line? Aren’t they our people as well?

SK says that he never heard about it. The politician says that everyone knows about it? How come you don’t know about it? You killed all those people via assassins. How dare you say you have not heard of it! You killed innocent people!

Jeon says that it is a rumor. But another politician says that this is not a rumor! The King did this, he sent advanced troops and killed them all!

The situation looks bleak for Jeon and SK, but then Sunho comes walking back in and goes right to the front. Jeon is surprised to see him but tries to hold it in. He says he is there to report to him. All the people who where in the front lines tried to go awol and turn themselves into China, so I killed them all.

He presents a list of all the people that tried to turn themselves into China. Jeon tells him to show the list to them. So Sunho starts to parade the list in front of all the politicians. he lists all their wrong doings and asks which one of these is a good citizen?

The politician asks, how dare he? Sunho tells him, while you were listening to rumors, I was following the rules of law.


Afterward, Jeon pretends like he loves Sunho and thanks him for coming back. he gives him a hug. Sunho apologizes for making him worry. Jeon tells him not to say that, he is just glad that he came back alive. 

Sunho is sent to a memory where he is told to avoid talking to his mother. he should also speak banmal to her. He can stay in a room but he has cannot talk to him. You are a half noble half slave. if you cannot abide by these rules, then I will put the slave mark on your forehead.

He extends his hand to his son to come to him. Sunho is holding on to his mother. The mother sadly tells her son to go to Jeon. She uses jongdaemal with him and tells him to go. He sadly walks to his fathers side. Then we cut to little Sunho him sleeping alone in a big fancy room.  He wakes and runs outside where he sees that someone is hung. This person might be his mother. 

Sunho thinks about all fo this while his father hugs him. He tells his father that Hwi will go to him.

Cut to hwi touching the blood stained mark on the outdoor table.

That night, Hwi breaks into Nam Jeon’s home. Nam Jeon knows he is there and tells him to come inside. Do you want me to open the doors for you?

So Hwi enters. Nam Jeon tells him that he knew it was him who saved Sunho. He also explains that he sent him to the military, but he did not target him with the assassins, he was just there. Hwi tells him that he killed 500 soldiers. There shouldn’t be lives that die like that. hwi is about to kill Nam Jeon with a dagger, he starts to unsheathe it, but then he hears his sisters voice.

She comes in with Nam Jeon’s tea and meal and carefully puts it all on the table for him. She does not look like she recognizes Hwi. Nam Jeon introduces Hwi to her as his soldier. She greets him and tells them to have a nice conversation, then she leaves.

Flasback to Sunho nursing Yeon back to life. She wakes up but does not recognize Sunho. he tells her that he name is Yeon and she is 16 and her father had pang Hyung punishment and she has epilepsy. That is who I am?

He nods. She says that her life should be difficult, Yeons life. No, my life. How did I survive? Just listening to it, it is so stressful. How could I live?

In the present, Nam jeon tells Hwi that her seizures stopped that day, it went away along with her dirty memories. Hwi tells him not to speak like that. Nam jeon tells him that he should understand now, people telling lies are afraid of the price of the truth. Like you right now.

Hwi tells him to stop talking. Nam Jeon says that if he kills him, then Yeon will die as well. Where will you take her? To the mountains? Then Yeon will be chased with someone she does not even remember. Is that what you want? Then kill me, why are you hesitating?

Hwi stabs the book in front of Nam Jeon and we see Nam Jeon’s stamp mark on the book.


Outside, Yeon turns around as she was walking away.

Inside, Jeon says that he is raising Yeon as a noble woman, she can marry a noble one day. Hwi says that he knows his dirty plan. You are holding her as hostage, if I refuse then you will kill her. Jeon sits back and tells him, now we are talking. 

While Hwi walks out we hear a voice over from Jeon who tells Hwi to spend his life serving him, then Yeon will have a good life.

Yeon walks up to Hwi and asks if they know each other? hwi painfully says that they are meeting for the first time. She nods and says that she thought they knew each other. Hwi asks if the master takes good care of her? She tells him that he is like her father. So Hwi nods and then excuses himself and leaves.

When he gets home, he opens the parchment note from his fathers armor and sees the same mark that he recognizes a Nam Jeon’s mark. His mark was one of three marks on the note. He cries onto the parchment. But then he notices that a character shows up. So he puts the entire thing in water and a complete letter appears!


The mother in law walks Hee-jae to her room in her new house. Hee-jae thinks it is too much. But the woman is thankful to Hee-jae and wants her to have a nice place to stay.


Yeon notices pink shoes left for her. She picks them up and looks at them.

In the city, Sunho tells Hwi to serve him from now on. Hwi says that he made a deal with his father. Sunho says that all his fathers orders go through him. Yeon will die if you break this deal. Hwi punches him and tells him, if you touch Yeon at all~!

Sunho says that he is the one that could not protect Yeon, not him. If you are like this then you will not be able to protect her. Hwi asks what he wants.

Sunho looks out over the city and we se Bang-won riding through the village. So Sunho tells Hwi to steal the heart of Bang-won. He will try and rule the country, after you steal his heart, then kill him.

Hwi looks at bang-won with determination.

Fade Out


I love every single scene Bang-won (Jang-hyuk) and General Sung-kye are in. I almost feel like this drama should focus on them and have the three friends as a side story. 

I also want to edit out all the sappy flashbacks and perhaps take it down a notch on the overly dramatic moments that start to drift a bit into farce. Like with the scene where the fire was burning all around them and they were just standing around like it was a normal moment on a normal day. I mean, at the least, just glance for a moment at the walls burning around you one time to find the right place to stand, at the least.

There are also a few scenes that are too unbelievable to not be ignored. For instance, how is that red soldier still alive? Hwi stabbed his sword almost vertically downward into his body. Even if he doesn’t feel pain, he can still bleed out. No one dressed his wound at all, he just got up like the terminator and started moving again.

Why is Yeon’s bright red blood still on the outdoor table that has seen plenty of rain storms in the months since this event happened? 

How did Sunho just walk his but right back to the Palace as if he was not stabbed through his side? No limp at all Sunho? Also, how can you just move around like that in that fire covered house the day (neigh, the moment!) you woke up after being practically dead for days. Your abs were shredded, son!

But maybe a lot more time has passed since these events happened? Maybe a month or so passed from the time Sunho woke up to the time he walked into the Palace. And maybe the Red soldiers wound looked worse than it was? Tis but a scratch! Just a scratch!


HJ – Now I understand that righteousness/justice without power is nothing

Seol – You are reclace until now, but now you won’t be tomorrow

HJ – I have an inconvenient truth and a kind lie. Be careful with the kind person next to you.

NJ – People call you the skirted minister

HJ – People say that you are the king with the normal hat

SY – Don’t you know me?

BW – Keep this in mind, the country changed, not the world

SH – All the blood from loyal officials and thugs blood are the same. We draw blood anyway. the problem is what comes next.

SH – You opened that guys mouth and where noticed by the King.

Hwi – I will kill that guy and be noticed by Bangwon

SH – Someone will bleed, but that blood is not ours

Sk – Who else knows about it?

SH – Now and in the future, only you, your highness.

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  1. lili
    October 16, 2019 / 2:07 am

    I was right to be wary of this writer:/ Top-notch acting and stunning cinematography but weak writing *sigh*
    I mostly agree with you except than I’m here for “the three friends” story or at least the bromance (because I don’t care much about the romance or the female lead tbh) Jang Hyuk as Bang Won and veteran actors Ahn Nae Sang and Kim Yeong Cheol are a plus of course!

    • V
      October 16, 2019 / 9:31 pm

      Yes, we were wary about the writer as well! Hopefully he/she can pull it together with these story bits that kind of pull me out of a really good show for a moment. I also like the three friends, I am just a sucker for Jang Hyuk ☺️.

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