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My Country: The New Age – Episode 10 Recap

Recap My Country: The New Age Episode 10
My Country: The New Age Recap Episode 10

So, quite a few people die this episode. Some off screen, some on screen. You could say that the entire first part is a mourn session or funeral for someone. Though the undead guard still keeps kicking! Then half way through we skip ahead six years and a new storyline starts with our characters settled into this new environment.


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Hwi waves at his sister and starts running to her. She also starts running to him. But a warrior comes out and is about to strike her with a sword. Hwi shoots him in the chest.

Another one comes out, Hwi shoots him as well, but he is still up and runs his sword through Yeon. She is a goner.

Hwi yells in pain and runs to her. Hee-jae and her bodyguard run to her as well. But it is a long shot for her to survive. She tells him not to get hurt anymore because of her. Don’t have pain because of me. It is a tearful goodbye as tears trickle down everyones face.

Yeon asks where Sunho araboni is. Hwi tells her not to worry, he is okay. She tells him – brother, I was happy because I have two brothers.

She holds his hand and tells him that she was really happy and then she closes her eyes.

Hwi mourns for her.

Then he lays her softly on the ground. Rage fills him. He picks up the sword and starts to walk back. Hee-jae tells him not to go. If you go, then you will die. Hwi goes anyway. No one stops him.

He steals a nobles horse and rides back to the battle.

Sunho is still there fighting everyone. 

Hwi goes to Nam Jeon’s house and kills all the guards.

Yeon tells him that the poison in his dagger is spreading. While your sisters body is decomposing, your body will slowly die. Why are you so angry about it? You are the one that killed Yeon. You did not keep your promise.

Hwi yells, why not me! Why Yeon!

Nam Jeon tells him that this will put him in more pain. You don’t know me. You don’t know me so how can you kill me. He picks up Hwi’s sword and tells him, I am here from stepping on my enemies dead bodies. Do you think you can kill me? You are nothing.

Hwi tells him to shut up you a-hole. Nam Jeon asks him, if you die, then who will burry your sister? He pulls the sword back to strike. But then a person yells WA-A-A-A-A-A-I-T.


Bang-won comes in and tells Nam Jeon that if he does not step aside, I will kill you myself.

Nam Jeon asks why he is putting his life in danger for this nothing person. Bang Won says that this is my person. He saved me. So I will save him from now on. Nam Jeon tells him that he was just born as a prince. My only sin is that I was not. So that is why he stays alive.

Ban Won shelters his sword and tells Nam Jeon that if he touches Hwi again, I will use all my artillery to destroy you. I protect my people like this.

Bang Won picks Hwi out and leads him out of the house to Tae-Ryeong. Hwi collapses. Tae-Ryeong looks at Bang Won.


Seo-gum (Hwi’s father) tries to teach a young man how to sword fight. But he laughs and says that sword fighting might not be for him. The young man says, how dare you decide that!  Seo-gum tells him that he is his master. Then he gives him a lesson and says that he tells him so many times that he will pick his own student. You Failed.

This young guy tells Seo-gum that he is not bad. Seo-gum asks, you call the best swordsman in Goryeo “not bad” ? The young guy asks how his archery is?

So they start to shoot bows and arrows. Seo-gum asks if he knows how to not get shot? The young guy tries to shoot it at Seo-gum. Seo-gum yells, you have to get closer! Then he starts to run to the guy and is able to hit them all away and pushes the guy to the ground. He asked him why he did not run? The guy says that he did not want to run because he wanted him to take him as a student.

Seo-gum asks him if he will take me as your student? Am I your first student? Seo-gum tells him that his son is his first student. The young guy says that he envies his son.

Cut back to the present, it looks like this was bang-won’s flashback. Hwi is all on the ground close to death. His friends run back to his side and take him away. They see that he has poison in his chest so Moon says that it is venom. They need to try and get it out.


Suho gets to the river and sees Hee-jae holding Yeon’s lifeless body. She tells him that Yeon was waiting for him until the end.

Sunho cries and mourns for Yeon.



Hee-jae runs to the house where Hwi is. She finds out that Hwi has ben poisoned. Hwi is laying on the table passed out. Moon explains everything to Hee-jae. He is barely alive. If he survives or not depends only on Hwi.

Sunho comes walking up like a zombi in the street.

Inside, Hwi wakes up in pain and moaning. Hee-jae tries to help him. Hwi pushes her off and tries to get to his sword to fight some more. But he can’t pick anything up so he just starts screaming.

Hee-jae comes to his side and tells him that they should send Yeon on to the other side.

The next morning, Hwi looks at Yeon’s body and cries over her. he puts the shoes he bought for her on her feet and tells her to go to a nice place with her flower shoes.

They have the funeral for Yeon on the lake beach. they all watch her flames engulf her coffin over a ceremonial fire and Hwi sprinkles her ashes into the lake.

Sunho is there in the near distance. he goes home and looks through Yeon’s room. He was making him something so he holds it and remembers that she told him that he can always cry with her since he has nowhere to cry. So Sunho starts to cry and cry and cry in her room.


The doctor tells the Queen that she cannot hide her stomach problem anymore. She asks him how long she has? He does not respond. She tells him that he did a good job, he leaves.

Then the Queen asks her head maid how the party with the subjects is going? the maid is hesitant to say.

Cut to the party at an outdoor pavilion. Dozens of placements are set up, but only Nam Jeon, The Queen, and the little Grand Prince are there. The Queen asks why no one is coming? That is why you are still alive! 

Nam Jeon says that this was the King’s order to not be close to the Grand Prince. I am out so they are also out. Half of the people went to bang Won. The other half are watching what I am going to do.

The Queen throws a letter at Nam Jeon and says that all their weakness is here. Do whatever threats to bring him here. He rips up the paper. She asks what he is doing. Nam Jeon says that Bang Won’s sword is in front of them, but you are still talking about weakness. You should just yield to Bang Won for your son to be King.

She asks, do we have to show this to the people? Nam Jeon says that is how she can buy time. For the boy to grow up and for me to attain power again. And with the time that you don’t have much left of Queen.


Cut to the Queen standing in front of a building with all her servants behind her. Bang Won is inside this building. It looks like it might be Bang Won’s mothers memorial day? He is honoring her ceremonially with a spread of food in front of him. he is holding a white candle and dressed ceremonially. This might be his home.

He tells Tae-ryeong to let her in, it would be bad if she got rained on.

So she comes inside. He asks her why she is there? She says that she should come and show her respects to a previous Queen. Bang Won reminds her that she is the one that said his mother is not a Queen because she died before the new country was formed. That is why I am having her memorial separately.

She tries to say that is the rule. He mentions that the second wife becomes the Queen and the second wife’s son becomes the Grand Prince. Is that the law you are talking about?

She says that she asked the King to make him a Royal subject. I will attend this memorial service every year. Every month I will send you a letter with my love. I will be a good mother to you. He cuts her off and asks, is that why you tried to kill me? I heard good mothers don’t try to kill their son.

She kneels and tells him that she begs him, please give me a chance. he turns around to address her for the first time face to face and tells her to tell all the citizens about her sin and remove yourself as Queen. I will kick your son out, but I will not kill him.

She asks, how dare you talk about that!

He whispers, for you, you only see your son. To me, this country is my everything. I will pave the way for the future of the country and draw all the blood. So don’t call me immoral. 

As her lip quivers the Queen asks, so you will eventually kill me regardlessly? She tries to keep it together. Bang Won says nothing.

The Queen walks stoically from Bang Won’s home and turns back to look at the building with strong resolve.


Hee-jae meets with Hwa-Wol to give her supplies. Hwa Wol tells her that something happened. So Hee-jae runs back to the Gisaeng house. Seo Seol is lying on the ground sick. She is surrounded by everyone at the Gisaeng Jip.


Hee-jae walks up to Seo Seol who looks very sick and weak as she lays there. Seo Seol tells her that Hee-jae is so easy. Hee-jae asks how she can go without telling her.

Seo Seol holds her hand out to Hee-jae and says that it is a good place. I don’t need medicine. Ii don’t have to worry about Lee Hwaru (the gisaeng house). My old friend is there. I will tell your mother that your daughter was raised well and is this pretty. Now, finally, I am sad and hurting. Sit me up.

She is helped up. She gives Hee-jae a letter to read. Hee-jae reads it and cries. The letter explains for everyone to support Hee-jae and how sorry Seo Seol is to the people who are left behind. Then Seo Seol falls in her lap and dies.


Sun-ho is in an opiod house beautifully crying as he sniffs all his opiods in. A woman asks him what kind of life he has been through to take opiods. he tells her that he lost someone close to him. She tells him that everyone has their story. His undead guard comes and looks at him. He doesn’t say anything.

Sunho picks up his sword and looks at it as tears fall.


Then he goes back to his fathers house. he is holding his sword and might be wearing the clothing that Yeon made? He also has a scarf that Yeon made on his sword.

His father tells him that he made a good choice.  Sunho unsheathes his sword. he tells him that he wants to see the word also. I will be the top of the world and make your death unimportant.

Nam Jeon tells him that his mothers dirty blood is finally gone. Sunho tells him that he has his fathers dignified blood.

Meanwhile, Hee-jae goes back to see Hwi. He is not in the house. he is actually at the beach by the river. He stands up and walks into the river as if he wants to kill himself.

He stands in the river chest deep and looks around. A butterfly flies onto his shoulder and then flies away. He says, okay Yeon, I will be here a little longer and then follow you. Just a little longer.

Hee-jae runs to the beach and looks for Hwi. But he is not around.


Nam Jeon walks with all his red people and two blue people into his office. They tell him that the soldiers will be there soon. The Grand Prince is all grown up and Bang Won does not have his private soldiers anymore.

The Grand Princes heart disease (or mental disease) is getting worse. We also do not know when Bang Won’s swords will come back together. If we do not get the King right now. Eventually we are all dead.

He shows them their letter to the Grand Prince. All their stamps are on it. With all other royal families oaths, we will take the King down. I will make the country a country for its subjects. That means that it is our world. He adds his stamp to the letter.



A man kills several off the red nobles under cover of darkness in the city. The men drop something that bottles in it with Nam Jeon’s mark on them.


The King drinks tea with Bang Won, the teenage Grand Prince, and Nam Jeon. He says that he heard with his fading hearing that Nam Jeon’s nickname is the King in the hat.

Nam Jeon tells him that that is just a rumor. Bang Won says that a lot of people follow him. Nam Jeon says that a lot of people follow Bang Won. The King asks if they want him to die quickly so you can target the King position? I warn you, whoever talks about the next King, I will kill 9 generations of your family.

Bang Won walks out with Nam Jeon and tells him that the King should be King for a long long long time, even though you won’t like it. Nam Jeon says it is good for the country and his happiness because the King is still strong.

Nam Jeon goes off to talk to one of his red people who tells him that they all were killed. Nam Jeon asks where the gold bottles are. The man says that it disappeared, this is the second time already! Someone leaked the information but only 3 people knew about it.


Cut to Sunho killing a couple people in the woods. This might be the guy that leaked the information. he brings the mans ivory nametag back to Sunho and the other nobles.  

One of the red men asks if the gold bottles are by Bang Won? Sunho says that Bang Won is violent but he does not corrupt people, unlike someone. I will close this case. When do the next gold bottles come from China? 

They won’t tell him.

Sunho says he will come again and you will lose them again.

Nam Jeon says he is prepared for it. 

Sunho says that whatever they do with the gold bottles, if you give it as a bribe to the royal family or not, I do not care. I just need the word of the next King. he leaves.

Sunho sees Bang Won in the courtyard. bang Won tells him that his father was on the King’s side by killing his friends. You are there by sacrificing your only friend and his sister. It is like a dog gave birth to a dog.

Sunho walks up to him and says that they are the same. Including trying to kill your own father. Now you made the King and you want to take it from him. No, you made your father the King to take it from him. I will do the same.

Bang won tells him that he changed a lot. Now you can be my opponent. 

Sunho asks him if he thinks he can kill the King?

Bang Won walks up to him and says, I won’t do it.

Sunho smiles and tells Bang Won that they have difference also.

Cut to Sunho looking at three dead swordsmen on the floor. The undead guard tells him that these were specialized swordsmen that were killed as if they could not fight. Sunho asks how many harbors there are in Hanyang.


That night, several slave woman are pulled the rain to be sold. One of them falls and is slapped. But another man tells them to be nice to these women, they are our products. Chinese men want woman more than gold, so you never know these women could change their luck.

They are all put into a shack.

The men ask if he is not coming? it looks like this is a trap. Then Hwi shows up and kills them all. the fight scene is pretty cool. it is shot in slow motion.

One of the ladies watched this entire thing. This might be the lady that fell. Hwi saves the ladies and takes all the gold bottles. The lady that fell thanks Hwi and heads out.

But then Sunho shows up so Hwi puts out the candle and waits in the shadows. 

Sunho pulls out his sword and starts to fight with Hwi. But it is too dark to know who each other it. While they fight, we se a flashback of them fighting in the military exam. The moves are similar. Hwi cuts Sunho but does not kill him. He leaves with the gold. 

Sunho runs out looking for him, but Hwi has disappeared into the night.



Cut to Nam Jeon’s man telling him what happened. He says that they need to get those bottles by the ceremony (where you pledge loyalty and drink blood). So they need to find them. nam Jeon yells at him to fnd it! Whatever it takes!


Moon is helping people as a doctor and got his teeth cleaned. Beom looks like he has become a yangban (noble). he walks up to talk to Moon. It looks like Beom is the B people leader in Bang Won’s group. But they are disguised as slaves.

Moon tells him that he looks good and successful. Beom smiles and tells him, whatever. They talk about how pretty Moon’s teeth look.

Then Cheon Ga shows up and tells them that they will die soon. In war, half the people die by being stabbed in the back. Beom is about to punch him, but then another prince comes. This is prince Bang Gan.

Bang Gan tells them that he heard that there are no soldiers now but half the slaves can fight. Then he tells Moon that he is the doctor that can mend wounds without scars. Moon asks how he knows it so well, do you have a spy here? The camera cuts to Cheon Ga.

The prince asks if they really have a person that is a god level archer and sword fighter? When you see Seo Hwi, tell him that I am looking for him.

Then Bang Won comes in and completely ignores bang Gan as he yells, HELL-O-O-O-O-O-O BROTHER! And runs after him.

Beom asks Moon how Chido is doing. Moon tells him that he is the busiest person in Joseon. they both laugh.

Cut to Chido training dozens of soldiers.


Bang Gan sits with Bang Won and tries to suck up to him with ginseng. But Bang Won throws it away and says that is not ginseng. So they start to talk about Nam Jeon and how he lost something important so he is in trouble. Bang Won looks at a red box in the room. 

Bang Won tells him to stop talking about BS and give him the private soldiers that he is hiding. This time you will really die. Even though you are the prince, if you go up against the Kings order you will die even if you are a prince.

Bang Gan says, death by brother, death by father, it is all the same. We do this to survive. Ban Won tells him to work for him and he will save his life.


Moon walks to the new Lee Hwaru. he thinks they made a lot of money. 

He goes inside where Hwa Wol is making tea for someone. het ells her that drinking tea is good for you. He tells her to take his money. She looks at him and asks if they know each other? Moon looks at her prettily and says it is me. My teeth are clean also! He smiles brightly for her.

She turns around and fixes her hair a bit. Then she asks what happened to his teeth? He shows her a brush and says that he brushed them a lot with this toothbrush. if you put salt on it and brush your teeth three times a day.

She tells him that his mouth smells good now. It used to smell like poop. He asks if she would like to smell it closer? He smiles and her heart looks like it might explode. She tries to et it together and says that he is luring her with his handsomeness. Then he grabs the tea and tells him that she likes a man who tries hard.

She takes the tea inside to Hee-jae who is playing cards with two other ladies. These women are talking politics. Hee-jae asks them if they want her to fire that person? I removed all of your husbands political opponents. You ignore that like this so it makes me sad.

Hwa Sol mentions, well, it was not only the political opponents, you also blocked the rumor mill that the wife had an affair and the gambling debt, aigo, we work so hard.

The lady tells her that she can’t ignore them, of course, so what do you want? Hee-jae tells her to give her a position to add the message fire to the mountain. The lady says that that is not an important position, you just put the fire up to pass information.

Hee-jae sys that sometimes unimportant positions become important.


Later on, she goes to a temple to pray. Her bodyguard is still with her. She tells him that the past Queen prayed like this. it looks like the Queen is dead. The guard says that whatever that wish is, it is not a wish that can be realized. Hee-jae says that whatever the case, she hopes that everyone is happy over there.

Cut to Hee-jae looking at Hwi in the market. Their eyes meet. But he keeps walking as if he does not know her.

Elsewhere, Sunho puts on clothes inside a torture room. This might be his torture room. The undead guard comes in and asks him if he saw him? Sunho says that he only saw the shape of his body. the undead guard says that someone saw him.

The woman is brought in that fell. She asks them not to kill her.


nam Jeon angrily asks one of the red people if they still have not found it? The man apologizes. But then one bottle gets delivered in a package. He reads the note attached which says to meet in the bamboo forest at a certain time.

Nam-jeon goes to the bamboo forest

Meanwhile, the woman draws a picture of the person. But it does not look like Hwi. Sunho tells her, if you lied then I will kill you and your family. Last question, are you sure.

In the bamboo forest, a man tells him that he is the only one that can proceed, not his guards. So Namjeon proceeds forward.

Meanwhile, Sunho gets another drawing of the person, it looks like hwi.

In the forest, Hwi turns around and shows himself to Nam Jeon. Nam Jeon’s eyes grow wide.

Fade Out


Okay, this drama is suffering from having so much story here to tell and trying to be too cool in telling it. I kind of feel like they are stuffing three 20 episode seasons worth of story into one 16 episode seasons. Due to that, I don’t feel like they are giving each scene the needed storyline that goes with it. For instance, they focused soooooo much on the funeral of Yeon and the death of Seo Seol, but then they gave other key storytelling plots (Hee-jae taking over the gisaeng house, the Queen’s death, Hwi surviving easily when he should have died, Sunho’s addiction problem, the gold bottle issue) barely enough of a mention.

With all that said, every time Jang Hyuk comes on screen he saves the show for me. That man commands the camera. I am still super curious as to when he will find out that Hwi is his old master’s son and how that will strengthen their relationship.

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  1. Vianna Peters
    November 11, 2019 / 3:04 am

    I love Jang Hyuk in My Country! He’s such a superior actor. I am watching this drama just to see him. The way he can command the camera with his presence always leave me speechless. What an amazing actor!

    • V
      November 11, 2019 / 7:54 am


  2. leeeeep
    November 14, 2019 / 7:55 pm

    Hey they actually answer some of your questions in the next episode. They tell us what happens with Hwi and also a flashback to queen’s death but I agree that there should be more back story to Hee-jae taking over Ihwaru.

    • V
      November 16, 2019 / 7:54 am

      Good to know!

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