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My Country: The New Age – Episode 1 Live Recap

My Country: The New Age Episode 1 recap
My Country: The New Age Episode 1 Recap

Today is premiere day for My Country! The epic sageuk set during the birth of the Joseon Dynasty. My heart is ready. Please be good. We think we will hop into this one around lunchtime!

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Caption – The politicians talked and told the grand King that the beginning of the revolution, the citizens feel insecure. So, let the nobles and royals have their own soldiers and get ready for an unexpected coup. The grand King said, that sounds good. – Jong Jeo Silok (record). The second year of Jong Jeo. April 6. 


We open on a dark night with soldiers riding their horses as if to go to fight. They are under the cover of dark and smoke.

Elsewhere, we see another man on stage with his back to dozens of soldiers. he holds a scroll. A man asks him, should we kill the prince first? or…

A man says that the King is coming back now, when morning comes, we are all dead. Lee Bang-won tells them that they can win. But they need Hwi to win the fight. 

Someone asks him who that person is? Maybe he ran away? Prince Lee Bang-won looks out over the forest and sees several men riding to them.

The men in the back get ready with their bows and arrows and are told to aim! We see that the man riding the horse to them is Hwi. He holds up a red flag signalling not to shoot. Then he walks to the Prince with his men and says he is late.

Lee bang-won tells Hwi that he will take care of the third military and go to a certain location. Hwi has blood on his face. Lee bang-won tells him to go to CHolwang and open the road. Hwi asks for the word. Lee bang-won tells him, Sansung (mountain castle).

Everyone heads out. We see all the men walking to a building with torcches that they airm at this one mans house. They shoot their torch arrows at the house. There is a man inside who is casually drinking his tea as the arrows cly by him. 

Inside, men are ready for the fight, so when the other men break in, the battle begins.

Hwi walks around a corner and sees Sun-ho waiting for him. He tells him to open his road. Sun-ho says that the road ends here. Hwi says, after killing his father, he will die there. You live on the road I pave with my blood.

Sun-ho looks at his sword and says, I will add your blood to my sins. My father should not die by your sword.

VO – It seems like this is the end of us.

The battle starts up again, but this time it is with skilled guards from the house, not just the slaves at the front. Fire burns in the background as Hwi and Su-ho look at each other, both bloody.

Then they both run to each other with their swords up and strike!

Flashback right when the swords connect to them as kids playing the same sword fighting game. 


Hwi and Sun-ho battle with sticks that they use as swords. They are fighting on the edge of a cliff and are best friends. Hwi is playful and Sun-ho is a bit serious as they mock each other. Hwi thinks Sun-ho is too serious. 

They keep fighting each other and running thorugh the woods. They also start to fire their arrows at each other, though the arrows do not have points on them, just balls at the end. They keep shooting each other with the arrows and hitting them off of eahc others forehead and stuff as they run through the forest and hide behind trees.

Hwi jumps into the air and shoots three arrows at one time which all hit Sun-ho in the chest. But Sun-ho still wont surrender.


Afterwards, they both bath in a gorgeous water fall as they talk about Sun-ho’s temper and how he never wants to say he lost. They splash water at each other and then put their clothing on. Sun-ho makes fun of Hwi as a noble born talking about him, Sun-ho is just a partial noble since his mother is a slave. Hwi tells him that his parents are half of his luck, so Hwi envies him. You are rich. 

They keep putting their clothing on and head out.

As they walk to go inside Old Seoul, they see that there appears to be something going on at the entrance where a man is looking for  someone. He holds a pece of paper up to the two of them, it does not match, so he tells them that they can go. They joke that that guy looks pretty.

Elsewhere, we see Han Hee-jae dressed as a man and walking in a beautiful green field with an older man. She says that they live 100 years, it is half good and half bad. So, be ready. She turns aorund and sighs, she told him to throw that thing away. She grabs the metal hook (sickle) and throws it into the grass, but then we hear a loud yell as it hit someone.

A man without a shirt on stands up angrily. The other man says this is not the animal kingdom and starts to walk away again. Hee-jae tell shim that she needs to persuade him. You need a hand to scratch your back. They get to a house and the man runs in and starts arguing with the wife who looks like she was having an affair. He starts chasing her around.

Later on, we see Hee-jae look at her likeness on the wall. She wonders if someone drew it with their foot? Then she puts up her own post. It says – Our stupid King, stop conquering the North.

Then she hurries off when she sees police.

Elsewhere in market, Hwi and Sun-ho talk about how the government is picking more men for the military. But the people do not like this and don’t like the King, they think that they are suffering and dying because of this King.

Hwi asks Sunho if he is going to apply for the exam? Hwi thinks he should do it and asks if Sunho is. Sunho says he wants to be the best, not just to pass. Hejae tsks and asks them if they don’t care that the country is collapsing and just want to be promoted?

They look at the image of her on the wall and then look at her. She removes the poster and asks them if they only want to be the best in the exam? You a-holes. She is about to walk off, but sees the police again, so she runs back and stands with them as if they are friends. 

But this does not fool the polcie officer. He asks for her to come with him, but she just pushes him away and racks him in the groin. The man falls and she runs happily.

Sunho and Hwi check the officer and then start to chase after the girl. An alarm sounds. The general says it is 100 silver coins per head, dead or alive.

So now everyone is chasing after these three. Hwi catches her first, but she head butts him. They get to a section where sheets are being washed and dyed. She is able to hide inside a room there. But Hwi finds her again. He thinks she is a boy and says that he will punch her first.

But then the soldiers come around, so they both hide quietly while the soldiers run around.

Outside somewhere, Sun-ho gets trapped as he runs around the corner. He tinks that these soldiers will not believe him and will only torture him first before anything. What should he do? The soldiers tell him that they only need his head. 

Sunho asks, so, if I run away, does that mean someone else will die? They are basically like, yeah.  So Sunho takes off his weapon and says that someone is in trouble, not me, you.

they start to fight. SUnho breaks one of their arms and then dislocates another ones elbow or something, it sounds back.

Inside, Hwi and Hee-jae keep hiding. A soldier comes inside and starts to look around. But then the owner comes in so the soldier thinks that they must not be here. he hears a horn and runs off.

Hwi and Hee-jae breath a sigh of relief, then she smuggly tells him that they should not see each other again.

Hwi tells her that putting those things on the wall will not stop the war. She tells him that the war will happen and innocent people will die, but is this a right thing? You know, something might not happen if I do this, but I must because it is wrong. He tells her that if you strangle people with a spider web, it wont kill them, nothing will change.

She says, that is why this happens. That is why all those poeple are getting murdered for no reason. she starts to walk off, but he senses a soldier outside and tells her to stop. But she goes outside anyway.


She runs right into the soldier who didn’t go far, he is right at the dyed sheets hanging. Hwi tells her to step aside, arrows don’t have eyes. Then he pulls out his arrows and aims them at the soldier. It hits him right in the forehead. 

The fight continues as the soldier tries to find them through the colored sheets. he slides his sword thorugh the sheets to find them and Hwi and Hee-jae hide. But Hwi also pulls out his arrows to shoot them at the soldier. He hits him again which knocks the soldier out. However, he got injured.

Hee-jae looks concerned and runs to help him becuase she does not want to owe him anything. She asks why he helped her. He says that people should not die only because they put up a post. But no one can read it anyway, they should at least be allowed to read it (Hangul is not invented yet so everything is in Chinese characters).

They both leave together. Later on we see the soldiers find their dropped colleague. He says there were three of them and they went that way. So the soldiers take off running to find them.

it turns night. Hee-jae goes inside to the gisaeng house, but Hwi is hesitant to go inside. it is his first time inside one. He goes in and drops a bit of blood at the entrance. Inside, he looks around at all the lights and things that make up the gisaeng house.

Outside, the commanding officer sees the blood outside the gisaeng jip.

Inside, Hee-jae tells a gisaneg to prepare a lot of music and food. The gisaeng asks if it is a dog or a lion? Hee-jae says  it is a lion. We later find out that dog means thugs, tigers mean guards.

the gisaengs preapre one of the big rooms in a hurry and start to change Hwi’s clothing to a nobles clothing. the gisaengs tell him that he is lucky, whoever you are.

In the courtyard, the general tells the gisaeng that the poster person came to this house. if you stop us, then we will kill you.

Inside, Hee-jae changes into gisaeng clothing jut within eyesight of Hwi who is mesmerized.

The guards go inside and search everywhere even though the head of the gisaengs say that you can’t bring yor sword in there. he does not listen and keeps his sword with him

Inside, the outfil change is almost complete for them both. Hwi is stunned that looks at Hee-jae dreamily.

Finally, the officer gets to their room and opens the door quickly. He immediately apologizes and says that they are chasing a bandit. The officer slams his sword into the table and pulls out the image. he tells Hee-jae to put on a hat, right now. Before I cut your throat.

Hee-jae reaches for a metal chop stick. But then Sunho comes in and says, How dare you! I am super above you. Minister Nam Jun is a ministers brother, a third degree officer, and my father. Do you think I am joking? If you do then take your sword out and I will shred you.


The man looks around and notices Seo Hwi. Seo Hwi tries not to notice him. The officer takes his sword out of the table and apologizes for ot recognizing a son from that family. He excuses himself. But upon leaving, he sees the shoes. he does not go back in though, he continues to leave and takes the other soldiers with him.

Inside, Hwi smiles at Sunho who smiles back. But then he is shocked to see that the boy is actually a girl. She tells the gisaengs to serve him so he sits at the table. She tells him he is not bad. He says he learned it from his father, to rule over people. To step on them with rank and power. If it does not work, then talk to the superior and eventually destroy that person.

Seo Hwi mentions what about breaking the mood? Sun-ho says he is a natural at that. Hwi laughs. Hee-jae says that he is the same as her except for the house and social rank. But she owes them now. She pours the drinks to pass around to them. Hwi says that men and women are different. She asks how that is? Because it is in a book? Women means we have to wear so many clothes, even in the summer and men can undress and swim?

Hwi says it is not that. She snaps what it is. He asks if she has an axe under her tongue? Why are you chopping at everything. Sun-ho then says that the first cup is the welcoming cup, so we don’t finish it. 3 is  not enough, 5 is enough, and 7 is too much. So, let’s be friends since we are drinking together. They all toast to being friends and she tells them her name.

The music turns on. Outside, we see the head Gisaeng looking at the building that they are in. Inside, they are having a lot of fun dancing. Outside, the gisaeng says that the big room is only for high officials. No swords. But that officer guy broke in with a sword? What did you do!

The other gisaeng apologizes and says that Nam-jun’s son died in water a few years ago, but he is in the room now.

Later on, we see Sun-ho, Hee-jae, and Hwi at the end of the night in the room. They talk to each other. Sunho says he does not want to be an office to catch thugs. He wants to turn his half noble half slave life upside down. You said half of the luck is parents. We can control the other half.

Hwi asks how he can turn his luck over? it is not a pancake. Sunho says that when the country turns upside down, Korea will turn upside down, and he will be in the middle of it. I will be the sword of General Lee Sung-kye (who is a prince). Sunho says that he will be his sword and will cut all the corruption out.

Seo Hwi says that you see your face with a mirror but you see your heart with alcohol. Sunho says that now they have a poster and the coup. Seo Hwi does not know what they mean with the country, but for him, eating is the country. If the rice comes from the restroom, then the restroom is my country.

Hee-jae tells him that as a man, his heart is so tiny. Hwi says it is better than pretending to be rich. She asks if he thinks his life is bad? All other people dreams are nothing? He tells her that she laughed at his country first. She gives him another drink and says that they should only drink. Pass the exam and get ten bags of rice and be full with it. She leaves. Hwi drinks the drink, though looks like he might regret his words. Hee-jae leaves, upset, and looks back in frustration.


Hee-jae walks to her room where the head gisaeng, Seo seol is there. Seo Seol talks about all the gisaengs life as she reads a scroll. it is all pretty bad as she says that someone was a prostitute but said she was a gisaeng. Someones little sister died because a man took her liver and ate it. Another was sold to a 70 year old man for 10 bags of rice, she was only 12. Do you think your anger is bigger than theres!

She crumples up the poster and tells her, if you still want to put up these posters then do it outside, not in here. She walks to her side and says that she heard that the officer retracted, so she will take care of him if he comes back. You need to control your anger, otherwise you cannot do things properly.

Hee-jae turns and tells her that she suppresses her anger over and over again. that is why she is like this. If something happens, then I will die outside, so don’t decide it. Even though this was a tiny room, it was my mothers room and it is my room now. Seo Seol says not any more. Put her in a tiny room next to the storage. You will be dead anyway so it does not matter how you live inside. Seol leaves her with that.


Hwi is at home now and talking to his sister, SeoYeon who is reading. She likes reading and asks if the government exam doesn’t test reading? Hwi says he reads! She says to just stop. He mentions that this will hurt her eyes. She asks if he is worried about her so much so that is why he did not come back last night? 

He pull sout pretty pink shoes for her and says he bought it so that she would wear these shoes. he tells her that hey should try it on. Bu the shos are too big. He asks if her foot is smaller now? She hits him several times.

Later on, we see Hwi trying to make food from the last scrapes that they have. This also might be medicine because he runs to give it to her. She pinches her nose and takes it. She says that she has pretty shoes and a snack, so Sunho made it happen again? Hwi says that he made it. She tells him to take her to the city, she wants fresh air.

Meanwhile, the officer tells his superior that the three got away. He superior tells him that he needs to get three heads, otherwise he will pay for the 300 silver coins himself. They tell him to work hard or he will stay as this low class officer. They all laugh.

The officer’s name is Chi-do, he walks off with his other officer saying that they found them. Why say that they got away? Chido says that they are not sure if that was them. Just find three heads of people who cannot read.

In the city, Hwi walks around with this sister as they look at all the pretty things. He tells her that she is like a sparrow going here and there. She likes so many things. he asks if she likes this particular one. She says that he can buy it for her after passing the exam. But he has to put her name on the list first. It is the first step and I should se it.

But then Sunho shows up looking fabulous, so she blushes and tries to fix her emotions. But seh can’t help from smiling brightly. Hwi says that her boyfriend arrived, she punches him. And the three of them go to add their names to the list. Seo yeon watches on happily.

Sunho goes to put his name. the man stamping it casualy chides him that he is slave born. He ads the stamp and tells him to go. Sunho glares at him. Next up is Seo Hwi. He goes to sign up and the man puts “No” on the list. Hwi asks why?

The man says that hsi father died being tortured (?) so that means that your father is not exactly dead and is like a ghost. Ghosts don’t have feet. If you don’t have feet then you cannot appl for the exam.

Hwi says that his father was tortured, not him. The mans ays that a dog will not give birth to a tiger. Hwi asys if he is calling him a dog? The man says, yes, I am.

Seo Yeon comes up and yells that her father is not a dog! I have feet ! DOn’t you see this! But then she starts to shake and realizes that it is starting. She tells her brother and hen collapses. He puts something in her mouth. The officer man does not care.

Flashback to their father who is kneeling as he is tortured. 

VO – He snuck out military food so he is under panghyung (not boiled to death, but put in an empty pot as figurative punishment)

In the flashback, Hwi and Seo yeon are watching their father about to be put in this post. he is given a choice. he can live with disgrace, or he can kill himself. Hwi and yeon hold hands as they watch. The children of panghyun people do not have a father so it is like they are born without a father. If you kill yourself, then you will die, but there is no harm for your children.

Their father reaches for the blade and positions it to his chest. Hwi covers his sisters face. But she breaks away to watch. He kills himself. She passes out and might have her first seizure ever. Hwi yells for her to wake up and yells for his father.

Back in the present, we see him holding her as she starts to calm down. he tells her it is okay, and she completely relaxes.

the man doing the stamping tells them that they do not have a family registry, how dare you pretend like you are a person. Sunho says that their parents killed himself so his kids would not be treated like this. The man says that this guy is an affair born, your mother is a slave. Is she a kitchen slave or a gisaeng? Shall I remove your name?

Sunho stands up and says to do it. But Hwi holds his arm and says they are okay, we are okay, you can do your job. Then he picks up his sister and carries her away with everyone watching.


Later on, he piggy backs her home.

Yeon – Brother

Hw – Hum?

Yeon – Did I look ugly?

Hwi – No, you are the prettiest among all the people with epilepsy

Yeon – What should we do? Sunho also saw me.

HWi – He saw you doing this many times

They start to joke about the disease and smile. Hwi tells her that her brother will be worn out. She tells him not to change the flower shoes, she will wait for it to fit her foot. She will at least live until then. She gets choked up and asys okay, lets wait until then.

They keep walking with him piggybacking her.

At home, he watches her fall to sleep and holds her hand. he also remembers asking his father to teach him how to use a sword. His father jokes with him. Then he says he is the best sword man in Korea. Hwi stabs him with his wooden sword and says that he is asking him who the best sword man is in Korea. the appa says, it is sword man Hwi.

Then he hops up and asks if he thinks he would say that? He picks both his kids up and starts to spin then around.

In the present, Hwi looks off with resolve and says, F the best sword man in Korea. He breaks his bow and drops it to the ground.


Hee-jae is in a medicine room asking the doctor about medicine for a wife. The man says that they have to keep the patients secret. Hwi says that she is not going to reveal it, she is going to sneak it out. Then it will make money. So, let’s see….she looks through the paperwork and asks the pharmacist about another man who cannot control his muscles (like with seizures).

But then Hwi comes in so the pharmacist goes to talk to him. Hwi does not have money though. But he says he will pay it back when he passes the government exam. The pharmacist says if Hwi passes the exam, then I am the Kings doctor.

Hee-jae comes out and says that they should help each other. They can make a deal. When he gets the salary, give half to the pharmacy and a little to me. The doctor asks if there is collateral? She says that she is the collateral, let’s do it.

They start to walk away. Hee-jae asks if someone is really sick? He says that he is not going to take the exam, it was all BS. She asks if he thought he would pass if he took it? You have a tiny heart. She says that she just wants the money back from him. Otherwise, she will torture him. He mentions that she does not know his name or where he lives, so how can you torture me for money. then he says he is the blacksmith on the edge of town. i will pay you back. She mentions, with interest.

Elsewhere, we see Sunho practicing his bow and arrow with his father. It looks like he has been doing this for hours. He looks tired as his father tells him to keep shooting. Again; Again. Sunho collapses, his father tells him to stand up. Your knees are not for bending, they are for walking and running. Our family is a high official, but people still laugh at us. So you can not only barely pass the exam as our son. You need to full-fill your brothers destiny, and you should be better than your brother. Rest.

Sunho pull sout his arrow and shoots, he hits the bullsey. He tells his father that he is not shooting it for his father or his hyung, he only does it for himself. He shoots another arrow and hits the bullseye. His father tells him that they will have a hunting event in two days, be ready for it.

Sunho mentions that that place is only for Royal families. His father says that two more people can use it. Th eold General Chae Young is too old. Who is the other one? Sunho says General Lee Sung-kye. The father says that Lee Sung-kye will be the King in the future. Show him who you are. He might need a lead for the hunt. Find someone who can run well and bark well.

Father – You shoot for yourself. That is the best thing I ever heard you say. But don’t forget – you have the chance to shoot for yourself because of your brother.

He walks away.



Sunho goes to Hwi to ask him to be their hunting support man. Hwi does not look that interested. Sunho tells him that General Lee Sung-kye will be in the hunt. If he likes yo then you can be his soldier. A personal soldier which is more difficult than the government exam. Hwi tells him not to make him have hope. 

Sunho tell shim that Sung-kye does not care about your birth. The head of his personal soldiers is Jurchen and another guy is slave born. How long will you run away? You said this is the last line for you. hwi says he will wake Yeon. So Sunho stands and starts to walk away.

Hwi stands and tells him to just pay him well. He does not care about the soldier or whatever, he just wants to fill his rice bowl.


Sunho comes out of his home with his father. His father takes one look at Hwi and tells his son that he found a person that can run well – and bark well. He stares at Hwi and then hops on his horse. Hwi keeps his head bowed.

At the hunting site, they all wait for the Prince to arrive. The father tells Sunho not to say anything to the Prince unless he speaks to him. Do not be too far ahead or too far behind. Do not go 3 steps within him or 5 steps out.

Thy keep waiting at attention as the Prince rides up. This is Prince Sung-kye. Nam Jeon greets the prince. The Prince tells him that he should be relaxed, it is a personal event. Hop on your horse.

Nam Jeon then introduces his son. Sunho says that he is honored to meet the general and he respects him. The General (the prince) asks to see his bow, so Sunho grabs it and give sit to him quickly. he comments on how the line shrinks in the morning and relaxes int he afternoon. It is difficult to control, so you can use mine.

A guard hands over the Princes bow and arrow to Sunho and tells him to bend his knee, so he does.

The hunt starts. Seo Hwi runs to make noise with all he others that run to make noise. Sunho shoots, but misses. He tries to shoot again, but drops the arrow. Hwi picks it up and tells him not to be timid. He then tells him where the wind is blowing and when to shoot, shoot when their wings are closed. The prince hears this with interest.

Sunho tells him to go make noise so Hwii runs off to bang his drum. A bird flies up and Sunho shoots. He gets it! So Hwi cheers for him and goes to grab the bird.

The prince tells him, good job. But he is not looking at Sunho, he is looking at Hwi. He asks him if he shoots? Hwi says just a little. A guard throws the bow and arrow on the ground. Hwi kneels to pick it up. The Prince tells him that he will give him a good target and shoots a tree.

Hwi then pulls the bow and arrow back. He shoots the arrow and it hits right next to the arrow that the General shot. The General shoots another one, a little farther out. Hwi pulls his bow and arrow back and hits the middle of the tree where the arrow is. 

The General tells him that he has talent, you are too good to be a hunting support. Are you applying for the officer exam? Hwi says he is low class born. The Prince says that is nonsense. He breaks his arrow and says to show this to the officer and he will let you apply for the exam. Hwi asks how he can do that? The Prince says that if someone like him passes the exam, then all the other low class people can apply. The land is just land when you stand on it. But when you walk, it is a road. So pave the road.

Hwi thanks him and takes a part of the broken arrow that the Prince gave him. Nam Jeon looks on in jealously. he then mentions that the deer is awake, let’s alert them. Hwi then runs off to make noise.

They all run off. Nam Jeon tells his son that he brought too beautiful of a gisaeng. Sunho says he is wrong, the prince did not see enough of him. He is not going to lose to anyone at the exam. So don’t make fun of me.


After the hunt, the prince and Nam Jeon ride off with everyone behind them. they talk about how father son relationships are strange. When his son passed the scholar exam, he felt prideful. Nam Jeon says he still remembers that he was dancing. The first scholar in a family of swords. But his sword fighting  was also good. 

The prince says that Nam Jeon’s son is not good enough yet. But if he gets first in the exam, then I will take him as my personal secretary for the war. Is that not enough for you? Nam Jeon says that is enough for him.

The prince stops his horse and tells Nam Jeon that he cannot go against the Kigns orders yet. April is the time that they send their troops. You can become my left arm. Nam Jeon says that it will be cold when they cross the border. That is like a group suicide mission. But the prince says that they will not cross the border, my war will start in Gaegyong (the capital of Goryeo) and it will end there.

Nam Jeon says yes sir and they keep riding forward. But Nam Jeon also looks back at Hwi with growing concern.

Later on. Hwi walks Sunho home. Sunho is still on his horse. he apologizes for overstepping back there. Sunho tells him that with his luck, the arrow head is the beginning. You should take the exam. Let’s compete without any regrets. Then he gallops away.

Hwi pulls out the arrow and looks at it. When he gets home, he sees Nam Jeon standing in front of it. hwi says that he forgot about todays money and Jeon says he did not pay him today. So, what if I pay you 100 silver coins for the arrow head? Give up the exam and do not hang out with Sunho anymore. Is that too much? You should know yourself.

Hwi – Just bark well and run well?

Nam Jeon – I am glad you understand that. I am not asking yo this, this is my order.

He hops on his horse and is lead away. Hwi glares at him.


A gisaeng procession is taking palce as they all walk to Seo Seol’s office/room. The first gisaeng gives her something. Seol says that everyone already knows about this. Another one gives her something. Seol says this is a rumor. Another one gives her something. Seol asks if she is sure? If so, then this could be something.

Finally, Hee-jae comes up and gies her something. Seol gives her a letter and tells her to deliver it to Nam Jeon. If he wants to pay you them refuse twice and then take the money. Hee-jae asks why she is going through her and not someone else. Seol says that she gives the orders and Hee-jae takes it. Lets end the meeting.

Hee-jae asks if she is going to read hers? You said that we should not put a personal opinion in the letter. Seol smiles and opens the letter. it is about an affair of a mans wife. She hits her desk. Heejae says that this man takes care of a high officials horses. The horses take 4 months preparation. It is the same for the last 30 years. All the process did not happen this time. General Chae will not go to the war.

Seol asks, so, the general who is the minister of defense will stay in Gaegyong who controls all the military? Hee jae says that she heard that the King stopped him. His father was assassinated when they went to a certain island. So Chae will die in Gaeyong because of this dumb king. Do you think it is imporotant?

She says yes, it is important. hee-jae says this is her 93rd letter. when she gets her 100th, she needs to keep her word. Seol asks what she will do with it? Already 10 years passed when this letter was written. Hee-jae says she will kill the person in the letter. Seol tells her that she has 7 more letters to die.


Cut to Hee-jae delivering the letter to Nam Jeon. he gives her a package to give to Seo Seol. Hee-jae refuses it twice and then takes it. Nam Jeon says it is nothing precious, but it is important. he can send her with a guard. She says she is fine and heads out.

While walking out, she comments on how pretty the courtyard is. Sunho shows up and says that this is his fathers house, not his house. She calls him a pancake and says that he likes to flip things over, like drinks and the country. He asks what is up? Do you have something to do with this master of this house? It shouldn’t’ be anything good.

She says the head gisaeng involved her in this. He tells her that if it is an enemy or friend, you will die first. I have seen it with my own eyes. Bu then he tells her that the should go together, he will show her something fun.


Cut to Seo Hwi making something with his blacksmith talents. While making it, he thinks back to what Nam jeon told him about knowing his place. And how he is not asking him, it is an order. But he also thinks about what the Prince/General told him. He needs to back a path and go his own way.

In the market, Sunho tells Hee-jae about Hwi and his problems. That little officer says that hwi’s father is a dog. The King can’t even say that, but that guy did. She says that he should break them. Sunho asks who can stop him, he is the son of the best swordsman in Goryeo. 

Hee Jae is all like, the best sword man in Goryeo? Seo Gum?!

She turns around to see Hwi walking to the officer building with passion. Sunho follows and tells Hee-jae not to go anywhere, he touched my friend.

They walk together to the building  as Hwi says it is not his fight and Sunho says he wants to crush that guy. But lets break the door first. They take off running as the gates are closed and they fly and kick it upen. Then the two walk through. 

The man doing the stamping says, how dare! Hwi says he is there for a real evaluation! The man asks if his father came out of that pot yet! He starts to laugh and chide him and says that if he dances, then maybe he will stamp it for him. Take them out!

The guards start to try and push them out, but they fight their way through. Hee-jae looks on in fear. But Hwi and Sunho are more than capable of fighting all these guards.

However, then the guards pull out their bows with sword tips. Sunho and Hwi pause for a moment, back to back, but then stat to fight again.

Hwi stumbles to the front and brings the arrow head to the stamp man while Sunho fights the guards.

Hw – My father is not a dog, he is the best sword man in Goryeo! Tellme to go away one more time!

he stabs the desk with the arrow head of the Prince.

Fade Out


OMG This show is aces! I love it so much and Jang Hyuk is not even in it yet. Has anyone else watched it? What did you think? I think it lived up to all expectations so far. They have really built up this exam so nicely with huge stakes on each side that I definitely understand and feeeeel. I am really looking forward to tomorrow.


Hwi’s father – If you lose with strength

HJ – Don’t lose with energy

Hwi – What are you saying?

Hwi – Just in case you didn’t hear it

SS – What is the relationship? What is the relationship?

Hwi – Fate. Is that a good answer?

Hwi – I said I would turn my luck over. So, correct this dirty corrupt world

SH – I will do my best, even if you are my opponent

NJ – In peace, letters rule the world. in chaos, the sword rulles the world. The era os the sword will come.

SH – What are you so confident about?

NJ – The world does not go the way you want. it is better to suppress a bad memory.

SS – If it is tangled, I told you to cut it. I clearly told you. You were the one involved.

HJ – Did you live your life like that?

SK – Everything started because of you. You don’t quiet the mouth, you kill the mouth.


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  1. Rose
    October 4, 2019 / 2:24 pm

    Thanks for the recap V. Just seen it, didnt realize you’re goin to dona recap. Anyways, surprisingly i like it (and to think im not a big fan of historical drama). I just watched it coz i was curious, and i ended up finishing the while episode. I might continue watching this and we’ll see how far my heart will take it coz im pretty sure theres goin to be a lot of heartaches in this one.

    Btw, not to nit-pick, but on the part where the general pull the bow without an arrow then let it go (its called dry-firing), its a no-no in using bow and arrow, the bow will explode. 😄

    • V
      October 4, 2019 / 2:27 pm

      I loved this firs episode! And thank you for the dry-firing note! tell me more because I think there will be a lot of bow and arrow things. So was that the part where the General first gave Sunho the bow and arrow or near the part where the general shot the arrow into the tree?

      • Rose
        October 5, 2019 / 6:52 am

        Ok, im not good with names so bare with me hehehe….its when the other lead guy (the concubines son) showed his bow to the general then the general checked the bow then pulled its string then just let the string go, thats the part i was talking about 😁. Dont mind that, i was just nit-picking. I was just surprised about that part coz im around bows and arrows for almost 11yrs its just cant help but see that one 😄.

        Anyways, excited for todays episode, hope it will be as good as the one yesterday. ☺

        • V
          October 5, 2019 / 6:33 pm

          I think I know what part you’re talking about. Also, it is so cool that you know that!

  2. Elena
    October 5, 2019 / 4:38 pm

    Hi, I’m loving it too. I watched with no expectations whatsoever, but it’s been an amazing ride so far. They have done a good job with the setup so we already care for the characters. The story has the ingredients to be epic and the actors seem to be a good match for their roles. Yang Se Jong has this sweet aura that is perfect for Hwi, and you can’t help but root for him immediately. And I’m already on board with the ship Hee-Jae+Hwi, they are so cute together and obviously liking each other. I hope this series keeps being this good 🙂

    • V
      October 5, 2019 / 6:37 pm

      The set up has been so great! I really care about the two friend characters and Hwi’s sister. I want the best for them! I like the trio of friends as well. Or I guess the two friends and the giesha warrior?

  3. Snow Flower
    October 5, 2019 / 7:05 pm

    A feast for the sageuk geek!

    • V
      October 5, 2019 / 7:17 pm

      It really is! 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽😁

  4. WPB
    October 7, 2019 / 10:33 pm

    Just watched ep. 2. If you like the first episode, you will be surprised how much more to see in the second. I am really moved by the events and emotions that corn with. So much to look forward to next week. Don’t want to spoil anything.

    • V
      October 7, 2019 / 11:03 pm

      We just watched the next episode! So much tragedy, goodness! The passion is really ignited on both sides.

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