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My Ajusshi / My Mister Live Recap Episode 15

Episode 15 live recap for the Korean Drama My Mister / My Ajusshi starring Lee Ji-Eun and Lee Sun-Kyun
Kakao Story
Did anyone else’s heart flutter when Dong-hoon talked directly to Ji-ahn through his cell phone? That sounds weird to write, but people watching this drama know what I am talking about. I felt like he held the phone so close to his voice so that he was sure she would hear it. She had to hear it. Now, what is Ji-ahn going to do?

Argh, I am so conflicted. Why am I sad that it is My Ajusshi day? I should be happy. I just want this show to last a little bit longer. I really think I might purchase the OST or better yet, the directors cut whenever it comes out. The OST is up for preorder, hopefully it has a lot of the instrumental music that people have asked about over on the music list. Perhaps it will have some ASMR as well?

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Shorthand (Shorthand Character Chart)
Park Dong-hoon DH | Lee Ji-ahn – JA | Park Sang-hoon – SH | Park Ki-hoon – KH | Kang Yoon-hee – YH | Lee Guang-il – GI

Airing Time: May 16th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Dramafever

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We are back at the movie theater. DH has just come back inside from his altercation with JY. He thinks about it.

What did you do with JA……she started it!…..she figured out that I had an affair with your wife, to keep it quiet…..she said she would fire you and director park…..i was also tricked by her……Where is she?……she said she would never get caught!……You’re life will be embarrassed publicaly…..she took my money and betrayed me and went to your side!

DH looks at the phone. He holds it and thinks back to all his memories of JA trying to cheer him up. He thinks about telling her that if no one knows then it is nothing. She says, if that so, then it will be scary until someone figures it out. Sometimes, to live this nervously, I want everyone to just know about it.

He keeps thinking and he is holding the cell phone close to his mouth.

DH – Lee Ji-ahn…..Lee Ji-ahn…..(breathing)…..Call me.

JA hears this and is startled.

DH – I heard everything….you…..I know you are listening to me, everything…..it’s okay, call me.

JA grabs her phone and takes off running. She runs outside in the dark and goes to the nearest payphone.

DH sits back in his seat.

Someone gets a phone call. JA asks for Kibum. This guy says that the police took Kibum yesterday. He told me to tell you to hide, then he will come out easily.

The movie is over, everyone is leaving.
DH is still holding the phone. The lights turn on. He reluctantly gets up and heads out, but he doenst’ leave, he just goes to the cafe and sits with the phone on the table. He thinks back to JA telling him that her cell phone is broken.

He quickly grabs his phone and looks through the numbers. He calls one of them but it isn’t working. Then he remembers JA telling him that you can only call on public cell phones, not recieve calls.

He goes to a worker and asks to borrow a pen. He writes something on it.

Meanwhile, JA is at the payphone. She puts her earbuds in and listens to DH talking. He wants to figure out where the public cell phone it. JA looks back at her public cell phone.

DH runs out to a taxi, he wants it to hurry. We hear him breathing as he sits in the taxi. JA takes out her earbuds and runs somewhere. She runs to her place and grabs all her things. She is leaving.

She takes off through the alleys. The taxi stops at the payphone. DH gets out and checks the phone number on what he wrote. Then he looks around and starts walking in one direction. He jogs a little in that direction then turns around. He jogs a bit in that direction. JA is still walking through the alleys

VO – I heard everything….I heard everything….just say sorry, sorry, I am sorry…just say it 10 times.

JA stops and says, I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry, she crumples to the ground and keeps saying I am sorry, I am sorry, I am sorry. She starts crying and holds her face. Then her hands rest on the ground as she keeps saying I am sorry.

DH is still walking around looking for her. But she is no where to be seen.

YH tells DH that he is late, dinner? He says he has had dinner. She asks what it is. He puts his head down. She asks again. He says it is nothing, he will go to bed. he walks to his room.

Inside, he sits on his bed and sighs. Then he pulls out his cell phone and sets it next to him on the bed. Then he leaves his room and goes to his wifes room. She is surprised to see him there.

She is working and takes her glasses off as he sits in one of her seats. She doesnt know what to ask him.

YH – It’s okay, you can tell me anything, I will do anything that you want to do.
DH – Do you know Lee Ji-ahn?

He waits for her to respond. But she doenst’ at first.

YH – One day, JY sent me a resume for a background check, I knew it later, what kind of work she did. She told me what kind of person JY was. She tried to send me back to you. I knew it instinctively that she liked you. After finishing it up with JY, I told her to quit because she knew all the bad things about me. But she refused it, she said, if she left then JY would try to fire you with someone else. She was just protecting you with all her ability. That made me feel worse. The employee that quit their job is her right? JY made her?

DH – She is running from the police because of Director Park. She is being searched for. She went to JY and told him that she won’t be caught, she will run away forever. If she is caught…..why this thing started…..JY and you….she will have to say all about it. She knows what the most difficult thing for me would be.

YH – Tell her, just say everything, we can’t make her run away forever. I am sorry, I am sorry to make the matter like this. (to screw up like this)

YH talks to JA through the cell phone. She says she heard evryething and tells her that they can go to the polcie together. Don’t worry, we can get you out. DOn’t worry, we can go to the police station together. DH and me, we agreed to say everything about JY. Sorry JA, call me. Me or DH as soon as you hear this, just call us.

DH – Maybe she doesnt’ hear this anymore.

YH says she will, maybe she survives by listening to your voice.

JA gets hit by a car! She hopsback up and keeps walking. the man wants to help her but seh runs away. He calls the cops and says that he hit someone but…..
The usual crowd is there all together. They are outside and talking about eating and drinking and going to expensive bars. It looks like DH and his brothers don’t go to Jung-hee’s that much anymore so everyone is giving the little brother a hard time about it. JH tells him taht he can’t go to another bar. YThen she says, oon Sang-won is our memory!

KH and YR drive off. She asks how he can put an actress in this kind of car, you are bad mannered in a sexy way. KH says his brother is sad, be quiet. he is promoted, how can he be sad, but when he is sad, it means that he is really sad. When you were young, you don’t know whether he is crying or not. We all cry together. When my big brother cries, I think it is something important. But I see my younger brother and it is nothing (if he isn’t crying). But if my younger brother cries then it is a big thing. It is like pavlovs dog, it is an unconcious response. YR tells himt hat he loves him. KH is all like, I dont’ love him!

They get to her place and she tries to kiss him, but he doesn’t want a kiss. He says, tonight, to join my brothers sadness, I should just say bye for 3 days….or two days….okay, let’s just kiss. They kiss. She smiels and tells him bye-bye. KH thinks he is a bad guy…his brother is sad. I love you brother. he drives off, YR waves to him as he leaves.

KH pulls into the house and parks. SH takes the trash out and sees KH drive up. KH smokes a cigarrete so Sh asks why the girl quit. KH says he never answers anything. SH says, let’s wait, I will give you a super 2 nights and 3 days. After I went bankrupt, I only remember eating and pooping. I didn’t nothing. I am also sick and tired of my life that only has pooping and eating. So lets make a super nice moment. Our three brothers, we were the happiest when we watched Hong Kong movies.

Vision of DH and his brothers dressed in black suits and shades. They toast wine and jump into a pool and drive in a red sports car with their hands out the window. Theya re like Hong Kong actors. Back suits, Black raybans, I can rent the car and we can buy expensive clothes. Hahaha. I will pay for it, 10,000 dollars.

KH asks, is that why you hid money under the mat? Everyone knows about that.

The brothers go inside. Umma asks SH to mop the room. Lol, everyone knows about his money. SH immediately goes and starts to take his money out. Umma comes in and SH stops. Umma syas, I wondered when you would take that all out, open a bank account. SH says he can’t because he has bad credit. Ask your brother. Umma, it is fun to put money here. Umma laughs.
DH meets the friend in the station. He asks who he is. DH asks where JA is. The frind asks who he is again. He says you know who I am, Park Dong-hoon. Tell JA that it is okay, just call me, it is nothing, really it is nothing.

Suit – Wow, I never expected it, using wire tapping….we have to check everything. That is so scary. I never heard about that before. it worked for JY but he shouldnt’ do that well to DH because our chairman liked Dh so much. At first I thought it was strange, JY put JA there? they should have put something better, not her. When we had the interview, it seemed like she respected DH. Not like the spy that loved the enemy.

Wang2 – How does DH feel about her?

Director Park – He didn’t know anything, so~

Dh comes in, he leaves his phone outside to charge. They tell him to come in. Wang2 tells him to just let her keep listening to him so they can backfire against her.

But she betrayed JY, they should be on the same side, but they dont’ see each other anymore.

Does she call you?

DH – Not anymore.

Wang2 – We can make it as DH actually did everything and asked JA to fire Director park, if you are in danger, then maybe she will show up. We can make it like that.

Bring the cell phone, you just listen, I will say everything. If she figures out that this is our plan, then she wont do anything. Why? You don’t want to do it?

DH – I was close to JA….

Director Park – So what~

DH – I need a little more time to persuade her and take her to the polcie.

DP – She is a sinner, even though she helped you last time, soon, it is reevaluation time for JY, I don’t want him to just quit like that. We should put him in jail. When we can stab, we should stab.

They all leave. Director Park is angry. Dh asks for his cell phone back and thanks the receptionist.

At the same time, the friend leaves the jail.

JA is sick at home. He friend calls but she notices it too late. She answers it when it rings again. he is calling from a payphone and tells her that Dh came, he wanted me to contact you. She asks how much he knows. He says he dosnt’ know. She says she doesnt’ listen to it anymore. He wants her to. But she says that DH knows about the wire tapping. He says DH knows about it, but the police don’t know about it. they don’t have the computer. I think JY took it. Friend asks about the recorded files. She says she erased them all. He thinks they will blame them for everything without it!

But she is too tired and dropps the phone.

CD halbae comes by and gives JA something to eat. He checks her forehead and tells her that they need to go to the hospital.
GI listens to all the recordings and his friend is searching the internet for JY. He knocks on the window and asks if that is the guy. But GI is too into listening to the recordings to care. The friend asks him if they are having fun? Don’t listen to it yourself. GI just smiles.

Then we hear the recordings.

He was good….he was nice to me….when his father hit me….he hit for me. He wasnt’ like he is now.

Flashback to Little JA and little GI and the littl efriend. Everybody got hit. GI carried JA to her house. She says GI is suffering from that memory that he liked her and she is suffering from the memory as well. DH tells her that from one bad adult, they are all suffering.

At the company, JY tells DH that she isn’t calling him, tell her to hide so he won’t be embarrassed. DH tells him to shut up. He will get embarrassed and you will get embarrassed too, just wait.

Cut to DH drinking at his friends bar. He talks to the cell phone as he sits.

DH – It is okay, it is nothing that you have to hide, we can wrap it up, so just call me.

But he puts his hand on his head and sighs. then we cut to him going to JA’s house. He walks all the way to the house and sees a woman taking out everything. he is alarmed. She reluctantly says they can’t help it, they can’t contact her.

DH calls to his friend across the way, he answers, yes hyung-nim?

DH and his friend move everything to his house. DH says he will pick it up soon. The friend smiles and says he can take his time.

DH talks to his cellphone and tells her that she didn’t pack up her things, where does she live now? You still aren’t listening to me, why aren’t you listening to me? Then he gets a phone call from an unknown number and the music kicks in.

Cut to DH running very fast down the street.

Then we see that CD halbae called him. halbae sits as he waits for DH.

DH is sprinting through the streets. Then he hails a taxi and waits anxiously as it drives off. it gets to the halbae and DH gets out. He looks at the halba, concerned. Then he walks inside the halbaes house. But he pauses before he gets inside and slowly opens the door. JA is there on the floor against the wall. She is sweating. Her head turns when she hears the door. But she is a little frightened of DH.

He just stands there. JA is really like a scared bunny.

JA – You thought I only killed people, I did a lot of things, I could have done a lot more. You shouldn’t have been nice to me fore than 4 times. You are stupid. Youa re nice to everyone, that is why everyone takes advantage of you.

DH sits.

DH – Thank you….thank you…..You hear my bad life, but you are on my side. Thank you for that. Thank you…..I should be happy with whatever happens. You….I don’t want to see you sufferring because of me, pity me….I am also pitying you. How can a little girl like you….how….pity an adult like me…..To me, it hurts my heart so much so I can’t live like this…..If I don’t show you me living happily, then you will suffer because of me. If I think about you suffering, then I will also suffer because of you. Look at me…I will live happily, it is nothing…embarrassement? People talking about me? It is nothing…I can live happily…..I won’t be broken, I will be happy. I will be happy.
JA – Ajusshi! I really wish you are happy! (Crying)
DH – yes, I will be happy.

She cries a lot and rests her hands on the floor as she cries.
JA is getting her arm set. It looks like it might be broken. DH calls his wife and tells her that they found JA. She asks if she is okay and then she starts to talk legal things. If JA cooperates then she won’t be in jail. I will do my best to get her out. DH thanks his wife. She says this all started because of her, so she will do her best.

DH tells JA that he will look after her halmoni. They can go to the police together. We can say everything. We can say everything about JY. My wife and I decided to say everything. Didn’e you hear? My wife told you everything on the cell phone.

JA – How can I listen to it again. I know you know that I am wire tapping you. Really….you don’t hate me?

DH sighs and sits on the bed.

DH – When you know someone, when you know that person, whatever that person does, I don’t care. I know you.

JA thinsk back to all the moments of listening to him.

JA – Ajusshi your sound….I liked everything, what you said. Good girl. I will ignore it. The way you walk. Footsteps. I love everything. What is humans? I thought it was the first time to see what a human is like.

JA closes her eyes as they both sit together.

Jung-hee is sitting outside alone. A taxi comes. DH gets out with JA. JA has her head down, she can’t look at JH. JH smiles as she walks inside carrying JH’s bag. She says she was sitting outside maybe to greet the guests, come in.

DH tells her it will only be for a few days, not long. JH is happu though and hopes it takes longer, she finally has someone living with her. JH runs upstairs. DH tells JA to just rest for a few days, dont’ do anything. He says bye to JA.

JA tells him that she will remove the wiretapping software from his phone. He says okay…..I’m leaving. he leaves.

JA looks around JH’s place. Then we cut to both of them sleeping in JH’s room. JH tells her that she couldnt’ sleep, but now she can sleep now that someone is there. JH closes her eyes and JA puts in her ear buds. She listens to DH live. He is walking away. She uninstalls the app as DH is walking. But she has’t pressed the button yet.

Then she presses yes and it starts to uninstall. He is erased and everything is quiet.

She closes her eyes and cries a little. JH asks her why she is crying. JA opens her eyes and looks at her phone.

DH keeps walking home.
IT is meal time. The monk friend is still alive in his room, but he didn’t eat his previous meal. He is still meditating deeply.

SH and KH are shopping for ray bans. They say if your wife knows then we are dead. Just buy the cheap one! SH tells him they are already dead, so lets just do the dang thing. Then they look at a red sports car and asks how much it would be to rent it for the day. the salesperson says they dont’ rent cars there. Meanwhile KH is taking all sorts of selfies with the car.

They both get inside and rev the engine. YR gets a text from KH and answers it.

YR: You look like you are happy.

DH is finally eating with the chairman. We watch them through the window as they laugh and eat and DH pours the chairman tea/alcohol and then himself tea/alcohol. They drink it together. It looks like DH gets serious, maybe he is telling everything to the chairman.

Cut to inside.

Wang – It shouoldn’t be that easy to tell me everything, good job. But your wife….I knew it. I background checked it when you came to the camp. I wanted to just let it go becaue you wanted to keep your marriage because your idea is the most important thing. i thought you were doing okay because you looked okay, but how much your heart was suffering. Good job. You are a difficult employee, so difficult to eat with. But quitting after eating….think about quitting later (?).

DH – It is all about my wife and (someone). You can give my position to Director Park.

Wang doesnt’ like this though. Wang says he will ask for a good favor for JA.

They leave. Wang asks how lunch was and DH says it was good. Wang says, when JA gets her full sentence, tell her to call me She needs to see the full light not half of it (the full bright world).
GI calls the company and is informed that JA quit. he quickly leaves and drives somewhere. He passes by Jung-hee’s and looks at it.

Inside JH’s, Umma is there. JH tells her to come out. Umma wonders if this has something to do with a man? Umma is happy and happily leaves.

JH checks to see if JA is awake then she happily tells her to come and eat breakfast, teehee.

GI goes to JA’s old room and sees that she is gone. he calls her a B.

Cut to JY talking to one of the thugs on the phone. The thug blackmails JY with $100k. He tells him that they are better than his guy, if his guy found this out, he would ask for $300k. prepare your money or we will give this all to the polcie. Bye bye.

The cubicles are quiet. DH sits in his old seat ad looks at JA’s old seat. The new girl is there. His team tells him to go work hard. DH smiles and tells them that he thinks he likes that seat. The friend tells him that that is his seat now. They all smile.

JY comes in looking for DH, but DH isn’t in his office, he is sitting with his team at his old desk.

JY is about to walk off, but then he sees DH and everyone looking at him. He takes a deep breath and walks away. they wonder what this guy is doing. DH stays quiet.

the brothers finally go to Jung-hee’s and meet the friends otuside. The friends give them a hard time but the brothers are all like, it has only been 3 days. They all go inside. Then they see JA and are all like, JA! You are the one working for DH! they all call DH right away.

DH tells them that he knows she is working there.

back to JH’s. The friends tell JA that they thought she hated them. What happened to your arm? Did we talk too much last time? I thought so, we were drunk. JH tells them that she hired her becuaes you guy swere worried. They ask wher she moved to. She says Gangnam. They all tell her congratulations.

DH is walking to the bar when YR runs past him and says, hello! She keeps running all the way to the bar.

She is out of breath when she gets there and tells them all that she ran allt he way there, because she missed them! That sours the mood. She sees JA and says that this is a new face. One of the ajusshi’s explains everything.

YR looks at her a lot. She says she hasn’t seen someone without cosmetics in a long time. I know your style, you are pretty, but you will never ever know that you are pretty (she sings that). They say they are giving her too much love, they should wrinkle her a little bit. Then YR asks her how old she is. YR says she is 21 and JA says she is 30,000 yeals old. Everyone is all like…huh? JH says, youa re the 30,000 year old? I am 40,000 years old.

DH shows up right then and everyone says maye he wasn’t a bad director after all. They ask her if she knows that he became director. He says she made him director. DH sits right next to JA. Then the friends start joking about how JA is the hidden granddaughter of the chairman, that is why she is in gangnam!

Cut to DH and JA outside. DH tells her that they can see her halmoni tomorrow and then they can go to the polcie station tomorrow. The drunk ajusshi comes out. WHAAAAA I am happy, I thought she hated me! Thank you for coming back. Everyone comes out. JH says she will sleep at JA’s place tonight. they all joke that it is good to have a friend and JH goes to Gangnam!

They all walk off together. It’s the brothers, YR, JA and JH.

YR and KH go off together. YR tells the 30,000 year old that she will give her lots of nice clothing, she can make them short. Bye Bye!

They keep walking away.

JH tells JA that they are going this way. JH tells them bye bye. JA bows her bye to them. SH and DH tells her bye and come back. Her and JH leave and walk down the street together.

SH and DH watch them for a moment. Then SH tells DH bye. DH takes one last look at JA and JH, then he walks on his path.


JA and JH get back to the bar adn go to their room. JA tells JH that if she is born again, she wants to be born in that neighborhood. JH says that’s right, she is excited just thinking about it.

DH keeps walking home. He takes a deep breath and says, Let’s be happy. he keeps walking down the street.

Fade Out

quick preview
Win, lose, it is our life
YR’s movie comes out
Let’s love, love
Thank you, she did everything by herself
Do you know
Can I hug you

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