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My Ajusshi / My Mister Live Recap Episode 14

Episode 14 live recap for the Korean Drama My Mister / My Ajusshi starring Lee Ji-Eun and Lee Sun-Kyun
Dong-hoon has a feeling that Ji-ahn isn’t just out for the day at work, she is gone. But he doesn’t know that she is safe and left voluntarily. He probably has all these thoughts about what Guang-il or Joon-young have done with her, which is why I feel like Dong-hoon might be on the rampage today. I hope this rampage doesn’t interfere with his promotion.

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Shorthand (Shorthand Character Chart)
Park Dong-hoon DH | Lee Ji-ahn – JA | Park Sang-hoon – SH | Park Ki-hoon – KH | Kang Yoon-hee – YH | Lee Guang-il – GI

Airing Time: May 10th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Dramafever

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She has a murdering history.

It wasn’t murder, it was self defense.

DH’s team asks him about the interview

Back and forth between Yoon and DH at the interview from yesterday….the law tried to protect her, why do you drag someones past, as much as I want to forget my past, she should want to forget her past also!…..people come to companies!

DH is at his desk, he looks inside his drawer and sees the sandals that JA gave him. They are back again. DH has a flashback about the slippers and JA and all that she said in the text.

DH gets up and walks to a phone. He calls JA, but no one picks up. Her house looks like she still lives there. All her things are still there. DH sighs and thinks back to JH, his brother and everyone dropping JA off at her house.

DH calls Jung-hee. JH is too distraught with the monk to pick up. She is just at home looking at nothing and holding her legs. DH calls someone else, it looks like he is calling his brother, SH. SH and KH are both cleaning. SH picks up and asks what is going on, their working, what is it? DH says it isn’t anything, it’s nothing, just work hard, bye.

KH wants to know whats up. SH says it is DH, but he says it is nothing.

DH thinks for a moment and then goes back to his desk. His people all watch him. DH types on the computer. He finds the nursing home number and calls it. They pick up. DH asks to talk to JA’s halmoni. He just wants to check to see if she is okay. The nurse checks and says that she is okay, she eats well. DH asks if the granddaughter is there, the nurse says she isn’t here, no one visited today. DH thanks her and hangs up.

One of the employees gives DH the results for the test. Then he asks him if he bought new slippers. The slippers are on DH’s desk. DH picks up the slippers and is about to put them in back in the bag, but he hesitates. Then he gets a call from Gyun-duk, the monk.

GD asks what DH is doing, he says he is working, why?

Cut to the mother, she is cleaning clothing at home when she gets a call. She answers the call from DH. He asks her if she went to JH’s today? Umma says she went there but she didn’t see her. DH tells her that JH went to the temple to see GD, but maybe it didn’t end up that well, can you check to see if she is okay?

Umma hurries and goes to Jung-hee’s. JH is still in her very nice clothing and laying in bed. Umma asks why she is like that and not preparing for the day. JH thinks changing clothing is so bothersome, her body is so bothersome. Umma says she is saying these things in front of an old woman. JH asks her if she ever gets angry, when she is having a hard time, she wants to break everything. Umma tells her to just pick a customer and start liking that person. Twenty years of break up, you could have married several times. If you were in Joseon people would make you into a nice wife. JH says she doenst need that.

DH tells the monk that JH came back okay.

Everyone at the company starts to find out that JA killed a person. They all crowd around the affair woman’s desk and talk about it. DH looks at his slippers and sighs. Cut to the main team riding the elevator down. One of them asks DH if it is true. he doesnt’ respond.

DH goes to CD, the janitors, house. He wants to know if he heard anything about it.
The detective tells JY that they are all gone. The police are also looking for them, but they are all gone. JY is anxious and nervous as he drives off. But then he gets a call from JA. He grabs the phone in anger.

Cut to DH walking all the way to JA’s house. He knocks on the gate, but it is open so he goes in. He calls her name several times, Ji-ahn shi, Ji-ahn shi, is anyone home? His friend comes out of his place and asks DH why he is there. DH tells him that he heard there was a crack on the wall. The friend smiles and says they have a lot of cracks there.

DH walks off and goes to Jung-hee’s place. He sits at the bar and calls someone else. But that person doesn’t pick up. JH is also at the bar, dejected. She wonders how long she should live like this. Maybe she should wrap up the store. If she goes to work like others, maybe she will live like a human. When the sun is coming out, she hears people footsteps sound, the sound she hears in her bed is so lonely. She feels like she is the only one not moving. Sometimes she sits outside the store early in the morning just to feel like she is moving forward. I saw her this morning, the female employee from your company.

Flashback to the morning. JH is sitting outside. JA stood next to her. JH says she is a good girl, she stood next to me and didn’t leave. She quit her job, she is leaving to another work place. She liked this neighborhood, but what she said sounded like she liked you to me.

JA listens to this and pauses as she walks on the street. DH looks at JH.

DH walks the neighborhood at night. He looks around all the electric shock signs. Then he keeps walking. An unknown number calls, he hangs up. The number calls again, DH looks at it for a moment and answers. It is JA. She tells him that her cell phone is broken.

JA – Just in case you called me. This is Lee Ji-ahn.
DH – I know, you call me so quickly, where are you….where are you?
JA – Sang-nam, a new place I work
DH – You should have told me I am quitting
JA – If I told you I quit, anyone will have a farawell party to someone that killed someone? They were scared of me, so they wanted me to leave, I’m okay, I knew it would happen, it happened many times
DH – I thought you were strong and could handle that
JA – I was tired of seeing people happy/excited when they looked at me.
DH – Sorry
JA – you shouldn’t be, it was the first time someone was nice to me more than 4 times. Someone like me. (she starts crying) someone I like.

Split screen of the both of them as they talk on the phone.

JA – I, don’t care if I am reborn again. I can be reborn again, it is okay…..if we see each other on accident, should we greet each other happily?
DH – Yes. When you’re halmoni dies, call me. Call me.
JA – …..Let’s hang up.

She hangs up, but then she starts listening to DH again. DH walks off and we hear him breathing. Another split screen of the two of them as he walks away and she listens to him in the phone booth.

Cut to JA walking through a busy street. She waits for someone. Her friend walks up and walks past her. She follows him. They walk to an alley so they can talk. He tells them that they took everything, he has nothing. He thinks the police took everything. if they listen to the recordings, they will take JY and DH to the police station. He tells her to change her cell phone and call him there. Theyc an move everything to a new cell phone.

GI has all the recordings and starts listening to them. They can’t believe that she ws doing this the entire time. Maybe these are worth at least $100k. they want to threaten JY.

JY talks on the phone, listen to me, don’t get caught, if you get caught then everything is done, you, me, DH, everything is done. Call me. His doorbell rings just then, it is JA. She goes inside and walks around his place. He wants to know what she is doing, she says she is thinking. He says he is not guilty, she did everything and he just gave her money. You recorded DH, don’t even think about threatening me with money. Are you still recording me? JA tells him that she doenst’ want to get caught, she will run away everywhere, until he is fired by DH. After you are fired, they won’t look for me. You are already fired, they won’t be interested in me, they will want to catch you.

I won’t talk about your affair, but we can just say that we want to remove the people that blocked your reevaluation. JY wants toknow if she is worried that DH will be humiliated publically? I will be the bad guy that is having an affair with sunbae’s wife? I dont’ want to see him clean. You should just run around.

JA looks at the kitchen and sees teh knives. She says that the strangest thing is that when she is in danger, the thing she wants to hide the most, becomes the biggest weapon, that I killed someone before. I don’t even talk to someone becaues I am afraid they will know about it. But when I am in a corner, I say that first. I killed someone once, it isn’t difficult to kill twice. Whoever touches DH, I will just kill them all.

JA leaves into the street.
GI listens to all the recordings. He listens to the one where JA tells DH he is a good person and the one where she wanted to hug him for fighting, but he says he is okay.

The monk takes all his books out and his cell phone. The young monk asks him how long? He says he doesn’t know. The young monk locks him inside his room, literally, and takes all his books away.

DH is at work, everyone is working. JA isn’t there. The sandals are on the floor, but he isn’t wearing them. He calls his monk friend Gyng-duk. The young monk answers.

DH: born in year 74, do I have any unlucky thing this year?
Young monk: The monk is meditating
DH: F-you (in a friendly way)

The chairman comes in, he is angry. He wants to know why JA is not at the company, did you make her not come? Why are you doing things that I don’t want you to do? No one wants to come to this kind of company where executives talk badly about their employees. FIND HER. I want to apologize to her, I want to find another job to her at least! I can’t even sleep because I feel so bad. Where is the result for the director!

All the executives walk Wang out and bow to him when he drives off. Wang2 tells JY that they need to decide today. Inside, JY pushes Yoon and tells him not to come close to him. It sounds like he ordered him to do it. Yoon still bows to JY’s door.

In the directors meeting, only two people want the other guy (JY and Yoon), everyone else wants DH, even the people on JY’s side want him. It is very unanimous. JY has to stamp that DH is the director, he is so hesitant to stamp this. It is probably the most difficult thing he had to do today. he finally signs it and throws it to his secretary. She jumps, then grabs it and leaves.

There is an internal KaTalk, DH became the director! Everyone jumps and cheers and yells! Everyone hops up and hugs DH, it is a huge celebration and no work is getting done at all. The other guy up for the promotion even congratualtions DH. The other team even comes out and congratulates him, it is such a touching moment.

Sh and KH get hom and immediately tell Umma that DH became a director. Umma cannot believe it, she smiles so brightly and almost passes out. She hops up and down and shouts GOOG JOB over and over again as she hugs her sons and pats them on the back. YH is also happy for him. She tells him that on the phone. He invites her to JH’s. Director Park also tells him congratulations, he ishappy that DH took his spot. Appa tells his son also. His son is all like, what is a director? DH says he is promoted. His son says, congratulations, give me more money!

Then DH texts JA and tells her that he became a director, thank you. He sits on the train.

Cut to him walking the street, he checks his phone. But JA hasn’t texted back yet. He calls her, but the number doesn’t exist anymore. This alarms DH. he looks at the phone and then looks ahead of him.
JA is at her new job, sorting boxes and other things.

Everyone is at Jung-hee’s. Umma, YR, SH’s sister-in-law and daughter and everyone are there. It is a super big event. YH comes as well, everyone is happy to see her as well. YH brought flowers and gives them to DH’s mother. Umma tells her that she worked hard, YH says she didn’t do anything. Umma says she was always embarrassed to see YH and then she talks about how she is too skinny. JH asks about her neck? Then everyone laughs and jokes. they all sit. DH actually smiles warmly. They all talk about what they should call him now.

Umma tells them to call all their friends. they are all like, what!!! This is the first time Umma asked all the friends to come! They ask about JA, they find out that she quit. They talk about JA and how she liked DH. But the other guys think JA was impressed by them.

They all say Hoogae! in a big toast. Hoogae is the name of their neighborhood.

JA is at work and still listening to them at the party. Her head is on the table as she sits with her fellow female employees. they all hop up and let JA know that it is time to work again.

Umma leaves the bar and looks at her middle son so warmly. She gives him a big hug as everyone watches. DH is about to cry. She says she is leaving and he tells her to be careful. They all tell her to walk carefully. As Umma walks away we see the other friends show up. Everyone goes back inside except the sons, they watch their mother walk away until she is out of sight.

the brothers ask why JA quit the job, Dh just chuckles and goes back inside.
SR tells YH that she thought YH would live differently than them as soon as she saw DH bring her home. They live differently, but she will congratulate them today, happily. KH says he will not marry a neighborhood girl either. AR and DH also went to the same school and were in the same class. AR says she was happier to be DH’s sister-in-law than SH’s wife. Monk and DH were #1 and #2 in school as the best man to have. JH took care of all the women following DH around and the monk around. But everyone is a little quiet now that AR is talking about the monk. She tells JH that she lost her friend, if they can’t talk about the monk then you have no friend. DH wants her to be quiet. But the monk is DH’s only freind and he can’t talk about him.

JH asks DH, you don’t talk about him because of me? Did you have a hard time because I made it so you can’t talk about your best friend? DH says yes, but chuckles as a joke. Everyone else is serious. AR tells her to call his name too, then her heart will be okay as well. JH says okay, the name Yoon Sang-hoon is not banned anymore. Yoon Sang-hoon is our memory! Yoon Sang-hoon is our memory! Yoon Sang-hoon is our memory! Everyone cheers along with them. Dh smiles as well and hops up, he pats JH on the arm and walks to the bathroom.

SH tells them that he is there, don’t call another mans name! They keep joking. AR and JH curse each other in a friendly way. YR says she wants to marry KH, this family looks fun. He says that is why AR married his brother, but they live seperately. Mood killer.

YH gets in the car to go come. SH throws her a “saranghae” but KH doesn’t do it. Dh smiles as she leaves. But YH cries in the car as they leave. The brothers go back inside.

The party continues inside as the norebang machine is brought out. AR and SH sing together. Then JH starts singing, she sings a song about forgetting him tomorrow as she wears red lipstick, love is not so long and lasts forever. (The monk meditates). JH keeps singing about forgetting his last present with her thick red lipstick. When the night ends, I will really forget.

Now they want Director Park to sing. DH hops up and starts singing. He sings about something far away. It is a meloncholy song.

JA walks the street and listens to the music as she walks. She walks past drunk people and walks to her goshiwon.

DH finishes the song with a smile. It was a sad emotional song.

JA gets to her room and unlocks the door. She goes inside. Dh starts singing the next verse. JA puts her thinkgs down in her tiny room. She boils water. DH keeps singing passionately. JA sits at her desk and pulls out her stick coffee’s but doens’t make it. She just listens to DH singing.

Congratulations flowers litter DH’s very nice office. All the directors come out and congratulate him. His team also gives him a thumbs up from the window. Later, Dh looks out his window at JH’s empty seat. Then he looks around at his teams that are under him now and he sees JA’s replacement. The affair lady professionally helps the replacement get settled.

DH sighs and sits at his desk. He still has the slippers. He takes off his shoes and puts the slippers on, then he settles into work for the day.

Cut to the other Director Park. He runs into the police station. Did you get him? The police station person says they got him at a PC bang, those crazy gamers can’t stop playing games.

We see the friend in the interrogation room. He says the replacement driver told him to drive that guy there. He told him to go to Sochjo. (Director Park has a flashback of telling DH that they can go to Sochjo). The police have the friends phone, the last call is to JA. Director Park asks one of the executives what JA’s name is. Can I have the last number the friend called.

It looks like Director Park is about to figure out that JA worked with the friend. But it also looks like he might think that DH is involved. JA’s phone number and the friends phone number are the same. The director thinks something is suspicious.

Meanwhile, DH is finally able to work on some architect things. He tells one of the teams to use a certain steal that the U.S. is using now. the other guy tells DH, congratulations for comeng back to the architect team.

DH gets a call from the director. the director tells him to come meet him and bring his phone, but shut off the phone before you come in. Director Park tells DH that what that guy said is too precise, he must have listened to it over and over again. if we don’t find a wire tap on your phone, then you will have to explain it to me because you are me are the only ones that talked.

They find the wiretap!

Director Park signals to the man doing the check and tells him to leave it there. DH is stunned stupid. Director Park and Dh talk on the roof. Director Park tells him that JA is the last person. JA worked for JY, she put the wiretap on your cell phone. She should be listening to your cell phone, so don’t make it like she knows that your know.

DH walks out and thinks back to all the times they had fate like moments. Especially the time she told him that “It is nothing.” But he also thinks back to all the painful moments, like when his wife cheated on him and he broke down in front of her. he thinks about when JA told him that he is a very good person. he is doing all this thinking while standing on the sidewalk.
DH goes to the movie theater and sits there alone. then he leans over and sets his phone on the floor quietly. he walks out and asks someone if he can make a phone call. Then he tells the person on the other side of the line that they should come out right now.

JY comes out and drives to the parking lot. Dh pulls him out of his car and throws him to the floor. he asks what JY did to JA and to tell him the truth, tell him everything. JY yells that she started everything. She figured out that he was having an affair with your wife and told him to give her money and she will fire DH and Director Park. You picked her! My life is F-ed because you picked her!

DH yells, where is she! But JY just says that she ran away and doesnt’ want to reveal everything about yuo in public, she wont’ do it. She told me that she won’t talk about your affair. So just keep quiet, you can fire me soon! Just fire me and it will be all over! Who is the victim! She took my money and betrayed me and stuck to you!

DH punches him.


JY says he is having an affair, but what about you guys?

DH slaps JY across the face which makes him fall to the ground. Then he punches him a couple more times. But then we see him riding the escalator back to the movie theater.

At the same time, JA gets home and starts to prepare her coffee. She puts her earphones in to listen to DH. It is the movie theater. Dh gets back to his seat and sits as if nothing happened. He is affected though. he picks up the cell phone and stares at it as if it is his lifeline to JA. he holds the cellphone close to his face as the camera spans to the screen.

DH – Lee Ji-ahn…..Lee Ji-ahn…..

JA stares at the cell phone.

DH – …..call me.

DH sits back in his chair and stairs at the theater screen.

Fade Out
GI threatens JY with the recordings
JA might have gotten hit by a car?
DH might have found JA, but she doenst’ look like she is in good shape
JA – I wanted you to be really really happy
DH – I will be happy.


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