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My Ajusshi / My Mister Live Recap Episode 13

Episode 13 live recap for the Korean Drama My Mister / My Ajusshi starring Lee Ji-Eun and Lee Sun-Kyun
It has been forever since My Ajusshi aired. I also cannot believe that we only have 4 episodes left, which basically means the finale is next week. If you missed the preview and once scene translation from last weeks special episode, then you can catch those here. I am so happy that we are back.

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Shorthand (Shorthand Character Chart)
Park Dong-hoon DH | Lee Ji-ahn – JA | Park Sang-hoon – SH | Park Ki-hoon – KH | Kang Yoon-hee – YH | Lee Guang-il – GI

Airing Time: May 9th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Dramafever

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DH and JA walk the street together

Cut back to the interview.

Did you like PDH because of that? ….. I that everything was done, the other side would kill you….DH was the only one that told me to join the company dinner, I didn’t try to be a good worker, but I wanted to be a good worker, he treated me like a human and it was the best time in my 21 years of life…then our chairman came in….If I see this building, I will feel good, I will wish this company does well forever….the chairman was impressed, the people that wanted to push it to a scandal where in trouble….it was so big….I thought it was LJA big picture.

Flashback of JA telling DH that he is a good person. He smiles.

Now they are walking.

JA – Why do you walk so slow like this, it is the first time
DH – Because it it not cold anymore
JA – You were uncomfortable with me so you walked fast

They get to JA’s house.

DH – Bye.
JA – Can I give you a hug?

DH stops and turns around.

JA – for fighting, I wanted to hug you.
DH – I am full of energy, thank you.

DH doesn’t give her a hug, he just continues on down the steps. JA watches him the entire way.

DH keeps walking, he is quiet. But as he turns a corner, lights on a car come on. It is JY. He drives off. JA meets with JY as he waits at the foot of her steps.

JY – He drops you off at home
DH – You followed us because you were wondering?

He slaps her hard

JY – You took my money, do you think the adult world is so easy. Go away from tomorrow.
JA – If I am not there then I don’t know what you will do to him. I will quit.
JY – Do you think you helped DH? You got Park fired and put DH there. Maybe people will think that you did it togehter. You threatened me with an affair and you were the one that did everything. So quit here while I tell you quietly.
JA – Let’s reveal everything.

JA clicks on her cell phone and plays all the thing that JA told her over the last several weeks/months.

JY – You recorded me also?
JA – WOuldn’t you think I would? When DH said he would fire you nicely, just quit or I will reveal everything. (She heads back up her steps)
JY – Do you all want to die together?
DH gets home, his wife asks him if he ate with his brother. He says he ate with an employee. She asks if he wants something to drink? Coffee? There is a pause. He says not coffee. She asks if he would like tea? He nods.

Cut to the m both drinking. She with her coffee and he with his tea. She asks when he will get the result for the director job. DH pauses again and sighs….next week. YH tells him to become the director, you should become the director, I wish you become the director. Soft music starts playing as DH sips his coffee.

The losing side argues over what happened at the interview with JA. Why did he bring her there! The chairman wanted to eat dinner together but DH said no…. Yoon tells them that they need to go to the end and see the result! The other guys are angry.

Yoon comes out and yells at JA, did you want to go to the company events that much? Then tell me! He then looks around and tells everyone that something is going on there. One of the teammates says that he likes LJA. Everyone is all like…huh??!??the mood goes funny and strange. Yoon tells them that he hates #3 also. He storms out. They call him a crazy guy. DH tells them all to work hard and not worry about it.

He looks over at JA while they are all getting ready to go. Then he walks out like he is going somewhere. One of his teammates runs after him and tells him not to do it, you only have a few days left! He stops and then looks around. DH decides not to go to the office. The teammate says DH shouldnt’ talk to JA for awhile. It looks strange. DH wonders what is so strange about it. If you are also having trouble, should I also be quiet about it?

The team drives off. One of the other teammates says, I like LJA….why did you say that stuff? DH gets a text. Director Park wants to meet DH for a moment.

Back at the company, JY leaves and looks at JA with venom. The office woman employee is also a little suspicious of JA. She walks over to her. Did you kiss him because you respect him? You are so strange, you don’t know where you are now. You helped DH become a director? That isn’t it…over there…our CEO, you fired him, do you know what I am talking about? That is this big thing. This little kid, if I try to turn the tables, everything would be messed up.

The girl walks away and gets a text with her affair. She runs back to JA.

What is this?

JA tells her that this is evidence that she had an affair, if she doesnt’ shut up then she will send it to her husband or the affair guys wife. She asks if DH knows she is this scary? JA says he knows that she killed a person. JA walks back to her desk.
The brothers are working

Cut to Yoo-ra getting yelled at by the director. She says it is fine, you can yell at me. The director asks if she is friends with KH? He talks about you! She says she is, because he came out and told her why he did those things to her. You also know the reason.

He says he doenst’ know, explain it to me.

Yoo-ra unfolds a paper. It is what KH told her to say if he yells at her. The director grabs it, it is all curse words. She says she can’t say it though, she tried it but she can’t do it. She will jsut say, you are yelling at me. Don’t worry, you are not saving the world, just shoot the scene. She smiles.

The director gets up and throws the paper. He yells and goes away. She calls him a crazy guy.

In the van, Yoo-ra starts cursing a lot then she smiles and says, I can curse now.

KH tells her that that is not cursing, if you get fired then I will have to clean a lot. Be well.

KH goes home and starts talking to his mom and SH. Umma wants KH to take a lot of side dishes to DH’s house. KH doesn’t want to do it, he doesnt’ like his second brother, you are the only one that likes him. Umma says that DH never said he is hungry, so when a quiet guy says he is hungry then that means he is really hungry.

KH and SH drop off the food to DH’s house. KH goes inside and SH stays outside. SH talks to his car and asks him if he likes a pretty red car nearby. Then he tells his car they will come out quickly.

KH gets to the house and sees that the door is broken. It looks like they put on a new one. KH wonders if it was a head butt or a fist. He thinks it was a fist. KH goes inside and is greeted by YH.

He asks her if they changed the door? Did you guys fight? She says no. But he thinks they fought, it was a fist, DH never does those things, why did you fight? She says it wasn’t anything. KH wonders, he used his fist for nothing? She says she did something bad to him. KH wonders what bad thing she could have done? Did she have an affair? But YH doesn’t answer. She is just quiet.

KH looks concerned but he tries to play it off, he says, if you dont’ say anything then I will think it is true. She doesnt say anything. He tells her that she should say that she didn’t. But she is quiet. He tells her to hurry and say that she didn’t. he waits for her to say it. She says she didn’t.

But KH says, you really had an affair! Aish! Aish! SH walked in at that moment and drops the kimchi lightly on teh floor. He starts stepping out.

The brothers drive off in their van. They are driving down the highway. Umma wonders where they are and why they haven’t come back. the brothers say they are just there. Umma asks them if they ate…you bad kids, I made your lunch! She hangs up pondering her kids.

The brothers think about asking DH what happened to his fist….when he was so upset at the soccer meet…..when he got into a fight with someone…..

KH starts hitting the car…Aish!…Aish! Sh tells him to stop, it is okay….SH pulls the car over and lets KH rage to the sky. he says he will kill him if he finds him.

Cut to DH and his company team. They just finished up. DH has to go meet Director Park. They sit at a cafe and talk. Director Park asks who that girl was. He thought it was 100% JY, you never had any problems with women so it was a little suspicious, people know that bribery money doesnt’ work for you so I thought JY put a woman in front of you. DH tells him to come back. Park says he thinks he will come back soon. But then Park starts mentioning the boy that took him to Socho. Whatever happened, JY is done.

JA was listening in and leaves right away. She meets with her friend. The friend thinks he is fine, no finger prints or anything.

Cut to Park looking at all the CCTV around the area. They kind of see his face, but they can’t make it out. the person says that he thought this kid got away from the CCTV, but 3 hours later he saw this guy again, he just hid there until the bus came. Then we saw the phone call. We can get the phone number. Park tells him good job.

The friend says that if Park gets him then she will get caught also. We should leave together. Lets go. Tonight. The CEO won’t leave you alive, he will kill you first. We are in too big of a game. JA tells him to give her 2 days……just one day…..I will run away after one day. The friend asks if this is all about DH? JA doesn’t respond.
DH puts his phone on the charger and leaves. he goes to someones office and talks business. They are using strong steel in that building, that is good since Korea isn’t safe from earthquakes anymore. This guy is the other candidate. DH asks him how his interview went. The other guy talks to him about it a little. DH tells him good job and then leaves.

He goes to his desk and sees a call from his wife. he talks to her. the other team members leave. The wife tells DH, sorry. Your brother came by. DH is really quiet.

Later, he is on the subway looking at his reflection. he closes his eyes and just hangs onto the rail. At home, his wife opens the window to get some air. She takes several deep breathes.

SH is teary at his company. DH comes by the brothers cleaners and SH tries not to show that he has been crying. KH is still fuming bad, but he is sitting. SH tells DH to come in. SH asks if he wants him to order dinner? DH doesnt say anything. SH says he can get jampong. KH stands and walks over to DH, he gives him a notepad.

KH – Give me his name, until you give me his name, you won’t be out of this place.

SH is crying for real now.

DH leaves but DH runs up to him and tells him that he will torture his wife, that whore, just give me his name! DH hits KH and leaves. His brothers run after him. DH pushes KH and asks him where he is going. He says he is going to ask his wife. KH wants to know why DH got hit by that guy. DH hits his brother again and KH yells at him, why are you hitting me! SH pulls them apart.

Cut to the three brothers sitting quietly in the Brothers Cleaners. SH’s phone vibrates. He gets a text and tells them all to stand up…….stand up.

YR calls and the short friend calls, but no one picks up. they are all at Jung-hees. JH thinks they might have gone to the sauna. YR thinks they dated, it is only the third day and he is dumping me after 3 days. JH tells them that DH isn’t picking up the phone So all three brothers aren’t picking up the phone.

Everyone goes outside and tries calling. No one is picking up the phone. They think, maybe they went to eat something? Perhaps this is a big thing? Tuna? YR wonders if tuna is better than her. They tell her not to think anything bad. Another friend runs up to them. Their car is in front of their business, they must be drinking somewhere. No car accident. they ate tuna before when they din’t pick up the phone, they are hiding and drinking. Betrayers!

The men go inside, YR is left with JH. JH tries to comfort her. The ladies go back inside as well. JH tells them that she takes care of all the bad things in that neighborhood so don’t worry. The other guys says that is why he is like this. JH tells them they would be a lot worse without her. JH tells them not to worry, she will get arrested tomorrow, two bad incidents don’t happen in the same neighborhood. She wants to light a fire somewhere. She will do it tomorrow morning. She will light it somwhere in the morning so you will have a nie time in the after noon.
JY meets with the investigator in front of JA’s house.

The investigator talks to GI and tells him to help him. Who is the friend that JA has? I will repay you, I will kill that girl after getting that guy. GI asks if they know who this guy is. The other thug doesn’t. This investigator says he doesnt’ have time, he wants to catch him right away, it drives him crazy.

KH asks SH what the wife said, if she asks for forgiveness then we should forgive. KH thinks if the in-law family finds out about it then everything is gone. DH isn’t the sinner. A lot of people got sick becaue the wife or mother had an affair. Should they get divorced? He is already sick with a very big wound. SH says, Your wife wiffered a lot, married to a poor family. Because I am not making any money. It is all my fault, I feel sorry. DH tells him it is not his fault.

A woman comes in with their food. KH tells ajumma, we came from far away. Why is the food like this? Dh tells KH not to do this. KH is basically complaining about the food. DH and SH tells the ajumma that she can leave. DH tells KH that he should comfort him, why is he more angry than him? He is already having a hard time because everyone is crying becuse of him, why are you more angry than him? Are you suffereing more than him? Are you happy if I cause a lot of trouble? KH says yes! I want you to get angry and yell and cry! If you don’t do it then it makes me more angry, you just endure it all and die with a disease.

DH gets up and pulls KH out, where do you want to go, let’s cry together. KH yells at him, it isn’t about where to cry! JA listens to all of this as it happens. The brothers all sit back down. It is very quiet.

DH – What aboji said all the time, it’s nothing, it’s nothing…..no one tells me that…..that is why I say to myself, it is nothing, it’s nothing….(the past, it’s nothing…when you think it is nothing, it is nothing)….

SH – sorry (crying)

DH tries to stay composed. He takes in a deep breath. JA rests her head against the wall as she listens.

SH calls YH and tells her that DH is with them, dont’ worry. Sorry sister in law, I am really sorry. You work hard by yourself….I am really sorry, I am, my brother DH didn’t tell anyone, he is the only one suffering by himself, that is what makes me so sad. But, that means that he loves you so much, my Dong-hoon is like that.

KH – Today…..a mans soul broke, my heart is shredded
YR – Are you acting
KH – I wish it were acting….if I can act that well, I hope everything is a move
YR – WHy? Why didn’t you pick up my phone? Why can’t you say it?
KH – I can’t tell you
YR – You have something more important than me
KH – DOn’t say it like htat
YR – I will kill you. (she pulls out her writing with all the curse words and reads them all to him, lol) Do you understand A-hole?
KH – (clapping) bravo, you are cool CYR
YR – See you tomorrow.

YR hangs up the phone, upset. KH turns and looks at the street. Dh is still inside and JA is still listening. She picks up her cell phone and closes it. Then she opens up the text. She thinks about sending PDH a text, but she isn’t sure.
The friend is playing a game at the game jip. He sees someone coming in looking for him. He tries to disguise himself with a hat and slip out. But they see him. He calls HA and tells her to run away, they came! He throws away his cellphone.

GI goes to the friends house with this thug friend and takes all of his computer things.

The police come. They go to the kids house and see that all the things are gone. they are too late. They think they should search for the phone where the kid threw it.

JA is still thinking about texting DH in the middle of needing to run away. The brothers are driving home. JA is at her house and is still against the wall and thinking of a text. DH gets a text.

JA: Have a nice interview tomorrow.
JA: It is nothing.

DH looks at the text. KH looks at the text as well. DH looks out the window for a moment. Then he says, thank you. KH tells him, if you say that then she won’t hear you, you should text her thank you. Why? Should I do it for you? But DH just sighs.

He walks with his brothers.

DH – I wanted to die but don’t die, you are a good person, fighting. having someone do that to me, I can breath….who can I say this, I know how they will look at me.
KH – Can’t you just say thank you? You can’t say that even though she makes you alive? You can do that, you can say it.
DH -Thank you…for being next to me.

They continue walking.

JA starts crying at home as she holds her phone.

DH gets home, his wife is sleeping on the couch. DH looks at her for a moment and then goes into his room. His wifes eyes open.

JA looks at the morning sky with her backpack on. She pauses for a moment as she looks at the city in front of her. The camera scrolls to the sky and then back to JA. She starts walking away.
Jung-hee straightened her hair and looks very professional. She has a lighter that she checks to see if it works. then she starts walking down the street.

She goes all the way to the temple! (OMG) She slowly opens the door. Inside are all the monks, it is meditation time. JH is among all the people meditating.

Monk – It is cold, but why are we here on this cold day? We are here to practice our mind. Why do we have a mind? Why do we need to study our mind? Everyone in the world thinks outside things make us happy or sad, but we acknowledge that this is not true. My mind….or outside, outside sees my mind, you accepted it, that is why you are here. People see what they want to see and what they want to see in their heart. They go out and look for something. If your heart is happy, then you don’t want to see anything outside. When I was young, I was so sad, I suffered a lot and prayed in a cave for three nights I felt good. I started not to hate outside anymore. I saw little goats, they were so pretty, the flowers and the weeds were so pretty, I hated nothing. Become Buddha.

Everyone bows.

They all stand and leave. JH is still left there, but she gets up and sees the monk.

Jung-hee and the monk talk. She tells him that her entire body hurts, she doesn’t want to die alone all old, just come back.

He leaves

JH – You love everything! Even goats and weeds, why dont’ you love me! You can’t be Buddha here, you should live with someone bad like me, then you will be Buddha, come down, before I burn everything here! Come down!

JH cries and starts walking away. this gets to themonk, he sits at his dinner table, but he is unable to eat.

Monk – If your heart is happy, then you will love everything outside. (he spots JH in the crowd of people)

The monk lowers his head and bows over his food with his other monk sitting across from him. He starts eating. Their song plays during this entire exchange.

JH cries buckets of tears as she takes the bus home.

JA didnt’ come to work. Dh asks one of the employees to call her, but she isn’t picking up the phone. He asks if she took vacation today? Just call her one more time. But the other company person comes and says he will call her, just go inside.

DH goes inside to the interview.

He sits waaaaaaaaaay on the other end of the long table and is interviewed harshly by Yoon.

Yoon – Why did you go to the safety team
DH – That is my question also, why did you put me on the safety team
Yoon – you have the least productivity
DH – We only have 4 people

Yoon thinks one of the buildings DH designed isn’t safe. DH says a lot of technical things about it. Yoon says eveyrone know that. DH starts talking about it again. His people try to help him out when other people interfear in his interview. Dh starts talking about all the techinical things again. Basically, they changed his desing and didn’t follow the order.

The other men start talking over each other.

DH says, when they had the problem, he wanted to use the control machine but people didn’t accept it. Whatever he designed, he always visits it every year.

Yoon shows an apartment where he should have given then a D but he gave them a C. DH says he doesnt’ decide things based on politics. Yoon argues with him about that. DH says he is not a realestate person.

Yoon asks why he picked JA if he follows the rules all the time. DH looks over his shoulder at JA’s photo. Her resume only has running, why did you pick her.

DH – yes, when I saw all the people with good specs, they usually leave the company, that is why I picked her, she was not friendly but she was smart, she doenst’ brag and she is a good person.

JA listens to this as she walks away.

Yoon says that she checked on her, she killed someone. this causes a lot of murmers among the executives. Yoon says this is why they pick people with good resumes.

DH – this was not murder, it was self defense…..he says it was an understandable case. If it was me then I would kill that person too, that is why the law saud she was innocent. Why are you judging her here? the law tried to protect her, but why are you picking on her like this? As much as I want to forget about my past, humans should forget about their past. Do machines come to companies? Humans come to companies!

JA wipes her tears and keeps walking.

DH storms out of the interview room looking very upset. He asks his people about JA. they tell him that she isn’t picking up her phone. How was your interview? But DH doesnt’ answer and just sits at his desk. He looks at JA’s desk. then he looks through some of his things. He opens his drawer and pauses. there is a bag theere. He pulls it out and opens it. They are the slippers that JA bought for him before. She bought them again.

DH gets up and leaves immediately. The camera turns to slow motion as he walks through the company with his team looking at him.

Fade Out

We’ll post the preview as soon as we finish the other recaps for today! I loved today’s episode. This show is so impressive.

JH – Did that girl stop working at your company? She liked our neighborhood a lot.
Affair woman – Lee Ji-ahn killed a woman.
Wang – You made her quit her job? Find her and bring her here.
VO – Even if we catch her, she won’t die by herself.
JY – Before the police find her, we have to catch her ourselves.
JA – I don’t want to get caught, I am going to run away.
JA – Until you get fired by DH safely.
VO – Whoever agrees to promote DH to a director, raise your hand.
Director Park – Come to me quietly and turn off your cell phone first.
DH – What did you do with Lee Ji-ahn? Where is she!

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