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My Ajusshi / My Mister Live Recap Episode 11

Episode 11 live recap for the Korean Drama My Mister / My Ajusshi starring Lee Ji-Eun and Lee Sun-Kyun
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I think we have all been anxious to find out what happens just after that head slap at the end of the last episode. The preview makes it look like Dong-hoon invites Ji-ahn into his world of Ajusshi’s and Jung-hee. I love that. I feel like the bar is the perfect place for Ji-ahn to work. She has a mother figure in Jung-hee and several Uncle figures in the neighborhood ajusshi’s.

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Shorthand (Shorthand Character Chart)
Park Dong-hoon DH | Lee Ji-ahn – JA | Park Sang-hoon – SH | Park Ki-hoon – KH | Kang Yoon-hee – YH | Lee Guang-il – GI

Airing Time: April 25th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
How to Watch: Dramafever

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JA is at home making her self her super coffee and thinking about her interaction with DH. The camera man took a lot of photos of it as DH hit the back of her head. While walking away, the bad guy drove by her and JA noticed him driving by. She drinks her coffee at home while thinking of it.

DH is at his home and he is also thinking. His wife asks him why he is sitting like that. DH says he had a phone call. He gets up and hangs his coat. His wife does something and looks at him, did something bad happen? DH doens’t answer.

It’s a typical day at work as the teammates look through files and talk about work things. DH steals a glance to JA. The teammates go to the meeting room and remind DH to come with them. DHh stands up and walks by JA’s desk but JA doesn’t look at him.

In the meeting room, the team gets started talkin about a building. JA stands and starts delivering all the mail to everyones desks. But she pauses at DH’s desk, she is looking at the drawer the sandals are in.

The team gets out of their meeting and goes to sit back down. DH looks at him desk, the sandals are gone. He then looks at JA’s desk, she is gone as well. He puts the drawer back in. JA hops out of the elevator with the sandals and throws them in the trashcan. She leaves.

DH meets with the higher ups and ask him about his relationship with JA, did she slip with her? Text her? Call her? DH thinks about all the things he has donw with JA. What have you done with her, you lived in the same neighborhood, you didn’t fire her, what did you do? DH thinks about fighting with GI and carrying JA’s grandmother.

He must have told them off screen because they start to talk about DH buying a poor kid some food and how that might look. One of the men asks DH another questions and tells him not to look like that, he looks guilty. Then he wonders what kind of excuse they can make…at least she isn’t pretty.

In another office, Yoon and two other guys talk about JA as well.

DH’s guy asks why he picked JA. DH’s voice over says that he doens’t like someone putting in an unimportant spec but she put running so she looked strong. Everyone is all like NOOOOOOOOOO, you shouldn’t do that. They think about firing her, can they just fire her? No, people will be susicious.

JA listens to all this.

The interviews say that his kid went to America with his aunt and DH is a good worker…

DH hangs his head.
The oldest brother talks about how all he does is eat and poop….eat and poop…..eat and poop….His brother is all like, shut up! Go sit somewhere else! He is always like that. The brother goes to sit at the table and DH sits at the bar. The Oldest brother keeps talking. The younger brother gets back up and the older brother tells him to stop moving around! your breaking the mood! The youngest grabs some food and goes back to his table. Then the Oldest asks for a side dish.

Afterward, DH waits outside the bar smoking, he looks for JA, but she is nowhere around. Inside, the brothers wonder why he is smoking so much. JH says he isn’t smoking, he just holds it. DH keeps holding the cigarrette outside.

At home, the brother adds some more money to his secret money stash and smiles as he looks at it. But then his mother comes in so he hides it right away. YR sends KH a text, she is shooting overnight. KH tells her, fighting. then we hear typical arguments between mother and kids.

At DH’s place, his wife asks him why he was so late. Why did you go to Jung-hee’s even though you don’t drink? He says he didn’t have a reason to go home early. YH says that she came home late since he always goes out with his brothers. She keeps talking. She says she didnt’ say that to fight. DH says he just meets them twice a week. She says this isncludes morning soccer? Doesn’t unclude it? DH says they are all childhood friends. YH says he can go there, if he sudenly doesn’t go there then people will wonder. All of your dear friends go to Jung-hee…..I wasn’t being sarcastic….sorry.

YH goes to her room and gets a text someone to call her please. JY starts talking to him an says that it doesn’t matter that they met, DH knows their relationship anyway. DH walks in on her as she is talking about this, her back is to the door so she doesnt’ notice him. JY tells her that they just met in the hotel by coincidence, just in case someone asks. YH asks JY how long she can act like this? She can’t act like this forever.

DH waits at the subway. We see a series of texts on his phone.

I live
I live just because I have to

Poor guy
If I were you, I would just fly once

I think this is the monk friend that he was texting. The train leaves without DH on it. He walks away purposefully. Cut to DH riding a train to the countryside. An old fashioned song plays “If I could…if I could…I surely would…” This song keeps playing as Dong hoon rides to his location.

Cut to DH walking up the street and into the woods. He looks around and we see his friend trying to fix a very old fashioned truck. DH says, you work hard. then he starts helping his friend change the tire on the truck. His friend is excited to see him and says, your’re here. Afterward they are all smiles, DH tells his friend that he lives well, they joke about DH becoming a monk, then they drive off.

Yoon meets with two people and is all smiles. But as soon as the secretary leaves, they start getting to work on wire tapping. Maybe they are checking his office for bug. They both have on head phones and there metal detector looking devices that they sweep the room with. This scene is very quet, we only hear the sounds of beeps. Afterward the people tell JY that the room is all clean. Don’t give your cell phone to anyone because people can bug it easily. they laeve. JY looks at the photos of DH and JA, he sees him hit her head.

In the hallway, Yoon talks to someone about DH taking a day off. Yoon looks in the office and sees JA still there. Yoon thinks DH has a lot of things they can dig up, so maybe he donst’ feel good.

JA leaves and meets with JY. She tells JY that she told DH that she likes him. JY thinks back to the photos. He asks what happened. She says he hit her. She only has one week later, but he always does drills with those other people. She tries to hook him, but it doesnt work. JY plays the recording.

She asks DH to hit her and seh says she gave him the slippers so why doesn’t he wear it? That sucks, hit me once…do you like me? DH tells her she is crazy, she says she is crazy, so just hit me once so it will be real. Hit me hit me or I will think you like me…Park Dong-hoon likes Lee Ji-ahn! (he hits her)

JY – Wy do women like DH, he is not popular among men? Why do you like him? I want to hear the reason, I am just curious, why do you like him?
JA – I just want to ruin…when I see good people, I want to kick them and make them cry. A bad guy like you, I don’t feel anything. But for good people, strangely, i want to destroy them. Maybe I want to make them like me. I am going to sleep with him. I don’t have enough time, so that is the only way.
JY – DH won’t sleep with you.
JA – I am going to drink and drug him.
JY – Try it, lets see if you can do it.
DH asks his friend what he will do it he didn’t show up. His friend says that he always does this, tell him if he has to dig up anything and he can do it. I thought you would die soon, but it doens’t look like you will die. Hey, we will see each other for a long long long time. (His friend is the head monk but has to do all the jobs).

DH and Monk sit outside, it looks gorgeous. DH asks him if he is lonely? He had a perfect SAT score, you could have done anything. His friend tells him to stop talking about it, everyone talks about that, how about your life? DH says his life (this life) is super screwed. Monk says he broke super early, he thought he would be in his 60s. The monk though that the end of DH’s life would be sorrowful.

DH – If I just sacrifice, life just goes
Monk – Sacrifice? F-you, you are not a soldier in the Korean war, you work hard but you are not happy, your life is screwed. You want to put it like that. Tell your son…he will feel sad that you sacrificed for his son. No one wants to sacrifice for each toher.
DH – everyone lives like that
Monk – Then make your son live like you, are you angry that I say this. You won’t make your son live like you, so why do you do it yourself. Forget about sacrifice and live your life. Your brothers, they are troublemakers but your mom is never sad about them, she doesnt’ have any pain with your brothers, you are doing well but your mother always worries about you. She knows that your brothers will survive whatever happens to them. think about your self only, it is okay.

JH and Umma peel clams at the bar. They smile as they work together and prepare all the side dishes. JH feeds Umma. Umma asks if DH is coming, JH says he should, she sent him a text.

Cut to KH looking at all of YR’s pictures while sitting in the car. He smiles. He also looks at the texts between them. It looks like he texts her more than she texts him. He asked her if she is still shooting. then he text a new one and says that Jung-hee will serve them clams, but he erases it and honks for his brother to hurry up.

His brother runs out but it looks like his zipper isn’t working or something. KH yells at him to finish in the bathroom! But SH says he honked so he couldn’t’ do it!

They go to work. Younger brother works hard and older brother watches a video on the internet. KH tells him to stop looking at his cell phone. He gets a tex message asking him if he wants a loan. YR didn’t check her KaTalk message. KH is angry. SH thinks he is angry at him not working so he says, I’m working!

At the monks place, the monk friend back hugs DH and tells him that it is nothing. DH is sad as he reluctantly lets his friend hug him. His friend looks peaceful.
Her friend is hacking into the investigation teams website and sees that the picture isn’t posted yet. It looks like he is investigating the investigation. JA thinks she will be fired soon anyway.

JH says, instead of a house, she will get a man. KH is angry at SH again but SH says that he should go see her if he misses her, don’t get angry at him. He asks if anyone knows YR’s phone number? Tell her to see his brother, he is angry at him all day. SH tells KH to tell YR that he says everything but he can’t say YR. they argue about checking text messages over and over again and when YR replies to him he is soooo happy. Why weren’t you good to her when you were younger, you shouldn’t ahve yelled at her. JH says, whoever wins….. SH says that he won, KH is about to cry.

KH storms out and is about to light a cigarrete outside. He starts smoking as he cools off. YR texts him, she is at home and is about to sleep. it’s hard and she is tired.

KH puts out his cigarrette and runs to her place. He wants to see her and runs to her place.

The bar guys say they want to run to her, Jung-hee says that he wants to run to her also.

KH gets a taxi and thanks the taxi for dropping him off. Then he runs up the stairs, but he is too tired and sits on teh steps. Or maybe he is having second thoughts? he goes outside and grabs some trash. Ah, maybe she threw up again? he goes inside and cleans up all the throw up.

YR apologizes to him. She says she wanted to clean up, but she didn’t want to touch it. He asks what the director said. She says it was the same, not this way, the other way, not that way, this way. Angry, sigh, everyday. It is a nightmare to wake up in the morning. I want to disappear. I am completely wrinkled again. Didn’t you hear that the end of the world is coming? It is embarrassing to run away, but everyone should fail at the same time. Why isnt’ our mountain a volcano? I want it to erupt and kill everyone.

KH – I love you.

YR – That doesn’t straighten me up.

KH leaves with the throw up and throws it away. Then he heads home.
DH is about to sleep at the monastery when he gets a call from his brother. The brother tells him to come, JH is making clam, you should come. The monk takes the phone and says that DH will become a monk(?). But then JH answers and the monk can’t talk. JH tells DH to come, they worked hard and his mom helped him. the monk gives the phone to DH so he can talk to her. then the monk drops DH off at Jung-hee’s.

They wave goodbye to each other in a very longing way.

Dong-hoon goes inside and says that he is here. They all greet him. The monk stays outside and looks at Jung-hee’s for a long moment before starting his truck and driving off.

JH tells DH to take YH some clams. Then she sits and has one drink with them. they also feed her a clam. She says, it tastes good. they talk about how they can eat these clams like they are drinking water.

DH thinks about what his wife said on the phone…how long do you think I can act in front of my husband who already knows about us. Then he thinks baout what his monk friend said about being happy. DH walks to the CEO’s office as all these thoughts are going through his head. He waits for the secretary to leavea nd then he locks the door.

DH – you dont’ listen to me, I told you my wife shouldn’t know that I know this
JY – I didn’t tell her, she already knew about the telephone
DH -You should deny everything!!!!!

Everyone outside hears DH yell and they all look to the office.

DH – I wanted to kill you infront of the chairman, I wanted to tell you one thing, you dont’ listen to humans and you don’t care about other peoples business, fine, I am going to crush you. You should be destroyed by me.

Yoon runs to the office and tries to get in.

DH is about to leave.

JY – wait, we ……..how can the manager yell at the CEO!

DH runs up to him and punches him very hard.
JY tells everyone that they should fight fairly and they shouldnt’ investigate him. Why are you creating a rumor and wrongly accusing me! Wang2 is at this meeting. JY says he is friends with his wife.

Wang2 and everyone leaves. The bad guys are happy because DH cause this huge issue. DH and JY are left. JY says DH didn’t think this far ahead when he punched him. Let’s see who wins. DH says, if you just fall like this, it will be embarrassing. He leaves.

DH walks back to his area. Everyone looks at him. He tells them it isn’t anything, get back to work. They all sit. Don’t you go out? they all stand. Does yours work? he hands them his instrument. he looks in his desk and sees that the sandals aren’t there anymore. He looks at JA.

Wang2 asks who is following JY. No one is. Then he calls Director Park to see if he is following JY. Director Park says he did it. But when he hangs up, it looks like he doesn’t know what is going on.

DH asks JA where the slippers are. She says it was embarrassing. He asks, don’t I deserve your sleepers? She says he has to tell everyone that he had to fire her that she just hits on me and I warned her several times, she was a poor girl so I helped her but she hit on me over and over again. You are having trouble because of me so just fire me.

DH – I am not going to fire you!……I am old enough to get embarrassed by that. I have a lot of bad guys around me. I am not going to make those uncomfortable relationships anymore. …..for me, I am going to go to your grandmothers funeral, you come to my mom’s. I am going to treat you as someone else in the company, you should do the same. Dont’ make everyone uncomfortable. Our employees weren’t kind to you, that was true, but I won’t make them be unkind to you. i will make you finish your work so everyone will say tht you are a good worker. When I see you, I will say hi to you and not avoid you. I want you to be a person that I can say hi to comfortably. Let’s do that, I beg you……bring me another slippers.

he walks away in a huff.

JA turns and looks at him walk away.
YH asks DH if he ate dinner. He says he is going home without eating dinner. He gets something from the grocery store and heads home and eats dinner with his wife. She looks at him but he doesnt’ look at her and he doesn’t talk to her. She looks concerned about it.

Afterwards, she washes the dishes and he cleans the floor.

Then he sits to watch TV while she cleans the counter. It is very quiet.

YH – would you like to have a drink?

They drink beer together at the table, quietly. It is so quiet. But YH wants to talk to him.

YH – Yobo….

DH avoids the conversation and leaves immediately. He goes back to the TV and turns it on. YH sighs.

JY meets with the investigator and tells himt hat JA killed a loan shark that was hitting her mother. He deserved it, but his son is just as bad as his father. The son came to him because JA paid off all the debt to him. It looks like GI wants to do something to trap or destroy JA.

YR comes into the bar ad is greated happily by all the ajusshi’s. She takes a shot to the head and smiles. She says she envies all of them there, so much. They are all done…she wants to be finished as soon as possible…whtever happens, she wants to be finished. One of them says that he isn’t’ done yet, he has two kids that need to go to college. YR asks him, are you telling me you have a harder time than me?

JH sits and asks her if she would like to see if she is more unfortunate than her? they take several shots and they start to talk about who is the most unfortunate. JH goes to the bathroom to wash her face, but almost collapses in the sink.

JH – I can collapse, it is okay, the important thing is I am cleaning/washing now, that is important…uh, where is this blood from…..ush…that is okay, it’s okay, it’s okay.

She looks int he mirror as she tells her self this

JH – when I wash, that means I am not drunk. If I clean, that means I am still okay.

She collapses again, but gets back up and starts cleaning again.

JH – I am okay, I am sane.

Cut to the monk walking back to his building and opening the door. He takes off his scarf and closes the door. Cut to him washing in a similar looking bathroom. He washes his face and looks in the mirror.

JH – I washed them, I cleaned my underwear, I finished what I have to do today, I am not broken, I am doing fine. Now I am going to sleep like a dead person.

JH lays in her bed and sighs, but then she starts wimpering as she closes her eyes.

The monk goes to his room and pauses a moment at the door. Then he sits and meditates/prays as he looks at the wall.
DH and YH leave the grocery store and get in the car. He wants to clean something, the dashboard. He asks her for some wipes. She looks in the drawer and the hotel parking permit falls out. They both stop and look at it. DH tries to play it off. He tells her that if she doesn’t’ have to use the car today, then he will wash it at the car wash. they drive off.

YH still looks stunned as they drive.

They get home. Dh starts emptying the groceries. YH sits her bag on the coffee table. But then she walks to DH. He tells her to work, he will take care of this, she said she is busy with something. He starts putting it all away.

YH – Yobo, I am sorry….

DH stops as the fride door is open.

YH – I am sorry…

He looks back at her kneeling on the floor.

YH – I am really sorry…

He closes the door and puts his hand agains it as it holds him up. Then he walks away.

YH – I am sorry.

DH punches the door and we hear him breathing hard from JA’s vantage point.

Cut to the morning, he leaves at the morning soccer team.

But we go back to that moment.

DH – why did you do that? Why! Why! WHY!

YH – I am really sorry.

YH cries but DH is so upset.

DH – How can you do that with that guy? How can you do that to me?

He throws things around teh house. JA listens to this.

At the soccer team he kicks around the ball and plays witht he ajusshis. He gets the ball and scores, he’s good.

JA visits her grandmother and makes her something to drink. They sit on the bed together. She asks JA how he is doing. JA thinks back to DH getting upset at finding out about his wifes affair. She starts tearing up but tries to stay stoic.

DH plays soccer.

DH – Why did you do that! Why, why , whyyyyy! You are our sons mom, you are a mom, when you have an affair, as soon as you have one, you gave me that sentence, PDH, you deserve this, youa re not worth living, just die….. (he is completely broken down)

Halmoni asks her granddaughter what happened. JA says that he is doing okay, he asked me how you are doing. He buys me dinner and helps me a lot at work. He will get promoted. Halmoni asks her why she is crying. JA says it is because she is so happy. She is happy because she knows that kind of nice person.

Fade Out

Copying and pasting all my twitter feels here so I came come back and read them.

#MyMister is just so amazing and will probably continue to be so. I could feel Dong-hoon trying so hard not to hear from his wife that she cheated. He tried to avoid it so much, because if he didn’t hear it, then that meant it didn’t happen.

But then, when he tried to avoid it again, she dropped to her knees and told him. That moment was so good. The shots were wonderful as ell because we experienced it from at least 4 different vantage points.

First, Ji-ahn heard it in the moment and also remembered it as she told her grandmother that DH was doing well, & then from DH’s view when he experienced it and also in a flashback when he was playing soccer. I ❤️ that scene, I really feel for DH. Tomorrow, where are you?!?

Short Preview

Long Preview

(very quick translation)
DH – How can I end this? Where can I dig first? I don’t know.
Wang2 – If you do only enough, then we see the answer easily.
JY – He is the youngest member of our board. There is nothing like seniority here right?
Friend – Park Dong-hoon and your picture is on the internet now.
YH – If I release what you did with that girl, you are done.
JA – I have all the rumors around our company, what should I do?
JA – It was the most honorable thing I did in the 21 years of my life.
JA – Thank you so much.
VO – We are going to change it to our coworkers interview.
JA – I am going to quit after I see that you are fired by Park Dong-hoon.

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