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My Ajusshi / My Mister Live Recap Episode 10

Episode 10 live recap for the Korean Drama My Mister / My Ajusshi starring Lee Ji-Eun and Lee Sun-Kyun
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Can I just gush for a moment on how amazing My Ajusshi is? Because it just gets me in that spot of feels and doesn’t let me go. But it isn’t like a sad feeling or a happy feeling, it’s more like an understanding feeling. I get it. I really understand the characters (though my life is nothing like there’s). I get what they are going through and feel for them.

I also understand the stakes for both. Strangely, I understand them even more so for Dong-hoon because the writer has done a fabulous job of weaving in the realities of ajusshi’s being thrown away once they are too old to work for a company and all the strife that puts on the family and the man. Dong-hoon really needs this job and basically sucks up his pride by going to work every day. But now he met someone who gets him and has basically taken her into his family though it is in mind only. I love that.

I also feel for Ji-ahn who was handed a horrible set of circumstances from her mother; she didn’t have the knowledge to know how to deal with them, which basically set the stage for this messed up life. Dong-hoon is helping her out by telling her little common knowledge things like ‘Your grandmother should qualify for government assistance.’ It was just a simple phrase that has a huge impact on her life. She also doesn’t/didn’t know that her mother’s debt isn’t necessarily her debt. The government won’t hold her accountable for it. But I have an inkling feeling that Ji-ahn either feels like there is no other way/life is pain or has a guilty feeling of killing GI’s father and deserves whatever rage he gives her. I’m really not sure what goes through her character’s head.

For today’s’ episode, I am a little worried about the aftermath of this fight with a thug. Though I don’t think this thug stands a chance in Dong-hoon’s neighborhood.

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Shorthand (Shorthand Character Chart)
Park Dong-hoon DH | Lee Ji-ahn – JA | Park Sang-hoon – SH | Park Ki-hoon – KH | Kang Yoon-hee – YH | Lee Guang-il – GI

Airing Time: April 19th, 21:30 Seoul tvN
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When I heard her story, it makes me want to cry, how about you?

They fight,
Why do you hit a little girl?
Why do you hit that poor girl? Why Why Why!
She killed my father! She killed my father!
If I were her, I would kill that guy. Whoever hits my family, I will kill them all!

JA starts crying on the site of the street as she listens to them fighting. It is a very good sob.

Now hey are fighting ont he stairs, they roll down the stairs and the phone is dropped. DH gets a phone call from Hyung. GI stands up and walks up the stairs.

DH – You didn’t tell me yet, how much is it?

GI keeps walking up the stairs. They are both a mess. DH is on the stairs.

Everyone runs out of Jung-hee’s to go kill GI. They are all so frantic. They call their other friend who just finished soccer and all those guys start running to find DH too! There are ajusshi’s all over the city running to get DH! They also call some other guys and now a bunch of other ajusshi’s are showing up.

DH gets out of a taxi and rets on the side of the road. One of his friends sees him and wonders what happened to him. But DH just walks away. The friend tells the brothers and everyone that he just saw him. They all run up to him at that moment and yell, who did this to you! Where is that guy! What happened!

But DH says it is nothing, he just fought. I bumped into a guy and ought. SH yells that he is not a person that just fights like KH!

The police show up and everyone pretends like they are stretching. they think it is an important time period so he shouldn’t go to the police. The police tell them to play soccer and stop fighting. The police say that every Sunday they have a report that you all drink in the morning on the soccer field. Do you know why reprts it? you wifes report it.

KH charges on everyone to see if they are the culprit. The police roll up on him and tells them “Hey morning soccer team, just go home.” lol.

Everyone goes back to the Bar. Someones father called them and told him that DH was fighting. He felt strange, he saw him taking a taxi and I knew he had fought so I just followed the taxi. Wo did you fight with!

KH yells and stands up, but DH is quiet and won’t tell them anything. I just bumped into some young guy. He was cursing at me so….

Is that the truth?
Who should I fight with?
Why did you go to that neighborhood
I just went there For work
You got hit by a young guy? Just live as you live
We have to catch this guy with CCTV
No, it’s okay, I hit him more
Just shut up.

Some other customers come in but the ajusshi’s tell them they are sorry but there are no seats. The man goes out apologizing and sees JA across the street. He looks at her for a moment before putting a closed sign on the door.

Inside, DH’s hands are all bloody. But he chuckles a little. He says he thinks that all his cells just woke up. It really hurts in the winter. The friend tells him that there were no impactful hits, it is just fighting, it will be super bruised. Jung-hee says to not tell Umma, if she sees her husband hit like that then she won’t live. The ajusshi’s say to say that you tripped on the stairs or getting out of the bus or something. But until we make up a good story, we can’t leave.

They all argue about it. Then someone says that men only get hurt during morning soccer. Everyone is all like…yeah….

DH goes home with the soccer gear on. YH wonders what happened! But he says it was nothing, he just hit his head while playing, everything was good, he didn’t get injured until now, it is common. But YH starts crying. He asks her why she is crying but she just runs off to her room and quietly cries.

VO – DH knows everything, he knows everything. You are having an affair with JY.

YH cries and is about to call JY, but she doesn’t call yet.

Meanwhile JA is at home with her grandmother, listening to DH. He falls on the floor in pain which makes her stop.

VO – I will ignore it, whatever I hear about you, I will pretend like I don’t know it. You promise it to me too, pretend like you dont’ know anything about me.

DH massages his hand and JA listens to him and thinks about what he said to her, frozen.

UMMA yells at the brothers about drinking and playing soccer in that dark place. Why did he bump his face! Be careful, if you play soccer one more time…. they tell her that she will enjoy it.

DH is all busted up and his teammates talk about soccer injuries and things. They all have a soccer injury story. DH gets up and says that if he hears it then they are all national soccer team players. DH gives something to another worker and walks past JA’s desk, but she is not at work yet.

JA is at the bank, it looks like she might have some money saved? Not too sure yet. She tells the woman that she wants to send some wire transfer. She wants to remove 10k and send it to GI. The thugs get the transfer, so it looks like she is all paid off. They think that guy really is her guy.

JA gets to work and the guy that got mad at her asks her if she would like to drink something with him. He tries to be nice to her, but he fails because shee still ignores him and leaves. He walks off and says that she dumped him…she just dumped him…

In the elevator they say that they just want to be friends with her so people won’t spread rumor about him and JA. DH thinks they can try one more time. FIGHTING! But the elevators open at that time and they are all embarrassed. They really want to help him become a director.

Outside. JA listens to DH and waits with the gift/slippers. DH talks to SH and says that he can’t sleep, his body is all broken now. they laugh about getting old, that is already sad so don’t get hit. DH says that he hit him more, he went to the hospital so he won. In the subway DH lets an older person to sit and he stands.

JA waits quietly for him.

DH shows up on the corner and walks down the street. They see each other. DH slows down as she walks to him. They stand in front of each other. She hands him the bag. DH – what is this? JA – Halmoni will go to the nursing home.

She bows to him and leaves.

DH – how much do you owe him?…I just know you owe money.
JA – I paid it all off today.
DH – you really paid it all off
JA – all paid off….You can go and ask him.

JA leaves. DH looks through the bag and sees the slippers. Then he watches her as she walks away.
DH carries halmoni down the steps in order to take her to the nursing home. JA follows behind. There is a taxi waiting for them. DH called an expensive taxi for them. The driver helps them in and DH looks at them for a moment as if he will leave. But then he gets in the taxi as well and it drives off.

Inside, everyone is quiet. The grandmother smiles at her granddaughter and then looks out the window. JA is a bit more somber and DH is stoic. he looks out the window as well and she looks at him. grandmother knows something is up between the two of them. But no one is talking at all in the taxi.

They get to the hospital. JA pushes her grandmother inside as a nurse has her fill out the forms. She asks her if her grandmother can write because they don’t have anyone that knows sign language.

DH goes to the store and buys some snack food.

Later, he brings all the snack food to halmoni’s bedside and puts it all in her kitchen area next to her bed. Halmoni starts writing something and taps DH on the shoulder. He sits up a little and watches what she is writing.

Halmoni: Now, finally I feel relieved…..Now, I can die at anytime. (she smiles)….because you are next to Ji-ahn, a nice person like you, I am relieved

Halmoni smiles as she looks at DH, DH looks a bit conflicted though. She takes his hand and holds it. He stands up and she puts his hand on her forhead as she holds it. JA is in the background, she didn’t come in. But later we see her on the bed and DH leaving. JA and her Halmoni have a moment where they touch heads and silently communicate.

DH leaves at that moment and waits outside. he rubs his face as he just stands in the hallway.

Later on, they both leave the hospital together. DH walks a little in front of JA as they walks away. JA looks sad to leave her grandmother at the hospital and keeps looking back.

DH – if he bothers you again, just call me. i have more than 30 people for you. I have more than 100 people that can come. Our appa’s all now each other. That neighborhood is like that, everyone knows everyone. We all went to the same school, so just call me anytime and we will be there. Don’t get hit, it makes me mad. Just live happily now, eat what you want to eat and do what you want to do and be freinds with our company people
JA – Do you think anyone will be my friend if they know I am a murderer? Whoever I was close to, when they knew what I did before, they all hesitated. How can I keep distance from her…
DH – If you are serious, people think serious, youa re the first to start, your past is nothing. If you think it is nothing, then it is nothing. Live like your name…you have a good name.

they keep walking.
DH walks really fast and JA struggles to keep up.

JA – What does your name mean?
DH- Nothing…east and Hoon is just a family name
JA – Why do you walk so quickly? Are you embarrassed?

DH runs to catch the bus and JA tries to keep up. DH sits in the front and JA sits in the back. They quietly ride.

YH tells JY that Dong-hoon knew about the public telephone. Why did you tell me! Everyone looks at them. YH gets up and leaves. JY follows her. But they are in a hotel so they have to be discrete. They get to the elevator.

YH – You did that to DH, you hit him!

She goes to the stairs and walks down.

JY – I didnt’ hit him, just ignore him, it is what he wants, he really wanted to hide that he knows about it, just live quietly.
YH – How bad can you be to ask me like that.
JY – That is what he wants
YH – So are you happy that he says that, becaues your opponent is so stupid? I will nto let it pass, I wll destory you

She gets in her car and leaves. But we see her crying in the car later on. She remembers all the times DH says sorry after she already knew that she was having an affair and all the times she told her something, like eat some food, or bought her something. She wonders why he did that? Why do that? Why do that? She has a call from DH, but she is crying too much to pick it up.

DH holds the phone to his head as he waits for her to pick up. But he hangs up and starts cleaning their apartment with a vacuum. He takes out the laundry to hang it up and the camera shows us all of this. he hangs all the laundry and just sits in the sun room and waits for it to dry. he still has all the bruises on his body.
Wang chairman is in the hospital wondering why he is suffering like this. He has no son, no one to inherit everything. He has a lot to wrap up. If he dies like this then it won’t good. JY tells him about being the leader and that he made the company so he should just get better soon, dont worry and be comfortable.

Later, the men all eat and talk. They mock everything JY said because it was embarrassing.

JY gets to work. He texts JA and ask him where DH is. JA says he is at lunch with Wang2 and his people. he tells her to come out. They go to a Chinese restaraunt. JY tells him to play what she records it is live right? Play it right here.

She plays it.

VO – They all know that you are good at work, the interview, they are going to make you talk about any little thing and try to make you upset. Who is that girl, there are rumor spreading around. See, if you are embarrassed liket his then you ae done. In 3-4 days, we need to have some interview drills with you. Tell people that you are busy and ging home first. If you don’t want to do it then stop now. Quit early and we can make plans for the future.

DH – I want to be the director, my mother is very happy about that. My brother is happy that he doesnt’ have to worry about my mothers funeral. My wife was suffering a lot, I want to make her happy. I dn’t want to be a nice person, but now I wll face it head on.

Want2 – You have another reason to be the director, JY.

DH – I don’t want to involve him in any of my life at all, he is not in my league also, if hefails or not, I don’t want to care about him at all.

Wang – JY is nothing. He goes close to Cheabol and just smells them. he married a chaebol girl and divorced after one year. he bragged about being a cheabol son in law.

JY gets upset and stands up. He asks JA how this is going. You got my money. JA says that he should remember, two months ago she tried to kiss him and drink with him, he wanted to fire me. It is difficult to approach him again. JY says you shouldn’t have taken my money you have ten days! I want the result 2 days from now! JY storms out. JA stays there and drinks her drink and eats.
The brothers clean a stairway and sing. I think they are in front of the actresses place. SH rungs the door, lol. The other brother tells him to stop! Dont’ rung the bell! But SH keeps ringing it while singing “i love you”. But she didnt’ answer.

They drive off and talk about how she became successful too quickly. She was fun.

YH waits at the brothers place with flowers. She gives it to them as congratultions for opening their business. SH says she is giving him flowers again (implying that he failed in a lot of businesses). They go inside and talk about the business and how she wanted to come by earlier. Does she want to drink something? Coffee? Tea? then she looks at KH and says that his face looks okay. SH says he is the one that hit so of course he is okay. You shouldnt’ look around when playing soccer, if they could do that then they would be in the premier league.

they call DH. SH talks to him on the phone.

DH is at work and is getting ready to leave. the team wants to eat with him, but he says he has something to do at home. He tells them to spend a lot of money and he also tells JA to go with them.

DH goes home and has dinner with his entire family and his wife. Umma made soup. The oldest says that whenever they eat together Umma just throws everything. Umma basically says that she bought little food when they all left the house, but they all came back together. But she says one of the good things is that she can open her windows in the summer with her two sons living there. They eat quietly.
In the car, they listen to the radio. DH answers the question of hourly pay on the radio. YH starts answering the questions, too. JA is listening, it looks like this makes her a little sad.

At home, SH sits up like a vampire and quietly turns on the lights. Ooo, it looks like he hid some money under the floor. He kisses it and puts it back undr the floor. But then the brother gets a phone call and wakes up. SH is frozen. KH answers the phone and SH slowly tries to cover the money.

Split screen between YR and KH. She tells him that sometimes her heart feels something. Like that feeling when you are nervous right before running 100meters. When you were torturing me, my entire body felt electrified. This is smaller than that. KH leaves to talk to her.

SH sits back up and makes sure his secret spot is still secret. Then he gets up and lowers the heat. Umma asks him if he hid some money in the floor. he always wants to make the room cold.

Outside, KH is stuck. His car is stuck by another one. He tries to get it out but YR tells him that he doenst’ have to come. She thanks him and tells him she is 10 cm straightened today. She says goodnight and he says goodnight. But he is so mad at this car. He yells the license number at the building. AISH! he is so frustrated, he kicks the don’t part sign nand goes inside, but then he goes back out and puts it back up.
The teammate gives DH his credit card back. He smiles and says he spent a lot of money. Then he asks him how it went with JA. Teammate says that she only stayed for one drink and then left. They go to the break area and talk about a guy that loves someone else with a boyfriend. DH says that those feelings are nothing, if someone smacks their head then it’s over. Dont’ talk about it.

He asks JA if she still works at night? She says yes.

Dh goes to his desk and the guy with the girlfriend who lies someone there comes in. DH smacks his head.

GI and his thug friend talk with a detective. The detective wants to know why they fought. It looks like this guy is a private detective? He meets with JY and tells him what is going on. DH fought this guy and then helped take the grandmother to the hospital, so they have a special relationship.

JA walks home and passes JY. they go into the same building and sit to talk. JY looks reserved, but pissed.

He shows the picture of DH carrying Halmae to JA. She gives it back to him without a word. Then he deletes them. She says that she thought about how to approach him so she used her poor background. Dh looked at her a little differently, like a poor dog.

JY – You knew that DH went to see GI and fought. You hid it from me, why didn’t you tell me?

JA says that people will praise DH for helping a poor girl, not that we are having a special relationship, so how will you make a story withthis? (Someone is taking a photo of them). JY asks why she talks so much now. JA asks if he brought someone with him, dont’ look around because he is taking pictures now. JY is stunned/shocked/terrified. JA gets up and leaves. JY comes out in a huff. JA runs and kicks the guy, he falls to the ground and drops his camera. JA pucks it up and shows it to JY.

JA says that they might also be following him around. He needs to come up with a good story at home. (the pictures show him and DH’s wife).

Later JA gives her friend the camera back. He tells her to let him know what she is planing on doing. Why do you help DH now? But JA just walks away.

Cut to DH walking to his building. He sees his wifes car at home. He goes inside the elevator and thinks for a moment. But then he pushes the 1st floor again. he goes back outside and walks down the street.

VO – I thought it would dissapear, the wife coming back, trying, I just hate her more. Live 3 more years and divorce 10 years and divorce…unless you experience it, you wont know. I experienced it after my wife had an affair. It became my story, my wife had an affair. I can’t explain it. When I am not doing anything, I only think about it, my wife and that guy.

This is DH’s restaraunt friend talking.

DH – Did you divorce today? Officially?
Friend – Yes. Someone like me lives. But you have a nice straight life. Don’t look too sad.

JA watches him eating from the restaraunt. She is about to go to get a drink, but then she sees something. Someone is following him, she sees this man, the detective looking at DH. She looks from that car to DH. back and forth.

Later. DH waits for the train to cross and then crosses the train. JA follows him from a distance and puts her hoddie on. That guy is also following him. JA hurries her walk up and passes by DH. he yells.

DH – Why do you ignore me again?

She stops walking. The photogrpher takes photos of them.

DH – Why are you mad?

JA comes up to him

DH – WHy?

JA – just hit the back of my head one time. You said missing someone is one hitting the back of the head. I want to finish it so hit the back of my head. It sucks that I think about why you dont’ wear the slippers that I gave you.

DH thought about wearing them, but doenst’

JA – So just wondering around this late at night is all, F’d.

DH – Go home, dont’ walk around
JA – just hit me once and finishe it. Why, do you not want me to finish it, do you like me?
DH – you , you crazy girl
JA – yes I am crazy, so just hit me once and make me think, how can I like this kind of guy, so hit me, if you dont’ hit me then I will spread the word around!!!

He really hits her in the back of her head. She falls to the ground hard. She stays there for a moment and then walks off in a rage. He looks at her and then walks in the opposite direction, but then he turns back and watches her. But he turns once again and walks away from her.

Fade Out

DH punches JY for telling his wife that he knows she had an affair.
DH takes JA to the bar and introduces her to all the ajusshi’s and Jung-hee
JY still tries to get DH fired.

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              No, not bleeped out. Maybe they don’t go over the quote of curse words? I’m not sure if public stations are more cautious because Should We Kiss First has a lot of curse words (SBS). But it also airs late at night.

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        YH is trying to turn over a new leaf…I get the sense that JA might be trying to set a trap for JY

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      Ugh I know how you feel, honestly I feel so vulnerable watching this, I’m so invested in the characters that if they don’t get a happy ending I will be very sad. Also they did an amazing work until now so I’m also afraid that if they change their story because of some people will it ruin the best thing that ever happened to korea. This is why people can’t touch art.

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        Yes! Goodness, this is art, just pure art. It is really a healing drama. This show heals me and I didn’t even think I needed healing.

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    Yes. This is how healing dramas should be. Even though I love most of the kdrama I watched, none of them had this kind of quality. I have no words for the effort the actors puts in. TBH IU exceeds my expectations big time. I am so much in love with DH and how fiercely protective he is about his loved ones which now includes our JA. I really want him to divorce his wife, he does not deserve to be in such a toxic relationship. It doesn’t matter if he ends up with JA or not. But definitely he should get away from that woman.

    • Anonymous
      April 19, 2018 / 12:13 pm

      I think the divorce iddie will have a bigger impact in three common episodes. Dong-hoon always talks about not mentioning things and forgetting things. But, as his friend said at the end of the episode, this is something that he never forgot and he always thought about. Perhaps DH will think about his wife with the CEO in the next couple episodes and he will also find out that she knows that he knows. That is basically the worst thing for him, ever. He always talks about how he can survive so long as his family doesn’t know, but now his family knows. That is also why he punches JY in the preview. Not because he had an affair, but because his wife knows that he knows she had an affair.

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    I’m really concerned about JA’s feelings for DH. I feel that she likes him, that’s she sees that he’s a great human being (showing her the good way and such)… but at the same time I think “what if she is doing all this not only because she likes him but also because she needs to obey JY?!
    I really wanted to see a happy ending for DH with JA, they’re like soulmates that were wandering this hellish earth for so long and for so many times and that now they finally found each other [found out as well how to be comfortable towards someone (he can’t speak to his wife or even his family the same way he speaks with JA), and found how to solve their problems together (he helps her with her problems and she helps him), and they’re doing this – I might say – without even realizing, so naturally and fluid, and that’s the beauty of it all].

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      Y esperar hasta la proxima semana es lo peor, casi no tengo pacienza

  9. N30
    April 20, 2018 / 1:42 am

    Whoa…. So many comments n so much love for this drama…. Not yet started watching it…but ur recaps makes me waNt to watch … Thanks for great recaps…

  10. say
    April 21, 2018 / 1:40 am

    i almost stop watching at ep 2.. i thought this will be a kind of harf drama to digest.. the emotion it will bring.. so gloomy.. but i am glad i hang around.. i like the progress.. i anxiously waiting for next and next episode

    • V
      April 21, 2018 / 8:42 pm

      I almost stopped after episode 1! I am so happy we both hung in there 🙂 .

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