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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 4

Yoo Yeon-seok sporting bangs and wearing a red Japanese Yakuza robe in Kdrama Mr. Sunshine
This show continues to be beautiful and elucidate all our characters backgrounds. The only main character we do not know much about on screen is the hotel owner, but she does have a rich character description so I’m interested in finding out more about her. Right now the pairing that I am most interested in is Ae-shin and Dong-mae. I mean, Dong-mae killed two people (like it ain’t no thang, y’all) for talking ungentlemanly about Ae-shin. Then he goes and gives her these far off glances with no expression and she does the same in return? Come to find out she saved his life by putting him in her palanquin when they were cute little bitty babies! If this show starts to have problems, it’s because the world wants those two together. Ship Alert.

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Airing Time: July 15th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Netflix

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EC tells AS not to get attention, American’s rifles don’t care if you are a noble or not. Aeshin wonders if Eugene is their enemy or on their side. She tells the Americans that she will cooperate with it. Hee-na comes up to her and asks hr if she would like to change clothes with her?

Aeshin asks her why she is helping her, HN says that she cannot remove her clothing like a normal person. Then she introduces herself to the Americans and asks Eugene for a special cart.

Cut to the two ladies in the special cart changing their clothing. HN tells AS that she is suffering in this new society. AS asks her how she got the hotel. HN says that it was her husbands who was Japanese. She was sold to him when she was little, she was beautiful in Joseon (wink). American’s (westerners) like widows because it was a sad ending to the story.

HN puts a barret jewel in Aeshins hair possibly.

Later AS is all changed when her maid and Eugene come in. AS tells her maid to leave so she can talk to EC and then tells him that she has no rifle, as you can see. He tells her if hse did , then she would have shot him. They keep talking, she asks him if he is a traitor for Americans, are you trying to put Americans on Korean land? I thought we were comrades, you should have told me that you are not.

He asks if only freedom fighters are her comrades? They were on the same side for a moment. it just happened as soon as I came here and am covering it up, not digging it up. Joseon and us, no one wants this matter to become too big. Be careful.

He leaves. Outside, Hee-na is wearing AS’s clothing. She looks at EC leave and then she looks at herself in the noble woman’s clothing and looks like she might be remmbering something. The maid comes up to her happily and tells her that it is time to change the clothing. She asks her how much it costs to have the Western clothing. HN tells her it is 2 big bags of rice (expensive). The maid says that the hotel business must be going well?

Cut to a cart running up to them. The old man servant saves the maid from it in a meet-cute moment as he swifly pulls her away.

HD quickly gets up and runs off to walk next to AS in the palanquin. They comment on how pretty HN is, she is super duper petty. But AS is a bit jealous of how pretty HN is since her maid said she is the prettiest woman in Seoul. AS fires back that she is the prettiest in all of Joseon and closes her palanquin window.
Hee-na goes back to her hotel and talks about EC to one of her maids. She saw how he looked at another woman and tried not to block them, it ended up well for them. Teh maid does not understand what it means. HN says it means she might buy a woman.

Kyle is at the hotel with Eugene. It is his first day in Korea and he says that he loves Korea. He cannot shoot a gun with this hand, but he can still read/write his poems. Cut to the rooftops with the two of them drinking as they look out over the city. Kyle asks Eugene how he feels about going back home. Eugene says he has thought about what is going on everyday. He wonders if he should take his revenge on the family that ruined his. But if he does go to see that family, he will definitely kill them. But it is really possibly in these peculiar unusual times like this.

Kyle tells him it is a good idea, but why don’t you do it next time. The most important thing is to find that missing gun. EC says they lost it, why should he be looking for it? Kyle reminds him that he is his boss.

AS works at her shooting but thinks about HN, she is jealous of her. She thinks that she has a lot of women on her side. her teacher comes up and says that he does not (have a lot of women). AS starts to talk about the American rifle that she saw on the train. It was a certain length. The hunter says that he was there, he is the one that took it. AS says they had so much trouble due to him. Everyone wants that rifle.

they talk about how everyone is here, Russia, Japan, China, America, but noone is on their side. AS says she is on SG’s side because Joseon does not treat women well (?). But AS should not know all the details just in case.

AS goes to Ehwah University to learn, she does not like being illiterate and wants to know how to read her own name. The door open and the woman and Korean woman from earlier greet her. They sit to talk about the words that AS knows now. She knows the word gun. The ladies are all like, huh? She also knows “Glory” and “Sad endings” the English woman is all like…..~. Would you like to write them down?

The Korean lady asks if she would like to learn the alphabet?

Cut to Kyle walking along the street. He sees a girl that he catches eyes with. They smile and leave. Kyle says that how can you distinguish color with black eyes(?). (Don’t really get that). They go to the former slave hunters shop and exchange three dollars for coins. 3 dollars is a lot of Korean coins, like 2 or 3 huge bags full.

Meanwhile, AS is at home. She is getting a talking to by her aunt who is worried about her daughter, AS’s cousin who gambles all the time. Her cousin is actually gambling at the time and she ends up losing all her money. She has a flashback to IS telling her that if you do not know who the stupid gambling person is, it is because you are the stupid gambling person. She realizes that she actually is the stupid gambling person.
AS gets to the hotel and is greeted by Heena. Heena tells her that it is an honor to visit her. AS asks if this is a good greeting from Hotel Glory? HN tells her that all the power in Joseon is within man, but all the men come to my Hotel Glory. EC walks in at that time so AS says that it must be true.

AS asks what all the ladies do there? HN says it is not different from men, they gamble and drink and sleep and eat, we have everything. Heena excuses herself. Eugene finds that time to tell Aeshin that he stays there. AS is angry because she thinks this is a woman and bed and gambling place so she angrily leaves.

Eugene goes to HN to pay, she tells him that she is happy that he is enjoying her place. Then seh comments on how there is a strange combination between the noble woman and the gangster, do you know him? Would you like to know more about him?

Outside, DM blocks Aehin from leaving. He tells her that it is nice to see her again, how are you? The main yells that this is the butcher! DM tells her that his parents were butchers, not him. He uses a knife, but he cuts something else besides cow and pigs. The maid disdainly says that she saw that. DM tells AS that the world changed, everyone is afraid of me in Joseon, but to you, am I just a butcher? AS says he is not a butcher, just a citizen. I do not look at you like this bcause you are a butcher, it is because you are a traitor.

She walks away. He stands there as if he got the worst insult by the one preson he cares about. AS gets in her palanquine and leaves, he watches her leave.

EC is inside looking a t the entire scene, but then walks away when he sees HN walk in. HN talks to DM about this weeks money but DM is curious about Eugene. Did he ask about me? Heena says she is not sure if he asked about you or Aeshin….but don’t kill him just in case he asks about me one day.

His Japanese thugs come in so he sits with them.

Upstairs, it looks like someone searched Eugenes room. He slowly walks into it and looks at all his things all around.

All the drawers are open and his things are everywhere. He remembers GS telling him about the Japanese gangsters that came to the funeral, but he did not see teh widow, so maybe there is no relationship.

Eugene goes downstairs and tells Dongmae that he searched his room. DM is all like, we did not do that yet, but we want to. Maybe soemone else is interested in you, who else would want to search a Captains room? Perhaps freedom fighters? What are you looking for? The same thing as freedom fighters? Lets fight together. I will find it myself and whoever has it will die, Mister. So be careful, I have an important matter to take care of.

DM buys some bread from outside but the owner does not want his money, he says he can just take it! Just take it! But the Japanese guy drops the money for him and leaves. He walks away trying the candy and thinking about AS and his past. His face changes into his childhood face. he sees his parents getting beaten until they pass out (possibly to death).

AS is there in her palanquin. The maid tells her that there are a lot of people on the street, she will find out what is going on. She runs off. AS spots DM all cut and bleeding. The maid comes back and tells her that the butcher lady killed a person and the son ran away. But AS looks at him and says that he couldnt’ leave.

Cut to the two of them inside the palanquin. He tells her that it is okay, it hurts less than getting beaten (his cut). He says he does not want her to get caught. She says that all life is precious. He asks who said that so she tells him that it was Confuscious.

he uses her clothing to wipe isr blood and tells her that she is sick of what she has, this nobly B. She gets upset and looks at him. He is also upset and looks at her. Theyboth grip her dress skirt.

In the present, AS might also be thinking about it as she rides away in her palanquin because she grips her dress.

In his room, DM tells his giesha that it is hard, he can’t bite it, you can have it. He gives it to her and walks away.

Kyle has a got hat and a long pipe. Eugene tells him the hat is called got but Kyle takes it as God and says that Joseon people have God everywehre they go? But then they start to talk about the gun and what they need to do to find it. Eugene also says he needs to find an aristocrats face.

In his office, GS tells all the people that they need to remember someones face. There are several Joseon people there. the people start to think back and remember all those things. There was a man that rescued a woman (?). Another man comes in, he used to work for the government but got kicked out due to bribery. He is a painter for the government and asks them to tell them the face of this person. One by one, they tell him what this person looked like.

{mised some}

They get the picture of the man. But it looks like it might be the wrong person on purpose because they described the Japanese guy. Eugene talks to Aeshin about who the picture of the person is. She says it is the japanese person that was harrassing people on the train.

Cut to the big traitor meeting with Japanese emperor and filling him in on what is going on in Joseon. the emperor says there is a ghost that makes everything meaningless, when compared to teh beauty of this pottery, everything is not important. That is why they call this pottery ghost pottery (?). The emperor tells this man that he should be the Korean emperors ghost. You should make him nervous all the time. I will move to Joseon in 3 years, give me Joseon in that amount of time.

A little girl and little boy servant walk around. He asks her how her back is. She says it is okay, she can take care of a baby. But then she bumps into that Japanese guy that no one likes and apologizes profusely.

Cut to Kyle talking about Joseon ladies again and how their eyes are black, then he notices that Eugene’s eyes are black. The littleboy runs up to the street and asks for someone to help him, help save his sister!

Kyle says that they need to find some weapons, no guns. Kyle runs off.

the little boy holds Eugenes coat and begs him to save his sister. It looks like Eugene has a flashback about himself as a kid maybe? He kneels and tells the little boy that he needs a bullet, this is his fight. He is helping him okay? Let’s go.

The little boy picks up a rock and runs to the soldiers.

His sister is trying to hold her own and keep this bad guy from taking her masters money. But he ends up taking it anyway. The little boy hits the Japanese guy in the head with the rock, then Eugene tells the girl to go there with her brother.

Eugene tells the Japanese guy that he looks just like that painting, it is really good. They start to fight. Eugene tells them that they should just accept that they lost. Kyle comes back with a bat looking things but says that they dont’ need his help anymore. the little girl tells him thank you in English which impresses Kyle. They leave.

The little girl and boy are safe and happy.

Eugene and Kyle walk off joking about this little bat looking item that Kyle found. But then Eugene remembers that face of the people that killed his parents. He says that he thought he would not remember, but he recognizes this person right away. Kyle is so confused.
Hee-sung gets back to Joseon and smells the air as he arrives. He thinks it smells like Joseon. He goes to the Hotel Glory and talks to Hee-na. He tells her that he did not think that Seoul woul change this much. She did not take him that seriously, until she finds out that he is the son of the richest man in Korea.

HS gets a room that is next to Eugenes. They both go to the balcony to look out over the city. Hee-sung talks to Eugene about it in Japanese, but then figures out that he is a Joeson person. He wants to introduce himself and says that his Great Grandfathers house becasme a hotel.

He reaches his hand over the balcony to shake.

He tells Eugene that his Great Grandfathers house became this hotel. but Eugene says that he did not ask him, and he walks away. Heesung just smiles and walks back to his balcony muttering about how he wonders why guys don’t like him.

Then he goes to the hotel lobby to drink and gamble with everyone.

Eugene is still upstairs thinking about the day his parents died. His eyes are teary as he relives the entire thing from the safety of his hotel room. He still has the jewelry his mother gave him.

Hee-sung tries to introduce himself to Eugene again but EC just ignores him. HS then tells GS that he needs to meet his fiance and comments that it looks like GS has a brother (Il-sik). GS says he does not have a brother.

Eugene goes to the two business mens shop and asks them some questions. He is looking for someone. IS has a feeling that he might want to kill this man. he takes the money and says this man is the richest man in Korea after the King. Eugene wants to know more about him. The men says that they lost one slave that was maybe a 9 or 10 year old boy….perhaps her is dead.

But one of the slave hunters says that they saw his hair, they could have found hiM! But IS says he could endure the hitting. Flashback to the slave hunter knowing that the boy was in the ceramic box. He says that the box was shaking so much, so he just let him go.

Eugene tells them thank you. The men are all like, why are you telling us thankyou> We did not tell you were he lived. But Eugene takes off and says he will get his revenge himself.

Eugene takes off on a horse.

Hee-sung is walking to see his finace with a wild flower bouquet.

Eugene gets to the house. The parents look at him and tell him that they do not know him, who are you? The mother looks at him and he sees the scar on her neck.

They tell him that the old master died from disease.
Meanwhile, Hee-sung gets to Aeshins houes and sneak peeks her over the wall. he sees her helping her sevants hang all the sheets and sees that she is beautiful. He shakes his head and hits himself with the bouquet. he tries to keep looking at her and sees her through the sheets as they blow in the wind.

VO – Do you know anything about someone searching my room? … this is my true mind).

Ae-shin thinks about Eugene and their converstation as she holds ontosomething in her hands. But then a servant sees Hee-sung and asks who he is.

At HS’s fathers house, the parents also ask Eugene who he is. They don’t recognize his clothing. Eugene slowly walks closer to them until they are almost face to face. He holds out the jeelry item that his mother gave him and gives it tot he Mom. The mom looks at it at then screams and throws it to the ground, she also falls on the ground.

The husband wants to know what is going on, she tellshim that it was that time…that time….the slave…

Eugene – My parents….did you take their dead bodies?

He pulls a gun and they both fall

Eugene – Did you bury them?

Cut to AS’s home. The servant asks who HS is. But then they recognize him and tell him to come inside. He goes inside and sees AS in the courtyard. They introduce AS to him from a distance.

HS – I regret it….I should have come earlier.

AS looks at him with a blank uncaring face.

Back at the other house, EC holds the gun at HS’s parents.

HS smiles at Aeshin.

Aeshin just stares at HS.

Eugene continues to hold the gun on the parents.

Hee-sung smiles, takes off his hat, and walks closer to Aeshin.

Fade Out

Missed it, need to add later

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