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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 3

The second episode had my heart pumping, so I’m ready to watch this episode to see if it will keep me hooked, dig me deeper, or just be meh. Hopefully the tension keeps building because I would rather fall more in love with a drama than less.

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Shorthand: Shorthand character chart

Airing Time: July 144th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Netflix

Countdown: SOON! …check twitter for updates.

We open at the end of the last episode. EC tells her that she does not look stupid, she ooks like a painting. On the day of the accident there was the light up event and the generator buried the sound of the gun. It was easy to dissapear in the crowd, that is why you picked that day right?

Why are you asking me? I am asking you for help. But I don’t care about helping you.

He asks her if she saw the bullet, she says she did not see the bullet. He sits in front of her and puts his hands up to cover her face and mutters that he thinks he saw something. She does the same to him and says suspicious things are like that, I feel like I saw something.

They look at each other like this for a moment. The tension builds.

Then Eugene puts his hand down and she follows suit. He asks her what her identity is. She asks the same of him, is he a freedom fighter. He asks her if she was him, would she tells him her identity?

She says that she does not know anything, she just knows paintings and stuff. Why do you work here? Are you a deputy diplomat? He tells her that he is the one asking questions….you can be excused now.

He gets up and walks away.

She leaves and gets in her palanquin.

EC asks GS waht the reason was for everyone to lvoe her and dote on her. GS explains that she is a super duper noble. Her grandfather got the cleanest politician award. Every spring they always open their storage to spread food to the people. Everyone in hanyang is helped by her family. She just does not know what is going on in the world, she just knows good things, she is just precious and adored.

EC mutters that she does not know what goes on in the world (sarcastically). Then he hits GS arm and walks out. GS runs after him.

In the palanquin, AS looks at her arm as if she is putting it over EC’s face again. Then she sees the streetcar driving by. One of her servants thinks the metal is so noisy. HD says that carrier people lost a lot of money due to that, but she was joking and starts to giggle. AS asks them if they can turn the carrier around so she can eat candy. They do as she says.

Another girl walks by and curtseys to the palanquin. Then seh goes to talk to Il-sik to sell something. It looks like she loves gambling and needs money so she is selling one of her items. IS tries to give her advice to stop gambling. If you don’t know who the stupid person in gambling is, that means you are the stupid person.
AS and her servants go to eat some French candy adn enjoy what they are doing. DM looks at them from the hotel window and tells a woman he is with that in Joseon you have to kneel and look at the ground around some people. You can’t open your mouth unless they talk to you. There are people like that. In Joseon, people call them butchers.

VO – How dare butchers come to the market?

The woman raises her head and says it is because you did not give me money for the meat. The woman kicks her and says how dare you look at me! She starts getting beaten up. Then she gets pulled to the barn and beeten some more and maybe sexually assaulted but the camera scrolls away.

The son yells at his father, what is a butcher! Why was I born to live less than an animal!

VO – Joseon mothers, to save their own kids, they kill themselves or they get abandoned by themselves.

Umma – Leave! Do whatever! Do not come in front of me again! I am sick and tired of the blood of butchers, before I kill you, just leave!

She attacks her son with a knife and cuts his face. He falls to the ground. But he stands back up and yells at her. He says he will never come back, he does not need butcher parents! he runs off just as his father comes back. The Umma falls to the ground. She had killed the man that attacked her, the father sees this, so that is why she made her son run away, otherwise they would all get killed.

DM – Do you know what I did in Joseon the first day I came back? I told everyone that I am a son of a butcher, I can kill anyone.

DM walks along a promenade or a street as the leader of a lot of Japanese people, they are all in traditional Japanese attire and there are dozens of them. He goes to the same home of the family that tortured his parents and kills the maids that beat up his mother and father all the time.

The main woman falls to the ground and begs Dong-mae to save her, she is sorry!

he stares at her but then he says okay, you should survive. But the Japanese people grab her and slice her achilles tendon. He tells her that she should crawl the rest of her life so she will crawl after him. You will want to die, but you should live like this. He turns to walk away as the house burns.

In teh present, he looks out the window at AS happily eating the French food. One of the men in the city says it is easy to play with Yangban girls, when they lose their virginity then they kill themselves, it is so convenient. Hahaha. DM looks at them and then thinks about his fortune of the meeting that he should not meet again.

The gesha in the room looks at him, but he jumps out of the window and walks to the two men. The city people wonder if this is a fight? But another man says it isn’t a afight, that guy just bothered him. Don’t look at it my young lady!

DM quickly pulls his sword and kills both men. The maid says that this guy is that little boy that they saved.

Flashback to a little boy that is looking through a window, then cut to the boy and Little AS in the same room looking at each other as if she just saved his life. They are both in her palanquin.

AS cleans her hands as she sits next to her bed. HD makes AS’s bed and grummbles that that guy does not even know kindness for a person that saved his life. AS does not comement and rather looksl ike she is in a contemplative mood.

Morning, EC sits outside and remembers how his mother died as well as the woman that was pregnant. GS asks him what he is thinking about. EC tells him that he was wondering where he should go. Should he go to his enemies or his helpers. The day is good for a little picnic. I am going somewhere, but I am not sure which one or where…maybe I am already there. GS wonders what he drank. They decide to eat breakfast first.

GS asks EC if he likes Joseon food since he has been in America for a long time. Eugene tells him that he never ate that food when he was in Joseon. GS starts talking about his big conspiracy, there is an American diplomat that is pro Japan. Maybe the assassin is American? Or maybe Japanese? The Japanese came to the house during the funeral and searched there, the wife and kid were abducted by DM’s gang members. They are so noticable.

The gnag members pull their swords on GS at that moment and says that they need a translator. Eugene wonders if these are those gang members? But the gang tell EC to just eat and not be concerned in their business. EC is all like, okay.

GS gets pulled away. In the background the towns people mutter that they should do somthing, no one comes back after being abducted like that. Eugene finished his food.

But then we see him following the Japanese group. They spot him and tells him to leave. Eugene says he is just walking the same way. So the gang pull their swords out and Eugene pulls out his gun. The thugs think this is not worth the trouble so they leave GS with EC.

EC asks if it is often that they need a translator? GS says he does not speak Japanese so he couldnt’ have done anything. Eugene wants to find out more so he wants to follow them. GS asks if he can lead him from behind and walks behind EC.

They walk to a Japanese street and night has fallen. It is a rowdy street. The gan walk down the street adn stop in front of EC and GS. The leader is upset that the diplomat is there and pulls his sword to attack! But Eugene shoots his gun and hits it. The gang stops. EC tells him you have to shoot first so they know. GS is so scared but EC tries to hold his own.

DM walks out from behind the group and tells EC that it is late and he pulled a gun here so he will be in big trouble, he might not greet him at his funeral so we should say our names. EC says that he is american. DM says he is Japanese today, he needs a translator but it was refused so he is sad. Eugene wants to know why he needs a translator? DM says he did not get his money. Four of his people protected Rogan and died, it costs a lot, but he could not talk to the widow. Can you talk to them American?

Eugene tells him that he wants to help him, but he is not good at writting letters. He tells GS to help them and leaves. GS is all like, whaaaaaaat? The japanese take him away. DM tells his thugs to send him back alive.

At the hotel, EC thinks Rogan’s life was bad since a lot of people are looking for him. Cut to the King says that they need that document that Rogan has but no one knows where it is. He awnts to let American’s stay here. The politician says that Americans only work for themselves not for them. But the King says that japan is so strong all over the world, this is the only way to stop their activity. You must find the document right away. The politician says he will do his best.
Cut to a meeting. The Americans around think it is stupid to bow to a letter and that Joseon people even bow to a telephone before answering it. GS gets the letter adn is told that it is a very important letter. EC rides by on his horse, GS wants to know where he is going/ They have an emperors letter! EC is all like, I have more important things to do, and rides off. The two Koreans grumble about how EC does not know about Korean customs after living in America for so long.

EC goes all the way to the river and runs into AS. She wonders if he is following her. He tells her that she is behind him so….~. Then he asks the woman at the river where the potter is. She says that she is not sure where this person is, right down your name at my restaurant and we will see. A lot of people did not get that pottery even if they stayed in my restaurant for several days. EC asks the name of the potter. The restaurant woman says that he wants the pottery and does not even know that name of the potter? He asks her if she can sale this boat? He knows how. AS says will pay her more money for the food.

Cut to EC rowing the boat out with AS in it. He says he will repay her when he has a chance. She smiles. he wants to know why she is going to that island. She responds that it is not the business of an outsider.

On the island, the potter is still there with a younger man. They are both looking at the pottery. The boy thinks they can’t sell one with a crack, but the potter says that the crack is the art. They notice EC and AS walking up and go to meet them. The potter knows why AS is there, but does not know why Eugene is there. Eugene smiles at him and remembers meeting him when he was little.

The potter asks him why he is there, Eugene says he thought a great potter was there but maybe he is not there? The potter goes off for a moment. Eugene tells him that he got old but he still has his temper. You used to say I-nom but now you are using jongdaemal? The man looks so confused with Eugene.

The potter starts talking to AS about bringing that guy there (I think) and says that he gives her a pass since she is the hunters friend. He starts yelling at Eugene and then his student. he yells for his student to bring his pot! then walks away.

Eugene did not reveal his identity to the potter yet. He walks ahead a few steps and thinks about hiding in the pottery boxes.

Cut to them leaving. AS bought several pottery items and they are riding out. EC asks how she can buy pottery that he can not buy, they are all broken ones. She tells him that they have had business for a long time. EC thinks she knows hunters and buys broken pots, he says that he thinks she knows that he is talking about. He splashes water on her but then says that it is a misunderstanding, he is just not good at sailing.

She starts shaking the ship and tells him that it was a misunderstanding, she is just not good with ships. Then seh asks him why he went to see the potter? EC says he knows him, the potter just does not remember him. Then he starts to talk about the rifle and how it is hard to use for a small body. He tells her that she should use a different rifle. But he just says that is his recommendation, he knows that she does not know what she is talking about. She agrees, she does not know what he is talking about.

EC then asks her how much it costs to buy that jewelry in Joseon 30 years ago? AS tells him how much it is worth. It is worth a lot more than his mother knew. EC thinks his mtoher didn’t even know how much that was worth.

he thinks for a moment about that, AS pulls him back out of his thoughts and tells him that she wears those jewels to show the difference between herself and her disguise. The newspaper says that now is the time of nostalgia. A lot of foreign things are going on, but to me, I am like a German rifle. You know, the reason you notice me is because of my nostalgia.

She smiles at him. He tell sher that that is a violent thing for a noble daughter. She tells him that she did not know he was on her side, so lets talk to each other more.

They row away, both of them know that they are the shooters.
Back at HS’s house, His mother comes home and talks to his father. They argue about sending a telogram and how it takes a lot of money to go to Japan. If he does not get married then our family is done! This woman is the one with the cut on her neck.

HS is looking at a telogram that is telling him to come back. It looks like he might be in Japan living with a woman. He lays on the ground and she lays with him. She asks him what he will do in joseon, he says he will not do anything. What did he do in Japan? Well, he met you. She call him a sinful man, he says that is true, he is a sinful guy. She grumbles that he is speaking Korean again, you will di it in Joseon, everyone is selling Joseon in your country. He agrees, everyone is selling Joseon, maybe there is no more Joseon left.

back in Korea, AS is talking to a tailor. She has her maid with her. It looks like her cousin bought some shoes but said that As will pay for it. AS says she will pay for it, but can I have the same thing? I will pick it up by myself, so let me know.

AS says that she will ride the train, she wants to see how fast it is, you never know if you don’t try. Would you like to go? The maid is excited to go and tells the other servant that they will ride a train! Your clothes should look better than this. Our lady is riding the Japanese Metal Horse.

They both start grumbling about their clothing and how they can buy things with no money. She wants to wear silk clothes and asks him to lend her some money.

Inside the tailor room, AS is getting her foot measured for the shoes. Eugene is also there getting a suit made and walks out to see them. The tailor tells him that he will be right with him. He leaves for a moment.

EC tells AS that he did not pack too many clothes, he is buying these to be here for a while. She says he looks good. He mentions that she does not know that color of his suit but she says that he looks good in dark brown. Can I ask you a question since you are American and we have this relationship. What is “L-o-v-e”?

Why do you ask me that?

Because I want to do it, I heard that it is better than gettng a job in an office.

Perhaps, but you can’t do it by yourself, you have to have someone to do it with.

Would you like to do it with me? I am a woman and I can shoot a gun

It is more difficult than shooting a gun, it is more dangerous and you should be hotter than that. Why are you asking me?

Because you are my comrade

Why do you think I am your comrade?

An american and 4 Japanese Gangsters died. You are me killed them but you did not turn me in. Do you hve any other name than comrade? Why did you kill him?

He disgraced America.

he disgraced Joseon also.

Joseon did not have any grace to lose. The assassination with be reported as the rest of the freedon fighters, I did everything that I planned on doing. (Accomplished his job).

Cut to Eugene putting on all his army clothing and looking in the mirror.

The young lady rides the train. SOme people bow to her and other people don’t bow to her. The maid grummbles that she does not know if it is Korea or China or Japan. They sit in the back and sit next to Japan soldiers. The soldiers are rude and point a gun at a poor couple, they say that old and smelly should not be apart of the Empire.

Then they say that AS is pretty and pull their gun. She stands right in front of the gun. He laughs and gives the gun to her. She pulls it from him and cocks it then turns to fire it on him. She asks him where to shoot it at him. But then a man comes in and takes the gun away and then walks away hurridly. It looks like that Hunter.

He goes to follow, but then a lot of Western soldiers come in, perhaps American soldiers? The Koreans are scared of the American soldiers and says that they heard they eat people (something like that) and they hope they will eat the Japanese.

AS wonders why American soldiers are in Korea.

The trains tops so AS and her people get out. But then the Americans pull guns on all the people there. It looks like they are searching everyone. The man tells AS that he has to search her dress and look under her skirt. The maid will not let this happen. But then Eugene walks in in slow motion, everyone salutes him. He tells AS that they lost a gun in the train.

AS asks him if he is a soldier? Why is a Joseon person in Western soldier clothing. He tells her that he never said he was a Joseon person. He is a Marine in the Navy. She asks him if this is what he wanted? Because of that American’s death, American solders come into Korea? Are you pressuring Joseon people in Joseon? Is this about losing the gun or something else?

She tries to mvoe closer to him but guns are pulled on her. He tells her that a rifle dissapeared. Don’t get confused, American guns do not care if you are noble or not, it is a democracy.

AS looks at his name and thinks that she cannot even read his name. She thought he was their comrade, but he is a stranger. Is he their enemy or is he on their side?

They stand there while veryone walks around them. The color fades from everyone except her and they keep standing like that.

Fade Out
I didnt’ get pulled deeper in this episode. It was a good episode with lost of gorgeous scenes and I am happy that EC and AS are starting to open up to each other about their camaraderie with shooting traitors. But that was pretty much pulled right back in at the end of the episode. Right now I am much more interested in Dong-hae and Ae-shin’s love story. Hopefully we will get more info about that in the next episode.

HM – All the power in Joseon is in man and all the men with power stay in Hotel Glory
HS – Kim Hee-sung
HN – Kudo Hina
EC – You should learn how to endure in Joseon in the future
AS – Are you a traitor for America?
EC – Are you the same side for the people that searched my room?
HN – (not sure what she says…something about what kind of woman she is?)
HD – The butcher woman killed a normal man
DM – You are a noble girl fed with happiness.
DM – Ajumoni, I slashed something other than cow or pig.
EC – Should I take my revenge
Ho-sun – (didnt’ hear what she said)
HS – I am Kim Hee-sung, your fiance
EC – If I do then I will kill him
HN – Guns, glory, sad endings….
VO – Yes, it’s a sad ending.

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  1. Ann
    July 14, 2018 / 4:34 pm

    Hi! Thanks for recapping! You quench my thirst for understanding the drama before the subs come out! I was wondering if anyone has seen any special preview episode and whether it helps in understanding the drama for an international viewer. The time period was rich in upheavals for Korea; the drama was quite clumsy (?) at integrating history within its narrative. With protagonists having allegiances to various countries, I wished it was clearer about what was happening at that period of history (more than just vague references to the queen/ better portrayal of american/japanese by the actors). I guess that it was meant to be a time of change- but with so many cuts, it was quite confusing…

    I like the drama- it’s gorgeous and intriguing, although some parts of it (episode 3) still feel like introduction/backstory. This is also a plus as the writer seems to develop a lot of her characters quite well and since the beginning of the story (although there are issues with the pro-japanese lead currently?). EC and DM are rather similar at the moment- the bastards finding a new home and coming back, just with different arms.

    What time frame will the drama cover?

    • V
      July 15, 2018 / 12:00 am

      I am not exactly sure what time period this covers off the top of my head. But I know it is before Japanese occupation of Korea. I think it is the turn of the 20th century and I feel like it might cover a relatively short time period (like months) though I am not for sure.

      • sashaa
        July 15, 2018 / 7:13 pm

        You are right, its right after the Spanish-American war, 1898 and the Korean king/emperor is back from his Russian legation. Rumors of a war between Russia and Japan is being mentioned in 4th episode (which was 1904/5). So, am guessing this drama will go well into that period.
        I absolutely love this time period they have chosen, I learnt so much!
        And changing of times (western influence) is a crucial period for any country.

        • V
          July 15, 2018 / 7:41 pm

          Ooh, thank you for the info Sashaa!

          I am really interested in this time period too. It really brings things together that I always had questions about. Like why are all foreigners considered American? O said it was because America was the first Western looking country in Korea so everyone who looks like that is just considered American.

          But I was always like, um….there are a lot of other foreigners in the world. But actually seeing it on the screen and how big of an impression America made on Korea makes it make so much more sense to me.

          • Sashaa
            July 15, 2018 / 8:08 pm

            Ah! I didn’t know that. Am sure Americans stand out anywhere they go. LOL.

            THE Russo Japan war was a very crucial one and the Japanese victory changed the course of east Asia for years to come. The treaty between Russia and Japan was overseen by USA. This Japanese victory had a direct effect on Korea with Japan annexing Korea in 1910(I think). Then, as they say, rest is history.

            Am very curious as to upto what point this story will go.

            Strangely, I feel this drama will be a ‘sad ending’ as the writers hinted.

            • V
              July 15, 2018 / 8:16 pm

              Now I want to find a history book to check all this out.

              I think it will be a bad ending too! Say it ain’t so! I have a feeling everyone will die. Or maybe the one person that everyone wants to have a happy life, will sacrifice themselves for the future of Korea.

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