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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Recap Episode 24 Final

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We are finally at the final episode. It has been a very long journey to get here. I was so just done with how this show ended in the last episode so hopefully this episode can redeem itself and gives some characters a good send off.

Other than that, I am happy I was able to stick it out for all the people who love this show! That makes me happy. ^_^

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On the couch the caption reds “last episode” in an old fashioned way. We see several people in the palace about to take a photo that Heesung is going to take. It looks like these are all the people who sold out Korea. Heesung tells them that this photo will be an important record for all of Korea, you should be remembered for ever. All the evil people puff their chests out.

In the geisha house, the husband has been shot and is dead. (I’m not sure who killed him). Dong mae comes in and either Eugene or DM says that this room was a good room to die. Though it is a little bloody? – a little bloody? It is like the Han river.

But then they hear all the gun shots outside as all the older people are killed. Haman is still alive and opens her eyes a little. She tries to move her hand to Ahboom and tells him not to wait anymore. I will be there soon.

The Japanese soldiers realize that they killed a bunch of old people and the carriage was empty. They don’t feel bad about it. Their leader tells them to go get the dead bodies, do not be empty handed!

Back at the slaughter, two women see that Haman is still alive and try to lift her up. Aeshin shows up to the scene and sees that Ahboom is dead, but Haman might be alive. Haman is sitting up when Aeshin goes to her side, she asks her why she did this. Why aer you here? Haman just says young lady….young lady. Aeshin says she should have stayed at their hiding point.

But Haman says that they needed to do this for the kids in the mountain and for you and for everyone to survive. The little baby that showed up on a rainy day and started her first step to the world. That was the reason for me to survive. That is the reason that I die also. I saw you like this…..t…j…s…*she dies*

Aeshin continues holding her and crying. But the soldiers are coming again. The people alert them all that they are coming. Dong-mae and Eugene also run up on the scene. The pople cover Aeshin with a womans garment and also cover the gun. They make a human shield in front of the carriage so that they can escpape. They all lock arms and don’t move even though their lives are in danger.

Eugene and Dong-mae just watch this unfolding.

VO – Joseph, Joseon people are the same. The army is desperatly fighting back even though they are losing. But there has not been a single deserter.Even though we are pushing them with overwhelming military power, they are coming back again and again.

To save that woman does not mean you can save Joseon. No, I have to save her. One day, I could be that woman. The Joseon that woman wanted to save with her own life, saves her(?).

The English teacher is also in the crowd standing with the people. The Japanese soldiers decide to retract, and says they will all be dead soon anyway. they ride away.

Eugene tells Dongmae that they need a horse. Dongmae says that the Japanese have a lot of horses. They go find one and shoot the Japanese solder that is on top. Then they let the horse and the dead solder gallop to the Japanese building.

Meanwhile, Eugene talks to Aeshin. She tells him that it is dangerous the way she has to go. She did not think that Haman and Ahboom would die. But now she thinks everyone can die. Eugene tells her that seh has to be prepared for everyones death, war is like that. Do you know where you need to go? I have another place. Don’t worry about me, I will take care of the rest here.
In the woods, some freedom fighters are trying to eat and drink by the river. But one of them is complaining and says that he came there to live not die. He also thinks that noble girl ran away. But one of the men tells him that they are not surviving, they are living, like that. He motions to the kids playing in the water. But the other man says he is worse than a kid.

Aeshin rides the horse up that they took (I guess they got two) and tells the potter that the last job was succesful….they all died. The potter asks for Aeshin to please put themselves together, these are the people that they saved. A woman walks up and lightly holds Aeshin and pulls her away.

Int eh city, Eugene burns all the remainings as he thinks about Aeshin and Ahboom. He tkes off his hat and tells them to please go to a nice place. If you see my mom over there….please give this to her. He throws his mothers hair thing in the fire as well.

Inside his house, Dongmae smokes opiods and mutters….5 days.

VO – The Japanese killed 6 honest Koreans. They are brutally killing people. All our countrymen. It is scary, but lets do this against the country.

The woman asks if he is really going to publish this. The Japanese are very strict about newspapers. Another newspaper guy is getting kicked out. Heesung tells her not to worry, telling the truth is his fate. I made a newspaper company with no name for this. Ah…I am so smart.

She tells him that he is so positive so seh can’t just be happy with his positiveness. She has a school friend that would like to help. Don’t worry about spreading it. He tells her that he picked a good new employee. She tells him that she picked a bad boss.

Eugene shows up just then and opens a package. Heesung says, because of this, I cannot betray the country. (I don’t know what was in that package). Heesung tells him that he gave him a big present for taking that. Eugene tells him this is the price. He gives him a letter. This would be a death list in the Japanese hands. But if you have it then it is a list that will live forever in history.

Heesung tells him that he should buy him a drink. Eugene says that Heesung is finally buying him a drink. They go to the bar and low and behold, Dongmae is sitting there. They all sit next to each other. Heesung is pretty shocked to see him there, Dong mae tells him this is not the only bar. They settle into their playful banter as Heesung asks for their finest drinks!

But Eugene tells Heesung to open his wallet now because he always gets drunk first and does not pay. Heesung says he did not buy because they were not there, you guys were not here, my friends. So, lets have a drink with friends. Gambae! They all toast, it is the first time that they toast. Heesung is so happy that they clicked his cup. He thought they would take their gun and sword out. Lets do it one more time GAMBAE! they click again and smile.

VO – The first word she learned was sad endings, we all have our own life but ended up in the same place.

VO – Breaking news, our path was all like us. The breaking news that spread around with kid hands, the opiods penetrating into his broken body….and the Korean flag that was held by a foreigner. The place where we ended up, I wonder where it will be between glory and sad endings. We did not know how to stop and had no reason to stop. Maybe it was patriotism. It was a hot day and passionate and hot summer night where any friendship can grow.

The Japanese get the breaking news. The main guy says that this one word in the Korean newspaper will shake Joseon more than anything I say. The other people tell him that it spread over night. They need to spread how everyone looked with a bounty. Whoever sees these people gets money. 50c for informers and 100c for if they are caught.
In the morning, the images of the four main freedom fighters are on display with their prize. Eugene sees it and walks around with GS. They talk about the little boy that used to work in the embassy. He wants to join the freedom fighters. But it looks like this boy might be working in the palace. Eugene thinks the palace is safer for him.

Later on, Dongmae gives the baker money and tells him that he wants him to have his business for a long long long time. He walks away, but then he sees blood coming out of his mouth. He collapses.

Dong mae wakes up with Eugene in his house. Eugene nursed him back to health a bit and asked him if he was okay. It was difficult to carry you here. Dongmae smiles and sits up, then he asks him if he dragged him, ugh, my back. Eugene tells him that he threw up a lot of blood. He changed a lot of his clothing around his wound, but his wound was too big. Dongmae thanks him and says that he cannot die today because it is the full moon.

Eugene understands and tells him to take care. Dongmae tells him to take care as well. Eugene says he should hate him, but he likes him, he is in big trouble. He walks out.

Outside, Eugene meets with a western reporter from the UK. They speak in English to each other. This person is Federick Aurthur Mckenzie. Someone told this man to tell Eugene , “how was the picnic?” (so it was Kyle). The next morning, Eugene takes this man to the freedom fighters in the woods.

Eugene tells them that this man is a reporter who wants to interview them. He wants to reveal them because they are hiding and the enemy is covering what they do up. No other country knows what is going on in Joseon or what you are doing. If other countries know what is going on in Joseon, then it is meaningful. They don’t believe Eugene and think that is easy for him to say.

Aeshin apologizes and says that he called him and agrees with his idea. The world does not care about this little country. We can at least let them know that we are fighting for our independence. The freedom fighters end up talking to the reporter and tells them all that they are doing. They are brave but they do not have good weapons, their rifles miss their target a lot, we know we will die like this, but it is better to die as a free man than to be a slave to Japan.

They ask the reporter if he can buy weapons for them, but the reporter says he is a war reporter, he cannot help either side. But he wants to take their photo. The men say that they are happy that this foreign reporter came there and is spreading the work around the world. It is okay to take a photo of us.

They all line up for the photo. They take it. It is the only photo of the righteous army. (I think they show the real photo). Later on, Aeshin thanks Eugene. he says he put his life on the line only for one fallen shoe. She smiles and asks him if he did that all for that one day? I need to leave, my comrades are waiting. She walks away, but then turns around and shows him that she has her ring around her neck. He smiles and shows his ring on his finger.
In the city, Dongmae also thinks about Aeshin. he is thinking about the moment she dressed his wound. He goes to a cafe and thinks about her all day and into the night. But then Aeshin shows up and gives Dongmae a coin. She tells him that she is there to pay him back. He looks at her and says that he thought he would not see her because she did nto come for the other full moons. But today is my last day.

He stands and tells her that she paid for everything, she does not need to come anymore. She asks him if he is leaving? he tells her that she cannot come with him. She heard that he was injured and might need her help. He asks if she wants to put him in her carriage again? This time I will not be in your carriage. As soon as I join the Japanese gangsters, everything was already decided. If I ride that carriage again, then you wll be in danger and I will be the one that is followed. Young lady, you should fly now.

Aeshin- that he is fed up with good things yangban, do you know how much that tortured me?

He walks away and does not turn around.

The young soldier tries to teach everyone how to fight and use a rifle. they do not have enough rifles so two people need to move together. If one person dies then the other one needs to pick up the rifle and fight. he also shows them the money and letter they have.

That night, the bad guy freedom fighter steals the letter and run off.

Letter – We are killing the spies with the name of the Korean citizens.

He is about to run off to give it to someone, but the slave hunter guys jump out and stop him. They ask him if they know why he is dying? then CS slices his throat right away. But then the Japanese soldiers show up. CS and IS hide in the woods and talk about how that guy brought the japanese soldiers also. They think they are legends, they need to have some gun sounds. But if they run away, they will shoot also. yeah, that’s true, lets run away. We know how to get away.

They run up to the path and scream, then run away. the soldiers run to chase after them.

In the hiding place, Eugene tells them that their faces are everywhere in the city. He is talking to the potter. The potter gives him money that they recieved from everywhere. Eugene jokes, do I just take this and leave? they laugh, but then Eugene asks what he wants him to do? The potter tells him that they need a train ticket to Pyongyang. They need 12 tickets. the kids and youngsters and women and the young lady. Joseon’s future.

Dongmae waits at the harbor. He puts his sword housing on the ground which means that either you will die or I will die. the Japanese gansters all walk up to him and stop. They tells him that he is welcoming them. Dongmae tells them that they are one day late. He counted ten days.

They tell him that the weather was bad so the ship was late. Dongmae thinks God must have helped him. The bad guy tells him to take him. He drags a man forward. This is Dongmae’s #1, but he is dead. They laugh and tells DOngmae that he is finally meeting him, he was loyal to you.

VO – Maybe this is the last thing I have to do in Joseon.

Dongmae looks at his dead fiend and then looks at the thugs. He tells them that he still can kill anyone. then he charges and starts slicing them all up, but he gets sliced as well. However, he keeps fighting and is able to kill a lot of them. But then one of them stabs him right in the gut. It only slows Dongmae down as he continues killing them all even though he cant stand. He just cuts they legs so they will fall and stabs them.

But they got him several times as well, so when they are all dead, he falls to the ground and looks at the sky. he is taken to a flashback where he saw Aeshin in her noble clothing as she walked into his dojo house. He smiles as he thinks about this. It is the first time she gave him a coin.

he also thinks about the first time they met in the carriage. When he said she was a fed yangban girl. Do you know how hard of a time that gave me?

VO – I am a bad guy…I thought yu forgot about it, but it hurt you so much. If I had one moment of your life….I would be okay with that.

His eyes close and his head rolls to the side.

It looks like there are several of the thug still alive. They yell, let’s scrub Joseon! They drag Dongmae around from a horse. We see a kind of split screen were the top are Dongmae and his thugs, the bottom are the new thugs with Dongmae being dragged. They dissapear one by one and Dongmae is left, he watches his body being dragged and then walks off and dissapears.

The potter talks to all the freedom fighters about how their plan has changed. They were about to buy weapons from Russia, but now that part of Manchuria has become part of Japan, so we cannot get the weapons. We will go there and get them ourseves because our weapons are old. So from now on, get ready. To move efficiently, I will divide you into groups.

He starts to divide them all into ground. Aeshin is the leader of one of them. They have the train tickets so the Potter tells them it won’t be easy. But it looks like he is saying the opposite thing as he told Eugene. All the young fighters are going and the women and children are staying? He keeps talking about the plan to them.

All the children are hungry so the women try to comfort them and tell them that they will not be hungry when they sleep. Aeshin offers them her food to share. Then she plays the music box for them. They all listen to it as the rain falls. Aeshin listen to it as well. Then Eugene shows up, he has something in his hands for the potter and tells him that he brought Joseon’s things back to Joseon.

The Potter tells him that he is the captain of the 4th department. But it might be a joke because there was only one in the group and he came back so there were no problems. They all laugh. he is in the 4th platoon which is the foreigner platoon.

They all look at a flag from the emperor, but then a little boy puts his hand prints on the flag. One of the guys tells him that he is in trouble, but he is joking. They all talk about how they will get their independence. They ask for mud, but a woman says they can use this plant which dies you nails. They all get the ink on their hands and put their hand prints on the flag.

Eugene and Aeshin look at their died fingers. Aeshin tells him that he is the only boy doing that. But then we cut right to the train. Two of the freedom fighter guys are dressed like Japanese solders and check in the freedom fighters. But Aeshin does not get in, she stops and looks around. They tell her to get in. However she says that this is the Joseon that she will never see again.

GS talks to the young maid and dresses her like a boy so she can get out.

In the Japanese offices, the governor looks at who makes the newspaper, they have a clue. It might be Kim Heesung. The policeman stands up and asks if it is that Kim Heesung? Perhaps they will get promoted again. Lets call the governer.

Meanwhile, Kim Heesung is in a photo processing room looking at the images that he took. He tells them that, for his useless life, you all were glory to me. He starts to pack everything up. he digs a hole and tells them that this is the best location, don’t get caught for a long time and be found later. He starts to bury it.

His assistant comes so he gives her his camera. He tells her that he supports her. She asks if she is being fired? He tells her not to come there for awhile or you will be in danger also. he keeps burying the items. But she grabs the shovel and tells him to just step on it, you should come back to pick it up, I will keep it in a safe place. Then she runs off with the shovel.

He yells, okay, I will come back to get my shovel! then he starts packing again. But then the police come and he is arrested.

In the woods, the Japanese soldiers are executing people. The freedom fighter thinks tha their plan must have leaked, maybe the third platoon is in danger. The potter tells the freedom fighters that they need to rescue them, so they start to kill all the Japanese soldiers.

In the city, one of the Japanese men tells the others that the train has rebels on it. Don’t leave your position. Eugene talks to GS and the maid about it. He tells the maid that she has good sense. The train is dangerous so go to Stella at the English school. Take my bag. GS grabs Eugenes hand and writes something on his palm. It looks like he wrote his name, Im Gwan-soo. He starts crying. Eugene tells him that he is always thankful, be well.

They hug it out, but then GS quickly escorts the maid away.

Inside the train, Aeshin is asked for her ID and ticket by one of the freedom fighters who is dressed like a Japanese soldier. He tells her that the train is delayed. The Japanese may have figured them out. Aeshin tells them that the train needs to leave now. She gets up and tells them to follow her, they have to get the train to leave.

Outside, Eugene talks to a man. He knows this man becuaes Heesung told him about it, but the man does not know him. Eugene starts to speak English, but then changes to Japanese and tries to talk about the Mori family in Japan, he wonders how he is now. The man tells him that Mori died 3 years ago, sorry. But then a soldier tells this man that he should not take the train today due to rebels that might be in the train.

Eugene keeps talking to the man as they walk. They talk business. the man asks him why he is going on the train. Eugene tells him he will meet his lover. The man smiles, he is going for business, but love is better.

Inside the train, the Freedom fighter holds a gun to the conductors head and tells him to start the train. The man thinks he is a Japanese soldier so he quickly starts it. Outside, everyone has to run to hop on it, inculding Eugene and the business man. Eugene helped the business man on, so the man is very thankful. he wanst to get Eugene a whisky. But Eugene tells him that is okay, he has to go to a regular room.

The man wonders if Eugene is frugal. Eugene goes to the room where one of the freedom fighters is. But he tells him that they should greet each other later. You must protect your comrades, you are a lion. Now I can say that I am proud of you and that I missed you also.

In another cart, soldiers walk around looking for Aeshin. One of the kids say that there are Japanese! But he is dressed in Japanese clothing so it is strange. There are the other freedom fighters so one of the woman has to cover for the boy and says, in Japanese, that the boy is much to excited to ride the train.

In another cart, Eugene sits with Aeshin. But he sees the soldiers and tells them that he has to leave soon and go to the expensive carriage section. Aeshin asks him what he is going to do, he only has one bullet. Eugene looks at her gently and says he will do what he always does, he can use this one bullet wisely.

They hold hands firmly, but then he lets go as he walks off to the other cart.

The freedom fighters are able to kill all the Japanese soldiers in the woods. They need to gather all the weapons and go treat the wounds. But then a lot more soldiers show up and surround them from a vantage point. This may have been a trap. The potter looks around, one of the soldiers asks if they can win. The potter says he is not sure, but glorious moments are not the only moments that make history. We should fight and let people know that we were here, we were scared, but we fought to the end.

They pump themselves up and says, lets do this, we only live once. I had a good dream last night, I think I can take at least half of them to hell. Lets do it. They cock their guns and run forward into all the soldiers. The Korean flag with all their hand prints swings in the wind as they charge.

In the train, Eugene goes back to the rich mans cabin and tells him that he knew he would be back. He has the whiskey ready. Eugene says he does not have time, he has to save his lover. The man says that she is in the train? Eugene says yes and then asks him if he knows who killed Mori? The man says rebels. Eugene tells him, no, it was the American that ran away from Joseon. he pulls his gun on the man.

In Seoul, Heesung is being heavily tortured. they know he wrote the newspaper and they know that he was engaged to Aeshin. They want to know where the list is. He says the names. Heesung just smiles and says those are very very pretty names. he gets punched again. But then he says he likes pretty and useless things…moon….starts….flowers….jokes….all those things. That is why you put me together with them, it is my honor.

The man tells him to speak in Japanese! Then he hits Heesung over the head hard with a bat. that looks like it was the final blow as Heesung falls to the floor. He closes his eyes and is kicked by the guard, but he does not move.

Back on the train, the solders are heavily looking through everyones things. Aeshin is sitting calmly, but her hands are clenched. The freedom fighter is standing next to her. But one of the soldiers asks this freedom fighter which platoon he is with. Don’t you hear me! But Aeshin says they are looking for her. She takes off her hat and starts shooting them.

the other soldiers trie to run into the room, but the other freedomf ighters block them. Aeshin is able to kill a lot of the Japanese, but she does not have enough bullets and has to hide. The soldier hides as well. It is only a matter of time before they are found. But then Eugene comes in with the rich man, he has a gun to his head and tells the soldiers to retract!

he walks forward with the man and passes Aeshin and the other soldier. They stand behind Eugene and cock their guns to the Japanese men as they continue to walk forward and the Japanese soldiers walk backwards. Aeshin whispers to Eugene that her gun is empty. What should they do? Eugene says they are walking forward, they just need to go a little more, they will have a tunnel soon.

I am telling this to you, don’t cry, this is my history and my love story, that is why I am going this way, for your victory. Eugene tears up and then looks behind him, he tells Aeshin that she should move forward, he is moving one step backward. He smiles and then yells that they need to move forward.

He runs forward into the next cart and then uses his last bullet to disconnect the cart. The carts break. Aeshin runs to the front and sees Eugene smiling t her as their carts separate. Eugene blocks all the soldiers from getting back into the car before it goes far enough away and is shot several times. But he still manages to stay standing to continue blocking them.

Aeshin screams and cries and collapses to the floor.

Eugene is still alive somehow, they have gone to the other side of the tunnel, he looks up at the sky and we see an image of him as a child, then he falls and blood trickles from his hand.

The head Japanese person tells someone not to let anyone know about the freedom fighters, they should not be in history.

With the King, GS tells all the names of the freedom fighters that died. he is kneeling in front of the King and crying as he recites all the names. The King stands stoically in front of him and cries.

In the English school, the young maid opens the bag that Eugene gave her. There is the ornament that his mother gave to him nd there is a picture of Aeshin and Eugene.

Dear Kyle,

I am sorry to tell you about Eugene chois death, he was born in Korea but went to America, he died in Korea as a foreigner. Can you ask the Japanes government if we can bury him in the foreigner cemetary in Joseon?

God Bless You,
Im Gwan-soo

Kyle cries as he reads this letter.

Cut to the two slave hunters turned merchants turned freedom fighters. They are the only two still alive. They read a letter that Heesung left them.

Letter – Sorry to leave this message, but please take this watch as my rent.

Several men come up and asks if they are opening their business again. Do you accept this? I picked it up on the street. What he is holding is Dongmae’s sword. We see a montage of all the dead peoples remains in the shot, the shoes, the sowrd, the spear, the watch, the pottery, and the Russian doll.

They say that the doll sells well, lets put it there.

VO – When you read this, maybe I am not in Joseon, tomorrow, we will all go to Japan together. Maybe that is our goodbye.

Eugene puts the RUssian doll on his desk.

VO – Wherever you are, I wanted to be in front of you. I did not know that you would be seperated from me.

Back in Japan, Eugene got the image of him and Aeshin, he smiled at it and sat outside the shop to look at it.

VO – All the steps we walked together, my forever passed. All the time I spent with you was like a picnic for me.

He laughs as he looks at the photo and kisses it.

But then the camera scrolls to Eugene and Aeshin eating fish. She is in her noble clothes and eating fish. he tells her that he told her he was good with fishing, I caught everything. She is happily eating the fish. he tells her that she did not catch anything today, seh only help his hand. She asks what the nglish name for fish is. he tells her it is “fish,” so she starts saying it. Then she tells him that she learns everything quickly, does this start with P? He tells her that it starts with F.

She gets mad and tells him that they need to wrap it up, they should not be in someone elses house long. i am busy, I should leave. they laugh.

VO – are you still saving Joseon? You should. Go Aeshin was very hot like a flame. I love that Go Aeshin a lot. So, goodbye.

Aeshin is on a mountain giving lessons to all the freedom fighters on how to fire a gun. The maid is in this group as well. She tells them that when you fire a gun, people will know where you are at, so what should you do?

Shoot one more time?

No, run away, so run! They all run by her as she smiles.

VO – It was a shining day, all of us were flames and fire. Now we are going to be fire again with this little kindle that our comrades left us. My soul is not big yet so our goodbye was short. Goodbye comrades, see you again in a free Korea.

She looks at the sky as the Korean flag with everyones hand prints flys behind her.

A new batch of people look at Eugene Chois gravesite.

1863-1907 Eugene Choir “The Greatest Noble one, stil lon a picnic in Joseon”

This boy looking at it is the little boy that is all grown up.

VO – Yes, I will move forward, this is our fight, master.

he puts on his hat and salutes Eugene Chois gravesite along with other soldiers behind him. Then they march away.

“ See You again in a free Joseon”


That was a sad ending, for real. But the fight goes on. Gaksital would be the perfect next drama to watch.

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  10. Rose
    September 30, 2018 / 1:57 pm

    Just finished watching the english sub…..man oh man! I read the recap, i know the deaths….but damn! Watching it made it more tragic! All the main characters death is equally tragic and well done by the film director. I almost forgot i was watching a tv drama, if they have more budget for extras to be used for the fight scenes, it would have been as good as a movie. Seeing AS running towards EC in the train while EC was being shot….i lost it! I was crying….that scene was awesome….tragic but awesome! I think i need to watch a feel-good drama to calm my emotions right now….thank you again V.

    • V
      October 1, 2018 / 2:31 pm

      The fight scenes were definitely ah-mazing.

  11. Lolita
    September 30, 2018 / 3:37 pm

    …just got through it — gotta take a rest now — comment to follow (much much) later…

    • V
      October 1, 2018 / 2:28 pm

      It is definitely a lot to get into.

  12. tbafs
    September 30, 2018 / 3:44 pm

    You deserve a star for taking one for the team on this one, V. Even with the best will in the world, I baled after the 5th episode. I present you with your MVP virtual award. You are definitely appreciated.

    • V
      October 1, 2018 / 2:28 pm

      You are the best Tbafs, I humbly accept 🙂

  13. tine
    September 30, 2018 / 9:11 pm

    thank you so much for the recaps of this show. i am very greatful…more power to u and your team!!!

    • V
      October 1, 2018 / 2:27 pm

      Thank you so much, Tine!

  14. Anonymous
    October 19, 2018 / 12:21 pm

    Que bueno que pude saber el final vi hasta el capítulo 23 gracias Mercedes de Cuba.

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