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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Recap Episode 22

A woman rests her head on a man in Mister Sunshine
I enjoyed the last episode. That was the kind of heart pounding action I thought this entire drama would bring. Now that Eugene shot a hole into the American embassy, my guess is that Aeshin and Eugene will be taken into custody of the Americans and put in jail, though I’m clueless for what will happen after that.

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We open with DM and the quiet girl. He has finished talking to her and now his #1 asks him where he is going. Dm tells him that he is going to Japan, if he does not leave in a month then take everything.

#1 says this is all because of this woman? DM tells him that woman is just a girl to him. #1 kneels and says that he is going with him, if he goes to Japan then he will die. DM yells, that is why I abandoned you guys! The entire world is my enemy so I have to go.

The quiet girl runs up to him and silently pleads with him to stay. But he still walks out.

Meanwhile, Eugene and Aeshin run through the streets of Japan as they try to get to the mebassy. Eugene shoots through the window and all the military personel come out. He tells them he is captain Eugene Choi Kyle can confirm it.

The man asks them what is going on, who are they! They start shooting at the Japanese men so the Japanese men stop and retreat. The men also stop firing at them.

Kyle comes out and confirms that it is Eugene. He takes them to protective custody in jail.

Kyle talks to one of the other commanders. Kyle tells him that the woman is married to a US marine so we have to protect her. The head commander does not want to. Kyle and the commander argue and Kyle brings up his arm that he lost fighting for him. The commander tells him, fine, lock them up for now.

Eugene and Aeshin are together in their detention, she apologizes for this, it is all her fault. He says it already happened, lets just sleep, we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. She tells him that he is so calm, but he says that his heart is racing because they are sitting so closely together.

He tells her to lean on him, so she does. She tells him to be with her until morning. He says he will sit like a painting until then. She closes her eyes and he looks at his ring then, he looks at her.

On the seas, DM looks out at the water on a boat.
Flashback of DM holding his sword to a mans neck in the woods. He tells him that they do not have enough time so listen, I told you I saw a lot of people before, when I released you in the harbor, who do you think I also saw? As I saved you, I will also save the young lady. It is difficult without Japanese help, where is she? Japan.

The head thug tells his people that Americans will not protect Joseon people, so just wait.

Aeshin hops up and tells Eugene that she was insane, she had a very good nights sleep in this situation. He says that he is happy that she did. But then he tells her that they don’t have enough time, lets say goodbye here. This is our fareawell from me.

They hug and she tears up. He holds her head warmly and they think about how thinks could have been.

Then they look at each other again, but Aeshin cannot look him in the eyes. She tells him not to say goodbye, say see you. He tells her, see you again.

They both tear up, but he wipes his tears when he hears someone coming. He asks her if he trusts that she will be okay in the future. Then he leaves. It looks like Eugene thinks he will be shipped back to America as a soldier who did not take orders and she will be released because she is not an american citizen.

Outside, an american soldier might have died. There is a coffin with an American flag on it that Kyle is trying to take somewhere. But the Japanese men do not want him to leave. They stop him and look at the person in the coffin, it is a dead man.

Kyle hits the thug in head and tells him that he dishonored the death of an American soldier.

Cut back to Kyle conversation with Eugene. Eugene knows that a corporal died during duty and asked if he could leave with him. That was Kyles last favor to Eugene.

So Aeshin was able to get away and meets with the Japanese potter student. She will need to send a message to someone.

The Japanese consolate talks to the trator husband about the pottery that WI had but he does not have anymore. It is all in his house.

They all bow when a VIP person shows up to Japan.

The VIP person goes to meet with the Emperor of Korea and thanks him for signing the documents. It seems like this guy is a governor of Japan.

Elsewhere, HS gets a telegram from Japan. But he tells the person who gave it to him that he never knew this guy before. He walks and meets with HS who is holding an 8 ball. He asks her if she is interested in pocket ball. She is not, it is too noisy for her, but she says that she is here because she is hiding behind the 8 ball.

He asks her if she got a telegram from Japan from this person? HS tells him that she thinks their telegrams where switched, but they have the same message. It in an SOS. They tell the emperor that Aeshin is trapped in Japan.

The emperor tells someone that he wants to send some people to Japan as a thank you. But when the person leaves he talks on the phone to HS, he asks if she heard and tells him that they need to get Aeshin out of Japan. (she might be like a symbol to Joseon because her father was the biggest noble but got destroyed, so everyone wants to save her).
In Japan, DM runs into Hee-sung’s old girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Aeshin puts on her man clothing again and puts her ring around her neck as a necklace. But the thugs find her and start to try and catch her. She is in a corner as they dig their swords into her hiding place.

But then DM shows up and starts fighting them off which gives Aeshin a moment to get up with her rifle to shoot. But she sees DM and stops frozen. DM kills them all, but he is stabbed in the arm.

They both go to another room with the young potter. He asks what this place is. DM tells them that it is a persons house in Tokyo, that person is in Korea right now. So they think it should be safe.

Aeshin says they have a way to survive now, but the young potter says that they won’t survive but Aeshin needs to survive. He is Japanese so he will stay there. His family is somewhere so he will find them. They have a heart felt goodbye. The young potter asks Aeshin to tell his teacher to be well. She says she will tell him and she is really thankful. He tells DM to please protect the young lady and then leaves.

DM comments that they just met but he does not use jongdaemal, he should have asks him where his home town is. Then he tells Aeshin that a lot of people are trying to protect her. He tells her about the emperor and all the people that are trying to protect her.

She wants to know if he is going back? he smiles and tells her not to worry about him, he spent a lot of time at the bottom of society, he can protect himself. She tells him that he also came to save her, thank you so much.

She grabs his hand that is bleeding pretty seriously and looks at his wound. She tells him to wait and starts to prepare something to dress it. She rips a garment or table cloth or something and ties it around DM’s arm.

AS – I will repay you after 3 months, you should be there to accept the money.

DM – You save me like this, each time…please rest.

He leaves. She watches him walk out. He is just on the other side of the door and is sitting. He grips his bloody sword and thinks.

The diplomatic visitors show up to Japan. Aeshin starts to read a poem. It is the same poem that HS read. She says that he is right, letters also have power.

A woman comes in so Aeshin cocks her gun in her face. But then she puts it down. The woman says that the emperor sent her.

Outside, Aeshin is in her noble clothing ocne again and will be escorted in a red sports car.

Eugene is back in America. he is in military court and has to explain himself. He says he was being chased by Japanese samuri and the woman with him tried to protect him. His final words are that he really appreciates America for protecting him. But the Judge says that his actions were treasonous and his superior Kyle is also in trouble. They are about to say the final judgement.

In Japan, DM is surrounded on the beach by Samuri. He pulls out his sword to fight.

Eugene gets charged with 3 years in prison and dishonorable discharge.

On the beach, DM kills them all, but dozens more show up with the boss. The boss says that his son finally has something that he treasures more than his own life, how dare he. DM stands and pulls out his sword. But the boss stabs him right through the gut before DM can do anything. He falls into the sea and sinks to the bottom, his sword is released from his hand and drifts away.

Eugene goes to military jail.

In Glory Hotel, HN tells HS that he has a gift from Japan. Mori was attacked by an unnamed man. They say that his gun is always pointed in the right direction. HS says that he cheered his life.

DM’s thugs all decide to leave Seoul.

In the palace, Aeshin meets with the King. He says that everyone is happy that she is back in Korea. He wants to give her a present for what she has done.

His servants bring in the gift. In it is a Western dress and a sniper rifle. He asks hre if she likes it. He tells her to try and be alive. This is the sad emperors request who lost his son, wife, and country. This is my request to you.

Aeshin then goes to meet with HN. They meet where they always meet. But this time it is happier. Aeshin thanks her for working with the emperor to save her. HN says she does not have to thank her, they both lost someone. HS lost her father. Aeshin asks what she is talking about. HN tells her that WI, that traitor, was her father.

Aeshin thinks back to all the times HN talked about her father. HN tells her that she did not know this? Well, you may not know this as well, the one who killed you parents was my father. Joseon is this small.

AS – You and me, from the beginning we can’t be friends.

HN – Go to the cemetary, this is me repaying you for my fathers debt.

Aeshin goes to the cemetary, Haman and Ahboom are waiting for her there. they are so happy to see her. Aeshin asks how they can be there. Ahboom says that they took her aunt to China safely, but they came back for her. Haman thinks that Aeshin got too skinny without her.

Meanwhile, HS’s mother is meeting with several other women about the wife that HS will choose. They think that AS was so pretty so HS will have a high standard. But then another young woman comes by with food and says that she will come back later.

This woman is the daughter of a fallen noble family. She is taking care of her younger siblins. The mother is interested in this young lady.

This young lady goes to meet with IS and CS, she heard that they can do everything, she wants to get married. She points to HS and says this is her husband to be, she wants him.

HS tells her that his fate is that he is too handsome, he does not want to get married. But seh tells him that his mother wants him to get married. Her brother is in the military school but his sponsor is gone so he is having a hard time. CS asks if the sponsor was the american guy.

She says yes and then says that she is the young masters sister. They tell her to sit over there, they will sign for the sponsor. HS is all like, what, I did not say yes! But the other guy says he can copy his sisgnature so perfectly, don’t worry! They both run off.

the girl starts to sew as she waits. She is sowing another flower for him for his sign board because his flower is all dried up. She gives it to him and tells him that it will not go bad. he takes it. he looks at it and then looks at her.

Back at Glory Hotel, HN practices fencing. She knows that the gangsters left Seoul. She remembers saying that bad people die quickly. But then she sees a japanese flag and walks thorough her drying sheets to see.

A lot of soldiers are at her hotel. The soldiers tell her that she has to empty her second floor for the Japanese imperial solders. She can continue doing business on the other floors. The Korean flag goes down and the Japanese flag goes up.

HS – If you take it like this, should I cry? Should I step into Joseons independence?

1907, early summer. Aeshin is bowing outside and is wearing boy clothing again, but it is Joseon clothing. She has her ring on a necklace around her neck.

There is breaking news inthe city. The baker picks it up.

News: In Tokyo, there is a job fair where people charge 10 coins for adults and 5 coins for military. They put Joseon men and women in a cage and charge money to look at them in a Tokyo job fair. (So basically you can be masters of Joseon people).

Japan basically destroys Korea and treats the people like animals, so montage of all of this.
In the palace, the Japanese diplomats try to pressure the emperor and tells him not to do anything. The palace is filled with traitors to Korea. SG is still in the palace. The emperor asks if they should really not do anything? The people say that Japan is stronger than Korea so they should not have a war and that the Emperor is a danger to Korea. They want the emperor to kill himself? Or go to Japan and apologize to the emperor.

HS reads the news and crumples it up. Then a woman runs up and tells HS that a lot of traitors are in the palace and try to take the emperor down.

Back at the palace, the emperor is under a lot of pressure. They want him to step down and not be King anymore. Another man holds a gun to the emperor and tells him that he does not know what is going on. But SG holds a gun to this man and says he will kill him, tell me to kill him and I will do it.

But then more guys with guns come in and point them at the emperor. Th emperor tells them to take their weapons down. he takes off his glasses and says that he will step down.

The men wants to arreest SG, but the emperor says not to touch him. He gave him his position, but he will not give SG to them!

Eugene is out of prison and walks that same street. He looks at his music box store then goes to church. He gives a bible to a pastor, it might be Josephs bible. The pastor thanks him and asks him if he listens to someones prayer that does not pray.

Eugene goes outside and listens to minstrels playing. He imagines Aeshin walking around in her western clothing.

VO – Where you with me for my entire journey. What is the reason for you to shake my life like this?

He remembers his trip to America in a flashback. But then a man takes to him and says he is going somewhere, can Eugene help. Eugene helps him out. This man is a Joseon person. he talks to him about what is going on in Korea, what happened to the Russia Japan war?

The man says that japan won the war, Korea had a treaty with Japan and they took Joseons independence. Everything is Korea is being ruled by Japans with Koreas permission. America is the first to have a relationship with Korea, but left the earliest. The consulate is gone. A lot of fellow countrymen try hard to spread the word.

The man asks Eugene’s name. This man says that his name Ahn Chang-ho (Legendary freedom fighter leader, he is a very important figure). He tells Eugene that there are freedom fighters that protect the country, I am one of them.

Eugene looks like he has a spark of life again.

Eugene walks determined to a train.

VO – My God, I will use the rest of my life for this. Please keep her alive, for only that reason, I can fly up there happily.
the freedom fighters bomb a pro japan newspaper company. Aeshin is still a smiper and is on top of a building taking people out.

the next morning, her face is drawn on a wanted poster. The girl that sewed for him is standing next to HS as he looks at this wanted poster. She asks if this is the woman. He tells her that no women are here, only good people. But she tells him that he has another woman in his heart.

HS thinks back to telling Aeshin that she has another man in her heart.

VO – So you felt like this….pitiful feeling.

He removes the girls hand from his heart, then a lot of Korean soldiers show up, they are going to the palace because the emperor was forced out. All the Korea citizens mourn for their emperor, in the streets. HS looks at the scene as a man wonders, how can they take down one countries emperor like that?

HS goes with this man to a house, it is Dong-mae’s old house. She tells this man that she will buy it. No one else wanted to buy it because it is a gangsters old house.

HS walks into the house and touches something of significance to her. She remembers telling DM not to die before her, she will be a worse person than him, so don’t die before me.

She tears up as she holds this cloth.

Cut to an opiod place in manchuria. There is a man there, he is holding a coin. It is Dong-mae, he is still alive.

Eugene goes to meet with Kyle. They happily greet each other and drink. Eugene tahnks him for helping him and her. Kyle is Kyle and is all like, that was the fourth sentence in my poem, the best one yet. they keep drinking. Kyle asks what Eugenes story is, why is he there?

Eugene tells him that he is going on another picnic toJoseon. He will be a real stranger. Kyle asks if Joseon is his homeland. Eugene says his homeland is America, even without his uniform, but he is not running away this time, he is moving forward. Kyle tells him that he can go to Korea, but he must promise that he will come back alive. Then he says they will need a lot of beers tonight.

Eugene asks why he wanted to be his friend, he fought another American because of him. Kyle says that Eugene is a good soldier and those other guys are idiots, and I believe in God.

Eugene – Thank you Kyle…my boss….my friend….my honor….I hope God will be with you.

Kyle – Good luck Eugene. I told you this before, but you didn’t listen.

They both laugh.

They talk about how a house burned and everything was lost, including the ancestors name. Joseon people are super stupid, they are rioting. We need to cut the route. Tell the new emperor to disassemble the military.

The military is disassembled.

In the military compound, the Japanese military tell the Korean military that they need to accept that the military is disassembled, you must accept it or you can be killed. From today, you are not soldiers. they give them some tiny bill and says that this is thank you money from the emperor. (it has the emperors face on it).

The Korean general speaks to himself and says that he could not protect his country, he can just die now. He gets his gun and shoots himself. Everyone hears it outside and says that their general killed themselves.

One of the cadets remembers what Eugene said, he predicted it all. He tells them not to return their weapons. The cadet tells them to run so the Japanese start to shoot them all but some of them get away. However, there are Japanese everywhere, shooting them. the cadets break into the weapons area and take all the weapons and bullets that they can get.

Inside the emperors palace, SG has three rifles and tells him that he is leaving. He calls the emperor his ex-emperor and tells him that he wants to fight. The emperor does not want him to, he wants him to live. But SG says his dream is to be a rebel. He will finally become a rebel.

the King cries.

In the military compoind, the Koreans are still being mowed down by the Japanese, they even have a guillotine gun. But SG shows up and takes out the person manning the guillotine gun. he runs up to his soldiers and tells them that they don’t have a lot of time or weapons, they will all die. he will open a way for them, so you can run away. They want him to come with him.

SG – If I run away, then who will protect this location? (what his father told him all those years ago) I am not the head of the Royal guard anymore. This is the order of the ex-royal guard.

The cadets nod, they understand that they have to do this. SG tells them to stay alive, then they will win. SG runs out to try and give them cover to escape. He just runs and draw their fire.

All the soldiers surround him and shoot him down, but they sees that SG has a bomb. he drops the bomb without lighting it. But then he is able to reach it, he pushes it toward a fire and blows them all up.

The cadets heat the explosion, but one of them says not to look back, just keep running.

It is pandemonium in the streets as all the Korean soldiers are being shot by the Japanese soldiers. the people of Korea try to stop the japanese. The tailor tries to attack a Japanese soldier and is saved by HN who is acting as a sniper with her hand gun.

Some soldiers are able to make it to SG’s secret place in the woods. Aeshin and the potter are there with some other people, they are filled in on what happened.
In the city, everyone is mourning all their dead sons and citizens who were shot in the street.

But the Japanese are happy and have a victory party for their team, in Glory Hotel. HN tells his waiter to give them enough drinks and take care of their food so they can drink until the end of the day.

Aeshin comes into town in her freedom fighter attire. Eugene walks through the streets and sees what happened, so many dead people are still in the street.

Dong-mae also walks the street of Joseon, he looks at all the dead.

They run into each other.

Eugene – It seems like you came back from a long trip?

DM – Maybe you just came back as well.

Eugene – I did not see her here on this side

DM – Not on this side also.

But then they hear a shot.

At Glory Hotel, a Japanese soldier holds HN’s hair and asks hr where she is going, what is this gun sound? Aeshin shoots that guard and saves HN. They both run away and the hotel explodes.

DM and Eugene see the explosion.

Fade Out

Y’all, this episode was AH-MAZING. Yesterday’s episode was as well as well as the previous two where they killed WI. I really wanted to drop this show so many times in the previous like 18 episodes due to not really being into the love storyline and being so bored with everything. I wish they could have condensed the first 18 episodes into 8 episodes and taken out a lot of unnecessary scenes. Then they could have the last 8 episodes as these episodes that they have now.

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  1. Rose
    September 16, 2018 / 8:06 am

    Tragedy after traged after tragedy……and im only in #3 of the recap 😭

    • V
      September 16, 2018 / 9:45 am

      A lot more to come.

      • Bonnie
        September 16, 2018 / 6:35 pm

        Are you really Kim Eun-sook? You are the J. K. Rowling of Korean Drama! Let me say that at last there is a bonafide heroine with real intensity. Thank you, how refreshing. So many times by the end of the show the plot lines of Kdrama become the concerns of the male characters. Her choices become his choices. Which for me is anti climatic and not really believable. The world steps out of the way for a woman who wants to change the world and has has a interior decorating plan. Women are entitled to be stubborn when they take responsibility for their own choices. Which young women need to hear again and again because the status quo does not support them and the world needs them. Thank you for your fine work. I look forward to all of your forthcoming creative efforts. Please write a novel in your spare time.

      • Anonymous
        September 28, 2018 / 2:20 pm

        Did you get a chance to see the Special Episode that aired on Sept 22?

        • V
          September 29, 2018 / 3:03 pm

          I didn’t get a chance to see it, was it good? I used that time to sleep a bit more 🙂

  2. Ida
    September 16, 2018 / 8:17 am

    Tuning in to this cos I’m at work atm and I can’t wait til I come home to find out what happens. Lol. Thank you for all the effort.

  3. Rose
    September 16, 2018 / 8:29 am

    I swear! DM must be a cat in his previews life 😂….he is still alive!!! 😍😍😍

  4. Rose
    September 16, 2018 / 11:35 am

    V, now i know what you meant by more to come! Oh my god! Am not sure if my eyes are just that bad or im watching netflix on my phone….did HN and AS got blasted together with Glory Hotel??!! I know they were running away from the hotel because its going to blow but the slowmow of the hotels blast looks like it caught the two woman! My eyesballs almost popped-out! 😱😱😱😱….im still trying to settle my emotion about SGs death and this follows? Then no preview?! WTH?! 😱😱😱😭😭😭

  5. Rose
    September 16, 2018 / 11:46 am

    Thanks again for the recap V….i swear, Eugenes face at the end scene was exactly my reaction when the hotel blew-up.

  6. Shorebunny
    September 16, 2018 / 1:54 pm

    This show is a partnership between Studio Dragon and Netflix. Traditional dramas are 16,18,20,or 30 episodes. So complaining about a series that’s a hit globally and in Korea is going to fall on deaf ears. Hyori Lee b&b is also globally a hit on Netflix and we want a third season but JTBC purchased the house from them so it might not happen since the neighborhood people were being annoying after filming was over.

    • V
      September 17, 2018 / 1:09 pm

      Aw man, is that what is going to happen to Hyori B&B? So they moved?

  7. Anonymous
    September 16, 2018 / 2:59 pm

    OMG. I’ve never been more happy to be wrong. DM saving AS and finally fighting as a team was wonderful. AS finally realizes there is real goodness in DM. DM is an amazing swordsman so no wonder the Boss considered him his son. When he was floating in the water, tears swelled in my eyes. Then seeing HN with tears in her eyes seeing DM’s house and clothing almost broke my heart. But miraculously, DM survived. I agree a cat with hopefully 7 lives left since he already has survived 2 death experiences. SG died a hero like his father. What an amazing man. Now it appears the RA will have 4 amazing fighters (AS, HN, EC & DM). I hope DM & HN will finally realize they are soulmates like AS & EC. I agree no previews of the last two ep was hard to take. Now to wait two wks wondering how this season will end. Guess I’ll just binge watch old eps to help the pass.

  8. Rose
    September 16, 2018 / 3:17 pm

    Yup! I do also hope that DM and HN end up together just like EC and AS….but first things first….those women better not be dead! 😱

    • V
      September 17, 2018 / 1:09 pm


  9. BKim
    September 16, 2018 / 3:38 pm

    I think AS & HN will survive the blast with the help of their soulmates EC & DM. If DM didn’t die after being shot twice & then suffering stab wounds to his limbs & gut & falling into the sea, I doubt AS & HN will die from the Glory Hotel blast.

    • Rose
      September 16, 2018 / 3:43 pm

      I am starting to imagine that after the blast both women lost conciousness then as soon as they wake-up the first thing they see are their knight in shining armour (EC and DM), then AS will say: am i in heaven?….then HN will say: am i in hell?…i just thought its kinda funny 😄

      • V
        September 17, 2018 / 1:08 pm

        That would be the best 🙂

  10. Lolita
    September 16, 2018 / 4:51 pm

    V, so glad you didn’t drop this show as well — would have sorely missed your recaps… thanks!

  11. Angie
    September 16, 2018 / 7:51 pm

    Thanks for the wonderful recap. The show is so stressful and slow motion that my heart cannot take it. I must read your recap first and know what happened before watching it!

    • Lolita
      September 16, 2018 / 10:09 pm

      …I second that — me too…

      • V
        September 17, 2018 / 1:07 pm


    • Rose
      September 17, 2018 / 7:03 am

      Yup, me too. This recap helps me a lot to brace myself. And this episode is really stressful but at the same time awesome! Still cant recover yet from that explosion though. Its goin to be a loooong 1 week 😪

  12. Tania Britto Amaral
    September 16, 2018 / 11:02 pm

    How many episodes on the series?

  13. Lolita
    September 17, 2018 / 6:35 am

    ..24 total…

  14. Mimi
    September 19, 2018 / 9:37 pm

    Thank you very much for this detailed recap once again! Looking forward to Sept 29 & 30!!!

    Prayers answered and Gu Dong Mae survived, hopefully until the end. Fan of Kudo Hina ❤️ Gu Dong Mae loveteam here.

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