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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Recap Episode 21

A Japanese Soldier and an American soldier meeting in Mr. Sunshine Kdrama
We had a six month fast forward and now Aeshin asks Eugene for a favor. She needs to leave the country (I think to go to Hong Kong) and she needs him to help her. Eugene is upset that Aeshin ghosted on him and is now showing up for a favor. You know he’s going to give it to her right? I mean, he might be upset but that heart knows where it belongs.

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Aeshin and Eugene talk to each other.

I heard you are going back to your own country

Did you come here to say bye?

I will go with you, just take me to America, I beg you.

What if I refuse?

I would not even come if I want to hear your refuseal

You are using a man, you shoul dnot even try. You should not even confess, I love you, just go with me, and I will trust you with my life and put everything on it. Where is your destination, using me, where are you going?


I don’t like you.

The Japanese soldiers are getting ready to leave. HN talks to them for a bit. One man says that he saw a black thing leaving, he thought it was a robber. The Japanese soldier says that he has to figure out what happened, search everyone and catch that bad joseon person. You all come with me.

Heena is dressed in Japanese attire and tells her waiter not to look at her and to be careful. She rings the danger message. Eugene tells Aeshin that this is a warning message, the Japanese soldier is coming. Aeshin tells him not to worry about her.

She leaves and goes to HS’s room. They are both taken aback to see each other. She tells him that seh is on her way out. He says that she can use that door. But she says it is better not to open it since the Japanese solders are following her. He tells her that she can hide and smiles.

The Japanese soldiers open the door to Eugene’s room. Mori talks to him adn says that it takes a big effort to see him. Eugene says that he heard he was coming back as a governor later. The difference between you and I are bigger. Mori tells Eugene that America is saving his life, he can live like an american and get what they give you and feed you. Don’t mind my business. Do your job.

Mori asks what this suitcase is and sees a Korean flag in it.

The other soldiers knock on HS’s door and say that they are looking for a robber. Aeshin is on the bed in a nightgown and HS pretends like he is sleeping. The soldiers look stunned and then say that they are sorry. He yells for them to leave.

HS runs back inside and Aeshin takes off the robe, she has on her clothing underneath. HS gives her clothes to change into that he had made for her. They are men’s clothes.

In Eugene’s room, Mori says that it is weird for an american room to have a Korean flag. But Eugene tells him that it is strange for a Japanese room to have Korean names. Mori grabs him by the collar and yell at him about Eugene being the one that broke into his room. But then he lets go. They start to talk about wars between nations. Like with the war of the Phillipines with America (or something like that).

Mori tells Eugene that Japan will win over Russia. America dissapointed the Phillipnes, England beat (another country) and Japan will beat Russia. Superior countries always win.

Meanwhile, all the guests have to leave the hotel and wait outside. The hotel is filled with foreigners and they all wait on the stairs as the guards want to talk to them all. But Aeshin just starts walking out. they tell her to stop.

Upstairs, a gun fires as Mori tells Eugene that this will be the last time to shoot him. Eugene shot the ground. All the soldiers ran back upstairs and into the room. Mori yells that they should not be here. He tells them that they did not search well, this gun shot was for the intruder to run away!

Mori – Next time we see each other, I wonder if you will come back as a Joseon person or an american.

Eugene – Guess, I already made up my mind.

The camera scrolls to artifacts in the room like the Korean flag and then settles on the globe in Eugenes office, it is morning.
Eugene gets a visit from SG who is in his military attire. He tells him that he got a message from the bakery. Eugene tells him that he knew they were all together. SG asks him when he is leaving, are you leaving with AS?

Eugene tells him that he knows she is going to Japan and not america. He knows that he should kill that person and not a Joseon person. He needs to keep his promise. Eighter his plan fails and he dies or it succeeds and they seperate(?)…..but he is worried that he will make the wrong choice.

In the city, HS goes to his office and talks to CS about what he is hiding. He grabs a form from CS. CS says that he hid it because he wonders what it is needed for. It looks like this form is a fake marriage certificate. HS says, even if it is lies, at least they got married like this (it is Eugene and Aeshin’s marriage certificate).

Elsewhere, SG tells DM that someone is abducted, tell them where he is and your woman will be safe (the mute woman). Aeshin might be holding a gun to DM’s head(?). Someone is holding a gun to his head. The freedom fighters want DM’s help with the new thugs but DM says that he is not in his good graces anymore, he knows what is going on here. But they still have rules as gangsters. If you are done, then I will do my business.

he turns to Aeshin and tells her that she should pay him more. Several moons passed, but she did not come in person.

Meanwhile, Eugene waits in the bakery. The owner tells him he can wait there because it will be curfew soon. Aeshin comes in just as the gong sounds for curfew.

AS – Sorry to be late, I was waiting for curfew.

E – I guessed

AS – You said that you would give me an answer to my request.

Eugene starts to write something on the table among spilled flour.

He writes LOVE and puts a ring on it. This is his answer. Flashback to Eugene telling Aeshin that they should do it, love, with me, I will take you there.

E – Japan is in a war now, it will not be easy for Joseon people to sneak in.

He gives her the marriage certificate that IS and CS made and tells her that this is the best way to sneak in. In America, the wife follows the husbands last name. Your name will be Aeshin Choi. He holds her hand and puts the ring on it.

E – The meaning of this ring is that this woman is my lovely wife. In western countries, usually men propose with one knee down. They ask the woman to marry them. If you really want to save Joseon by using me and destroying me, I knew you were this harsh of a woman at the first sight I saw you. I still loved you even though I knew it. Lets do it, let’s kneel down. Don’t be sorry, this is my choice. See you here, two days later.

LOVE changed to LIVE (?)

He leaves.

She thinks back to talking to him about stopping their love (changing it to live) but she does not want to stop it right now, she can stop it any day.
The Korean soldiers perform their gun practice. Eugene tells them that they know how to handle a gun, they have improved so today is his last lesson. One of them asks what he is talking about. Eugene tells them an Arabic proverb (lions led by lambs are weaker and one lion leading lambs?) and then says that when Joseon is shaken, the military is the first one attacked. Japan will take over Korea and close the military school. They will look down on you, but you are already good officers, so become lions and be brave. Move forward bravely and retreat smartly, it will be your history. Thank you, my lesson ends here.

One of the soldiers calls for them all to turn and salute Eugene (their trainer). They all salute him so Eugene turns around and looks at all of them saluting him. He salutes them back.

Eugene says his good byes to his little boy that has been helping him. But he is so sad and cries a lot. he runs away. GI tells Eugene that Korea is just like breakfast to Japan, especially after they fight Russia.

Eugene tells him that America and England pushed this war because it is profitable for America. Don’t send the kid anywhere and don’t leave yourself (don’t leave the embassy).

Elsewhere, Aeshin pops up in DM’s place. they talk about not seeing each other anymore and then that they have 3 months left. He wants her to come back in 3 months becuase he wants to see if she is alive.

Outside, Eugene drinks his beer when DM walks up. They share a beer. DM tells him that they do not have a good relationship so they should not see each other in this deserted place. Eugene tells him he is going back to his country tomorrow. DM says that is good news. They playfully talk for a moment but Eugene tells him that there is a Japanese soldier that went back to his own country. DO you think I will lose?

Eugene tells him something that sounds like support so Eugene asks him if he is supporting him. DM says he has been supporting him for awhile. They wonder when it started and go through several moments like at the post office or another moment. They keep playfully talking about that.

Eugene then talks to HN at GLory Hotel and tells her that he will miss her and her jokes and her coffee, it was really sweet. She tells him to come back, Joseon and Glory will be there. He agrees.

Eugene goes to the train station and waits. He sees Aeshin walking up in Western clothing. She asks him if she looks strange. He asks ehr what she wants to do, he is leaving Joseon now. This moment will be the last Joseon that I remember. If my last Joseon is this pretty then I will have no other way.

Cut to them both on the train. Aeshin looks out the window and then looks at her ring.

AS – This ring, how does it mean that I am someones wife…I thought about it, the husband to be should have the same ring.

She puts her hand out, he gives her his ring. Then she puts it on his finger. The rubs his hand lightly for a moment.

AS – I love you. I am loving you.

A tear falls as she continues holding his hand.

Back in Seoul, the tarot is a ad fate. She looks at DM. DM thinks about all the moments he broke, there was always red around.

Elsewhere, HS goes to meet with his father and eat. His father talks about WI and how he did not realize he would die like that (he says something about fish). HS tells him that he will buy him fish.

Father and Son start to argue about how HS is the only son. HS tells him that it his fathers fault, not his. Appa tells him that he will kill him! But they just play and run around.

HS goes to his business. He talks to IS and CS. They all talk about how it feels like Seoul is so empty right now. They start to talk about shoes (I think) someone gave it to them but never came back to get it (not sure). HS gives them both the pocket watch that is his families. They playfully talk about it.

Eugene switches his bag with Aeshin as they stand in line to enter the country. Eugene passes, but they will not let Aeshin pass. She tells them she is Aeshin Choi and she is his wife. But the soldiers don’t believe her, they think she is a Joseon person. They grab her bag and then start looking through it.

Eugene has to step in and tell them that he is an American Captain, if they have any problems then they have to appeal to the consolate. Be nice to my wife before I break your arm.

They all apoligize immediately and put all her things back in her (his) bag.

They get through customs and then decide to seperate.

Eugene wants to stay with her even though she wants to sepearate. He tells her that Japan will win definitely. Let’s go back to America. I found a way. Aeshin says that she thought about it. She walked that American street everyday, that street she does not even know. She studied and saw a Giraffe. She saw it more than 100 times. But their fate – ends here. I am leaving but you are going back home to your country, America. Please have a safe trip.

They hold hands firmly, then she walks away and lets go. He watches her leave with tears about to form.

It turns to night, Aeshin is still walking the street. The camera settles on her rings on her finger. She stops and it starts to rain just as she is about to let a tear fall.

Aeshin keeps walking when two thugs come out. They tell her that her bags look heavy, maybe she has some nice things inside, share them with me. She basically calls them jerks and hits them then runs away. But then another man comes out and beats them all up. He pulls out an umbrella and holds it over Aeshin.

This is one of her fathers friends. He tells her that she grew up this much, it is nice to see her again, Aeshin.

She asks who he is.

he says that he is her fathers friend and her mothers cousin.

He takes her to meet with the potter student who is now in Japan. They sit in his place and talks.

She tells the man that she will use a Russian sniper rifle. he tells her that this is the best rifle. He wishes everyone had that rifle. he then talks about a bank account that will help make their dreams come true. He tells her what her job will be. They have a ship to Shanghai, they will need to ride in the same boat (or he and someone else). But he will tell her the details tomorrow, now she should go to bed.

She goes to her room and gets her rifle out. She cocks it and takes a long look at it.

Meanwhile, Kyle talks to Eugene about Domi (the boy) he probably cried a lot. He tells him that he told him good buy sir when he left. But then Kyle notices that Eugene got married?!? ….. He ends up telling him congratulations and realizes that it was with that noble woman. (but he knows that something happened). Eugene thanks him.

Jung Moon is held captive with the Japanese thugs. They want him to turn to the Japanese side. They can give him money and women, whatever he wants. But Jung Moon tells him that his ears will be clean and his mouth will be durty talking to him. He tries to bite his own tongue off and almost does it, the thugs have to retrain him and put something in his mouth.

HN goes to the Christian city in another part of Joseon to look for her mother. The nun says, finally you came. She tells her that a man came to pray for her mother every year. HS goes to see her mothers tomb and then walks along the beach.

DM followed her and walks on the beach with her. She asks if he is following her. He asks if he should pass her if she does not like it? he walks past her. Then he asks, Lee Hong-wa…can I give you a piggy back ride?

But she starts crying and tells him that she is an orphan now. She cries to hard that she crumbles to the sand. He kneels in front of her and tells her that he became a orphan a long time ago. But Heena just cries for her mother. DM tells her to just cry, from tomorrow, you will have a different dream. Don’t like like Lee hong-wa Kudo Heena. Don’t put a fencing knife in your room or cosmetics in your bag, become a good wife, dont’ smile too much, just become normal, have those kinds of dreams.

She asks why he is saying things like that as if he will die soon. he says that he is not a good guy, he is a bad guy. Bad guys die early. that is how good people like long.

She stands and gives him a hug. She tells him not to die before her, she will be worse than him, so don’t die before me. They keep hugging and he pats her on the back.
A parade is going strong in the street. A lot of woman are playing drums and dancing. One of the freedom fighter men delivers all the geisha to the party and sneaks in the geisha that used to work in Korea. They go to the bosses room.

Jung Moon is at the head of the table with his mouth tied, it is all bloody. The geisha sits next to him and the rest sit around the table.

Outside in the parade, Mori is has his son with him and talks about how he will be a King of Korea. His wife is with him too. But then Mori spots a man with a gun, he quickly gives his son to someone and tells them to protect him, then he tells everyone around that there is a gun! They all starts to run off.

In the thugs room, the freedom figher geisha smiles and takes it as a challenge to sleep with Jung Moon. She starts to try and seduce him but everything she does it to free him. She is able to say that her skin is so soft but he can’t touch it, so one of the Japanes men cuts Jung Moon’s ties. She leans in and tells him to throw the table on the count of three.

She counts to three and he throws the table. The geisha pulls out a pistol and shoots everyone. They are able to escape with help from the potter. Aeshin is outside sniping everyone as they try to give chace.

Takashi uses his own wife as a shield and then sees Eugene. He throws his wife somewhere an runs to some other soldiers. But then they start to get sniped again. Mori tries to use his soldiers as a shield, but they are all sniped. Then Mori gets shot in the shoulder and the leg.

Eugene walks up to him. He tells him that he told him he would kill him. Mori says he came back as Joseon, but Eugene tells him that he is an American with a lot of bullets left. He shoots him in head and Mori falls.

DM thinks for a moment and then goes to see Hee-na at Glory hotel. She is practicing her sword skills. He tells her that he told her not to even put her sword in her room, but she is practicing it? Heena asks about the girl (the quiet girl). He tells her the girls name (Hotaru) and asks if she is going to sell that information. He tells her the back story of Hotaru. She was trapped somewhere, he knew that she lived less than a human. The man tells DM that she is a virgin and asked for money. DM threw the money to him.

The man laughs and tells him to have a good time.

Hotaru is about to kill DM and is able to stab him, but he just stays sleeping and tells her not to worry, he is leaving tomorrow before he leaves he will give her a present. The meal she cooked was nice, so it will be for the meal. (he also said something about being chased by someone)

He rolls back over and asks her if she can speak. Then he asks if she wants him to kill that guy? She writes, yes.

In the morning, DM kills that shaman guy right as soon as he sees him.

In Joseon, Hotaru walks around in the city and Heena spots her. DM tells him that the quiet girl sent a message to DM’s boss. DM thinks for a moment and runs off.
Aeshin talks to her uncle. he is happy that she grew up well. Aeshin thanks him for protecting her. Uncle says that her parents will know each other when they come back. They will continue living in a strong Joseon. Aeshin smiles at that. He tells her that she needs to continue living, her parents saved her life so they should not die too easily.

He gets up to leave.

Aeshin goes to a shop, she has her parents picture. It looks like it was taken at this studio shop that they went to. But then Eugene walks up on her. She says that seh was so surprised, she thought he left. he says that the ship leave a couple hours later.

He smiles and tells her that she has the face of someone caught doing something bad. he then happily holds her wedding ring hand and strokes the ring. She tells him that she did not know where to put it. He says that he gave it to her for her to leave it there. Let’s go in.

They go inside the picture studio. The man says that this must be the woman he was waiting for. What is your relationship? Eugene tells him that they are married.

They go to take a photo together. He tells her to smile…not to him, to the front. She turns her head to the front and they both smile as the photo is taken.

Back in Joseon, DM has a sword to the quiet girls throat. She tells him that Aeshin should die in Japan, then he will survive. he should not make their boss angry anymore, if that woman comes back, then you are dead. She will kill her herself and then be killed by him, she does not care.

He chops the table in a rage and tells her that he is leaving. He can’t be with her anymore. Then he tells his #1, before I come back, have her leave. The #1 asks him where he is going. DM says he is going to Japan.

The ship is there, it is the ship to New York City. A man is yelling for everyone to get their tickets ready. Eugene tells Aeshin that this ship is the ship to New York City, it is too big to ignore right?

E – It is only a few steps away, but can you come closer, just sail the seas and see me?

AS – When Joseon is stable, I will be there……I think I should leave first. Bye-bye.

She walks off, away from Eugene and the ship. He watches her walk away.
She turns and sees that the ship left. She starts to cry, but then a lot of Japanese thugs come out and notice Aeshin. THAT WOMAN, KILL HER!

They all starts to chase Aeshin, she takes off running. But they are about to catch her. Eugene shows up and starts to shoot the gangsters, he takes Aeshin’s hand and pulls her to safety. There are fireworks that hide the sound of the bullets.

Aeshin asks him why he did not leave, he says that he saw the gangsters. But, because of this, I sawt he fireworks.

AS – You are so careless.

E – I have one bullet left.

AS – You should leave, I can take care of it myself.

E – Lets go together.

They take off running. Eugene shoots a gun through the American consolate. ALl the Americans come out with thei guns up. He tells them that he is captain Eugene Choi in the marines and she is my wife!

All the thugs run up on then as Eugene and Aeshin are kneeling with their arms in the air as all the Americans point their guns at them.

Fade Out

I wish we had more like this in the previous episodes. This episode was great.

AS – You can blame me. I think you are taking too big of a detour because of me.
DM – I saved you, Mister, and now I am trying to save the young lady.
HS – That persons rifle is always directed at the right target.
VO – Japanese government was so nice to the Joseon government palace, but you are betraying them like this? They will be angry also.
SG – Your faithful servant, Jang Seung-gu will be a rebel!
HN – Should I step into Joseon’s independence?
EC – I am going to Korea as a picnic as a real stranger.

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  1. Rose
    September 15, 2018 / 8:40 am

    Im soooooo happy Mori is dead! EC was able to keep his promise 😄

    • V
      September 15, 2018 / 11:13 am

      Yes, goodness!

  2. Lolita
    September 15, 2018 / 9:48 am

    …GREAT RECAP… well, I’m off to watching this episode on Netflix… THANK YOU!

  3. Rose
    September 15, 2018 / 10:05 am

    I just checked netflix…its up now! And to my surprise… it shows that it has 24 episodes! 😍

  4. Rose
    September 15, 2018 / 11:28 am

    Just finished watching it….and the preview too….oh my god! Is DM really going to die on the next episode?! 😱😱😱😭😭😭….and i guess DM is goin to save Eugenes a$$ on the next episode….this getting really intense, it seems like Eugene will become a freedom fighter…like legit freedom fighter 😮

  5. September 15, 2018 / 1:23 pm

    I’m thinking AS learns about telegram from Joseon & thinks DM sent it because she told him she was going to Japan. AS will think DM is still a traitor to her cause and she will never consider he is actually in Japan to protect her by betraying his Boss. How sad that DM may die for a girl who never loved him and never learned the full truth how many times he risked his life and reputation with his gang to save her, her RA friends and her family. So sad, DM & KN couldn’t find peace and love together. KN will probably kill Hotaru bec her actions lead to DM’s death. So very sad DM will be gone because his complex character was so interesting to watch and beautifully portrayed by a very talented actor. I just pray Im wrong and he lives.

  6. Mimi
    September 16, 2018 / 12:05 am

    Thanks so much for the recap! Reading gives me a better understanding as reading subtitles gives me a headache.

    I love Gu Dong Mae. I hope they don’t kill him off and let him miraculously live until the end – with Kudo Hina.

    I wonder who Kim Hui-seong will end up with, but he has stated to his Dad that he won’t get married.

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