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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Recap Episode 20

Shooter on a roof in Korean Drama Mr. Sunshine
Aeshin lost her grandfather and all worldly possession in the last episode, plus the family wasn’t even able to have a proper funeral. Things are bad and they will most likely get worse. But at least the freedom fighter are there to give it one last hurrah. It is the impending march into Gaksital land.

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Eugene walks up the bridge and decks Mori. But then someone shoots Eugene. Eugene is able to stay standing. Eugene tells Mori that he is not a soldier, soldiers only fight other soldiers. Mori says that he answered his own question.

SG is below the bridge and walks up to see the river woman hanging there. He is saddened by the sight and yells to take her down – our countryman!

At the top of the bridge, Eugene tells him that this woman is the wife of the royal guard. The Japanese guy says that he is still giving him right answers. But Eugene yells at him, don’t you hear me! He pulls his gun on him.

But Mori just laughs. Eugene tells him not to laugh. Mori tells him that he is standing somewhere that he should not stand. This is the first time, i will repay you, expect it. Eugene tells him to be careful, because he will kill him. Someone asked him to and he will do it now.

With the thugs, DM bows to the head thug. The head thug asks him how much blood he drew in Joseon.

At the bridge, the river woman is cut down. SG holds his wife and cries as everyone watches on.
Eugene watches from the top of the bridge, but can’t bear to watch.

HS stands in the middle of all the dead Japanese soldiers and family members of Aeshin’s household. The freedom fighters come in. Haman, Ahboom, and the aunt are still okay. They tell them to go to Manchuria, they have a safe place there. Aeshin will stay in Joseon as a freedom fighter.

AS – I have something to do. Thank you for raising me, auntie….you guys should go with her, please take care of my aunt. I was always thankful to you.

Aunt – I will always wait for you, so please come back.

AS – Yes, I will be there.

But everyone feels something different, they all cry in their own way.

Aeshin meets HS afterward and thanks him for protecting her people. She hopes he is okay. He says that it seems like she hit the #8 ball right in the pocket. She heard that he oppenned up a newspaper company, she does not trust the power of words, but she trusts him. he says that someone has to document this. You do what you need to do and I will document it. Before you leave, if you have a chance to pass by the hotel, then stop by. Whenever your #8 ball is behind my ball, whenever you have difficulty, then come by.

She says she will do it and she walks off with the other freedom fighters.

In the city, Mori walks off with the Japanese guy that got shot by Eugene. Mori walks back to this man and asks him why he started if he is not going to win. You did not even shoot him properly. In front of those pitiful Joseon people.

he holds the mans wound and he cries in pain. Mori tells him not to say anything, just die. He shoots him and he also shoots two other men.

Mori – There are no soldiers that lost a fight in our Japanese Imperial Army, okay!

They all hop to attention.

Mori goes to see the yakuza boss. DM is with him. The boss tells Mori that he looks good in his uniform. he sits with them and then tells DM that he is happy to see him again, how is your gun shot wound?

DM does not speak but the boss asks him why he got a gun shot when he has no hesitation of using his sword? Do you care of someone else more than you? DM says, no. Mori chuckles and mocks DM’s Japanese name, Lee Shi Da Sooooo can you get me a drink?

The tension is real as Mori holds his drink out and DM pours it. The head thug notices. But then a man comes in and tells Mori that a lot of soldiers are dead at the temple. Mori is upset to hear this and tells the big boss that today is not a good day to see him.

HN is with the French man. She wants to know if he really wants her to go with him to France? he says he does, he will give Korea the Eiffel Tower if she comes. he will wait for her.

HN goes to the back, the woman is there. She tells her that she understood the Japanese, but she does not want to translate the French part bcause it is so sleezy. The most improtant thing is – I don’t think you can go to France.

The woman yells, HN starts talking in banmal and tells her that she is the trator, we know this now so listen to me, your life is with me now. So give all the information about Leo and buy a ticket to France with this gold. Or die here. Pick one.

WHy are you giving me a choice?

I dont’ care if you die. I need information. I want to see JM get angry. The woman starts talking about how they asked her about the American missionary. Now, they want a list of the freedom fighters because an important person comes from Japan.

WHo is the important person?

I don’t have the list so I couldn’t give it to him.

HN wants to know if that is it? Then she pulls something for some thugs to come in and take her away.

You said you wouldn’t kill me!

I was lying, take her.

The thugs take her away. HN dresses and rides with a freedom fighter to WI’s house for a cross check.

Meanwhile, Eugene is walking the street without treatment for his wound. He sees the red windmill and takes off running.
DM also sees a lot of money for him. It is a lot of coins in the pouch. DM wonders why she might have done this, because she might try to kill WI? She takes off running.

WI is busy relaxing and getting treatment for his leg. He happily laughs about the events that went on today and thinks that he will sleep well. The doctor appears to be involved in the freedom fighters as well and lets Aeshin sneak in.

Aeshin sneaks in and removes her mask as she holds her gun to WI. They talk about how she should have come earlier and her parents and all that. Several people outside are rushing to find Aeshin or WI.

WI tells her that killing him will not save Joseon. She says that she can at least buy another day. He throws a pillow and she shoots. he tries to get away so she shoots him in the right shoulder.

WI – If it wasn’t for my leg….he tries to pull his sword.

Aeshin shoots him again. He starts bleeding from his mouth, he is dead-dead with a puddle of blood to show for it.

Eugene shows up and then DM runs up. They see what happend. They both say that they came here for the same reason. DM says that Eugene should be the one that killed him since he is the body guard. he can be the witness.

HN shows up. DM tells her not to look at it and how did you get here so quickly anyway? She says that she was already on her way. She will take care of this site, she is his daughter. She tells the carrier to call the doctor from japan.

They ask her if she wants to make the Japan Doctor a murderer? HN says yes, WI says that he would make him a royal doctor, but he did not keep his promise. (So they can make it seem like the doctor killed WI out of revenge for not keeping his promise).

HN – You should serve as my father for the last time.

The doctor comes and asks HN why she is there this late. She tells him that her father is upstairs. The doctor is shocked to see him, HN is pointing a gun at his head and tells him to pick it up. he picks it up with his right hand so she says, oh you are right handed? Then she shoots him in the right side of his head. She already wrote the will for the doctor.

Eugene continues walking home, but then hears the music box song whistled.

It is Mori whistling the tune. he tells him that it is a desperate song, it fits Joseon’s fate well. That woman with the music box, does she know that you were a slave in Joseon?

Eugene tells him to find something else, he already wrapped things up. Mori asks why he is not getting treatment. Eugene says that it seems like the guys he was with are not with him anymore? Mori says that he killed all those weak Japanese soldiers.

A police man comes and says that there is a curfew but he sees the two of them and leaves.

Mori tells Eugene that he is confused because he does not know if he is a Joseon person or an American. is here another reason for you to be here?

Later on, he adds Eugene’s name to the murder list (?).

The newspaper drops the breaking news of the day which is the death of WI. IS and CS says that the letter was made so weeeeeell! ha ha ha (they made the letter). They are so happy that things went over well with everything. But then they realize that this means that HS knows who the real killer is.

Cut to HS, he wonders if HN will go there to hide.

Mori is told about WI dying but he does not care. He says that he does not need to know about a person from Joseon dying. At the same time, Jung Moon says that WI is not a Joseon person, he has not been a Joseon person for a long time, so Japan can take care of his death.

So WI is not a Joseon person and not a Japan person. Two men talk about it, but these two men are also part of the 5 men that sold out Korea. They talk bad about WI as a betrayer (but they will also betray Joseon).

Meanwhile, SG buries his wife. He tells her not to look back, we can take care of this place. Goodbye. he bows one last time and cries at her grave. But then he and Eugene walks off through the woods.

SG – We should go separately from here.

But Eugene wants to go together. Mori has a list of all the freedom fighters names, they need to find out who all the betrayers are first. They can kill them. he will add the money for the alcohol he owes him.

In the city, WI’s body just sits on a wagon as some men carry him somewhere. HN shows up with Jung Moon. The other men leave. JM apologizes to Hn and tells her that he will take care of her father and he is sorry, that is why he is there. HN tells him who the betrayer is in the French consolate, she can give it to him but she wants to know where her mother is.

He says that her mother is in Ganwangdo in the Catholic town.

Hn – Is she alive?

JM – When I found her, she was already buried.

Hn – Don’t lie to me. It should be a lie. If it is ture then I will kill you.

JM – I did it for you to live with the hope of finding her.

HN – I did not live! I barely survived! how did you like to me with that? How did you use me without that hope?

JM – If I did not use you then you would have killed yourself.

HN – I lost both of my parents, wait for me, I will kill you.

She walks off.
Elsewhere in the city, Dm asks Eugene why he called him when he can’t even read Korean. Eugene tells him that the enemies enemy are comrades. They go inside the building and sit to talk. They flip thorugh a book as they look for something. Eugene says he suspects DM since he can go in and out of Japan and Korea. DM says that there is a suspicious telogram, do you think it could be this? he shows him a page and says that the shoemaker sent a large amoutn of money.

Eugene is all like, if I knew a shoemaker can make this much money then I should have become a shoe maker.

Eugene takes the French guy to JM. Then he says that Joseon should pay him. JM asks what he wants? Another mountain? Eugene tells him not to let them have Joseon, it can be taken, but dont let them have it. He leaves and several other men run up to carry the French guy.

JM meets with the King. they drink together. The King tells him that sometimes the truthful things he says hurt him more. His words draw a lot of blood. JM says that Japan is taking over Korea without Korea resiting. Someone told me that if they take things from us then we can take it back, but if we let them have it then there is no option. We are just letting them take but now at least I will fight.

he gets on his knees in front of the King and asks him to please use him as his sword, please fight with the people of Joseon. The King sees a bit of blood on JUng Moon’s soldoer and says that he fought today also.

The French guy is found dead byt he Japanese. he wonders who did it, the owner of the music box or the person who recieved it.

Cut to Mori torturing a lot of Joseon people as he asks them for information. It appears that these are freedom fighters from all over Korea. They want to know where Aeshin is. The one man says that he does not know. He is shot. the next man says he does not know and he is shot to. The third man says to kill him, we dont’ know.

Mori asks him if dying is better? Then I will make you live. he tells the men not to kill them but just make it so that they cannot be humans anymore. the men continue torturing the surviving men.
Mori goes to his office or somewhere. SG is there and puts a bag on Mori’s head and makes him pass out. Another woman comes in, they hold a gun to her head and tells her that she should ignore them. But the woman says that she saw what he did on the street, follow her she knows a secret way out.

Eugene and SG take Mori to the bridge and hang him from there after they beat him up. But he is still alive. His men cut him down. The freedom fighter kill a lot of Japanese soldiers and save all the prisoners.

Mori gets back to the prison and sees his soldiers dead and the fighters rescued.

Mori goes to the palace and says that he wants the head of the royal guard because he is a suspect in what happened. The emperor corrects him and tells him that the Emperor speaks first. SG is protecting him and is always next to him. You came into my office with a weapon. I am King of a small country but I can kill a General there. Sometimes I can be small minded so don’t test me.

Later on, SG and the King talk outside. The King knows his background. He protected him back then as well. But back then, I did not protect them. I don’t apologize, I am not the one that should apologize, but I was ashamed for a long long time. I was just behind my position and only listened to that one general.

Eugene goes to the bakery and finds out that the baker is also a freedom fighter. But he puts it togeher in his head. he asks the baker how he got injured. The baker says it happened while making bread. Eugene did not know that flour was that dangerous. You closed your store recently. The baker said that he was just waiting for ingredients. Eugene tells the baker to tell that woman that he is waiting for her.

He thinks back to Aeshin telling him that freedom fighters have no face or name, she wants to be bright like a flame and die. He tells the baker that to him she is Go Aeshin but he does not know who she is to him.

He leaves and starts thinking as he walks away. But then it looks like Aeshin walks up to him? It is her, they walk off together.

AS – How are you? I was busy for awhile.

EC – I hated you whenever I wanted to see you.

AS – That is okay. I came here to tell you, in case you are waiting for me, don’t wait for me anymore.

EC – I am waiting for you until the end. Why are you saying…

AS – Joseon is breaking, my family is broken, there is not hope and no romance in Joseon, I can’t walk with you anymore. We should go our own way.

EC – What if I need to get ahold of you.

AS – My comrades are waiting

EC – What about my waiting? Is it okay? Just go, wherever you are going I will go with you.

AS – I want you to leave.

EC – I just want to survive, when I am not with you I feel like I am dying. I don’t know if you know this or not, but you did not repay any of my favor so don’t ignore it. I will be repaid.

AS – Okay, come wherever I am and I will let you know.

She walks off and disappears into a busy street.

Eugene is told to check his room by a worker. Mori comes to him and says that a music box disspaeared from his room. Eugene tells him that he does not know it, but I lost the biggest thing in this hotel.

Cut to Aeshin with the music box. She is dressed as a Joseon man and ties the box up and then leaves.

In the hotel, HN asks the young maid if she is the one that helped them. The young maid says that she did not hlep them, she does not know. But HN thinks that alone means that she helped them. Cut to a brief flashback of her helping.

The maid apologizes and says that she helped them, but she does not know who the robber is. HN tells her that she needs to burn all those objects before they find out. HN burns the objects. HN walks up to her and tells her that she has something else to burn, something she cares about.

He gives her a form that might be an autopsy report for her father. he apologizes for what happened. She says that he was a sinner so it was not avoidable. He betrayed his country like a sad ending. Did you meet your best friend? he says she stopped by and left again. She tells him that it does not seem like a happy ending.
The young cadets want another chance. They want to learn how to defend Joseon. Eugene trains them.

Montage of all the training that includes a lot of running and shooting practice. They are horrible at first, but they start to get better.

Elsewhere, DM counts his money, 3 months, 4 months, 5 months, half a year…I still have 3 more months.

January 1904

Curfew is called as Eugene thinks about Aeshin from his room balcony. He remembers all the happy and funny moments they shared as well as all the moments they walked together. He remembers her hopeless hope or empty hope and how she would want to go further with him and how they are together in her hope because it is hope.

He thinks about all of this on his balcony.

At the harbor, the Japan consulate comes back. there is news of Japan and Russia so it seems like Korea is an official colony of Japan and the consulate is the colony general? Not sure.

In the city, all the prices went up in Korea so the people complain about it. They also see a lot of other country consulate people leaving. It seems like Russia and Japan are fighting so Korea might fight, that might be why the consulate people are leaving.

Little boys line up to get all the papers for distribution to the people of the city. One of the cadets sees it and reads it. The newspaper talks about how japan attacked a Russian ship in front of Korea. Two ships are down in the harbor. They wonder why they are fighting in front of their land?

Hn reads it as well and asks HS who he thinks will win, Japan or Russia? HS says that whoever wins, it will be hard for Joseon. He also thinks that America will decide who will win.

In Eugene’s office, he has a reurn order to go back to America. Russia and Japan have officially declared war so they are being sent away. Kyle delivers this news to Eugene but he also tells him that he can’t keep him in Korea any longer now, the vacation is over and he is ordered to go back to America.

Meanwhile, the thugs walk the streets of Joseon and run into two of the other thugs. The big boss went to Manchuria. But the boss ordered them to watch over DM to see fi he is Japanese or Korean.

In the Japanese consulate, they all agree that today they will take down Jung Moon.

In the street, Jung Moon hits a traitor to the ground and tells him that he is against Korea! The man says that he received money from them. Jung Moon tells him that he wants to kill him, but they will find another one so you can run away. that is all you can do.

But then all the Japanese thugs surround JM.

Cut to the other man’s flashback, he was actually coerced to sign a Japan Korea agreement at knife point but the Japanese consulate and his thugs.

Meanwhile, DM thinks that the big boss is passing though Joseon and someone will die in Joseon. His #1 tells him not to pay attention to it. They both talk about how the big boss might not trust him anymore, don’t you think so?

But then the solder police guy runs in and tells DM all that is going on right now. He researched it, gangsters took JM. DM tells them that he will be back, you two stay here. But the #1 asks him where he is going? He does not know what the Japanese will do. DM tells him if he dies he will die, but he has to save someone that needs to be saved.

he goes to HN and tells her that his big boss has his hand on JM. HN closes the door and asks if this is accurate information. DM says he is risking his life to be there to tell him. HN thinks back to her last meeting with JM.

She grabs her wine glass and asks if he will be killed if they do not do anything. DM says they do not abduct someone to let them die with age. HN says that they have to save him. DM says it will be dangerous for her. She tells him that even though the intention was not pure, at least he is her boss as a freedom fighter so she does not want to let him die. She calls someone.

SG tells the King is told that Jung Moon is abducted. They will try to coerce the King to do something. SG is ready to take his order.

In the woods, ES and the freedom fighters talk about the certificate and the Emperors money in the Russian bank. It is to arm the freedom fighters. They have to take this certificate and JM to Shanghai. It is a very difficult mission. Someone says that he will go inc he has no family. But then Aeshin says that she will go. The Potter tells her that it will be difficult as a woman. She says that might be advantageous. But she cannot even ride a ship as a woman. She says that there is always a way, she knows how to sneak into Japan.

She sneaks into Eugenes room, he is there. She says that she thought he would welcome her. But he says that she lied to him, it has been 6 months. But she says that is why she is there. Her teacher has information, I want to go with you to America.

Eugene thinks that she is a really bad person, where is she inbetween her passiona dn cruelness. Where should he go, one more step further into the flame?

Fade Out

It was so amazingly easy to kill WI, why didn’t they do that a while ago?

EC – How far do you want to go using me?
AS – I told you, if I see you one more time, I would kill you.
Mori – The young woman who used to be a noble will get hurt again.
DM – If the bad guy dies early, then good people will live long.
HS – (he says something here, not sure what though)
EC – Brave hearts lead, so be a lion.
AS – When Joseon becomes peaceful again, I will be there.

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  1. DM fan
    September 9, 2018 / 7:45 am

    WI down!
    Mori should be next!!!

    • Rose
      September 9, 2018 / 8:06 am

      Yes! WI down! I just wish HN is the one that kills him or SG….but as long as he’s dead its mighty fine by me! 😊

    • V
      September 9, 2018 / 9:17 am

      Like for real, he has got to go.

  2. Jillian
    September 9, 2018 / 9:12 am

    You know, i hate it sometimes when female leads in dramas use the male leads to get what they want without considering the male’s feelings thoroughly. I always feel pity towards those characters who love whole-heartedly and sincerely but get hurt repeatedly in the process. Ae-shin, please dont be cruel to EC, he has suffered a lot for you, damnit.

    And yes, i agree it looks too easy to kill WI. I think righteous army has this planned meticulously like bribing the doctor etc but I am disappointed we didnt get to see them. Because seeing that WI was killed that easily, I feel like he is not a huge villain and the significance of WI as villian throughout the previous 13 eps was a waste.

    • Jillian
      September 9, 2018 / 9:16 am

      On the other hand, I like the development in Ae-shin’s character upon her grandpa’s death. I remembered commenting on this website about Ae-shin having no change in her stance towards Eugene’s revelation of his origin. I’m glad for the change, although a little late. Heh.

      • V
        September 9, 2018 / 9:19 am

        Aeshin’s change is pretty late, it happens just in time for the conclusion, which by the way, is next week or the week after?

        • Jillian
          September 9, 2018 / 10:33 am

          last ep will be on september 23rd

    • V
      September 9, 2018 / 9:18 am

      So true! Or it should have at least been a suicide mission for Aeshin (that she is rescued from or something).

    • S. Al-Haddad
      October 10, 2018 / 8:52 am

      He was over confident no one would dare go agaist him. Big mistake.

  3. Rose
    September 9, 2018 / 9:18 am

    In my opinion i think the reason why they cannot kill WI easily even if they want to is because he work for the emperor. They cannot let a Josen kill him because it will only give japan an excuse to invade josen more. Just like AS grandpa said, he want EC to kill the Mori because he’s an american and not josen. For this reason i think the freedom fighters are waiting for a right opportunity, and that opportunity was that Japanese Doctor. Atleast if japan finds out that the dr is the one who killed WI, its their own people and not a josen, they dont have any reason to invade josen that quick. Thats just my opinion. 😊

  4. Rose
    September 9, 2018 / 5:29 pm

    I just watched the english sub on netflix…..that scene of SG crying on her wifes dead body is so heartbreaking 😭

    How many episodes do we have left exactly? When i was watching the preview its feels like we only have a week left.

  5. Rose
    September 9, 2018 / 9:27 pm

    I googled for how many episodes total, so far all the articles i’ve seen said its going to be 24. So i guess we still have 2 weeks.

  6. Mimi
    September 10, 2018 / 9:30 am

    As per Netflix info on their app, only two episodes left. Ep. 21 on Sept 15, and finale Ep. 22 on Sept 16.

    • Lolita
      September 10, 2018 / 8:53 pm

      …the way they’ve been ramping up the recent episodes (at lightning speed) — hate to say it — but I think you’re right — Mr. Sunshine has been the highlight of my weekends — and speaking of lightning speed, thanks for the recaps V — you’re the best!

  7. Mimi
    September 14, 2018 / 5:58 pm

    Netflix app update – Episode 23 on Sept 29 and Episode 24 on Sept 30!

  8. Lolita
    September 14, 2018 / 10:53 pm

    …just saw that update on Netflix — hallelujah!

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