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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Recap Episode 19

Byun Yo Han bloody and with a gun in Mr. Sunshine
Okay, I think it is fair to say that there will be no more happy scenes. I might be surprised, but the episodes are winding down to the end and the big rebellion action scenes haven’t happened yet soooooo all that should be about to go down, right?

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Her hair gets cut off! Her maid tries to get to her, but she is held back. Dong-mae holds the hair in his hands. Aeshin pulls his knife and puts it to his neck. You finally decided to get killed by me? You cut my good intention and my leg and you humiliate me like this?

VO – Do you know who the first person I cut was? It was the young lady. Do you think she was hurt?

DM – So, did it hurt? Why didn’t you let me die? You saved me before, so I have a useless thing like hope. That hope cut your hair, so it is all your fault.

AS – DO you think I am stupid, if I have that moment again, I will still save you. But if I see you again, I will Kill you. Don’t think, you just need to see me as a fed up yangban girl.

Hee-na shows up and tells Aeshin that this is already a big issue, so don’t make it any bigger.

Dongmae says that he shot a black bird but Heena says that the black bride is still flying (?). Then Heena takes Aeshin away. Aeshin pulls her hair from Dong-mae.

She takes her to another room and ties her hair back on with a handkerchief. It seems like this is Ashin’s handkerchief that Heena is returning to her. She believes it is proper. Heena thinks that she suffered a lot of things. Someone has pulled her hair and cut it and burned her hair. But for you, someone just cut your hair your entire life with nice oils, so don’t be so sad just because your hair is cut.

You said that you can save Joseon, you should not put anything into your hand like a rifle, just a hankerchief. If you die then it will hurt 3 men. Japan will occupy Korea anyway, so adding you will make no difference.

Aeshin says it is important for her, her parents, Joseon, and her hair. She is doing her best to stay in her position, so don’t try to teach me.

The Japanese person holds pup the music box and says that it is Eugene’s right? Eugene wonders, if it is mine, then why do you have it? Another man runs up and tells him that the young lady did not lose anything and if he has something of hers then he should return it.

The Japanese man understands and then starts to talk to Eugene again. Eugene says that his place was searched a lot. I think you found who took my things. Then he goes upstairs.

The young nurse talks to Eugene upstairs and says that the young lady wanted to keep this quiet. She is paying for what I did every month. I do not know what is going on, but her hair was cut on the street by DM. I came here because you are the only one that can win over DM.

Eugene thinks things that make him angry keep happening.
On the street, the baker tells the cousin that Aeshin’s hair was cut. The cousin just thinks that she will be an enlightened woman now and runs off. But she runs to her grandfather and tells him that Aeshin’s hair was cut by a gangster! She keeps talking. The grandfather asks her if she is happy about this? Why are you coming to me and talking bad about her? Why dont you visit her and comfort her as her cousin!

The grandfather goes to DM and hits him a few times with a broom? DM just stands there and takes it. The grandfather tells him not to see his daughter one more time or he will show him why yangban are yangban and butchers are butchers.

Eugene sees this but waits until it is all over to talk to DM. He asks him why he did that. DM says that WI is searching for AS. Eugene says he came there to win, but lets just say we are tied. But then HS runs over and punches DM right in the face.

Elsewhere, Heena wonders who will be the saddest of the men.

Cut back to HS punching DM on the ground. But he stops when he sees that DM is not fighting back. Eugene walks away.

At home, Haman tells Aeshin that her hair will grow again, lets not tell the old master. But the old master comes in and pulls her hair off. She apologizes. he tells her that it is just hair…our king also cut his hair….you father and mother did….you did not come back like them. You are alive, that is all I need.

He walks out.

WI thinks and thinks about what that girl said…she said a name… The cousins wife comes in and tells him that they did not get a telegram from Japan yet. WI thinks that it would take some time, but it should not be this long. Someone got ahold of it.

He thinks back to Aeshin’s mother dying, she said something…

WI thinks that AS’s father and mother are the people that he killed. He wonders if the husbands sister in law’s marriage is broken still, right?

WI goes to the hotel. Heena tells him to drink his coffee and leave. She walks away, but HS stops her and tells her not to leave him alone. She says he is her father.

Cut to them both sitting at the table. HS is with his father and Heena is with her father. they both don’t look like they want to be there but the fathers are happy to be there. They start talking about the train and japan. They think it is better to be rich in collapsing Joseon that rising Japan. They chuckle.

Later, WI tells Heena not to be too close to Aeshin. Don’t communicate with her anymore, I killed her parents. He walks off like it was no thing. Heena is broken and almost falls at the news. She holds her chest to compose herself when Eugene walks up.

heena is able to straighten herself up and tells him that she had a blind date with HS. Eugene does not think HS would make her this way. Heena says today was one of those days. Eugene asks her for a key. She tells him that she will give him the master key. Her hotel is always being searched.

Eugene goes to the japanese guys room and finds the list of all the Korean rebels. All the names are on the list. Then he gets a signal to leave. The Japanese guy comes back, but he feels that something happened. He runs down to the lobby and tells Eugene that he did not see him leave. Eugene says something smart and then asks to have his dinner in his room since he is tired.

The Japanese guy asks if there are different ways to get to the hotel? She says that there are several ways front door, back door, etc).

Eugene hurries to his room and tries to write all the names before he forgets them.
Someone tells Dm that the Mori guy came, that soldier from Japan. he wants to own the money and the economy there. You should not speak Korean because he is fluent.

DM goes to meet with Mori (Japanese soldier). It looks like he is in his dojo. They talk back handedly to each other about things like how they can’t use Japanese money there. DM is all like, what can I do? They don’t want it? Mori thinks that DM is disrespecting him as a butchers son. DM tells him that he heard that Mori was a noble and a soldier. If you try to do things in my section then it is a big trouble. You can die at home.

He continues and says that he is the highest Japanese person in Joseon. No one can give him orders. DM tells him that he must be misunderstood, he is not loyal to Japan, he is loyal to his yakuza.

Mori pulls a gun and DM flips him with Judo. Mori flies through the air. DM tells him, if you pick up your gun one more time then I will kill you. Leave and take off your boots on this floor. DM leaves.

The river woman shoots an arrow to the potter as a message. The potter is on his side of the river and thinks back to something Eugene said. But then he tells his assistant that they need to hurry.

Eugene tells the river woman that she needs to hide too. But she says that if she is not there then people will know that the potter is not there either. She also says that she knows a handsome guy, she waits for him but she does not see him anymore. Maybe he has another lady. She leaves.

Eugene thinks back to all the moments he shared with the potter.

Back in the city, WI goes to someones house (or his house) and asks a kid what he is doing? Why are you picking on me? The kid says that WI is right, he killed a lot of yangban and people. I want to get my revenge in the name of the citizens. WI thinks that what that guy said is right. The freedom fighters son becomes a freedom fighter. he tells the kid that he is happy, this kid can lead him to them – how many of them are there?

HN goes to HS’s room and gives him his delivery from the tailor. He welcomes her in since they had a blind date. They start to talk about how his father wants him to get married. HN wants to know what he thinks, do you want to get married to me? Somehow the converstation goes to the tailor and the suits. HS asks her if she knows something about him, she says that the problem is that she knows too much.

Rlsewhere, Aeshin pulls out her gun from the pharmacy and practices holding it. DM told her that she has to practice holding the rifle in order to get used to the weight, it will be difficult to shoot it at first, so practice.

Cut to her at her home. Eugene dropped off the red windmill on her fence (or she put it there?). They ise it as a way to talk to each other. He tells her that her hair is shorter, she says that it happened, do I look good? He says that she looks handsome. She says that she expected a word that starts with B.

Someone calls her from a distance so she has to go back. He tells her that he will see her again and rides his horse off, she waves goodbye.

It is raining outside and a person is trying to open a gate. But he can’t open it. Eugene comes and asks if he can’t open it today? The boy hops and asks how he knows. Eugene tells him that it should be today, after training and before something else. Eugene basically says all the things that this kid did to get the bullet, it was so obvious.

The boy thinks he can do it, don’t stop him. Eugene gives him a look and then says, okay, take the rifle you can go. he throws him the keys.

The boy says that he can do it. Eugene tells him that they have the same way so don’t worry about him.

He gets the rifle and clumsily walks off with it with Eugene following him. They find the man that the boy is supposed to meet. It is his friend. But Eugene pulls the boy away and tells him that something is wrong, look at his shoulder, he has been found out. The boy does not think so.

But then the boy says , DON’T COME OUT, I DIDN’T SAY YOUR NAMES. Then a shot rings out.

Eugene pulls the boy away and tells him that his friend lost his life to save him, come with me. They meet the other two boys somewhere, the other two say that they heard a gun sound what happened. The first boy says that he could not go to that place because of the gun sound. The other two realize what must have happened.

Eugene tells them that if they start only with passion then they will lose someone important to them like that. They need to use their ability. They can decide to run away or start here. All the boys fall on the ground and start crying.

In the rain, WI looks at the kid he just killed an thinks he (WI) is unlucky today. The cousin’s husband is with him and is holding his umbrella for him. WI starts to tell the cousins husband that he is going to destroy his in laws family, so he needs to decide whose side to be on. the husband is taken aback by the news. WI tells him that he understands he has this feeling in his gut, it is the same feeling with betraying your country (or he has an even greater feeling after betraying his country).

WI goes to Aeshin’s gandfathers house with all his servants. WI puts a line for the trian directly through the middle of a map and says that the train will go through his house so the country owns this house now. The grandfather asks if he thinks that will work?

WI just tells hi servants to start destroying the wall. They start to break a hole in the wall with all their tools and battering rams. The father starts to have a heart attach or is short on breath or something. WI is very happy about this. He says that he will stop here today, next time he will break everything, so empty the house.

Aeshin comes out, she is about to flip out so Grandfather tells them to put her in the hut. All the maids grab Aeshin to put her in there. But it takes 4 women to pull her away as she looks at WI with hatred.

Inside the house, the Grandfather tells all the people that work for him that he will end their relationship now. He gives them all the land that they have worked on this entire time, ecept the train tracks. He divided it up based on how long they have worked for him and tells them not to sell it to Japan ever. Protect your land and give it to your decendents. Can you promise me that? They all say that they can and cry.

At the cousin’s husbands place, she is distraught as he yells at her. he asks her if she is also going to give his land to farmers! He is about to slap her. But Grandfather show up and yells E NOM! How can you hit a woman! I knew what you have done, I just let it pass because it is between couples. I came here to ask you, but I have no hope!

he pulls his granddaughter away.

the husband thanks him for narrowing his choice.
One of the farmers (the bad guy) goes to DM and tells him that the grandfather is giving them the land. DM tells him that he is smart, if he told someone else then it would not be valuable anymore. The man says that he is the only one he will tell. It means that SH kicked you out of the house and I have to keep you quiet.

He kills him.

DM remembers that Eugene said DM should find that guy, someone else might keep him quiet.

Now the grandfather meets with Eugene in the grandfathers place. he also meets with DM there at the same time. The grandfather wants them to kill Mori and to protect his daughter. DM is the one that would protect Aeshin and Eugene is the one that can kill Mori. WI could be killed by a Joseon person…but the Japanese soldier cannot because that would be a good reason to invade Joseon, so he wants to put his fate on an American soldier.

Eugene thinks the grandfather is being cruel to him. But the grandfather says that it is okay if Eugene hates him, he wants to be the black bird in his sky.

Later, DM and Eugene talk about how DM is the protector and Eugene is the killer. That is messed up. Eugene says that it does not matter, Eugene looks at the red windmill that is on the ground after the wall got destroyed.

Eugene voices over that Aeshin should survive, no ones ending is a happy ending.

The grandfather wrote a letter and does not wake up the next morning. The aunt finds him and hells his name. All the servnts run to the building. What he wrote was his will. He wants it to be small with a lot of food. Only 5 days. Accept everyone regardless of their class, everyone that helped him while he was living.

Haman goes to Aeshin who is still in the hut and tells her that the old master died, but she can’t get it out completely. Aeshin goes outside and sees everyone crying and bowing to the old masters room. Aeshin has a photo in her hands.

The noble women are all inside the house crying. Aeshin wants to leave, but Haman won’t let her go to the funeral because women should not be at the funeral. that is not the manners of the law (or something like that).

Aeshin thinks back to Grandfather meeting with her.

Grandfather – Until tomorrow, the door will not open

Aeshin – Why?

G – you will get ahold of a rifle tonight, your father wasn’t even like you. Maybe you are like your mother that I never saw. Your parents picture, keep it.

he hands her the photo that she was holding, it is a portrait of her parents.

AS – Are you really giving it to me?

G – For this, please forgive me for that day.

She remembers when she said she would kill herself and he said that she should die.

G – Don’t die, stay alive, please keep youself alive, Aeshin.

Aeshin starts crying in the present. Outside at the house, everyone is morining in their white clothing. WI shows up as well, but then their is an announcement, THE EMPEROR HAS COME.

The emperor shows up with all his hundreds of people as he rides his horse to the funeral.

VO – How come the emperor comes? He is wearing funeral clothing and he bows?

Everyone is all like, what the?

The emperor starts crying as he bows to the Grandfather. WI is even shook by it. The emperor starts to leave, WI tells him that it is nonsense that he came to this old mans funeral. People will think that Joseon is stupid.

The emperor pulls out a rod and hits WI’s face. It leaves a mark.

King – He is fired from everything. This is the emperors order.

WI yells that he can do it but I don’t need this position! Joseon will collapse anyway!

The Kings servant hits WI and he falls to the gorund (Ah, it is SG!). WI says that he will kill him first. SG tells him that he has been waiting for this his entire life so bring it.

Everyone walks to the funeral, men women and everyone. But WI is there with all his people. He tells all the people to attack the funeral procession, so the men all attacked the funeral people and start to beat them all up.

VO – That family collapsed, everyone that lived in the family is gone. the aunt and daughter went to the Aunts parents house, but AS disappeared that day.
The young maid and her brother talk. The boy says that Eugene skips his meals now. The sister says that this is because of what happened to AS. Her family became like that, but you should not have to worry, just help him. The brother smiles and says okay.

HN comes uout to smoke and sits with them. She asks them what they are talking about, it seems serious. The sister says that WI, that A-hole, collapsed AS’s family. HN asks the brother what they think abotu WI. The nrother says that he is a bad person, young people want to kill him.

HN says okay, it was nice to see you. The young maid gets up to leave and the brother happily wishes HN a good evening. HN pulls out her cigarette and match book but starts to cry and can’t smoke it.

Meanwhile, WI meets with Mori. he tells him that he is good at what he does. He did not know that he would remove SH like that. Wi is happily smug. But they still need to find Aeshin. WI thinks that they can catch her. If they catch her then he has a big picture of what to do.

A man with a gun asks the river lady where the potter is. She says that he is across the river. You dont have to point a gun at me, just pay me and come with me. She takes him across the river and paddles. But she takes him to the deepes part of the river?

She tips the boat and stabs him while he is in the water.

But when she swims to the river side, she sees two more soldiers, one of them is Mori.

Oh wow, there are way more than two soldiers. They line the river side at the restaurant. Mori pulls out a gun and shoots her. She falls into the river.

But then he thinks, aw man, I shouldn’t’ have shot her, I should have asked where the potter is. Go grab her in the river and see if she is still alive.

In the city, Dm and his gangsters are walking around. But then another set of gangsters comes up, they are wearing all black but the head has white and black on. DM immediately bows. The old man tells DM, it is nice to see you my son.

In the city, Mori hangs the river woman by the arms in front of the street car, over the bridge. He is happy about it and sits on the bridge as he watches everyone. Kyle tells Eugene that a Japanese solder hung the river woman. Eugene and Kyle takes off to see what is going on.

Eugene eyeballs the river woman hanging there. Japan tells him that he wondered who would come first.

Back at the funeral at the Buddhist temple, HS is paying his respects when the Japanese solders show up. He speaks to them in Japanese. They want to know where Go Aeshin is. HS tells them that when he gives them the signal, they should run away.

But one of the old men does not listen and just says that thye should leave now. he gets shot.

Everyone is shocked and starts running. HS is shocked as well. the soldiers start to shoot everyone that is wearing white.

Aunt shoots an arrow threw one of them and kills them. Then HS shoots another wone with a gun.

But all the solders run up and cock their guns at HS. Everything slows down. All the other people continue getting shot. It looks like Haman might have been one of the people to get shot?

HS bows his head and a shot rings out.

But he is not shot, the freedom fighters show up and start shooting all the soldiers.

Aeshin is one of the shooters.

Fade Out

This show infuriates me. It is bad after bad with nothing to live for. They need to write in some tiny victories or something. Like, actually getting a letter to someone could be a tiny victory. Or at least planning to kill WI could be something we can all look forward to, but no, it is just following WI as he happily has all the victories and destroys everyone. The freedom fighters storyline is nonexistent. Where are all their small victories and planning stages for tiny events?

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  1. ZEE
    September 8, 2018 / 7:25 am

    Where are u guys watching? I can’t stream from previous links anymore 🙁

  2. Rose
    September 8, 2018 / 8:33 am

    Oh my dear lord….its getting crazy! I knew someone died….and i knew it its AS grandpa 😭

  3. Rose
    September 8, 2018 / 8:34 am

    And the emperor doing that to WI….i didnt see that one coming 😮

  4. Lolita
    September 8, 2018 / 11:20 am

    W O W ! ! ! …I need to compose myself before I can compose a comment on this site — more later…

    • Rose
      September 8, 2018 / 1:13 pm

      Yup…me too! Its already up in netflix….oh my god! We still have 3 or 5 episodes left (depending if it 22 or 24 eps) and they are already starting the revolution!….i guess its the start of a lot of heartaches. And there were no previews for tomorrow? Tvn is killing me slowly 😂

      • Lolita
        September 8, 2018 / 1:44 pm

        …yeah — watched it on Netflix — I was this close to jumping through the screen… and here’s another nail biter: is it 22 episodes (says Netflix) – or – is it 24 episodes (per Wikipedia) — and then there are those folks out there insisting (complaining) that Mr. Sunshine should pick up the pace — well, didn’t they just get their wish now (AND THEN SOME)… I’m just praying that I can survive tomorrow’s episode…

  5. Rose
    September 8, 2018 / 5:06 pm

    Yeah…..i hope i can also survive tomorrows episode. Bit i do love how it ended, AS has become a full pledge freedom fighter….saving her ex-fiance. There are a lot of scenarios running through my head right now since there were no preview.

    • Lolita
      September 8, 2018 / 8:18 pm

      …hard to wrap your head around all the turmoil that’s going on — just re-watched this episode — was great to see Dong Mae kick Takashi Mori’s butt — really sad to see Hong Pa (ferry woman) get killed (the relationship between her and Jang Sung was so sweet) — as for the Elders getting knocked off; they won’t be missed – what a bunch of whiners (everything was Ae Shin’s fault) — but Grandpa, he will definitely be missed; what a mensch — even the Emperor loved him… pardon the rambling — trying not to think about Haman… until tomorrow…

  6. Anonymous
    September 8, 2018 / 11:31 pm

    EP. 20’s preview is here.

    • V
      September 9, 2018 / 7:06 am

      Ack, just now saw this! Thank you for posting it. Hopefully next time we can translate it before the episode (which is in like 5 minutes, eep!)

  7. Rose
    September 9, 2018 / 7:17 am

    Wow! That preview is intense! Thanks for shring it! 😊

  8. Rose
    September 9, 2018 / 7:21 am

    I hope too Haman is ok….i really do… 😭

  9. Jo
    September 9, 2018 / 6:13 pm

    Most exquisitely beautiful series ever: the tension in the love story, the historical setting, the cinematography. I have never re-watched anything before, ever. And I will even continue to re-watch it all the way through.

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