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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Recap Episode 18

A woman holding a sword in Korean Drama Mr. Sunshine
Okay y’all, there is a toss up as to whether this drama has 22 episodes or 24 episodes. So we have either two or three more weeks left. If it was only two weeks left, then I could totally understand killing off DM (he’s alive though) yesterday. But with three weeks left, that would feel a bit too soon. Also, DM should go out in a blaze of glory, not buying treats at a grocer.

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It’s a standoff between Eugene and his old colleague in America. His English did not imporve back then because he learned Joseon language instead of English, he was looking forward to going to his colony in Joseon. They keep argue talking back and forth with the Japanese man shooting insults at Joseon and Eugene.

Eugene wants to talk about it later. But then Aeshin says she will go by herself, so don’t touch her. Eugene looks concerned.

HN teaches her young maid how to say “Welcome to Korean Empire” the young maid asks why she speaks English and not Japanese. HN says it is her little bit of resistance. But then she finds out that DM got shot and is in the hospital.

rush to the hospital, HS helped drag DM to the hospital with his thugs. He tells them that it has been 30 minutes since he was shot. DM does not want anesthesia, he says if he does anesthesia then he will not wake up, just take the bullet out and if something goes wrong then kill the doctor first.

The doctor takes out the bullet, it did not go too deep inside DM so the doctor is able to take out both bullets. But he passes out from the pain.

Meanwhile, Aeshin is with Eugene in his office. HD is there too and happily talks about not liking western way as she drinks a tea in the western way. Eugene tells her she is drinking it like the West.

Then he starts to talk to Aeshin. His office is the safest place for her because of what her grandfather is doing. Aeshin is worried about her teacher, she will be tortured, but he says that she is American so they will not torture her.

They start to talk about the Japanese guy, Eugene says that he was his neighbor, he did not know that much about him. But some happy news comes with HD, she was able to sneak out Aeshin’s book that has Eugene Choi’s name all over it. Eugene is happy as a baby to hear that she practiced writing his name over and over again. HD actually knows how to read Eugene Choi because Aeshin said his name as she wrote it over and over again. She chuckles, Aeshin is amazingly embarrassed.

Outside, Eugene tells Kyle that Aeshin is there because her grandfather is against Japan and is the highest noble. Kyle thinks that must be a big deal.

Back at the hospital, the deaf woman is told that DM is okay. She leaves. The doctor gives a letter to his nurse. I’m not sure what is in it. Right after he gives it to them, HS shows up and wants to know if this letter is asking if he should kill DM. But then HS brings a letter of her own, it is a copy of a letter that implicates the doctor in something. he says he has it now, but HN tells him that it looks real, do you still think it is real? I have to go to a welcome party. She leaves happily but the doctor is stressed.

Eugene also finds out that DM got shot. HS tells him at Glory Hotel. But then they start to talk about HS’s mother and Eugene meeting. HS apologizes to Eugene. he says he is really sorry for his parents and the country, everything about his family. Eugene tells him that he heard he broke the marriage, I am not going to say sorry.

HS tells him that he should not be sorry about it, he has nothing to do with their marriage, she chose her own life. he remembers her saying that she put everything on “him” and it can’t be reversed. HS asks Eugene if he can put everything on her (?). Eugene tells him that he has to be an American soldier, that is how he can protect AS.

Inside, there is a Japanese party at Glory Hotel. HS tells allt he maids to go to the kitchen and only has the men serve the Japanese. Then she carries a drink out to the head Japanese person. He pulls her onto his lap and asks if she would like to drink more with him in his room. But she tells him that she does not drink with ugly men. he only knows how to torture women and does not know how to use a sword.

he yells that he will kill her, but she just pulls out his sword and holds it to his throat. If he can show that he can win, then she will go to his room with him. he grabs a sword and tells her that she should use a knife int he kitchen, not like this.

They fight and she chops off one of his buttons. The men tell him not to hurt her face, she is pretty. The Japanese guy sees Eugene and HS walk in, he starts fighting again. But he is no match for her and she slices him up and makes him fall tot he floor.

The other soldiers pull their sword on her, she laughs and tells them that they are a group now? But another man says to stop and walks over to the other officer. He must be higher ranked because he says that a Japanese soldier should not take his sword out for a woman, you should be ashamed.

the other guy gets pulled away. This new man apologizes and tells her that she speaks Japanese with an American accent. He wants to shake her hand. She shakes his hand and is a little shoked by him because he was mixing Korean and Japanese while speaking to her.

They continue with their party and cheer that japan is the best. Eugene and HS watch on in alarm.
Ah-boom finds out whot he informer is int he house, he wants to kill him but he will not do it becuase his father is there as well. But he is kicking him out of the house. He says if you come in front of this house again then I will even kill you in front of the Emperor. The father and son are both dragged out.

In front of the palace, the scholars are still there in their pale clothing with their hair down. Grandfather says, if we are wrong then chop off allof our heads using this ax. he holds up an ax and then bows.

The Japanese consulate comes and looks at them, but the Grandfather tells him to go away and not get inbetween himself and his emperor.

Inside, there is an argument happening in the palace about what is going on. The Japanese guys are in suits and the Koreans are in robes. The Japanese consulate wants to arrest all the nobles. the King says they should do it, arrest them.

All the nobles get arrested to the shock of all the Koreans outside. HS is outside as well and is stunned. He runs back to his office. IS and CS asks if he heard, he says that that is why he is there. He asks them to go to the print house to get some things for him. They are all like, huh? Do we work for you?

HS starts to write a special edition newspaper that is all about the scholars that were arrested. Especially the Grandfather scholar. the young nobles see this and wonder what will happen if they are arrested as well. But they don’t think it is possible, they did nothing wrong.

One of the young guys says that they should move forward with their plan. the others wonder if they can still do it, they haven’t even fired real bullets yet. The cute one says that they should train harder and maybe they can get the key to the weapons room.

SG shows up to the jail and bows to the Grandfather. he is in his full military attire. Grandfather can barely recognize him. He says that he can open any doors with his new clothing. Today is his first day, he has not decided what to do yet. Grandfather smiles and says that they have two rebels here.

SG tells him that there were Japanese soldiers at his house. Grandfather is alarmed, why? Is this because of me? is my granddaughter okay? SG says she is fine, she is in the most secured place that Japanese soldiers cannot reach.

Cut to Aeshin in the American consulate. She looks at a globe and thinks that Joseon is so small compared to the rest of the world. Eugene comes in and knocks before he steps into the room.

She asks him if something happened. he tells her to trust him, it is not something too big and don’t be too surprised. Your grandfather is arrested by order of the emperor, I have to go. You shuld take care of your safety, your grandfather is the same. Sometimes not doing anything helps more.

Aeshin thinks she cannot be like this. He thinks that might be true, but lets see what it going on. They have the best information, someone else went to the jail, the one you trust the most.

Aeshin think he will be in danger. But Eugene tells her that he has a safe position. Aeshin does not know what he is talking about.

Cut to the hunter in front of the emperor. Jung Moon tells the emperor that he is a good shot and trusted. But the Emperor asks him why he has the eyes of the enemy and not a person protecting him?

SG bowed to the grandfather in jail, he cannot hide himself so I trust him more. They say that SH is not guilty. The emperor knows that he is not guilty, he was his teacher so he thought that the Japanese were threatening him or would threaten him, so he arrested him. This will make the citizens angry, he arrested his own teacher and he trusts the power of Korean people.

Int he city, no one is taking Japanese money and don’t want Japanese people in their place. Japanese money just became paper in Joseon. No one can stop the city people from doing that because DM is in the hospital.

The Japanese consulate soldier guy says that he wants the American woman brought to him. he will torture her.

Cut to the Japanese soldier eating with the American woman. Eugene shows up and asks her if she is okay. the Japanese soldier says that this is the only way that Eugene would talk to him. Then he asks him if he is torturing the Joseon woman that he took. Go ahead and keep torturing her. This american woman is saying bad things about Japan.

But the American defends herself and says that she is only teaching what is happening in the world. But japan guy does not want the woman to talk about Japan at all, just talk about you religion. Your God split the sea and only looked at the wall (?).

The Japanese soldier asks him when he will buy him a drink? He said he would in America. he laughs and asks if they can drink and he also releases the woman because America and Japan are allies. Eugene does not drink with him.

Eugene goes back to his office and asks if Aeshin is okay, have you been bored all day? She says no, there were a lot of interesting things here. This round thing (globe) is curious, is this a map? He says it is a world map.

They start to trace the distance from Joseon to America. It is two hand lengths. But Eugene says, when he measures it, it is only one and a half hand lenghts, their hands touch on the globe.

She also liked the Russian doll. he tells her that the little mark means that you can open it. Inside is another doll. Eugene tells her that he was still a little boy to Joseph. Aeshin opens all the dolls happily. Eugene tells her that she can go home now, but he cannot escort her home because he has to be somewhere.

He goes to the firing round and finds some bullet shells. He asks if anyone wanted to practice after work, he is told that some students wanted to practice. he thinks that means that Koreas future is bright. He gave them the key and they took it in and out freely.

Eugene asks for the key, he sees that they made a copy of it. He tells the man that Koreas future is a little darker now.
DM’s woman is by his side, fortune telling. She is sad but then he wakes up so she grabs his hand. The thug calls for the doctor. DM speaks and says that it was the guy that has a carrier that they arrested once. The thugs run out to find that man and check everyone that had the carrier.

The man is in a military uniform and runs away with the help of someone else.

HS shows Eugene the sign board for his company and also shows him the only flower he has on it. They go inside and talks about a noble family and the Japanese soldier. The second most powerful family is the family that the japanese solder is from. They are right next to the emperor and they follow the idea of invading Korea, if they invade Korea then Japan will be stable. He belongs to that family so that means that Joseon will have a war.

Cut to the Japanese consulate and the Japanese soldier. They talk about how the treaty between Korea and Japan will be a bloody one.

Then, WI meets with the Japanese soldier and happly eats with him but mutters that he is a badly behaving boy (in Korean). He tells the Japanese guy that Koreans are easy to control, if they are not starved then they are easy to control. Just give them candy and they will do anything.

Joseon survived with many wars, do you know why? Those normal citizens put their life in danger, that is why Joseon still survived, they called themselvs freedom fighters. Freedom fighter kids become freedom fighters. Those decendents, what do you think they are doing?

WI says they are nothing, if they are so great, then why am I surviving?

The Japanese says that this is the problem, they don’t just kill one traitor, they think about the result. it is the Korean character, the volunteer fighters are trouble makers. When the consulate comes back, he will bring the treaty, I guarantee you that all the fighters will do anything for it. What do we have to do? We should ruin their chracter. I am going to do that. So you have to make sure that you do two things. Against Japan and don’t use banmal to me. I do not like banmal, especially from a Joseon guy without a noble background.

WI looks fearful.

The Japanese soldier wants to destroy Koreas national character, he wants to do that. Wi is thinking about this and figures out that is why Ko Sahong went there first, he has to go to the palace.

WI goes to the palace and tells the King that a lot of money will come in. The King tells him to cut to the chase, what do you want to say?

WI basically says that all the anger will point at the King. The King says that he does not want to listen to him but his teacher is in jail so he will listen to him. He tells them to release SH.

WI leaves and talks to his right hand man about how hard it was to get SH in the jail. WI says that SH should not die int he palace, he should die outside and WI should kill him. Korea should be scared of him, not Japan.

But then he sees the head of the guard walking by. He asks who this person is. (I think that person was SG).

The grandfather goes back to his house. SG escorts him there. But the grandfather is worse for wear so HD has to make medicine for him. She is so sad and says that she never thought she would make this medicine. AB tries to give her strength and tells her that she can make it.

Outside, Aeshin and SG talk. She comments on his short hair and new look, but then they talk about what is going on. he tells her that he removed her trail before he went to the palace. Don’t go there anymore and don’t come to me, I have nothing more to teach you. And even if I stop you, don’t stop. You tried hard to follow this not so good teacher. It is time to graduate. I think I have another path. Just tell me to go my way smiling.

Aeshin emotionally tells him to be careful and that she is so thankful to him. She bows deeply and tells him to be safe. he bows as well and thanks her. They both try to stay somewhat composed.

The Japanese guy reads the newspaper, it talks about how Japan is invading Korea. he asks HN how many newspapers there are in Korea. She says there are two with title and one without a title (?). The Japanese soldier asks if it is difficult to run this hotel alone. She says it is difficult, she misses hr husband a lot (sarcastically). he tells her that she is wearing fabulous clothing for a person who misses her husband a lot.

he also did not see her family registry in Joseon, is someone backing you? He is sarcastic and tells her that she is great. She just replies that maybe she is a super great person, do you want me to put the cost of the coffee in your room?

But then seh goes to her room in the back and paces as she thinks of what to do. There is a secret poison that she has. She looks at it intently.
Aeshin goes to her mountain but there are soldiers there. She asks them why they are there and they ask her the same (they are Korean soldiers). They say that they brought WI there. WI stands up and asks why she is there. She tells HD to tell him that her grandfather wanted to eat mountain herbs. Aeshin is not speaking to him or looking at him.

WI wonders if she is not looking at him because she is a lady or because she is looking down on him as a person who is not a noble. Hello, I am right in front of you. Aeshin says that this is just a formality and has nothing to do with his class level.

WI laughs and says that her blood is still the same. He tells his soldiers that they can leave, he got what he wanted to get.

They all leave, But WI remembers that volunteers kids become freedom fighters also. WI wonders how old Aeshin is. The cousins husband says she is 28 or 29. She came to Joseon from Japan and was orphaned. They do not know the mother.

WI thinks about this a lot. He wonders about it in his office and thinks that the freedom fighter he killed in Japan might have had a kid. If he did, then she would be her age.

He sits up and wonders if that jerk gave him the wrong names. Another person comes in and asks iff Wi was looking for him, he is a bit nervous. WI asks him to find all the people that lived in that year 29 years ago, dead or alive.

Cut to DM, he is fine enough to go home. His #1 says that they are still looking for that guy that shot him. But DM says he might be dead before he does, just spread a rumor that he came back and is not dead. he also tells them to take the deaf girl out and feed her something.

HS comes in at that moment and tells him that he was worried that he would die. DM smiles and says he still hasn’t decided if he will chop him vertically or horizontally. HS smiles. HS asks who that woman is. DM says she is someone that he lives with. HS is pretty shocked and wonders if he has a wife? DM tells him that he knows who he likes. Don’t you have anything to do? HS tells him that he just stopped by after hearing that he is okay. HS leaves and DM mutters that HS lies using a lot of words (says long lies).

HS then goes to meet with the japanese soldier. He is surprised that he wanted to see him. The Japanese guy says that he heard that he studied in Japan – . But HS tells him that he should speak Joseon if he wants to talk to him, he heard that he can. So the man starts speaking in Joseon and asks about the newspaper company that HS owns. HS tells him that he did not do enough research, he has the best signboard and he is the second richest person in Korea.

The Japanese guy says he can give him a noble position. But HS says that is useless of him, what would he use it for. The Japan guy says that it will save his life. he pulls out a gun. HS inspects his glasses (or the knife) and laughs. he tells him that he should do more research about him, he will get nothing for killing him.

HS tells him that he heard he wanted a lot of women, well HS can call all these women if he wants to. he claps and yells his name. Then he laughs, but they continue drinking tensely.
At Aeshin’s house, someone comes there and says that something was stolen from her house, by a Japanese soldier, she should come get it. But Aeshin tells him that she did not lose anything, if something was taken then they should bring it back, how dare he tell her to go to a hotel and get it. The man runs off.

Caption: sending a telegram from Tokyo police station to Joseon police station

DM reads this telegram. On it are AS’s parents names. So WI is looking for this list. The man tells DM that he came to him first before going to WI (it is the same man that WI asked to get this information). He also tells DM that he is looking a lot better. DM tells him to always come to him first, he has his hand print. The man nervously laughs and smiles.

Eugene asks all the students if anyone did not drop their stone. One of them raised their hands. They all clap so Eugene tells him that they can stop there. he asks if they have any questions. One asks how a Joseon person can become an American. he says the simplest answer is that he is slave born. All the nobles are all like…say what?

Eugene starts laughing and tells them that soldiers aren’t about class, they are about rank. But you can leave or you can kick him out, he will be happier if they kick him out.

But then the Japanese guy comes in. Eugene tells them all to put their guns down and leave. All the nobles look down on Eugene as they put their guns away. Then the Japanese guy talks to Eugene, he wants to have a coffee with him.

They have that coffee and talk about how it is teaching the Joseon soldiers. Eugene tells them never to look down on their enemy, even if their enemy is stupid. he then gets up to leave, but he hears the music box melody. he turns around, the music box is on the table with the Japanese guy.

he says that he took it from the noble womans house, one of his solders stole it. Eugene tells him that he should be ashamed. The Japanese guy is all like, yeah, but the thing is, this is yours.

Outside, Aeshin is being carried somewhere when her palanquin is stopped by DM. Everyone is pulled away and only he and Aeshin remain. He tries to help her out, but she gets out on her own and stans in front of him.

AS – What are you doing?

DM – Where are you going

AS – It has nothing to do with you

DM – I am giving you a last chance

AS – Last chance?

DM – Tell me in a language that I understand, why are you making these choices? You break the marriage and become blemished and hold a rifle and become the target, all those dangerous choices. So, don’t do anything, don’t go to school and don’t learn any English. Don’t ask any questions to the world.

AS -How dare you say this, I don’t regret any of my choices, inculding saving your life. you shot me, what are you ging to do? You think your something because you are holding my secret?

DM – No, I think I will be something to you from now on. I think now that I don’t care if the entire world becomes my enemy, even if it is you.

He walks up to her and cuts off her hair. She is shocked. He grips her hair in his hand and looks dead in her eyes.

(You should never cut your hair in Joseon)

Fade Out

I think cutting Aeshin’s hair is a really big deal because noble born women should never cut their hair. If you cut your hair it means you can’t go outside because it is shameful to the family. People might point their finger at her and say that she learns western things and cut her hair? So DM might have done this to protect her in a way because she wont be able to leave the house.

But from the preview we see that cutting Aeshin’s hair did not stop her from leaving the house.

WI – I will kill you by myself, definitely.
AS – If I see you one more time, I will kill you.
SH – Please protect Aeshin. The one that will protect her with any means and the one that makes plans and protects her.
Japanese soldier – You are standing somewhere you shouldn’t be.
EC – I will kill you.
SH – Live, please live, Aeshin.

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  1. ZEE
    September 2, 2018 / 8:56 am

    Thank you once again for the recap. And for explaining that last scene with AS and DM. Didnt know what they were talking about and was shocked at what he did. Okay, I’m off to read the entire episode now ^_^

  2. Anna
    September 2, 2018 / 9:10 am

    Its going to have 22 episodes ☺️

    • Sileli
      September 2, 2018 / 1:53 pm

      Thank you for your recap. I have recommended you (…source:dramamilkdotcom ) on other site. Hope it is o.k?

      • V
        September 2, 2018 / 3:32 pm

        Perfectly fine! 🙂

    • V
      September 2, 2018 / 3:32 pm

      Ah, so only two weeks left. Next weeks should have a lot going on then.

  3. Carmenlunae
    September 2, 2018 / 2:21 pm

    Thank you for your recap! I also wanted to add what I’ve read from knetizens. ^^ Since it could also mean that accepting western culture, he might also did it so that wanik will think that aeshin isn’t following her parents’ steps

    • V
      September 2, 2018 / 3:31 pm

      Ah, that is interesting. That makes sense, too.

  4. Chan
    September 2, 2018 / 3:29 pm

    Than you for your recap ! You do a great job.

    • V
      September 2, 2018 / 3:30 pm

      Of course, we don’t mind at all 🙂

  5. Lolita
    September 2, 2018 / 4:51 pm

    Thank you — great job as usual!

  6. Rose
    September 2, 2018 / 9:32 pm

    Thanks again for the recap! ☺

    Just watched this sub episode. Wow! I cant decide w/c one is worst…WI or the new jap soldier? Now i dont know who i hate more? 😂.
    I love HS character more and more now. The way he talked to that Jap soldier was awesome! He may look like a jokester, but he’s fearless. Maybe its his way of giving back to Josen since his family has done a lot of bad things to the people of Josen.

    and will there be another death next week? I saw the preview and it showed one scene that HS has blood on his face and some on his clother while looking up or lookinh somewhere. Its making me worry that the one who dies is AS grandpa, maybe thats why he was asking someone to look after AS (maybe he was asking EC or DM or both)

    Cant wait for next week. ☺

  7. RAS
    September 3, 2018 / 12:07 am

    Anyone knows who shot DM? Is it RA?

    • V
      September 4, 2018 / 6:19 am

      I think it is the freedom fighter that DM took hostage for a brief moment in another episode. Maybe 2 episodes ago?

  8. Barbara
    September 3, 2018 / 11:48 am

    I am American and I don’t speak another language. Yet I stumbled on this show on Netflix and binged watch the show reading the subtitles. I fell in love with the show and the characters. Some things drive me crazy like I yell at the tv kiss her! No kiss comes such respect on Eugene part. Ahh

    I can’t believe DM cut her hair I actually thought he was going to kiss her. It was nerve racking! How could they leave us hanging like this. Of course there is a few people I hate. Overall I love the show and I am happy for you insightful recaps. Ps I hope As and Eugene kiss at some point😆

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      We might never get that kiss…

  9. Chan
    September 3, 2018 / 12:55 pm

    Haha 😂 !!! We are longing for a kiss ! But I don’t think we will have one.
    Age gap between Ec and As is too big and in Joseon time, kissing is taboo ! 😂😂😂

    • Anonymous
      September 3, 2018 / 5:34 pm

      Thank you I was unaware of the fact that kissing is taboo. So these two cannot marry?

      • V
        September 4, 2018 / 6:17 am

        Everything is against them, they can’t kiss and they probably can’t marry in Joseon. They can run away and do all of the above though.

  10. FrenchieJessie
    September 4, 2018 / 7:45 am

    Well, AS parents didn’t get a proper wedding (which is also taboo I suppose!And we don’t know anything about her mother’s origins if I recall well) and yet, here she is! 🙂

    She also is a “clandestine fighter” and learning a lot of things presumably useless for women (writing, politics…) and not less than english and the western ways. All of it is already inthinkable for a Joseon noble woman so anything could happen with the good circumstances (or a little help from destiny! ^^) . I’ll keep on hoping for a kiss. 🙂

    Ps: I hope my english is understandable, it’s not my first langage.

    • V
      September 4, 2018 / 11:00 am

      Love what you said, also your English is great 🙂

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