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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Recap Episode 17

A man stabbed on the ground in Korean Drama Mr. Sunshine
We just had the foreboding eclipse that sent the King into bad Omen land. Jung Moon tried to pull him out of it and tell him that it is just an eclipse, but the King is definitely not believing that and rolling further and further off his rocker. Meanwhile, Sa-hong and finally has his letters going out via all the hunters. Hopefully they get to their intended destinations this time.

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The eclipse happens. Everyone experiences it in their own way. But it was brief, when the sun comes back out, the hunters are racing over the mountainside.

Later, Aeshin gets a gift from a woman, she prepared it only for her. It looks like the very special gift are peaches? Aeshin tries it. The woman says that she is so happyt hat a Joseon girl is so interested in Western culture.

She says that it started with reading someones name, a foreigner. Now she can write it as well. The woman says that is really great. But the school should be strange to you to just start with curiosity.

Aeshin tells her that it started with a sad ending, so she wanted to learn the opposite word of sad ending. All the endings have their own sad endings, so I did not learn it yet. The woman says that was a good answer to a stupid question. What else did you learn?

Aeshin tells her that all the spirits are the same in all the different books, she learned science and that the earth is round, all those things are interesting. The woman thinks she is so smart, her grandfather will be proud of her. Opening a school for woman is not a waste of my time, thanks to you.

Aeshin is surprised to hear this.

Cut to Aeshin and Hee-na talking to each other. They lightly argue back and forth for a moment but then Heena tells her that her Grandfather letters where burnt without anyone reading it. But Eugene climbed the wall to save your grandfather (?). Also HS had a marriage proposal, but to you, is that a useless hope? I also saw you coming in once and I saw you coming out. It was on different days, but it looked like you belonged to that room. You don’t have to thank me.

I have to leave, thank you for taking me out of that house. I will pay for the bed.

How was the palace?

I was about to cry, but I smiled, luckily.

Aeshin thinks back to meeting Eugene briefly int he plalace. Eugene also thinks about the same thing.

All the noble sons line up in front of Eugene and another man for training, but they are so lackadaisical about it. Eugene has to teach them everything from how to stand to how to talk to their superiors and how to use a gun. But they are way far away from using a gun yet.
Meanwhile, WI is upset that Eugene is the new commander because Eugene is not one of his people. On top of all that, JM shows up with a group of new translators. They speak to each other in aggressive tones and diss each other for a moment. Then Jung Moon leaves. WI is so upset and asks his first person to see if God will decide life now (?).

Cut to the military school. WI shows up to interfear with them in the middle of their gun training. Eugene takes out a gun and shoots it at the target that WI is standing right in front of. He is an excellent shot.

He tells the noble recruits that it is not hard. But then he tells them that the training stops there. The nobles leave.

WI walks up to Eugene and tells him that this was a murder attempt. Eugene says that mis fires always happen on the training field. WI thinks Eugene is really not a Joseon guy. Are you really working for JM? Eugene tells him that he wants to push him like that? Try me.

But then one of the noble kids holds a rifle up to WI, another person runs up to take it from him. This noble kid glares at WI and then leaves.

Meanwhile, Eugene and WI talk about how easy it is to kill each other in this situation.

Elsewhere, GS and the cousins husband talk in a restaurant. it looks like GS is trying to fullfill his part of the spying by telling the husband about Eugene. But all GS tells him is that he has horrible pronunciation, it is like some Virginian accent when he tries to talk! Haha! Can you believe it!

But the husband is all like, don’t you have anything else? Am I wasting my time? Bring me something better next time!

he leaves in a rage. GS can finally relax, but then DM comes in which makes GS go stiff. However, Eugene comes in as well (or is in the room next door?). They talk about what they talked about with the husband. GS is all like, I didn’t mean it, I had to say something. Eugene tells him that he meant it, it looks like he liked talking about it.

GS cannot deny that and timidly leaves.

This allows DM and Eugene to talk alone. They happily word battle back and forth about their ranks. They found a bit of comradery in their life and their parents. DM tells him that they are not like their parents, they can kill anyone and shoot anyone. They can make their own choice. Rifle or sword.

Eugene tells him that, becuase of DM, he has something improtant to do now. DM smiles and says that the customer is leaving, please take care of him.

Elsewhere, Hosun thinks about her son, Heesung. He asked her to save him one more time. She touches her scar on her neck when she gets a call that there is a guest outside.

She goes outside and is greeted by Eugene.

Mom – I told you to keep this secret from HS, how could you? You got your revenge so you should be happy.

EC – Your son knew about it already. He asked me questions. That is why I am here.

Mom – You did not tell him?

EC – That jewel is my mothers life, I will keep it, but I will not forgive you. Your sin is not acting. You can regret it your entire life. I will not ask HS. Parents sin is parents sin. Your son tries hard due to his parents sin. I went far away and came back, nothing was easy, your son should be the same. Please support him.

he leaves.
HS shows up at the tailor and asks him to make the smaller size suit again, the same size when he was in Tokyo, I am going to lose some weight. The tailor is all like, but you look good now… Cut to HS sitting and looking at a letter. It is the marriage proposal, he starts to read it to himself and think about when he first saw Aeshin. The letter is written for his father to ask Aeshin’s grandfather for the marriage.

HS thinks about the moment he faked passing out and Aeshin held him and thanked him. HS starts tearing up as he reads it. “it is graceful that you let your granddaughter marry my son…” The tears start to soak the letter as HS sits in his room at Glory Hotel.

In Eugene’s room, he thinks about the jewel that his mother threw to him. It is laying on the table in front of him. He thinks about all that has happened after that incident and all that he has done in Joseon to avenge his parents as he folds up the jewel in a scarf.

VO – Only two people can play at fencing. English and French.

HS is fencing with the French person. But he feels up her leg and then tells her that he came there to meet her. Would you like to go to France with me? She is annoyed and tells him to go away.

The French guy then speaks Japanese to the older traitor woman and tells her that he does not like HS anymore. He wants her to go to France with him now. They talk about the list (he took care of Joseph in order to have this list?). The French guy tells her that the person that wants that list will come soon from Japan.

Cut to a ton of Japanese soldiers showing up in japan holding the old Japanese flag.

Eugene meets with someone and tells him that he thinks he has an informer in his family. Ah, he is talking to AB and tells him that there is an informer somewhere in the house. Can you find that person? Kick him out right away and someone will take care of him.

AB starts to look for the informer.

The soldiers also start to learn how to fire a rifle. He puts a little bean or pebble on the tip of each gun that the recruits are holding and tells them that everyone can do this, you are stupid if you cannot.

But they all fail so he tells them to say that they are stupid.

The young recruit asks him if he is teaching them well? You were not a good aim yesterday. But Eugene tells him that he was and tells the kid to put the baduk stone on his gun. He does and Eugene fires it, the stone does not move at all and Eugene hits the bullseye.

Cut to the noble kid and Eugene meeting. The kid wants to know if Eugene is friends with the deputy consulate (I think Eugene is the deputy consulate). Eugene says that he knows him well. They start to talk about the deputy consulate that signed the document. Eugene knows that it is a fake (?). Eugene shows his name and tells the boy that he is the deputy consulate.

The noble kid wants to know what will happen to him now? Will he kick him out? Eugene tells him he has some options, he can kill him or be his sponsor (not sure).

Grandfather – Is he the black crow in my sky or am I the black crow in his sky?
At Aeshin’s house, grandfather talks to HD about something. HD worries for Aeshin because she is in love with another man.

At Glory Hotel, HS puts the 8 ball in the hole. AS tells him that he will lose if that goes in first. He says he knows. He wants to have a game with AS. he will be stripes. he starts to play pool (pocket ball) and he is really good at it. he misses nothing but then he hits the 8 ball in. he won without her shooting at all. So she has to listen to his wish.

She asks what his wish is.

he says that his wish is to separate. They are not fiances anymore. That is his wish.

Aeshin is stunned. A tender song starts to play as she looks at him approaching her. He holds her arms softly at her side.

HS – When you leave the door, a lot of rumors will point at you. Please be strong.

he drops his arms and looks at her softly.

AS – Thank you so much for everything. Until today, I was truthful.

HS – I trust because you were my true mind once before.

He tries to smile at her and then goes back to his place. He burns the marriage proposal later.

Aeshin sits at home thinking about everything as well.

Later on, the two head women of the family meet. Hosun apologizes for her son and she also worries about AS, she will be blamed for her entire life. The aunt says that AS will be okay. She tells Hosun to be careful and healthy, eat time she sees her she is cold.

Hosun removes her scarf and shows her scar, it is the first time that the aunt has seen it. Hosun says that this scar is the blemish on her family and the reason that they cannot take her daughter. They are not family, but hoepfully your family will be healthy.

The rumors start to spread about Aeshin. People start to talk about Aeshin having a big blemish on her body or maybe she went to school so that broke he marriage, or maybe it is because she grew up without parents?

DM hears all these rumors and thinks that Aeshin is finally moving a step further from him (or closer to him?).

GS tells all of this to Eugene. Does HS have another woman? Eugene tells him that HS does not have another woman. GS wonders how he knows that, but then they have guns pulled on them. GS holds his arms up immediately.

the men ask for Eugene to follow them. GS relaxes and starts eating again which makes Eugene so puzzled/annoyed. he asks him, is it good?
Meanwhile, the potter and SG talk at a bar. The police come up and take the hunter away as well. The potter thinks that he opened the hunters path for him to do what he wants to do.

The potter is taken in front of Jung Moon in the woods. Jung Moon wants SG to be the head of the guards in the palace because WI has all his spies and traitors there.

Eugene shows up as well with the police. They talk back and forth about what in the word is going on. Eugene is also confused. Eugene tells SG to take the position, he will look good doing it. SG thinks that maybe he can do it. Let’s do it. But he has 3 grudges, the emperor, WI, and Jung Moon.

Eugene asks what the position is. Jung Moont ells him it is the royal guard. SG is all like, you told me to take the position, Eugene. Eugene tells him to keep his distance from the King (playfully).

Elsewhere, The potter talks to the river woman about what is going on. They hope someone is doing okay.

Cut to someone running int he woods. DM asks a man if being a freedom fighter makes money, can he do it if it makes money?

In DM’s house, he asks the woman who lives with him what his fortune is today. She turns over 3 cards, they are all bad. He walks up to her and asks what it means, she writes “Death.” he smiles and says that sometimes it does not match.

But she holds his arm. He looks at her and quietly says that he has to go today.

He gets to his place and is met by Aeshin. He tells her that everyone is saying all the bad things about her. She says, is that so? Then seh gives him the coin for that month. She does not throw it this time and instead holds her hand out for him to take it from it.

She also thanks him (for what he did for her grandfather) she tells him that he knows the reason. She will see him on the next full moon.

DM – That fortune telling was wrong. She keeps me alive like this.

He grips the coin tightly as he looks at her empty space.
Several women meet in the hotel to talk about a lot of jewelry that is snuck out of the palace or from a different country or something. Maybe a palace from another country? HN is sitting with them and sees a young man outside. She takes one of the bracelets and asks it to do it’s magic since it is traveled all the way there from a far away place.

She looks at her bracelet outside and is approached by IS and CS with the drawing that she commissioned. HN tells them that she also paid them to burn the photos since she is a at a far away place. She leaves.

IS and CS both wonder if they should burn it? It seems like IS might know that this is HN’s mother.
Meanwhile, Aeshin is hanging out with her maid HD. they go to her secret place. But this secret place is not taken care of anymore, all the grass is overgrown. Eugene is there and startles the two of them.

Aeshin says that she is there because she wante to talk to her teacher, she missed him and wanted to thank him for helping her grandfather.

Eugene is so happy to see her, but tries to keep it inside.

She practices firing at her targets, but she is not good anymore and misses two. She says that she wanted to miss two, but he says that he thinks she missed two because of him. He tells her thta she didn’t!

They both smile and talke lovey dovey about how they missed each other and are surprised to see each other and you talked to another woman at the palace, was the flower pretty or was that woman pretty. He says thta the flower was prettier.

Aeshin takes two more bullets and tells him that she will not take his lesson anymore. She fires at the targets and hits them both. he claps.

But then we hear a voice over and cut to Grandfather calling a lot of nobles to his house. He tells them that they do not have to write their name down. The young guys tell them that the grandfather will suffer a lot, they do not have an emperor in Joseon, he is weak and listens to Japan.

Grandfather thinks that this is why they need to do this, their people are suffering and do not know what is wrong. They start to write the letter (and sign the letter?).

Cut to a lot of people kneeling inf ront of the palace. These are all the noble people with grandfather at the lead. they all have their hair down and area waring pale colors. The grandfather says that the emperor is on Japans side, why is this? You are the emperor of Korea, are you really going to write the history that we lost our country?

The emperor looks at this in the palace.

The Japanese consulate meets with WI and tells him all that is happening in front of the palace. WI does not look like he is too worried about it. But thy two start to argue about it. The consulate tells WI that he thinks he is Japanese, but he should do all these errands as a Joseon person. If something goes wrong, you will be responsible. He storms out, but WI just thinks that the consulate does not know how hard it is to take over Joseon in the proper way.

At home, Aeshin finds out that all this is happening, it is a big deal. All their family elders show up at the house.
meanwhile, DM goes to his favorite candy person ont he street. he looks at the candies, but then a gun shot rings out, he is hit. It’s a good hit.

DM is holding a candy when he feels the bullet shot. He drops the candy and touches the wound. His hand is all bloody. Then he turns to see who shot him and is shot again.

There is a man on a roof, it is the freedom fighter that he caught before (maybe). DM looks at him and watches him run away.

HS runs up to the scene and sees DM on the ground, he runs up to him and asks him what happened. Dm says he thought it was that woman. But he smiles as he thinks of Aeshin telling him thank you. He says that he hopes what she said is truthful.

Then he dies. (???)

At the same time, the head of the English school is taken away as a spy.

At Aeshin’s house, all the family elders mock the old man. Theyt hink he should have gotten his adopted son first if he was going to do this. But then all the Japanese police come into the house.

Another man comes in on horseback and rides around like he ownes the place. They are there because the English teacher is a spy so they are searching the houses of all the students. Who is a student here?

Everyone finds out that Aeshin is the student. They yell about a noble woman going to school but the aunt yells back that this is because they have no sons!

Aeshin says that she will cooperate with the investigation, but not Japanese police, she wants Korean police. The man just chuckles and tells them to search.

The men all rush in and search. The aunt tells them to not do anything and don’t talk because they have a translator.

The police find Aeshin’s music both.

Outside, Aeshin grabs her dress in anger, but HD holds her hand to calm herself. Howver, the American soldiers show up too! Eugene comes in on his own horse with his own guards.

Eugene and this guy know each other. This is his friend from American who kind of eluded to Japan taking over Korea. He tells Eugene that he was already a noble in his country, unlike him. Do you know why my English never improved? Because I aws learning Joseon language, not English. I was looking forward to going to Joseon, my colony. It is nice to see you Eugene.

Fade Out

EC – Even though the enemy is so big, teach them that they should not fear them.
Japan guy – They put their life on the line to save their country, they call themselves volunteer fighters (freedom fighters).
WI – If that guy had a daughter, she should be her age.
AS – I never regret any of my choices.
DM – I will be someone for you from now on (so he lived!) Because now I don’t care if I make the entire world my enemy.

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  1. Rose
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    Oh no! DM!! 😱

  2. DM fan
    September 1, 2018 / 8:47 am

    I’m just sooo relieved to know that DM survived.

    • Lolita
      September 1, 2018 / 9:54 am

      I’m not exactly a fan of DM, but I am relieved also, because the Righteous Army needs all the able-bodied people they can get, and with his skill set and intuitiveness (he is a survivor) he will definitely be an asset to the cause…

      • V
        September 1, 2018 / 10:21 am

        Yes, he will be used well, especially if he can convince his thugs to follow his order and be on the freedom fighters side as well.

        • Lolita
          September 1, 2018 / 2:23 pm

          …it’s the old adage: “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”…

    • V
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      Me too, I was all like, HOLD UP, they didn’t just kill him right there did they?

      • September 3, 2018 / 1:21 pm

        When u do your recap on 18, can you explain what u think the ending scene means?? Thx in advance!

        • V
          September 4, 2018 / 6:15 am

          Okay, here is my guess.

          I think it means he does not want her to leave the house. If she walks around with cut hair then it goes against all that noble women stand for in Joseon (I think), because noble women and men (but especially women) should never ever ever cut their hair.

          So now that her hair is cut people will point at her and think that she wants to be western, since she is also going to a western school, and that she is turning her back on Joseon. It can look very bad for her family which is already in a bad situation.

          That is just my guess though. If they tell us next episode then we will be sure to try and translate it well!

  3. Lolita
    September 1, 2018 / 9:34 am

    I cheated — I read your recap before I viewed episode 17 — it will be on in my timezone in about 30 minutes (couldn’t wait) — thank you again for the quick turnaround…

  4. Rose
    September 1, 2018 / 10:27 am

    Im so glad DM is alive! 😃

  5. Monica
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    • V
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  7. kdyes
    September 1, 2018 / 9:57 pm

    Thank you V for continuing to recap despite this not being your cup of tea! Mr. Sunshine’s an obvious hit on cable, and I appreciate that you acknowledge that. I’ve been loving it since ep 2 aired, a feast for the eyes, not only camera work but the coming together of such cultural diversity and interesting characters. As your site gets better known, I’d think you’d have loads of traffic.

    So appreciated your work during Misty (yes, we all let out a long scream at the ending).

    • CeeCee
      September 2, 2018 / 12:47 am

      Misty will never be forgotten! (sigh…)

      I’m with you KDYES! Thank you so much for your live recap V! I really appreciate it.

    • V
      September 2, 2018 / 3:36 pm

      You’re welcome! (and OMG yes, Misty)

  8. September 3, 2018 / 9:15 am

    Goo Dong Mae cut As-Shin hair at the end of episode 17 why?

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