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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Recap Episode 16

A man sleeping and a woman holding him in historical Korean drama Mr. Sunshine
Today we find out just what that bad idea is that Hee-sung had. Hopefully it is a “good” bad idea.

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We open at the end of the last episode. AS tells HS that she is sorry, please find a better woman than her. Breaking the marriage is a shame for women, but not men. He says that he knew she had another lover, even though he knew, it did not help him.

He pulls out the marriage proposal and tells her that it is the marriage proposal, he just made up a bad idea.

Inside, the aunt is telling the grandfather that HS is there with the marriage proposal instead of the butler. Perhaps he will not honor our traditions since he spent a lot of time in Japan.

Outside, AS wants to know what his bad mind is. He wants to know why she won’t just trust him. This is a family to family marriage, we have to break it with a long term plan. So the bad idea is to not get married. There are two ways to see a flower, either put it in the vase, or take a trip to meet it. I am trying to take that trip. It is bad for me because on my way there are no other flowers blossoming. I wiil break off the marriage for you. I will get my punishment for starting too late.

Aeshin apologizes but he says that it is not too late. He tells her that breaking off the marriage is a blemish for her, but seh assures him that she wants that blemish. He tells her that he just needs time, then he can make her a blemished woman, can you trust me?

She does. He says that she is returing it like this. But then his butler runs up and asks him what he is doing. He says that he will explain everything to his parents. You can leave.

Aeshin tells HS to go with him, seh did not think about his parents worrying about you. He says that he came there to extinguish her fire and to rescue her servants. He then asks one of the servants to yell when he passes out and turns to Aeshin and asks her to support him.

he passes out.

The woman calls inside to the aunt. The aunt thinks HS is a weak man, open the shed and tells AB to carry him home and HD to go to the pharmacy.

Cut to HS eating with HD and AB, he is buying them something and says that he can endure his legs falling asleep, but not hunger. He talks to them some more, they are a bit concerned with him and talk about carrying him to the hotel, they can do it 100 times. he asks if they think he is that poor. She says no no no, no one did well, you or the young lady or Eugene Choi, all of them….She starts eating.

Elsewhere at the American consulate, Eugene is delivering the school supplies with his military people. He sees Aeshin’s hand writing but might not know that it is her until the American teacher tells him that the girl that wrote that also visited him.

He goes to the hotel and checks hisdrawer, but then HS is there and tells him that he was about to get some medicine. Everything is bad, but my bad news is good news for you. I know what happened to you and what my family did.

If you do not apologize now, you will do it later at anytime, what is the second one.

The second one is that I always knew about her later than you guys, but this time I know about her first. Because I want you to know what is happening the latest.

he goes upstairs.

HN comes out withhis medicine. She makes a joke then says that she is sorry about what happened last time. Is JM holding something on you because you are helping her. With your friend that visited, we are working together. I was so surprised that you two were not surprised to each other. What HS has in his hands is a marriage proposal from the grooms family. He says that he did not know but it often happens where his best friend will have a fiance.

he goes upstairs and thinks about Aeshin.

VO – You asked me once before, am I getting married? I was thinking about it but I only just imagined it before. What if I break the marriage? Will I be kicked out of the house? Is there a way to protect Joseon from Shanghai also? ……you should be in America in that future. When I was imagining that you were not next to me…today you are next to me, that is enough for me.

Letter – Exchange names and shake hands ad hug, the next is missing each other.

Eugene thinks about her at his balcony. But he has a vistor, the hunter is there to greet him. He goes inside the room and gives the gun to him. He says that ES wanted to give it to him (the potter). ES and JM are super duper cold, but I have a weak mind, the American came to the hud and I also saw an inseen rifle,

I wanted to teach her with a new rifle.

You have nothing to teach her because I am a good teacher.

They keep talking. SG tells Eugene how Aeshin learned gun fighting for the last ten years. She had a lot of hardships. the way to him is the same, she chooses him and that way to him. The hunter tried to yell at her and persuade her not to, but if she really wants to do it, then I will let her go. A lot of people will keep her from dating you, but I will be a good person. So, be happy together.

The apprentice runs to the potter and gives him the last American beer bottle. He says that he understands how it tastes. The student says that guy will bring some more next time. The boy asks if that beer is really expensive? The potter says that his heart that prepared this untasty beer, how much of a value is it?
Aeshin is in front of her grandfather and is getting a tongue lashing. Her servants are also getting yelled at behind her. Grandfather wants her to get married and use her husband as a shield and find her own way to survive. But Aeshin does not want to do that, she wants to decide how to survive on her own. Grandfather calls her a stupid girl, he knew that she did not want to get married, but you have another lover? Bring him in front of me. I want to see who he is.

Aeshin says it has nothing to do with him, she decided it. She trained herself to not need a shield. She will put it in her heart while she is living. But Grandfather tells her, until you bring that man in front of me, you will not be able to go anywhere, including to SG.

Aeshin leaves with her servants. She is apologetic towards them. They say that they will not say anything to the old master, but they are not stupid. Cut to them both in front of Eugene. They tell him everything. AS said she has another lover so she will not get married.

Eugene remembers what Hee-sng told him at the hotel.

HD thinks that the old master and the yung lady are fighting so someone will die. So come with us and tells him that it was just a tiny romance and that you are leaving the country, we are beging you.

Eugene goes to the house and tells grandfather that he is there because he is looking for him. Grandfather is all like, I have no business with an American soldier. But then he figures it out. He tells the servants to remove everything. Then he asks Eugene if it was really him? It was you?

Eugene says yes, it was him.

they go inside, Grandfather asks if it is true that Aeshin loves him and if he is the same? He says yes. Grandfather does not understand. he did not change his blood but how can a Joseon person becoem American, did you sell your family? Eugene tells him that he left Joseon to survive and he also became an American to survive.

Grandfather thinks Americans are invaders so how can you bring this man in front of me? Do you want to die together? Aeshin tells him that she wants to live together. Grandfather thinks that does not make any sense. How come an American uniform cares about Joseon.

Eugene says that he saw Grandfather a long time ago. He told him that if he looks at the sky then he will shorten his life. Just look at the ground and live. Grandfather remembers this and knows that Eugene is a slave. he is not happy about it and asks Aeshin if he knew this.

Aeshin says that how he was born is not on him. She knew this when she ran to him so please let him leave, I beg you. Eugene gets up and leaves.

Grandfather – How can you disgrace me so much as a noble woman. It is already surprising to love another man, but how can you marry him, if I knew that you would do that then i would have already killed myself. If you break the marriage, you cannot be with him. the result of your choice is to live alone like a monk.

Aeshin – I will do that.

She leaves and sees two servants guarding the main gate. Aeshin jumps the gate and runs to Eugene in the forest. They look at each other, Aeshin is out of breath. He tells her that she told him to leave but she says that she did not know he would leave this quickly. She did nto tell him bye. 

He asks if that is why she ran this far. She says that she does not know when she will see him again. he runs past her and gets her shoe that fell off then puts it back on her foot like she is Cinderella.

he stands to look at her, she asks him to please understand her grandfather. he tells her that he is thankful to him to allow him to see her like this. Please go back…I will see you again.

Aeshin tells him to go back safely and then turns to run back to her house.
Aeshin gets back home and looks at himself in the mirror, he also sees his name Eugene Choi.

Aeshin also thinks about Eugene.

In a flashback, Aeshin talks to Eugene on the beach about seeing him. Sometimes her dream was to walk the streets of New York. We see a vision of Aeshin and Eugene in New York City. She asks if Men and women can walk next to each other there? Will people look at them? He says that everyone will look at them, because they are a good couple.

They ride around in a coup and have a picnic in a field and a zebra shows up as well. She smiles at the zebra and says that she will study over there. She will study how bug the earth is and how the stars go up and down. After she studies, she will walk to where he is. he will be near the water fountain and smile and wave to her. She will be a little shy but will also be happy for a long long time.

They also go to the music box store and listen to the song. She says that their favorite song plays, they stand there for a long time to listen to it. When the sun goes down then they seperate.

We come out of the vision back to the flashback. Aeshin says Westerners greet each other like this when you leave. She walks up to him and kisses him on the cheek. Then she says goodbye. He tells her it is not goodbye. Let’s say, see you. She says see you….see you again.

Cut back to the present. Aeshin is locked in her room and crying about her imagination and present circumstances.

HN thinks about Jung Moon and wonders if he has already found her mother. She calls him an a-hole. But then she gets a message that her carrier is waiting for her. She meets with a woman and gives her a gift. It looks like she is at the palace. This is the first time she has been to the palace in a year.

The woman called HN because she is the only one that will give her an honest opinion of what is going on. Why does Japan want to use their currency? My King is worrying about it a lot. HN says that Japanese money is paper that only works in Joseon, it is nothing outside. So they will buy everything about Joseon with that fake paper money and Joseon will go bankrupt.

So they really want to colonize Joseon? You know this much so all the men should worry. You know that WI is the foreign minister. He has the mouth of a poisonous snake. I worry about it so much.

HN thinks about this .

The politicians are arguing back and forth about japan and using Japanese currency as there currency. Traditional clothed people do not want to use it but the Western clothed people want to use it. WI is his evil self saying that they should use it but Jung Moon says that they shouldn’t because Japan will use it as a reason to invade.

The King tells them that both of them are not right. he removes the embargo of using Japanese money but under the condition of survelance.

DM “invites” the police chief to see him, but the chief is on his hands and knees cowering He wonders why he is there? Dm happily talks to him and asks him why WI targeted SH. That is his question. You did not even know this and were so brave. I am surprised.

The chief says they told him to do it.

DM is about to kill him but the man tries to keep him from pulling out his sword.

Cut to the man still kneeling and a little roughed up. Another man is brought in who is Japanese. DM asks this man about the situation and wants him to explain the letters. The man says that AB brought letters to all the scholars around but he collected them all and burned all the letters. that is it. But he did not burn it all! He still has one to save his life just in case.

DM tells him that now is the right moment, don’t you think? he produces a blank document or something like that.

DM tells him that when he tortured him, he asked him to put his finger print by chopping of his hand, should I do that, or should you do it?

Both men put their hand mark on the paper by tracing it. DM says he does not know what he will write there, so keep your mouth shut.
DM goes to the bar later and has the letter. Ouside, a Japanese guy tries to use Japanese money, but the baker/candy guy does not accept it. DM saves him from getting in trouble with the Japanese men, but the baker is still scared of DM due to his sword. DM pulls it out but tell him that he is just joking and walks away.

IS and CS talk to Eugene at their shop. Eugene asks them to sign for something (or vice versa). Eugene asks what sign? IS tells him that a few years ago, 5 nobles wanted to kill WI and failed. Their family got broken after failing. The young master wants to join military school.

Why do I sign?

They need a co signer to guarantee for someone to go into the military school. This person changed all his past because his family was all killed but the school is all for nobles so he needs a new identity.

Eugene is all like, so I need to sign it?

It looks like CS and IS do not know that Eugene is the head of the military school?

Cut to 4 noble boys walking and talking in the city about the best place to get a rifle. One young man says that the best place to get it is military school. But they are not sure if they can be in the military since they never ran of lifted anything. They have to get accepted to do it. One of them says that they don’t need to worry, he knows someone that can forge the documents. Then he tells them that they can walk three times to get up their strength.

Meanwhile, JM talks to the potter about the military school. They need someone that cannot be bribed by WI. He wants SG to do it. But the potter does not think that SG will do it. JM tells him to just put him in that position and he will take care of the rest. The potter then asks what happened to that american guy. JM says he put him as a teacher.

DM shows up at Aeshin’s house to the alarm of everyone. he tells them that there is no reason for them to know who he is. He has something to give them. Everyone is outside, so one of the servants takes the letter from DM.

They see that it is the letter. DM tells him that all the letters where not delivered, he got the last one. Someone is targeting this family, that is all that I can say.

Grandfather says that he wears Japanese clothing and did not use their door, how can they trust him? DM tells him that he was paid (the one coin Aeshin gave him) so he is a Joseon person for now.

he leaves.

Inside, AB talks to grandfather about not knowing what happened with the letters, he took them to the post office.

Grandfather says there was a guy with western clothing and one with Japanese clothing that is warning him about people wanting to kill him. Who wants to? This work is dangerous, they already know what I want to do. He would think all the scholars were against him since they did not respond, but now he has hope.

In Aeshin’s room, HD talks to her about who that guy is that crossed the wall. Does he want to get paid by Aeshin? Aeshin says that she is not worried about that at all. Can you call the merchant tomorrow? Because only one person reminds me.

Cut to Glory Hotel. The merchant gives HN a letter. She reads it, it talks about what is happened with Grandfather and DM. Aeshin wants to figure out what happened so HN is the only person she can ask.

Hn talks to DM about it. He wants to give her a pretty dress because she save his girlfriend. But she tells him that she is rich, can he give her something else? Why did you go to Aeshins house? She should worry since you met her grandfather. Tell me what you are doing. He asks if the marriage is broken. She says that it seems like it is, but HS did not look happy just like someone right now.

Cut to HS’s house. He is bowing in front of his parents. they are upset that he took the letter a long time ago and is just now coming to them. How dare you snatch it? Where is the marriage proposal? he says he will tell them about it soon, but right now he will open a newspaper company.

HS mentions something about secret money in a book. he is using that money and he is going to break off the marriage. The man should break off the marriage, so you should make it happen for me.

Umma thinks he is bat-s**t out of his mind. But HS says that of all the things his grandfather gave him, the best thing was the marriage proposal, but he will break it. Umma wants to know why he will break off the thing he wants the most. He says it is because he knows everything.

They ask what he knows.

He says that he knows about the Korean looking American and the story of their family and everything that they want to hide from him. He knows it all. I beg you mom, please save me one more time.

Umma thinks back to that day and starts sobbing. My poor boy…..
Hee-sung prepares his desk and area of his newspaper company at the merchant shop. he is the owner and editor. he also makes a sign and puts a flower next to it, but he does not make the name.

Hee-sung goes gambling but has not been there in awhile. He tells his old haunts that he has made a newspaper company. they tell him to tell him all about it. The cousin is there also. She mentions that she does not know anything that a lady should do. He says that he is also not good at doing women things so there is some common ground.

But the cousin says that her Aeshin is so bad. HN tells the table to excuse her and then whispers something in the cousins ear. The cousin runs off. HN tells HS that her husband had an appoingtment there but it was canceled so he is going home.

HN says she will sit at their seat. But then she spills water into the older woman lap and apologizes. She tells her that she has a lot of clothing in her closet that she can wear. Both are wearing wearing western dresses.

They start to talk about fencing. The woman says that she is interested in Western culture like fencing. It is attractive because you can point and kill someone in their detremental point.

Hn tells her that only two people know fencing in Joseon, one is from England and the other person works for France. I can introduce you to them. But the woman says that she will figure it out if she needs it. HN wonders if it is a coincidence (because the woman said what Geoff said before while they were fencing).

The Queen wants to see Aeshin since seh knows a bit about western knowledge. Grandfather does not like that everyone knows that she goes to a western school now and tells the maid to tell the queen that she is not leaving the house. But the aunt tells the grandfather to give Aeshin a break because you should not turn down the Kings order.

Aeshin gets to go and travels in her palanquin. But then they see an exclipse. The King is a bit upset at the eclipse and thinks it is a bad omen. But Jung Moon says that it is nothing, they alreeady knew that this eclipse would come, just be strong. The teacher of the military school is waiting.

Cut to Eugene in front of the King. He is appointed as a teacher of the miltiary school. Please try your best to make the soldiers strong. Eugene said that JM told him not to do too much so he will not do too much. The King tells him that just being there is a big help. But why did you come back and accept this time?

Eugene says that JM gave him a mountain. It is a big mountain. The King laughs and says that he cant figure him out. (But his flashback was that AS and SG would live longer if he takes that position).

Eugene leves and and runs into Aeshin in the palace. They talk about him taking over the position in the military school, but Eugene talks to the maid. He says that he is so surprised to see her so pretty here, the flower of the Korean Government. I would be so grateful if I can see it 4 times a year.

The maid thinks he is talking to her, but actually he is talking to Aeshin who is behind her.

ALl the other people fade away for a moment. But then they all come back and start to walk away from Eugene. The maid is touched by Eugene’s words but Aeshin is even more touched and tries not to let it show.

Cut to DM in his room with the Japanese woman that he rescued. She is playing tarot.

Then we see HS looking otu his window.

HN looks at the sky.

They all look at the at the eclipse.

The grandfather sends all the hunters to do something. They all bow to the Grandfather. It looks like the grandfather is sending his letters secretly through the hunters.

The eclipse happens and becomes dark so no one will see the hunters leaving.

Fade Out

See you next week. This show is not for me, but I’m going to try and hang in there for everyone else that loves it!

WI – Let’s see if our life is dependent on God.
Grandfather – of course I have to do it, I am not going to live much longer.
EC – Kill me and shut my mouth or win over me and shut my mouth.
WI – Hey, you keep doing that…
Hn – I am trying to oppose it a little bit.
HS – Please be strong.
AS – All endings have some sad parts, but I did not know about it.
DM – Sometimes, it can be wrong.

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