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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Recap Episode 15

A man playing the piano and a woman listening in 1900s Korea in Mr Sunshine Kdrama
We are building toward the end so I predict lost more drama to come. Buckle up.

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Leaving women alone and the shaman house that keeps the opioid addict from smelling like opioids.

The Japanese thugs find the opiod guy and stab him (through a women). They both die.

Cut to the potter, he tells Aeshin to kill the person that is crossing the river. It does not matter who it is, just kill them. Aeshin asks why, the potter tells her all the reasons why she should kill this person.

Aeshin says, if he comes here, he comes here to protect you, not kill you. Because his steps are always right. That is why I am here now.

The hunter is at the womans restaurant, he is not going across the river because he knows what is about to go down.

At the river, Aeshin sees the man walking across, it is Eugene. He gets to the potter and they talk. Eugene has his rifle with him. The potter says that America pretends like they are fair but they are making Japan act. i do not have a gun, but I have a gun pointing at you. I will give you a choice, die here or leave Joseon.

I don’t care about Joseon’s independence, I don’t care about the big will. The only thing I want are two things. For you to live long and for Aeshin to not die.

Just then another freedom fighter brings the opioid assassin in. He says that this is Kim Young-ju, Eugene is the one that wanted the opiod guy to come there.
Eugene tells them that he is not going to run away from Joseon anymore. So shoot me, I will pay for what you did for me. There are at least 3 guns pointing at me. The potter tells him to leave. The other freedom fighter says that they should not let Eugnee leave like this since they were already betrayed once. He pulls a gun on Eugene too.

Eugene tells the potter to live long, maybe they won’t be able to see each other anymore. He turns and walks off. Aeshin watches him walk off.

The potter stays on the bridge for a while and then walks back to Aeshin. he tells her that his request ended. She says that she was wondering where she saw both of them. Then she remembered the picture. It seems like the potter has an old relationship because he broght him all the way there. Is he the killer? Is he the one that killed my parents?

Th epotter tells her that SG did not teach her well, you should not ask anything. You should not look back on failed work. If they figure it out then you run away. If you die then you are just buried. That is why I still can’t ask about my parents death. The potter tells her that he is the one that killed her parents. You know that now. So do you want him? If I give him to you, will you kill him by yourself?

She tells him that he should have told her before. An American died on his hands and another put his life on the line and a little baby lost her parents. But I have to retract. Please make a different choice then using my anger (or I am so angry that I don’t know what to do with your choices). She walks off.

Montage of Aeshin and Eugene looking pensive in their rooms.

The potter asks Jung Moon if the american really gave them the assassin? Yes he did. They talk about how they should spin this. Should they change the real murderer? It will make Joseon look bad and we will gain nothing. The potter says that the important thing for the american is to recover the dignity of the missionary. We have to take his good will back with our good will just once. We did not know that we had it, but we lost it.

Meanwhile, WI talks to his people.
WI tells his people not to worry, they used the assassin enough, he won’t say his name so just let him die. The men wonder who stabbed him…it was the Japanese gangsters. How can the american guy buy him like that?

Cut to Jung Moon torturing the assassin. He wants to know who is behind him, if he tells him then he will spare his life. Joseon will prosecture you and you will have the guillotine because you forgerized the emperors stamp. But you will be found dead before that.

They all leave and the freedom fighter friend guy comes in. Opiod guy says he came there to kill him. Freedom fighter tells the opioid guy to shut up. Someone is waiting for you in hell He stabs him.

In the city, they say thet the person who forgerized the stamp was not the American missionary, it was the opiod guy. Eugene finds out that the missionary honor is recovered. I think they cut to a flashback where Eugene punches the opioid guy. he says that he did not kill Sanf Won, he was just an informer. WI is the one that killed him. I trusted him and thought that he would not kill them. I was so young and stupid. My wife and kids would die if I did not tell them, I had no choice.

Eugene tells him that he did kill him You had a choice. They all had wife and kids, but they did not make the choice that you made. Maybe you killed all the family members by being an informer. You killed my father like that. Joseph was a father to me.

Cut back to the present. Eugene is looking at the city and sees WI ride smugly up on his horse.

WI becomes the foreign minister. The King appointed him, but then the King has a vision of the future with how Korea will change with all the Japanese soldiers in the palace instead of Korean people.

Later on, teh King talks to Jung Mung about the Japanese army coming to his palace and the Japanese emperor not wanting him to sleep. It is like a nightmare, I should not have betrayed Russia. God does not even pity Joseon!

The old maid is brought to Heena. Heena wants to give the maid one last choice befoe she destroyed her, but now she made up her mind to bite her life.

The maid is all like, destroy my life? Heena slices her face and it bleeds. Heena tells her that she is a stupid unkind girl, this is yoru reminder, now leave. The maid yells at her, why should I be like this? Everyone hates DM!

HN – I don’t hate him.

Meanwhile, DM gets out of jail. Eugene is there to greet him. DM says that because of him, he is out of jail, he will buy him a drink. But now he has important business to take care of so he walks away.

DM gets to his place and sees that a lot of his men died with bullet wounds. DM tells them to give them a good funeral ( I think he said to cremate them). Another Japanese guy shoes up with a sword. he laughs and says that the minister wanted to give it to him so bow and take it.

DM walks to him and tells him that he told he would kill him first. So that present is you. He grabs the sword and slices the man. he dies. (I think DM muttered that he got a present or something and then killed him).

DM gets home, the deaf woman runs out to greet him. They embrace. HN also watches this and has a moment where DM sees her at the window. HS is playing the piano during all of this. HN awlks over to him and they chat.

HN tells HS to tell someone that this is hr house and they should leave. She is the rightful owner. WOuld you like to change rooms? (They are implying something during their conversation). HS says that his room has the best view of the moon, so he will keep it.

DM comes in and kind of thanks HS as he walks by. HS thinks that he should play something sad now because today is the funeral for the missionary.

Cut to the funeral for Joseph.

VO – The one that is precious and great. My house, my soul, and my father.

Eugene kneels at the grave of Joseph as all the other people stand behind him. He throws dirt on coffin which also has a flag covering it and tells him to rest in peace.

I think Eugene stays there for a while. He drinks missionary alcohol (missionary makgoli) as he sits at the grave. A good amount of time must have passed because the grave site might be all covered now.

Cut to Aeshin talking to the Buddhist. He wants to light a candle for the missionary since today is his funeral. the monk says that people in heaven should be friendly with each other. Buddha will take Eugene to God safely.

Later on, Aeshin waits for Eugene in their spot in the pharmacy. he asks why she is waiting for him, he was really upset at her.
He is a little upset and angry at her because she was about to shoot him. He says it was the same in America (?) because people never thought he was on their side.

She tells him to come to hr but he asks her if he should hold the hand of the woman that was about to shoot him. She tells him that he knew about it but still came into her gun range. She is holding that mans hand.

They hold hands. She smiles as she is pulled into him for a hug. They embrace for a long moment.

Cut t the red windmill and HS’s room. But then it cuts to DM and then HN. The piano is playing again. HN thinks that she got the hankerchief, but who is crying like this?

The cousins husband is talking to WI about the right hand guy that DM killed. He was the right hand man of the Japanese diplomat. He did not know that he would just kill him like that. WI says something about life being unexpected, maybe they will have someone that they cna rely on (he was thinking about his daughter and DM with the piggy back ride).

DM comes into his office at that moment. The cousin’s husband leaves. WI asks DM to sit and tells him that it is nice to see him again, he was about to not see him forever. WI tells him to just get to the point and complain. DM says that sword men talk with swords, not mouths. Then DM says that he was worried because he could not do what he asked him to (Involve Go Sa-hong).

WI tells him to stop talking nonsense since he is a man that will do anything for money. Are you threatening me? DM tells him that he told Hyashi an interesting thing. he already found a bank document and letter. You tried to get all the money with Lee Sahoon and keep it all yourself. But it did not work.

WI laughs and wonders if he thinks Hyashi will trust that nonsense, he is always double checking everything.

DM tells WI that a non Japanese, Non Joseon person will be a weakness point for them. Then he congratulates him on becoming foreign minister.

Cut to IS going to the embassy. All the American soldiers think he is GS which makes IS hop back, startled. IS is all like, what the F is he talking about? Then he tells him that he needs to go in and is startled once again that they just let him in.

IS meets with Eugene to give him a lot of things from Han Gyung province that are related to Joseph. He brought all the English letters and objects. Eugene has a flashback to Eugene tells him that medicine is so expensive for a poor missionary. EC tears up a little bit so IS thinks he did a good job. On the case of another box is the name Song-young.

Eugene has a request for IS, please keep everything secret that you found in Han Gyung. Is is all like, for sure, but that costs money.

Later on, Eugene has a flashback of the opioid man. The man says that when Eugene is close to the truth then their organization will be in danger. the opioid man asks to please remove the picture since he told him everything that WI did. That is his last request.

Eugene is about to destroy the picture. It lookslike Song-young is the last name int he picture.

VO – I should not have known those names (he says all the names) all together taking a picture on a flowery day. 1973 Tokyo.

Eugene burns the picture and the box.
Cut to the merchants IS and CS with HS. It looks like they are the ones that own the space that HS could not buy (the one place in Joseon that he could not get). HS shows up and says that he wants a single corner there with a desk. He will pay them rent every month.

They think it will bother the customers, but he says that it will not, no one will be uncomfortable with his face. There is nothing to lose for you.

Suddenly two women come and talk to the young master about his business. They are very happy to talk to HS about his office. HS says that he might not open it there because they don’t want him to use the space. But IS tells his brother to bring him the contract so they can sign it!

CS is all like, brother, wake up…but IS tells him that he is the most awake in his life right now! Then he smiles at the women.

Cut to HS talking to DM and Eugene about what he can do the best in the world. he is curious and can listen to other peoples stories well. But EC tells him that he is the onle one talking here. DM says it feels like he went to study abroad in Japan. HS keeps talking and says that he wants to open a newspaper company.

EC and DM thinks he will go out of business. HS says that it will not be a headline business, he wants to make a Korean only newspaper that only shows the truth. EC asks DM if he is looking for someoene now? DM says he is looking for someone that coughs in front of him. HS coughs and is about to leave.

But Eugene grabs his hand and tells himt hat he never pays for the drinks. HS (or someone) says that he is so confident and then thanks him and leaves. DM leaves as well so Eugene is there alone and has to pay the bill.

But all three of them end up walking the street together. But they are definitely not walking the streets together so don’t be mistaken. They look at a cherry blossom and comment about how spring is there. HS loves all the useless things like trees, moon, and flowers. Can you chop the leaves in half? DM asks if he would like to chop him in half. HS asks Dm if he can shoot the flower leafs? Eugene asks if he should shoot it after DM cuts it in half.

HS thinks that is great since he dies everyday between a Japan and America.

Montage of spring blooming all around Joseon.
Aeshin is busy learning with her teacher friend. Her friend thinks her handwritting has gotten really great. One of the best calligraphers in Korea. But Aeshintells her not to compliment her so much. But the teacher says she is tellin her that seh has handwriting like a man. Aeshin is about to stab her with the brush so the teacher says she has to go out and post this.

Aeshin just smiles and starts to write again, but she thinks about Eugene.

he goes to the pharmacy and gets another letter.

Aeshin Letter – I am just saying hi to you since it is spring.

Eugene Letter – I want to know about the flower Oyattkgot (Plum blossom?). I want to see you and blame the flower. This flower that is so hard to write.

Aeshin – Oyattkot is the sign of the Joseon government. It is a historical flower. Why are you interested in it?

They are together on the river now. Eugene remembers the picture.

Eugene – I wonder what your father and his commrade celebrated. Behind the picture that I showed you was something written. An oyattkot flowery day with these people. I am sorry, but I burned the picture because the names and faces shuold not be revealed.

Aeshin – It is okay, I put it in my heart. I thank you. I saw the flower so what do we do now? Handshake? Huggy? Missing? Watch Plum blossoms fall? And the next?

Eugene – Fishing.

Aeshin – Oh, I never expected that.

Eugene says he just said whatever came into his mind. She asks if he is good at fishing. He laughs and reminds her that he is the captain of the marines. She asks if he would like to bet on who will catch the most. he laughs, are you talking about betting? She mentions that grilled fish is better. He keeps laughing.

But they do go fishing.

It is quiet at first, but then Eugene gets a fish so Aeshin grabs his rod and tells him to pull it in! But he is pretty playful and asks if this is why she wanted to go fishing? She laughs and says that is nonsense btu he says that he told her about fishing so they could do this. he holds her hands which is startling to her at first, but she does not pull her hand back and holds his hand tighter.
VO – (poem) The river is flowing like a blue jewel, we tied our ship with lotus roots. To see you I put something somewhere but someone figrued it out and I was embarrassed for hald the day.

HS’s father heads somewhere with someone else. they hide out and [eak into either their house or someone elses house. he gets home and tells his wife that there is big trouble. Their son stays in the same hotel that that guy stays in!

the husband is shaking and ridiculous looking. Umma is also stunned, he stays there with our son!

Eugene gets to the consulate and is told he has a guest waiting for him. The guest is Kang Ho-sun (HS’s mother). She tells him that this is his mothers last belongings. She also talks to him in banmal like he is a slave. She tells him that she does not ask him for forgiveness, she just asks him to keep it secret from her son. he tells her that it sounds like she is asking for forgivenenss. She says he son is not guolty it is all her and her husband. Her son was jut born in this family.

he asks what guit he has, he was born in her house also as a son of a slave. Why did you make me live in hell and yet you wish your son lives a happy life. The mother says that she will be responsible for everything until she dies and after seh dies. You can dig my grave, just don’t affect my son. Don’t tell him. I will kneel if you want.

I don’t need your kneel.

Umma says that this is the first time she will kneel to anyone besides her parents. She kneels. Eugene thinks about his parents being forced to kneel. She asks for him to please leave her son alone. Please Eugene.

He broods over this as he looks at his mothers gift to him.

Then someone knocks on the door. It is a drunk HS. He tells him that he has good skills, so can he ask him one more thing? I finally come into 304 who has the most trouble. I am wounded, so tell me.

He sees his mothers gift on Eugenes table and remembers when he ran into his mother. He asks why 304 has this. This is his mothers. Eugene says it was his mothers. When where you born?

Why are you asking me?

I just wonder when my parents died. I forgot about it becuase I was running away from the Chuno’s that your grandfather sent. When is your birthday?

April 17, 1871, do you have any more questions?

I think I know more now.
Later on, HS talks to a man that used to work in his house until he was 7. he remembers him and asks him to take his bow. HS tells him that it is okay. DM walks by and sees this. then, when the mans leaves, DM approaches him. The man wants to know why he is approaching him. Please save me.

DM says he is not doing anything, why ask me to save you. Why did you talk to that young master? I heard something about a slave.

HS – This is just my guess, I jsut want you to add, also it is my old question that I did not ask for a long time. I have to be responsible for it. Whatever the result is, will I wil or lose? Please…

The man tells him that that boy is the slave son that your grandfather tried to sell his mother and killed his father. The boy was getting hit as well. The mom took your mother and you as a hostage and threw the jewelry to her son and let hr run away. She jumped into a well.

HS thinks about Eugene telling him that he should not complain about a little sting to someone whose heart was shredded.

The man says that the little boy saw everything and ran off and became an American.

HS thanked him.

DM asks, so Eugene is a slave. I did not know that these two guys had this kind of story. The man says that this is all he knows, so…the money that you promised…?

DM says he will give him a lot since it is unnexpected news.

Cut to Jung Moon talking to HN about the internal informaer and letters. There are 3 people in that thing, one died with the missionary an they are investigating the other two. One of them goes to your hotel often. She asks who that person is. He says that he is the one who he made the missionary follow.

is it Mrs. Kang?

If you notice anything about her then let me know. Also, can you bring the American guy in front of me?

Somehow they also start to talk about HN’s mother. She asks him if he already found her once?

Cut to Eugene, Jung Moon and HN meeting in a room. It is a secret meeting. Eugene tells him that he is not leaving Joseon, there is no reason to. Jung Moon and he talk about the misitary position. WI is a foreign minister and wants to take over the military. I want anyone that can also be on the side of Korea.

Eugene asks him if he wants him, now? what do I get?

He says that he can make the people he likes live longer.

Eugene does not expect anything.

Jung Moon just wants him to not betray Joseon(?)

Eugene asks for a little mountain. There is a little hill that I want. He thinks back to his umma who told him to live in a big house like that but she wants to be the ground in his house.

VO – You became a flower here so I will build a house here.

Cut to Grandfather Sa-hong. The aunt is worred about him because he is not eating or sleeping. He tells her that she has never been a bad daughter in law. He asks if she got a lettr from HS’s family.

Cut to the father, it looks like they are going froth with the marriage to the son. The father asks the ancestors for permission.

Aeshin tells her aunt that she cannot marry now. Aunt says that she tried to understand Aeshin, seh knows that she is a freedom fighter. She saw all the bruses and wounds on her body that seh should not have. But as the head woman of the family, I cannot wait too long.

Cut to HS in the city, a man runs up to him and shows him the marriage proposal to Aeshin. HS asks him to give it to him, the groom can take it.

Aeshin tells her grandfather that seh will not get married. She cannot live like a normal woman anymore, she has gone too far to do that. Her grandfather wants a woman in Joseon to be married, does she want him to live with all the finger pointing?

She says that seh will live as a monk.

Grandfather asks her how she can say that to him.

She says that seh will live alone.

he yells at her, she should say any excuse. She should not say this. This is all because AB and HD treat you so nicely. Just take them!

AB and HD (her right and left side) are put in detention in the house. they are worried for their little lady. AB tells her to save her strength because it will be a long long fight.

Cut to Aeshin kneeling in front of her grandfathers house. HS walks up and kneels with her. he says that he does not know what she did wrong, but lets take the blame together.

They wait for awhile, she tells him to leave. He tells her to play a little game with touching her nose and tongue because it is good with her blood cutting. She just says that she loves another man. You asked me if I have another person I love. Yes, I have another man I love. I put everything on him. I cannot take it back anymore. I am sorry. Please find a better woman.

He says that breaking the marriage is bad for the woman but I did not know that you had another lover, it was useless. He pulls out the marriage proposal and tells her that he just had a bad idea.

Fade Out

No time to do the preview since we have to go straight to Gangnam Beauty!

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  1. Rose
    August 25, 2018 / 3:27 pm

    I just watched the sub. Oh my god! I cant stop laughing at the bromance scene between HS, EC and DM! And i also seen the preview, will AS go to America next episode or its just a dream? There was a scene there that EC and AS wearing Western outfits while walking somewhere where there are foreigners (i assume americans) around them. And its seem its time for EC to MEET THE GRANDPARENT hahahaha! 😂

  2. Lolita
    August 25, 2018 / 11:20 pm

    …as always thank you for the quick recap — very touching scenes this episode — and quite a few things resolved… did I miss something? when and why did WI get appointed foreign minister?

    • V
      August 26, 2018 / 10:26 am

      He just got appointed maybe in the last episode or the episode before that. I was a quick scene.

  3. Rmk
    August 27, 2018 / 1:57 pm

    Does anyone know the name of the song/tune HS plays on the piano, when he decides to play something sad on the day of the funeral for the missionary?

    • V
      August 28, 2018 / 12:40 pm

      Oh, this is a good question. I’ll look into it.

  4. RMK
    August 31, 2018 / 11:58 am

    I really hope you find it! If I remember correctly, Its not the first time I’ve heard it on it show.

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