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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 9

Kim Tae-ri and Yoo Yeon-seok look at each other outside a shop in Kdrama Mr. Sunshine
Super late start today, but I finally got my stuff together to put this post up. I’m looking forward to seeing if more people will find about Aeshin, especially since her leg is all messed up now.

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I thought love was easy, but it is pretty difficult, in many ways. I am sorry.

If it is difficult then you can stop.

Stopping int he middle – I can do that many times. Let’s not do that today. Today, which way would you like to go? Let’s exchange names and handshake. What else should we do?

You won’t be able to do it, next is hug.

She hugs him quickly.

I already learned H.

They keep hugging for a long time. Eugene looks stunned by the sudden hug, , but he lets her continue hugging him.

AS – Is it proper?

EC – I told you not to study too hard at school.

Just wait here a littl ebit.

No, If we stay here too long, it will bother the business.

Aeshin formally introduces her maid and male servant as her left and right side. Then she leaves. The man and woman aren’t that friendy toward. Him. The servant tells him that people think he is the right side, but he is the left arm, she is the right arm. The maid throws him a bag. Don’t think we are giving you this because we like you. You need a reason to come to the pharmacy.

EC – Ah, alibi.

Maid – Should I make you sick? Should I punch you?

Aeshin comes back in.

EC – They were both threatening me, you should feel very safe.

Aeshin – It is not threatening, they are just giving you a hard time. I understand them both. Let’s go.

Putside, Eugene and Aehin ride in an open carrier. Everyone should think that she is a man. They happily chat in the car and decide to go to hotel glory. EC tells her to cover her face when they go inside.

HN asks if he has a guest. He sys he does, a friend. HN sees the medicine and tells him that she can prepare it for him and bring it up (you have to boil that medicine). he gives it to her and goes upstairs.

HS is at the garment store right now looking at the fabric that was used for his suit. The tailor shows him a certain fabric that is the same as the one Aeshin is wearing now.

Aeshin is happily walking around Eugenes room. She sees the music box and wants to play the music in it. They sit and play it. HN hears the music in the hallway and thinks it is pretty cheesy to listen to music ith a friend.

Inside, EC asks her if she likes it. She said she thought it was fun music, not sad music. Do you have a story? He says that when he first went to America, he did not know the language and he got hit a lot and was hungry. He was miserable, but then he heard this song. He thinks that he cried a lot.

Aeshin asks him if he listened to it a lot in Joseon. He said that he did not listen to it a lot in Joseon. He was not hurt, but someone else was hurt so he was afraid. She asks if he was worried about her. He thinks DM recognized her in the harbor. She says he did and he shot her and checked to see if she was that person.

The #1 asks DM what they should do with the result.

If he wanted to hlep me then that was the best time. Maybe it will be the same in the future. I saved his life once when I was young. But he just scratched my kindness like an animal. I did it once so he should do it at least once.

Do you trust him?

If I have to answer, then yes. One sure thing is that when I am wearing this suit and I see him again, then I will shoot him first.

Why don’t you not do it – wear suits. Joseon will be more in danger and you will be more in danger also.

Not getting noticed – don’t go to the hut – don’t study, everyone says that I shoul dnot do things, can’t I do one. Ah, but I told you that we can do LOVE, I forgot.

You could have lived like a flower making clothes. That is how nobles in Joseon lived.

I am like that also, I lived like a flower, a flame flower. Whenever I go to the scene, I alwats think that. I shoot and run away quickly. When I wear suits and cover up my face. We are no name, no face. We are just freedom fighters. That is why we need each other. It is cruel to my grandfather. We burn like that and die as flame. i am afraid of dying, but I choose this way.

VO – Where am I between this womans hot and cold (love and flame?) I thought I was almost there. But I have to go further into the flame. One more step. Joseph, I feel like I am super screwed up.

AS is about to leave so EC tells her that her fiance is in 303 next door. She should not see him. AS is shocked that he is still living there. She says she will go out through the window. He says it is the third floor. But she just tells him to take care of the rest and goes to the door and jumps out like some ninja.

A man was about to look at her, maybe he recognized her? So Eugene throws a coin and hits him in the face with it. The man grabs the coin instead.

Aeshin is able to walk away and around the corner, her leg hurts so she rests a bit and takes in the lovely evening she just had.
DM and his thugs stop someone ont he street. The man asks why they are stopping him like this. DM tells him he looks familiar. You make money as a carrier, I saw you in the train and in the harbor. I saw many other people, including you. The man says that he might have made a mistake.

The thugs pull their swords on the man. He says if you move then you might get hurt. The man says to kill him. But DM says to arrest all of them will not give him a profit, he just needs one person to answer. The man yells to kill him. DM tell shim that this willhappen, but that is the last choice. I have a question, why do you do that? I also put my life in danger, but I don’t want to die. Does freedom fighting make a lot of money? I want to do it.

A bug like you wont’ understand. Do you know how Joseon is now? There is no Joseon. Russia took *a lot of things*, Japan took things, and America took things. I am like this to not get things stolen. You will not hear anyones name.

He tries to kill himself, but DM stops him. The man tells him he will run away many many times so you will have to catch me (kill me or catch me?)

They drag the bar owner to meet with the consolate. He says he ran away to Busan, but I caught him. The consulate is all like, why did you bring this guy? I wanted you to bring another one. DM says that the freedom fighter all went away so let’s make a deal with this one. The man says that he sold him his store, so why is he doing this? I have no fault.

DM mentions that he hired that gaesha. Then he excuses himself and leaves him with the consulate.

Cut back to the man on the street. DM tells him that if he wants to live he needs to run far away from Seoul. if I see you in Seoul again, then I will kill you. The thugs all leave. The freedom fighter watches them then runs away quickly.

HN is in the bath thinking about EC’s friend. Shr thinks it is strange that she saw him come in, but did not see him leave. Dm comes in during her bath, she says he can come in. He commetns that she has more scars than a swordman. She makes a comments about how he thinks it is living in Seoul as a Joseon woman. They start to talk about DM catching a freedom fighter and releasing him, he thinks the freedom fighters will be sad if he killed him.

HN – that is the funniest thing you said all year.

Everyone begs me to keep their life. But he told me to kill him. He is the only one that put his life on the line for his country.

HN – There are some things you cannot cut with a sword, those hard righteous people.

Mercenaries like me…what I say is important. I keep my word.

HN – That is the second funniest thing you have said. What have you put your life on?

He thinks back to shooting Aeshin.

DM – I dont’ put my life in danger, I usually take lives.

Meanwhile, HS is gambling downstairs. The cousin asks him how much he has lost. He says not to ask him, but he has a memory of it.

He goes outside to the pawn shop, but the pawn shop owner went to the restroom. The cousin and HS stand outside the pawn shop and talk awkwardly about how the carrier that was following her was his and the carrier I was following is yours.

He exchanged named which make them both jump because they realized that they are sister in law and brother in law.

Cut to the cousin going to see Aeshin in her room. She tells her that her fiance is a gambler, Aeshin says that she is also a gambler. The cousin is very into this juicy gossip and tells her that he lost so much money and has a lot of things in the pawn shop. Aeshin says that she knows that much detail, so she must have been with him gambling.

The cousin gets upset and storms out muttering something about buying more jewels.

The maid brings EC his medicine, she comments that he should drink it before it gets cold and give the bowl back to him. He drinks it quickly in front of her as she takes secret looks around his place from the door.

Downstairs, EC meets with HN, they go somewhere to talk. Hn tells him that his music box was fixed well, I heard you listening to it with your friend. He asks how long she has had this hotel business. She says it was a couple years. it is impossible to open this in Joseon as a woman, but her Japanese citizenship helped.

VO – We are just a freedom fighter when we cover our face. We need each other.

Do you work for the government?

HN – I am just a business woman.

WHy did you give me the wrong key?

We have a lot of information in the hotel and I am a curious person, what choice did you make?

EC – Do you have any information where I will be found as a dead person.

Did you choose that life?

I just wonder about my choice

(This conversation was not direct, they were implying a lot of things)
A man walks at night and runs into another man. They both wonder why they are there. One of them is a politician and the other is a translator. The translator tells him he is just a translator in his hobby forgive me.

But the politician tells him that he did the wrong translation in front of the emperor, did you do it on purpose or did someone ask yuo to

the translator bows and says that he did not do it on purpose, WI asked him to. The politician asks about other translators. The translator says he does not know. Do you want me to find out?

But the politician says that he will find out himself. He slices the man across the chest.

EC is talking to IS and is so surprised because he looks so much like his translator. IS says he shuold have just destroyed that box (from the past). EC asks him what happened. The man says that the politician moved last night and had no hesitation in his sword, he had a very clean death.

EC thinks that is the result of that choice. What about your other choice?

AS goes to the hotel and tells HN that she is there to see her fiance. HN tells her that he is not awake yet, he will be down to drink his morning coffee soon. Aeshin says she will wait. HN invites her to drink coffee with her.

Cut to them drinking it. Aeshin thinks it is bitter, why do people drink this? HN tells her that it is bitter at first, but then you start to taste other flavors later, it makes your heart race, and it keeps you up. Poeple spend a lot of money for hopeless hope. That hope that makes people want to sell the country and make them rich. Tht pitiful hope that people will work hard so that the country will not be sold.

You are coming here as a noble young woman to cancel your marriage.

AS – are you interested in me?

HN – It bothers (blocks) my interest. if you do this, should I cry or should I bite you?

HN thinks back to some evetnts that happened.

HN – I got the hankerchief, so shuld I cry?

HS comes out and thinks his dream was all flowers, he asks ES if she came to see him. (You should not see each other before marriage). He walks somewhere to talk to her. He asks her if she would like to learn this game, western guys play it, it’s fun. She does not want to.

They cut to the chase. She wants to break the marriage because she was in so many rumors which means she will ahve all the rumors she will have in the future. it means it does not matter if she lives alone or not.

he thinks they will not be able to break this marriage with the elders.

he asks if she has another lvoer?

She says, if I do, do you think this i a good thing to break the marriage?

he thinks that he will not have to back down to whoever the lover is. I will not back down so don’t instigate me.

Aeshin tells him not to waste his time. You shuold have a dream.

But HN says he has no dreams. He does not want a government position because he likes sleeping in. He does not like working, he likes useless things like the moon, stars, and wind…smiles and jokes. Those things. My dream is just to die wherever I stop.

Aeshin – I won’t be able to support you because we will end up in different places.

HS – My life is lready unsupported by anyone, so it is okay. We can’t get married or break the marriage. Let’s not torture each other. Today, can you take me as your friend?

AS – How do we do that? Tell me it is between friends.

They start to play pool. He tells her about the game and how you have to hit the white ball and hite the other balls in. Aeshin has a littl ebit of leg pain but is able to play this game well.

She asks, if I am the one hitting the ball, what do you do?

He basiclaly tells her that he cheers her on (he whistles and says nice).

Cut to a bar at night. HS is drinking by his lonesome self when DM sits with him. he says he is only sitting there because there are no other seats. he cheers to make sure that the drink it not poisonous and says that he just wanted to check.

They talk about work related things were DM says his work isn’t going well. HS asks why he chooses that work. HS says if he tried to do something, then he would be a big figure, so he is not doing it. EC comes in but is told that there are no seats. EC looks at the two of them sitting and says he might take a seat *over there*.

HS thinks back to what EC told him.

But now EC is at their table and asks them if he can drink. HS asks how long he will stay in Joseon. EC says it sounds like he wants him to leave. DM is curious about them. EC asks if he is looking for that guy that was limping. HS thinks back to Aeshin limping.

EC says he found someone that is limping, WI, it seems like you are friends with him. DM tells him that they are strangers. the person I am looking for is younger. The Japanese owner comes up to them and asks them if they are all friends. They all say No in japanese.

HN tells him that they have no relation, one is handsome Joseon, one is American Joseon and the other is Japanese Joseon. The handsome Joseon one is leaving, excuse me. But he starts limping. DM tells him it is not that leg so HS starts to limp on the other one as he walks out.

DM wonders if he knows something, EC says he does, because he is always truthful.

DM and EC keep talking. EC tells him that the limping guy should be the traitor, right? We should think that way, right?
Meanwhile, Aeshin thinks about the music box and listens to it at home. EC let her take it home, he lended it to her and said that she can listen to it many times. But don’t get sick.

Aeshin listens to this in the closet happily.

EC goes to meet with the hunter. They talk. SG tells him that it does not seem like you need my leather clothing. But EC starts to talk about the drink that he owed him. EC mentions that he will like his table? (Not sure about there conversation, but it sounds like a deal).

Cut to Aeshin talking to a little boy, the little boy that works at the consulate. he will not let her in and tells her that EC is not there. Aeshin tells him that he is the second guy that doesnot recognize her and puts her out in the street. Her maid catches her breath. But then EC comes and Aeshin smiles.

They go inside. Aeshin takes her regular seat in Eugenes seat. She happily says that she has questions for him. She shows her name to him in English and asks if that is how you write it. But she does not know how to write *this* in English. SHe shows him something in Korean.

He does not know how to read it but does not tell her that. He tells her that it is so easy, which makes her upset. She wants to leave. But she figures out that he does not know how to read by a flashback. She asks him what it says again.

She mentions that he does not know how to read.

he does not answer again and says that he knows Good English and um…I will take you aout now. She laughs.

He takes her out. She happily chuckles at him now tht she has a secret of his, and hops in the carrier.

EC stops the left hand and asks him what that medicine is for. Left hand asks him if he drank it. EC is all like ….. not yet. What is it for? The left hand says that it is for the foot bath, never ever drink it. But you are yangban (noble) so you should know.

EC is all like, yeah….but then he is about to throw up once the man leaves.

All the translators come together to talk about their translator colleague that was stabbed to death. How shuold they report this? They call each other by the names they translate like FRENCH or RUSSIAN instead of their names.

A man tells the minister politician that all the translators went to WI’s room. The minsiter is all like, why did they go to his room? They are all not noble. The man is all like, I am also not noble (under his breath). The minister wants to know what is going on with them.

The man tells him that there is a rumor among people. They should line up behind WI because he is getting trust behind the Japanese emperor. They also heard the rumor that WI slapped you.

The minister takes this all in. he goes back inside and broods over it. His wife comes in and prepares his food for him with a smile. he looks at her and smiles back.

Cut to the minister meeting WI with his wife. he says he will greet him first (and hold up his hand). But the minister says they do not need to greet each other, seeing each other is greeting enough. I heard you are the right arm of the Japanese minister. So…

The minister kneels and says that he will be the left arm. WI looks surprised and says that did he know that the Japanese Minsiter is from a low class. Do you think you can be the left arm of someone that is not a noble. The minister says it does not matter where they are from, I have a present for you.

He tells his wife to bow to him. But WI laughs and says that the minister should bow to him, the person asking should do the bowing. Do it – bow!
EC meets with IS and tells him that he is already in danger because of him.

Cut to the minister being carried up the street, but EC is there on his horse, so all the men run away who are carrying the minister. The minister is left talking to EC. He asks him if he knows how embarrassed I was do to you?

EC bsically is all like, I dont care. He stats to walk closer and closer to the minister. the minister keeps telling all the guards to tell EC to kneel in front of him. The guards pull out their swords and fight EC. But EC is able to take them all out.

Then he pulls his sword and slices right throught the ministers chair which also cuts him in the neck.

They talk heated as they stand int his position. EC tells him that he is not being killed by a American soldier, he will be killed by a Joseon person. My mother that killed herself in a well to avoid you. And my father that was beaten like a sinner. And me that had to leave Joseon as a little slave.

The minister looks at him but then starts laughing. He stops quickly and says. Are you…maybe…please save me. Please save my life.

EC – No, don’t beg me, I want to kill you here. But where you die, is not here.

The Minister gets back home muttering about how he is going to kill that bastard. he is all bloody and looks for his second wife. But then bullets ring threw his house. he has to duck. (someone puts something in pottery)

It looks like Aeshin might be firing in his house. He grabs a pistol and runs outside, but he does not know how to use it and accidentally shoots one of his young girl servants. But he is not remorseful in anyway and says that she was just standing there.

The slaves try to take her to the doctor. But Aeshin tells him to go to the police. The slave is all like, I need to go to the doctor.

The Minister gets shot in the arm by another shooter and yells that they need to call the doctor!

Three men show up just then…no, way more than three men. They all march into the house. This is the politician (who is also a minister). he tells the guards to look everywhere in all the cases and pottery.

EC tells the politician that he will make it so he can find the letter. that letter will be in the ministers house. I am going to put it there. I will give what belongs to Joseon back to Joseon in my own way. If you find that certificate in Lee Sae-woong’s house, what are you going to do with him?

He will die as a rebel.

EC – I like that.

Back tot he present. The minister is ont he ground and the certificate is found in pottery. The poltician asks him why he has the letter that our King wanted to find so much? You stole Joseon property.

But the man said that is not right, I am the one that is being shot at, this is the wrong accusation!

The emperor comes to the house. Flashback to SG thinking about how the emperor abandoned someone like him. He thinks, my King looks like that? He is about to shoot him. But EC stops him and tells him that one rebel dying is enough for tonight.

The emperor tells this man that it is the wrong accusation, he never saw this docuement, dont be tricked by them!

Emperor – This is treason, he is a rebel – kill him.

They kill the minister by slicing him with a sword.

All his servants come up to him and spit on him as they run away.

Aeshin meets with Eugene at a river hat is frozen over. She asks if he got hrut. He says he is fine and that the river is frozen over. They do not need a sale boat anymore. She tells him that they can walk across it together.

They talk about how the minister dying was a big issue in Korea. Eugene said that he heard he was a rebel. Aeshin said that she had her eyes on him because he was a traitor and was at Logans death.

EC tells her to be careful, but then he slips. He says that the Korean river is slippery, the Hudson river is not like this.

She steadies him and tells him that he went to America even before he learned how to read? He does not answer her. But he asks her if she would like to hear his story? She says that she would. He tells her that when she hears his entire long story, then they will separate.

She asks why that is.

EC – I was 9 when I left Joseon, I just ran as far away as I could. I had a blue eyed American savior that was a missionary. He snuck me in the American ship. It took one month to get to America.

AS – A 9 year old boy, what was the reason?

EC – “Kill them – It was okay that I lose my property, but it is a good example for all the slaves so I did not lose any money.” That is the last Joseon i remember.

AS – Who said that?

EC – The noble that owned us….what are you so surprised for? Because of what the Yangban said, or because of my class? Yes…that is right. I was a slave in Joseon….the Joseon you want to save, who lived there? Can butchers live there? Can slaves live there?

the music box music starts to play as they look at each other on the ice. Then the music changes into one of the OST songs.

Fade Out

AS – Who is above you teacher?
SG – You should let your fate leave with him.
King – Someone who won’t be bought by Joseon and wont be swayed by their own gain.
WI – If I know his name, I will just kill the person that made you like this (something like that)
HS – Well, who can recognize me and can’t take their eyes off of me. I can find it.
HN – Well, three guys, worse than strangers, are in one room together.
AS – Yes, that foreign guy
EC – I am going someone that is not Joseon

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  1. Rose
    August 4, 2018 / 8:27 am

    Even if im just reading it, the part that someone asked if the three man are friends and they all said “no” made me laugh. I just suddenly remembered the drinking scene. 😂

    • V
      August 4, 2018 / 10:45 am

      It reminded me of that too, lol.

  2. Beez
    August 4, 2018 / 2:48 pm

    Hi, V
    I’m enjoying your live recaps immensely but after reading each one, I’m wondering what do YOU think about the episode, the writing and/or the characters or their actions?

    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 9:19 am

      I need to leave more comments afterwards! I will try and remember to do that.

      So far this show is still very pretty and interesting to me, but it is so boring in some parts. I can only handle so much pretty scenery and poignantly shot scenes without any of my emotions involved. I think that is the biggest issue, my emotions are not attached to anyone so the emotional cinematography is not hitting a chord with me. How do you like it so far?

  3. Anonymous
    August 4, 2018 / 6:23 pm

    I finally watched the english sub of episode 9. I must say this is the best episode so far (for me). I like it that how they make the scene light even though its a serious scene. They put enough comedy in a very serious conversation (the drinking session again) between the “handsome joseon, american joseon and the japanese joseon”….and i must say…Eugene smiled a lot in this episode…didnt realize he looks good when he smiles. 😄

    • Lolita
      August 4, 2018 / 6:47 pm

      I find that each new episode is better than the last… I can’t wait for the weekends (that’s when they’re shown on Netflix)… Not only is this K-Drama going to be a blockbuster… I think it’s going to surpass Descendants of the Sun, which I loved… and we even got a marriage out of it to boot! …how cool is that…

      • Rose
        August 4, 2018 / 8:13 pm

        Wait…who got married? Sorry, im not familiar or updated with whats happening with the casts 🙂

        • Lolita
          August 4, 2018 / 11:41 pm

          ..the Song couple from Descendants of the Sun…

          • Lolita
            August 4, 2018 / 11:43 pm

            …same screen writer for Descendants of the Sun and Mr. Sunshine…

            • ROSE
              August 5, 2018 / 3:12 am

              Thank you for the info. 🙂

  4. Rose
    August 4, 2018 / 6:26 pm

    Btw, im the anonymous that posted…didnt know why my name didnt show

    • Lolita
      August 4, 2018 / 11:44 pm

      …hi Rose…

    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 9:44 am

      The scenes with the three men together are my favorite after the scenes of Aeshin in her freedom fighter attire.

  5. Lolita
    August 4, 2018 / 6:50 pm


    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 9:45 am

      You’re Welcome! Happy to help out 🙂

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