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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 8

Kim Tai-ri in all black and pointing a gun in Mr. Sunshine
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Yesterday was exciting, especially when Aeshin grabbed her pistol to take out that crazy soldier terrorizing Joseon. I love every moment Aeshin is able to breath as a freedom fighter. I also really like how we were a fly on the wall of the freedom fighter movement and that their roots went back to the battle in episode 1. Perhaps we will have similar flashbacks where everyone can be traced back to that scene?

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We open at the end of the last episode. HS tells them that he does not want to be a bad guy – yet. All three look at each other for a beat. Eugene asks him if he is a young master today? Don’t be like that, just remain as 303. Don’t put her between us anymore. And my nice advice ends today. Next time I will not only just tell you nicely.

DM tells them both that they must have something important between you guys. Your problem sounds exciting. Wmon should I help? I hope you two fight and only one survives.

DM walks away.

Eugene also starts to walk away, but HS tells him that he never answers any of my questions, but now he answers now that this woman is between us?
They look at each other for another beat.

EC – What answer? What did you hear from me?

HS walks up to EC, he is right in front of his face.

HS – Enduring, what are you enduring? You are looking for those people that worked for my grandfather, whya re you looking for them?

Do you think i am looking for someone I want to see? You were there as well, inside your mtohers womb. The parents sin is the kids sin to a 9 year old boy. if that is the case then there is no difference if you were in the womb or not. So don’t be in between your parents and me. You make me want to make up a crime that they did not commit…..the little sting under your nail can be very painful, but you should not complain in front of someone whose heart was shredded. that is the problem of shamefulness.

EC walks away leaving HS thinking about this.

EC goes to his room and broods quietly for a moment, then goes to fix his own wounds from the bullet.

HS is still outside, he is seen by the Hotel maid as she goes to get the sheets hanging outside.
Flashback to Aeshin standing amidst sheets blowing in the wind at her house. This was the first time that HS saw her, he was smitten right away. He wonders….was it me? (perhaps who she was thinking about?)

DM walks away down a street. He pauses in front of the candies. The man is scared of him and asks him i-if he w-wants to buy them? But DM says that he does not want them, they were too bitter.

He goes inside and tealks to someone about what went down last night with the Japanese soldier and the spy geisha. This man says that he did not know that the girl was a Joseon person and a mole. People are angry about it so he wants to sell this store as quickly as possible and leave. Can you ask your boss to buy it? He is the only one that can buy it.

DM leans in and tells him that deal with him cost money. The American was shot to death (at this place) and the Japanese soldier was hung to death, so i cannot give you the full price.

The man says that they will take care of the bar today, you run it the same way, but record all the people that come in and out and tell us. We will take care of this place.

DM goes into one of the rooms and says, this is a nice place to get shot, who will die next time?
Meanwhile, Aeshin is practicing with the hunter. But her mind is thinking of Eugene. The hunter tells her that she pauses a lot between shots, it sounds like you have a lot of thoughts in your head.

She tells him that she was not focused, what happened to that woman?

What woman?

The woman that helped me open the door when I had the assassination. I researched her and rescued her because we are comrades.

is that American our comrade? that is why he rescued you? I am not asking about you, but you exposed yourself, that can bring danger.

I did not have another way, I had to rescue her.

She is alive, the one you saved is Soha, she said to tell you thank you.

I could have not known her name at all.

Just forget about her, the name is just – someone. All of our names in the freedom fighters are just – someone. We live without faces or names. if Joseon survives in the future then that is enough for us.

your rice is burning.

it was burning a long time ago.

the King says that their country is in danger, but the sky is so quiet. What should I do?

Politician – Your highness, the American soldier that opposed the Japanese, can you call him and see if he is useful


He is an American citizen who is head of the consulate. he is captain of the American marines. He came back to his own country.

He came back? He is a Joseon person?

Yes your highness, it seems like he went to America when he was young. I saw him at the consulate.

How great, continue.

You should call him to see, because the American diplomat is out of office right now. The American diplomat office may have different things about that secret money. Maybe they can help us. Just put him in front of all those difficult countries.

HN has a secret letter that she read and is burning.

The letter has a “Supporting the emperor” stamp on it.
HN goes to the American consulate and tells Eugene that she has a notice from the palace. it is not official. So you should wear a suit, not a uniform. And you should put that “thing” on your waist.

EC – Why does the palace want to see me?

The emperor of Korea. I only deliver the message, I do not know what the deal is. I will give you a proper key to your room as an apology. Please use English int he palace.

You mixed the key on purpose?

Well, I was about to tell you, but pointing it out embarrassed me.

Okay, I will be tricked again. Where should I go?

Between 7-9 you will have a carrier brought to you.

Cut to Eugene standing outside. A person asks him what he is looking at. Eugene tells him that he does not know if he is the sky or a black bird.

Cut to AS’s grandfather looking at the sky as well. He tells his servant that one black bird can ruin the entire sky. That itself is a good poem right? How did he grow up?

SG tells AS’s grandfather that one of their comrades is found out, so he will send her to Shanghai. But the price is very expensive. He is sorry to see him for this reason. Grandfather asks how many years he has taught Aeshin. SG says it is almost 10 years old master.

Can she protect herself?

She is better than a regular man. Where should I use her?

Where do you use her now?

Old master…

When my son went there, I gave you money. The money I supported you with, killed my own son. i know I cannot just stop it. I am not asking you to stop it. But if she is useful, can you use her a little less?
Grandfather gives the hunter money. he says this money is to save people that they want to save. SG tells him that he is always sorry, old master.

The hunter leaves. AS walks to him and tells him that she wants to see him. She will give him some food, so come this way. She talks to him about the woman not being safe yet, when will she go to Shanghai? I saved her so I want her to remain safe. I will finish it. I will ignore it next time, I promise you.

You don’t even say who you are working with, you just say yes. Her life is on the line, but your life is on the line also.


Eugene is introduces as just somebody that came to see him (like a John Doe). The Palace says that he came back to the country and is protecting Koreans against Japanese. That is really good.

The politician translates what the King is saying.

The King says that he called him there to get advice. In your opinion, what is the Americans position to the Korean empire.

Eugene tells them that first of all, they have a little misunderstanding about him. He is an American, the Uniter States is his country. He was just helping that woman. This situation will not help Americans at all.

The interpreter did not interpret what he said. He said that Korea is a small coutnry and needs help from America.

The King asks the translator if that is really what he thinks.

The other politician says that he is good at speaking in Joseon, so why is he using a translator?

Eugene speaks in Korean and says that eh wanted to get help from the translator in order to speak to teh King properly. The translator is all like !!!!!!!

The King asks the translator to leave.

Then the King asks Eugene what family he came from in Joseon. EC says he does not know. The politician tells him to answer it properly, how dare you.

EC tells him that a lot of his people in Joseon do not know where their family is from. He does not know his family. Slaves do not have last names and follow their masters last name. His father’s first masters lat name was Choi so I am Choi. My mother just died without any last name. My fatehr and mother were slaves.

The King is all like, what? How in the world?

The mood completely changes. The politician says that the other elders are coming, so just let him leave. The King lets him leave. The politician apologizes to the King and says that he only thought that he was an american, not that he was slave born.

The King says that it did not matter if he knew it. His eye gaze was so cold and how he speaks is dry. What the translator translated was sarcastic.

The politician says that what he thought about Joseon was the same. he will be more careful next time.

Outside, EC looks at the letter. He was about to give it to the King, but he puts it back inside his pocket and walks away.

HS’s mom looks for something in a lot of drawers. His dad comes in wondering what she is looking for. She says she is looking for her jewels. The father says that he sold it for a high s=price. You said it was unlucky.

But she is all like, huh! You should not sell that! What if he comes back with a gun like this! She points her hand at him like a pistol.

Cut to her going to the pawn shop to buy the jewelry pice back. But the price is higher due to reselling it. However he tells her that it did not increase at all so just take it please. She sees a watch, IS and CS say that her grandson sold it to them. Umma is pretty upset about that. How could he!

She goes to find him and runs into him outside the hotel. Umma accidentally drops the jewelry as she yells at her son. he picks it up and gives it back to her. She asks him if he is selling things? He says that it is out of fashion(?). She points the watch at him and asks him if that is out of fashion as well? Why did I eat miyukguk when i was pregnant with you?

But HS gets serious and asks what happened the day he was born. She wants to know why he wants to know. HS asks her if anything else happened that day? Did something happen to a 9 year old slave boy? The mom tries to chuckle it off and says that she has not eaten lunch yet. But then she whispers for him to stay in the hotel until she can tell him. She gives him his watch back.

HS takes it and walks off with it hanging. But as he walks, he thinks about all the bad things his parents and grandparents did to slaves that he witnessed.
he runs into a young tailor and tries to make his expression pleasant. The tailor asks him how his suit was? The young lady did not know the size, maybe it was too small for you?

HS does not know what is going on.

The tailor tells him it is the suit that the young lady sent you every year. HS says, oh, those suits! Did you make them? The tailor says that his teacher made them but he watched and learned, he can make them now too.

The tailor leaves. HS thinks that AS said she would break the marriage but she made him clothing?

EC walks through the gardens at the consulate and runs into Kyle. Kyle is typing on a typewriter outside. Kyle asks him if he wants to travel with him he heard that Baekdu mountain is great. Are you robbing around at night? that black hankerchief in your room looks like a mask.

That is not mine, it belongs to a woman.

Are you taking a girl to your room?

EC thinks of Aeshin and says that he took her into his heart (in Korean). Kyle is all like ma-um, I know what that means, are you talking about the noble woman?

Eugene is all like, why does everyone work so hard? Yes, that is the noble woman.

EC asks him if he can have a cup of tea, he wants to tell him something. Kyle teases him and says that he knows what it is.

They go to drink tea. The tea is supposed to calm you down, so Kyle tells him not to give him that tea anymore. So, what do you want to say?

EC gives him a bible and the certificate. It is Logans lost item that everyone is looking for. It is the whereabouts of the Kings secret funds. Kyle asks how he has them. EC says he asks himself the same thing. Why did this fall into his hands.

Kyle mentions that this has Joseons minin rights and train rights and ginseng rights. if Ellan (Allan?) has possession of this then he will get his hands on at least one of these three things. (i think Ellen went to America?).

EC says he has two options. He can make Joseon bankrupt right now, or he can break them slowly. Kyle tells him that America should not mess with this small countries fate. America will take over the Philippines anyway. Basically they do not care about this small country. The letter belongs to Joseon so return it to Joseon.

That is an odd thing for an American to say.

Kyle says that he is a poet, remember? His ancestors are English.

EC tells him he never wrote a line of poetry yet.

Kyle tells him he recited his first line to him already.

EC asks him if it was the part about taking over the Philippines.

Kyle says that it was about Eugene not becoming a dangerous man, Yankee. I want the last line of my poems to say that my overseas deployment was like a picnic.
Kyle left and then Eugene remembers what happened in the palace where the translator was translating things wrong and how they perceived him when he said he was slave born.

EC goes to the politician’s house. He talks to him about the translator lying. It was not good for America and Joseon, it was good for Japan. The translator wonders why he is telling him now. You could have told the emperor that day or not said anything forever.

EC says he changed his mind.

The politician says that he changed his mind, so he thought about it and wants to take his word back? Do you think anyone will believe that you were slave born and left the country?

EC says, believe it or not, that is up to you. but the reason I came to you is because the more difficult thing than shooting a rifle is coming here to see you. I should not have wasted my time.

He left.

Later on, GS finds him and says that he has been waiting for him. Joseon has something going on. One of the noble politicians is searching for the geisha, he is pro japan. Birds hear the words during the day, butat night Geisha’s hear it. The geisha should be the informant.

EC tells him that he knows that, but can you stop whispering to me and back away? GS does that.

Cut to Aeshin’s carrier walking somewhere. But they are stopped, the Korean government wants to search her carrier because the pro Japanese politician wants it. Aeshin gets out. The Korean soldiers apologize to her and says that they have an order to search everywhere.

the soldiers asks them if they saw a woman that looks like this? they show them a drawing of the geisha. Theyt ell her that she was a geisha for Japanese, she was so bad. Aeshin’s heart pumps when seh sees the image of the woman she helped, but tried to hide it. She says that it is bitter and gets back insdei her carrier.

EC watches this all happen.

Aeshin thinks back to seeing the woman being dragged through the street. Her maid tells her not to be there (in a room) it is a dangerous time. Aeshin says that she knows, but she needs to make a reason to go to the harbor.

Cut to her grandfather thinking about a lot of things. The clock ticks as he thinks about everything.

Suddenly we cut to a Japanese diplomat arguing with Dm about their Japanese diplomat that was executed because of the Korean girl. he wants that girl captured. DM tells the consulate to go catch her. But the consulate says that it will be a diplomatic problem if they move. The matter should not get bigger, you should find her.

DM tells him that the Joseon police are already finding her. But the Japanese consulate tells DM that he should find her. She should be among these people – 9 CHinese and 6 Korean. he throws him something.

DM tells him to pay him in advance first. You are asking me to find something that does not exist. it is my business, if you do not like it, then find someone else.

they must have paid, because DM and his goons are on the hunt for her and torturing a man to find out information. DM tells this man to think from now on, do you think we are hitting you because you are a smuggler? We are just checking. This is something we can finish with fists, do not make me use my sword.

The man says he was just told to smuggle a girl, that is all. He tells them the time. DM says that it should be a man not a girl? But the smuggler says it is a girl.

The Americans surround SG at the consulate and tell him not to move. SG has a flashback to the same thing happenning when he was younger. he makes it inside and talks to EC.

EC asks him if he is the hunter? So, how is your boss? or are you the boss? SG denys it. EC tells him that he just guessed. So, how much is the drink?

SG asks the reason why EC is around the young lady. EC says that the person around him was a man, at least by the way that they looked. SG tells him that he knows everything so he cannot leave him alive.

EC tells him that the student and teacher behave the same.

SG asks if he thinks he is joking? He has a gun on him. EC tells him that this gun will not work, it is missing a piece.

EC wonders why all the men around this young lady want to kill him. Montage of all the men that want to kill him that are related to Aeshin.

SG tells him that he saw what America did to Joseon. Why are you helping us and not interrogating us? EC says this is his decision, is helping the problem? SG thinks America should not help Joseon people. EC tells him taht he is interrogating him now. Just give me the price. SG asks if he can give him whatever he asks him to? It will be expensive.
DM rides to the harbor on the train.

Craziness is happening at the harbor as the goons look for anyone suspicious. They stop whoever they want. One of the people they stop is a Japanese diplomat bodyguard. DM smiles at this guy and tells him to go away.

The man they beat us is there as well looking through the crowd. But he does not see anything.

DM says that all the business people are in the 3rd class cart. Why didn’t he see any of them? We have to take the one oclock train, or we will miss the woman. the information was so strange because it was so precise! Hiyashi was tricked, theya re running away on land! Go back to the train station!

Suddenly a gun is fired. Everyone drops and the thugs yell to catch him. The #1 guy runs after that shooter but DM yells that it is a trap! They want to trap us here, we need to take the train!

he looks around and says that they have to call the diplomat first! We need a telephone! he sees a sign for the telephone and runs to find it.

But Aeshin is on the rooftops and shoots the telephone before DM can call.

Cut back to Eugenes talk with SG. He tells him that he will make a trap so the thugs will think she is taking the ship. If they don’t see us in the harbor then they will come to the train. But there are only two trains, so we sill trap them in the harbor. They will miss the train and we will sneek out throuh land.

EC asks him why he is telling him that.

SG tells him it is because they will not search American’s luggage. Can you help us? You tried to rescue her by shooting your own arm.

But EC says that is wrong, he did not rescue that geisha woman, he rescued AS. He sighs and thinks that he owes him a very expensive drink. So now,= – I have to save the geisha?

EC asks Kyle if he still wants to go on that trip?
GN walks back to his office. GS asks when Kyle is leaving. EC says it is as soon as he gets the translator. GS thinks he is there, why does he need a translator. But GS also says that he thinks about it. The police are looking for the geisha but Kyle is having a trip during this situation with a strange man? is he trying to help that person?

GS tells him that he is the most Joseon person in Joseon, so just trust me. EC nods.

EC tells the geisha to be careful. The woman apologizes for searching his room, she is an informer. But why are you helping me? EC says he is betting on Joseons bankruptcy a little less.

Kyle takes the girl as the translator, but it looks like he does not know anything that is going on.

Meanwhile, HS is drinking and wonders why this watch is coming back to him, it is like his karma. he lays back and thinks about the clothes that the young lady gave him every year. What did his fiance use those suits for?

Cut to the train leaving. Aeshin watches it leave and continues shooting at the thugs in the crowd. DM runs to take cover from the shooters.

Aeshin is running on the rooftops and DM is running in the alley. He is able to get a gun and aims it at Aeshin, he sees her running across a rooftop, but he reconizes her as she is jumping from roof to roof, they kind of have eye contact and he doesnot shoot.

But then he takes aim to shoot just as she is jumping across a roof to another buildin and fires!

He hits her leg and she falls in pain to the ground.

DM runs to find where the person fell, but she is not around anywhere. The thugs come back and says that the train leaves tomorrow at 7am. DM gives them instructions, take the train and go North to Shanghai, I will stay here. The #1 asks what is going on. DM says he will just checking on something.

Cut to Kyle trying to pass through the gates of the city. But he is being stopped. The Korean guard looks at the image of the person they are looking for. They ask if those people in the back are translators too? GN is with them and translates that Kyle introduced himself first but then just said a bunch of curse words. the Korean guards look a little scared at upsetting this American commander and let him leave.

Meanwhile, Aeshin is shot and in pain. Her maid gives her pain killers. Another woman is with them. The woman says that they have been stitching clothing for many years, perhaps they can do this as well.

the maid goes outside and burns the bloody clothing.

Elsewhere, Kyle gives the geisha a blessing as she goes away on the ship. So it looks like Kyle was apart of it.

back at the train station, DM thinks, don’t come….don’t come….as he waits on his knees. But Aeshin comes out in all white along with her servants. He says that he told her not to come.

he tells her that he sees her again in this early morning. She tells him that she went to the temple and starts to walk by him. But he stands to prevent her from walking past him.

She mutters what to do with him, don’t you see her funeral clothing? Just go away before I kill you.

DM laughs and says that he would be faster in that regard, young lady.

Aeshin – is that so? I don’t think so. I think that I can do it, but you can not.

She looks at him dead in her eyes and then walks on by as if he is invisible.

DM – I told you not to come, but you finally came. And you also know about it?

He starts to tear up.

On the train, Aeshin is sweating and barely hanging in there. She is bleeding out of her dress and in pain. She tries to cover her leg to keep the blood from oozing out.

back in the city, EC is at the blacksmiths place. the blacksmith says yes, it plays a really sad song. EC is pretty surprised that he was able to fix it. DM shows up as well and says that he lost a sword yesterday.

EC tells him he must have had a hard job to do since he lost his sword. DM counters that the opponent had a gun. I am a sword man so I was not good at firing the gun. I hit the leg. if you see anyone limping, can you tell me? I followed them as much as possible, but they got away.

Later on, EC listens to the music from the musical box. While it plays, the camera cuts to Aeshin walking thorugh the pharmacy. Then the music cuts off as Aeshin and EC meet each other in the pharmacy.

EC – You told me to wait here.

She stares at him longingly.

EC – I thought I would not see you today also.

Aeshin – Me too – how is your wound?

EC – How is your wound? DM was looking for a guy with an injured leg, is that you?

AS – I got shot, but I am not a man. So can you keep it secret.

EC – Are you asking me another favor?

AS – Thank you so much for the boat ride. Let’s make it even.

EC – I was the one paddling the boat.

AS – I thought love was easy, but it is difficult from many angles. I am sorry.

EC – If it is difficult, then you can stop.

AS – Quitting now, we can quit at anytime, so lets not do it today. Today, lets take one more step forward. So just tell me. Lets exchange names and shake hands and what else should we do.

EC – You won’t be able to do it, because the next thing is to hug.

She immediately walks to him and hugs him.

AS – H….I learned H.

She keeps hugging him and he lets her hug him, though he does not hug her back.

The camera scrolls away.

Fade Out.

This episode was great. I love all the freedom fighter scenes.

Lots of technical issues today that we are still working on. If you don’t see an episode up or if anything is amiss, then be sure to check our twitter for updates.

HS – I thought, if I don’t wear those clothes, then my fiance will be disappointed.
AS – I want to be bright and hot and become a flower that blossoms and dies quickly.
DM – Freedom fighters, do they make any money? If they make money, then I want to do it.
HN – When it is useless, then it is sweeter and more delicious. Empty things are expensive and sweet.
HS – If you want that then don’t instigate me.
AS – That hopeless hope where [thinking that] trying harder will not sell the country.
AS – I am afraid of dying but I choose the flame.
EC? – I am going to die by a Joseon person

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  1. Anonymous
    July 29, 2018 / 7:37 am

    Thanks for doing this! Much appreciated:)

  2. lemoncello
    July 29, 2018 / 8:53 am

    I think it’s Allen… He’s the Foreign Minister or something like that. He was with Logan’s wife during the funeral if I’m not mistaken….

    • V
      July 29, 2018 / 10:10 am

      Ah, thank you for that!

  3. Clau
    July 29, 2018 / 9:31 am

    I love Aeshin with DM. Thanks for recap

    • Anonymous
      July 29, 2018 / 9:50 pm

      I get the whole bad boy image but so far DM has no redeemable qualities — I found the skirt incident to be creepy and he wasn’t acting out of jealousy — he tried to hurt her in his own primitive way because she had called him out and showed her disdain for him by calling him a traitor (all in his Japanese finery and hairdo), which is what he is and then he goes off and shoots her, right after he recognizes her. how endearing was that…

      • Sashaa
        July 30, 2018 / 9:12 am

        For someone as ruthless as him, he couldn’t bring himself to shoot her even though he had a clear shot. Even a doubt that it could be her made him shoot in the legs.
        What I found fascinating is that she was well aware of his feeling for her and took advantage of it. She looked right at him during the escape and knew he won’t shoot her.
        I can’t wait for HS to figure out!! Will he now fall deeply in love with the ‘wildflower’. :))

        • V
          July 30, 2018 / 1:11 pm

          You know HS is about to lose all his ish when he finds that out. He will be so in love with her and it just might send him fully to the dark side possibly?

          • RZF
            July 31, 2018 / 4:54 pm

            I don’t think that he will join the dark side… because of that scene with Hina Kudo when he said (something like that): what can I do to win a woman’s heart if flowers or poems isn’t working? and she said to him that he needed to be deeply sincere. That’s the way to win her heart.

            I can be very wrong… But I think that he will follow her lead in order to win her.

            • Sashaa
              August 1, 2018 / 8:22 am

              Neither do I. He has been fighting his whole life to deal with the sins of his parents. I think he will redeem his family name. Possibly die in the process. He is my favorite character so far.
              It was painful to see his pain when’s eugene implied that he had no rights to talk about pain.
              I like that all characters have some gray. That’s what keeps it exciting for me.

          • Sashaa
            August 1, 2018 / 8:24 am

            He is close to figuring out. He already knows she has been stitching suits and knows it’s not for him. Either he might think she has another man( but no one is smaller than him) or might figure she is the army.

            • RZF
              August 3, 2018 / 12:03 pm

              Yes! I thought about the suit as well, I think that he will discover her disguise (and maybe will fall in love even harder). I really like him, I like him the same amount as I like Eugene… I root for him to be happy and, as you reminded me, to clean his family’s name too… maybe those 10 years in Japan wasn’t because he wanted to avoid his duties… he wanted to avoid his family (possibly shame).

            • RZF
              August 3, 2018 / 12:05 pm

              And I have to agree, I have a deep belief that he’s going to die in the process of cleaning his family’s name… sad tho.

        • Anonymous
          August 2, 2018 / 5:56 pm

          …we must have watched a different k-drama…

  4. Anonymous
    July 29, 2018 / 10:17 am

    Thanks for the Live Recap! I was looking forward to this episode 🙂

  5. Anonymous
    July 29, 2018 / 9:05 pm

    thanks for getting this episode out so quickly!!! it was awesome!

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