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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 7

Kim Tae-ri and Yoo Yeon-seok in glaring at each other in traditional clothing in Korean Drama Mr. Sunshine
I’m ready to get into today’s episode. Now that the letter has been found, it feels like we are about to turn a corner with the pace. Let’s get into it!

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It’s nice to see you like this, so what’s up.
Is it still valid, the thing you want to do together.I am done thinking. Let’s do it…Love…with me.
Okay, I like it. It took you sometime to answer so I hope you thought about it.
Let’s share our names first, I am Go Aeshin
I am Eugene Choi

Eugene thinks about the last time he saw his mother. Aeshin asks him if he was Choi in Joseon. He says he is CHoi in America. Americans pronounce Choi differently. They greet each other with a handshake because it means that they don’t have a weapon to hurt you.

Aeshin likes this greeting. She asks when he will release her hand, he says when she has a weapon in her hand. She thinks that sounds good. But she has to leave because she has someone to meet on the other side of the river. He tells her not to work too hard at school.

The river woman says that he will take AS first, Eugene can wait a little bit. Eugene watches her leave. The river woman rows her across the river. Aeshin is happy as she floats across. Soon, Eugene goes across as well, he is in a contemplative mood and looks at the hand that shook Aeshin’s hand.
None of the keys are working at the hotel. HS tries to open his door, but it does not open. EC’s does not open as well. I think they exchange their keys and they go back up to their doors. The doors open so HS uses this as an excuse to talk to Eugene. He wants to know why he hates him? But he is smiling about it. Eugene wants to know why he smiles all the time.

HS is basically like, I just smile all the time. Eugene asks him if he is easy to him, are your parents okay? This gives HS pause as he thinks about it.

Meanwhile, HN is in her office. She exchanged her room keys but theya ren’t coming down. Someone comes in, it is WI. HN’s face falls as she recognizes him. The maid asks if he would like a window seat, but HN tells her that he will leave soon, go do another job.

HN tells WI that her spouse died, she is a widow now. He apologizes for not attending the funeral. HN says that the young widow cried so much that she passed out, people said that she was happy and sad. There were a lot of rumors. WI tells her not to be sarcastic(?).

He says he saw her mothers photo. HN tells her that she puts them up every 3 months, it is great that you saw it. But he tells her not to waste her money, she is probably dead. Where is the room. She tells himthat she welcomes everyone, including dogs. There is only one person not welcome – you. I don’t have to listen to you anymore.

He tells her that he made her marry him, he will contact her later. Wait for it. But she tells him taht he husband is still a mysterious man, you don’t know what you will eat in and out of this place.

Cut to HN talking to DM about the reason her husband died. He asid he will talk about it after drinking this. She asks if he is really going to drink it? He says it will be his fate to die by her. She says that she is angry. This handsome and inconsiderate man, why? If I harm AS, it is partly your fault.

He asks why she is talking about her name after this joke, never do it. How do you know WI? She says it is her father. Are you his daughter? I don’t look like him right? Tell me.


That is why I need a personal body guard. I won’t let him take more.

What did you take from you.

My mom, my yourth and my name.

What was your name before.

Lee Yanghwa

That is a good name, but what should we do…my kids are already his bodyguard.

She wants to pay him more. He tells her that he is already rich and will soon be richer. he just works the amount that he works. She tells him not to eat healthy and delicious things for his body. he pauses and then leaves.
DM is at dinner with WI. WI asks what happened to that person. He says he left town (the American diplomat widow). WI asks about the letter with the secret money. DM says that she left Seoul but I did not mean that she went to America. I found everything including kids diapers, but i did not find the letter.

They keep talking about the letter and being rich. The letter either does not exist or in in the hands of someone that does not know the value. Wi tells him that the emperor bought a better ship. It is like 5k yen. It is like 55k yen, but the secret money is like 100k yen. Do you think that letter will jsut stay there? If Japan had that cartificate then it will be a train straight to Russia that will destroy all of Joseon and elead Japan to Russia.

If the freedom fighters get it then it will be super money for their revolution.

What if you get it?

I will make Korea’s emperor not sleep.

you are the biggest traitor ever.

youa re a butchers son so it does not matter. Just find it.

DM is pissed and tells him to watch his mouth. I wonder, if I have the certificate then you will not sleep.

What are you doing?

People like me – when things don’t work I can just throw the table or hit superiors.

What did you say?

I am now telling you that we dont’ have any business anymore. it is all cancelled. I am telling you this in a nice way.

DM leaves. WI asks the ladies for more drink, but he is nervous and says that he will make them regret it.

Elsewhere, The Japanese diplomat/consulate talks to the two military men that instigated that fight. Everyone thinks that the Japanese army lost to the American army who did this! One of the japanese guys says the crazy one did it. The crazy one is all like, I’m sorry, I’ll kill myself.

He opens his shirt and pulls out his sword to accept his death. But the consulate kills the other guy because he had a cheap mouth. The blood splatters all over the crazy guys head. The consulate likes that he is crazy, but if it happens one more time then this will be you as well.

The crazy guy grabs the dead guys salary from his person. The Joseon person in the background can’t believe what just happened, he is shivering. The crazy guy tells him to clean up that mess.

The Joseon guy runs to IS to tell him what happened. But he actually wanted to talk to GS so everyone is confused for a moment. The guy runs to find GS and tells him that the Japanese soldiers are all crazy. tell your American. He fills him in on what happened.

IS and CS overheard and think that they need to leave. They go with EC and ask him if they should close their shop since that Japanese guy is getting his revenge on everyone. But EC just tell them to close the door and come inside.
Meanwhile, AS is practicing English cursive. She writes Choi Eugene in her notebook and happily looks at it for awhile.

Cut to her outside in the city. She wants some bread and candy but HD tells her to give her the money. your cousin ate ice cream and put the price on you. Why does she do that?

AS tells them to put the palanquin down. She getts out and goes to eat icecream with her maid in a store. They are amazed at how pretty it looks. their icecream is covered in strawberry and pineapple slices (or something yellow). They decide to get two more since AS has to go to school

AS goes to school and learns with all the kids learning as well. After class, she reviews with the teacher. A is for Apple – B is for boy – C is for cook – D is for dance – E is for Eugene…..English

She continues saying the letters. Her teacher tells her that people love L the most. L is for Love. Aeshin tells her Love is mroe difficult, more dangerous, and harder than fighting with a gun. Is it that Love? the teacher says that is correct, but it is also good for you. You can do love with your fiance.

She says that seh decided to do it with someone else. She picked someone to do it with. But the teacher told her that this is big trouble! Love means sarang, it means that you love each other with your heart.

Aeshin is stunned into silence and then yells…WHAT!

She lays in her bed later and thinks back to Eugene telling her that they should do it…love. She happiy agreed and says that Love is easier than expected. He told her that doing it is a way to destroy Joseon. Aeshin thinks that this is his way to destroy her. The one he wants to destroy is her. Jashik!

Aeshin gives her servant something and tells him that he has to go to the American consulate secretly, no one should know. it is our secret.

The servant goes to the wall that people can sneak in at. The boy runs up and sneaks in easily, so the servant tries. But he gets caught and brought in front of Eugene. Eugene asks him what he wants. The servant brings in the letter and says that his young lady wants to give this to him.

No one should know about this, if anyone knows then I will cut your throat, I am only afraid of my young lady. Can you call the soldiers? I have to go out as smoothly as I came in.

Eugene starts to read the letter, but he does not know how to read Korean and has it upside down. The boy comes in and tells him that they have another secret between him and me. Eugene tells him he did not read it, it is not that he cannot read it. The boy is all like, it is the same different between upside down? Eugene tells him he is his boss. The boy smiles and tells him to read it, then he leaves.

Eugene looks at the letter, but he is not able to read it and just stands awkwardly.

Meanwhile, Aeshin is sitting outside dazed. Her maid tells her to go inside, it is too cold. But she says she was inside, now she is outside. Another maid runs up and tells her that she has a letter!

Aeshin thinks it is from the American and says, how dare he! But it is actually from the Hotel from the young master. Aeshin is bummed – how dare he….

HS sits at his table, it is empty and he is in a contemplative mood. HN goes there to fill his cup. he tells her that flowers don’t work, flower carriers dont work, what do I do? It is the first time that a woman does not like me. HN tells him that a true heart is what moves a woman.

HS says that his heart is not convincing, I just saw her. What if I tell her that I had this heart before leaving Joseon? She tells him to send her the marriage letter and become engaged, then no other man can have her.

He says that is the problem, he worries if he has that kind of easy and bad heart. (he thinks that is the easy way, but also the bad way).

DM is eating and talking to a woman. She is asking him for a favor/job. She needs money for her mothers medicine. She knows that she does not need to give him the money back, they can just share what they have.

She tells him that she saw a paper while cleaning the Americans room. She did not touch it just in case he noticed. Give me more money, I need to go back.

He says that it should be the thing I am looking for, I don’t want a woman to cry.

Cut to all the thugs in front of Eugene’s room. He tells him that this is the day that he will search his room. All the thugs go inside and search through Eugenes room. Eugene and Dm stay outside and talk. EC wants to know if he is looking for his room or 303. DM tells him that it does not matter.

EC tells him that his thugs are not careful. Dm smilesa nd tells him that they are not educated.

The thugs find a letter. it is Aeshin’s letter. DM reads it.

The work I wanted to do with you
There is a change
We should clear up our positions
DOn’t try to sway
As soon as you see this
answer me.

Did you really read this? I did not see you for awhile, maybe you have a comrade. I am sad, you do work together and maybe have some variations. When you sway something, there might be blood.

EC – That is what is written

DM – Whatever it is, if you have something on your hands, I will kill you. I worry that, before I do anything, something will happen to you.

the tells his thugs that it is time to go. They all leave.

Kyle shows up as they are leaving and asks if something is going on. Who are those bastards. Are you hurt? EC says that that guy can read Korean…..he knows Korean.

Kyle is all like, what’s wrong with your head?

HN comes to EC and tells himt aht she heard breaking sounds. Did something happen? He is all like, you heard something but you did not come? She lets him know that usually when there is a big noise in a mans room then someone dies, I did not know what would happen to me. I will clean the room.

He tells hre that a lot of things are broken and he would like to get something fixed. She lets him know that they have a good blacksmith in the weapons department. this is a music box. Would you like it fixed?

Cut to EC meeting with the blacksmith. He says he can try and fix it in a few days. he walks away but sees the missing gun piece. he asks the blacksmith if he can really take it apart and fix it. He says that sometiems he does not put it back together for someone he hates. But dno’t worry, I also want to hear music from this.

EC leaves. it is nightfall now when a person pushes him against the wall. it is AS, she asks him if he knows the street they met on before? Come there, I will give you one hour. She runs away.

EC meets AS. She asks him why he did not answer her letter. He says he did not read it. She saw that he had the letter in his hand, are you avoiding me? He says that he did not read it. She tells him that that is not a good excuse. He asks her if she knows what love means now? She tells him that she just wanted to warn him, but she might kill him.

He asks how come she hates him that much? She pulls a gun out on him, a little gun. He asks her how she can use this how do you learn how to load it? She tells him that she learn quickly. Now answer my question properly. You said that you are not going to do anything in joseon, but you told me to do Love. is that breaking Joseon?

He smiles and almost laughs. He says that it will not break Joseon, he wanted to destroy someone, but now I think this is the way I get broken.

Why do you walk this way that will rbeak you?

i don’t know, maybe this is the begining of my revenge or the end of jealousy.

What does that mean?

Do you have any grudge on me? Do you understand teh begining of jealousy?

They keep talking back and forth with the gun to his head. He says he will get some fresh air, but she tells him to stay like this. (not sure what they were talking about int he end there).

Cut to the Japanese men drinking with Geishas. The crazy guy goes crazy again and pulls out a gun to have all the japanese guys leave. Only the geishas are left. he tells them that the most beautiful women in japan are there. The women says that they are orphans, they heard that coming to Joseon could give them money. he says that he is from the countryside, he will also make money and buy a house in Tokyo.

They tell him that this is an expensive place, if he wastes his money like this then he won’t be able to buy a house. He laughs and sayst he got some unexpected money. The ladues says that Srping will come soon. he asks them how much beans they will eat this year. She says that she will eat 100 perhaps. He laughs and says it does not look like it.

he asks how old she is. She says that she is 25. He asks the other woman if she will eat 100 as well. But he tells the other woman that she is a Joseon woman. You eat beans that match your age! Even though you are an orphan, you should know that. Unless you are a Joseon woman.

he grabs her hair and tells her that she will be his prize for today. He drags her away to the stret and says that all the information that comes in and out of that shop is by this Joseon woman that pretends to be Japanese. She tells him to just kill her. he hits her and she falls tot he floor, bloody.

He continues dragging her across the street. A man asks him what is going on. The crazy guy shoots him right away. Aeshin and EC hear the commotion and look outside She recognizes this crazy guy from the train. She wants to have his gun and save her. Ec does not want her to go. But seh says that she has to save her because she could be her some day.

He says he only has 5 bullets. She tells him that she only needs two.

She goes outside and fires one shot. This makes him stop what he is doing. Then she fires the next one and it hits him, he falls and screams in pain. The woman is able to get away. AS leaves as well, but he is not dead yet.

he is about to shoot him again, but EC takes the gun and walks up to the crazy guy. He shoots himself in the arm and then walks to the japanese guy. The Japanese guy tells him that he is not the one that shot him. EC tells him that he has been drinking, listen to me, who shot me is not important, but who you shot is important. The one you shot is an american soldier.

Suddenly, the crazy Japanese guy is surrounded by American soldiers. He drops his gun. Aeshin watches this all happen, then looks away.

Later on at home, she is in her regular clothing and thinks back to Eugene telling her that in retrospect, he realizes that this will be the one that breaks him.

EC is also thinking about Aeshin as he sits in jail. The Japanese guy is raging in the cell next to him.
The geisha goes to the potter and tells them that she was sure that the person that saved ehr was the young lady because she was at her secret place. But the man looked like he was Korean but was American soldier. I am not sure if she knew me, but I want you to tell her thankyou for me. The potter tells her good job, and he will definitely tell her. It is dangerous in Seoul right now, so go to Shanghai, when we have a ship and ID, then I will let you know.

the river woman gives her money and tells her to spend it in Shanghai, don’t be conservative in using it. The Geisha thanks them all and tells them to be safe.

Flashback to everyone crying over their dead parents on teh battle field. it looks like The Potter might have recruited all of them.

In the present, he tells her that they will see each other again, be sure that this is not the last time. We can be a lot stronger than what we think. She tells him, okay captain.

That morning. The hunter tells the potter that the American was at his place to. he is nto comfortable with him. The potter tells him that he came to his place too. He should have a grudge on all of Joseon.

The hunter thinks he needs to go to the American consulate and get his money for the drink. EC shuold be safe getting out of jail, but I don’t know what the king thinks. The hunter says he does not trust the king. They consulate should take care of it. Thy became rebels once the King abandoned his own people, I also abandoned him. (flashback to the scene on the bus whee WI told them the king abandoned them).

Kyle and the Japanese consulate have to tell the King what happened. Kyle says that the Japanese guy was teh only assailant and was shooting in teh air with everyone, there is no question who the victim and assalant is.

The Japanese guy tries to say they need to figure out what happened, but Kyle basically shuts all that down. The King tells himt hat the Japanese guy killed two Joseon people. Do you think your injured Japanese soldier is more important than two dead joseon?

He says he was on vacation. The King asks him if soldiers take their guns with them on vacation? The COnsulate tells himthat America is a western country. But the King says that all the people saw the incident and saw that Japanese guy point the gun and kill people. You are not apologizing for this and only say that the injury is the most important. On top of that, you say that I am on Americas side.

The King stands and says that he will take care of teh Japanese man that killed Korean citizens, they will apply their own law. Release the American soldiers. They will prosecute teh japanese soldiers by your own Japanese hand. that is my last mercy.

Cut to EC released from jail. Kyle is there to pick him up. He tells himt aht they can go to the hospital and get that guy that injured him. EC is all like dont worry about it or the report. Kyle is happy not to write it but EC tells him to write it, but take your time.

Kyle starts talking about he King of Joseon and his clothing, can he buy it? EC is all like, buy it and see what happens.

EC rides his horse by AS’s palanquin. She feels him pass by, but she does not look at him.
meanwhile, DM meets with his #1 guy in the Judo room. he wonders if something happened to him. He says that he noticed the handwritting.

Cut to AS buying something in the town. DM is there as well in another cafe. She gets in her palanquin to leave.

DM goes to the store and asks the man to give him the paper that he has. the man gives it to him.

The work we wanted to do togehter
There are some changes
I want to clarify our relationship
Dont’ avoid me
As soon as you see this
Answer me right away

He goes to his apartment and broods.

Eslewhere, a servant tells HS’s dad that he found the slave that worked for them 30 years ago.

Then we cut to HS calling that same. he heard he was looking for someone. the man says taht the old master wanted him to find all the slaves that worked for them on the island so i found them. An American soldier came in pointing a gun. After that your father wanted to find all those slaves.

HS wants to know why that American soldier wanted to find slaves and not yangbans.

EC goes to his room, he hid the letter in his notebook so it is still there. He takes the letter to IS and CS. he wants to know if he can pawn it. Can you take it? Dont’ check what’s inside. The hand in the box is shaking again. The letter says Shanghai Bank on it. It is a Russia-China bank. This is the letter that he hid in his bible (but we’re a little confused about this part).

AS goes to teh pharmacy secret place. Btu the pharmacy ajumma’s say, no no, no no to her.

Elsewehre, HS meets with ECa nd asks him if he is injured, what happened. EC tells him that this happens often for gun men. HS wants to know if he is the guy that shot with the japanese guy?

EC asks him if this is the day that he will see him not smiling? HS asks him if it is better? EC says he is not sure if it is better or not, but you look like a young master.

DM walks up to them and tells them to please keep talking young masters. I am just taking fresh air. Maybe this is what it means when you have variations and get injured (he is talking about the letter).

EC thanks him for his worry.

They all keep talking back and forth. EC wonders if they both planned this. DM says that he feels like someone cut the line in front of him. Something he never had. EC is all like, what are you talking about. DM tells him to stay here as an American soldier, it is not improtabt what he has in his hands, wht he already has is too big.

HS says he knows why they are both angry. The guy next to you is the same guy next to me. The person next to me. Not here, but always here before. That person – is that person my fiance?

the three men stand in a triangle as they look at each other.

AS is by herself thinking about when EC took the bullet and the blood dripping down his arm.

HS – It shouldnt’ be, I don’t want to be a bad guy – yet.

They each have flashbacks of themselves with AS.

Fade Out

AS – I saved [someone] because we are comrades.
King – The American soldier is our comrade, that is why they helped us.
Woman – Korean emperor
Man – Put him in front of all those big countries
HS – The year I was born, what else happened.
EC – You were there that day, in your mothers womb.
VO – You were there?
Hunter – I can’t leave you alive.
VO – How is your suit.
HS – What suit?
VO – I just need to take the young lady.
DM – Where is [someone] coming from
Halabogi – Even though AS is useful, don’t do it too often. Sometimes you can just hide things from her.
AS – I will finish it also. (Do the finish also)
DM – I told you, don’t come, but you came and you are even doing that.

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