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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 6

Kim Tae-ri as a bandit on a roof in Mr. Sunshine
Episode 6 live recap for Mr. Sunshine is coming up! The pre-released photos have me excited. Will I get my wish of more action scenes? I hope so.

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Shorthand: Shorthand character chart

Airing Time: July 22nd, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Netflix

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Rewind to the end of the last episode when all of the things fell on the ground. AS and DM both kneel to grab it. But DM gets distracted by AS’s dress. Her dress softly rolls across his hand and everything stops.

She turns and sees what he is doing so she stands up and asks him as much. What are you doing? He says that he is doing nothing, just…there is something, young lady.

he looks up at her and continues, do you know why I came back to Joseon? Flashback to when he was younger.

Everyone’s life is precious. Because of that moment. I have only one way, even if I think 100 times.

he continues holding her dress but his fingers start to relax.

A song starts to play as he releases the small part of her dress he held. She is still holding tightly to hers. He gets up and walks out without looking back. As looks like she is holding bad angry tears.

DM goes to his home. His geisha walks up to him expectingly. He tells her that he forgot what she asked him. She gtes his hand and writes in it.

Are you telling me that I am stupid? No, I’m not.

She hits him which makes him pause and whisper – it hurts.
Meanwhile, Eugene approaches a man who asks him if he is Eugene. He is a man from his past. He says it is nice to see him a-again….but Eugene tells him to just cut to the chase. Where did you bury my parents.

The man says I-it was a l-long time ago.

Eugene just lets him know that his life depends on it.

At AS’s home, she throws her red dress out to her maid and tells her to throw it away. The maid is all like, what? This is so precious?

Cut to HS giving a lot of wrapped items to a man outside. He tells him that he can use it. Then he goes into his home to greet his parents. But his father and mother come out and yell at him, why did you come here! Your mother sent you a telogram!

HS is so confused, his parents should love seeing him. A servant comes up and says that they found that man, he is an American consolate. The parents don’t want to talk about it with their son present so they start to hug their son and act like they really love that he is there as they shoo the servant away.

Elsewhere, Eugene is riding on his horse as he follows the other servant. The hunter, SG is at a burial ground pouring alcohol on a grave. he then sits and starts to drink it. EC comes back to him and asks him if he can share this alcohol with him. He can pay for it. But the hunter just gives it to him for free and says he got it from someone that does not drink, so they won’t miss it.

Eugene takes it and walks to the gravesite, but the servant does not know that exact place. It was 30 years ago so he does not. Eugene thinks that is no excuse, so you never visited here even once? He grabs him by the collar and yells at him, he should remember!

The man drops to his knees and begs him. I should have told you. Low class people are low class, slaves are just slaves. Please fogive me! he bows his head as he sobs and prays. Eugene starts crying as well.

The hunter is still at his gravesite and sets another stone on his grave then gets out his pipe. Eugene comes back and gives him his alcohol back. He says he is not sure if his person will like it, but these are his mothers favorite flowers.

SG says his father will like it. His father became like this when he had the ten year war. All the tombs are all the dead people from the ten year war. Not only Koreans but also some Americans and Japanese. Who are you looking for?

Eugene says he is looking for his parents who wee slaves. Why are you looking at me like that? Do you think I am successful as the son of slaves? The hunter says he is thinking of getting the price for the alcohol. Eugene smiles and tells him to come visit him.
Eugene gets back to the hotel. Hee-na sees that he is a bit muddy. She gives him a letter. The American man that rescued him says that he heard what he did. He is in Hangyung-do. he is not sure when he will be in Seoul. Welcome to Joseon, may God be with you always.

HN asks him if it was a good letter? Eugene says it was a letter that he was waiting for. HN also comments that he smiled with the letter, he never smiles. EC thinks about smiling one other time, when he was rowing the boat with AS.

HN tells him that some people are coming to look for him. They are curious about him as an American soldier with black hair. he asks her if she normally tells peole who stay here these things? She tells him that she heard that his room was searched. he tells her that nothing was taken. She ays that it means someone figured out something.

Eugene goes to his room and looks around. Then he sees something and turns toward it. Maybe his reflection? he thinks back to the man saying that slave borns are just slaves.

Elsewhere, the hunter, SG is eating at the restaurant by the river. He playfully talks with the woman there, but she just tells him to eat, the young lady is waiting! She leaves in a huff, but he smiles. SG then starts to talk to Aeshin. Aeshin says that she wants to run away from Joseon. There should be a way she can help Joseon from outside of Joseon.

SG tells him that they have to return the rifle. AS is all like, what? You stole it, why do I have to return it? he tells her that she is always on his side. AS just shuts the door to her eating area.

Meanwhile, Eugene is riding his horse close to the rifle area. He sees Aeshin’s palanquin and tells Kyle that he knows who that belongs to.

The maid sees Eugene and says something which makes AS open her window. Kyle, Eugene, and As share a moment as they look at each other. Kyle comments that this woman wanted to see Eugene. But Eugene says that he does not want to see her or something like that.

Kyle and Eugene go to eat chicken. Eugene tells him that he never ate it before because he was low class. Kyle tells him to eat more, eat your fill. Eugene looks momentarily touched in a brotherly way. They start to talk about Rogan (the guy that died) the Japanese are interested in him and Americans are interested in him. But Kyle says he is dead, the case is closed.
The King and his politicians talk about what is going on with Japan. Everyone knows about something so it should be okay. But the good news is that the Japanese have not found any evidence yet. But you are asking me.

One of the politicians says he is not.

Another person says that WI is outside, so let him in and you leave. WI walks inside slowly. he has a very large limp now and walks with a stick. he greets the King as your honor and tells him that he came back as a Korean consolate from Japan.

He deeply bows to the floor and then stands and asks him how he was.

The King says that he came back so he should be okay. he will listen to the stories he brought from Japan. Take a good break and be ready and healthy.

WI thanks him for his consideration. he leaves and passes the politician. The politician asks him, how dare he? You were promoted, but you are a translator. Your low class will not go anywhere. The traitor turns back to him. The politician tells him that he should just cut his throat.

WI hits the man and tells him that this is his greeting. How were you? I will make sure to tell him all the good things you told me. he leaves and hops in his carrier and is carried away.

The widow is in her house with her young maid and baby. The baby is crying. Kyle and Eugene are in the house as well trying to figure out what to do. The woman slaps the maid for not making her baby stop crying. Eugene comes up to her and tells her not to hit anyone.

But the woman is upset and says that Joseon people are filthy and uncivilized, they killed her husband (Eugene actually killed her husband). Eugene tells her to kep her dignity as an American.

Cut to WI talking to the American about buying the house. The American woman tells him to speak Joseon, your English is so bad. SIGN HERE AND HERE. She speaks in Korean and tells him that he bothers her.

WI laughs in shock and signs it.

The American signs as well while grumbling about her misfortune to be in Joseon.
Elsewhere, DM talks to Eugene in the same house. he asks if they found what they are looking for? Do you want to search together? Two are better than one. But it does not look like DM wants to work with him. Another Japanese man comes up to DM and is told that the person they want is in Glory Hotel.

DM turns to leave and tells Eugene to take care. EC comments that he cares about his health a lot.

Night has fallen. Eugene is in the lobby of the hotel and sees DM and some of his thugs. he wonders if they will search his room today? DM tells him thank you for the consideration, but not today.

HS comes out at that time as well and approaches both men in the happy way that he does. he wants to know what’s up with Eugene, why are you asking my fiance to come in and out? He also talks to DM and asks if they have that kind of friendly relationship? Friends should not take your weapons in and out. Lets all go drink together.

But EC does not want to drink and DM says he will kill someone if he drinks, so they both walk away.

HS talks to HN about those two men, she lets him know that they hate each other. EC asks where she is in that relationship. She lets him know that they are just friends.

Meanwhile, the mother talks to AS’s aunt about the goings on. Who came to her house and said that he is the fiance? Was he a ghost?

kang Ho-sun is flabbergasted, he came to your house without formality? Informally? She starts coughing and apologizes for being sick.

The aunt says that the world is changing so she will accept that he came to see the fiance. Let’s just set the date. The mother is a bit shocked. Maybe they should do it slowly? But the aunt wants to know if they should wait another ten years? Aeshin is already old. But Umma says that everyone says she grew up well, she is so pretty.

Aunt says that she is a good young lady.

But Aeshin is actually running along the rooftops with the gun and in her shooter outfit. She thinks about where she should go and sets off in that direction. She is found out by two americans and has to hit them quickly with her gun. She apologizes for hitting them so hard and then sneaks the gun inside.

She runs out the back way and hops over the gate. But she lands right in front of the young man and Eugene. The little boy is all like, Yes, that is exactly how I do it! Eugene tells him he is hired, I will give you a salary, come back the day after tomorrow.

The littleboy runs off happily Eugene pulls AS up and tells her that they should walk naturally. They start to walk off. he asks her about her fiance, he heard about it. She tells him that they are separating. he wants to know if it is true, he is just asking her because he wonders. But she is not answering.

She tells him that her comrade is waiting and will worry about her. he tells her that she snukh into the American consulate and has a thick face. She smiles and tells him that she owes him again.

he tells her that he will take her back. The safest place is Joseon is right next to him because he will draw all of the attention. He walks ahead.

Letter – Dear Joseph, I got your letter. I heard that you are in Hamgyung (Norht Korea). You are not good with the cold so I worry about you feeling cold. Every day in Joseon is peaceful.

AS walks with EC and asks him a question about love. EC looks at her.

VO – ….I am not peaceful.

AS – Do you still think about lvoe?

VO – why should I? I want to answer it.

AS – You don’t answer it? Well, this is the only moment I have so thank you.

VO – I was about to hold her and tell her not to leave. Let’s just walk together all the way over there.

AS nods and leaves. EC pulls out her mask

VO – In Joseon, I don’t know where is over there, I am just going far far away. When are you coming back to hansung? I miss you. It seems like, after writing this letter, it sounds like a confession, so I am not going to send it to you.

Eugene unwraps the rifle and checks it to make sure it is okay. But it seems like he feels a little difference. There is a little piece missing.

Kyle comes in practicing Korean with GS. GS lets EC know that he gave him an easy Korean book, hee hee. Kyle starts to speak Korean but he is talking about flooding so GS just tells EC that this is the flooding part of the book.

But then he points outside at a man that is coming in. It is the servant that buried his parents. he gives EC the hair piece that EC made for his mother. Flashback to little Eugene making it int he forest.

In the present, EC holds it. The man tells him that it does not matter now, but I want to tell you what happened. The guy that made your Umma and Appa different, he worked with you grandfather, that is what happened. You did not know when you were young, but that man wanted to have your mother. I just did it to survive. We just did what our masters told us. If you ask for my sin then you should ask for his sin as well. he is the foreign affairs minister.

Cut to the minister at his house. He is talking to his second wife about clothing. She thinks she needs proper clothing as his second wife. He thinks she will gamble with it. They start to argue about pottery and how she thinks he spends a lot of money on it, if you like it so much then just sleep with it from now on! She leaves.

The father grabs one of the maids aggressively byt the wrist and tells her that her hands are too dirty. He pushes her to the ground.
Outside in the street, Eugene rides his horse and sees the minister in his open palanquin on the street. Eugene rides his horse and hops over the open palanquin which sends the Minister to the ground, he gets covered in mud and everyone laughs at him.

The minister yells for them to find out who that guy is.

EC drinks in the hotel. A lot of Americans come in so he tells them not to mind him and to just relax and drink.

DM is at the table and says that he told him that he does not like drinking. EC says he does not like him, but he will answer what he asks him. DM smiles and says he heard what happened on the street with the Minister. EC just says that his horse did not listen to him today.

HS comes in with several women and sees HS and DM drinking without him. He squeezes in-between them. DM tells him that if they drink together then he might get drunk….(means he might kill him).

HS does not look the least bit scared and jsut starts drinking with them. they all take a sip at the exact same time just as HS asys it they drink together then it means they are friends. HS EC and DM do not end up drinking their cup.

HS smiles and wonders who will win between DM and HN. They tell him that he will not find out the result because they will kill him first. HS wants to know why they are always so angry. Why are you like this? If a Korean and American fell into the water, who would you rescue first?

I will kill you.

If Japan and Korean fell into water, who will you rescue first?

Maybe I will kill you.

What if I fall into water like this? or like this?

Why are you jumping into water all the time?

I am dead, because no one is rescuing me!

He grummbles and they continue drinking.

Meanwhile, the little boy is being interviewed by AS. The little boy says that he delivers water. GS works out that he spends 11 hours a day delivering water. The little boy says that he is the head of his family. GS is all like, don’t tell me a sad story! Do you think – that I will – be sympathetic to it? GS tries not to cry and fans himself. Just – work – just work. GS leaves and walks past EC. EC lets him know that he saw everything.
AS meets with her cousin eunnie. The cousin asks if she can sell some rice and keep it quiet to Aunt? The cousin starts to talk badly about AS’s parents not being married. AS tells her cousin that she knows what she does in the hotel. Drink and gamble and eat. All the bad things. If you talk badly about my parents one more time then I will tell grandfather everything that you do in the hotel.

The cousin leaves in a huff. This wakes up the maid, perhaps she took a quick nap. Or maybe she was awake. eitherway, AS sees the flowers that HS gave her. She wonders how this flower can remind her of the person that gave it to her and the person that did not give it to her.

Eugene sits in his office as a the song of Bethlehem plays (I think). He ponders something seriously at his desk, then leaves. But he runs into the young maid that is looking after the baby. It looks like she might be running away.

Eugene takes her to his office. The young girl says that her Master and Lady just left. She is basically fired so she is taking the old clothing. She tells him that after the Master plays with the baby, this cover is always shredded, my Lady did not know where the master hid his mimportant things, this is how I knew it.

She opens it up, it is the important letters that everyone has been looking for! Eugene looks at it with intensity. A lot of money is hidden.

Letter – This money will only be used by emperors orders (Korean Kings order).

the girl wants to know if it is improtant, will it be worth a lot of money?

He says it is.

The girl is happy and says that she can keep it, it is her gratitude for helping her and her brother. What is it?

Joseons fate.

The King tells his right hand politician that Korea and Japan are very close to each other. They do not know where the bank statement is. IS my wife punishing me (she is dead)? The officer says no, are you sure that Wi does not have the letter?

The King says that WI should know that he should not do anything anywhere. Yes, we are searching. One of our secret service is following him. He knows that we are watching him. if he moves somewhere then we know where his true allegiance lies.

The politician says he will take care of it before it gets too late.

Cut to DM who tells his people that whoever has that letter will die.
HN goes up to EC in the lobby and tells him that his coffee is cold, she will bring him a new coffee. EC asks about DM, she was going to talk about him before. She tells him that he was the son of a butcher, should I start from that point?

HS comes up and says that he would like to here it too. Eugene mentions that HS is the only one that drank last night. HN mentions he was babbling about something. HS tells him that he is noble born, but he sleeps outside his house.

The servant runs up and tells the young master that he will be there soon. EC remembers this servant which sends him into a flashback from the day his parents died.

EC asks HS if he was born in a certain year? HS says, your fathers name is Kim Ahn-pyung?

How do you know my father?…..I am used to people looking at me like that. Maybe he did something wrong to you also. Who, my father or grandfather?

EC does not say, he just stares daggers at HS.

Cut to HS’s father bursting into IS and CS’s shop. he tells them that he heard that they stopped doing slave hunting and openned a business. It looks like you are doing well.

IS – Why are you here?

The slave you did not catch grew up and came back to kill me.

IS – What are you talking about?

That little boy!

He throws him the red jewelry piece and tells him to do enough work for this jewelry.

Meanwhile, HS is on a little hill overlooking the area. He thinks about what EC told him about who his father is. There is also a little boy there. HS wants to know if anyone is giving him a hard time, do you want me to punish him?

The little boy says that it is the opposite. There is someone that helps him a lot so he is having a hard time repaying it. HS tells the little boy that the little boy should be HS’s hyung. Then he says that your little brother has a lot of karma.

EC is at the pottery mans house. He is sitting on a box outside. But he stands when he sees As show up. The student tells her that the teacher is otuside the house now. She tells him that she knows, he can just give her the regular things.

EC comes out to greet her. She tells him that it is nice to see him like this.

EC walks to her and has flashbacks of HS figuring out that HS is the son of his worst enemy.

AS asks him if he will tell her what love is. he tells her that he is done thinking about this. Lets do it – love – with me.

They are standing on a log bridge. He takes another step to her.

Fade Out

From the preview, it looks like the action might pick up next week. Perhaps this “What is Love” revenge storyline will bring the tension up in the main two characters.


WI – Your hotel is bigger than what I heard.
HN – Be careful, you never know what you will eat when you come in and out of my hotel
WI – The emperor has a lot of money for this, 100k yen. We can make Joseon’s King not sleep at night.
HN – If you give her teh marriage letter, then she is your woman from that day. No one else can have her.
AS – I came here to warn you. Maybe I will kill you.
EC – I wanted to destroy someones life, but maybe this way I am destroying my life.

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  1. Jane M
    July 22, 2018 / 10:17 pm

    Thanks so much for doing these summaries so quickly. I am finding the way some of the characters are speaking so softly that I have trouble understanding. Also, sometime the subtitles on Netflix don’t seem quite right and your summary helps me understand more of the nuances. And I am waiting for this story to take hold of me, too. So far, it is just stunning to look at, and the dialogue is witty and even poetic at times. But you need some emotion too! I did want to point out the the tune on the music box, and that was playing at the end of this episode is “Greensleeves”, which is an old English folk song about lost love. It is the same tune as the Christmas carol you are thinking of, but I think that came later (and doesn’t fit the story). Anyway, fingers crossed for some more action next week.

    July 23, 2018 / 11:07 am

    Strangely iam liking this drama…and they way Aeshin and Eujin talk to each is too lovely. Really good one and looking forward to see many scenes between them .. 🙂

    • V
      July 23, 2018 / 4:35 pm

      So glad you are liking it!

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