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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 5

Kim Tae-ri is holding a gun to Lee Byung Hun in Mr. Sunshine
Super late start today, and I actually forgot this show even aired which is not a good sign. I am enjoying it, though. It isn’t a show for me to be obsessed with (yet, I am still holding out hope, y’all), but it is a show to appreciate in it’s scope.

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Airing Time: July 21th, 21:00 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Netflix

Countdown: SOON! …check twitter for updates.

Are you Hee-sung young master? Wow, young master you came back – let’s go in. She is our young lady AS, your fiance.

Hee-sung goes inside and says that he regrets that he did not come earlier. He smiles at AS.

At the same time, EC is in front of HS’s parents and pulls a gun on them. He tells them that they should not have done it if they were a human being. But the father says that he was just a servant. HS asks where they threw the bodies. The father says that he does not know, he just threw them away, the servants threw them away were we put the servants that die.

Hee-sung walks up to AS and tells her that it is nice to see her. I am your fiance Kim Hee-sung. Do you not like the flowers? If it is not the flowers, then it is me? You don’t like me?

EC asks what the parents sin is, what is the son’s sin? Do you remember? Find out where the bodies are buried or I will destroy this family with all of my power. This is that era, I can pick on anything that I try. So find where it is buried and tell the American consolate. I am an American marince captain Yoo Jin-choi.

EC walks out. All the servants run to them to see what happened but they get things thrown at them.

AS tells HS that he is ten years late and yet he is so informal like this? My grandfather is not here today so pick a date and visit me formally. He asks if she is doing this because I am late? She says she is dissapointed because he is the kind of guy he imagined her would be.

What kind is that?

A white, soft and weak man.

You are not the woman I imagined – you are like a flower.

He presents her the flowers, but she does not take them, she just looks sternly at him.

Cut to the Hotel at night. DM is cleaning is sword or just looking at it. Someone is standing inf ront of him. He wants to know if he would get moeney to report what happened to the old master and AS. It is nothiing big.

DM says that he will decide what is big or not.

The man tells him that today, AS’s fiance visited from Japan, is that also worse?

DM throws him a lot of money. The man is so happy at all the money and thanks him profusely. DM tells him that he gave him extra because he wants him to visit him again.

DM leaves and walks the streets with all his thugs. He sees a man on the ground and asks him when he came to Korea (in Japanese). The man stands up and asks him who he is, this is my business. DM his the man over the head with his pottery and yells, WHY IS EVERYONE COMING TO KOREA! STAY IN JAPAN! But he remembers himself and tells them that he is angry due to work.

Then he asks what the first thing the japanese consolate told Japanese citizens to do is to not be naken and embarass the empire. the man asks him to save his life. DM tells him, if you want to do business on the street, then wear your clothes. i worry about people like you coming to Korea and screwing up our business here. DM tells him men to take him; they drag him away.
ES brought potter to a meeting, it is a flower pot. the traitor is in the room and says that he likes flowers. ES is bowing in front of this man who looks powerful. This man says that he came to ES first, of course you have to do this. I think the man i swearing Japanese style clothing and tells ES to come back.

ES and his student leave. ES tells him not to shake so much. The important thing about pottery is not who made it, but how pretty it is. ES spits on the house. It looks like the Japanese student made the pottery and wondered how ES could sell the thing that he made to those people.

But then ES sees EC riding his horse adn remembers that he visited him.

EC goes back to his office. Kyle is there and wonders if EC got his revenge yet. EC says that he did not, some people talk about my schedule a lot. He looks at GS. GS says he has some other things to talk to him about his schedule.

The little boy that EC saves comes up to him and tells him that he wants to repay him for saving him and his sister. Whatever you give me to do, I will do it. EC tells him what the American said all those years ago which is basically that he is bothersome and to leave and not come around again.

But ES was following him around and sees this encounter.

Two rich women are practicing archery and talking about their family. one of them does not have a son to continue the family name. The other woman tells her to just adopt a son, you have to decide it soon. How much money….you know. Are you going to give all that money to your son in law? The woman says if abonim wants it then she is okay. Shin is still not married, I can have an adoptive son in law.

The woman will not accept any adopted son in law from her family. The other woman says that HS has not come back for 10 years so he does not have any face to see her.

Meanwhile, HS’s father is upset that a slave born is putting a gun to a nobles head. The mother yells that he should have said this yesterday! She does not want her son to come to Joseon, what if he finds out about all the things we experienced and our shame.
At the same time, HS wonders who is talking about him because his ear itches. His parents or his fiance? Whoever it is…I deserve it. HS is surrounded by women at the table. They are all gambling. The cousin is there as well, she asks one of the woman why she is wearing western clothing. the woman tells the other woman that she should wear clothes that fit the body. She also tells her that there are no nobles on the gambling table.

The cousin yells at her, do you want me to show you the outside of this place where there are nobles and not nobles? The woman leans back adn looks at her cards. Teh cousin tells HS to play, he does and it looks like he lost, the cousin won everything. The cousin is super happy, but then HS pulls out another card and says that the cousin might yell at him also.

He won.

But instead of taking the money all himself, he spreads it around to the other people at the table and even gives a little to the cousin. She is more annoyed than appreciative though.

At AS’s house, her and her maid talk about AS getting married. the maid thinks that HS is nice looking and brought flowers to see his fiance, what is the problem? AS says that is the problem, he only brought flowers. The maid asks if he should bring a sword?

Cut to AS practicing her shooting in the countryside. But she thinks about what HS told her. He called her a flower and that is the main reason that she wants to break this marriage (basically, she is not a flower).
Elsewhere, EC finds the old well and remembers his past. he remembers running away through the woods and he also remembers spending time with his mother at the well.

We go into a flashback where the mother looks at little EC as they sit at the well, but actually, she is not looking at him, she is looking at a flower. She tells him that she will live like that when she is born again. You live in a house like this, and I will blossom in your front yard.

The leaves blow and the memory fades to the present. The house is empty and EC is standing on the ground where slaves are buried.

Cut to DM practicing Judo in a rage as he thinks about AS’s fiance visiting her. he wants to keep practicing, but his #2 tells him that the kids will be hurt. DM tells them all they can stop there.

Outside, it is a good day as HS walks through the market with all his money. He tells three woman that they dropped their beauty on the ground (he wrote beauty on the ground). He keeps walking through the city and runs right into his mother. She promptly starts to hit him. She told him not to come back! I sent you a telogram!

HS says that he wanted to see her. She tells him that he should have come before she sent the telogram!

The mother goes to the hotel with HS, they both sit at a table and indulge in a Western drink. But Umma is more concerned with her son then the drink. he tells her that father was in his dream in japan telling him to come home. His mother is about to hit him upside the head again.

She tells him not to come to the house, dont think about it, just stay at the hotel and then go back to Japan. But he says that he has his fiance there, he will get married soon so his parents will be happy. But it is a secret to Abonim that I am back.

Umma tells him that it is secret to all of Joseon! Do not use your real name, use your baby name. But then several woman call for HS so he runs upstairs. he tells him mom to be careful as she tries to smack him again.
At AS’s home, she looks at the flowers but then puts them down as she goes outside to meet someone who has come to call. There is a woman ouside wearing all black. She tells her that she works at glory hotel and brought something for her. She holds out a note that is written by HS.

On the note it asks AS to come to him in this flower carrier like a beautiful flower. She goes, annoyed, and asks why he wants to see him. We are not in Japan, we are in Korea. He tells her that he likes pretty and useless things and tehy start to talk back and forth. She basically says that she is thinking about all the ways they can cancel this marriage. He jsut says he likes her.

She tells him that she waitied for him first, after 5 years there were a lot of bad rumors delivered to the house. My grandfather was worried and my aunts cursed you.

What did you do?

I was dissapointed. Even tohugh we did not see each other, the family promised. But you did not keep a promise with a woman. that is why I forgot you and you forgot me.

But you thought about me at least. I don’t like it.

I will keep the secret that you lied.

He asks her, what about this – let’s delay the marriage. I am a bad guy so I can be your shield.’

Are you sure?

I am sure.

EC comes into the room at that time.

HS asks AS to be his friend instead. But AS sees EC and says that she has to leave. The American consolate is looking for me. She walks off and walks up to EC, she tells him that she heard he is looking for her. She is ready to go, so lead me.

EC catches on right away and leads her out. HS thinks this looks uspicious. They looked awkward.

AS walks behind HS. He asks her how long he will have to be ahead of her. They go somewhere and talk. He asks her if she will be friends with a man. She says that she will try, for the two of them, being a friend is the best option.

She tries to read his name, but she has only learned letters to F. She tells him as much and then says that she will say all the English that she knows.

Where are you from?

He thinks about everyone asking him that question and wonders why everyone asks him that. He tells hre, if you are done using me, then can I leave? She apologizes. He tells her, if she apologizes properly like that, then it means you are really using me. AS tells him to take it as repayment for the boat last time.

EC wants to know who decides? He will not pay for that yet. Today you will owe me. He puts his hat on and leaves.

He goes back to his hotel room and shakes his head at what he just had to do.

Elsewhere, DM waits on an important looking person who is getting his beard shaved. It looks like he is the Japanese consulate. They talk about the documents that they are all looking for. The consulate cannot wait any longer. He wants a certain person to come to Joseon and to keep it quiet.

But they end on a sour note where DM says he has been Japanes for awhile.

Cut to the traitor, Wan-ik, coming to Joseon. DM is there to meet him. Wan-ik asks DM what the consulate is looking for? Is it about the secret money? They keep talking about his visit. he says he is a Joseon person, so he was homesick. he also heard that DM is good with the sword.

DM tells himt hat the train is this way and leads him away. The traitor reads the messages as if he is looking for someone. He rips one of the signs off and walks away. DM looks at the sign momentarily and then follows.

MI – Twice a day, morning and afternoon, but morning is good. This pitiful Joseon has this technology running. I heard Seoul has a hotel?

DM tells him they do, it is western style. Would you like to stay there?

The traitor says that he has to have all the good things.

Elsewhere, HN is practicing fencing with a foreigner. The teacher asks her why she is practicing so hard, he can’t win. She tells him it is because she has a lot of enemies. The maid comes up to her to tel her something. HN wants to wash up first, but then she listens anyway.

The maid says that seh was supposed to clean a room, but it was weirdly messed up, it seems like someone was searching for something. It was only that room. But if he loses something then the person that will be most suspected will be me.

HN mutters that everything happens in her hotel. And now this under the table fighting is also happening. She tells her maid to keep the secret, if the rumor spreads then their hotel will be harmed. The maid agrees and leaves. HN wonders who would be searching her hotel.
Meanwhile, ES meets with a geisha and fins out that an American consolate is investigating the freedom fighter. He stays in the Hotel. ES says that he will serach the room, please find out when it is empty. She says that she will, but she also tells him that EC is strange, he is from america and is an american but he also looksl ike a Joseon person.

EC goes to his room and searches around everywhere. But he does not find it. He tells his helper that the jewel is not there, they searched enough so lets leave.

ES thinks back to the jewel that the son had that he helped all thoes years ago. He suspects that EC is that boy. He starts laughing as he thinks baout it some more at his house. he thinks that man is that boy, it is him! He got to America alive? HAHaha!

Some guns go off. His student tells him not to worry, it is just Japanese soldiers practicing.

Cut to the Japanese practice. The soldiers are shooting their guns. That crazy soldier is there and still furious about something. he says that the American soldier is the one, he was there when they first came there, he will kill him! Get all your weapons!

He yells at all the other soldiers. His friend asks him if he is crazy? But they all still march somewhere together with the crazy guy and his friend at the lead. They march all the way to where the foreigners army’s are (the American’s army?).

the Japanes and US armies have a stand off. the little boy sees it and runs to EC’s side. He tells him that Japanese are outside, because of me, you are in danger, I am so sorry, it is all my fault. I am weak and you helped me.

EC says it is not because youa re weak. Joseon is weak right now. America is strong, it will not lose to Japan. Your country will not protect you but my country will protect me. Dont’ cry.

It is too much for the little kid to understand. he says that he thinks he will lose, you will get hurt because of me. EC looks flattered that the little boy is so concerned and thinks he already won, how did he sneak in here? The boy says he got in through the back wall. EC is al like, huh?
EC goes outside to greet the Japanese soldiers. The friend soldier is still amazed that EC is an American. The crazy guy says that the American soldier hurt a Japanese soldier so it is an instigation against the Japanese empire.

GS is teh translator. EC asks what is going on. GS is all like….um….they are….sorry for hurting him……

The Americans keep talking in English abotu how facinating the country is and is smiling. the Japanese guy is in a rage, WHY IS HE SMILING!

GS is caught in the middle as the translator as both sides really dont’ know what is going on.

But then the Japanese guy yells something and all the guns are drawn.

The stand off continues. Kyle is all like, what is going on? Why are they fighting? EC tells him that the Japanese translator won over their translator. But he will take care of it.

EC talks in Japanese to the officers, heknows their names and tells them that they have a lot of information. he does not know if they know it, but they are instigting a fight against America, is that true? We don’t have to aim, we can just send one fire to the sky and that is the start of the war. Are you going to shoot first, or do you want me to shoot first?

the friend soldiers tells the Japanese guys to put their guns down, get real before this matter gets bigger! Leave! All of the Japanese soldiers withdraw their guns and march away.

Kyle tells him that he won. EC tells him, speak softly and carry a big stick (famous quote).

Elsewhere, the two translators are eating together, they are friends and were acting earlier. One person is buying the other one food. I think GS is buying.

Meanwhile, EC is thinking in his office about his meeting with AS. She told him that she was stopping there because EC was someones friend. GS comes in and says that he has a list of hunters that can control the gun. EC asks him why he is working so hard. GS says that this is his job.

EC mutters, should I just kill him? GS is all like, say what? EC tells him that there is a hunter names Jang, is he on the list?

Elsewhere, Jang is sitting with another man as they work outside with steel. Jung shows him the rifle that he took from the train. He says that he was so curious about it, he heard that it has good aim. Can you disasemble it and put it back together?

AS is also talking to her maid about the american that hit Japanese soldiers, that Joseon looking guy. Everyone says that America is a good country because it is helping Joseon. But AS says that any big country will help Joseon, but they did not come here to help.

As is about to go back to her firing (maybe a lot of time passed?).

EC walks up on her and tells her that their rile is missing. He is looking for it Hunters are their main suspects. It is also strange for you to be here from a noble family. It is strange.

AS says it is not strange, she is looking for a wild hog. Perhaps I will find it now. She cocks her gun at EC and asks him why he is there. He says he was curious and he also wants to wrap this up. AS wants him to explain it more. EC tells her that he was curious about Joseon and did not want to do anything, but if he does not do anything then Joseon would break.

AS tells him that he already did it(?). She thinks that she should have been arrested back then. He says he was curious, he was not sure if Joseon changed, or if the woman he saw was strange. He is trying to wrap things up. For now, live like a young lady. I am alone today, but american solders will come. Is that enough of an answer for you?

AS asks why he did that? Why did you help Joseon woman? I heard you fought a japanese solder. EC says that he was confident that he can win. AS mentions that he shook when she put her gun on him. He says he thought he might lose. She asks which way he is going. She wants to walk that way as well.

Cut to the maid, HD and the main male servant walking through the woods as they follow EC and AS around. EC asks AS why she tries to save Joseon? As says it looks like this now, but this war has actually gone on for 500 years. Back then, the country people risked their lives to save it. But now, this Joseon is beng ripped apart peacefully. Someone has to fight.

As asks, if you worry about me…EC tells her, the thing I worry about. But they pause for a moment. As tells him that it will rain tomorrow because the birds fly low.

They are quiet for a moment.

back at the hotel, EC looks out the window at all the rain. HS is also in his room looking at the rain. He is contemplative about his mother and wonders what she said and her scar. She told him not to come home.

Outside, some people show up at the hotel. EC looks at them from his window. One of the men is the slave that hit or his parents before.

Elsewhere, DM is told that someone will find something for him, just wait a moment. he waits while eating something and sees a palanquin carrier outside. he watches it for a long time.

The palanquin is opened, AS is inside and gets out in the rain. She quickly goes inside and sees DM at the door. He spits out his candy and asks the young lady if he should step aside. She tells him that he does not have to, he came there first. She walks past him.

The man coms back and greets AS, she tells him that she wrote down what she needed. He politely tells her that he has a customer before her, excuse me please.

Something falls so the maid tries to clean it. AS tells her that they can take care of it, can you pay the shop owner? The maid goes to pay right away. As feels the presence of DM and her alone and takes a deep breath. She kneels to pick up everything.

he also kneels to help her. But he sees a brush on the floor and everything stops, his hand lightly grazed her skirt and everything runs in slow motion. AS’s back is to him as seh keeps picking up all the things. But she sees his hand close to her skirt and stands up quickly.

But he grabs it. She grabs it as well and asks him what he is doing. he says he is doing nothing, there is just something….

He has a very small piece of her skirt and continues holding it.

They stay like that for a long time – the emotion is thick between them. the snow falls in slow motion as they stand in this way with DM holding the bottom of her skirt and her looking at him.

Fade Out

Today was so boring to me. Honesty, I am a bit disappointed in this show. I wanted to see AS as a Bad-A shooter that is dodging the law, but she is just this woman who broods in her silk garments and shoots some ceramics in her free time. EC is fine as the American who is definitely American and not a Joseon person at all, I can understand that with what he went through, but I am still not falling in love with his character. The only characters I am actually interested in are the thug and the hotel owner.

This is how I thought this show would go… After the rooftop shooting scene, I thought AS would continue to pick off American, Japanese, and Korean traitors as she tries to fulfill her own hit list or the freedom fighters hit list. Eugene would be hunting her but would not know for sure if she is the shooter or not. He could have a suspicion, but his suspicions would be cleverly averted by AS.

The American, Japanese, and Russian’s would provide more soldiers to Joseon in order to protect their soldiers and ambassadors from the shooter, so her plan has actually failed and her opponents are getting closer to figuring out who she is. They would continue in this cat and mouse game until it is finally revealed to Eugene that AS is the shooter taking out everyone in Joseon. He will have to make a choice to either help her out and fight for Joseon, or stay loyal to his adoptive country that he loves.

The show is way off from that now though. The tension with the shooter is gone because Eugene knows who the shooter is and is way more powerful than her. All they do is brood next to each other and question what side Eugene is on. It’s getting old to me and it is only the 5th episode. Everyone being shocked about the Joseon-American guy is also getting old. I can understand everyones shock at it but I want the writer to reign in her dialogue of having every single person comment about it that is in the vicinity of Eugene at all parts of the day. Can’t they just have an eye glance or some other facial expression that indicates that something is weird and not verbalize it?

I am annoyed.

So those are my feels so far. The show is beautiful, but is lacking the gravy to make me dip into it and savor that taste. Hopefully things start coming around with the story line so I have something to look forward to each week besides prettiness. *Sigh* it is so aggravating when my highly anticipated dramas fail me.


VO – I haven’t seen you in awhile.
EC – Are you happy to see me?
EC – Cut to the chase. Is your father Kim Han-pyung?
HS – Who is that person? My grandfather or my father?
Traitor – This is my greeting, how have you been?
SG – If you get married, then it will be difficult to come here anymore.
AS – I am going to run away. There should be a way to help Joseon outside of Joseon
VO – The one that made you abonim and father and mother are different (kind of confusing)
VO – He is the foreign affairs minister, Lee Hae-woon
AS or HN – Usually, if you didn’t lose anything then you will get caught with something.
VO – if you are slave born then you are still a slave.

Top Image by tvN

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