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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 13

A woman crying in traditional clothing in Kdrama Mr. Sunshine
Our main couple has decided to just love each other as they gallop into the sunrise. You know that means all the pain in all the world is coming for them.

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We open with our duo riding into the sunrise as a new OST plays. They ride all the way to the river and look at it out of breathe.

AS – I can’t hide myhair anymore.

Wugene puts his hat on her and makes sure that Aeshin’s hair is all tucked in. He smiles and tells her that she became a man again. She asks him if she is handsome. He tells hr that she looks pretty strong.

She wonders if he knows where the sea is, do you know where you are going? he pulls out a map and says they can find it with that.

They ride to the see and sit on the beach for a picnic.

EC – I don’t know if you will like this,but at least it will make you full.

AS – There are a lot of strange things in this world, this new food and sea and the line. My imagination was so weak.

Eugene lists some other things that she has never experienced like a burger. She wonders if it is more delicious than what they are eating, because what they are eating is really delicious (canned food? Sardines?).

She asks who is teaching him to read. He says the little boy in his office. They talk about the foreign country and how he had to learn how to read and speak English or he would have starved. he was following that missionary everywhere. Without him he would already be dead.

Aeshin gives him back his letter and asks him why he is Eugene in Korean and English. Eugene tells him that the English name means great and gracious. There is a flashback to joseph telling him what that name means. Eugene says that the man that sent this letter gave him that name.

Aeshin thinks the name fits him well. What are you going to write back to him? he asked you if you are doing fine. Eugene tells her that he will tell her that he went to the ocean, but he only saw a woman and not the sea. The woman saw the ocean and ate the canned food, I was mad because she saw everything.

he gives her a coffee, she says she tried it before, it was bitter. he asks her how it was today. She tells him that it is sweeter, perhaps because seh has hopeless hope now. it is the first time coming this far in my life. I want to go further. Maybe I will have this kind of hopeless hope in the future.

He asks if he will be there with her. She says yes, because it is hope. She takes another sip of the coffee and they both sit there and look at the sea
Aeshin’s maids are worrying about Aeshin, they hope that she is making the right choice. Someone came by to look for her so the maid pretends like she is in the room sick. She goes inside and pretends to give Aeshin medicine. She drinks it herself to make the noise so the other person hears it outside.

They are able to convince the woman that came and wink to each other about a job well done.

In the city, HN goes to Il-sik and Choon-sik’s store. She wants them to copy the signature. But she does not want to tell them too much and has to trust them. Can she trust them? he tells her that they are expensive but you will not be disappointed. It looks like this is about her mother, she says that she hopes they find her.

HN goes to a bar that is not in her Hotel and drinks. DM shows up and is told that she has been there for a long time and has drank the entire time. DM wonders why she is there as well.

He drinks next to her but not at the same table. HN drinks and doe not notice DM. Music starts playing as they drink shot after shot. Flashback to DM talking to a younger HN.

HN – That is why I need personal bodyguard, that is why I won’t get taken again.

DM – What got taken?

HN – My mother, my youth, my name.

Later, DM piggy backs HN home. He asks her what she has in her heart to be so heavy. She says that he drinks so time will not pass, she drinks because time passes so fast. That is why the bar does not go bankrupt right? He keeps walking her back.

EC goes to the lobby and sees Kyle there. he tries to hide from him for a moment, but Kyle notices him and tells him to come sit at his table. Kyle happily wants to know where EC was all day. EC says some things he did and wonders if anything happened. They start to talk about a doctor and a merchant and doing a fire arm check. This makes EC spit out his alcohol. Kyle asks him if there is a problem? EC says there is not problem.

EC goes to the merchant store and asks them for bullets. IS and CS tell him that they don’t have any it is too early! But EC just mentions the favor he did for them or something like that, so they bring out the bullets to give to him.

Cut to the bullet check. EC shot 3 rounds at the Japanese soldier int he street, but his gun is fully loaded so he has to run. The boy runs with him and asks him why he is running again. EC is out of breathe and tells him that he counted the wrong amount of bullets, stop – talking – to – me.
In the city, HN rides with his father in a carriage. It is against his will (though playfully). They take off riding but then they accidentally hit WI’s carriage. The father hops out and yells at the driver. he apologizes to WI and introduces himself as Kim Ahn-pyung.

WI is interested in him, you are Kim Ahn-pyung? He looks at the man in interest. The father thanks Wi and the japanese consulate for letting his son study in Japan. My son is 30 and does not have a job because he was studying. he stays in Glory.

WI is interested in HS and asks him if he stays in Glory? I heard the owner is bad. But HS says that the owner and the hotel are good. WI corrects ands says that maybe he mistook it from somewhere. Did you get married yet?

Appa says that he is engaged to AS, he just needs to geta job. WI mentions that engagement is not marriage and chuckles. Then he leaves.

HS and his appa walk away. Appa thinks that WI is interested in HS now, this could be good. But HS does not want his appa to find those kinds of connections. Appa thinks being under WI’s umbrella will help him. This is the same thing that Grandfather said as well. HS thinks it is always like this. Grandfather and father are always like that. His appa is happy and tells him to trust him, the carrier is money you know. He chuckles and walks off.

But HS is not happy and hears the tick tock of the clock ringing.

Elsewhere in the city, AS is looking for cloth to make a dress or suit. It look slike she wants to make something for someone else and asks her Eglish teacher what the popular color is.

Later on, we see AS cutting cake for the young maid. The maid is happy but tells AS that she is using the wrong side of the fork and knife. She tells her that she can do it then when she is done AS tells her to enjoy it.

AS gives her a silk roll. The maid is shocked with the gift and says that she cannot take it. But AS tells her that she owes her a lot. Flashback to the maid telling her something in the past that had to do with Eugene and the fate of Joseon.

The maid is happy and tells AS her name and that she has 4 more siblings. AS thinks she should have bought more. But the young maid tells her that she is very happy, her siblings can pass the clothing to each other so she is so happy. She is also thankful for the food, it is wonderful.

We cut to the maid sewing a blue vest for her brother. Her brother wears it to work to much exclaim by GS, Kyle, and Eugene. he tells them thank you very much!

In the English class, the western teacher says that they will have supplies from an American ship, who would like to go there to practice their English? As raises her hand “I can do it!”

She goes to Eugene and yells “Come here! Come here! Come here!” in English. Her maid is all like, um, what are you saying. AS tells her that she is saying “come here.” it means to come over here.

Eugene comes over there so AS tells him that she is there on an errand. Eugene tells her that she should say “Excuse me” not “come here.” AS clears her throat and says that she is the best student in English Class.

The young boy runs up with his vest on so Aeshin tells him that he must be the maids brother. he tells her that she much be that beautiful, gracious, and kind person that helped his sister. AS says she is. Then they start to talk about teaching Eugene Korean. You must have a hard time teaching him. The boy is all like, yeah. They have fun mocking Eugene a bit until Eugene tells them that he may not be able to read well but he can hear.

They laugh.
At home, AS’s aunt is drunk as she talks to Haman-daek about raising her niece and all that she went through and how she is a strong woman and killed her own husband raising her kids and all that.

But then she notices that her jewelry is all gone. The maid tells her that she should have hid it better. Aunt think back to when she went to archery. Her daughter is the best, she steals all my rings and everything and goes everyone to show how strong of a person she is! (sarcastically).

the aunt is out and about and gets back to her home. She is the second wife. The first wife comes out to great her husband then the cousin asks if he wants dinner or a bath first. The husband does not want to talk to either one of them.

He goes to meet WI in WI’s office. They talk about AS and HS. No one wants to marry into their families so they are marrying each other.

Cut back to the cousin talking to her husband. he asks hr about AS but she does not know what is going on . he calls her useless, how can you go home all the time but not know what is going on. She gets slapped for being useless. But the cousin bounces back and gives the little boy some bread that seh bought.

Meanwhile, HN is smoking as she hears some information from an informant. The man says that WI all of a sudden talked about the marriage between HS and AS. HN is about to curse but holds her tongue.

Elsewhere in the city, IS and CS go into a gisaeng house. Meanwhile, GS sits with the cousins husband and is introduced. The gisaengs dote over him but GS is so happily uncomfortable. However, the cousins husband has big plans for GS and wants him to be an informant for him. He has a literal bag of money for him.

The King is working on the throne and talking to Jung Moon. He has everyone leave and tells JM that he is suspicious of everything and everyone. Will they poison him? JM says that the missionary took the ship. The King thinks this is according to the plan. japan will block them from bringing their own train track, that is why they need to get money from America.

Cut to Eugene and AS getting letters back and forth from the drawer. They finally meet and walk to the pottery place together. Eugene brought the potter some beer that the potter is so happy to receive. But he grumbles that he did not bring enough of it.
AS asks for some beer but the potter is all like, um no, I won’t give you any. She tells him to give her the broken pots and mutters that he is no good. In Eugenes mind, he thinks that they are all together. SG, SG’s father, ES, and AS. But he does not say this out loud.

AS tries to steal a beer but doesn’t manage and calls the potter a stingy guy.

AS and Eugene leave. AS asks how EC knows the potter. EC says that he is the reason he could escape Korea, there were a lot of people who saved his life actually. The potter and Joseph and the slave hunters who did not catch me on purpose.

Back at the potter, he is wondering why she is with EC even though the river is frozen.

Cut back to AS and EC walking and alking about all the difficult words he uses. AS laughs. EC tells her that he likes seeing her smiling since he might make her cry (in the futre?). he also has a question, he pulls out a picture and shows it to her.

She is surprised to see it and says that she heard about pictures. he asks her if she knows who they are he is investigating something. One of their names is Go Sang Hwan (her fathers name). She looks sadly at the photo. EC asks him if she knows her fathers face? She tells him that she heard he went to Japan after she was born and that her mother and father died after she was born so she went back to Korea.

People tell her that she looks like her father, but she does not know how her father looks. No one knows her mother, they tell her that her mother looked like her minus her father. She picks out her father in the photo and starts crying.

EC tries to comfort her without touching her too much.

AS is homea nd asks her maid to tell her the story again about being 17 and getting mattied.

Main – when I was 17 I got married. You father was 15, he was so smart and handsome. he was kind to people who worked for him (all the slaves) so everyone in the family liked him.

Cut back to EC telling AS that he will find the people in the picture, he is investigating someone in it though he cannot tell her. The person is a friend of her father and betrayed him. he will tell her if he finds out something.

Maid – …when I see you, your eyes and your mouth when you are angry…you are so like him. Sometimes I am surprised.

AB – It is cold, you should see the sky tomorrow.

The male servant (AB) talks to the halabogi about being too cold and going inside. But halabogi wants the servant to go to the paper store and bring another guy back, also figure out what is up with HS. The servant nods.

A person wants to use Japanese money to buy something from the merchants store, but IS and CS will not take that money. They send him away. IS thinks they have a lot of Japanese money, they need to find the price of gold.

In the city, AB gets to the store he was going to and talks to another man, it sounds like he calls him suspicious.

Also in the city, the thugs look at a fisherman and then go report it to DM who is practicing Judo. he thinks the kids are too noticable (or something like that). DM tells him that he is not going to leave it like that (or something similar, missed some of this).

HS gets to his room, but there is someone waiting for him. It is AS’s grandfather. HS immediately bows to the grandfather respectfully. The grandfather tells him that he had no where else to wait so he just sat there. HS tells him it shuold be uncomfortable to him since it is the western way but he grandfather says it is okay, he is enjoying the western things.

They sit and talk. Grandfather tells him that he knew he came back from japan and knows why he did not come back after studying and that he ran away from Korea to Japan. That is the reason that he wants him to marry AS, because he has that personality.

HS says that he is sorry to tell him – but he does not like AS. The way she smiles…the way she walks….and her eye gaze….her touch….everything. I don’t like her.

I know, with her temper, she wants to break the marriage and she said bad things to you. i know that. Please embrace all of that. If something happens to me, I am asking you to protect her. I don’t think I will have enough time. Can you do that?
Outside, EC rides his horse throught he city, he sees the red windmill, it falls on the floor.

Cut to halabogi writing a letter. Japan is taking everything of Joseon using their own currency, it endangers Koreas independence. A a noble and a scholar, how can I just keep quiet about it?

All the nobles in the country side come to Joseon. WI is reading the letter and is upset that this old man is stopping him. That is the problem with nobles in joseon. Gather everything and just burn it. (The post office guy gave all the letters to WI). WI says that he will make them all buried under a tree.

Eugene is at the pier (harbor?) with his military guys. DM is there also so they chat the way they normally do. DM tells EC that he goes wherever people give him money.They are quiet for a while but then DM tells him that they have nothing to say so good bye.

DM goes to meet a western person who knows Japanese(?). He tells DM that there is a lot of problems with Korea and it’s train.

Cut to Joseph in the embassy. He sees the young boy and smiles as he asks him to give something to Eugene, you know Eugene right?

Meanwhile, GS tells Eugene that the cousins husband met with him and offered him a lot of money to be an informer. It was sooooo much money. I lost all that money, but I am happy to tell you.

Eugene tells him to take the money, if you don’t take it then he won’t let you live. GS is all like huh? So I should tell him all about you? Eugene tells him yes, tell him that I am handsome and smart and have a nice voice.

In the Buddhist temple, AS is thinking about her father and how she knows what he looked like now.

VO – A few days ago an Japanese gangster came and asked about you. He bowed in front of your parents name.

AS thinks that he finally wants to know about her.

Cut to HN talking to AS. She wants to borrow money from her. But HN tells her that she is not on her side. AS tells her that she is the only person that she can borrow money from. They speak back and forth about threatening each other and calling the police on each other and who robbed what from the house and all those things.

They bring it back around to borrowing money. HS gives her a coin and says that this is enough money for DM. Money is just a personal thing (excuse).

AS goes to give the coin to DM, he is in his dojo practicing Judo. He tells the gangsters to leave and tells AS that seh is interested in him. She says she is not interested in him, she is careful about him. Someone who makes her pay money and shoots her. So what are you going to do, sell me to Japan?

He says he will do nothing. She asks why he is following her then, why did you go to the temple?

he says that he mistook her that night and he will continue mistaking her. If anyone else sees you then I will pluck their eyes out. You rescued my life that day. Did you bring the money?

She produces the money and drops it on the ground. He takes a coin and throws the rest back to her. He will take a coin a month. I took your money so I will not investigate that person.

AS summizes that he will see her for a long time then? He says yes. She mentions that he will not be able to get all the money bak. He tells her that he will worry about that.
The little boy gives Eugene the letter that Joseph gave him. Eugene teases the boy a bit about reading English and then tells him that he will read it for him, sit here.

Eugene starts to read it, but he feels a little strange and looks at a stamp. The boy asks him why he is like that?

Eugene continues looking at the stamp, it is postmarked from Hamgyung province. Why does he have a postmark but it is hand delivered(?). Cut to someone saying that an american guy is found dead in the harbor, there is a murder case.

Eugene goes to the harbor and sees a bloody hand with a wooden cross that Eugene recognizes. He pulls back the cover and sees Joseph. It is too much to handle

VO – He patted my hair and gave me medicine and prayed to God to allow this foreign kid to have bread and water and he kept the cold away and gave me sunshine…..you came back like this…..

Letter – I missed you Eugene, I learned how to make the Korean drink. i will try not to finish drinking it…my son, wherever you are, I will pray for you. The night I don’t pray to God, I hope God is with you.

Eugene sobs.

Fade Out

I think we all saw that coming with Joseph due to the preview from last week. I kind of think a lot more deaths are ahead for this group. Perhaps everyone will die tragically?

***Update: No live recap tomorrow! We will do the recap later on in the day, but probably not until pretty late.***

EC – You should apologize with your life on the line (or something similar)
WI – No one can ask me for the sin
VO – They will try to kill you.
HN – What if I lied to you on purpose?
AS – That time is now. To me, it is further than the sea.
DM – What name do you want me to say?
VO – The name you should say is Go Sa-hong
WI – This secret letter is fake. The emperor never saw or read it.
EC – There is only one reason an emperor will see an American missionary…a secret letter
ES – Whoever that person is, kill them.
EC – She won’t miss it because I won’t avoid it.

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