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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 12

Two people embracing in the snow by a trolley in Korean drama Mr Sunshine
I loved how the episode ended yesterday. Actually, the fight scene could have been longer for me, I loved it. I really just want more action scenes with the women, can I have that dramaland? Hopefully we get a lot more and aren’t one and done.

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One year ago in the south, that day…

French, England, American, Russian, Japanese, and English diplomats are all together eating and friendly. But the Russian is not friendly and Germany is in the middle. They are all at a gaesha restauraunt. The Japanese diplomat says that they should leave before they wipe them out. The Russian asks if they are going to start a war?

He starts laughing but the Japanese guy hits the table. One of the westerners tells them to call down, we had a good day.

VO – This house is Ko Sa-hong’s house?

DM goes to see WI, he is smiling and tells him that they are happy even though there are a lot of people that died in Korea. WI asks him why he is talking so much, did a sword man become a business man now? he says he is worried that his knife will not be useful since all the business people worry about Korea. WI tells him it is on the second floor (or something?) he does not want to go inside but when she comes out then take him to my room.

Flashback to HN telling him to remove half her kids that are watching the building. Take them from WI’s home for one hour.

DM thinks about that and then looks inside.

Present, HN and AS hold their weapons to each other. AS says she needs what HN has and vie versa. Do you want to switch? HN thinks it is better than fighting. They put their weapons down. HN tells AS to come to the bakery from 11-1.

HN leaves. Someone sees her and wants to know why she is coming from that house, where are all the guardds! HN is about to take him out with a hairpiece, but DM kills him. He then tells HN to come with him, bright places are better when you are being chased.

They go where all the city people are and talk in the rain. he tells her that she liked him before, but she does not anymore. We are equal right? Hn asks if he is letting her go? She will go her own way. he chuckles and says he will spend some time drinking. he gives her her umbrella back and leaves. She watches him a bit and then walks away.

Meanwhile, Eugene thinks about the red pinwheel. (Hmm, perhaps it might be a sign between them?). DM shows up at the Bar and asks Eugene if this is the only place he can drink. Eugene says something back (like its the only place open late or something).

They start to talk about Eugene’s home being searched and if it was the result that he wanted. Eugene says that he has good skills. DM asks what the reason is that he almost got killed. Allan was drinking with a Japanese diplomat. Don’t get involved with WI, he is not a Joseon person. He is Japanese.

EC – When you tell me that, it sounds so truthful.
DM – I receive dollars by the American train-maker so I am an American for now.

Eugene tells him that he will buy side dishes for him. DM asks for the biggest size sushimi, but DM says the small size, they give a lot of food.
WI realizes that all his drawers are stolen. Were there two or one? The man standing there says that the gangsters where not in the house that day, you have to ask them. WI says it is okay, DM is digging his own grave. What happened to your neck?

Man – They hit me (ah, so he didn’t die).

They start to talk about the China man that is hooked on opioids. He might be better off in jail (until he gets sober). WI then wonders why that person took allt hose letters, he did not have a chance to read them all yet.

Outside, EC looks at the red pinwheel and thinks back to AS telling him that she lives like a flower. But she is a fire flower. The pinwheel falls to the ground. EC walks off in the rain and sees AS walking towards him in her mens clothing. They stop on a bridge and look at each other, but then AS starts to walk slowly past him. She passes by and sees the pinwheel in Eugene’s hands.

he stands in one spot as she passes him.

She goes to her hideout area and pulls out the letters. One of them is by Eugene and is on a legal something or other with America.

GS and Eugene talk about the drug guy that was related to WI. That guy is behind WI. Eugene does not know the reason they are interested in him. GS says that WI is backed by the Japanese emperor, that is the rumor. For Joseon government, when WI comes into the government job, it is the same as the Japanese emperor being insied the government.

All the foreign diplomats died and there is something strange. There is a post looking for his wife. i think it is his real wife. I think she is Japanese.

Who is looking for her?

It was the Glory Hotel owner.

Cut to a lot of men looking at the photo of the woman. HN is in the background looking at an autopsy report. She goes home and touches her chin, it hruts. She thinks she is not bad….a yangban daughter with a rifle.

AS also wonders why the hotel owner needs an autopsy report. She touches her lip as well. Cut to her delivering the letters to SG on the sly in the restaurant. She tells him that it will be cured soon, don’t worry (maybe her lip). He asks her if he is angry at him. She says no, she knows her heart better now. If you did not stop me then I would have run to him. I stopped so now I can think. I thought about all the times I met him, his choices and my choices. His choices were all quiet and heavy and looked cruel. But his steps were always right.

So, all the heart I had to him, I am not regretting it. I can’t go back anymore. To before I met him. So, I am missing something. If I don’t miss it then I think I am going to put a lot of things in line.
Eugene asks Wi why he searched his room, who asked you to? What is your relationship with WI?

But this man does not answer anything and only asks how long he has been there.

Eugene holds up and old photo from Tokyo and asks who these people are and what is there relationship with you.

Cut to AS’s mother telling the drug man that they will catch him, even if it takes a long time.

Another man comes in and says that someone is looking for him.

Eugene – Already?

Scene change to WI telling an American that someone is with their consulate, release him unless you want to kill him. The American says that he is a doctor. WI tells him to kill him. The American says that he attacked a deputy consulate, he can’t do it.

But WI presents a lot of money to the American.

The American meets with Eugene and tells him to release the prisoner. He talks about a Joseon proverb about blood being thicker than water. Eugene is all like, so….am I a Joseon person now? The American basically is all like, just be quiet and leave and don’t make trouble. I will send you as soon as possible.

Eugene leaves and sees the Japanese guy that got hit in the neck (KAS’s husband). The opioid man is handed over to him. But the opioid guy also wants his picture. Where is my picture! Eugene tells him that he had a lot of choices to talk to him. Take him away.

The opiod guy is shivering and shaking and yelling that he will get his picture back.

While walking away, he sees Aeshin and has a flashback to the mother at the moment he killed her. The starts flipping out.

Eugene meets with HN, he has a question. HN says she is sad, he has something curious about her, but why today? Eugene says that he heard she is looking for WI’s wife, why is that?

I am not looking for his wife, I am looking for my mother.

Why did you help me that night?

Are you telling me that i am with him? The only evidence that we are not together is because I wanted you to leave. That is the only evidence that we are not together because I have a lot more ways to kill you by poisoning you or buying gangsters.

HN goes to meet with AS over a meal. They talk about why HN is learning fencing and what AS is protecting. Why did they each go to that house? HN tells her to eat, it is pretty and it tastes good. What are you going to say when people ask you about your lip?

No one asks me any questions

I am asking you right now.

Don’t think that you know my weak point. It could be a time bomb and you don’t know when it will explode.

We are both holding a double edged sword.

Do I look natural?

Very much.

What about your bruise on your face?

Even if people talk about it, then a lot more guys wlll come to my hotel to see my face. I will make a lot more money.

Where do you use it.

I am buying all of this (food and stuff), so eat.

AS goes to the embassy and sees that Eugene is still there. But she is there for business, she wants him to read the letter to her so she knows what it is about. he opens it, at the top it says Dear Eugene.

AS tells him that he is the recipient and the only one she can ask. She cannot say where she got it from, tell me what it is about.

What if I lie?

She pauses for a long time but then says that she has no other way, she will have to trust him. Who sent it?

A father like person to me. Joseph Stenson, he is a missionary.

What does it say?

It is a cold day, are you okay? He will be in Seoul soon and he misses me. he learned how to make drinks. What happened to that woman you mentioned in the letter? Are you okay? …..I think you can answer at least one. Why dod you have this?

AS tells him to give the letter back to her. Once she takes care of this matter, she will return it to him. (they say HanSung for Seoul). AS asks Eugene….you said you were going to destroy Joseon, why did you give that letter back to the King.

Maybe I did it so that you would turn around one more time like that.

HS is in his room looking through his things. he has a book that he is flipping through and tells himself that it is time to take care of it. he meets with someone that he has not seen in a long time. This man is happy to see hima nd calls him young master. This man is the polcie chief and he owes a lot to HS’s grandfather.

HS tells him that is why he is there. His grandfather gave this to him. it is the grandfathers book on who he lent money to. I found your name on the first page. He told me that these people will give you a favor, can I borrow some money from you?

The polcie chief chuckles uncomfortably and says that he is so busy. HS asys that he is busy so he will only get the money and leave. HS chuckles as well and they both end up laughing.

HS goes to the head of the post office next. The police chief already contacted him so HS tells him that his name is on the second page, not even the third, the second. i will just get your money and leave.

He goes outside for some gukbap and checks the time. Then he thinks to himself that he is super loud.

A man comes up to him and throws water all over him. He is a poor looking man. But this man just tells the young master that he came back from his studies well. How is the clock? Still running? HS remembers this man as a slave from his fathers place.

The woman who owns the place says that he is crazy! I am not buying water from you anymore! HS talks to the woman and tells her not to cut the water, he is good with water. The woman is a little shocked by this. HS cleans up and then leaves.

But he runs into Eugene who gives him a hankerchief. HS tells him that he is okay, he is used to it. Eugene tells him that it is not the cold that you get used to. But HS says that after they do that, they feel better and sometimes people pity me. But I am not going to take your heart, if you ignore it then i will thank you more.

He walks off and sees the pretty girls that dropped their beauty on the floor, I don’t have the energy to pick it up today so good bye. he walks off.
DM is searching 205 when Eugene comes back in. Eugene wants to know why he is searching it. They talk for a moment in the way that they do and then DM leaves.

Cut to DM’s woman getting thrown into the street. She is yelled at by a japanese man. One of the thugs tells him to let go of her, she is not a geisha. The thugs try to tell the man to leave. But the men have guns and pull them on the thugs while yelling at them. He tells themthat they were all the poor guys that went to Korea and try to live well. The Japanese Emperor did this.

the gun is right to #1’s head. He tells him to shoot him.

But thenDM walks up. The japanese man says that he is finally there. DM sees the woman on the floor and asks him if he hit her.

I am nto a giesha, I am here for fortune telling, do not hit me….you are not blin, you can read it, so why are you not getting fortune telling? She is good at it.

The other man says that they did not call her for fortune telling. he hits that woman. DM looks affected.

The bad guys tell him to kneel and theywill forgive them. But DM ignores it and picks up the woman. he tells her not to look.

Then he quickly slices one of the men. he tells him that they aer in another class, you can’t kill anyone, but we can kill anyone. We don’t care if we die today. The man says that if the minister knows then he will be angry. DM tells him, of course he knows, he never touches my place. Just leave today.

The man is left seething.
A lot of Japanese politicians meet with JM to discuss Japanese things as it relates to Joseon. But JM is not hearing it and tells them that Korea is an independent country. Japanese is just using Korea for their own good and to have a war with Russia.

Outside, GS talks to Eugene about two people that died in the photo. he knows the names of the people and tells them to Eugene.

Eugene then goes to meet with IS and CS at their shop. Eugene is tryring to get a gun but IS says it is expensive. They are not going to give it to him uncless he gives them more money.

Eugene then goes to the mountain and sees AS in her shooting gear. She is near the river so he walks to her.

AS – Are you here to get the letter back?

he holds up the rifle.

AS – What is that?

EC – My present, I think it is the rifle that you never use. This is a Russian rifle.

AS – Why are you giving it to me?

EC – I want you to go forward and get somewhere with this rifle. Whomever and whatever way. I told you before, you have to learn how to hold it properly. if you want to learn how to use it, then I can stay in joseon longer.

AS – ….I will learn slowly…until I die, I will be Aeshin from Go family, so we won’t ahve any future together.

EC – You should be, yesterday you were not in my life, but today you are. That is good enough for me.

AS – Teach me….that rifle.

He starts to teach her and tells her that she has to learn the weight first. He calls her a sniper and she says that she likes sniper. he also tells her that it will be difficult to shoot it accurately, try to fire.

AS – That day, the first day that we met on the rooftop, I got caught because it was a romance with bad intention, but why did you get caught? Ability (not sure about this actually).

Eugene goes back to his office and is very happy. he even tries to scare the boy that works with him.

Kyle is there and playfully winks at the boy and then talks to Eugene. He says that he can go to any country now because Allan and he made a deal. Eugene chews up the paperwork as a joke but Kyle tells him to just go to the training grounds.

So Eugene is in punishment for chewing up the letter and has to run with full gear on. he is still happy about it. (It looks like that means he can stay in Korea).

HN hears the steps of her father in her hotel and sounds the alarm. One of the workers looks alarmed and uncomfortable (Like he is in consternation) as he runs off to do whatever the bell means.

HN confronts her father. They talk about the autopsy report and all the things she might have taken from his place. She pretends like she does not know what he is talking about. He tells her that they can not deny that they are father and daughter, but she is not even close to him.

She tells him that the ex husband had a daughter and someone wanted to give the autopsy with it but WI bought it. WI mentions something about getting a good dog (thug) and if someone threatens you then just make it bigger. Take care of your face well.

He leaves and runs into Eugene outside. WI talks about how the American guy died and nothing works now, he also had a robber. They keep talking about what has happened, but they don’t say anything straight. Then WI asks him if he is married.

HN looks out the window at that time. WI looks at her and smiles then he tells EC to secure his door well.

EC goes inside and is approached by HN. She wants to know what they talked about. EC asys that he asked him if he was married. She tells him that if he asks him again, tell him that I am patriotic. I will prepare warm water.
DM meets with his thug team but then tells them that they should stay there, he will be back before sundown. he goes to a temple. DM asks the temple woman whether AS comes there a lot. The temple woman says that she does…her parents name is there. DM asks where it is.

Cut to DM looking at AS’s parents. he kneels in front of them and tells them that he is there. He is all the way there to follow a young lady. So why are you actually here? You will say that you will not welcome me but I wanted to at least say hi.

Do you know what your daughter is doing? I don’t know if she talks about those things. Do you know why she is doing it also? I don’t know why. I did not know if I see you like this. I use a sword, do you know who I killed first? It was AS, that fed up yangban. I used the worst words to hurt her. Do you think it will hurt her? I wish she is hurt until now. But sometimes I wish that she forgot about it. Maybe it should not work, if I try to hide everything. It shuold not work right? Me…
Cut to Eugene and AS eating lunch together but in different rooms at the river hotel. They decide to make different passwords. She will put a letter in one of the medicine cabinets, if you see the red windmill, then it means I cannot send you a letter because I have an important thing.

SO that day, the red windmill?

that time, I am a sniper, I wanted to tell you one day, just in case you were waiting in the pharmacy for a long time.

So why did you put it there? You never thought about me anymore?

No, I put it there to greet you. What if you meet me.

Why did you return the music box? Just to say hi?

You bad guy, I thought you left. I was yelling at you. that was not the first day I went there. You can’t read, so I can’t even write a letter. (she chuckles)

He writes her name in korean, he memorized it.

She laughs.

For your information, I can read English, Chinese, and Japanese.

Good for you, I thought you didn’t know any language. i thought I would have to draw something. I will use Chinese characters from now on.

i miss you. I can write that.

I will just take it that I saw it.

No, I want you to know that I can do it. It is pretty difficult. Have you seen the sea before?


have you seen the sunrise on the sea?

I want to see it, it won’t be easy, but let’s see it some day.

Eugene goes to the pharmacy and looks at the medicine cabinet froa minute until he find the right drawer and sees teh letter.

AS’s Letter: I learned this word, Zebra, do you really have this type of horse with all these lines in AMerica?

EC’s Letter: (He talks about flowers in his letter)

AS’s Letter: Lets see the sea, the big sea that you saw. The one month trip sea. the sea that continues from our viewpoint. Lets see the sunrise also.

Cut to the two of them riding their horses around the countryside together. AS is in her men’s clothing and has her own horse as they ride together over the golden landscape. they both smile at the exhilaration as they ride into the sunrise.

Fade Out

Good Lord this episode was soooooo looooooong. Maybe it was 1.5 hours? It felt like at least 2 hours long.

HS’s father – If you work for WI that position will lift you up.
WI – Are you married?
DM – I am the one that shot the gun.
EC – I should not make you the criminal based on what you answer.
AS – Maybe I am having a hopeless hope.
HS’s halabogi – Take Aeshin to HS.
VO – if you move then Joseon will be shaken
WI – I am going to burry you under a pine tree.

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  1. Jillian
    August 12, 2018 / 9:05 am

    I just don’t get why EC and AS decided to hang around each other more. Don’t get me wrong, I ship them, but it is a bit…futile? They knew they can’t be together (at least for now), so all these rendezvous are just distractions, prolonging the inevitable. They have to deal with their resolutions first IMO. I mean, from what I see, Ae-shin hasn’t rethought her cause in joining the army — what she stands for, what kind of Joseon she expects in the future, who is she trying to help by fighting for Joseon (nobles? butchers? slaves?), will “saving” Joseon actually save all its people, what about social class etc etc — which is what she should be doing right now.

    • Jillian
      August 12, 2018 / 9:06 am

      Oh, I forgot to say thank you for the recaps <3

      • V
        August 12, 2018 / 8:57 pm


    • Sashaa
      August 12, 2018 / 4:07 pm

      Agree. I think he decided to stay due to the newfound information. Somehow he felt she might be facing a threat. And the new American consul seems super corrupt. He is staying back to protect her.
      In her case, I think she knows the fight is her path. And she has accepted that she will always be a noble. And she doesn’t care what the destination is. So she chooses to meet him. Anyway, am just going with the flow.

      • V
        August 12, 2018 / 9:06 pm

        It kind of seemed like they came to a silent agreement to just like each other for now even though they won’t be together in the future. So a fling I guess? But a secret one. I don’t know though, just a guess.

    • V
      August 12, 2018 / 8:57 pm

      Yeah, this episode kind of made it seem like they just said F it, let’s just hang out.

      • Rose
        August 12, 2018 / 9:25 pm

        I agree. I think they just go with the flow and see what happens. I guess for them better to try being together no matter what the outcome will be, rather than not doing anything and regretting it for the rest of their lives.

      • sashaa
        August 13, 2018 / 7:56 am

        true! LOL. She was honest in stating that they have no future together. So secret meetings and secret love. Now, everyone will slowly find out this secret too? Similar to how its a an ‘open’ secret that Ae Shin is a fighter!

    • SNH
      August 13, 2018 / 10:08 am

      WHAT IS THE SONG DURING THIS SCENE? Cut to the two of them riding their horses around the countryside together. AS is in her men’s clothing and has her own horse as they ride together over the golden landscape. they both smile at the exhilaration as they ride into the sunrise.

      • J
        August 13, 2018 / 10:14 am

        I’d like to know the name of this song too!

        • Anonymous
          August 20, 2018 / 1:21 pm

          “Shine Your Star (Prod. by Zico)” by: O3ohn

      • V
        August 13, 2018 / 11:29 am

        Not sure….I will need to listen to it again but maybe it is an OST?

        • SNH
          August 17, 2018 / 8:24 am

          Any update for the song?

          • SNH
            August 20, 2018 / 1:20 pm

            FOUND IT: “Shine Your Star (Prod. by Zico)”

            • V
              August 20, 2018 / 1:20 pm

              Great! 🙂

  2. Rose
    August 12, 2018 / 9:21 am

    Oh my dear lord…..i am just reading it but i think my heart just skipped! Did i read it right? EC and AS are lovey dovey again? I hope i read it right! Cant wait for the sub! 😍😍😍

  3. Rose
    August 12, 2018 / 11:58 am

    Just watched the sub in netflix. I cant stop giggling and laughing about this episode……then they showed the preview…..holy shit! Who died to make Eugene cry like that? Joseph? The pottery maker? Capt. Moore? My guess is Joseph. Cant wait for next week episode.

    • V
      August 12, 2018 / 9:04 pm

      I think it’s Joseph, too! Sad to think about, but I think that will be the catalyst to get Eugene to stay in Korea and fight with them for the long haul.

  4. Rose
    August 12, 2018 / 12:14 pm

    I watched the preview again, i guess DM is being tortured by the Korean Police and will be rescued by Eugene? It looks like it. Love this bromance! They dont like each other but they keep on helping each other somehow 😄

  5. Lolita
    August 12, 2018 / 11:57 pm

    Thank you muchly for your lightning quick recap!

  6. J
    August 13, 2018 / 12:45 pm

    Probably an OST yes, I hope I’ll find it soon anyway 🙂 Thanks for your recap btw, I’m french but happy for me I understand a bit of english aha

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