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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 11

A woman in a hangbok and a man in western attire in the turn of the 20th century Korea for Korean Drama Mr. Sunshine
We ended the last episode with a breathtaking snow scene where our two mains meet again. Will they talk to each other and squash all this class nonsense or will they just let the moment pass them by?

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AS – Woman is Miss, Man is mister, moonlight…midnight…miracle is miracle…I memorized everything.

Her teacher tells her good job, today you will learn S for sad endings. She remembers Eugene tell her that he knew she would be that way after his story, but it still hurts her heart.

The teacher mentions that Stranger is in S. AS thinks there are a lot of sad words with S. But the teacher says thee is snow…sunshine….stars….and everything is in the sky with is also an S word. Which one do you like the most?

AS thinks about that as she looks at the snow falling.

Cut to nighttime in the city. When the train passes by the lights start to flicker.


The streetcar drives by the city which illuminates each character momentarily, then the lights come back on.


She looks over and Eugene is standing there looking at her. A tear falls from her cheek as they stand on opposite sides of the streetcar. HM was in the train and saw both of them.

Eugene – The street is all messy, it won’t stop and it is not a good day to walk

AS – People can see us here.

HN reaches her hand out of the cart to touch the snow anw wonders if this is the last snow of the winter. DM snatches her away and hugs her. He tells her that her hand looked cold.

HN looks like she was about to shoot him, but she does not and just makes a comment about holding a womans hand. She says that the hotel was crowded and she bought a new coat. Do I look pretty?

He tells her that she is a woman with a gun, so how can he say that she is not pretty?

They walk off together.

Back with Eugene and AS, he gives her gloves and tells her that he did not give them to her to hold it. AS apologizes for what happened that day. After your long story, I can’t expect how I looked. I think you were hurt, I am sorry. I wanted to live like a fighter, i thought I was walking on the right wide. I comforted myself. But after your long story, my entire world collapsed.

After meeting you, I never considered your class. In retrospect, I thought you were a yangban (noble). I thought I was different from other yangban’s, but I wasn’t. the big thing I wanted to do was contradicting itself. I am just a yangban that is fed of all the good things and did nto even go outside of my carrier. So my request is….don’t get hurt.

He moves slightly closer to her and takes the gloves from her, then he holds her hands and puts them on her.

EC – You are already moving forward, you stumbled a little on the way….you should move forward, I am going one step backward because you are high, that is why I am not moving back. You could have ignored it, but you are crying like this, that is why i am moving one step backward. In this world, there are differences that exhist. Differences in power, differences in class. That is not your fault or my fault. We just met in this kind of world. Your Joseon, do AB and HD live there? Then you live as a fighter…you should also live like a young lady. That is a good smart choice. Please survive for a long long time and protect your Joseon…..you can have those gloves. Don’t stumble again.

He walks away with his head down. She watches him walk away with teary eyes.
Elsewhere, HN and DM walk together. HN comments on DM getting hit, what did he do to get hit? He says that he shot a black bird that should not fly again anymore. They start to talk about someone taking care of a mom that made him cry. HN tells him not to touch her people again or she will really cry.

DM says he will not do that anymore, he worried about her brother, but she is not on my side.

They get to the hotel and go inside. HN is about to welcome someone who just came in, but her voice catches. She knows this person. Cut to her speaking in japanese as she greets him to the side. It looks like this man is a doctor, possibly. WI introduced him to a loval hospital. He has an autopsy report of her dead husband with the real reason of death.

She looks at him with concern.

Cut to the japanese man in the hospital. He tells a nurse that a young woman is recovering well. The girl asks who they are and why she is there. Ah, this is the girl that was shot. IS and CS are there to make sure that she recovers. They tell her that the only thing she needs to do is recover.

This girl has no clue what is going on. IS tries to tell her that adults should take care of children without them needing anything.

Outside, IS and CS talks to EC about the girl inside, they will keep it secret. The helpers should keep quiet on what they are doing. EC tells them that he did this to look cool, he did not want to be a hidden story. He walks off awkwardly. CS tells IS that when you go back to your own country, you become cool. But they say that is an American style joke. It will be funny slowly.

Eugene gets home and gives the young boy he hired a treat. he thanks him for teaching him Korean. Inside, they keep the tutoring session. Eugene tries to read a lot of words but the boy tells him to just start at the basics. But then GS comes in so the boy takes the paperwork quickly.

GS starts telling the boy that he is old enough, how come he does not know Korean. When you have a girlfriend you need to write a letter, I want to see you, i miss you, you should do that as a man. EC tells GS that what he said stung his heart. It seems like GS might know that EC is actually the student and was joking with him.

Later, the boy apologizes for writing the wrong thing. EC says he is the bad one, that is why he will miss him more. The boy asks, huh?
WI meets with someone in his office, but he tells him to leave. there is also a woman in his office, it looks like this is the second wife of the minister that died. She asks WI if he can take her in. She was a famous gisaeng and can serve next to him.

WI says a curse word and tells her that he has not said that for 30 years. Haven’t you looked in the mirror? It was a long time ago that you were the best gisaeng. You ran away with the gold.

The woman says that the Glory woman took all the gold from her. WI starts to laugh and tells this woman that she will not survive. That bad woman is my daughter. WI calls the polcie and has her taken out.

The woman is escorted out by two policemen, but they run into HN who gives them two bars. The woman tells HN that she is wasting her gold just for a meal.

Hn tells her that she should haev told her the entire story. The woman asks her why she did not tell her that she was the daughter of HN. Hn tells her that she does not care, just tell me how many people you saw. She wants to be told everything about WI’s house from the amount of people who were there to everything else.

Later, HN goes outside and smokes while the new maid cleans up outside and burns something. HN thinks she should have been more like the maid. But now her work might be in trouble.

EC goes to the mountain and meets with SG. SG asks him if he is there only for the pots. He tells him that she won’t come there today. EC tells him that is good, (that she won’t be there). SG mentions that if his young lady wants a future with him then he will support it, and if she wants to kill him then he will support that. She comes here often and has a 110% accuracy rate. It should not happen in Joseon for her to be with you.

EC knows and thinks that he hopes she is happy without him. He asks him which gun is the one that she has the most accuracy. he wants to fire it.

Flashback of AS and EC on the river in a boat.

EC has the gun and thinks that it was nice to see her. he starts to fire the gun at the mountain several times and then holds it to his side.

Eugene meets with Ah-boom and Haman-daek next (the right and left hand of AS). They tell him that he cannot bribe them. EC is meeting them for a meal and asks how AS is. HD tells him that her pillow is always wet in the morning. AB tells him that they are yelling at him (too much). They will just eat their meal, if they do not eat it now then it will be wasted. EC smiles and tells them to eat a lot.

They both dig in. EC brings something from his bag and asks them if they will take something to their young lady. She will know what it is. Also, be well the two of you.

Later on, EC leaves. AB and HD thinks that Eugene must be leaving for good. They should give this thing to her after he leaves. But they think it might go bad, what should they do? Where should they put it? They have the musical box between them.

Meanwhile, AS is at home reading. She thinks about EC saying that she will go one step forward and he will go one step backward (or vice versa?). It is a quiet moment as AS tears up while thinking about this as a lovely song starts to play.

The camera scrolls to Eugene in Glory Hotel. A large bell is played to let people know it is curfew.

The next day at school, AS is not studying, she just touches the gloves and looks off longingly. But then she hears the voice of her fiance and looks up. Her fiance is talking to her teacher.

AS and the fiance go somewhere to talk, he is wearing the outfit that he recently got maid. he asks her if she is welcoming his suit. She says that it is the suit that she made for him every year. You never sent a message that you recieved it, but you wear it now.

He asks her if she is curious about what he will do, if you are curious about it then take the train, I will wait for you. She tells him not to come out with these clothes. But he tells her that he has to…you will know once you take the train.

Cut to AS getting into her palanquin, but then she sees that every man on the street is wearing those clothing. HD asks what is going on. AS says that her fiance either is giving her a present or a warning.

Elsewhere, a lot of people line up to take the train. Someone bought all the tickets so they can’t ride. DM stands in the front of the trolly train car and forces it to stop. HS is on the train so DM gets on and tells him that he will get shot if he wears that outfit any longer. HS tells him that he will wear it some more (or something similar).

HS gets up to let AS on the trolley and tells AB and HD that he will take her on one ride and then come back. They get on the car without them. AB and HD talk and grumble about how it would be nive to ride the train. HD wanted to ride it.

DM is still in the train. HS tells her that he won’t get out. AS asks him if he bought all the tickets. They talk about that for a moment, DM asks AS for money or something that she owes him. But HS tells him that it is almost full moon day, do you know who the richest person is in Joseon? I am that person so don’t ask that person how much she owes, all the mountains belong to Joseon’s emperor but all the land belongs to me.

DM tells him that this means he can burry him anywhere, thank you for the ride. HS is about to tell DM something as DM gets off, but the train stops suddenly which causes them to hug. It is an awkward moment. DM asks him if he should find some farm land nearby. AS tries not to laugh.

HS sits back in his seat and tells AS that he wanted to take this trolley with her, that is why he bought all the tickets. He wanted to be the only one that heard what she did. Ho come a noble woman injured her leg, those kinds of stories. i will wear all your clothes from now on…those kinds of questions.

AS – I think I already explained it to you.

HS says he is just explaining things. they talk about a train ride or boat ride or the mountains. HS asks her if she thinks the mountains are more on her side…is she going to kill him? Let’s just do it this way…leave me as your fiance. You can wear my suits and save the country or sell the country. i will be your shadow. If it is dangerous then run and hide. If that is the reason that I came to joseon, it is my honor. he smiles.

AS says that it was his present. It is better than going to a mountain. When I go to a mountain, I have a lot more leverage. He says something like “My honor.”
The American diplomat came back from China and went to China for money reasons. The diplomat tried to avoid the Korean minister. There is some diplomatic thing gong on between the big coutnries. WI is trying to buy off all the translators. The American missionaries are helping the Korean minister (Joseph?). WI tells the man to give him a name and not just listen to him. The man says that he will look for that person quickly.

Cut to HN talking to the second wife. It was a flashback, the woman told Hn what happened at that time. She looks in her book, but then someone gives her a key suddenly and walks out.

Outside, a man complains about another man running too slow in the carrier, why are you so slow? that is why you have nothing to eat. Another man comes up and kills this man so the foreign minister dies.

Other ministers in Korea talk about what is going on. In the palace, the King talks about how cruel WI is, who can stop him? But no one says that they can stops him. All the people in suits start to bow and asks the King to put WI in that position. All the politicians in politician robes do not bow. The King wonders if he will have to lose to him. JM is about to say something but it cuts away to DM.

DM is practicing Judo and also talking about suspicious things. Another man is telling DM things, to see if it will make him any money. DM asks him if he remembers that face of that person, then he will make money. The man says that he does.

DM goes tot he hotel and asks about 303 and 304 and 205. HN asks if he will search her customers room, then she will have to close her hotel. She tells him that the customers information is secret. But she snatches her information and sees that Lee Dong-wook is there. DM wants to know the identity of 205.

Hn is a bit upset and tells DM that the girl he likes is just a flower, don’t make it a weakness. DM goes to stand right in front of HN. They stand in front of each other for a moment. He thanks her for her worry, but says it is too late. He leaves from a quietly emotional HN.

Cut to the man telling WI that he found out that the missionaries name is Joseph. WI asks if this had to do with that American guy? The man tells Wi that the most interesting thing is that the emperor went into the hotel and stays there for a long time.

WI tells this man to search the American’s room, you never know if he is protecting America or something else. Let’s break his arms and legs and see if God is on the side of Joseon. Then he asks if he ate breakfast and tells him that they can eat together.

The young maid takes something to a room in the hotel. A western woman opens the door to receive it. She then goes to 304 but remembers that AS told here not to tell the one that helped her anything. So the girl does not knock on the door.

She goes back to the front and thinks something is strange, why is the key there? HN tells her to take 305 a free drink. It seems like 205’s key is empty so 205 should be inside.

EC comes in at that moment, the young maid comes down with the free drink. HN gives EC the room to 303, he asks her if she is giving him this on purpose. She slightly nods. he takes the key and then sneaks into his room. Someone is searching around his room, so EC puts a gun to his head.

the man turns around slowly, it looks like this is the man that WI called from China. he tries to get away so gun shots go off all around. The man runs out and grabs the maid as a shield. EC tells her to close her eyes and move to the left in English. She does it so he is able to shoot the perp.

he takes him to be with the guards and tells the American guards to take everything from this mans pockets. EC goes through the pocket things and asks him what that picture is. But the man just yells for drugs and says that it feels like he is dying.

Hn meets with Eugene in his office and connects the person staying in the hotel to WI. Next, Lee Dong-woon comes. I think HN told Eugene that Lee Dong-woon is KAS’s husband and is a traitor(?). EC asks Lee Dong-soon lost of questions and tells him that his soldiers will be there with no question.

Cut to HN fencing. She thinks about telling her father that the death of her husband is a secret. But the doctor wants the autopsy report. Her teacher stops the lesson and says that she is so aggressive today. She says that she likes the fencing because she can poke with the deadly sword and kill right away. he says that is true, but remember that the opponent has the same sword, if you are rough like this then you are showing your weak points also. Don’t lose your elegance. She says that she does not want to, but the world will not let her be elegant.

Elsewhere, Jung-moon asks a woman to send a message to Joseph (the minister). he wants to see him quicker than planned. He also wants to read the letter that went to WI’s house to buy all the translators.

the woman shoot a bow and arrow to the potters, it has a yellow tie around it.

VO – i saw his shoes, I think he is exposed to someone.

SG – If that guy is exposed, then it should be by the Japanese gangsters.

But ES does not agree because they never targeted them and did not make them an opponent. If they move only with suspicions then they will lose too much. They need another hand since that guy is exposed, what should they do?

Flashback to the grandfather asking SG not to use his granddaughter just because seh is useful, try not to use her too much.

SG says that he can do it, but the potter tells him to find something else to do.

Meanwhile, AS walks to the mountain in her shooting gear while thinking about doing “Love” with ES. She sits on the mountain for a moment and then walks to her shooting range. She hears the musical bell and runs inside the hut. HD is playing with the musical box.

As asks her why she has it. HD mentions that she just did not want it to go bad. She met the American a while ago, he gave it to her. She thinks he might be leaving. AS asks when he is leaving (teary eyed). She says that she does not know when or if he has left already. But this is a gift for the boat ride from before.

AS takes it and runs out, but she stops when she sees her teacher. They look at each other for a moment. he asks her where she is going without changing her clothing. They stand for another moment. He switches to banmal and says that he needs help, can you help me?

She says yes so he tells her that there s some pottery left and goes to get it. AS grips the musical box and starts softly crying.

meanwhile, EC is in the city getting ready to leave. he sees a red pinwheel and looks at it momentarily.

HN walks through the rain and gets to a building. She starts looking for a letter in WI’s office. AS is also looking for the letter in WI’s house. It seems like they both broke in at the same time.

HN puts on her mask and has her sword out. AS has her mask on too and has her gun. Hn slowly goes downstairs to confront whoever is inside. AS and her square off and start fighting. AS uses her gun as a knife. During the fight, both of the womans faces get exposed as they stop in a perfect fighting pose. HN with her sword extended to AS and AS with her gun coked at HN.

Fade Out

VO – I am asking, who are you!
VO – Lee Dong-woon is backing the opioid addicted guy and WI is behind KAS’s husband.
HN – The only evidence that we are not on the same side…that moment I wanted you to leave….
WI – Well, DM wants to die so….not bad.
HS – Maybe you saw everything, but I am okay. I am used to it.
EC – I want you to move with this rifle and settle down somewhere (or get somewhere?)
DM – Even if I am hiding and pretend to ignore her, it should not work right?
AS – Well, until the moment I die, I will be Aeshin from the Go family. I will have no future with you at all.

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    This episode is so sad.
    By the way, thank you for the transcript in English.

    • V
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    Thank you so much for the recap… I think we may be finding out who Ae-Sun’s husband is….

  5. Stephen
    August 13, 2018 / 10:37 am

    Does anyone know the song played at the end of this episode?

    • Anonymous
      August 13, 2018 / 10:42 am

      nevermind, found it
      Stranger-Park Won

      • V
        August 13, 2018 / 11:29 am

        Oh, Good!

  6. Calte John
    August 16, 2018 / 11:35 pm

    Does anyone know the song in Episode 12 towards the end — partially they sing “be my star”…? It is beautiful, but can’t find the title or any info.

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