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Mr. Sunshine Kdrama Live Recap Episode 10

The King of Korea wearing western clothing in Mr. Sunshine
Today we should find out if Aeshin cares whether Eugene was slave class and not noble class. I have a feeling she might not, but hey, she could surprise me.

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We open at the end of the last episode on the iced over river.

EC – I am not losing money, even though I am killing my slave, this is a good example for other slaves. That is the last Joseon I remember.

AS – Who said that?

EC – Our master, yangban – what are you so surprised of? What the yangban said, or my class?

They stare at each other on the ice.

EC – Yes, that’s right. I was a slave in Joseon. Joseon is the country that killed my parents. The country I ran away from. I wanted to destroy Joseon and go back to my country, America. But I saw a woman and my mind was shaken. I knew after my long story that your face would look like that, but my heart still hurts. The Joseon you want to save – who can live there? Can butchers live there? Can slaves live there?

They keep stairing at each other. Aeshin is teary eyed and bows her head momentarily.

EC – So lets make it that I take the pottery, you can go home first. I don’t think we can walk together anymore.

She turns to walk away, but she stops. She starts walking again, but then kneels on the ice. EC walks up to her to offer his hand so she can stand up again. She takes it so they hold hands as she stands up and they keep holding hands. But she lets go dramatically as the sun shines over them.

AS – Thank you for your help.

She walks away.

In the carrier, her hand twitches as she thinks about it all. Her mind is miles away as the carrier rocks back and forth.
In the city, the low class people talk about the politician that died as a rebel. He is dead. They are all happy about that. They are also happy that there is a lot of foreigners in the hotel. Lee Sae-hoon is helping them finally.

DM walks with his thugs and things about Lee Sae-hoon dying as a rebel, he sarcastically says it is an honorable death for him.

Another man talks to the baker about a woman that took all the gold and ran away. Maybe the wife took all the gold and ran away, but the gold is so heavy so she might not be able to carry it far.

The wife went to the hotel and asks HN to sell her her western clothing. HN wants to know why she thinks she will help her? The woman shows all the gold so HN goes to her closet and tells her to pick any that she wants. The woman thanks her and says she wont forget her help. The woman says that she does not have to. This one gold piece is for the clothes and the other gold is for your life.

The woman is shocked. How can you do this. But HN tells her that she is a rebels wife, so she will be put to death. It is cold outside so don’t lose your life as well as your gold.

WI takes a steam bath and talks to one of his people. They talk about the documents and how the King might have them now. But they wonder why it all went down like that. The street was cleared for the king to come to his house.

WI asks the man to prepare a rifle so he can go hunting. The man tells him that his leg isn’t good. But WI says the biggest regret in his life is not killing that boy that shot his leg (the boy is the hunter, SG).

The king is happy that they have the bank documents, so now they are okay from all those big countries. The politician tells him not to drink coffee right now, but the King says it clears his mind so he likes it. Then the politician (JM) tells the king that japan and Russia are about to fight. if they fight then we will be the victim, so we need to reinforce our military school.

The King agrees but wonders who can do that the best. Someone who wont be bought by japan or someone who won’t be bought by greed?

JM thinks the man who came earlier was on their side. he thought he knew him well, but he knew me well. (flashback to the translator that mistranslated his words and EC telling him about the documents). JM thinks that someone should know about him and strangely, he keeps thinking about him.

HN shows up at a large house. It look slike it is the rebel politicians house. JM meets her there. She says that she wants to buy this house and gives him the bag of gold. JM tells her to bring the realtor. JM also asks her if she found her father? But she tells him that she does not have a father (her father is WI). he says that he is still looking for her mother.

She tells him that he always says that same thing. He asks her if she thinks he is lying. She says she has hopeless hope that what he says is true. So tell me. he tells her, the black haired American guy – what do you think about him?

He is the best kind of customer, he stays for a long time and always pays on time. But he asks her not as a customer. She says, as you said, he is a black haired American, Each country will blame the other country if something goes wrong with him. he is a lonely stranger.

They keep talking about Eugene and whether he has any family in Korea. HN talks about all the people that visit Eugene like Kyle and others, she also mentions a young man that visited him (AS). HS also talk to him, but it does not seem like they have a good relationship, and he has good communication with AS.

Meanwhile, AS is at home dressing her leg and thinking back to what EC told her about the Joseon she wants to have. Can slaves live there? Can butchers live there? She thinks about what DM said about her being full on all the good things.

She goes to practice and asks her teacher if she is the top of the rebels. He says no, he is just her boss. She asks him to sit over there, he does it and says that he is not sitting because she told him to, he was already about to sit there, okay? She is all like, okay – tell me, who is above you. And is that person a yangbon, and the Joseon he wants to save, who can live in it?

You always say yes, why are you curious about it now?

Someone asked me that. he just asked me that. The one that asked and the one that was asked got hurt.

The american that helped you, your comrade. He returned the kings bank document, he also rescued our rebels.

you said I shouldn’t know, why are you telling me?

What you do it important for him. is it also important for you?


Did you know where he is from?

Did you know that?

When I first brought you here and told you banmal, I thought you would just be out by yourself. But you endured 10 years and learned eveyrthing.

So, I did.

(He kneels) Young lady, if anyone knows that we have this kind of relationship, then I am the sinner that is not honoring the law. i should die.

But teacher.

it does not matter what you think, that is the law of this land. It should not work, the relationship with him will not work, you should quit it.

The maid searches Eugenes room. DM wants to find something and the maid is searching for it in distress. She needs to find it. But HN opens the door. The maid tells her that she is just cleaning the room!

HN is all like, okay, but did I ask you about it? Also, you are cleaning the room but you do not have a broom or anything. Your excuse should make sense otherwise you will be fired.

HN takes her to another room and asks her who told her to do that so stupidly. The maid apologizes and says that you told me that I should bite, I am sorry. HN tells her that she needs to know who to bite and when. That is the most important thing.

She says that she did not find anything, they were looking for an English document, but I did not find anything! Please forgive me.

Forgiveness is among friends. i do not want to see your crying and begging anymore. Leave.

My Lady!

WI and a Japanese minister talk. Sorry to great you late. is it that important that you made me come here? They told me to come carefully. WI tells him that the bank does not transfer here, he will solve that problem so the bank works and you can build anything. What do you want? WI wants to the the foreign minister. The Joseon King brought me here because he did not want me to do anything.

Wi and this japanese consulate keep talking about how their hunting dog died, they need a new one. They chuckle about that. But then they see some men coming into the river who are all Korean government officers. The Japanese guy is upset, do you want them to see us together? WI tells him to just smile you a-hole.

They talk inside the tent with the Korean government workers. WI uses banmal to all of them and talks about a letter to the King (i think).

Eugene talks to HN outside the hotel. He says his room was searched again. HN asks him about the document, that big document that all the people wanted to have. It was found in the foreign ministers house. My former maid was looking for a document like that.

EC tells her that she should say sorry first when he told her that his room was searched, isn’t that good manners? She tells him that he should complain first.

Eugene goes back to his office and talks to the little boy that works for him. He asks him about her sister. Does she still work in that house? Tell her that Glory Hotel is looking for a maid, they also provide board. Also, can you do me a favor?

The little boy starts to teach him hangul. Eugene writes it and the little boy tells him how to say each letter. he wants him to say it through his mouth so you will learn it faster.

They have a little bit of an awkward moment where Eugene tries to assert that he is still the boss, butt he boy just writes Eugenes name and gives it to him. Eugene likes it and asks if the little boy can read a letter. he gives him the letter that says “bogoshiposo” or “I miss you”. So now he knows that Aeshin missed him.

EC – Me too.
All the officials that WI talked to tell the King that he should pick WI, he has experience in dealing with other countries. Please pick him.

Everyone is gathered for this meeting. The Japanese and English consulates all gather for this. The King says that he expected this, WI had an obvious move, please bring him in.

WI goes in front of the King, but the King appoints another guy to be foreign minister. He appoints WI to be the minister of agriculture. They all thank him. But WI is not happy at all and can barely say thank you.

Later on, he destroys his hotel room and says that the King wants him to take care of farming land because his father was a farmer. How dare he! We hav to go to Manchuria. He embarrassed me in front of everyone, so he will have a bloody embarrassment in his face!

Cut to an old traitor in Manchuria.

DM asks the geisha he lives with what his luck is today. His luck is “with a big draught, you want clouds and rainbows, it is a dear wish”

DM – Rainbows? F-you. The silk can cut my finger.

DM leaves his room and recognizes the new maid. She is surprised to see him.
DM tells her that he is the bodyguard at this hotel, that is why I come here often. he uses the backdoor. But he tells her that it was his joke. She says that she needs to make her dongsangs jacket. he tells her todo it and walks off, but he turns and tells her that his kid did not do a good job back then. They should have searched everywhere. it should have been in that thing in the blanket. Well, I am late, everyone knows where it is now.

My questions is late, but who gave you that thing? If you tell me then I will take you, if you do not then I will take you. They talk her away. But she is able to break free and runs to a window and bangs on it for the person inside to help her. Rescue me!

Aeshin is inside and goes outside to confront DM. how date he hurt a Joseon person. We should help Joseon people. But he says that he never had anyone help him. Aeshin asks him if he had that kind of moment.

He grabs the maids hard and pulls it. She says she hopes he wants to live. Aeshin slaps him and says that she hopes this moment happents to him. Then she tells her maid to take the little girl. Why are you doing this!

DM says he lost a lot of money because of this little girl. Aeshin says she will pay it. He will make a deal based on how much money she can bring. Come to me on the 15th.

Aeshin asks how much. But he says that she should bring it or listen to him, this girl will be fine until then. The silk is good, so make a good bath for your brother.

DM leaves and is pretty happy. He actually smiles and laughs. His number 1 asks him why he is like that? Smiling? DM thinks back to Aeshin and thinks that she wanted to kill me before, but now she wants me to live.

Meanwhile, Aeshin is walking with the young maid. The maid thanks her. Aeshin asks if she really had something to do with what DM said. The maid says she did but she can’t tell her, she is sorry. Aeshin smiles, are you protecting someone? The maid bows her head and says she is sorry. But Aeshin starts to put two and two together. She asks why the maid had that important letter.

The maid says that she used to work in the American’s place, but she saw that someone was hiding something in the kids wrap. he died so she did nto know what to do, so she gave it to someone that looked like they would help her.

Aeshin understands now, but tells her not to tell that man that Aeshin knows. it is a secret between the two of them.
The clothes that HS made are finally ready, so he wears them all.

But then EC and DM take takes HS into the hotel aggressively because he is wearing all those clothes.

HN sees this all happen and says that her young master might get hurt soon.

HS tells him this is the first time he has come in like this since 1900. Thank you for the escort (sarcastic).

The three men are together. Dm and EC all know those clothes but HS does not. HS asks them, if I wear these clothes and limp, then is the story perfect? But the other two men don’t want to tell him. They are not good enough friends to talk about this.

They also shouldn’t fight over it.

Lets each solve the problem. 

Lets drink. People saw that we came in like that, so it will be strange if 3 men are not drinking.

3 men drinking is strange.

if I drink then I will kill someone.

These clothes will be popular in Seoul in 15 days.

Should I shred these clothes?

Didn’t you pick them?

Meanwhile, HN is outside smoking a cigarette and talking about three guys in one room that are worse than strangers. One is stupid, one is an idiot, another is an a-hole….she is nothing. sigh.

Eugene waits for Kyle, he is back with the translator. Eugene asks how he liked the mountain. Kyle says it was big and erupted a few years ago, it was dangerous.

he starts to show Eugene all that he bought.

Eugene asks the translator how the women was? He says the weather was good so she should be safe. he asks about his gifts. GS says They prepared a lot, but they ran into robbers. Eugene is all like, the robbers only took my presents?

Kyle does not understand what is going on and talks about Joseon gangsters. GS coughs and tells him to go to plan B. So Kyle starts talking about something else.

Later on, Eugene starts to talk to Kyle about the pottery. But Eugene starts to link everything together with the chicken. They have different sizes of chicken so maybe the owner of the restaurant is a rebel. they are all together. He thinks the rebel organization is so loose, they will be figured out easily.

Kyle asks him if he wants something to drink. He asks for makgulli in Korean. Later he drinks and talk about how much he loves Joseon. He gets drunk and walks on the frozen river as he xxclaims his love for Joseon.
Meanwhile, Aeshin makes a red windmill at home with her maid. She tells her that she is making it just in case he wants to wait for her in the pharmacy. The maid asks her to see if it will blow.

They go outside and try to get it to blow. it blows in the wind. But Aeshin stops blowing hers and rests her head on her maid as she continues playing with her windmill.

Elsewhere, Eugene takes a drunk Kyle back to his place. But the musical box is playing so Kyle asks him what that is. Eugene tells him to wait and runs into his room to see what is up. Kyle is barely able to stand and kind of struggles into the room after him. He asks what the sound it.

Eugene says that he thinks he got his answer. Someone just said goodbye.

Aeshin is in hr black clothing. She pulls off her mask and says to herself that it was all an excuse, don’t get hurt.

DM walks along the street. Two people bow in front of him, it reminds him of his family bowing to people, so he throws the boy all the candy he got and keeps walking.

Elsewhere, Eugene ells Kyle that he should not have come to Joseon.

In Aeshin’s house, all the elders think that the grandfather should adopt a son. that way this man can carry on the family name. Of course HS’s family will not give their only son to our family, and we should not give all our gold to a stranger.

they start to talk about how his son is not dead, but everyone else thinks that his son is dead. Grandfather tells them that he is not going to adopt anyone and the bone powder is not his son!

Aeshin hears this and thinks that she does not know the faces of her parents. She does not know them and cannot miss them. Are you together over there, are you happy over there? Can you come visit me in my dream? Even if you yell at me.

Eugene rides his hourse through the forest.

VO – Dear Joseph, maybe I had some hope when I came back to Joseon, that I was changed or that Joseon was changed. Maybe that is why I had hope of walking together with the woman i met here. From the first time, I saw her – but I don’t think I am out of that tiny cage. Even though I knew at the end of my journey, she would look like that. With that true heart, I am running away from Joseon again. Joseph, I don’t think I will see you again in Joseon, so be well.

EC rides to his parents gravesite and sprinkles something on it.

He goes back to the hotel, but the King is waiting for him. The entire hoel is emptied. The King says he stopped by with coffee as an excuse. He awnts Eugene to be the teacher of the army. Please do not refuse. Whoever helps Joseon, not based on where they are from or which side they are on, but anyone that is willing to help Joseon. Youa re the perfec tperson.

you are mistaken, I did it because of my class. I did not help Joseon, Joseon helped me fullfill my revenge.

Are you going back to america?

i am going somewhere that is not Joseon.

Did something hurt you?

i am leaving because I might hurt someone.

you are not my citizen so I cannot order you. I know what you think. You can be excused.

Eugene leaves. HN comes in and asks the King if it did not work. the King tells her that, even though he is the emperor, not everythng goes his way. She says that he is the King, but he still has to pay for the coffee. You shuold pay for it.

The King laughs and asks how much it is.

HS is at home eating with his parents. But his parents do not want to have a big celebration or it will draw that guys attention. HS asks what it is. But the parents say it is nothing. HS says that he saw a shadow following him and two guys dragged him somewhere. Umma wants to know who did it.

HN says it was two ugly guys. Just in case they fought, he persuaded them to leave so he would not hurt them.

But HS tells him father – you did not give me New Years Day money.

His appa is all like, you are 30! But HS is all like, you don’t know things, I was thirty two years ago. They continue arguing like father and son.
Eugene goes to the potter and asks if he can stay there one night, he is so tired. he laughs. The potter tells him that he can find a tavern on the corner. Eugene tells him that he has an American beer.

Cut to the potter and Eugene drinking the beer. The potter is all like, this isn’t so good. But he keeps drinking it like it is the best thing every. Eugene asks to stay there again. But the potter doesn’t want him to stay there.

Eugene is all like, you are drinking this expensive beer and still kicking me out? The potter asks if he is upset. Eugene stands and says yes, he is upset, but he will leave. Don’t pretend like you don’t know me. You say everything when you searched my room. You saw the expensive jewelry.

The potter still denys it. Eugene tells him to live like that. But he tells him that he got to America safely and alive. He is sorry that he could not repay him. I am the little slave boy, it is late, but thank you so much.

he walks out and sits to put his shoes on.

Potter – you paid it all off. You saved So-ah and took the bak document to Joseon and killed Lee Sae-hoon. You repaid everything. You repaid big, but your spending is tiny. With your american salary, you should have brought a lot. (chuckles) you can sleep here tonight, I will let you stay. I will heat the room.

Eugene cries secretly as he puts on his shoes. His tears are hiden by his top hat.

Meanwhile, Aeshin is in class learning English, but she is more into the snow falling. She says some words in English. Man – Woman – Miracle, I memorized them all. And S has sad ending.

The teacher tells her that she knew it from the begining, good job! Aeshin says that yes, with that foreign guy, I knew this would happen from the begining.

The teacher says that stranger is an S word also. Aeshin says that S has a lot of sad words. But the teacher says that isn’t true. There is Snow – Sunshine – Stars….

Aeshin repeats that and says that all those things are in the sky.

The teacher says that Sky is an S word as well. Which one do you like the most?

Aeshin isn’t sure….

The lights flicker on in the city as the sreetcar passes. Aeshin is walking as well. She says all the words that she learned like stranger. The lights keep flickering.

It looks like Eugene is in the street. Aeshin thinks about the name Sunshine and thinks of Eugene.

Everything leaves.

Aeshin thinks…..Mister…..Sunshine….

They are the only two on the street and look at each other in the snow and light from the street lights.

Fade Out

DM – Why do I only meet dangerous people recently?
HN – I want to do that, but the world doesn’t let me live gracefully.
AS – Is my fiance giving me a present? Or is he warning me.
WI – Tell *someone* to pay for it with his salary (be worth his salary? or be worth what I am paying for).
VO – I saw a suspicious man in front of our house.
JM – I need to see that missionary quicker than I planned.
SG – I need some help, would you like to help me?
VO – If they are in danger, just bring them with you and hide.
EC – you move forward, I will move one step backward.

Mr. Sunshine Updated Character List

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  1. lemoncello
    August 5, 2018 / 8:49 am

    I think the name of the dead Foreign Affairs Minister is Lee Sae-hoon; not Lee Sae-woon… 🙂

    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 9:50 am

      Thank you for that lemoncello!

      • Lolita
        August 5, 2018 / 1:01 pm


  2. Rose
    August 5, 2018 / 8:52 am

    Now i know why the title of this drama is Mr. Sunshine 😁

    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 9:51 am

      Yes, they finally let us know!

  3. Caramelo
    August 5, 2018 / 8:57 am

    No preview?

    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 9:51 am

      There is a preview! We will post it today, we just had to run off after the episode finished.

      • Rose
        August 5, 2018 / 10:41 am

        Thanks V! I’ll wait for the preview….and the sub later here (US time)…and the episodes next week 😊

        • V
          August 5, 2018 / 11:09 am

          Just posted!

  4. Ahpheng
    August 5, 2018 / 9:03 am

    I have been visiting your site since Secretary Kim, just Wanna say a big thank you for all your hard work.

    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 9:52 am

      Thank you so much Ahpheng 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Zee
    August 5, 2018 / 9:18 am

    This episode was very sad. . EC and AS parting at the lake brought me to tears. I keep thinking maybe there was a misunderstanding. Did she really intend to say goodbye when she returned the music box? It is obvious they both have strong feelings for each other and they are just hurting themselves by staying apart.

    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 9:56 am

      The class structure is strong in that time period of Korean society. Maybe it feels unbreakable to Aeshin. It also shows us that nobles loooooove Korea because it is the best thing ever for them. But anyone who is not a noble (ie the majority of Koreans) think it is the worst thing ever and that their country does not even like them. I kind of think the writer might be trying to tell us that divisions based on class led to the destruction of Korea. Does anyone else think that?

      • ZEE
        August 5, 2018 / 10:29 am

        Now that you mentioned it, I think you may have a point. That time period was a difficult one even though it was on the cusps of changing. I suppose the hopeless romantic side of me thought that love will conquer all. I didnt exoect AeShin reaction to be like that. So their parting was heart wrenching.

        • Rose
          August 5, 2018 / 10:44 am

          I just hope love conquers all for these two lovebirds (hopeless romantic here 😄)

          • Lolita
            August 5, 2018 / 1:11 pm

            ME TOO…and the 2 leads are so well suited for the characters they play… they are just so believable..

    • Lolita
      August 5, 2018 / 1:07 pm

      …this was a tough episode to watch; I did so bravely in-between tears — from euphoria and joy in episode 9 to heartbreak in episode 10…

  6. Rose
    August 5, 2018 / 10:46 am

    Btw, thanks V for the update of the characters list. Im starting to get confused by their initials 😄

    • V
      August 5, 2018 / 11:10 am

      Yes, it can be confusing! We also always have it at the top under SHORTHAND. If you click that link then it will take you to the character list!

      • Rose
        August 5, 2018 / 11:14 am

        Thanks again! 😊

  7. Rose
    August 5, 2018 / 10:45 pm

    I just watched the english sub of this episode….though it broke my heart watching these two lovebirds hurting….i must say it was a really good episode. Good acting by EC and AS….and again, excellent cinematography and music. The way they showed the preview, it seems EC is willing to forget his revenge in order to be side by side again with AS. I hope my theory is right. 😊
    Cant wait for next weeks episode. Thank you again for the recap V. I really appreciate your hard work.

    • V
      August 6, 2018 / 7:54 am

      🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Lolita
    August 6, 2018 / 3:16 pm

    Does anyone know who Ae-shin’s cousin Ae-sin is married — don’t recall seeing her husband…

    • Lolita
      August 6, 2018 / 3:17 pm

      …sorry typo — Ae-sun (who is she married to..?)

      • V
        August 8, 2018 / 4:16 pm

        Hmm, i’m not sure.

  9. Lolita
    August 10, 2018 / 5:22 pm

    …thanks for responding — I was just wondering; it was mentioned that she was married during the pow wow that grandpa was having with the elders — okay, so she’s able to go on all these gambling/buying excursions without, seemingly, having anyone to answer to…

    • V
      August 11, 2018 / 12:54 pm

      They answered this question in the episode this week! It looks like she is married to one of the Japanese sympathizers. Tomorrow’s episode might be all about this.

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