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Misty Live Recap Episode 5

Live recap for episode 5 of the Korean drama Misty
It is finally Misty day! Y’all, how are we only 5 episodes in, it feels more like 50 (in the best way possible). And how could the last episode end with her realizing that she is the prime suspect in this case and TW also thinking that she killed Kevin Lee! He saw her in the car! But he came to her defense anyway! What is going to happen, I have to know.

So far, I love this writer. We found out that the writer of Misty is new, but the person overseeing it all may have been the writer on Baker King Kim Tak-gu, which was a crazy super hit in Korea. We need to read about this some more though.

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand: Misty Character Chart
Ko Hae-ran – HR | Kang Tae-wook – TW | Yoon Song-yi – SY | Jung Ki-chan – KC | Ha Myung-woo – MW | Han Ji-won – JW | Lee Jae-young (Kevin Lee) – JY | Seo Eun-joo – EJ | Jang Gyu-suk – GS | Oh Dae-woong – DW | Lee Yeon-jong – YJ | Kwak Ki-suk – KS | Kang Ki-jun – KJ | Choi Ki-sub – CKS | Park Sung-jae – SJ

Airing Time: Feb. 16th, 23:00 Seoul
How To Watch: On Demand Korea (no membership required)


HR just found out that the police believe this is a murder and not a car accident. She tells TW that it wasn’t her, it wasn’t her! TW tells her that the best thing she can do is not answer and he can buy her time. But HR just storms by him and asks the policemen, who made me a suspect!

She goes straight up to the detective and tells him that he just wants to publicize this because she is a celebrity. They shouldn’t convict her because she is innocent, but they put a lot of innocent people in jail. The detective tells her that she had a car accident that night. But TW speaks up at that moment and tells her not to answer.

HR tells him that she slipped on ice and hit a rail, are you accusing me of hitting Kevin Lee’s car? The detective says that he didn’t do that. HR yells at him that the police are still doing things like that, she is Ko Hae-ran, she knows how the police operate, she has dealt with them most of her career! She leaves and TW tells the detective that he will send his report to them.

The police keep talking, there was no black box at all. There isn’t anything in HR’s black box or maybe there isn’t a black box? They searched her car without a warrant. The police think that they are crazy and they wonder if HR is really involved in this.

Meanwhile, HR is storming out. He tells her that they found her brooch in the car and she was in the car last night. She wonders what TW thinks. He says that they need to find someone who can testify her alibi. But HR thinks that TW thinks she killed him. he wants to go talk about it, but she doesn’t want a lawyer that doesn’t believe her. he tells her that he is her husband too, but HR tells him that her husband should be more concerned with her emotional state than lawyer stuff.

She looks outside at all the flashing lights and they have a quiet moment. Then she tells TW that she didn’t kill anyone and she has no reason to avoid anything. She walks straight to the front of the police station with all of the cameras and news crews. They engulf her in flashes and questions. She stands there and lets the cameras flash away. Someone asks her if she is a prime suspect, is it really true?

HR tells them that the police don’t do a good job researching the murder and the media just looks for a big news story without knowing what is going on or what the truth is. The media should be more graceful toward their work. She leaves like a boss.


All the people on the JBC team talk about HR and Kevin Lee. They are saying all the scandalous things. Finally, the cameraman stands up and confronts them all. He tells them to not spread rumors around, they are all reporters, they shouldn’t target their coworker like that and create rumors that aren’t grounded in truth. HR comes in at that moment. Everyone sees her and acts brand new, but the cameraman keeps looking at her, a little embarrassed by what she might have overheard. She leaves.

The director and the News team manager meet. DW says that this is a bigger scandal than Ji-won’s scandal. But GR just tells him to shut up. He takes a headache pill. Cut to HR also taking a pill and telling herself that it is okay. She leaves to wardrobe and the person tells her that she got an order from above. Her clothes aren’t there.

Cut to anchor YJ who has been filling in for everyone. She is doing the news tonight and is on set. The manager is telling everyone to make the set brighter and work hard to make the new anchor took good. HR comes to the set and stares daggers at YJ, but she doesn’t confront her. Meanwhile, GS is in his office smoking a hundred cigarettes. HR goes up there and tells him to explain it all to her.

GS tells her that people will want to mock her because she was doing well and now she has this huge issue. HR says that she didn’t kill him, she didn’t do anything wrong. But GS basically says that it doesn’t matter, she should go home and wait, they will have a meeting in the morning about her.

EJ is at home flipping through all the news. It is all about Kevin Lee and how his death might be murder and not an accident. EJ goes to the morgue and KL’s body is there. The detective is there as well and wants to ask EJ a lot of questions. EJ looks distraught and like she is quietly wondering what she should do. But the detective notices that EJ isn’t wearing her wedding ring. EJ tries to hide it, but he quietly notices it. The detective, KJ, apologizes, but he wants to know if they can do an autopsy. EJ looks shocked about this. She wants to know, it wasn’t a car accident? She touches her ring finger. KJ notices this as well. He goes back to his office and sees, from the photos, that KL isn’t wearing his wedding ring either. He looks up as he contemplates this.

They will do an autopsy.

Meanwhile, EJ finds her rung under the couch at home. HR calls her. EJ answers and tells HR that she decided to do the autopsy because the police asked her to do so. She is sorry that HR is having a lot of trouble because she was nice to her. HR says that it is okay, it was a headache, but it is okay. She asks EJ how she feels, is she okay being alone? EJ says that she can endure it, she will have the funeral right after the autopsy and she said that she will see her there (at the funeral).

They get off the phone and EJ looks at the news that shows HR and KL together in split screen. EJ then looks at her ring and puts it back on her finger.

TW’s father is looking at the news intently. The mother wants to turn it off, but the father tells her to leave it on. The mother calls TW, but he isn’t picking it up. We cut to TW drinking in the bar that SY and HR often drink in. SY comes up to him at the bar.

Cut to the jail. A lot of jail people are talking about the issue with HR and KL. They think that HR was his girlfriend and the mysterious man, MW just sits there in the corner as the other prisoners talk.

TW gets home and HR is there, he tells HR that she should go on vacation and not go out. he also got a call from the Blue House…HR brings up SY, why did he meet with her? TW sits at the table and tells HR that he wants to know the truth. HR wants to know why he can’t just ask her directly, is he worried about what she will say? Okay, she will tell him all the truth, only the truth. She didn’t kill him.

TW – But how can you explain the brooch in his car?
HR – You have to ask me directly, you are curious about something else, did I sleep with him? I told you that he is my friend’s husband, what else do you want to know?
TW – You said that you are telling me all the truth.
HR – I am telling you all the truth, I eat and drink alone with guests all the time. When they die, should I always be a suspect?
TW – It doesn’t matter if you killed him, anyway, I still want to defend you. (he gets up)
HR – I didn’t’ kill him!

HR gets up.

HR – I didn’t sleep with him either you asshole!

She storms off to her room and looks at their wedding pictures. She throws a pillow at them and they crash.

VO – What is this, do you still love your husband?

Flashback to the night that KL got in the car

KL – Your husband….do you still love him?
HR – He was the first person who loved me as is. What about you, do you love me? You were like me before. You and I were young and hot…back then, you were the only one for me.
HR – Whenever I had a hard time, I thought of you, whenever I was reminded of you, I went back to the person I was when I loved you. Remembering our time together, in another ten years, I want to do that. I don’t want to remember you as someone I hate, I want to remember you as someone I love. We were almost like a married couple.
KL – What about your husband? Do you also love him?
HR – I need him.
KL – That’s it?
HR – That is it.

The black box is on as they are sitting in the car and talking. KL moves in closer to HR, they are face to face in the car, but HR moves that last few inches and kisses KL. Then she backs off. KL moves in and kisses HR, but HR doesn’t look like she is enjoying it. Her eyes don’t look like she is into it. Meanwhile, we see the blue light of the black box on.

TW is meeting with SY and he wants to know how long HR has been with KL. SY says that HR isn’t that kind of person. But TW says that he can’t understand her when she got rid of their baby, and now, he just doesn’t understand her.

TW thinks back to HR saying that she didn’t sleep with KL and of KL saying that men and women being attracted to each other is different. He lays on his bed and we cut away to the police department.

KJ is talking about the case with his boss. the boss says that this is a high celebrity case that is most likely an accident. If KJ handles this wrong, he might have to leave the police department. But KJ says that there was no injury on KL’s face, that means that he was already dead before the accident. he wants the warrant, just give it to him. The police head tells him that the public will give them a horrible name if they don’t handle this well. But KJ tells him that he has been a detective for 30 years and when he saw the accident, he knew that it wasn’t just an accident.

All the higher-ups are talking about HR and what is going on with the ratings and how they should handle this. It is a huge issue. they are mostly concerned with increasing their ratings back to normal because it dropped 6% with YJ.

GS and DW go to their office and they wonder how they can increase their ratings 6% overnight. GS looks out his window at HR at her desk. he wonders how she is doing, but DW tells him that they have bigger concerns right now and they shouldn’t be concerned about how she is doing.

TW won his case against the large corporation! Not guilty. KC is super happy about it, but TW just walks off almost like he lost. The judge comes out and congratulates him, he finally won and his wife also supported him. The judge asks how his wife is doing? TW says that she is doing fine. But the judge says that his wife told him that HR is having a hard time at work and might not have her job anymore. He tells TW that for in-laws, family problems are the most troubling thing.

KC and TW drive off and KC tells him that the publicity is really bad. Everyone is spreading rumors about HR and the golfer. It is really bad, that is the truth. TW just closes his eyes as he listens to this, then he answers a call from his mother.

At the same time, SY calls HR and tells her that her husband is having a hard time. He is the only one on her side, right? But HR basically tells her to shut up and hangs up the phone.

They meet over coffee, but they can’t really talk because everyone around them is talking about HR and KL. They even talk about the rumor in Thailand and everything. The mother wants to know if TW is listening to her, but TW’s mind is all into what the people are saying around him about the rumor. He can’t handle it. He gets up and storms over to the guy that keeps talking about it. He punches him hard and tells him to sue him.

Then TW goes back to his mother who is distraught at the act that her son just punched a man. He tells his mother that HR is his wife, so he will stick by her even if everyone is pointing their fingers at her, he will stay by her side. He walks in slow motion out of the building and we see a flashback of TW telling HR that he loves her and if he loves her then everything is okay.

TW gets outside and tells the manager that he will sue all the media and to give him a list of reporters. He will defend her, actively, and KC should prepare for it.

Cut to HR giving the company her resignation letter.


GS wants to know what this means and she tells him that he can figure it out. She thanks him for taking care of her. he tells her that she will have to give up her Blue House representative, he won’t be on her side if she leaves. So what will she do, she has to pick.

The News team manager runs up to GS and tells him that this is a big problem, it is basically suicide, what is news? But GS fires the question back at him. He tells him that they will keep HR, we will see if she can bring back the 6%.

Cut to HR on-air, she doesn’t have her brooch on. Everyone is watching her behind the scenes. She thinks back to the Blue House cutting their ties with her. She says that she understands and if he can, can he report it after news 9? She says that the broadcasting field is a cruel society, but they don’t just fire her because she testifies once. She walks off and we see her at her news desk.

Everyone is still waiting and talking behind the scenes. Is HR really okay? Stand by. On air!

HR starts talking on air and tells everyone that she will give them an excuse, she was a major test interview for Kevin Lee. The police think that it is not an accident and that she is the prime suspect, but she is telling them that she was just an interviewee, so please stop spreading these rumors. Maybe this is very public, so she wanted to make it clear, she will continue doing the news 9 until the truth comes out. As we continue, we will be fair and clear as we always are. Now first…

Cut to TW and KC. KC thinks that HR looks so cool on the news. But then they get to business with suing all the news programs.

Meanwhile, the V.P. is calling GS and he is ignoring the phone call. He looks at the ratings and they are sky-high. He thinks that HR really knows the news and watches her as she closes it out.

At the end of the news nine, the cameraman gives her a coffee as soon as she steps off the stage and tells her that she was very cool. A couple of people behind the scenes also give her a thumbs up. She thanks the cameraman, KS, and then leaves. As she walks off everyone starts to stand up to show their respect to her.

She gets all the way to the garage and TW meets with her there. HR is tired though. She wants to know what he wants. He tells her that he wants the chip for the black box. She says that she doesn’t know where it is. She thought that the car center removed it, it drives her crazy because it is the only evidence that she didn’t kill KL. She goes to leave and TW tells her that she did a great job in the news. He is sorry about his behavior, but he was angry because she was involved in this type of crime with that kind of guy. But she trusts him from now on, whatever she says, he will trust her as her husband and her defender. HR, can you just rely on me also, just a little bit?

He walks up to her and hugs her. HR tries to hold back tears as TW pulls her into a warm hug. She hugs him back and they have a moment of just comforting each other in the parking lot garage.

One of the policemen is lazily looking at the CCTV. But then he sits up. There is something big. He runs to KJ to show him. We see the video showing us that EJ was at home, but then she gets out of HR’s car. Why did she lie about that? What time was that? EJ was home and then KL was home but then 30 minutes later he came out….they keep talking about the time and if the time makes sense.

Cut to EJ at the funeral. She is dressed in all black and looks over at KL’s picture surrounded by flowers.

Flashback of EJ’s meeting with JW.

EJ – Did you have fun playing with my husband?
JW – He is a fun guy.
EJ – You like what he has, money and fame.
JW – Is that so?
EJ – How much do you need, you should get paid for playing with him.
JW – Hey, EJ…
EJ – Do you think you are the first one? You don’t look honest, don’t tell me that you were attracted to each other, I know you two.
JW – You are a stronger woman than I expected.
EJ – He has a big game in one month, he shouldn’t play with you, what do you need?
JW – Are you going to remove HR like that? Do you think that will work with her? Don’t you know? KL was between me and HR at the same time.

EJ looks at her stunned.

Cut to HR driving home after the kiss. She tries to wipe the kiss from her mouth and is tearing a little. EJ is calling her and HR answers. She knows it is EJ, but EJ isn’t answering. Finally EJ answers….is it true? HR wants to know what she is talking about. EJ asks her…did you sleep with my husband? BOOM, HR hits the side of the road, the car screeches and comes to a stop. She tries to sit up and shakes her head….where are you at right not?


HR’S car pulls up to a café, it is all busted. She takes a look at the store and then she goes inside. EJ is sitting there and HR walks up to her. She still has her brooch on. EJ wants to know the facts. Tell her, is it true? Should she ask him directly? Hae-ran ah…

HR pulls out some documents and tells her to look at them. EJ pulls the documents over to her side and opens them. They are the photos of HR and KL kissing that KL took in Thailand. HR tells her that she is being threatened by her husband now. They think that HR took the photos of JW and KL so they are threatening her now. They wanted to put her in a corner, so they used her husband and tried to do this. But EJ is her friend so she tried to take care of it without letting her know. This is a sexual crime, he tried to sexually assault her, if the public knows then her husband can’t come back and EJ and HR are done.

EJ runs off to the bathroom and throws up. HR takes a deep breath and then follows her. She is about to pat her on the back…but doesn’t. Instead, she asks her if she is okay. EJ sits up, tears in her eyes, and asks HR what she should do. She is pregnant, what should she do?

HR is taken off guard. She tells EJ to go back to America. Take KL and go back to the US, live as if nothing has happened. HR will take care of everything on their side, EJ didn’t see anything or hear anything.

EJ collapses to HR’s feet and sobs. HR goes to her feet as well and hugs EJ, but her face is contorted as if this is too much to handle at this moment.

Then we see HR at home getting ready. TW asks her if she will be okay, does she want him to go there with her?

Cut to the funeral. TW and HR are there together and the police are there as well. HR walks straight through everyone and pays her respects to KL and EJ. The moment is quiet as HR says a silent prayer. Then she turns and hugs EJ. The police are watching her every move. EJ thanks HR for coming and asks her if she is having a hard time. EJ says that she can endure it. The police wonder what is going on. They look like there were close friends but one of them said they were close and the other said they weren’t close.

KJ – If you have a friend and one says you are not close and the other says that you are very close, what is it, close or not close?
SJ – Not close
KJ – So are they close or not?
SJ – They look close.
KJ – This is strange, this scene is so pretty, they should fight each other….but what if they are both on the same side? Two women are on one side, SJ, this is so interesting…isn’t it?

EJ tells HR that they will have the autopsy result soon. HR holds EJ’s hands and wants to know if she is really okay. EJ says that she will be okay soon, she has to be okay. TW watches this exchange. But then we cut to TW with his father. His father wants to know if he is confident, if he isn’t confident then he should step aside. This will be a mud fight, it is a fight of who makes things look more truthful. The person who can make it look the most truthful will be the winner, do you know that? TW says that he knows that.

Cut to TW looking at the policemen at the funeral. KJ tells SJ that they need to re-look at EJ’s case. They hurry out and we cut to Han Ji-won coming into the funeral. She looks tense.

Then we cut to the jail! The mysterious man has been released. He looks up at his freedom.

At the funeral, TW looks over at HR and EJ.

HR and EJ look at each other.

The mysterious man slowly walks further and further away from the jail.

Fade Out.

How is this show so amazingly good? I don’t even understand, but it has all of my love. Okay, theory time, maybe this mystery man is the brother of EJ and not HR? Otherwise, how could he go to work for TW? Or maybe TW knows that this is HR’s brother and that is why he gave him a job?

Also, all the people who could have possibly killed KL are popping up. We have his wife, EJ, then we have HR (though I don’t think she did it), then we have JW who looked all sorts of suspicious at the funeral. But there are also other side character, like what about KL’s main handler or even the camera man that is always on HR’s side, Kwak Ki-suk?


The mysterious man starts to work for Tae-wook.


Scene #1: HR tells TW that she has nothing to hide. She goes out through the front door and confronts all the news people

Scene #2: HR has been removed from her position as news 9 anchor. She asks GS why this happened

Scene #3: EJ is at the coroner office with the detective. He notices that EJ is not wearing her ring

Scene #4: TW confronts his wife about her brooch being in KL’s car. HR fires back at him, what does he really want to know?

Scene #5: The situation is tense as HR and KL kiss in her car. But HR is hiding something and it shows in her eyes

Scene #6: TW tries to meet with his mother over coffee, but someone keeps talking about HR and her alleged indiscretions. TW decks him and tells the man to sue him. he tells him mother that he will defend HR with everything he has.

Scene #7: HR tries to quit, she hands GS her resignation letter. But he tells her that she can’t and he won’t help her get into the Blue House if she does. He is on her side and we see that she is back as news 9’s anchor. But she is out from the Blue House (similar to the White House in the USA), they don’t want the bad publicity.

Scene #8: Everyone watches HR on news 9. How will she handle this? She handles it like a true boss by addressing the issue head on, she even gets a standing send off from her news team.

Scene #9: TW comforts his wife and tells her that he will be by her side and on her side until the end.

Scene #10: EJ’s confrontation with Ji-won and her call to HR.

Scene #11: HR tells EJ that she is being blackmailed by KL even though he assaulted her. She wanted to keep this from EJ.

Scene #12: The funeral where the police are wondering if the two women are in on it. TW’s father tells him that whoever can show that they are the most truthful, will win.

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  1. wiir2000
    February 16, 2018 / 8:25 am

    I think eun joo is involved with her husband’s accident.

  2. Tahye couple
    February 16, 2018 / 8:36 am

    Wow thank you for the recaps fighting

  3. V
    February 16, 2018 / 9:32 am

    @wiir2000 and @Tahyecouple, Y’all, this drama has me so invested! That ending was SOOOOOOOOOOO good! I didn’t know the best way to write how they were cutting back and forth between all the character right at the end, but it was so masterful and gave me chills.

  4. anom1
    February 16, 2018 / 1:33 pm

    It has been a couple of years since I followed a K-drama live. JJH & KNJ has so much chemistry, and they haven’t done anything (ahem). Class A drama for its story and veteran actors. Love it! Everyone looks suspicious, can’t wait for more episodes.

  5. JuneBug
    February 16, 2018 / 6:03 pm

    I agree with @anon1. Everyone is suspicious.

  6. Kevin Tran
    February 16, 2018 / 8:52 pm

    Ref: HR and KL kissing. I have a cultural question: In today Korean society, as long as you don’t SLEEP with a man/woman, a married person can KISS anyone they please without committing “infidelity”?
    1- In the scene where HR defied TW when she asked: “Did I sleep with him?” “No, I did not sleep with him”, knowing that she has passionately kissed the golfer KL in the hotel in Thailand. Does it imply that “Kissing is OK”, no need to mention because nothing to feel guilty about?
    2- In the scene where HR show these photos (in Thailand) to EJ, she accused KL that “it’s a sex crime”, referring to some photos showing KL was indeed forcing her. Does it imply that the remaining photos showing she willingly kiss him are OK to show to EJ, wife of KL.
    3- When HR and KL were in the car during that snowy night, again she kissed the golfer (may be a ruse for the black box) although later, when driving back, she tried to angrily wiped her lips. So, a married woman is permitted to use kissing as an acceptable mean in social interaction?
    WOW!!! The Koreans are really liberal.

    • V
      February 16, 2018 / 11:09 pm

      I am not Korean so I cannot personally answer this question. But I think the question of infidelity is very murky in a lot of societies.

      In the USA (where I’m from), I think a lot of people would consider making out with another person as infidelity (even though they might not divorce someone over it…but they might). But I also know of quite a few people who would draw the hard line at actually sleeping with someone. But hey, if Beyonce could come back from that, then perhaps a lot of people can.

      If anyone else wants to comment on this issue in their country then please feel free!

      • V
        February 16, 2018 / 11:12 pm

        I will add that I know some people who think that even thinking of sleeping with another person means that that person is being unfaithful. But we have a lot of religions and beliefs in the US, so there is a lot of murkiness.

        • V
          February 17, 2018 / 12:08 am

          I have to add one more thing. HR isn’t actively showing the world that she is making out with Kevin Lee. She is hiding it and he is hiding his indiscretions as well. So I believe that alone shows us that it is not acceptable behavior in their society.

        • Carmarie
          March 20, 2018 / 1:05 pm

          I realize my comment is late, after watching episode 14 I was re-reading episode 5 for some background information.
          I am also from America, and I think a very important question was overlooked. did KL assault HR?
          Kevin Lee came into HR’s room uninvited. When he kissed her she tried to push him away and said “no”. In my opinion, whether HR was married or not, whether they were having an affair or not, no means no. Once he ignored her “no” the question should not be if you are married and as long as you do not sleep with a man but kiss him is it infidelity? I would call it infidelity if both of them consented to the kiss, although they did not sleep together. But, I think HR called it right, KL forced the situation and therefore, I would not call it infidelity regardless of culture.

    • acacia
      February 17, 2018 / 12:15 am

      Like V said I think the lines are kind of murky. Koreans are not super liberal, but it seems like things are becoming more liberal especially among the younger generations.

      In this case, I think HyeRan’s line of infidelity is sleeping with another man. She needs it to justify her actions and allow herself to be kissed while being blackmailed by Kevin.

      • V
        February 17, 2018 / 12:22 am

        OMG, yes!

  7. February 16, 2018 / 10:13 pm

    I have been engaged by this drama’s recap. Unpredictable plot and “who dit it”.thanks for recapping.

    • V
      February 16, 2018 / 11:00 pm

      You’re welcome Novita!

  8. acacia
    February 17, 2018 / 12:32 am

    I absolutely LOVE this show! The intricacy of each character and all the little changes in expressions of each character are SO good. The way that HyeRan’s voice wavered when she was back on the anchor desk was phenomenal!

    My theory about our jail guy is that he most probably HyeRan’s brother or maybe half brother? I can’t see any other way he could be THAT loyal and wanting to stay in prison for as long has he did and then coming out once HyeRan seems to be in crisis. With how HyeRan and Hyeran’s mom was, I could see them not letting anyone know about her brother’s whereabouts. Perhaps they told everyone that he died or ran away from home and haven’t heard from him. I think he’ll probably come to Taewook without revealing anything so he can be a protector from “afar” and maybe do Taewook’s dirty work(?)

    As for my thoughts on the killer… I originally thought that EunJoo was but now it’s a complete mystery. HyeRan and Taewook is not on my list of suspects at all partially because I need them to end well and partially because I kind of trust them after this episode.
    I never thought of it but you posed Kwak Ki Suk as a potential! If he is, that would be one heck of a tale! I kind of love him to bits in this drama so I’m not happy but he’s now on top of my list 🙁 but not direct murder… an accidental one *sigh*
    The only person I want to add onto my list is HanJiWon. I’m have no proof but just a feeling.That last scene of her entering the funeral was suspicious!

    My other theory is that Kevin meant to cause an accident to screw with HyeRan and accidentally killed himself!

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