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Misty Live Recap Episode 4

Live Recap for the Kdrama Misty
This show just gets better and better. This episodeis just as intense as the other ones and it ends with a big revelation. How is this writer so good? She is an unknown writer with no credits, right? Does anyone know about her?

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Shorthand: Misty Character Chart
Ko Hae-ran – HR | Kang Tae-wook – TW | Yoon Song-yi – SY | Jung Ki-chan – KC | Ha Myung-woo – MW | Han Ji-won – JW | Lee Jae-young (Kevin Lee) – JY | Seo Eun-joo – EJ | Jang Gyu-suk – GS | Oh Dae-woong – DW | Lee Yeon-jong – YJ | Kwak Ki-suk – KS | Kang Ki-jun – KJ | Choi Ki-sub – CKS | Park Sung-jae – SJ

Airing Time: Feb. 10th, 23:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT
How To Watch: On Demand Korea (no membership required)


We are still in Thailand. Kevin Lee is drinking by himself at night. He is by the water, but he starts to walk and drink. he walks through the city and finally gets to where HR is having a couples dinner with the Blue House friend and his wife. he takes another swig and leaves.

TW says that he hasn’t seen his friend in a while. The friend says that he will be at Blue house soon, and it will be announced. The wife wants them to take good care of her husband. HR says that if she becomes a government representative and says what the government tells them to say, then he will not be a good friend of news 9. Because news 9 is a government watchdog. The friend wants to know if she will still be a watchdog if she represented the government. HR says that it depends, but she won’t change. She works with her intention, will, and justice, not for the government. She will still be critical of what is not just.

The sunbae looks happy at that.

Flashback to TW and HR’s first date. They have been drinking and TW asks her where she wants to work. HR says that she is not sure how high she wants to go because she doesn’t know about those things. But she wants to go as high as she can go. What will she do when she gets there? HR says that she wants to make a just society. TW laughs a little and HR tells him that he will see if she can do that or not.

TW quickly tells her that he loves her. Let’s get married. HR calls him a crazy guy, but he says they should get married. HR tells her that he told her many times that she does not want to get married. She is not that pretty and she is super selfish. Someone like TW, she will just use him as her name card. Why does he love her?

TW tells her that she is the only person who calls a prosecutor a crazy guy and he is the only prosecutor that will laugh at it. He can be her business card. Whatever she wants him to be, he will be it, he promises her that. he smiles happily at her.

Cut to HR in a bathroom. Pollibly in her hotel bathroom. TW is somewhere as well, he is thinking about Kevin Lee looking at HR. HR comes out of the bedroom and TW is sitting on the couch.

HR – Aren’t you tired? I never expected you to come here, thank you.
TW – You want to be a government speaker, so you can’t divorce me, so just do it. You wanted to use my background and I told you that you can, so I will keep my promise.
HR – I thought you came here to have a better relationship again.
TW – Is regaining our relationship even possible between us now….go to bed first.

TW leaves.

Meanwhile, EJ is in a ferry boat by herself. She has a lot of bags after shopping. Someone is there to gather all her bags and asked her why she went there alone. Then TW comes out and the helper tells EJ that this man is HR’s husband. he is a prosecutors lawyer. The man envies TW because he has HR as a wife.

EJ goes into their room and tells KL all that she heard about TW. She says that HR had a lot of good luck with boys. EJ asks KL how he feels and he asks her if she would like some fresh air? EJ agrees.

Meanwhile, HR and TW are thinking about each other but they are in two separate places. TW is at a bar drinking. But then HR comes out and takes his drink. She finishes it.

HR – Is it all funny to you, my success and power, am I that materialistic? Am I funny to you? I won’t stop, whatever is the obsession or whatever, I will be successful and I will go up and up and up until the end. Even if it doesn’t fit your level and class, you should endure it. You are my husband and you promised me. You told me you came here to keep that promise. Just sleep inside, a lot of people are watching. I can sleep on the couch.

HR puts her hand on his shoulder lovingly as she says this. But he grabs her wrist and tells her that he will do his own thing. Then EJ yells, “Hae-ran ah.” She is in the same room with Kevin Lee. Finally, the two couples meet.


HR starts to talk about her and EJ’s relationship. They were super tight in high school. She keeps talking and then asks TW if he is tired and wants to go to sleep. But he says that he is fine. Then TW and KL start getting into it a little. KL says that it is hard to love a woman with ambitions. He was dumped by someone like that before and it is hard to love someone like that. Then he met his wife. She is the one who grabbed his hand, he is really thankful for her.

HR is uncomfortable and wants to leave. She wants TW to go with her, but TW tells her to go up and asks Kevin Lee if he would like to have some more drinks, man-to-man? Levin Lee agrees.

EJ and HR leave. EJ is oblivious to all the tension and thinks that the fellas drinking is a good idea. It looks like she might want to hang with HR some more, but HR just tells her that she will see her tomorrow and EJ leaves.

Cut back to TW and KL drinking. TW wants to know what happened. KL says, as you see, he succeeded. But he says that he wants to see that other woman a lot. TW mentions KL has a wife now. KL says that he loves his wife, but being attracted to someone as man and woman is very different than marriage right?

Cut to TW going back to room 222. he sees HR sleeping on the couch and he looks at her as if he wants to cuddle right up with her. But he drunkenly walks to the room. *The song playing sings that he wants to forget about the moment that he met her.* TW lays on the bed and we see HR wake up. She wasn’t sleeping. They are both lying on their beds, not sleeping. *love is only hurting…just hurting….* TW starts to cry into the bed, but he tries to keep from crying.

HR takes a few swings of the golf course. She looks gorgeous and is in some golf clothing. She is playing with TW’s sunbae and her husband. Sunbae thinks that HR can do a lot, she deserves more than just being in the news. He kits TW on the shoulder and they go to the next hole.

The manager hates people who gain popularity in the news and then become government dogs.

The reporter and HR sit for drinks. The reporter says that it helps HR because her husband is not a judge anymore and is a prosecutor, he is completely clean. She tells HR that the background checks all went through. There are no problems publicly with anything. HR gives her a gift.

HR goes home and TW says that he will sleep in his office. He is pissed because he got her brooch from Kevin Lee. he put it on her desk, Kevin Lee gave it to him.

Flashback to KL telling TW that HR dropped the brooch when they were out of their mind doing something. Can he give it to her for him? he laughs as he drops it on the bar. TW stares at it.

The brooch is on the dinner table back in Seoul and TW is getting in their car in their basement garage.

Reporter – From now on, people will investigate your personal life, so you have to take care of it.

KL is on the TV and EJ tells him that he is good on TV. Does he need to practice some more? KL says he will take care of it. EJ turns off the TV and tells KL that they should have a baby. They always say that they will have one when they are successful, but it has been 10 years and they still don’t have one. EJ says that she is getting old and she wants one, let’s have one.

KL gets a call from HR, “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING.”


HR is calling from a public phone and KL lowers the voice on the phone. He says that he is with his wife, so if it is not in a hurry, let’s talk later. But HR yells at him some more and he gets up to leave.

HR yells at KL from the phone, what did he do to her husband? KL wants to know if he gave her the brooch already? He is really nieve. HR says that KL will fall into a bottomless pit, but KL says that they both will fall into it, just like 10 years before. HR continues yelling at him, KL wants to know what she will do and HR says that she will kill him.

EJ looks at KL in the background and we cut to HR leaving the phone booth. She is even wearing gloves. She is nervous as she gets back in the ar and drives off.

Two police officers are walking the hall. They stop at someone’s cell. They wonder if this inmate will get out this time. The other one doesn’t know what kind of trouble he will make again.

We see the mysterious man doing dragon flag, which is a Bruce Lee signature move that is really hard to do. This man is in super shape, he does this Dragon flag move over and over again and we see his abs completely ripped.

Cut to HR at home. Perhaps she didn’t sleep at all. She sits up fully dressed and looks in the fridge. She starts to pull out all the food. She is going to make something.

Cut to TW coming in to work and seeing TW there. he is shocked that TW is there and wants to know if he fought with HR. They went to Thailand together, did they fight? He shouldn’t sleep there, even if they fought.

HR comes in, she has a lunch box that she packed for him. She says that she heard that he stayed here all night tonight. TW gets up and starts talking about the case. He doesn’t acknowledge HR and just leaves without saying anything to her. HR gives the lunch to the assistant and then looks at the case. She opens up the paperwork. The assistant says that TW is very busy with this case because this company is huge.

HR asks her cameraman about this company. The cameraman knows a little bit about it. This company is known for being like this. HR says that they shouldn’t ignore these poor foreign workers. She wonders when we can put it on the news. the cameraman thinks that the manager will be angry again.

Cut to the manager confronting HR on set, they are super surprised. HR is all like, yes, we changed the news. The manager yells at her about all his frustrations. But HR just calmly deals with him. She wonders if this manager wants her to quit right now? His wish is to fire HR and HR says that he might get his wish to come true. The manager storms off.

EJ calls KL, but we see that KL is with JW. They just sleep together and he is still chilling there. EJ tells him that his wife is crazy, this is the 6th time she called. Meanwhile, EJ is sitting in the seat and still calling him. She stops calling and puts the phone next to a pregnancy test. She is pregnant. Cut to KL and JW enjoying their time.

Jung Ki-chan is looking at TW’s food. He really wants to eat it. he opens it up to check it out and it looks like a very good lunch. Then TW comes in and KC hides the food. But TW doesn’t mind if he eats it.

Their TV is on and HR is on the TV. She starts reporting on TW’s case. But she is only talking about the company. This company is corrupt, they gave a million dollars to make their image better with a golf worker, but this company didn’t even give their worker money. So HR is taking care of two things at once because the company is the same company that sponsored KL. This is turning into a big issue on the internet. The #1 search is the company and the #2 search is KL 1 million dollars.

Everyone is wondering if this is crazy. Kevin Lee got 1 million dollars by working for one day but that other worker didn’t get paid at all after working for one year.

TW’s secretary starts to tell him what is going on on the internet. This is a big deal!

The news program was a huge hit. But the manager is still angry with HR. HR goes to the director’s office. The director wants to know if HR is F’ing them. But HR wants to know if they should give this company a pass because they are paying them with commercials. The director asks if this has to do with the government stuff?

HR wants to know, how does he know? The director yells at her that he told them everything! That this B is the fairest anchor ever! She is the fairest anchor in all of Korea! he was pissed that it is true and he had to tell them that. He wants her to stay at JBC. He wants to know, is she really going there? She says that she is a B, but she has loyalty. But if she doesn’t go there, then she will regret it. The director thinks that it is better for her to go, but he doesn’t say it. he gives her some candy and she smiles and takes it. She leaves.

JW tells KL that he is more blamed than the company. He can’t ignore it. They are still together at her place and KL leaves. KL’s public image has taken a dive and he is still not answering his wife’s phone calls. KL calls someone else and leaves, while he is leaving, JW gets a call. She doesn’t recognize it, but the caller says, “Hello, I am Kevin Lee’s wife.”

HR is on set and looking around. The cameraman walks up to her and says that they have a meeting with Kevin Lee. HR says that she didn’t do this news because of Kevin Lee, he should pick his companies that he works for better. The cameraman nods and leaves.

Then HR leaves the newsroom and her husband is waiting for her.

TW – What does it mean…today’s news
HR – What do you think?
TW – That is my case? Why did you put it on the news
HR – It deserved to be on the news
TW – You did it for the news? That is my case, I feel F’d because of you.
HR – Hey, TW lawyer, if I did not do this then you will lose the case again.
TW – so that is it? If I lose this case then it won’t help you become a government representative.
HR – You are suffering because the people you represent also suffer. Have you ever looked at me in the same way that you see them? Have you ever tried to understand me, like you try to understand them?
TW – how much I try to understand you…before you put things on the broadcast, you should have talked to me about it first. You should have discussed it with me.
HR – Sorry, I still have more meetings to attend. I need to leave.

She got a call from KL while talking to TW and she leaves. KL tells her that they should meet because she hasn’t received his present yet. She pauses and then continues walking. She walks to a garage and sees a car. There is something on her car. She opens it. Inside are pictures of her taking photos with him. His company man took all the photos. Someone drives by and she hurriedly gets into her car. She is stunned.

Someone has come to their home. they are background checking people and now they are interviewing everyone in the family.

Kevin Lee is driving. he is asking someone what HR is doing. This person says that HR is just sitting in the car. KL tells him to just watch her, he will be there soon.

HR is at the jail and she is talking to someone in the jail. This person tells her to run away and to not stop. HR is a teenager and she takes off running out of the jail. She doesn’t stop.

Cut back to HR in the garage. She gets a call from KL and she asks where he is right now. She says it again, “Tell me, where are you right now?” She turns on her car and accelerates out of there. The man tries to follow her, but he can’t. Someone else blocks him.

We see TW in his car as well. he is thinking about something. But then he sees HR drive by. He sees her and he thinks that something is wrong. He decides to follow her.

Finally, Kevins guy drives out, but he doesn’t know which way she went.

HR is driving and the husband is following. HR looks determined and calm as she drives off. She drives into another underground parking garage. Kevin Lee’s car is there. Their car lights are on as they look at each other from inside their cars.

Meanwhile, EJ is waiting in a cafe. JW shows up and sits with her. She says hello and wants to know why EJ called her this late. EJ looks nervous and speaks to JW is banmal. She tells her to sit…SIT.

Back to the cars in the garage. KL gets out of his car first. he walks toward HR’s car. She looks at him walk up to the car. he knocks on the window and looks annoyed that he has to do that. She unlocks the door. TW is watching all of this from a little ways away. he is in his car also and it is snowing outside.

HR – You will get hurt because of me
TW – That is on me, I can be responsible for my own love

Back to the garage. TW is freaking out in his car. He is crying as he watches this car. He doesn’t know what is happening inside of it.

HR gets home and walks inside. She is shaking and has her gloves in her hand. She is all shaky. Someone is calling her, EJ. EJ is on the other line telling her to please pick up the phone. Please, HR.

But HR is not picking up the phone. Instead, HR just collapses on the couch, her gloves in her hand. But she drops the gloves on the ground.

TW – we should be excused.
Detective – If you practice your 5th amendment rights, then I can’t do anything. But why did you take the morning news on the day of the accident?

Flashback to the morning news, the other woman had a stomach ache and went to the emergency room. HR says that she can take it. She looks at the urgent news report and is stunned. The news starts and HR is still stunned. She is just looking at this sheet of paper. They are on air, but she isn’t talking, only looking at this sheet and trembling.

Finally, she looks up and greets the viewers. She says that they have urgent news. Overnight breaking news. This morning, pro-golfer Kevin Lee died with a car accident. According to the police, he had a car accident and he was found dead at the scene. The police are investigating drinking and driving.

HR is stunned and looks at the huge image of Kevin Lee to her left.

Detective – so you have no comment?
TW – You should investigate by yourself and you will know.

The detective nods and then looks back at the mirror. Everyone is standing there and watching. Cut to HR leaving. TW tells her not to leave that way, she should go to the back. HR says that her car is there. TW tells her that a lot of reporters are there. HR doesn’t know what is going on. TW tells her that they are doing a CSI investigation on KL. HR didn’t know what she was there as a suspect, she thought she was just there as a test fire.

The reporter friend called her many times so HR calls her back. They talk and the reporter runs out. She tells HR that she is not in a good position. After KL died, the police expect you. She doesn’t know the details, but the friend tells her to get out of that place right away.

HR starts to breathe hard, she doesn’t know what to do. She looks back at her husband who is watching her.

HR – I…I didn’t do it, yobo.

TW looks at her, he saw her get in the car that night.

HR – It wasn’t me!

Fade Out


#1: Editing dinner in Thailand with TW’s colleague

#2: TW and HR talk in the hotel room. EJ gets back from her shopping spree and has her first introduction to TW

#3: HR and TW eat with Kevin Lee and EJ for the first time

#4:TW and Kevin Lee have drinks. TW goes back to the room drunk and distraught, he cries into his bed

#5: TW tells HR that he will be sleeping at work. He gives her back her brooch (that Kevin Lee gave him) and leaves

#6: HR yells at Kevin Lee from a pay phone

#7: HR drops off a lunch she made for him, but he ignores her. She goes to work and prepares to be on-air with TW’s news story

#8: HR goes on air with the story of the corrupt company and destroys Kevin Lee’s reputation in the process

#9: TW confronts his wife about using his client’s story. Why did she do that?

#10: Kevin Lee gets into HR’s car. TW watches this and imagines the worst.

#11: HR sees the blackmail photos on her car. Her in laws get a visit from the background check officials

#12: Ending interrogation scene and on-air segment where HR finds out that Kevin Lee is dead in a car accident

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  1. Mely
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    Whoo hoo! Thanks for stopping by Mely 🙂

  3. JD
    February 10, 2018 / 7:43 am

    I really want to know if Kevin’s wife married/approached to Kevin back in Korea with her own intention of revenging/hurt HR…Fighting Bah+doo team! Thank you!

    • V
      February 10, 2018 / 9:28 am

      She seems so innocent, but maybe it is her cover?

  4. wiir2000
    February 10, 2018 / 8:45 am

    In the accident, was Kevin Lee died?I think they just showed car accident but I didn’t remember if there were anyone died in the scene..

    • wiir2000
      February 10, 2018 / 8:46 am

      I mean, from the first episode. gosh, I need to re-watched from ep1 hahaha

      • wiir2000
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        i just finished reading tonight’s recap..so, kevin was died actually.. silly me hahaha.. sorry ya!

        btw, thank you so much for your hard work and fighting!!!!

      • JD
        February 10, 2018 / 9:28 am

        I guess he really died or should be died since the policeman called Korean CSI team and they will do autopsy soon. I don’t think fooling CSI is possible in this drama frame. But I wouldn’t put it passed in this drama.

        • V
          February 10, 2018 / 1:09 pm

          I wouldn’t put it past them either, they continue to impress 🙂

    • V
      February 10, 2018 / 9:27 am

      It was really hard to see from the first episode. But when I went back and looked at it, you can definitely see him in the drivers side of the car! He is really grey so he blends in with the car.

      • wiir2000
        February 10, 2018 / 9:31 am

        aaahh..no wonder why I wasn’t notice anyone died in the scene. thank you very much 🙂

        • V
          February 10, 2018 / 1:09 pm

          Not a problem!

  5. Kate
    February 10, 2018 / 9:00 pm

    I just started watching Misty (marathon’d 4 eps. lol soo good!) and was browsing the internet for more info on this great drama and just happened to find your site. SO happy I did! Really love your site – the content, aesthetics, scope – and I will definitely be a regular visitor!

    Thanks for your work and hope the site flourishes!

    • V
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      Thank you so much Kate! That makes us feel so good over here. We hope to see you around with our Misty recaps!

  6. Small Birdy
    February 15, 2018 / 9:51 am

    Thanks so much for the recap. Couldn’t find anyone else doing it. And VERY pleased to find this website…good job!

    Love this show so far for its story and production quality. The human emotion is hard to grasp and gives birth to irrational decisions with disastrous results. HR’s self-preservation and selfish motivations are almost too painful to watch but somehow it makes for very compelling viewing. I am hooked! Have not been so intrigued and on-the-edge since Secret Love Affair.

    Kim Nam Joo is amazing and the epitome of mature, elegant and sexy. Can I be like her at that age??? As fo Ji Jin Hee, well, he’s just one hot, smexy ahjushi!

    This website will be on my permanent korean resource list! Thanks!

    • V
      February 16, 2018 / 9:30 am

      OMG, I may have to watch Secret Love Affair because I haven’t seen a drama that has me this involved in so long. Like years! Mature, elegant, sexy…those are the best way to describe her and this entire drama. I love it so much. Thank you for stopping by! I loved reading your comments about this show!

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