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Misty Live Recap Episode 3

Live Recap for the Kdrama Misty
Misty and Waikiki are probabably my two favorite shows on right now for completely different reasons. Wikiki never lets the laughs let up and Misty never lets the tension drop. I am so ready to fall deeper into this storyline. Now where’s my popcorn…

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Shorthand: Misty Character Chart
Ko Hae-ran – HR | Kang Tae-wook – TW | Yoon Song-yi – SY | Jung Ki-chan – KC | Ha Myung-woo – MW | Han Ji-won – JW | Lee Jae-young (Kevin Lee) – JY | Seo Eun-joo – EJ | Jang Gyu-suk – GS | Oh Dae-woong – DW | Lee Yeon-jong – YJ | Kwak Ki-suk – KS | Kang Ki-jun – KJ | Choi Ki-sub – CKS | Park Sung-jae – SJ

Airing Time: Feb. 9th, 23:00 Seoul
Countdown: AIRING!
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It is snowing outside and we are at the accident scene. It is daytime and a lot of police and personnel are around. The policemen want to know why the CSI has been called.

TW is purchasing a brooch for his wife. Romans believe this brooch can prevent bad luck. he bought it because his wife is having a baby. Cut to TW at dinner with his wife. She tells him that she couldn’t be sick and go to her audition. She couldn’t do it. It implies that she terminated the pregnancy. TW gets up and says that he shouldn’t have waited for her back then. He leaves.

There is a prosecution team that is investigating bribery. The justice department has a meeting with the press on how they will handle it. HR raises her hand and starts asking detailed questions about the bribery problem. All her questions are very difficult and the person isn’t answering her questions. TW takes notice of her.

After this press conference, TW and another person leave and talk about HR and how aggressive she is.

Cut to HR following the main story and asking him a lot of questions while flashes go off, but she loses her shoes and has to go back to get it. TW sees this and smiles. He likes her.

HR sits at the table and TW comes and sits on the table near her. He tells her that the higher-ups won’t answer any of her questions. HR says that she is okay, they will remember her name and eventually, they will answer her questions. TW thinks she is really confident. HR says that she will be the most important news person one day. She also knows who TW is and lists all his background and family history. TW wants to know if HR background checks everyone and she says that she heard it all. TW keeps smiling at her. Finally, he asks her what she is doing after work? Is she meeting someone? Is she getting married? Let’s meet outside at 7 pm. He leaves with a big smile.

Cut to TW waiting for HR. He is waiting and waiting and waiting and she isn’t showing up. he is waiting outside on a huge hill of steps. He keeps checking his watch. Finally, he sits on the steps. His watch says 9 pm.

Cut to HR with the brooch on her clothing while she is doing the news. TW watches her and thinks that he shouldn’t have waited for her.

It is 9:15, TW stands and is about to leave. But then he sees her walking up. he walks down the steps to meet her and she walks up the steps to meet him. She tells him that her article was the headline, so she had to check it, that is why she is late.


HR, the department head, and the manager are talking about the scandal with KL and Ji-won. HR says that she didn’t put her in his car, they just need to solve this scandal. This scandal is like a bomb that can go off, perhaps they should send her to the countryside. The manager thinks that HR wants to bury JW, but HR says that she just doesn’t want the scandal to get bigger. they say they will remove her for now.

An older woman becomes the anchor, Lee Yeon-jong from the previous episodes. Everyone is talking about it at JBC.

JW is talking to Kevin Lee about this and telling him that he can also be ruined from it. She says that HR did it and they need to solve this somehow. he says that he understands and hangs up when his wife comes. They have a few love talk moments and he leaves, but then EJ looks at Kevin Lees phone as if she knows.

After the news, Yeon-jong comes out and thanks HR for the job. HR tells her that she doesn’t know what YJ is talking about and eaves. YJ says that HR is scary and also walks away. HR immediately answers the phone.

TW is meeting with a huge company about his client. he tells them that they should have a fair fight and he leaves. His colleague tells him that he should be more flexible, don’t make them angry. He feels like his wife in telling him all these tiny things. TW tells him that he kind of likes his colleague as his wife.

They get in the elevator and someone holds it and doesn’t let it go down. We see that Kevin Lee is also in the building and goes to the elevator with all his people. KL is representing this company. Everyone starts to ask him about HR, is she really hot? Is she a really hot woman and an anchor? But TW is there in the elevator as they say this. TW tells them to basically shut up by using a lot of legal jargon. They ask him who he thinks he is and TW says that HR is his wife. Kevin Lee introduces himself, “Hello, I am Kevin.”

Meanwhile, HR is meeting a government representative. He wants to hire her to represent the government. His card says Secretary of the government (or something like that). But HR thinks that she is a journalist and shouldn’t represent the government. However, it looks like she might be considering it.

The director wants HR to go to Thailand. HR does not want to go because of the news. They tell her that this is the pilot episode, they can change the interviewer after this. So she should go. Cut to KL and HR meeting in the stairs. KL says that he isn’t timid anymore. HR asks if his wife knows about what he did? They keep talking and KL says that he can tell his wife that it was a one time mistake, but will her husband understand that they lived together for over a year and a half? he leaves and we cut up to the cameraman who is watching it all.

HR gets home and TW is there eating plain rice. he tells her that he met KL this afternoon. It was just an accident at the company. HR wants to know how they knew him and he says that he told them that he is her husband? This shocks HR, you did? TW says that he just wanted to do it.

Flashback in the elevator. KL puts his hands out to shake but TW doesn’t shake his hands. KL says that he is sorry if he hurt his feeling and bows, but TW just leaves. Outside the elevator, KL tells TW that they are going to Thailand with HR.

Back to the house, HR is wondering why TW keeps looking at her. But he says that it is nothing. He leaves and walks right by HR. She feels like something is up and turns toward him, distraught.

While in his office, TW thinks back to what KL said….”I’m going to Thailand with Ko Hae-ran.”

Flashback to the government saying that they are going to do a background check on HR for one month. They tell her that she shouldn’t have any issues.

back to the office. TW pulls out a sheet of paper, they are divorce documents that he has already filled out. At the same time, HR is in her office taking another headache pill. She goes outside her room and sees a flashback of someone very young going to jail. He turns back and looks at her and HR drops all the pills.

The mystery man wakes up in the jail for was his dream possibly?

KL got a phone call in the middle of the night and leaves the bed. EJ wakes up but doesn’t follow him.

HR tells the director that she doesn’t want to go to Thailand and he doesn’t want to hear it. he tells her that she has news 9, but she should do this as well. She says that she is not doing it, find someone else. The director tells her to tell the president. he is playing golf with Kevin Lee right now. Does she want to know where the golf course is? Cut to KL playing golf with the president.

Back at JBC, the cameraman tries to talk to HR, but she is preoccupied and tells him to tell her later. JW is annoyed and follows HR into the bathroom. She tells HR that she should go to Thailand as a vacation. She also tells HR that she will have her job back soon, KL is playing golf with the president and will take care of it.

HR gets a call, but HR hangs up. The call is from her mother-in-law who is at their apartment right now. She has found the divorce paperwork that her husband has signed. HR hasn’t signed it yet though.

The reporter tells HR that they are going to Thailand and that KL is not naive at all. They are investigating the source of the picture and everything. They are thorough. HR gets off the phone, but she looks nervous.

HR looks nervous as she is about to go on air. She is reading the script and thinks that it looks like JW’s article? Why use her article, this is an undiscused article. Is JW the manager’s daughter?

JW is in the background and comes to the stage. She starts a back and forth with HR about the article and the news. HR tells her that she can’t just make arguments without any answer. You can’t just report things without answers! JW doesn’t have any solutions to all the questions she makes.

HR takes off her mic and tells everyone that if they want to do things this way then just do it. She throws her paperwork in the air and it falls all over JW. HR storms out. At the same time, the director comes out without knowing what is going on. he is in a happy mood until he sees what just happened. The manager comes around the corner at just that time too. HR tells him to decide, does he want Thailand, or news nine? The director tells her okay, okay, just go sit at the news!

HR says that she has been cornered before, she never ran away. it was either her breaking or the other person breaking. They keep their standoff.

The director tells the manager that they will send JW to Daejon. HR looks at him one last time and goes back to the set. Time is ticking. It is only one minute before air. Hr voice-overs that she has never lost any standoff before.

We see HR giving the news as if nothing happened and her friend EJ is looking at the news very sadly.


After the broadcast, HR leaves the set and JW packs up all her things. They walk past each other with JW looking broken and HR looking fierce. But JW stops her, can’t she just give her position to her hoobae cooly? HR says that she could do it if JW was qualified. JW says that their bosses think that she is qualified. But HR says that she is not desperate. HR was desperate. That chair isn’t for showing off. So she is not qualified. JW never suffered to her bones.

JW is crying and wondering what HR will do with this desperation? HR says that she will make a right society. Perhaps it is just from a textbook for her, but for HR it is very important.

Cut to Reporter Yoon and HR having drinks. Reporter Yoon congratulates HR for finally getting rid of JW, but then HR gets a phone call from her mother in law, reporter Yoon leaves.

Cut to HR at home with her mother-in-law and looking at the divorce paperwork. The mother has put it all together. Now she knows why TW was always in his office and eating cup noodles. The mom tells HR that they should just get a divorce right now. her husband is not healthy and she just wants a baby grandson for him, so just divorce now. She gets up to leave.

But then HR gets on her knees and tells her mother-in-law that she had an abortion 7 years ago because she couldn’t audition for her anchor position. the mother can’t believe it, how could HR do this? She yells at her about it. But HR says that she wanted to get acknowledged by her father-in-law. He never noticed her before, but he started acknowledging her after she became an anchor. She thought she could have another baby and make TW a father, and if she could turn back the clock and have the baby, then she would. She starts crying as she is saying this.

TW just got home and is listening to this in the entryway.

Flashback. TW asks HR to marry him. She can have all his high-class background. But HR doesn’t want to get married, she is all about her career. She gives back the engagement. But he keeps telling her that they should get married. HR asks him if he is sure that he won’t regret it? he tells her that he won’t and we cut to their wedding in a church. Umma and the reporter friend are there, but TW’s parents didn’t come. HR looks at their empty seats.

Afterwards, they try to go to TW’s home and say hello, but they don’t want to see HR. They tell them to leave. TW yells at them through the gate, but HR tells him that it is okay, they will acknowledge her one day. She smiles and starts to leave.

Back to the house with HR kneeling at her mother-in-law. TW goes to the paperwork and tears it up. He says that it isn’t HR’s fault. He tells his mother to go home. HR is on the floor still crying, but in voiceover, she says that she has never lost any of her games.

Cut to HR drinking tea with TW at their kitchen table. She tells him that she didn’t know he was thinking that serious about getting a divorce. He said that he couldn’t decide. HR tells TW that she has an offer from the government to work with them. Now she needs his background, she needs all of his good family name now. She can’t get a divorce. What he said is right, people can’t chance easily.

TW wants to know why she is going to Thailand. HR says that it is for the documentary and the photoshoot and to play golf with the president and all that.

TW – Is that all the reasons you have?
HR – Yes.

Cut to KL on the phone. He tells someone that they have to pay it back well. Cut to his wife looking at him, very distraught.

The plane flies to Thailand. EJ is there, but she is not happy. She just looks at her husband very stoicly. HR notices this and starts up a conversation with EJ. EJ starts to kind of smile and act like her normal self, but she isn’t acting like it well. HR wants to know, is she sick? But EJ just says she is fine. KL watches all of this and when EJ comes up to him to give him something to drink, he tells her to take it easy and get out of the heat. She can go shopping or something like that. EJ agrees and leaves.

So now KL and HR are alone without their spouses. They start to shoot the documentary, but HR avoids any unnecessary interactions with KL. But it suddenly starts to downpour so production is halted. HR immediately leaves to go back to her hotel. When she is out of the rain, she stops and looks out over the scenery for a moment. Then she runs to her room, 222. But as she tries to close the door, a hand blocks it. Kevin Lee!

She stays at the door and won’t let him in, but he says that he has something to tell her, can he come in? She says no, but he comes in any way. The brooch is still on her clothes. She tells him to get out and he wants to know what she is afraid of? he pushes her against the door and they stare at each other.

Cut to a taxi cutting through the rain. TW just arrived.


They are still staring at each other. KL has her blocked with his arms. She tells him to move and tries to leave. But he pins her again. He tells her that whenever he thought of her, he always practiced golf like a crazy person. he tells her that she shouldn’t have contacted her like that or put him in her news room.

HR tells her that he needs to get out of her room, or she will scream and call a lot of people there. He tells her that she started it. But she is incredulous, what did they start? They keep arguing. HR tells him that he is nothing to her. he tells her that he will check and he forces a kiss on her. She is shocked at first, but then she softens a little. They keep kissing.

Meanwhile, TW is taking a ferry. There is a back and forth between TW on the ferry, and HR and KL kissing in the room. HR pushes KL away and tries to leave, but the passion is too strong and they keep kissing. The brooch breaks off and falls to the floor. Meanwhile, TW has arrived at the resort.

HR and KL are still kissing, but HR pushes him off again and holds her head. Then the phone rings, they both look at it. Cut to TW straightening herself up and going outside. Someone tells her that someone is waiting for her outside. She looks around but doesn’t see anyone. Then she walks to the very front and sees her husband standing at the gate. Her face falls into shock. TW turns around and sees HR standing there and looking at him like she can’t believe he is there. Perhaps he thinks something might be wrong?

HR runs up to him and wonders why he is there? TW tells him that he has a golf outing with his goverment representative sunbae. the sunbae says that TW doesn’t contact him often, so he was happy when he got his call. Shall they have a family outing together? Is she busy? TW smiles at HR and she kind of smiles back at TW. But then we see Kevin Lee on the balcony looking at the both of them with withheld rage.

the detective wants to know why the brooch was at the crime scene. Answer him, why was it there? But then TW comes in and tells her not to answer. The detective is caught off guard. TW tells him that HR won’t agree to anything without his consent. The detective asks who he is and TW says that he is her lawyer, Kang Tae-wook.

HR in Voice Over – By the way, do you know that…

Flashback to when she was about to meet with TW. She was there super early before TW came. But then when she saw him, she hid behind a tree. She watched him and waited. Then, when he was about to leave, she comes out from behind the tree.

HR in V.O. – …honestly that night, I was waiting for you.

In the interrogation room, HR looks at TW and he looks at her.

Fade Out.


TW and HR falling in love
JBC news drama
Thailand drama
EJ wants to make a baby
KL still trying to meet with HR, but she tells him not to come in front of her or she will kill him.

#1: When HR and TW first met. TW was smitten immediately.

#2: The detective at the crime scene and then we rewind to when TW finds out that HR ended her pregnancy

#3: TW asks HR out on a date, their first date.

#4: JW sulks as another woman does the news at 9pm, EJ & Kevin Lee at their home, and a woman talks to HR after she does the news 9pm.

#5: TW in an elevator with KL and HR with the background check government official

#6: The director, HR, and Kevin Lee at news 9. HR and Kevin Lee talk in the stairway afterwards

#7: TW and HR at home after TW’s confrontation with Kevin Lee

#8: HR stands her ground over Ji-won and news 9. She wins.

#9: HR kneels to her mother-in-law about the divorce paperwork

#10: TW proposes to HR and they get married, but his family is a no show

#11: TW and HR talk at the kitchen table

#12: Kevin Lee and HR passionately embrace in her room, meanwhile, TW shows up in Thailand

#13: HR goes out to greet TW in Thailand and Kevin Lee watches them

#14: The interrogation room, we find out what really happened when TW waited for HR that night

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      • wiir2000
        February 10, 2018 / 6:20 am

        i just watched Misty Ep3. Can’t wait for Ep4! I think both of Hye Ran and Tae Wook still loved each other. I want to know why Hye Ran was involved with Kevin Lee…. Is their relationship was before she get married or after she married Tae Wook?

        • Table122000
          February 20, 2018 / 2:20 pm

          Hye Ran was dating Kevin Lee before she married Tae Wook. After she met Tae Wook, Hye Ran dumped Kevin.

          • V
            February 21, 2018 / 6:44 pm

            Do you think she was with Kevin Lee all the way up until she met Tae-wook? So maybe Tae-wook was the reason she dumped Kevin Lee?

  2. Lalaloo
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    Thank you for the recap! An intriguing drama…so much tension!

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        Yes, Dramafever has the English subs.

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    Thank you for the recap bah+doo!
    I only watch first episode, I’ll keep reading your recaps 👍👍

    Anyway, just wanna say that HR character reminds me of Kim Hyun joo character in I have a lover

    • V
      February 10, 2018 / 5:46 am

      Just looked that drama up. It does look like it has a similar storyline, but with lawyers instead of news. It also looks like it might be the same man in that one too?

      • Madre
        February 10, 2018 / 5:53 am

        Yes, it’s the Same male lead. But misty has more mysteries 😍

        • V
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          At first I was thinking of watching it but then I saw that it was 50 episodes…yikes. 🙂

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            Hwaiting bah+doo!!

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    Wow. I was so amazed by yesterday’s episode. Just by reading your recap, I got chills.
    HR is so cunning and strong headed.
    She knows what she wants and plays the game knowing the rules.
    Dramaland needs more characters like her.

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      Yes! Can you imagine how amazing Dramaland would be!

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