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Misty Live Recap Episode 2

Live Recap for the Kdrama Misty
Okay, truth time. I was completely blown away by the first episode of Misty. This is no Makjang, I’ll tell you that. We’ll be live recapping this one about 30 minutes after Hwayugi ends if you want to watch along. And I highly recommend that you watch along, it is that good.

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How we do this: We update the post around every 10 minutes. Sometimes sooner, sometimes later depending on the scene. There will be typos, but we try to fix all those once the episode finishes airing. Also, there might be updates galore at the bottom (time permitting), so check back in!

Shorthand: Misty Character Chart
Ko Hae-ran – HR | Kang Tae-wook – TW | Yoon Song-yi – SY | Jung Ki-chan – KC | Ha Myung-woo – MW | Han Ji-won – JW | Lee Jae-young (Kevin Lee) – JY | Seo Eun-joo – EJ | Jang Gyu-suk – GS | Oh Dae-woong – DW | Lee Yeon-jong – YJ | Kwak Ki-suk – KS | Kang Ki-jun – KJ | Choi Ki-sub – CKS | Park Sung-jae – SJ

Airing Time: Feb. 3rd, 23:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKUET
How To Watch: On Demand Korea (no membership required)


We open with a quick recap of the last episode.

HR is in the interrogation room. The detectives think that she is a lot prettier than the TV. They want to capture some images of her, but his superior says that if he wants to get fired, then he can try it.

The detective giving the interrogation wants to know how HR knows about EJ and JY. Has she seen Kevin Lee before, ever?…We see a flashback of a beach and someone says “I love you, Hae-ran.”

It is raining and Kevin Lee is waiting in the rain for HR to come home. But she ignores him when she comes up. he wants to talk to her, but she still ignores him. He wants to know, is she doing this because he is nothing? She says yes. She ditched him and he can ditch her as well. Bye-bye to this bad girl. But Kevin Lee looks crushed. He tells her that she can leave, but he will see how well she lives and how far she can go. So she should have a good life. HR says that she will have a good life and walks off.

Cut to the airport. HR sees Kevin Lee at the airport, one month before the accident. She is stunned and he is stunned as well. His wife comes up and asks if he knows her. he says that he doesn’t, they just bumped into each other. But then the wife recognizes HR and smiles at her. She says that it is her. Seo Eun-joo! She told her husband that whenever they watched the news she would tell him that she knows him from high school.

Kevin Lee holds out his hand to shake and says that his Korean name is Lee Jae-young. HR is super stunned to hear this. He is Kevin Lee? The wife is still happy and oblivious, she smiles and says that her husband plays golf. Does she follow golf?

HR leaves in disarray and walks the hall as if in a dream. She sits with Kevin Lee and his wife, her knee is all busted so she tries to cover it up. EJ starts to talk to her about her husband, but HR doesn’t hear her. Finally, she hears EJ and starts to talk about her husbands family. EJ thinks those families like that must be difficult, but HR says that they are not difficult and they take care of her well. They decided to go out together and HR says that they should do it. But Kevin Lee is looking into HR like he wants her.

HR and TW are greeting everyone at the funeral. HR is in another world and she isn’t crying. TW looks at her as HR looks off into nothingness.

While in the cafeteria area, her colleagues are mocking her. They say that she isn’t even crying and she probably had some pale makeup put on her.

But HR looks like she is affected. She is sitting in the funeral hall and looking at her mom’s picture. She remembers her mom saying that she should be a flower and live like that. On the news, we hear that someone is on as a backup for HR and the viewership went up a lot.

HR is at the funeral hall and the cameraman, KS, calls and tells her what is going on at JBC. The cameraman is her only friend at JBC.

Back at the funeral, the guests are mocking her. HR is at the funeral and is eating like a crazy person at the table. SHe has so much food in front of her and is just stuffing it all down. TW tries to stop her, but she just says that she is hungry and keeps eating. But she can’t eat anymore. TW stays by her side as she tries to stuff the food down.

The director, GS, is very happy with JW as the backup. He is talking about just changing to JW.

HR is in the bathroom and throwing up all the food that she ate. She hears someone talking, perhaps she is remembering what her high school friend said at the airport about a super famous anchor being her friend.

Outside, TW tells HR that she can just cry. SHe doesn’t have to care about who is looking at her, it was her only mom, so she can just cry. But HR just tells TW that his shirt is wrinkled, so he should change it. TW tries to reason with her, but HR says that crying doesn’t matter. TW is from a good family so he should look well. TW says that this is his Ko Hae-ran. he forgot about that, Ko Hae-ran is always Ko Hae-ran. He forgot. he gets up and leaves. She is left there.

HR thinks back to the airport and the meeting with EJ and Kevin Lee. The wife gave HR her business card. HR starts to call the wife while still at the funeral. She holds the phone to her chest.

The friend comes to the funeral and pays her respects to HR. HR thanks her for coming. The friend says, of course, she is thankful that she called her, she did notice that HR looked a little disorganized at the airport, she should have known. EJ speaks to HR like she is a good friend. HR asks for a favor to EJ. Can she see her husband? EJ looks concerned.

HR walks into JBC like she owns the place. She tries to ignore the looks of everyone and just goes to her desk. meanwhile, the director and his people are talking about how their viewership increased a lot. HR comes in at that moment and messes with all of their fun. The director tells everyone to leave and talks to HR.

GS tells HR that she should take more of a break due to the funeral. But HR tells him that she won’t leave without showing her ability. GS says that this field isn’t so patient and HR tells him that he won’t have to wait that long.

Cut to GS walking out in slow motion with HR following him. Kevin Lee, the PGA champion is there in studio. She has gotten him personally. GS goes to see this for himself and is amazed that Kevin Lee is in the studio. he gives her a thumbs up and goes and introduces himself to Kevin Lee. Kevin Lee says hello and introduces his wife.

GS says that today is a special exclusive with Kevin Lee and HR is the anchor. All the other people are annoyed at this, but GS is happy and HR is as well.

JW storms off and talks to the cameraman. She vents to him. KS says that he lost HR at the airport and JW digs into him. Did he really lose her at the airport?

HR walks into Kevin Lee in the dressing room while he is undressing. He has his shirt off and she asks where his wife is. he tells her that she is looking for something and if HR can close the door. HR closes the door and we cut to EJ looking for something in the car. It was a necktie. She finds it and comes back in.

HR is still in the dressing room while Kevin Lee is still undressed. She tells him that he just has to look at her normally and say these lines. Kevin Lee walks up to her and says, “Like this…” and the memory of them kissing goes through her mind.

Kevin Lee wants to know if being this close is okay with her. He is very close to her. HR holds her ground and says that he should not make any mistakes, broadcasting is not a joke. Kevin Lee tells her that he is not there to play around. HR leaves, but before she can leave completely EJ comes in and sees them. EJ smiles and HR says that she came to give Kevin Lee the questions. But perhaps EJ thinks that something is strange.

EJ is bubbly though and tells Kevin Lee that he shouldn’t take off his shirt in front of HR. They joke and then they hug. Kevin Lee says that he will make her live happily like this every day. But his eyes say otherwise.

They are meeting at a cafe. TW tries to be bright and happy with his mother, but she is stiff. She tells him that his father is waiting for a grandbaby, but they are not playing along. The mom is worried that they will not have any new grandbabies. But TW doesn’t want to talk about it. he says that he is hungry, does she want anything?

Cut to the Kevin Lee exclusive interview. They are about to go live on air. Kevin Lee and HR are sitting there and GS is super happy that they got an interview that even CNN couldn’t get. In the background, JW and EJ are talking. JW congratulates EJ on the win at the PGA and EJ smiles. Then EJ pumps her fist at her husband, fighting!

The production thinks that HR is tense because this is her last chance to keep her job. But now it is time to go live. Now!

HR talks to Kevin Lee and wants to know how he feels about winning. But Kevin Lee asks if she enjoyed it. This throws HR off. Kevin Lee asks if HR still thinks that he is nobody? Everyone in the room is shocked! HR says that she doesn’t know what he is talking about. Kevin Lee smiles and says that he wanted to say these words to everyone who didn’t’ respect him.

HR says that he must have had a hard time. He says that he has. Everyone didn’t’ respect him and mocked him. HR says that it is difficult to win one, but he already won twice. What is your next goal? My goal is Ko Hae Ran…..I want to be the best in my field like you.

TW is putting some blankets over his assistant, KC and listening to the special interview. Kevin Lee is still talking about how Koreans didn’t help him, but he got a lot of help in America. But he wanted to show people in Korea that he was worth something, so he practices a lot.

HR says that he started golf late, at an age where the career usually goes down. Kevin Lee says he started lat, but he worked hard and it is all because of his wife’s support. His only dream now is to make his wife happy. He looks at his wife and she is all flushed. JW says that her husband is really cool as a player and as a man.

HR ends the interview and then she looks over at Kevin Lee with daggers in her eyes.

Afterwards, GS, Kevin Lee, his wife, and HR have a meeting about how well the interview went. GS wants to milk Kevin Lee for all that he can. He wants to have a show dedicated to KL and make a show only for KL. Perhaps HR can do the show, would he consider it then? KL thinks that he will consider it if HR does it.

GS is excited at that and says, yes yes! HR, did you hear that! But HR doesn’t look that enthused about it.

HR meets with GS afterward and says that she showed him her ability, how can he still demote her to this job?


HR IS ANGRY at this change of word. But GS says that this is 50% news and human drama. They are exclusive. Should they lose it only because she doesn’t want to do it? He only wants to do it with you. JW can take care of news 9.

But hearing that makes HR incensed. GS tells her that he doesn’t owe her anything. This is his profession, when you can come down gracefully, then you should. He is sincere as he tells her this.

HR goes home and rests on her couch with her jacket in her hands. TW is still working in his office, late. KC is awake and is texting someone. Maybe his wife? He is telling her that he can’t go home because his boss is still there, he is not having an affair.

TW is reading a law book and KC thinks that he is memorizing the entire law book. HR is calling him, but he is not picking up the phone. Then someone calls HR. HR picks up the phone and starts yelling into it like it is her husband, but it is Kevin Lee. He asks if they can really do this human documentary. HR says that he doesn’t have to do it, their interview today is enough. But KL wants to know why not? He gives the phone to his wife and she starts to talk to HR. KL starts to kiss his wife while she is talking to HR. They are kissing and laughing while talking to HR. The friend asks HR to please do the documentary and they throw the phone on the bed and continue with their adult time.

They are going ahead with it? All the ads everywhere are all with Kevin Lee. He is all over busses and buildings and everywhere. All the people on the street are looking up everything about him on their phones. He is the most popular person in Korea.

HR is trying to relax at the company. She is looking out a massive window and drinking some coffee. JW is there are well and starts up a conversation with her. She heard about her high school friend. Her friend wasn’t bright so she couldn’t’ go to college. So she got a job and met this failed golfer and went to America with him and then they became a success. She is the dream of all ajumma’s. But the two of them went to a good school and became an anchor, but they will be kicked out soon too. JW asks HR how long she will be on news 9 before she is kicked out too. But HR really doesn’t want to hear this. She tries to leave, but JW keeps talking. JW tells HR that when she sees EJ, can she say high for her?

Kevin Lee is taking pictures with his wife in a pictorial style format. his wife is a little embarrassed to take these photos, but Kevin Lee tells her that she looks really pretty doing it. In the background HR wonders if this is fake and the cameraman looks at her like she is crazy. HR then thinks back to her and Kevin Lee’s lovemaking on the beach. Her mind is all wrapped up in these thoughts as she watches this pictorial. All she can think about is kissing Kevin Lee. But the image in front of her is of a happy couple.

Kevin Lee looks at HR, but then he looks back at his wife and smiles at her. The shoot is done with his wife so they tell her that she can step out of the set. They cover her with a blanket. Then EJ starts to talk to HR about news 9, will she be doing it anymore? Kevin Lee comes up and they say that they just bought a house, they should have a housewarming party. EJ says if she is uncomfortable with her husband then they don’t have to do it, but HR says that it is okay and she can bring her husband as well. EJ tells her that she is happy to meet him.

Cut to her husband. He is in the jail meeting with his client who hit their boss. While leaving he bumps into a mail person and all the mail falls on the floor. This guy is Ha Myung-woo and he looks at TW as he leaves. He looks like he is a good person in front of others, but perhaps he has another side. He goes back to his jail cell and it looks like he has gathered a lot of news articles about TW and HR.

HR leaves her office and the cameraman, KS says goodbye, but then he starts to do some photoshop or something like that. He puts on some headphones and listens to HR and KL’s conversation.

HR and KL were talking and the cameraman recorded it. KL and HR were talking banmal to each other and the cameraman is really looking into this conversation.


HR goes outside to the hallway and has another coffee. her friend Yoon Song-yi comes to meet her and asks to be connected to Kevin Lee. She says that a lot of people are waiting to eat with Kevin Lee. A lot of famous people want this as well. Famous wives as well. GS shows up and tells them that KL is there, he wants to reveal the pictures. They leave and HR hangs back.

Cut to JW looking through the door at KL. She comes in later with some coffee and acts like she doesn’t have a care in the world.

KL – Didn’t you do the news 9 sub?
JW – Thank you for remembering me, I am HJW.
KL – Do you just serve drinks?
JW – No, only for special people.

KL smiles at JW and he smiles back and then HR, the reporter, and GS come in. HR has this disgusted look on her face and says that JW doesn’t even serve herself coffee. HR shoot daggers at KL, but he just drinks his coffee as if nothing is wrong.

They are in a cafe and talking about how they need to fight hard. EJ is next to them, but she can’t find her card. The server says that they can help the next customer, but then she finds her card. KC recognizes EJ as KL’s wife and then orders for her. Then they hear EJ’s conversation with HR, EJ says that she can’t pick up KL, can she just drop him off? TW and KC are deep in her conversation. TW watches EJ leave.

HR is at the company with her phone. She is remembering the scene of JW and KL. Then she gets back on her phone and calls the cameraman KS. She tells him that she doesn’t feel well, she will go home early. Can he take Kevin Lee home? His wife is busy with the interior design for the new house.

HR says this in front of JW, perhaps so she can hear it?

EJ is at home getting the home all situated and brings a lot of snack food and coffee for all the workers. She is a dutiful wife and hostess.

HR calls the cameraman and the cameraman says that JW volunteered to take KL home. HR says okay and gets off the phone.

Cut to JW and KL making out in her car. Someone is taking pictures of them! A paparazzo is hiding and taking their photo.

The wife is so happy at home as she looks at their happy family photos. Meanwhile, her husband is cheating on her with JW in JW’s car. We cut back and forth between the happy wife at home and the cheating husband in the car. Then EJ wonders why KL is so late today.

Meanwhile, HR is at home drinking her coffee and chilling. Someone calls her and she looks at the phone but doesn’t pick it up. Her husband comes home right at that time. He asks her what happened, why did she come home at this time of the day? But HR just increases the volume on the TV instead of talking to him. He goes to his office.

In his office, TW is watching the special news report again. Perhaps TW feels something strange. He looks back in the direction of HR. HR gets another phone call and picks it up and checks it this time. She smiles as she looks at it.

Cut to GS throwing all the photos of JW’s scandal over the table. He yells at her that she already has a scandal and she just started. JW wonders how this came out. But GS tells her to shut up and yells for HR, where is HR! He then tells everyone to escort JW out. Leave!

Meanwhile, HR is sitting in the car with her reporter friend. She tells her that she should have a good car so as not to miss these good scenes. SY smiles and HR leaves. SY thinks that HR is the biggest bitch, but she also thinks that this is why she likes her so much. They both smile and HR steps back to her workplace as fully reinstated as news 9’s anchor.

JW confronts HR inside and tells her that that was a low trick. Then she wonders what HR’s relationship is with KL.

Cut to the detective giving her an interrogation. Does she know KL at any other time? Is it difficult to answer? HR says that they were interview and Interviewee and he is her friend’s husband. that is it.

Cut back to JW, she told JW the exact same thing. JW wants to know if she should believe that. HR says that she should believe it unless she wants to see those pictures online. Then her career will really end. JW says the picture must have been from HR, she did it.

HR asks JW why she did that, why did she touch someone else’s husband? And she walks away leaving JW shaking in her boots.

HR asks to be excused from the interrogation. Their time is up. But the detective says that he has one more picture to show her. She wants to know what picture this is. he shows her an image of something on the ground, a brooch? He wants to know, is she familiar with it? He found it in the car with the dead person. HR is confused, he found it with the accident?

The detective shows her an image of HR on the day of the accident. It looks like she is wearing the same brooch, is that true? HR doesn’t respond, she just looks at the two images. The detective wants to know why this brooch was in the car.

Cut to HR and Kevin Lee kissing passionately.

Detective – Mrs. KHR?

HR – No comment

All the police people are shocked and stunned in the background. They lean in.

Detective – Does it mean you don’t remember or that you know it and you don’t want to answer?

Cut to HR and KL kissing passionately and her brooch breaking.

HR – I am not answering it.

Fade Out


The husband knew that she had an affair. HR asks TW for a favor, he might grant it. Then HR tells TW that she has to go to Thailand. But TW is curious about it and goes to Thailand himself.


Scene #1: Flashback of breakup scene between between Hae-ran and Kevin Lee

Scene #2: Hae-ran at her mothers funeral. Everyone is speaking badly about her. Meanwhile, Ji-won has taken over Hae-ran’s news 9 position

Scene #3: Hae-ran throwing up all the food she had forced herself to eat. Outside, TW talks to HR about being able to cry, but HR just tells him that he should look presentable because he is from a presentable family.

Scene #4: Hae-ran asks EJ to come to the funeral, then she asks her for a favor. Cut to HR walking to work like a boss.

Scene #5: Hae-ran meets with Kevin Lee before going on-air. he does not have his shirt on. She stays anyway.

Scene #6: Hae-ran and Kevin Lee on-air. Kevin Lee answers hae-rans questions in a cryptic way that makes it seem like they know each other and he did everything to prove to her that he could be somebody.

Scene #7: TW ignores his wife’s phone calls. Kevin Lee calls HR and says that he will do the human documentary. EJ tells HR that she should do it while recieving kisses from KL.

Scene #8: Photoshoot with EJ and KL. HR fantasizes about Kevin Lee kissing her.

Scene #9: TW meets with his client in jail. He runs into a mysterious inmate who is collecting newspaper articles about TW and HR.

Scene #10: Ji-won sees Kevin Lee by himself and hits on him by bringing him some coffee and saying she only does that for special people. HR sees this and smiles.

Scene #11: The camera man tells HR that JW volunteered to take Kevin Lee home. Cut to KL and JW making out in the car and someone is taking photos of them.

Scene #12: The scandal of JW and KL comes out to the head of the JBC. HR meets with her reporter colleague about taking the photos of JW. The reporter says that she likes HR because she is a bitch.

Scene #13: Interrogation at the end of the episode. The detective wants to know if HR knows Kevin Lee outside of her interview and asks her about the brooch.

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  1. Mely
    February 5, 2018 / 6:12 am

    What an amazing drama.
    So intense, well acted and nicely written. Live the atmosphere.
    Thanks a lot for recapping it.
    Looking forward for the next épisode:)

    • V
      February 5, 2018 / 6:18 am

      Yes! The more people that love Misty, the better 🙂

  2. sashaa
    February 12, 2018 / 5:57 pm

    Very intriguing drama. So glad we have an adult drama with enough suspense to keep me hooked.
    I was getting tired of all the kosher content!.

    Btw, I loved how her character is drawn out. It highlights how unfair it is for women who want a career. Yes, she may be cold and withdrawn, but just take a moment to see what is around her. Kudos to the drama for highlighting it.

    • V
      February 12, 2018 / 7:11 pm

      This drama really has all of my attention right now. I try thinking of other dramas, but then I go back and think about Misty.

      I love how her character is drawn out as well. I also love how they show us different parts of her and her husbands character at the very end of the episodes during the interrogation scenes.

      • sashaa
        February 12, 2018 / 7:47 pm

        true. Am loving how they are peeling layers. Just finished Episode 3!!

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