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Misty Live Recap Episode 13

Live Recap for episode 13 of the Korean drama Misty.
I love the above photo of our two loves because it shows a moment of quiet with just the two of them before the storm of the trial hits. This trial is at least three parts in my eyes: a trial for Hae-ran’s freedom, a trial for both their reputations, and a trial for their marriage. I hope they win all three, but I feel like something has got to give. Poor Tae-wook is about to find out a lot about his wife. Hopefully he can handle it.

We translated the pre-released scene and put it at the bottom of the last post (thank you for the heads up @hellopaulinemae!).

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Shorthand: Misty Character Chart
Ko Hae-ran – HR | Kang Tae-wook – TW | Yoon Song-yi – SY | Jung Ki-chan – KC | Ha Myung-woo – MW | Han Ji-won – JW | Lee Jae-young (Kevin Lee) – JY | Seo Eun-joo – EJ | Jang Gyu-suk – GS | Oh Dae-woong – DW | Lee Yeon-jong – YJ | Kwak Ki-suk – KS | Kang Ki-jun – KJ | Choi Ki-sub – CKS | Park Sung-jae – SJ | Byun Woo-hyun – WH

How To Watch (later): On Demand Korea (N&S America), Viu (Asia/Pacific), Dramafever
Airing Time: March 16th, 23:00 Seoul
Countdown: NEEDS EDITING…we probably won’t be able to edit this until much later on, but OMG this episode was so good! I feel so many more twists and turns coming!

We are at the court scene. The witness says it was a man. WH wants him to tell him one more time. Was it really a man? he says it was a man, he is sure of it. He says that he doesn’t sleep at night and he wakes up early in the morning. He went to his warehouse, it was snowing so much and he heard someone fighting at the construction site, they were arguing and all of a sudden this man pushed Kevin Lee into the wall and KL hit his head. Then after that, he didn’t move anymore. And then, this man put KL into the trunk and there was one more person. There was a woman, he saw her face, the woman was inside a car and gave the man some money. This woman was Ko Hae-ran who is sitting over there.

Everyone in the court starts murmuring and TW looks at WH and this witness. WH ways this is it for him.

GS calls YJ into his office. They talk about how HR is in a corner right now. GS heard that that the witness is fabricated, did your husband tell you anything? YJ asks what he is doing, her husband isn’t that stupid, he will lose more, why should they do that? GS agrees, but he thinks HR will make an issue about it. YJ says she is an anchor, she knows what her job is. GS says that the most important things isn’t the fact, it is the issue, HR can frame it that way and people will believe it and lose their faith in the prosecution. YJ asks what she should do so GS gives him a paper. They can do this. They will frame it as the best anchor in Korea to a murder suspect.

YJ wants to know if he will really do this to HR and he says he gave HR enough chances. But now it is time to draw a line from HR. Who , knows, maybe you can come back to this main news program. YJ looks around like something just isn’t right about all of this.

Meanwhile Camera man and JW are talking about how something isnt’ right with this, he has been quiet for 2 months and now he comes forward and points to HR. JW thinks that what the witness said at the begining…do you remember what he said….he was the president of the private school scandal. As you said, it smells fishy.

The camera man talks to the GS and the camaera man tells him about the private school scandal. The witness is the same guy of the private school where HR broke the scandal. GS tells him to shut up about it.

KJ and SJ talk about a bus and taxi of a man coming from that location. They need to go back and look at all the CCTV’s to see if they will see a aman coming out.

KJ sits at the table and TW questions him.

TW – Detective Kang Ki-joon, you have been a violent crimes detective for 27 years
KJ – Yes
TW – Detective Kang Ki-joon, as soon a the KL case broke, you picked Ko Hae-ran as a prime suspect, is that right. It was a 50-50 chance of killing or natural death, but you thought HR was the killer. And the broach was in the car but it is circumstancial evidence
KJ – Yes
TW – When did you first know Ko Hae-ran
KJ – 19 years ago….I first knew the name Ko Hae-ran 19 years ago in the Natwondong jewelry shop murder case.

Flashback of the jewelry shop murder case. MW is in the police car and KJ is in the shop. There is a list of people who borrowed money. KJ picks up what looks like a book for money lending. KJ picks up this book and looks inside it. The last person’s name on the list is Ko Hae-ran, she borrowed $1,000 (100k W). KJ sees the money and opens it up, it is all the money in cash.

KJ – I knew that that HR and this HR are the same.
VO – I heard the Natwondong murderer was caught at the scene, so why are you relating that case to this case?

We see MW in the police car looking at HR with a crowd all around.

KJ – Ko Hae-ran gave a strong motive to the murder, MW. When a normal person is involved in a murder case, there is a strong mental motive (crime of passion). Something like a big obsession where you believe it is love or jealousy, or a sense of destroyed self esteem. A comparative feeling of losing something when compared to someone else. 19 years ago those things affected the crime at the Natwondong jewelry murder case. A law school hopeful became a murderer suddenly.

TW – So now you are saying 19 years ago, an only 19 year old girl instigated murder or highered someone to commit a murder?

KJ – I am telling you, she gave him a strong passionate motive, the most important evidence for a crime with a love affair are humans . I think, just like 19 years ago and for this KL case, the strongest evidence and prime suspect is Ko Hae-ran.

TW looks at HR.

TW – your thinking, that is your guess, right? I am dissapointed, you are 27 year polie, but you should bring more evidence, but you are just talking about older circumstances, so that is how you started your case, I doubt this case is fair, the evidence can be tampered with.

So TW says tha prosecution team cannot be fair and objective which makes everyone murmer again. YJ shows up in the courtroom and it is time for HR’s interrogation

WH – you say you didn’t kill KL right?
HR – Yes
WH – you had trouble staying at news 9, you were about to be out? That is what your director said

TW objects.

EJ says that HR and TW knew each other and were lovers. He has a usb with the evidence. The camera man looks shocked as he watches the courtroom. We see a video of KL coming ont oHR in the makeup room. The camera man looks destroyed that this news got out there. WH continues with talking about HR and KL’s love life. TW objects but he gets over ruled.
HR says they knew each other a little bit before. WH pushes the relationship but HR says it never happened. WH says it has to do with the Blue House, she wanted to remove KL because he was threatening her. TW objects. But then WH asks why she used a public telephone to talk to him. KL was blocking your way and doing more things to you and you decided to kill him. Tell me. Did you think you could go to the Blue House if he went away?

HR – No.

WH tells everyone that HR wanted to keep her anchor position so she even took an old lover who is her friends husband. But their relationship was bad for the blue house job so she killed him. TW objects, there is no evidence. WH says he wants to believe that there isn’t evidence as her husband, but he can’t try the case like that. The judge tells them to stop talking about unneccessary things. then he tells TW that he can ask questions.

But it is silent as TW just looks at HR for a moment. He says that he has no questions.

Everyone is like O_o

Court is ajourned for 3 days and TW pulls HR up and escorts her out. MW dissapears and EJ goes to look for him. But then a storm of reporters runs up to her and surrounds her. They want to know what she thinks about it, her friend is a suspect for her husbands murder.

EJ – I heard someone killed my husband, I hope this court can find the real killer.

HR and TW drive home and TW holds her hand as they drive. He grips it tightly and HR looks at it for a moment and then looks out the window.

The VP brings up that GS was favorable to the prosecution team. He thought he liked HR a lot. GS says he used to like her, if he has to give up his position to someone, then HR is the most qualified. The VP wants to know why he had a change of heart, was he scared of his hubae? He wonders what he thinks behind his smiling face. He says he only thinks baout the news (and real news scrolls across the screen, lol). They say they can’t fire her as a suspect to murder.
TW is shocked at this news in the reserved way that he is. His eyes are intense as he looks at it and then someone knocks on the door. The door opens and it is KJ. He greats TW and TW folds up the paper and puts it behind his back. he is hiding it from KJ.

VO – nothing wins over the truth, even though it is well fabricated.

HR tells this to her reporter friend. They alk about the case, the reporter friend is worried because it seems like she will be dead and so will her husband. HR says she told him to leave, how can she stop him. SY envy’s him and respects him. HR says that is what makes it harder, she thought it would be okay, but because of him she feels… SY asks her what GS is thinking, that was a little shocking.

HR thinks back to her conversation with GS. He asks her if she is sure that she won’t regret it. But HR syas she wants to fight seriously and GS tells her that she can be hurt. But she says she can’t stop it anymore, if she yields this time then the other side will come and kill her, so she has to go to the end. GS asks, what if I betray you to keep my position…what if I betray you, I can do that. HR says that is actually good, if he can survive here then that is half the win anyways, if he thinks that she is hopeless, then he can betray her anytime, she will happily be betrayed.

GS thinks about this as he taps his pen at his desk. Then he stands and overlook the news team on-air area. He thinks hard about what to do.
The detective asks TW about the missing person, KL’s manager. His cell phone signal was right aroung the same area as TW. TW thinks back to MW murdering the manager. TW says he doens’t remember, but why should he remember. The detective asks him about the last time he saw MW and why did he go to the hospital? TW says he slipped on the stairs because he was tired. He doesn’t know why he came to the hospital.

The dective tells him that he knows how to make a perfect answer to not get caught. He says he is searching for records about KL’s death and he found out that someone took a bus in that area. (We see TW getting on a bus at night). KJ tells TW that they are looking at this case differently now, from a new angle and he is just telling him that for his own information. KJ leaves and TW looks constrainly distraught

Meanwhile HR is a home and on the computer. She starts writing something.

Cut to YJ finishing the news program and leves, she checks her phone and then looks over at HR giving something to JW. JW asks what it is and HR says to open it. Will she do it or not? JW asks if it is all true and HR says that is her job. Would she like to do it? Then the camera man comes over and pulls it from JW. He says that he will do it and he apologizes for the video, he should have deleted it. HR says they already decided so they would use anything. They did something they shouldn’t have done to get her, but they should also know the danger of it. When that news spreads around, everyone will be in trouble and WH will be the first one fired, but now only them, she wants to take down everyone behind them. The camera man says he will do whatever, but what about JW?

Cut to YJ pulling JW to the side. She is nervous and wants to know what that thing is that HR gave her, but JW says she can’t tell her, she’s sorry. YJ wants to know why they are on HR’s side, do they want to F her husband? JW says that HR is super mad now, she has nothing to do with the KL case. People are getting their revenge on her and using this case. It was just a coincidence, someone is using that and trying to kill HR. IF that happened to me then I wouldn’t just be sitting around. Doesn’t your husband tell you?

YJ says her husband doens’t know anything and they are using him! JW say, what can they do then? If this is all true and this steel company is getting their revenge on her, then what can we do? We shouldn’t just sit around as a news company. But then we see a microphone recording the conversations.

Cut to HR listening in on the conversation beween YJ and her husband over the phone. She is asking him if he is really coordinating all this stuff with KagnYul? You shouldn’t trust them too much!

The camera man and JW come into the room and see HR listening to the recording. Maybe tha was their plan?
Cut to WH thinking that something isn’t right. The suits just tell him to solve the case and his future will be bright. Something isn’t right.

GS calls the prosecutor (?) and talks to him about the case.

Then JW and the camera man start to talk about the case. JW wants to know if HR really wants to know about the greater good or just avoid all this trouble. The camera man pulls out a cap and says this happened on his first day. She told him that he shouldn’t lose to anything. He shouldn’t go drinking with just anyone (?). He says that he likes her and he respect someone and he trusts someone. It is a good thing to respec someone in your life, it is not a cheesy thing. JW looks at the soju cap.

Then she goes to meet with HR who is in the coffee shop. She says tomorrow is the case again. JW says, respect….respect, i don’t know those things, but I know one thing, you always win. Okay, I am in, I am on your side now. She smiles.

GS asks WH if he wants to do it his way, just as he told him. We see the prosecutore with the witness and we cut to EJ picking out some super nice clothes.

VO – KL’s murder case is unders trial with Ko HR

GS comes to the court and smiles/nods at reporter SY.

TW starts his interrogation of the witness. He asks him if he really saw how KL died that night. The man says yes. TW says the guy who killed KL, HR gave him money? Was that really Ko HR? He says it was. TW tells him to look at this picture.

The picture is on a TV and he asks the man if he recognizes where it is. The scene is the scene he saw, it was snowing a lot and he checked his wharehouse becasue of all the snow and he saw the case right? So where did you see it? He says it was around the entrance. TW wants toknow where the two people fought. He says inside somewhere with a steel post. Then where wat HR’s car parked? But the man does’t really know…inside somewhere. Was it nex to the car with the dead bosy? I don’t know…I couldn’t see it exactly. But you saw everything and HR’s fae but you don’t know where the car was parked? I didn’t see it well. Well, it could happen, the memory can change and become fabricated. OBJECTION. The next picture comes up, it is nighttime and you can’t see anything. It is the same place that the case happened at the same time. It is very dark. The witness says he knows. TW asks him one more time, which side where the two poeple on, where was HR’s car? The man says it was as he told them, next to the steal post. So you see a steel post? You didn’t see anything because you can’t see it! OBJECTION. Only two lights were up because of the protest and it was snowing and the weather wasn’t good, but you even see the people behind the light, it doens’t make any sense, from yur side you can’t see anything due to the light. Are you telling me that I am lying? YES, that is my question, why are you lying. You retired from that high school, HR covered that high school before, there was corruption right? Is that true?

The man is caught, he is gripping his hands tightly

TW – Is that true?

Witness – That was fake! They wanted to make news so they fabricated it and kicked me out!

TW – so you wnated to get your revenge on HR and lied about this

W – HR started this first! She lied first!

TW – So you testified to get your revenge out on HR, you lied!

W – I didn’t lie, I told you what I saw.

TW – Judge, your highness, can I have another testimony, I have another person that can testify their relationship between HR and the witness

TW has another witness, but WH objects. TW says this is a person that can testify the relationship between the two, the News Room Director, Jang Gyu-suk.

Jang GS gets up and goes to the seat.

TW – how long have you been there?
GS – 8 years
TW – so you should know everything about HR
GS – yes
TW – have you heard this witnesses name?
GS – 4 yeara ago, he was the principal of that scandal and he was fired after HR broke the news and he sued against the news room
TW – sued, so who was the law firm for him
GS – KangYul lawfirm, they almost broke our JBC news team, but Oh Min Chul lost the case, HR told all the truth and didn’t do anything illegal.

TW – is that it
GS – no, we got a handwritten letter, but the letter was cruel, KHR, I will kill you and you should lose everything, I will harrass you until I die
TW – you remember it well
GS – yes I read it again
TW – you still have it?
GS – yes I can put it in testimony
TW – we can change the sitness
GS – after the construction company bribery case, she was arrested without any evidence and the trial happened after the senator went to jail, the court was formed very fast and it was all related to HR, do you think this is a coincidence? If soemone fabricated this case, then everything in this courtroom and all the supressing of the media and killing media we feel sorry about this case and depending on the results, we will respond to it strongly.

Everyone is the court looks shocked. WH looks concerned and contemplative as well.

Flashback to GS and WH’s conversation, will he blame everything or follow his suggestion. Is he threatening him, no, he is just a director, how can he threaten a prosecutore, but they are making up everything so he won’t just show un true things on the news. The world has changed, would you like to try it?

Back to the court, does the prosecution have any questions for the witness? Everything is quiet as he thinks about this and looks from the judge to GS. He has no questions.

HR smiles, EJ looks like EJ, the reporter friend is happilu stunned and teh court grows loud.

WH leaves and throws his paperwork on the table. The witness wants to know what will happen. WH yells at this witness, why didn’t he tellhim this! The witness starts talking about KangYul. But he tells him to SHut Up! and he closes the door. He tells him not to talk about KangYul there, does he want to end his life? ALl the while, the camera man is recording their conversation.

Cut to TW and HR and KC talking about how hard it was for the camera man to take those photos. It was so hard and cold, he had to use his chin to click the camera. he is happy that his effort helped the case. He says he will wit at the cafe and drink some coffee. He tells them to have a good time and he leaves.

But TW is a bit serious as he looks at HR. HR thanks him so much until this point. TW says the case hasn’t ended yet, so they shouldn’t be too relaxed until the final. She hugs him and says that everything will go okay. He hugs her back and says, yes, it should be. But he looks a bit concerned and withdrawn.

A bunch of detectives are sitting and talking to some bus drivers. Soemone wanted to go to a strange place, driver Chae took someone there. They want to know who driver Chae is and SJ goes to meet him. He says he drove for 15 years there but it was the first time someone wante to go there in 15 years. SJ gives this man the phone and KJ is on the other end

KJ – What did he look like?

Taxi driver – Not salary man like, he had expensive clothing and he looked nice.

We see TW walking toward the detective.

KJ – Can you rmemeber anything else?

Taxi driver – It was more than 2 months ago…

TW walks past the detective and the detective turns to look at him walking away.

VO – the last defense.

Fade Out



Scene 1: The whitnes’s testimony: HR was at the site and gave money to a guy who fought Kevin Lee

Scene 2: Newsroom director asks YJ to make a special about the HR’s case. KS suspects HR’s case progressed too quickly. JW remembers where she saw the witness. They both think the case smells bad.

Scene 3: The prosecutor interrogates with KS’s video. He asks HR if she lived with Kevin.

Scene 4: TW is in shock after seeing a traffic ticket. KJ visits TW… HR tells her friend, “The best fabricated lies won’t win over truth”

Scene 5: The director tells HR he can always betray her. HR says she will continue this case till the end. She says to him that she will willingly be betrayed by him.

Scene 6: KJ interrogates TW about Kevin’s manager.

Scene 7: JW talks to YJ about HR being trapped because of the Steel company case. YJ talks to her husband (WH) and tells him not to trust the law firm. HR is recording everything.

Scene 8: KS tells JW that he respects HR and trusts her true motive. JW tells HR that she always wins and she decided to be on HR side.

Scene 9: TW integrates the witness and proves that his testimony was untrue.

Scene 10: The director testifies for HR and says that the witness has old grudges toward HR. He also says HR’s case is fabricated and suppresses journalism.

Scene 11: WH accepts the director’s suggestion and decides not to interrogate the director as a witness.

Scene 12: TW and HR talk about the case, HR is relieved. Detective SJ asks a taxi driver about a guy with an expensive suit that asked him to drive somewhere.

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    Anyone wanna bet that the witness is in some kind of financial trouble and he is currently being paid to say that? lol

  7. Hello97
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    What do y’all think about that ticket that TW hid from the Detective! I feel like TW didn’t kill KL, but I do think he might have fought him!

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    The camera cuts to EJ who is also having a hard time looking straight.

    KJ – A comparative feeling of losing something when compared to someone else.”
    Sound more like EJ is the murderer to me. She got the brooch after meeting HR. By this, she could destroy both of them, her husband and HR at the same time.

    • V
      March 16, 2018 / 9:11 pm

      OMG, yes. That describes EJ perfectly! I am starting to feel like this is a big conspiracy with the Han Steel company. Perhaps someone killed Kevin Lee (maybe EJ) and Han Steel somehow knew about it and decided to use that moment to get rid of HR and have been planning this all from the beginning.

      I am starting to feel like the detective is a decoy (for the audience to follow). We are made to believe that he knows the truth or is on to something, but his guesses are off for the most part. So we are to believe that TW is the murderer, when EJ can just sit and look clean. Of course all of this is probably wrong 🙂

  20. DramaFanatic
    March 16, 2018 / 8:06 pm

    I think EJ is the real killer!! I just rewatched episode 5 and I noticed that after HR met and kissed KL in her car, she was still wearing her brooch. In fact, she was still wearing it when she met up with EJ later that night! When HR returned home that night after meeting KL in episode 4 the brooch is not seen, although, HR was not wearing her jacket/blazer that the brooch is attached too.

    And I’m beginning to feel that there is an inconsistency here somewhere, unless EJ or HR (which I highly doubt) is the killer or there’s a time jump I’m not aware of. Anyways, in episode 4, we see HR come home after meeting KL in the car etc., she sits on the couch and shaking while holding her gloves. She then gets a call from EJ who begs her to pick up on the other line. Why would EJ call HR at this time and desperately want to talk to her, if they’ve just met a little while ago where HR had to explain she was being blackmailed by KL with photo from Thailand?

    Although, I have also considered this, maybe the scene with HR returning home isn’t after meeting up with KL but on another day where she called KL from the phone booth and said she’d kill him if he kept messing with her. But that just seems to be a bit inconsistent in respect to the timeline.

    • V
      March 16, 2018 / 9:07 pm

      I like the timeline you have put together here. I agree, the key piece is the brooch, so if EJ was the last person that HR saw, it makes sense that she would have the brooch. Perhaps she took it when she collapsed on the floor crying in the bathroom?

      • DramaFanatic
        March 17, 2018 / 5:29 am

        Thanks! I think the person planting the brooch at the crime scene is either an accomplice or the real killer. I think EJ had every opportunity to take the brooch. Now, I don’t remember if HR returned home with her blazer in her hand or not that night, but she could have put the blazer around EJ when she was on the floor crying? Thus giving EJ an opportunity.
        Something definitely felt off here when I rewatched episodes 4 and 5 yesterday.

        It’s also as JW stated, just because she wasn’t seen on CCTV doesn’t mean she couldn’t have left the house. And I have a feeling that EJ is more cunning and manipulative than what she gives off. While HR and KL was in the car, EJ was quite firm with JW about her affair with KL, saying that it’ll end and all. But the next second when she meets HR she does’t know what to do, weeping and crying. Wut?! Something’s wrong with this lady!

        I think EJ could be the killer and Han steel company is using this situation to put the blame on HR and get her out of their way because of all the trouble she’s causing them.

      • DramaFanatic
        March 17, 2018 / 8:08 am

        I hope we can get some kind of a clear timeline of events of the night KL dies, but it might take too much time and slow down the drama.

  21. MistyFan
    March 17, 2018 / 6:33 am

    There was a scene of TW boarding a bus…what’s this hint? He obviously had met Kevin as well before his murder. And who’s the guy drowned in the river?

  22. MistyFan
    March 17, 2018 / 7:07 am

    There was a scene of TW boarding a bus and there was also the scene that he trembled when he read the ticket from the traffic police…what were these hidden messages? He obviously had met Kevin as well before Kevin was murdered. And in the preview scenes, who’s the guy drowned in the river?

    • DramaFanatic
      March 17, 2018 / 7:51 am

      It is very possible that TW met with KL and they had an altercation, but I honestly think that’s all there is to it. I don’t believe TW killed KL it doesn’t make any sense, why would he kill KL and leave the brooch in such plain sight at the crime scene? He wouldn’t because TW has showed several times that his love for HR has no ends.

      And I think the guy that drowned is KL’s manager. Maybe MW killed him, we don’t know for sure yet.

  23. DramaFanatic
    March 17, 2018 / 8:14 am

    I can’t really figure out if MW killed KL’s manager DH – the scene seems a bit ambiguous to me. To me it looked and sounded like MW took the wooden mallet and hit the floor, but TW’s expression tells me something different. He looked really horrified.

    If MW didn’t kill DH, I could believe that DH committed suicide by drowning himself in Han River.

  24. March 17, 2018 / 10:22 am

    I am more confused than ever before. Need a clear brain to process and rationalize all this new developments!! Man I LOVE this show. More coffee.

  25. Rae
    March 17, 2018 / 1:33 pm

    HR is pregnant, that is why she faints. TW fought Kevin but did not kill him, EJ killed her husband. Kudos to Director for his testimony. I literally jumped up and applauded while he was testifying. TW is perfect –he is gorgeous, loyal, a great dresser — a murderer?? Not!!

    • March 17, 2018 / 5:27 pm

      I would like to think Misty is about good and evil and that HR and her husband and all those supporting them are on the good side and then the Steel Company are the evils. A fairy tale ending would be HR and TW having a baby. Yes, for once I am hoping for a happy ending to this great show.

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