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Misty Live Recap Episode 10

Live recap for episode 10 of the Korean drama Misty starring Kim Nam Joo and Ji Jin Hee
Ji-won is the woman of the moment. She was instrumental in protecting the files on the steel and construction companies and she was the last person to call Kevin Lee on the night of his murder. Was she the killer…or did she just want a booty call? Hae-ran is free and will (hopefully) have a moment of quiet comfort with TW at home, but EJ is all alone and in a seemingly unending spiral from bad to worse. The preview yesterday was cray, but I’m pretty sure todays episode will be crazier.

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Shorthand: Misty Character Chart
Ko Hae-ran – HR | Kang Tae-wook – TW | Yoon Song-yi – SY | Jung Ki-chan – KC | Ha Myung-woo – MW | Han Ji-won – JW | Lee Jae-young (Kevin Lee) – JY | Seo Eun-joo – EJ | Jang Gyu-suk – GS | Oh Dae-woong – DW | Lee Yeon-jong – YJ | Kwak Ki-suk – KS | Kang Ki-jun – KJ | Choi Ki-sub – CKS | Park Sung-jae – SJ | Byun Woo-hyun – WH

How To Watch (later): On Demand Korea (N&S America), Viu (Asia/Pacific), Dramafever
Airing Time: March 3rd, 23:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKETU

EJ walks the night street of Seoul as it snows. She stops and looks at a news program, HR has been released after 48 hours. She sees TW holding her and walking through the barrage of cameras into their waiting car.

TW puts her in the car and all the cameramen ask TW if he wants to say anything, will he appeal the case? TW says that he feels sorry for Kevin Lees accident and hopefully all the questions are answered about that case, that is all we need. He hopes there are no more rumors around HR about the case.

He gets in the car and they drive off. Meanwhile, EJ is walking around like a broken person. She thinks back to her interrogation. She asks WH if HR will go to jail now and WH tells her that they can’t trap her with only what she says. EJ is shocked at this, what she says doesn’t matter? WH says that it isn’t enough. But EJ says that HR called her husband, it is true! WH tells her to just go home and wait. But EJ asks him if they are even going to put her in jail? WH tells her that they will consider her testimony and she can go home now.

Back to the street, EJ keeps thinking back on what happened that day, she thinks back to what TW told her…nothing happened between them, he loves his wife, he loves that woman! EJ starts to keel over in pain. She crumples to the ground in deep pain.

Cut to TW driving his wife home in silence. HR turns to look in the back seat and asks what the flowers are for. He says that he bought it to celebrate her Blue House job. Then she asks him what happened to his hand and he says nothing, he is fine…when time passes, it will heal. HR wants to know if TW is really okay, but he just lovingly says that she should be very tired and she should just take a nap.

Meanwhile, a small group gathers around EJ, they ask her if she is okay and someone says they should call an ambulance. EJ passes out.


HR wakes up to a peaceful morning. She walks to the kitchen and sees some food that her husband put out for her. He left her a not as well and tells her that he had to go out.

TW tells his father that HR is his daughter in law even if he doesn’t approve of her. They accuse her of murder. The father and son have a back and forth about all that is going on. TW basically tells his father that these people F’d him also, even though he has this high position. Father wants to know how long TW will be involved and he says he will be involved to the end. He will protect her father!

HR goes to work!

She walks through the company like a boss and no one knows what in the hell is going on. But JW and the cameraman look happy. HR meets GS, he said that he thought she would take a break. But she said that she didn’t have time, she slides over a manila envelope and says that the same people are involved in this company case as they were in 2013 and now. GS says that they aren’t a match for all their prosecutor teams. HR says that they are suppressing the media the media shouldn’t bow to power. They want to know what she will do and she says that she will kill those bad guys. Does she have a plan? She says that she will slash Jung Dae-han first.

Cut to HR talking to her reported friend. The friend thinks she is crazy, the friend tried the same thing in 2013 and that is why she was fired. She quit and moved to the media but she is still alive and has a job as a reporter because the news wasn’t released. It is the same guy, right? He is not worth putting your life on the line for. Just ignore it this time.

HR says that she was accused of murder, she has nothing to lose anymore. She has nothing to protect, she was sorry when she was a young anchor and wasn’t on the reporter friends side back then, she wants to repay that debt right now. So give her all her sources about Jung Dae-han. HR says that she will protect SY and not report the source, with a smile. SY smiles back and calls her crazy.

WH is getting a new hole ripped by his supervisor. The supervisor tells him he needs to find a criminal or make one up, just give him on! WH rages at his desk.

They are quieter and thinking. They say that they touched a media person, if this matter gets bigger, then someone needs to be responsible for it. Perhaps KJ won’t be able to retire gracefully. SJ apologizes to KJ, he should have checked that JW made the call. All the other detectives are mad because their bosses told them to do this, but now they are all getting blamed for it. KJ tells SJ to get to it now and the other detective asks KJ what he will do now. KJ says that he will take a moment to clear his mind to find out what he missed. He missed something….what did he miss.

EJ is in the hospital starring at the news about HR’s release. Then she flashes back to right after her fall. The hospital tells her that the baby didn’t make it. She is sorry to tell her that. EJ starts to cry. Then we cut back to her looking at TW and HR on the news. She thinks that HR is safe again this time even though she lost everything. This is so unfair.

All the news people are in the coffee area and wonder what HR will do now. Then HR comes in and drinks her coffee. They see her coming in and leave awkwardly. GS comes in and tells HR that all the news team talks about her a lot too, she just has to endure that also. HR thanks GS for being in detention because the director wants to protect her. GS moved HR’s desk to the archive room for now.

HR goes to the archive room and the cameraman tells her that she shouldn’t be there, she didn’t do anything wrong. Should he move his desk there too? But HR says it is okay and asks to see him and JW. HR has the USB and they wonder how she has it. They also wonder about the director.

Flashback to GS telling HR that the senator has people everywhere, they will stop her from broadcasting it. But HR says that they will do it, they didn’t shut him down back then and that is why this man is so powerful now.

HR tells her tiny team that GS is on their side. He is on the side of the news. Then they say they need to find that girl. Cut to HR talking to reporter SY. Jun Dae-han likes woman and money, but it would be better to show the women side. They use this hotel room a lot. SY gives HR the room information and HR looks at it intently.

We see the politician walking to the VIP 15th floor. The hotel blocks all the reservations on the 15th floor, only this politician can use it. SY voices over what happens. Money and the woman should be there waiting for him. We see a girl come out in a robe and the politician smiles.

HR tells her team that all this is going down today. They have 30 minutes. Their opponent is Jun Dae-han. If they are successful then they will have backlash, both of them might be harmed so if they are scared then they don’t have to do it. But JW tells her that she was the one who wanted to start this case, she isn’t helping HR, she is just doing her job. CM says he is helping them and they leave, but HR calls to JW.

The team manager sees HR talking to JW and wonders what they are doing, but then GS comes out from the bathroom and wonders what he is doing, give him the script. The team manager asks GS what he will do with HR and GS says that he is in detention, what more can he do. The team manager says the mood is all bad because of her, but GS just tells him that the script is all bad and stop worrying about other peoples business.

Team manager find JW and asks her if she is still investigating the case? He tells her that she just became an anchor, is she going to lose everything for HR? Think. They aren’t honorable reporters because they don’t know about these things, it is because they only have one life. JW leaves anyway and the manager looks at her walk off.

Somebody is voicing over that they already talked to the police about it. Someone reported that someone is selling sex in the hotel. The cameraman is there as well (it is their plan and he has a hidden camera). HR is in a van looking at the hidden camera. But then a hotel person looks at her car, he is suspicious of her and calls someone to tell them that a person from that broadcast is there. The hotel calls the VP and says that he thinks the media is all moving together.

AH! It looks like the team manager might be a mole! he was in the office with the VP. The VP tells the team manager to call JW. JW has the call but answers slowly, it is the VP on the phone instead of the manager. The VP yells at her, what is she doing! Just stop everything and come back! JW tells him that they have the report. But the VP just threatens her with the pictures of Kevin Lee. He blocked those pictures so she will succeed. Just come back now!

JW gets off the phone, she looks angry and shaken. We flashback to HR telling JW that she will have the most pressure because she is the one with the most effect. She was worried about losing the seat because she couldn’t even save her friend. But she resisted the pressure after that even though it kept coming. She tells JW to not drop to the pressure.

JW is in a critical moment right now, will she drop to the pressure or not?

Meanwhile, the cameraman is following the police around the hotel. The hotel person shows the police the hotel suite, it is empty. The police look around and don’t find anything amiss. The cameraman calls HR and tells her that the room is empty, there is no senator and no girl. But then a hotel person sees the cameraman and asks him what he is doing there.

HR looks up from the car and goes outside by herself. She steps out in her high heels and approaches the hotel.

Meanwhile, the cameraman tells the hotel person that he is accompanying the police team. But the hotel person tells him to go back. The hotel man tells the cameraman to leave and bring a warrant. CM tells HR that he has to leave and HR asks where JW is. JW shows up at that moment and says that she will do it, she hates it when someone steps over her, sunbae. JW gets into the elevator and JW and HR have a moment as they smile at each other.


The hotel tells the cameraman to leave before he sues him for stopping their business. Then we cut to HR talking on the phone. HR says they should make them come out, wait a moment. HR goes to the fire alarm and sets it off. She turns back.

All the hotel are looking around at the ringing of the fire alarm…what happened…what happened. Everyone starts to come out of their rooms frantically. JW stays inside and hides from all these people in black suits. JW has a hidden camera also and follows all the bodyguards in black suits. She sees the senator with the girl and points the hidden camera at her. She says hello, it’s strange to see you in a place like this. But the senator says to get that girl. JW records all of this. The hotel person tells the senator to go back into the room but the senator says that he doesn’t have to hide from all these little people. Whatever they do, it won’t be in the news.

JW is upset and tells the cameraman, let’s go. The cameraman pulls out his camera and they start a live broadcast on the spot with their internet news and JW starts to interview the senator. But the senator rages at her, do you know who I am! But the broadcast has gone out and everyone is looking at it now. JW tells everyone that the person caught in sex trafficking in Jung Dae-han. The senator is having sex with an underaged girl. Everyone starts talking about it.

The VP is looking at the news right now. He is quiet and contemplative. Perhaps he is thinking of ditching the senator?

The manager is going crazy too and talking about how innocent JW is, they should fire HR. But GS is so happy, he tells the manager that drama news without a script is the best. He smiles as he looks at the news and says they will cover it in more detail on news nine.

All the detectives think that JW is the best, but KJ says this isn’t JW’s doing, it is HRs. She has done all this even though she hasn’t been released for 24 hours. He thinks back to what HR told him, she isn’t going to just let this 48 hours go. KJ wants to know what she will do, use the news as revenge? HR says that the news made her into a murderer.

GS talks to the VP. GS says that he has kept his job for so long because he is always on the side of the public, will, this senator will be out. The rich lawyer gets a call, they think the politician won’t survive this.

Meanwhile, HR walks through the JBC news team. GS calls to HR and secretly gives her a thumbs up. She smiles and walks to her office in the supply room. There are sticky notes shaped like a heart that tells her that she is the best and they love her. Tell them if she needs help. HR starts to tear up and gets a call from her friend SY.

Right now it is the 9 o’clock news and SY tells her to listen. All the people in the cafe talk about this dirty man sleeping with underaged girls. SY talks to SY and says that a crazy girl revealed this so frankly…but she is actually the crazy girl. They say that SY created this politician case and HR finished it, but the news isn’t HR’s, it is SY’s. SY tells HR to just shut up and be careful, she thinks these bad guys are probably talking about how to destroy her. HR says she has nothing to lose and SY says she has TW. They get off the phone and SY shakes her head in happiness, that crazy girl.

TW is worried about something. He leaves and tells KC that they won’t be able to move to the law firm, from now on, they will be against the law firm, so prepare yourself for it. He goes home and KC thinks that life is so difficult right now.

Meanwhile, EJ has left the hospital against the doctor’s wishes. They don’t even know she left. Cut to EJ walking the street like a crazy woman. She looks at her pocket, she is holding something in her pocket. She smiles and looks up. Then we see HR walking into the lobby of JBC.


HR goes down the escalator and sees someone…her husband. She stops as she just takes him in for a moment and then walks up to him. She asks him what happened and he says that he saw what happened online. She made a big trouble, he is worried about her, she should be ready. She asks him about dinner, she is hungry, does he want to have some udon before they go home? He says he does, let’s do that.

They start to leave but then they stop, they see EJ walking toward them like a ghost. HR tells TW to just wait there for a little bit, she will talk to her. TW doesn’t want her to, but HR says it is okay.

HR approaches EJ and tells her that they should talk. Because of her, she was arrested…so she wants to hear why she did it. What was she thinking? Why did she lie? TW looks at them closely, EJ looks suspicious.

EJ tells HR to die, she whispers for HR to just die. TW calls HR’s name and HR’s head turns. EJ runs at HR with a fork and is about to stab her with it. TW runs to HR’s side…but then the mystery man comes in and stops EJ. He grabs the knife and we see these two men holding these two woman.

But it looks like EJ might know MW? He tells EJ, stop. EJ drops the fork in shock and HR looks at them both in shock.

Flashback to MW following EJ around. He saw her collapse on the street and he was the one to come rushing to her side, he told everyone to call 911 and held EJ. Then in the hospital, EJ gets the news of the miscarriage and MW is there as well, he watches EJ crying over the baby even though she didn’t see him.

Back in the lobby, EJ starts to cry as MW holds her arms back. HR is still stunned as she looks at him and TW feels that something is going on here.

We cut to TW opening the door for HR. He asks her if she is really okay. But HR just says that she is sorry…she can’t eat dinner with him. He says that he will order a restraining order against EJ. HR says she he doesn’t have to do that, they can just leave it alone and not make it noisy. TW wants to know why; HR isn’t afraid of someone like the politician so what is going on?

HR says that no one cares about her own feelings so she thinks that it is better to avoid this situation than to face it. But she is sorry that she is so cranky, she will take a little break. She goes to her room and TW watches her shut the door. But then he pulls out his phone and calls the mystery man. The mystery man doesn’t answer.

TW goes into his own office and wonders why the mystery man didn’t accept his phone call.

Meanwhile, HR is in her room

HR – How, why were you there?

We cut back to the mystery man, MW. He is standing on the street and looking down it.

JW is getting into her car in the garage and sees KJ. She asks what this is about. KJ says he has some more questions to ask her. JW is the last caller to KL’s phone. JW says, so what? KJ approaches her and asks her directly, why did she call him that late? JW wants to know why she should tell him that. KJ says, depending on her answer, she could be the prime suspect.

The rich lawyer and Construction CEO talk about HR, how could she take down the senator after only being out for less than one day? They are worried about her, but the rich lawyer says they don’t have to worry. We see WH come in, the rich lawyer asks him if he will prosecute HR? The construction company CEO will hire him after he prosecutes HR.

TW meets with EJ and talks to her about EJ harming HR. But EJ just talks about TW, how could she be more like TW? He saw everything, yet he still stands with HR. TW says that HR has nothing to do with her husband’s case but EJ isn’t convinced. TW tells her to leave and not come in front of them anymore.

But then EJ asks TW, what if this isn’t the first time….what if this isn’t the first time that HR killed someone?

We cut to HR walking outside.

EJ voices over that, TW should look up a murder case in a jewelry shop. There was a kid accused of murder back then. This stupid guy that loved HR, a one-sided love.

We see HR stop when she sees MW in front of her

That guy showed up yesterday, this guy that protected HR…that guy. TW looks off as he thinks about this and we cut to HR meeting MW.

MW – I haven’t seen you for a while HR
HR – (tearing) Hello Myung-woo

They look at each other for a moment as they stand outside.

TW and EJ look at each other, but TW slowly turns and leaves the hospital room.

Fade Out

PREVIEW (quick translation)

I was wondering why the police suspect HR
You will never remove …from him
Go back to 7 years ago, I lived as your husband
I won’t forget you
. [VP wants to create a war between HR and the director so GS won’t be on HR’s side anymore]
Leave TW, just leave him
I love you, but I am not confident TW…I think I love you Kang TW


TW arrives at HR’s workplace and asks where Ko HR anchors seat is. We cut to him walking to it apprehensively. He sees HR sitting in the archive room, leaning against the corner of her desk. Her head is down.

VO – When you start to love someone, because of that love, sometimes you feel very small. Lawyer Kang Tae-wook, what do you want to protect now? Hae-ran or your own pride?

Hae-ran turns her head and sees TW standing there, she is startled

HR – Tae-wook-shi, what is the occassion?
TW – Is that your desk?
HR – This is just for looks (formality). Let’s go to the first floor cafe. Let’s go.

HR walks off and walks past TW, but then TW runs to catch up.

TW – Hae-ran ah!
HR – Why?
TW – I thought it over again and again, but I am not confident. If I go back to that moment seven years ago, I am not confident that I would give you up (he would make the same choice). I lived as your husband for 7 years and I am still like that. I still want to have you.

He slowly walks to her as she stares at him holding back tears and trying to remain composed, he holds her face with his hands and kisses her passionately in the hallway.


Scene 1: HR rides TW’s car. TW says to the media the he hopes no more rumors about HR.

Scene 2: HR comes back to the newsroom. HR prepares for her attach toward Hwan-il steel company, Gang-hae construction, and Jung Dae-han and says “I will kill them all..!” The newsroom director and her reporter friend worry about HR.

Scene 3: EJ had miscarriage and watching TV laying on the hospital bed. She watches HR on TV angrily and says “HR, you are safe this time again?”

Scene 4: HR calls JW and the camera man and puts the USB drive with the politician case. “Shall I do this with you two or not ?” HR suggest to them to counter attack Jung Dae-han (the politician)

Scene 5: JW is about to drive to the hotel to interview Jung Dae-han and the vice president of the JBC stops her from going the hotel and yelling at her “Do you want to stop doing your job?”

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    • DramaFanatic
      March 5, 2018 / 1:32 am

      I do not see HR getting back together with MW either, and EJ did say that MW had a one-sided love for HR, so maybe it wasn’t mutual feelings. MW and HR may have a strong bond, but I think from HR’s point of view, it might be gratitude or feeling sorry for MW since he either 1) took the blame for a murder HR committed (although, if HR really killed someone in high school, I believe it could’ve been accidental – gotta admit her high school personality is different from her current self) or 2) MW really killed someone who raped (??)/treated her bad.

      • V
        March 7, 2018 / 6:40 am

        I really think HR killed that guy in self defense….or maybe MW killed him? ….. or maybe they both had a hand in it, but he told HR to leave? I also think HR and MW’s bond is a gratitude bond. If he didn’t murder that man then he sacrificed his freedom for her to have her freedom. Maybe that entire situation is what toughened her up in life and made her the way she is now.

        We found out that the actor who plays MW is a bluechip of theater. It looks like this is his first drama acting role!

        • DramaFanatic
          March 7, 2018 / 7:27 am

          My thoughts exactly!

          Yes, the actor for MW called himself a rookie actor. I think DramaFever subbed a clip from Misty behind the scenes or a script reading, where all the actors/actresses humbly introduce themselves.

  26. GEControl
    March 5, 2018 / 11:56 am

    May be HR would do something like she did for KL: Kissing, even sleeping with MW, but definitely not leaving TW or breaking her marriage. HR is extremely fragile emotionally, and under certain conditions, she might want to pay back her “debt” (19 years of prison) to MW. Her spontaneous emotional burst had been happening with Kevin in Thailand, then why not with MW, who is now much more appropriate because he saved her life twice?

  27. Raw
    March 6, 2018 / 3:51 pm

    All I want is for HR to say with her devoted husband. Please, please, please!!


    • V
      March 7, 2018 / 6:36 am

      Me too!

  28. March 7, 2018 / 11:07 am

    Read there was a Press Conference re script for Final Episode being done and it will be a BIG Surprise!!!! I don’t even want to go there.

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