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Misty Live Recap Episode 1

KDrama Live Recap Misty episode 1
Misty is a quiet drama that isn’t getting a lot of buzz internationally, but I loved Kim Nam-joo ever since Queen of Housewives and I’m looking forward to seeing this comeback project. This is grown folks time over here on Bah+Doo, the first three episodes are rated +19. Plus it has a makjang feel written all over it. Definitely new territory for us.

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Shorthand: A work in progress

Airing Time: Feb. 2nd, 23:00 Seoul
Countdown: KKEUT
How To Watch: On Demand Korea (no membership required)


We open on a snowy night and a detective is looking at something. He is near a tunnel. He gets out of his car and walks to the tunnel. He is the only one around. He gets to a car wreck that looks like it happened a while ago. The windows are all busted and the airbag went off. He quietly looks at this wreck and then he imagines how the crash happened. The car was driving and hit the post hard.

Another man runs up and says that he is there. This man is a police officer also, but not a detective. The detective keeps looking at the wreckage. Perhaps he sees something strange? He thinks he might have seen something that is the victims…

Another car is driving and the driver has the hands of a woman. This woman gets out of the car and opens her umbrella, we don’t know who it is, but she has purple high heels. She walks up to a building and two men are waiting for her, shocked. Finally, they tell her, “This way.”

They are at the police station and everyone is talking about how this person is so stylish and how she is too much for them. The other detectives think that this is out of Kang Ki-jun’s league. Perhaps he needs help. But Ki-jun just ignores him and heads down the hallway.

While walking down the hall he stops and thinks. He is looking at some paperwork and then he goes inside the interrogation room.

There is someone in the interrogation room. Mrs. Ko Hae-ran, our main star. He asks if she saw it. HR says that yes, she is Ko Hae-ran. She asks for this interrogation to finish in 30 minutes so she can be on time for the live news. She is very composed and stylish. All of the other detectives go crazy for her in the watching room, but the detective that is interrogating her keeps a stoic face.

The detective asks HR if she knows this man, and he holds up a picture. Flashback of a love scene in water. he asks if she knows him again. Another flashback of a love scene in a bedroom where the man says that he loves her. Montage of lovemaking and of HR putting on makeup in all of her intricate parts. The man who is her lover has a large scar on his arm, but we don’t see his face. She thinks, “Eunnie….Hae ran Eunnie”

She snaps out of her dream. Her makeup artist was calling her name and she is in the makeup chair.

HR is getting an award and the makeup artist thinks that HR must be nervous, but she shouldn’t be because she gets this award every year.


HR is at the award ceremony looking gorgeous. Her hoobaes tell her congratulations but HR says that she is there to give an award, but she is also getting an award. This is the first time that will happen. But HR says that there are a lot of Hoobaes around so you never know what will happen.

Cut to Ji-won, her rival. Ji-won is also in the makeup chair with the same makeup artist. She asks for a good look for tonight.

HR is waiting behind the scenes to give or receive her award. A man tells her that he sneaked peaked who won, so she shouldn’t be too surprised. But it looks like she might not win it. HR goes to the podium and starts to present the award. She is given the envelope and she is about to announce this year’s journalist of the year. The journalist of the year is…….(her hands are shaking)…..she composes herself and looks at Han Ji-won. She waits and doesn’t say anything and then looks at the man who is on stage with her. The man smiles and says “Go Hae-ran” and HR smiles and bows. The man from behind the scenes says that he is sorry, he was just joking.

Flowers are given to HR and Ji-won is also on the podium with her, but all the photos are focused on Han Ji-won, not Hae-ran.

Cut to someone looking at their cellphone. There are a lot of bad replies for Hae-ran on the internet. It looks like her news department is ditching her? HR takes the phone from the person (makeup artist?) and calls the news person who wrote it.

She relaxes after talking to him in her chair and then J-won comes in and sits. They talk to each back and forth, but it is in an underhanded nice sort of way and HR says that she has to leave.

HR leaves and walks down the hall. Someone calls her and tells her that she has to come back come back! She is wondering what is happening, but she calls the reporter and tells him that she has something urgent that came up and has to leave. She takes a taxi somewhere.

Our main actor, Tae-wook is busy at his job. He is the defender of a foreigner who is about to be sent to jail or thrown out of the company. But the owner of the company that the foreigner works for didn’t pay this person for like 2 years. This foreigner hit his boss, so he should be punished. But the boss should be punished also because he also did something illegal.

Cut to the hallway. Tae-wook says that he hates people who take advantage of others. he wants to sue all those rich people who do that. then they can take care of their office.

HR is at a nursing home visiting a woman. Perhaps this is her mother? her mother might not be in her right mind, her mother starts to hit her and tell her that she is not 25 years old anymore, she is almost in her 30’s, almost 40’s, she needs to take care of herself. The mother thinks that HR is in her 20’s perhaps? The mother tells her that babies will drag her down. HR starts to plead with her mother but her mother just says that she will keep HR’s secret to her grave. HR just needs to live pretty like a flower. But HR doesn’t know what her mother is talking about. She asks her as much. But the mother just says, “Shhhh, my daughter doesn’t know that I know that.” She gets up and leaves and HR looks stunned as she watches her mother.

The team is talking about how HR isn’t there yet. They are wondering where she is, is she celebrating with her husband? They say that it is a good day, she got the award. The main person yells at everyone and says that HR got the award because she can finish things nicely! But HR comes in and all the talk stops. Dae-won talks to HR and she says that he doesn’t have to talk so loudly, she can hear him fine.

Cut to HR walking around the office. She goes to the makeup room and the makeup artist tells her that she took this outfit for her. But HR tells her that she wants to go brighter, as lively as possible today. The makeup artist says, “Okay Eunnie,” and we cut to someone running through the studio. He has some paperwork and he is delivering it to everyone in the studio. It is a montage of all the things that go on in a newsroom and HR is casually walking to the news desk.

She sits at the desk and gets situated. All the cameras go to her and the producer tells everyone to standby. The producer says that HR looks pretty today, she is wearing too much, is she doing a fashion show? HR tells him that the headline today is that 2 people already died, so it is not a good mood for jocking.

The sub comes in and it is Han Ji-won. She sits next to HR and the producer says that he will support her 100% so she needs to be confident. Ji-won says, “Thank you,” but then looks slyly at HR.

They start talking on-air and everyone thinks that HR is always so cool looking.

Cit to Tae-wook outside. he sees his wife on one of the huge big screens while driving and someone jokes to him that he looks at his wife so warmly, but it isn’t really a warm look, more of a longing look. he drives off.

Cut back to the news program. HR asks Ji-won a question on air and it catches Ji-won off guard. HR answers the question herself, but then JW starts to talk back. HR wants to know the solution and asks JW this again. They are having a faceoff on air and HR is serious as she looks at JW. She asks JW is she investigated how to solve the root cause of the problem. But HR was actually supposed to say, “Thank you JW,” and that was the end. But now all hell has broken loose.

HR – So you did not investigate that reporter, JW?
JW – We should investigate it some more.
HR – A deep investigation, please do that.

Then HR cuts to the US open news and says that Lee Jae-young won the tournament and is a superstar. They know that he is Korean blooded, but we don’t know much else about him.

HR is in the main director’s office and he is asking her why she did that. HR basically says she did it to keep JW on her toes. Then they start to talk about having a new anchor. HR says that she is the number one person and they will lose a lot of people. The director really wants to add a new face so the viewership will increase, but HR doesn’t want this at all. The director says that she should do as he says because they are the ones that made her famous, not her smartness.

His office looks pretty poor and TW and his partner KC are talking about how TW doesn’t make money anymore. he used to make a lot of money, but now that he because a public defender, he doesn’t make any money, doesn’t that make his wife upset at him? But TW doesn’t respond, he just warmly smiles and they keep eating.

Cut to HR being driven home. She sees all the online news articles about people who want her replaced and she closes her eyes and thinks back to a love scene with her lover on the beach. She is deep in this dream. The driver tells her “customer, customer” and she snaps out of it. Then she wonders why she is having these dreams, is she not satisfied or something? The driver tells her that he likes her news and she smiles and says thank you. Then she goes inside to her home.

Her home is amazingly gorgeous with neutral tones and a lot of greys. There is grey everywhere. HR looks so tired and lays down on the couch. She hears someone say “Saranghae” in her head and she thinks that she is going crazy. Then someone comes in and HR hops up. It is her Mother-in-law and it looks like they don’t have the best relationship.

Omoni tells HR that she needs to keep her body warm so she can have children. She heard that the problem isn’t with TW…and she tells HR that she should take this medicine to help her have kids.

Cut to HR sitting at the table with this medicine. Omoni has since left and TW comes in.

HR – Omoni came, the day comes very regularly

She offers a drink and TW tells her, “Later.”

HR – Well, I tried.

HR pours the drink into the sink and washes it down the drain. TW goes to his office and looks like he is deep in thought.

He starts to work on his computer, the screen image on his computer is of HR smiling and looking very bright and happy. It looks like he might miss this woman. He opens up some files on the computer and starts to work again.

Meanwhile, HR is at the gym and all the news programs are talking about the golfer. HR looks at it and drinks her water.

HR comes into her office looking determined and super fierce. The new reporter is on air right now, she is taking over the morning news program and she looks youthful and vibrant. The director tells her that she looks so bright and youthful and she did a great job. He tells his #2 that they need to get ready for the season change.

Cut to a meeting about the news. Everyone is sitting around a long table and talking about the golfer, Kevin Lee. The director says that if anyone gets a hold of Kevin Lee, they will be promoted. Everyone is trying to find Kevin Lee. Then he says that HR will take over a documentary program. Everyone else at the table looks like “Ooooooooo” as they look at HR. Someone asks, what about the news? JW says that she will be happy to take it over. The director says that is great our news will be revived.

But then HR says, “The Kevin Lee interview, would that be enough?” and she smiles as she looks up at the director.


We are back at the meeting

HR – Kevin Lee news 9 exclusive interview…is that enough?
D – Wait a second, what did you say?
HR – Kevin Lee exclusive interview next Monday. I am trying to do it and I need to be on news 9 if you want it.

The director looks at HR and sits back in his chair.

Cut to a separate meeting where the director tells her that she is bluffing. She is bluffing! But HR just sits calmly and composed and says that she can get it. The director yells at her, “If she can’t do it then she is fired, from the company.” HR agrees.

Afterward, a journalist says that she has to be bluffing, Kevin Lee? That is impossible. But HR just comes back at him and says that she has done this for a long time and she knows what she is doing. They get into an argument. The man thinks she is disgraceful to stay in her position, but HR says that the real disgrace is being a pushover because she pushed him seven years ago and he fell over. That is the real disgrace. Then she says that she will do the interview, bye. The other guy gets angry and reacts to some paperwork.

HR gets busy working on Kevin Lee. She sits at her desk and starts to look at all the images and videos of Kevin Lee. Kevin Lee always wears hats and doesn’t have a clear face shot in any of these images. But perhaps she sees the scar on his arm, her eyes get a little wider.

But then someone comes in, it is another reporter who is with the sports team. They tell HR that she is crossing over into their boundary to survive. They knead her about it and then HR stands up and says that she is famous for give and take. She gives with her ability and gets recognized for it. But her sports sunbae does not do that so that is why he is not recognized for his ability or personality and she can’t listen to him anymore. She struts off and the man gets upset and yells at the other man, “What are you looking at!”

HR goes to the restroom to freshen up and JW is there. JW washes her hands and slyly sprays water on HR. She smiles and says for her to just wipe it off. But HR tells JW that she should be sorry about it. HR wants JW to be sorry for taking her position. But JW tells her to not be greedy at her age and she leaves. But HR says, “JW, do you think your use is your ability or talent? If you are confident, then just sit there.”

JW says that she is trying and bows at HR and leaves. But HR just smiles a little and folds her arms as she looks in the mirror.

Someone else comes out of the bathroom and says that it is really good to poop and let it all out. They have a back and forth talk with the woman doing most of the talking about losing weight and feeling better. HR isn’t really talking to her though. Then this girl brings up a meeting and it looks like HR didn’t know about it. But HR plays it off and says that she knows about it and her and her husband can go together.

They both arrive to the dinner meeting among colleagues, but they arrive separately and meet just outside the dining area. The table is whispering that they came together, they came together. HR tells TW that they need to pretend that they are doing well and she smiles as they both walk to the table.

While at the table the women start to mock HR about not having kids….”Couples who do well should have kids…..” But HR just addresses it and says that she is trying to be healthy for babies. Meanwhile, TW is quiet and stern as he sits there and drinks his wine.

it looks like this is a meeting of lawyer hoobaes and sunbaes perhaps? Maybe from school. The other people say that TW is always winning. HR says that she supports TW decision because he doesn’t just bow to power and she supports him and he will eventually win. Then she addresses her husband and puts her hand on his arm, “Don’t you agree?” But he just casually pulls his arm away and drinks his drink.

The three woman are inside the bathroom and talking about HR. They talk about how they used to be an anchor but she forgot about that now and she is happy with a kid and all those things. HR listens to this outside the bathroom.

Cut to HR and TW going home in two different cars.


At home, TW is in his office and HR goes inside his office as well. She storms in.

HR – Can you stand it that much, do you have to be like that? I am not asking you for a lot, can’t you just pass?

But TW just sits down.

HR – Public defender, your own will, and justice. F you, you can do all of that because you are from a good family and your wife is wealthy. But F you. You can’t even read your own wife’s mind. How can I deal with your mom coming to visit us every ovulation day?

TW – Then just quit. But you quit our little baby. You are good at cruelly quitting, our little baby wanted to come into the world. I don’t expect anything from you, so don’t expect anything from me. I am only waiting for you to say that you don’t need me anymore. I am not going to do any more of that.

Cut to HR in her dressing room. She is taking off her dress and she pauses and looks at herself in the mirror. She throws her hands down and rests them on her makeup area. She thinks that it is so difficult to leave and then she picks up some hard liquor and walks to the mirror and drinks it. She drinks straight from the bottle and sits on the floor in her massive closet.

There is an emergency scene at a hospital. It looks like HR’s mother had a heart attack. They are giving her CPR to revive her. HR gets a phone call in her drunken stupor. The person says that Kevin Lee is coming to Korea, he will be here two hours later! But it is super congested because it is rush hour. HR says that she will be there right away. She grabs all of her stuff and leaves.

But the husband grabs her hand and pulls her around. They look at each other.

TW – HR, your mother…

Cut to the mother, it looks like she is still alive, but she won’t survive too long.

TW – Let’s go (to see her mom)

Montage of everything that happened to HR in the last couple days with her job and Kevin Lee. She will be fired if she doesn’t get Kevin Lee.

TW – Hae-ran….
HR – No, I can’t, If I go there…I have to catch someone, she won’t survive…
TW – HR, where is your bottom!

HR leaves and drives to the airport. She tries not to cry while she is driving, but she can’t hold it back. She stops the car at the intersection of the hospital or the airport. Cars are honking at her and driving by. She doesn’t know which way to go. She puts her hand in her hair as she contemplates this. But then she gets her resolve and she starts to drive. She is going to the airport!

The mom dies and the hospital workers cover her face with a blanket. TW is there alone with his mother-in-law.

HR is all disheveled at the airport. She is walking through the terminal and drunkenly trying to get by. The words of her husband and others are echoing in her head, “Where is your bottom, how much can you do?” She turns as she walks through the airport. She is barely able to stand.

But then someone runs into her and she falls to the ground.

This person asks her if she is okay and picks her up. She says she is okay and then pauses as she sees the scar on his arm. Flashbacks of lovemaking scenes go through her mind. Her and this mystery man look at each other. This mystery man is wearing sunglasses, he takes them off and he looks at her. Now we finally see a montage of this mystery mans face in the love scenes. It is the same man.

We are back to the beginning of the episode. The detective asks if she knows who this man is. HR says that he is Kevin Lee and she did an exclusive interview with him. The detective wants to know if she knew him before and she says that she didn’t. Then the detective asks her if she knows this woman? He holds up a photo.

Cut to the airport. This woman is there as well. She hops to Kevin Lee’s side and sees HR. She exclaims, “Ko Hae-ran!” and smiles at her brightly.

Cut to the interrogation. HR says that they were highschool friends. The detective wants to know when she knew that they were married. Before the exclusive interview, or after?

Cut to the airport where the friend tells her that they are married and HR has an internal flashback where she remembers the friend from the video footage of the golfer. She slowly looks at the two of them, stunned and disheveled and the two of them smile at her.

Fade Out.

Oh my gawwwwwwwd, Misty is sooooo good. How come no one else is covering this show? This first episode is the best first episode of a drama that I have seen in a very long time. I am hooked. The cinematography, acting, and the storyline is amazing. This is no makjang.

How To Watch: On Demand Korea (no membership required)


Scene #1: Opening Interrogation of Ko Hae-ran

Scene #2: Awards Ceremony

Scene #3: Flashback in the makeup chair to love making dream

Scene #4: An introduction to Kang Tae-wook in the courthouse

Scene #5: Ko Hae-ran visiting her mother in the home

Scene #6: On-air face-off between Ko Hae-ran and Han Ji-won

Scene #7: Ko Hae-ran’s confrontation with her Mother-in-law

Scene #8: Ko Hae-ran’s demotion and subsequent confrontation with the director, she says that she can deliver pro golfer Kevin Lee

Scene #9: Ko Hae-ran and Han Ji-won’s confrontation in the bathroom

Scene #10: Ko hae-ran and Kang Tae-wooks uncomfortable dinner with old collegues

Scene #11: The first scene where Ko Hae-ran is on air

Scene #12: Hae-ran’s confrontation with her husband and subsequent drinking by the window

Scene #13: Hae-ran’s confrontation with her husband. She has to decide between her dying mother or Kevin Lee.

Character Chart for the kdrama Misty

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