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Kdrama Mistresses Recap Episode 2
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This show just got even better! Ahh~, this episode was so good! It has this creepy crawly feeling to it, like it is a horror story, but it isn’t so much scary, as it is eerie. I think this show is best classified as a psychological thriller because it is really mental and it really has me wondering what is going on. I love it.

Character List (Updated): Shorthand Character List

It is nighttime and we are in a store with an ajumma looking for something. She finds some big bags and pulls them out for someone. We see that this is one of the mistresses, SY. This woman thinks that SY must be making a lot of kimchi. There is blood on SY’s dress that the ajumma mistakes for kimchi. SY tries to cover it up.

SY gets back to the warehouse and sees ES there. They chat for a moment. But then JW and HY run out, frantic. The body is gone!


Tae-oh (TO) is in a car. There is a phone call from a clients husband that TO checks. He doesn’t pick up. Hwa-young (HY) follows him as he drives around. She takes photos as she follows him to a squash game and smiles when she sees all his muscles.

Se-yeon (SY) gets a phone call. She hears, yobo……yobo…… SY thinks this is Ye-rin’s appa? Hello? Hello? But no one talks to her and SY hears the sound of water. Water starts covering the room in water stains. Then we see muddy dirt covered feet in the hallway, walking toward her room. SY tries to get out of bed, but water starts to cover the floor. She is scared and apprehensive, but she stands and slowly walks to the door of her bedroom. The dirt/mud covered feet approach the door as well, it is right on the opposite side. She opens it…. and….a hand quickly covers her mouth from behind! She is startled awake and gasps in bed. It was all a dream.

Meanwhile, JW and her husband are getting busy in bed as they try to make a baby. OCN does not hold back on the lovemaking scene. JW wants to change the pose, but he tells her that this pose is good for pregnancy. She pushes him off and tells him to stop thinking about getting her pregnant. She storms off to the bathroom. He comes in and apologizes. She says, no, she is the one that is sorry. She was a little angry. He says they are having a hard time, but let’s try some more, when we have kids, we will be the perfect family, don’t you think so? JW thinks they should check themselves out at that hospital

At ES’s office, SH reads a letter that ES wrote to his father.

Letter: The happiest moment of this year was meeting you again sonsangnim (teacher), because of you, sonsangnim, I can endure this difficult time. Thank you for being next to me this year. Thank you, I love you.

He goes into the meeting with ES. ES says his father didn’t have any women troubles? He says he will know if he sees his fathers chart. ES says he is family but she can’t show him his chart. His father was her teacher in high school. He says, now you are telling me? he laughs. ES says the reason she is telling him this is because it is difficult to be his doctor. SH knows she wants to push him out, but he says that he started to like her. She tells him that she can suggest someone else for him to have treatment with. how would he like that? he says he would like it.

ES starts to write something. SH comes up and steals that little note while her back is turned. She gives him a card of a psychologist or psychiatrist then he leaves and compares her handwriting to the letter, but it is very different.

At the cafe, a woman comes in. SY tells her that she will give her a 100% discount on the coffee. This is the woman that is opening the hair salon. This woman says that she would introduce someone to her if she knew of someone. SY says she is married and smiles. But when SY leaves, this woman starts to sip the coffee and looks a little suspicious.

DS talks to someone outside the doctors’ office, it sounds business related possibly. Then he goes back inside and sits with his wife. he says he is worried and he asks her if she is okay. He asks her if she remembers when he went to a variety show, he was voted the Sperm King. Don’t worry about a bad result, we can work together. I can help with anything. He holds her hand in comfort.

The doctor comes in and tells DS that he has a low sperm count or a no sperm count. She will explain it to him.

Cut to SD leaving the hospital angrily. He doesn’t wait on his wife.

Meanwhile, HY is still spying on TO. But this time, he spots her and smiles. She has been caught. Cut to the two of them sitting for a meal. He tells her that he hasn’t seen her for a while. She says that’s true, his taste is the same and he still remembers what she likes. He says she is not the first. She agrees. He says his wife has a problem with trust (ui-boo-chung: delusional jealousy of one’s husband). HY asks him when he noticed. He said one year ago. Was it from the beginning? He tells her to please follow him, his wife will feel ashamed if she knows that he knows. His wife doesn’t accept the fact that she is suspicious, she is always suspicious. She asks him if he has a mistress. He holds her hand and says that he begs her, can she keep it a secret? Just as she is doing, just take pictures and give it to his wife? She agrees and tells him to just let her hand go. He thanks her.

Teacher MG catches up with JW and apologizes. He thought she was not a good wife (not virtuous) and was going to a motel with another man. She clutches her notebooks and asks him if he thinks he can see the underwear of a not virtuous woman then? He says it is because it was pretty? She wonders, my underwear? She walks off but he says it was you, you are pretty, really. She pauses and turns back to look at him. Just at that moment all the students get out of class and crowd the halls.

Afterward, JW walks and talks with HY and tells her about MG. She says he wasn’t a bad guy. But she thinks it is big trouble for her. HY says she has big trouble also, TO, the guy that she regrets the most out of all the guys she dumped. that TO. She is following him around. JW thinks that is daebak. But JW says he is married. JW yells at her strictly, no, you can date any man in Korea but a married man, never!

ES meets with SY at the cafe. She tells SY that JW calls her a lot for advice. Perhaps she is having a hard time getting pregnant. SY asks about the son SH. ES says she recommended another doctor to him. they wonder if each other knew he had a son. ES says he never talked about his son, she didn’t know. Then the other four come in.

Cut to father SH looking suspiciously at the cafe. He is about to call SY. Then he sees the hair shop owner looking suspiciously at the cafe. (Actually, everyone looks suspicious in this show). Inside the cafe, the four friends are together. They wonder if the phone call SY received was from YD. SY says it was her husband’s favorite song. But they tell her that her husband is dead. She says they never found the body. That is why she didn’t go on her date? SY says it was never a date. They were just meeting as parents.

ES asks why they didn’t eat dinner together. if it wasn’t ad ate then she didn’t have to cancel the dinner appointment. But then father SH calls her phone. SY picks it up. Cut to SY eating with SY and their kids. He says they are finally eating together, he thought this would be canceled also. She apologizes, whenever they have an appointment she had to cancel. Her daughter asks her if she can play with Ah-hyun. Umma says after they eat. father says to let them play.

The kids go play but SY looks concerned. He asks SY what she would like, he will buy something for her today and next time she can buy him something expensive. It is their first date so she should let him buy it. SY says it makes her uncomfortable, he says he knows, he wonders if beer is okay? He wants to toast with her.

Afterward, SY drops SY off. Their kids are sleeping in the back. SY thanks him for dinner; he says it is refreshing to see her in the evening since they only see each other in the morning. He likes to see her in the morning, sometimes he tries to come out at the same times as her on purpose. He didn’t think he would have this kind of feeling again. But he apologizes and says, what am I talking about. SY gets the restricted number again. He asks if this is the number that she was talking about? Can he search where the number is from? His friend works for the network company. SY says she tried that before and couldn’t find it. But he says his friend should have a way.

HY is soaking in a lovely bubble bath and thinks about TO grabbing her hand at the cafe. It is on her mind. She hops out of the tub and calls someone. She asks him what he is doing and if he wants to come by. Cut to HY with the lawyer basically ripping their clothes off of each other. HY is the aggressive person in this exchange as she hops on top of him and touches all over him. She rips his chest open and kisses his body. She thinks about TO while she is doing this. He flips her over and she thinks about TO some more. But then she pushes him off. The lawyer wants to know what is wrong, he was enjoying it. But she says she wants to quit. She walks off.

Meanwhile, JY is at home alone. Her husband is not coming home. She calls him but it goes straight to the operator/voicemail. Finally, DS stumbles into the house. JW lovingly says that it is so late, she called him a lot, are you okay? Did you drink a lot? They hug each other and he slowly steps forward which pushes her backward while they embrace, but then he pushes her against the wall and starts to aggressively kiss her. But this isn’t in a loving way. He is forcing himself on her. She yells for him to stop and pushes him away. Then she asks him if he is crazy. They stare at each other as he starts to button his zipper and walk away.

ES reads a letter while at her desk at work. This letter is from her former teacher, MJ.

Letter: If someone asks me about my last year, I can tell them that it was the year that I recovered from missing someone and adored someone because I met you again. thank you for being next to me. I am also asking you to be with me this year, which may be my last year. Sorry always, and thank you.

Cut back to ES at home. She is awake and cooking dinner, not the chef. He walks in looking at his phone. She asks him if he is awake now, eat breakfast. But he just keeps walking. She sighs and asks him to try again. He asks her if she is a fool, it won’t work even if they try. She says that she is okay, she only needs him. He says this doesn’t’ work for him. He leaves.

Elsewhere, HY gives her client the pictures she took of her husband. She will give her some of her money back, there is no other woman for her husband. The client wonders if she hates her husband 24/7. They have lived together for a long time. But when she sees this (stockings) it renews her suspicions (da-jap-da: strengthens her determination). She tells HY to please do a good job, as in she wants her to keep looking at TO.

MG gives JW something while in the library. She doesn’t want it. But he tells her to accept it, he wants to give her evidence that he won’t do something stupid like that again. She wants to know, what mark? He says his next month’s credit card bill, this is way more expensive than what you might think. She opens it and sees two orchestra tickets. MG tells her to go there with her husband and tell him that he enjoyed his food. She wonders if this is for assaulting her or for lunch for the top chef. He laughs and says it is the first one. She says, okay. She leaves and he tells her to enjoy the orchestra teacher Han. She tells him that he can call her “sam” (“sam” instead of “sonsangnim” is like saying “teach” instead of “teacher”).

Tells TW, stockings. The thing she found in your car, stockings. You need to be more careful if you want to have an affair. He says next time she will show you women’s underwear that she found from his jacket pocket. It’s driving him crazy. The same thing over and over again. HY tells him to take her to the hospital, don’t take time or money. He tells HY that she gets better but then they go back over and over again. If they don’t do anything then he thinks she will leave him forever. HY doesn’t think she can continue this. She motions to leave but he grabs her arm. HY doesn’t want to be this crazy person in the middle of this couple story.

ES asks SH why he is so obsessed with his father’s chart. He knows he has a problem, but he can’t stop. he doesn’t know who killed him, he wants to know why he was killed. He doesn’t know why he is doing this. ES asks him if he went to the hospital she introduced him to. He says he lost the business card, can you write it one more time? She agrees and goes to write it. She gives him the note and he leaves right away. But she calls to him and tells him that he can come back if he needs any more of her help. He accidentally (on purpose?) leaves his phone. HY runs out to give it to him. But she sees him checking her handwriting with something

She gets to the bottom by taking the stairs and gives him his phone. He says that this is from his father’s mistress. ES checks it, the writing is really different. SH takes it back and says that it isn’t her. He sadly walks away.

It looks like SY hired the North Korean/Chinese woman as a babysitter. She gets home and the woman is there. SY wants to pay her extra, the woman doesn’t want to take it, she just wants her regular salary. SY gives it to her and says that it is a bonus (because she cleaned and did extra things). The nanny helps SY move something and we see something from the girls closet. There is a sound that wakes up the daughter. The door kind of opens. the daughter blinks at it and then smiles.

Later, SY sits on her daughter’s bed as the daughter is drawing a friend that lives in the house. SY asks her what she is talking about, someone that lives in their house? What are you talking about? She gets a phone call from SH, the restricted call is an international call from China but it is registered in Korea. It looks like it is someone that borrowed the name. he asks her if she wants the address? SY says she can go there herself.

Cut to SY going to China town in Seoul. it is a rundown part of China town. She goes to an apartment complex and hesitantly looks around for the proper address. She looks nervous as she slowly walks to the door and knocks. A man comes up from behind and speaks Chinese to her. SY tells her that she is getting some strange phone calls, the cell phone number is registered there. The man comes out and yells at her about something in Chinese and throws some bills on the floor. SY picks them up as another man comes up and talks to this Chinese man.

But then SY hears the Comrades song and runs into the room. She yells, Ye-rin appa! Ye-rin appa! She tries to run upstairs while yelling, Ye-rin appa! The Chinese man tries to pull her out but then SH shows up out of nowhere and pulls her away from these other men. But then, it becomes clear that the song might be from a radio. Afterward, SH says he was worried about her and followed her. SY talks about her husband. He was a businessman, two years ago he went to China, but he had a shipwreck. His body was never found. She got a phone call and thought that it was from her husband, she heard his favorite song on the phone and went crazy. She doesn’t know what is real anymore.

JW says she will go home. But she forgot that she has to stay late today because the other teacher gave her a break last time. So now it is her turn. She says she might not be able to make it to the orchestra, MG should go. he says there isn’t a lot of time so he can’t find anyone to go with. He thinks, let’s do this, I will do it for you (stay late with kids). She thinks he shouldn’t do that. But he says it is okay, he will switch with the teacher. The other teacher says he shouldn’t do that but MG smiles and says it is okay.

The hairdresser gives a woman (a female worker from the cafe) a lot of samples and then asks her about SY. Does she leave her business often? The girl says no, but now she has strange phone calls and is under a lot of stress now. The hairdresser is introduced int his. She asks her if she wants some strawberries, she can take a break if her owner isn’t there. the girl thinks she should go back but the hairdresser wants her to stay a little bit longer. She asks if she had the interior redone. The woman says she just modified the previous one to save money. the girl tells her that this shop had some misfortune before. But it was just a rumor. The woman asked what it was, did someone die there? The girl says, noooooo. The beauty salon owner says it would be weird to have her business where someone died. But the girl says no one died. the woman says okay and gives her strawberries to eat and then asks her about the phone call again.

TO calls HY and tells her that they should eat together. She doesn’t want to. He tells her that she shouldn’t eat like that, she should eat well in order to follow him well. He is basically watching her eat in her car from the restaurant. She goes in to eat with him and someone else takes their photo. it looks like some is following them.

SY gets home and asks where ajumma is (the nanny). There is a strange sound in her room. SY thinks back to the drawing of the kid that lives in their home. She is alarmed as she walks slowly to this strange sound. She walks into the room and looks at the closet. She slowly, very slowly approaches the closet and opens it. Nothing is there. She opens the other one. Nothing is there. Then she is about to open the next one, but someone quickly asks her what she is doing!

It is the nanny, she is there with SY’s daughter who is eating a little snack.

ES meets SH, she wants to check the handwriting on the letter. He asks her if she can show her his father’s chart. ES tells him that he wanted to have it to check her handwriting. He says he wanted to see if his father talked about him or not. he didn’t, did he? She says he did, often (but he didn’t), she tells him that he says he loved his son a lot and felt sorry a lot that he couldn’t spend enough time with him. ES asks her if she thinks she can fool him like that? he knows him well. he leaves and E sighs as he walks away.

JW waits for her husband outside. She checks her makeup and happily waits for him.

ES tells SY that the note wasn’t her handwriting, now she wonders. She isn’t jealous, but he was meeting another woman before he left his wife. Was she just one of many women? But she apologizes and says that she talks too much about herself. How are you? SY says she is a lot better now. SH watches her from far away as if he is hiding. He sighs, contemplatively.

Later, SY calls someone as she walks off from that spot. She wants to know if they have a kid with a certain name. the teacher says they don’t, but Yerin told her that she has a secret friend. SY says, okay, she understands. She runs upstairs and thinks of what her teacher told her about Yerin having a secret friend. Just as she opens the door, a child runs into the back room. Then Yerin runs out and hugs her mother. SY asks her if she just ran into her room. Yerin says she didn’t, why?

SY looks toward the back room and tells her daughter to stick with her. Yerin says Sunyi is her friend. She saw her last time. SY asks when she did? SY runs to the closet and opens the door, the girl from earlier is there. The girl runs to the nanny. SY wants to know why she is there. Nanny says she will explain….she is her daughter.

JW still waits for her husband. He doesn’t show up and doesn’t pick up her phone call. Everyone is inside now. JW goes inside her husband’s restaurant and sees him laughing with a female employee. She is trying to straighten his tie. She calls him and watches him. He doesn’t pick up. MG texts her and asks her how the concert was. JW is too rattled at the sight of her husband to respond.

MG watches his phone for signs of a text message, but there is no text message. Then he sees her walking back to the school. he runs out to her. They look at each other from the steps. She is at the bottom and he is at the top. He runs to the bottom and pulls her to his car. They start to kiss and make out a lot in the car. She stops him. But he looks at her and bites her hand softly. She starts to kiss him passionately and he pulls up her dress. They start to do the darn thing in the car. An alarm goes off which makes them stop. Red lights color the car as they stop their lovemaking.

The client is with HY. She makes her an Americano and looks at all the photos. The client wants her to continue. She pulls out panties and says that she found that in his jacket pocket. She doesn’t’ wear that cheap underwear.

ES asks Sh if he didn’t like the doctor she recommended to him. He says they should stop. the police ignored one thing, the witness, they really have a witness. When he died, a woman came out of his father’s house, someone saw it. He thinks she was the one that his father was meeting. As you noticed, I suspected you. You a still a suspect, I saw my fathers phone call list and only your numbers were erased, right? Don’t be too relaxed, but I have a prime suspect more than you. this person who wrote the letter. This handwriting, have you seen it? he shows it to her. it is very distinguishable handwriting (almost Japanese style handwriting?)

The hair shop closes. She forgot her cell phone. but then she feels strange. She sees a lot of blood marks in the room. It doesn’t phase her. She leaves as the blood marks are everywhere in the cabinet and on the ground, there is the outline of a body on the floor with the blood.

The three woman look for the disappeared dead body. They are super freaked out as they do it. SY sees blood outside and calls ES to look at it. they look at each other and then follow the blood mark. They see the body in the water and pull it out.

Inside, HY and JW are super freaked out as they walk through the warehouse. But the alarm sounds of a police car go off. The women all start running; the camera slows down their motion as they all run through the woods and through the warehouse in a hurried panic. SY and ES get to the street and chase after the police car that is driving right to the warehouse.

Fade Out

Oh my goodness, this show just got even better. It is sooooo creepy, but not in a Children of a Lesser God way. It isn’t scary, it is really eerie. It’s like, everyone is suspicious, but it feels like that is my mind making everyone suspicious and everyone isn’t actually suspicious. There are also multiple missing people/murders around that don’t seem like they are connected but they are all men whom are all related to the main women. The women are related to one murder, but the other two missing/dead men are a mystery. Ah, it is so good! We had to update the character list after this episode because there are so many side characters that appear a lot and look like they have ulterior motives.

Kdrama Mistresses Updated Short Hand Character List

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  1. Andy
    May 1, 2018 / 9:59 am

    Totally agree with your comments. It’s very eerie but in a fun way because of the flash backs and the way the murder events are unfolding. Everyone seems suspicious and I’m trying to figure things out. Haven’t used my brain so much for a kdrama since Misty

    • V
      May 1, 2018 / 10:07 am

      Me either!

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