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Mistress Recap Episode 7

Korean Drama Mistress Recap episode 7 starring Han Ga-in, Shin Hyun-bin, Choi Hee-seo, and Goo Jae-yee
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I don’t know how they pack so many twists and turns into each episode, but they somehow manage it! There is still a back and forth with who killed who. But in this episode we find out how everything is connected and it is not what I was expecting at all.

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Recap of previous episodes. SY received 2 million dollars for her husbands death from the insurance company. This causes several people to approach her. But the husband might still be alive and all the deaths look related.

The night of the murder. The four women are moving the body into the car. SY closes the trunk and the woman drive off. They are quiet in the car and no one is looking at the other person next to them. They all look straight ahead.

SY turns around and looks back at the old building for a moment.

YJ is being strangled by a mystery person. She hits her head on the wall and died. The mystery person drinks a cup of water and then leaves.


SY gets home and thinks back to what the policeman told her, they found her husbands finger prints at YJ’s crime scene. Then she gets a call. Cut to her at an apartment. She is breathing hard as she knocks on the door.

The door opens and the husband opens it. SY stares at him for a moment and then attacks him. She screams that he is alive like this! Why did he do that! i waited for you!

He says that he was almost dead, he was rescued in the sea and was unconscious. She tells him that he should have called. He says they already had the funeral when he came back. SY yells, that is why you didn’t come back?

Appa says he wanted to see them, but he remembered the insurance money. You heard it later, our company was almost bankrupt. But if I die, then you will get 2 million dollars and pay off all the debt and live without worries about money forever. If I show up then we will be happy for awhile, but what about after that? It drove me crazy because I wanted to hear your voice. I wasn’t courageous enough to tell you.

Why sis you come back! Why did you make me crazy and show up!

The police went to see you

You killed YJ?

No, that guy, SH, he killed her because no one believes that i am alive so he killed them and put my finger prints there. He will make everyone follow me and bring me out.

Nonsense, where did he get your finger prints?

maybe he searched around our house.

SY thinks back to SH searching their house.

Maybe he got my finger prints without me knowing, he is bad enough to do anything. Don’t trust him, don’t keep him close at all, do you understand.

What about you? You also lied to me.

I am sorry about Sung-hee, sorry. I can’t make any excuses about it. But i have no feelings for JS, I just wanted to be responsible for my mistake. She doesn’t’ know that I am alive and I will not let her know at all.

he gives SY a phone, there is an image on it.

Right before the hair shop owner died, they were together. Don’t keep him close to you. he is bad enough to just sacrifice someone to find me. You will be in danger also.

ES lets the son know that YJ died. He says he knows that. You called me for that? She asks if he knows that the murder weapon was a dryer chord.

So what?

ES wants to know why he double checked if she was the real killer of his father. he wants to know if she suspects him, she says no. He tells her that he wouldn’t kill her like that, he would burn her and leave no trace, just ashes.

JW is home with her husband. She smiles and asks him if he has to prepare to go out. He says no. He is reading a newspaper online. “A hair shop owner in her 50’s was killed by being strangled with a hairdryer chord”

JW goes to the bathroom and packs all her hair bathroom things as if she is going on a trip. She starts to break down as she does it. But she composes herself and tells DS that she will be back.

DS tells her not to do that anymore. Don’t cancel the appointment with just your condition. Do you have any other reason why you can’t go to the hospital? See you tonight.

SY is at home and is doing her daughters hair. Her daughter says she doesn’t feel good. SY wants to know what hurts, her tummy? Her head? her daughter tells her that she just doesn’t feel good. SY tells her to tell her teacher to call her if she continues feeling bad.

She drops her off at the bus stop and sees SH. But she drives off without speaking to him.

However, she almost gets into a wreck. SH cuts her off. He gets out and tells her that her husband’s finger prints where at the scene. SY asks her what he was doing when seh died? Aren’t you interested who the last person she met was and wether the police investigate that?

SY gets back in her car and leaves.

She goes to meet with HY and at her cafe. They talk about the hair shop owner dying and they wonder what is going on. JY comes in at that moment and tells them that she is sorry that she is so late. ES is there as well. They start to talk about how the real murderer of MJ was the hair shop owner. She almost chopped off ES’s head. IT seems like JH’s husband used his mother and girlfriend to find the real murderer of JH. The mother went to MJ’s house to check the candle and accidentally killed MJ. But when she checked the love object in the candle, it wasn’t from JH so she made the wrong assumption.

then she remembered that I counseled JH so that is why she took the recordings, to find out who the affair woman was.

But why did she open that hair shop? What about the girlfriend? What is going on? HY thinks that the husband suspected MJ and TO for JH’s murder. HY explains it all with the fruit on her plate. The girlfriend approached HY as if she is the wife (the pretty strawberry is me) she made me follow TO, that bad girl. She pushed on her work to me.

SY asks what the wife’s name is. They also had a student in the candle shop who had that name. Her name is the same as a Chinese actress, so it was easy to remember. JH’s husband suspected everyone who was in the candle shop class. So she opened the candle shop class because of SY’s husband?

TO asks HY why he can’t contact her. HY asks for the bag, inside the bag are all the candles. HY asks if this is all his wife’s candles? he says yes. HY wants to know if he has Baek Jae-hee’s candles. TO doesn’t know her. A strange woman shouldn’t give me candles. HY leaves and says she is going to TO’s fake wives house.

ES tells them that she is going to meet JH’s husband again, she will update them. JW tells her that she is going to go to the clinic. ES tells her that is good, she should know as soon as possible.

The school bus drops SY’s daughter off. The daughter immediately hugs her half-sister and they start to play together in the cafe. SY sits and watches them. She asks for Sang-hee’s mother and tells her that she is at their cafe. JS says she will pick her up now, but SY tells her that they can just play for now.

HY walks through a garage. She puts in a security camera and watches TO’s fake wife as she puts in her code. This allows her to enter the wife’s place. HY enters it and says that she has a nice place. She finds out her name and that she went to an acting university. Then she sees pictures of HY and TO dating.

SY thinks about her husband telling her that he has no feelings for JS, he is just responsible for the mistake he made. SY watches her kid playing outside with JS and her half-sister. Then she calls ES. ES says JH’s husband is not in jail, he is at his mothers funeral, so she is driving to the funeral. SY wants to go there with her. ES says she doesn’t’ have a babysitter though….SY looks at JS.

JW is getting her child’s parentage checked. She gives the clinic woman her husbands toothbrush that she took from their bathroom. Later on, MG talks to JW in the library. They talk about the baby and how JW should be careful since she is pregnant. He tells her not to worry because he doesn’t’ want anyone to matter in their life.

The son is the only one at the funeral. ES and SY show up. He is angry that they are there, how dare they come here? They apologize to him. But ES starts raging at ES, he grabs her by the collar and says that guy killed JH and my mother! Tell me who that person is before I kill you! Tell me! He has to be pulled off of her by the cops.

HY waits for HR at her house. HR thinks she is crazy.

Elsewhere, The SY’s daughter is about to get hit by a car as she runs into the road. YD saves her and brings her ball back. His face is covered though so the daughter might not recognize him. he sits with her outside for a moment which is what JS sees. JS goes outside, but the man is gone. She ask the daughter what the man said to her. She says he asked if she was sick and told her that she grew up a lot. JS looks around for the mystery man, but he is gone.

ES is still there. The son tells her that she is super persistent. SY is there as well. ES says she doesn’t want anything but the truth.

Husband – JH started to change a few years ago. After the farewell party for her candle shop, she met that guy. The next year, she gave her candle love object to someone. I suspected MJ. But it wasn’t him.

It looks like hY beat up HR a little bit. HR is now kneeling on the floor in front of HY ask she sits on the couch. Her hair is all messed up as if it has been pulled. HR tells her that he is a simple guy. He said that among the husbands, he is the handsomest. He also saw the wife touching TO.

Husband. But my mom didn’t even listen to me and suspected MJ. (MJ is killed by his mother. She opens the candle and finds the love object but it is ES and MJ.) It was the wrong person, but she won’t give up. She changed her focus. Not to TO, but to YD.

Girlfriend. He also didn’t suspect YD, but the mother didn’t listen to Oppa and researched YD. That is why he wanted me to contact TO. The embarrassing thing is, I wanted to approach TO, but he wasn’t that easy.

SO you thought I could seduce him?

You did it.

Husband. Umma thought YD wasn’t dead because they didn’t find the body. She thought he would come to you sooner of later. So she opened the hair salon. But one day, she said it wasn’t YD. She wanted to hear ES’s tapes that were used as evidence, then she will figure out who the real affair guy was. I told you what you want, can you do me a favor? JH’s tapes, if someone didn’t take it then they should be in the house or the hair salon or anywhere.


Find it and listen to it. Then can you confirm who killed my mom? He should be in the tape. The husband gets on his knees and begs them. He tells them that they will know when they listen to it. I beg you.

ES and SY go to the home but someone is already there looking around. That person hides. ES tells SY that it shouldn’t be her husband, don’t’ worry, your husband is dead so it can’t be him. SY tells her that she just wants to make sure.

ES goes to a room and sees that a window is open. She thinks someone is in the room. SY runs to the room and the person jumps out. But he sprains his ankle or breaks it and can’t move further. It is the son.

ES and SY bring him back inside. He tells them that he is looking for the candle so he can confirm who the real killer is. SY asks him if he remembers that guy he bumped into that night. The son says he doesn’t, it was too dark. But he dropped a cassette tape. A tiny cassette tape.

ES wants him to remember all that he can, anything. The son says there was a hawk on the back of his cap. (or an eagle). SY remembers that SH has that hat.

SY wakes up in the car with her friends. This is right after they killed the man. HY tells her that they are going to the ocean because ES wants to dump the body in the sea.

Cut to SH listening to tapes. He is the one that killed YJ and found the tapes. He chuckles as he listens to the tapes. But then he sighs and aggravated sigh.

JW gets home but suddenly she is aghast as she sees that the video of her and the man having their affair is on her big screen TV! She hurries to find the remote and turn it off and then collapses on the floor. She sees the USB in the TV and takes it out. Then she calls MG to yell at him. Why did you put that video in my TV! He feigns like he doesn’t’ know what she is talking about but he is happy if she comes to his place to have the dinner they never had. JW screams in the car.

Cut to SY going into someones house. She somehow guesses the password and goes inside. Then she gets busy looking around. She finds something under the bed. But then she drops her cellphone and doesn’t realize it. SY goes to look in the office.

Outside, ES calls SY to alert her that SH is back. But SY doesn’t have her phone on her. SH goes inside his office and looks around. SY is hiding under the desk. She is about to be found out. But then ES rings the doorbell and pretends like she is there for Ye-rin. He says she isn’t there.

He goes back inside his office and sees the thumbtack on the floor. Then he sees something under the table. He looks under that table, but no one is there. She was hiding in the hangers so he doesn’t’ notice her. he leaves.

JW gets a call from her husband. He asks for his toothbrush. She says seh threw up away because it seems like it needed to be changed. He tells her that he just got it last week. Where is she? She says that she went out to go grocery shopping. They hang up.

Her husband wonders why she threw it away. He searches through the trash and sees the pregnancy test.

SY is looking for something at home. But her daughter wants her teddy bear lovey so SY finds it for her. Then they pray that she won’t be sick tomorrow. Ye-rin also prays that Umma will not be sick either. When SY leaves, Ye-rin tells her not to close the door fully.

Suddenly, there is a ring at her door, but no one is outside. She opens the door anyway for some reason and sees her cellphone on the banister. She takes it inside and sees a text from Ai-yin appa (SH) saying that she left her cell phone. She runs outside. SH is hiding.

JW throws the USB on the floor in front of MG. MG says it wasn’t him, why would he do that? She stomps in the USB and says, if he does that one more time then he will be like that.

SY gets a phone call from SH, she doesn’t pick it up. He calls again. She hangs it up. Then she goes outside to look around. It looks like the kindergarten bus hasn’t come yet. She calls the school. They tell her that SH took Ye-rin, he said he would call her. SY tries to call SH, but his phone is off.

SY drives off. She gets a call from SH he says that he has her kid, he tried to call her about it. SY goes to his house. For some reason he opens the door with a hammer. He tells her it was just a nail in the wall. He tells her that they are sleeping. Then he tells her that nails grow over time, you can find them all of a sudden.

SY tells him that she will take Ye-rin and leave quietly. SH tells her that they also have a nail to take out. SY screams and he tells her not to make him into a strange person. Just sit down. he tells her that Ye-rin had a fever so he gave her some Tylenol.

SY calls ES and hides the phone call. ES picks up and realizes what is going on, she starts recording the phone call. SY questions SH on what he is doing. Someone saw you leave that house. SH says he bumped into a student, what did he say? Where you looking for this in my place? SY asks him if he is the affair guy? SH says this makes him sad. This is all for you SY. I just want to prove that the affair man is YD and YD killed her. It all happened at the exact same time.

They argue about why he suspects her husband. SH tells her to trust him. He is worried about her. SY asks if this is why he killed YJ and put her husbands finger prints on the wall?

ES screeches on her breaks and a car honks. This might have alerted SH to the fact that he is being recorded.

But he sits at the desk and says he didn’t kill anyone, they were already dead. I wanted to hear the tape so I went back, but I didn’t kill anyone. SY tells him he is lying.

Elsewhere, JW thinks about the affair.

Back to SW, she asks him if the affair man is really her husband. Did her husband really kill JH?

JW goes home and looks at her big screen. Her husband puts a necklace around her neck with startles her. He tells her congratulations, why didn’t you tell me? I found the candle that you gave to me 2 years ago. That is why you wanted me to burn it to the end? Are you hungry? Let’s have a congratulatory dinner. Jung-weon….Thank you.

She gives her the pregnancy test and she proceeds to freak out. She gets a phone call from MG right at that moment.

SH asks her who she thinks he is.

MG tells JW that he didn’t tell her one thing because she will hate him. When I sent you the blackbox USB, I am really sorry, I was really angry. When I sent you the USB, I also sent it to your husband. I told you, if your husband is okay. I was relieved because you said he didn’t realize it. But you said the video was playing so I felt like I needed to tell you. JW looks at her husband who tells her to come.

Cut back to SH, he says it is JW’s husband, DS. he is the affair guy. SY thinks that is nonsense.

Her daughter comes out of the room, she has a bloody nose, she passes out with her nose all bloody. SY runs to her child.

Fade Out


He is a scary guy, you should leave now, don’t trust him.
Have you heard of someone called YJ?
No, I never heard that name.
If SH is making DS as JH’s man and making your dead husband the killer of YJ, then he is a really dangerous person.
He is alive.
He disappeared.

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  1. V
    May 19, 2018 / 1:34 pm

    Wow, so did her husband already know about the affair? Is he evil?

    • V
      May 19, 2018 / 2:12 pm

      I think he might be evil. It looks like he saw the usb so he knows she had an affair. He might be happy that she is pregnant because of that huge TV show deal he wants about healthy eating for a pregnant woman from conception to birth. It also looks like he might have killed the hair shop owner???

      • V
        May 19, 2018 / 4:40 pm

        Wow, I did not see that coming. I read what happens in the British version and this is very different to what happens!

        • Andy
          May 22, 2018 / 3:54 am

          Apparently the kdrama is a remake of the American version of Mistress which was a remake of the British version. So it seems like they’re following the murder plot from there. I haven’t read the American blurb yet tho because I want to avoid spoilers and keep up the suspense

  2. Yemmy
    May 19, 2018 / 4:26 pm

    I didn’t expect that

  3. Leila
    May 20, 2018 / 7:51 pm

    Obsessed with this show. It’s the best!! I love the suspense and mystery and thrill of the unknown

  4. Andy
    May 21, 2018 / 10:18 am

    I am SHOCKED. Everyone is connected in some psychotic way and every turn reveals greater evil and new mysteries. I’m hooked!

    • V
      May 21, 2018 / 11:16 am

      Yes! Do you think the nanny poisoned Ye-rin? i was thinking that at first. But maybe she does have some kind of illness that is in the fathers genes.

      • Andy
        May 22, 2018 / 3:00 am

        I have a feeling it might me connected to that teddy bear doll she keeps asking for. Weird I know but I’m suspecting everyone and everything. 😂
        I rewatched this ep once more and I can’t figure out something. Why did JH’s husband also suspect TO as the affair guy? How did he know about TO in the first place? (It’s cause I’m watching this raw so I only have your recaps which I love and appreciate!).

        Also how did HY come up with the conclusion that “JH opened the candle shop class because of SY’s husband?” How is YD connected suddenly in their hunches? JH didn’t even know him!

        • Andy
          May 22, 2018 / 3:21 am

          It also started from JH’s MIL’s investigation. Gosh so many murders and turns.

          • V
            May 22, 2018 / 5:54 am

            Hmm, I’m not sure about the TO but I think it just had something to do with all of them going to college together and TO also went to college with them so that is why HY was asked to follow him around. That might not be true though. I need to ask O about that.

            If it is that teddy bear doll then that would be so cruel! But it makes sense because if his child dies then all the money goes to SY so he would just need to keep SY close. I think the husband is really evil.

            The quote might be a typo on my part, we need to rewatch it! I think HY opened the hair shop because of SY’s husband and JH might have opened the candle shop just because. But I am not sure about that. I think one or two of these questions is answered in episode 8.

            • Andy
              May 22, 2018 / 9:56 am

              I rewatched the eps and I think (as far as I understand): JH’s husband suspected TO because apparently “he was the most handsome and there was a lot of skinship between him and her”. Hence he got JR to approach TO who approached HY since JR couldn’t “seduce” him. JR then spied on HY and TO.

              You’re right that YJ opened the hair shop near SY because she thought YD was the affair guy (they don’t mention why exactly) and still alive since there wasn’t a body. Therefore she thought he’d make an appearance towards SY and she was stalking her. However, JH’s husband didn’t suspect YD.

              I think JS is purposely harming Yerin because of jealousy (that YD considers SY precious) and the insurance.

              • V
                May 22, 2018 / 10:29 am

                Okay, that makes a lot of sense and I think that jogs my memory about it too. It also matches what the hair shop lady told SH about how they are both around SY for the same reason.

  5. lesly
    August 30, 2018 / 12:04 am

    This episode was so intense!!!

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