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Mistress Recap Episode 6

Korean Drama Mistress Recap episode 6 starring Han Ga-in, Shin Hyun-bin, Choi Hee-seo, and Goo Jae-yee
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SY is the detective that detectives try to be. She is on the move and solving this case. The problem is, she has a lot of people that want something from her and she doesn’t even know who all these people are. HY’s story line is starting to make sense. At first it was all over the place off in it’s own land. But now it ties right in with ES’s storyline. JW is the only one that is out in her own storyline now. She has two big revelation this episode that ES tries to help her out with. We also see how her storyline might fit in with the other ones as well.

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Prison. JH’s husband is talking to someone in jail. He says there aren’t a lot of men who ask this nicely of their wives. That night, I wanted to have some evidence so I followed her around and my F-ing wife wasn’t in the candle shop. She showed up crying, maybe she fought with that affair guy. I told her, did you have an affair? Do you want to die? Of course, I hit her once or twice because we were heated, but that was it. I was super angry and left the candle shop. From that point, I don’t know anything!

But, the police and prosecutors told me that I killed her. He starts crying.

The hair shop owner tells him to stop crying. STOP. You are crying, as a boy? He stops crying. YJ says she knew he would screw up his life. The husband says, Umma, please get me out of jail. YJ tells him not to be scared. I learned the world staying in there for 3 years. Don’t worry, I didn’t give birth to you when I was young to take care of you in jail. You just tell me who the affair guy is. I will catch him and I will get you out of this jail.


ES is checking the mail for the hair salon. ES answers a phone call and says that she needs to do some more investigation but it doesn’t seem like it is your mother. It is too much to say, we can talk about it in detail later. Then ES looks at the credit card bill. It says, Na Yoon-jung and it is a credit card bill with her birthdate.

Another phone rings. This phone is SH’s phone, he answers it. His thug is on the other end and asks how he can find it with only one picture. It looks like he is trying to find a certain tree, but the guy says there are so many trees in Korea, how can he find it? They hang up.

ES. ES got the name and birthdate for YJ, so she is looking for her and seeing if she has a record of coming to the clinic. She is at the computer and searching the records. The records say that Park Jae-hee is the daughter-in-law. ES remembers a phone call.

VO – Are you really surprised? Yeah, you should be surprised. Everyone thought we were a good couple. Everyone thinks that Chang Hyun is a nice person. No. He is a monster. A monster. Someday he will kill me. (Umma is listening to the tape). But he (affair guy) is different. He is so warm and sweet. He drives me crazy. (she starts giggling in a crazy way). Should I tell you a secret? Not so long ago, we made a candle with our love bracelet. I didn’t give it to my husband. Who do you think I gave it to? The one you already know. (giggles).

Umma listens to this with a stoic look.

SY. SY ignores SH at the school bus for our children. SH runs to her and says that her husband is still alive. She tells him to bring her husband in front of her. That way she can ask him why she attracted trash like him to her. He says he will, just tell me where this place is. He shows her the picture and tells her that she went there with YD. So where is it? She asks him if he searched her house? He says he already had it, he worries about her. SY storms off.

ES. The son goes to meet ES and asks who that woman is. ES says it is JH’s mother-in-law. He wonders why that woman would kill his father. ES says she found the CCTV footage of her visiting their hospital right before the footage disappeared. The son tells her to call the police. ES says the police won’t believe her, they need to find better evidence.

SY. SY thinks back to what SH told her about YD taking her to this tree. Where was it? SY puts her things up at the coffee shop and leaves.

JW. The teachers’ lounge is packed but everyone is leaving for lunch. JW doesn’t’ want to leave. She thinks back to the other teacher looking at her suspiciously. It looks like she wants to search his office cubicle.

HY. Elsewhere, HY looks at the woman who claimed to be TO’s wife. Her name is Jin Hae-rim, HR. HR smiles and then goes into the cafe to meet with her. HY humors her as this woman tells her that she has some more evidence that states that her husband has an affair. It is a scented candle. The affair woman gave him a scented candle. HY asks her how she knows her husband has an affair only with that. She says that she knows it when she sees it. HR asks HY to find the candle. HY asks her why she won’t just find it. HR says she looked everywhere except one place, her husband’s office. This is a special candle with something inside. It is a love object from the mistress.

JW. The USB is on the teacher’s desk who JW thinks recorded her. He asks whose USB this is. One of the teachers says it must be a students, check it. JW quickly says that it is hers. Her plan failed.

SY. At home, SY looks through her photo album. She finds the photo album. Her husband says that he is calm when he goes there. He is rejuvenated and refocused.

HY. Elsewhere, HY is following HR in her car.

SY. Across town, SY goes to the tree from the photo. A bus comes up at that moment and stops. SY looks at the bus, but then she looks away and the bus drives off. She gets back inside her car and backs out. SH is following her and spots the tree. SY goes to a city and asks people if they have seen the man in the photo (her husband). But the people she talks to haven’t seen him.

Finally, she talks to another man who is cleaning. She asks him if he knows that man. His name is Kim Young-dae. The man says that this name is familiar to him. But he isn’t sure. The wife comes out and says that he is the grandson of the Hwang family. Minjung’s son. The man is all like, really? She looks at the picture and says this is him, she recognizes him from when he was young. SY asks if he lived somewhere over here. She says not for a long time. Mr. Hwang took him in for a while. The daughter died early with a disease. The son in law brought him to the grandmother for 3 years until he made enough money.

Halmoni asks if she took a picture at that old tree. SY says yes, a few years ago. Halmoni says that little boy was waiting every day at the pavilion for his father. The grandmother would take him back when sunset comes. One day I told him, her little kid, it will be dark soon, just go back. He told me, when I get old, I will make a lot of money. After that, he didn’t wait for his father anymore. It is fortunate because maybe it was a good memory, that is why he came with you and took a picture there.

JW. The teacher asks JW why he wants to talk to her over coffee. She hands him the USB. He asks what it is. is it not yours? She tells him to tell her the truth. You sent this USB to me, right? You know what is inside. He says he doesn’t’ know what is inside. She says it has a black box image from the CCTV. he says he doesn’t’ even watch his black box so no one should have seen it. When you sold your car, did you format your black box? he says he doesn’t’ format it, when time passes, it erases automatically. But he says, was it because of that?

He says one month ago, someone asked him for the black box video because an accident happened in the parking lot so he gave them his USB. She asks if it was the day after he left the car at work? He says yes, that person gave it back to me the next day and said that he checked everything. I tried to look at it to see what accident it was, but it was all clear. JW asks who that person was. JW says it was MG.

JW walks back up the stairs, but she is feeling sick to her stomach. Cut to her in the nurses’ office. The nurse gives her some water. She asks her if she feels better. that is good. She suspects something with her symptoms.

ES. The husband meets with ES at the jail. It is a reluctant meeting. She asks him directly. She says she lost JH’s recordings. Husband scoffs and asks what she wants, he has been stuck there for two years. ES says you mother took them. I figured out who killed MJ. I found out a lot of things these last few days, don’t hide it, tell me. if you don’t tell me then I will come here with more, next time. maybe I can bring a notice that your mother is being prosecuted. So tell me. We shouldn’t’ waste our time.

ES leaves and walks back to her car. The son wants to know if he told her anything. She says nothing. But it is just now starting, she sent the bait, let’s see if that person bites.

YJ gets a phone call at that moment.

HY. HY is driving and then sees ES driving in the opposite direction. She is still following HR in her car and it looks like HR drives all the way to jail, so HR is at the jail as well. She remembers HR saying that something is in the candle from the mistress. HY calls ES. She asks her if she went to the jail. ES asks her how she knew, she just met JH’s husband there. HY says, I see, I followed someone and ended up here. Did you find me who took the candle? ES says yes, YJ, she is his mother. HY thinks this is daebak. That hair shop lady is his mother? ES tells her that she lost the recordings of JH as well. She thinks the mother in law stole it. HY wonders who she is or what she is. She also has a question, you made a candle with a love object before, right? You made it and gave it to the teacher?

ES looks over at the sleeping son. ES asks what she is talking about, that was just a present, it has nothing to do with a love object. I am driving now, I will call you back later. She looks over at the son again to make sure he is sleeping.

HY stays at the hotel until HR leaves. She thinks something is suspicious. HY gets out of her car and goes into the jail. HR says she is not there to have a meeting, she is there for a question. The woman that just left after having a meeting with someone, can I know who she met? The policeman says he can’t tell her that, it is there rule. HY says the name is okay right? he says it is not, next person. The next person goes up.

SY. The old man wonders if the wife really thinks the tree is a good memory for YD? Ten years ago, YD’s father committed suicide on that tree. SY drives home while thinking about what that old man said. She gets to a rest stop and goes inside. SH is still following her around. he eats while he waits in his car for her to come back out. SY gets in the car which makes SH choke a little. She says that she knew he was wondering about this place, that is why he wanted to lead her to that place, because she bit the bait, so you just need to follow me around. So what should I do? You tricked me a few times so now I have intuition about these things. She takes his keys and walks away.

Meanwhile, SY’s kid is at the grocery store. The nanny tells her to pick whatever she wants. The girl runs off. The nanny tells her not to go too far. SY goes to another house. Possibly Mr. Hwang’s house. She tries to see if anyone is there. But then she sees pictures of YD when he was younger. It is another photo at that tree amongst other photos of him.

VO – Someone sent some clothes and heated pads or something.

SY sees a box that is addressed to the grandmother.

The nanny looks for SY’s kid in the grocery store, but she is missing.

SY goes to the mailbox and wonders if she can find out who sent this. It is the wrong address so she wants to send it back. The mail person looks for her. he says they had the senders address once.

The girl is still there in the grocery store. It looks like she spotted her half-sister and is trying to follow her around. This leads her out of the grocery store.

JW. Pregnancy test. She is pregnant. She took this test in the restroom of her school. While walking out of the stall, she gets a call from her husband. he says they have an appointment for the hospital, they should go. But she says she doesn’t’ feel too good recently. DS thinks she is making excuses. They have to go, it was difficult making the appointment. But JW just says her vice president is looking for her, bye. She tries to compose herself in the bathroom.

ES. The hair salon lady is in her hair salon. ES comes in and tells her to wait a minute, they will be done soon. YJ lets out the customer and then locks the door. She goes back and asks ES what she would like done with her hair. It looks healthy. ES says it bothers her, she just wants to do something with it. The son is in the car listening to all of this. ES asks if the salon is okay, there are a lot of robbery cases everywhere. But maybe it is only for their clinic.

ES asks her if she knows her. YJ feigns ignorance. ES says she is friends with SY, the cafe owner. YJ says she looks familiar. But ES says it isn’t about that, they saw each other two years ago…..at her son’s court case. Aren’t you interested in what the robber took from her clinic?

Flashback to the son calling YJ and telling her that ES is suspecting her. Be careful of her, maybe she knows something else. YJ wonders what he knows. the son says the guy she was most suspicious of was MJ right? But he died not that long after her. And the scented candle was ~. Umma tells the son to shut up.

Back to the present. YJ doesn’t’ know that recordings where taken. What would they use that for? ES says she wonders that also.

SY. Cut to SY driving somewhere. She gets out at an abandoned apartment or hotel building. It looks like this is the empty building where the dead body was! But this is the first time that SY is in this building. She looks around the basement area and goes upstairs. There is a lot of abandoned furniture in his building. A lot of expensive looking thing as well. She walks all through the building.

Then she gets to a room. This room has signs that someone is living there and recently ate ramen. There is a boombox in the room with a CD. SY pushes the CD in, it is the song that her husband likes! Then someone runs off. SY goes to chase them. But she stops and starts backing away. She gets a phone call and runs off. The man was right around the corner from her.

ES. The hairdresser is still doing her hair. ES asks her if she saw her son recently. YJ asks her if she knows her son well? ES says she knows her daughter in law well.

SY. She drives away from the building. We see a man looking at her, but his face is mostly hidden.

ES. Did you listen to all the tape recordings? YJ laughs, she doesn’t understand what she is talking about. ES asks if she should tell her something that she understands. Why did you take the candle in MJ’s house? That and the voice recordings seem closely related. Now, do you understand it if I put it this way? YJ says she doesn’t’ understand it. ES says, until now, she was investigating it by herself, very secretively. No one knows she is even here today. But it is a little different from now on. If you don’t tell me then I will go to the police station right away. I already have the CCTV recordings that show that you took the voice recording. that is enough information for the police to move. With my testimony, MJ’s murder case will be reinvestigated as well. Of course, you will be the first one under investigation. With this good skill, it is a shame that you only cut the hair of inmates. Can you put on some essence?

All the while, YJ is thinking of a way to kill ES. At least that is what it looks like. ES asks for essence. YJ puts it on her hair. YJ asks if no one asks her that she is there. YJ tests the wire of her hairdresser. ES asks if the candle is more important than someone’s life.

Cut to ES wondering what is going on. ES told him that the son should have called YJ and she should be prepared on how to kill her because I know the case. What do you think she will do? The son says he doesn’t know. ES tells him not to think of anything. If she confesses, then take the voice recording. But whatever happens inside, don’t come inside.

YJ tells her that her son didn’t kill that B. ES asks her why she went to MJ’s house. She says she went there to figure it out. She is about to strangle ES with the chord, but then the son bangs on the door. YJ sees the secret microphone and pulls it out. ES tells her that she killed MJ. YJ says so what? Do you want me to confess? ES says, you killed MJ! Confess everything! You killed him!

YJ stomps on the recording and says that he killed him, is that what you want to hear? ES asks why she thinks she got away, because she was careful or because the police are not detailed? No, it is because I removed your evidence also. I, to help myself, I removed everything, including your evidence. But this time, you won’t get away. I just need the tapes. if I find the tapes then you won’t be able to get away this time from the police investigation.

They fight. YJ tries to stab ES with a knife. But the son breaks the window and stares at them both.

ES leaves and the son asks her if she is crazy, how can you do that to catch the criminal? ES thinks they were almost there, she almost confessed. He wants to know how she can put her life in danger for that! She told him not to matter in this case. He asks if this is that important to her? ES says it is because she is so desperate. he wants to know, what is it, tell me, you jumped into this case because of me. But you have another reason why you want to find the criminal. ES tells him to understand this, you screwed up everything.

HY. The lawyer HY is sleeping with is at the jail and helps HY find out who visited whom that day. JH says it was JH’s husband’s friend? the police say that everyone knows that they were having an affair. HY tells him to tell her everything that he knows.

ES & JW. JW tells ES that her husband doesn’t know anything. he wants to have in-vitro fertilization. If she goes to the hospital, then he will know that she is pregnant. But she can’t get rid of the baby, what if it is her husbands. if he is the father, how can she live her life? ES tells her that she should get the DNA test. If she gets it then she will know who the father is. JW asks if they can do that while pregnant. ES says yes, but it is illegal in Korea. People usually do it in the USA. We have a connecting company to the USA, I can connect you with that company. JW thanks her.

SY. She gets a call from the police station alerting her that her daughter is missing.

JW. MG runs into JW. JW calls him disgusting. He wants to know why she is doing that to him. What did he send her? But then the nurse walks up and asks her what the results where. You are pregnant, right?

MG walked away at that moment, but he hears that and stops.

JW says she is not pregnant. It is not that. the nurse says it should be, that is strange. But JW says it isn’t it. MG pulls her away and says it is their baby. She says no. He says she is pregnant. She says it is her husband’s kid. He tells her that she tried for many years but now she is pregnant. JW slaps him and asks him if this is why he sent that to her. That black box video. You got it from the other teacher and sent it to her. You deny it? You are an A-hole. MG tells her that he didn’t’ want to send it to her. But that night, he saw that the black box was flashing in his car. He was worried about it so as soon as he came to work, he got it. But you were distant from me and broke our date. So, I was angry.

JW says for him to call her teacher Han. She leaves.

ES. The son calls ES, she answers, tiredly. He still asks her why she is doing this investigation. Tell me this, are you sure that YJ killed my father? A moment passes and he hangs up.

ES gets another call right away. It is from HY. She picks it up and is informed that HY found out who asked her to follow TO. It is JH’s husband’s girlfriend, HR. ES says what are you talking about. HY says it is not for sure, but it seems like her husband is looking for JH’s real killer and using his girlfriend. Maybe YJ’s mother was looking for the affair guy also because her son asked her to do it. That is why JH’s recordings are gone also. Something is suspicious. Something more is there.

All the while, YJ got out of a car somewhere and goes to a nice looking place. Perhaps a restaurant.

SY. SY goes to the police station and is reunited with her daughter. The police confirm that she is the parent and says that Yerin is a good girl, she was lost near the grocery store. An ajumma took her in. Park Jung-sim. It seems like she knows your kid. She says she can’t take her to your house. So for whatever reason, she just left and said that the mother will know about it. Yerin says that her friend is doing okay and misses her a lot.

The nanny runs up at that time. She makes a lot of excuses. SY says it is not easy to find a baby sister, but it is not easy to give her kid to someone else either. She is fired.

The policeman sees a drawing that the child made. On the drawing, it says Umma, Me, Sang-hee, Emo.

At home, SY puts Yerin to bed and thinks for a moment. Cut to JS singing a song about a swallow coming back and asking the swallow why it came back. her cell phone is in front of her as if she is waiting for the call. She gets a call from Yerin’s mom. JS smiles in a creepy way and answers the phone. hello? Is that so? She smiles in a very creepy way.

Elsewhere, SH tells YJ to hop inside. Did you find something? Who? The real killer of JH? Was it YD? YJ says sometimes he wants to figure things out too easily. I spent a long time to find this out. SH wants to hear the recordings, he will figure it out. But YJ refuses. SH yells, you told me to share the information. YJ says that only works when there are equal amounts of information, I can’t just give you everything. SH asks what he can do for her? She says she is too tired and moves to leave. He yells, okay! Okay! I will take you home. And pulls her back in.

SY. Cut to the cafe. SY is there and has a visit from two men who are policemen. They interview her at the cafe. YJ is found dead. SY thinks back to YJ and wonders how she was murdered. the police say it was at her house. the police ask her if she knew her well. SY says no. the police ask about her husband YD, how did he die? SY says it was with a shipwreck when he went to China. Why are you asking me this? the police ask her if she found the body. She says no. The police say that they found her husband’s fingerprints at YJ’s murder scene.

SY can’t believe what she just heard.

Meanwhile, SH is at the murder scene.

ES is looking at the hair salon.

DS is at his restaurant and this restaurant is the one that YJ went to. He is staring at his table then sees a broken glass in the corner. It is a broken candle piece. He hides it in his hands and thinks.

Another man is at a motel or somewhere, he asks if they have a room. Maybe this is YD? It looks like him!

Fade Out


Police – We found your husband’s fingerprints at YJ’s murder scene
VO – I didn’t kill YJ.
VO – When I went to her house, she was already dead.
VO – Don’t trust him.
VO – They were together right before YJ died.
JH’s Husband? – When you listen to the tape, you will know who JH’s affair man is and who killed my mom.

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  1. Kay
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      May 19, 2018 / 1:18 pm

      That was crazy! Even crazier thinks happen in episode 7!

  2. WikWik
    May 22, 2018 / 10:34 am

    Ok, this site saved me a lot. From a certain part I had no idea of what was going on anymore in this episode, because I got so confused with the characters names, and I was like “the fuck is going on here” hahahaha
    I definitely will visit this site with frequency lol

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