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Mistress Recap Episode 3

Kdrama Mistress Recap Episode 3
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We are starting to get some clues as to who the man in the box is. We still don’t know how he got to that pond, though. The hairdresser is getting even more suspicious in this episode, though she only has one major scene, that scene is very intriguing.

Character List (Updated): Shorthand Character List

Small recap of the previous two episodes.

Caption: Last night, we killed a man.

SY tells all the ladies that he paid for his sin.

Cut to the end of the last episode. JW runs out and tells them that the dead body is gone! SY and ES find the body outside, partially covered in the pond.

Inside the warehouse, HY and JW stumble around as they look for the body. But they hear a siren and start running to the sound. Outside, the ladies hear the siren too and start running to the police car.

The policemen get out and ask each other if they have been there before? It looks scary. Let’s go in this way. They talk about how this place looks and that it looks haunted.

SY and ES run into the building and asks the police what is up. She hides something. The police said that they had a complaint. This place should be empty but there is a lot of noise.

HY runs up and says that they were supposed to buy alcohol, why are they late? But then she smiles when she sees the policeman. The women try to keep the cops from going close to the coffin because it is filled with blood.

The policemen ask the ladies names. The other one says that something is over there. He walks to the coffin but he doesn’t see the blood, he is looking at a ticket that fell. It is a bloody lotto ticket.


Someone gives a thank you lotto gift for their store opening. Someone else is taking photos of HY and TO. SY meets with the nanny and apologizes for bringing her child there. SY says that isn’t it, you said you were babysitting her. JS says she didn’t try to fake her, the house that she used to work at didn’t like it when she brought her kid there. SY tells her that she made her child lie.

JS’s daughter comes up to her. The nanny says it is difficult to find a job because of her daughter.

JW has sex with the other guy while inside his car, he lifts her up and she sees her husband at the car door looking at her! She screams and hops up. Ah, bit it was only a dream! JW is safe at home and no one is around.

She goes to work and tries not to pay any attention to MG. He smiles at her though and texts her. Did you go home okay? Would she like to have some coffee? All the while, the VP is talking to all the teachers. She calls out JW about messing with her cell phone. JW apologizes.

HY walks into her law firm and nocks on her bosses door. She gives him his mail. He says he doesn’t have a dinner appointment with her. She asks why, is she pretty? He asks her if she is going somewhere. She says that she has to catch the moment to get money for the divorce, then he can have an expensive drink at an expensive place. The lawyer wonders if HY is following someone or if she is being followed by someone.

ES leaves her office and is followed by SH. She tries to ignore him and tells him that she doesn’t’ care about what is going on. He proved that she is not the one that sent the letter, but she is his prime suspect. She tells him that the police finished the investigation. He says they can start it again with a family request. ES tells him to gather his evidence. She leaves and rests in the elevator. But then the son takes her photo. He tells her that he will show her image to the witness if she doesn’t’ like it then call him.

Elsewhere, JW calls HY just to talk. JW says her coworker told her something, it is nothing too serious. Her coworker slept with another man, just once….well….the guy teacher is hitting on her continuously, it was just a one night mistake but she is uncomfortable about it. HY asks if that woman has a husband. JW says…uh…yes. HY says that she doesn’t know him that well, well tell her this, you have some outgoing friend right? Tell her to call one of those outgoing sleeping around friends and ask her questions like you are doing now.

JW looks at the phone, she got found out. She asks herself, how did she know! In the car, HY thinks, yeah, you slept with your coworker.

MG goes into the art classroom with his phone. He gets a call and asks the person where they are, he is there. JW tells him that she has anger management problems and she should have gotten medical treatment but she only met with a psychologist. She shouldn’t’ have done it. He asks her where she is and tells her that they should meet. She tells him that it was a mistake yesterday because she was angry with her husband.

He looks disappointed as he holds the phone. She tells him that she is really sorry. She didn’t’ want to hurt him, but, she knows she shouldn’t’ do this over the phone. He tells her that it is okay. It is okay that he is a mistake for her, he is okay. But, it wasn’t a mistake for him, he was truthful, so don’t’ be sorry to me. I am really sorry to you because I was serious about you.

He hangs up and he actually looks really sad about it. JW also looks unfortunate.

ES tells SY that she told her before when you see someone for the first time, then you should suspect them. SY says she will be more careful next time (with the stranger from the park). SY asks if that little boy is still bothering her. ES says he wants to show the witness her photo. But that witness is unreliable. She says she will research that New Year’s letter. If that letter person is the real killer, then he won’t do anything to her.

MG gives JW the original for the test. Then he down sits right away. It looks like the student that smoked the electric cigarette didn’t’ come home. The VP wants JW to find him, she should take MG with her. JW says she can do it herself. But the VP doesn’t think JW will be able to drag that boy away by herself.

JW tells MG, if he is uncomfortable then he doesn’t have to come. He says he is okay, but he doesn’t’ look at her when he says it. She says okay, and sits back down. That is when he looks at her.

Elsewhere, HY drives somewhere, but someone comes out and blocks her. She has to wait for this car to leave.

Meanwhile, JW is pacing in a hallway. She calls her husband and asks him if he slept at the store. He says yes. She tells him to sleep at home. He wants to know why she called him. She says she will be late getting home due to school. He says okay and hangs up right away.

Cut back to HY driving somewhere. She is looking for a certain location but can’t find it.

SY is at work. Her daughter is there and is bored to death. She wants to play with ajumma again and her daughter. SY gets a call, the person asks if she is Kim Young-dae’s wife? he says he knows him well. He knows where he is. SY asks him what he is talking about? Her daughter looks at her. SY runs to her counter and starts writing something. She asks him to speak slower and she starts writing it all down.

The microwave goes off, her daughter tells her. But her daughter also notices that something is up with her mother. her mother calls someone. We don’t know what for though because it cuts to SY running out of the cafe.

She runs right past the hair shop owner, YJ. YJ asks the cafe girl what happened but the cafe girl doesn’t really know.

SY gets in the car and talks to the person on the phone. The person says that there are too many people around, he will change the meeting location. Cut to SY driving way out somewhere. She gets out of her car, but there is no one around. She gets back inside her car and we see a person hiding. then that person runs to the car and gets in. He tells her to run, just go, there is a warehouse over there.

He starts mumbling and says that they might have figured it out, this isn’t’ the first time they haven’t let people go. You know those island people just treat people like slaves. Your husband is in a bad situation. Maybe he hurt his head, he wasn’t conscious, but he remembered you and told me to contact you.

SY asks what she should do. He says that he needs money to sneak her husband out. Not much, just $1000. Come to the harbor with some trustworthy people with money. Should I do it or not? Ah, this is why I should just ignore this. Just live like your husband is dead.

He gets out of the car.

He tells her that she had a lot of phone numbers recently. Her husband called her. He couldn’t say anything because he hurt his throat, but he should have played his favorite song.

SY starts gasping.

ES picks the son up from somewhere. He tells her that she came out to see the witness, so that means you are not the murderer. I thought you would be the prime suspect after the letter person. She says she will just see the witness and listen to them. Then she is done.

SY goes to the bank and wants to take some money out of the ATM.

There is a little kid who is playing a game. He looks mentally disabled. Perhaps this little kid is the witness? ES leaves. The son runs after her. He says this kid remembers everything. She says this was two years ago, how can he remember everything? That is why the police didn’t trust him as a witness. She walks away again. He tells her that is fine, they didn’t’ start anything, but they should end it there. She asks him where he is going. He says he is going to his father’s house, they came all the way there so he can’t just leave.

They go to the house and go inside. She asks him why he didn’t sell the house? He says they have a lot of memories. She asks him why he didn’t live here. He says this place is still a murder scene. The clock stopped when he died. I took the battery out.

The overall house is as if everything was left exactly like it was when he died. ES walks around the house cautiously. then she sees something and asks him if he really didn’t remove everything. He says all his appa’s things are still there.

JW finds a student and the gaming cafe, but not the one she is looking for. She tells him to go home, but the student tells her that the other kid goes to another gaming place.

TO picks up HY. He asks her where she was at, she was so late. He was looking for her for a long long time. She asks him if he is joking? He says he is and he just said that for fun. He saw her looking at him at the hotel. Do you think I had an affair? If you suspect me then I am disappointed. HY looks at his chest. He had a tie before, but now he doesn’t’ have a tie. She tells him that she has no reason to suspect him.

The kid isn’t there, MG tells her that they should wait around. JW isn’t into that. Cut to JW playing a game and having a lot of fun. MG smiles as he watches her.

SY gets out of her car, she looks super stressed.

ES searches through her pictures. She sees the clock in one of them and sighs.

SY meets with SH and tells him what happened. She didn’t have time to think. He asks if he should go there with her? She says no. He wonders if he is trustworthy yet? He told you to go there with a trustworthy person. Do you have a person you can trust within a one-meter radius besides him? They both laugh.

MG tells JW that this neighborhood is tiny, so they can just wait around. they are at a cafe, he gives her triangle kimbap, but it is too spicy for her. He switches his with hers. She says she already started eating it. He tells her that he is fine with it and he is used to eating spicy things. He starts to drink a beer and asks her if she wants any as well. But she says she shouldn’t drink.

SY gets home. The nanny is there with her child. SY’s daughter is happy to see her. SY asks the nanny for a favor, can she take Yerin to the children’s’ bus, early the next day? Her daughter asks her if she is going to sleep with Sunyi? Yay! Thank you!

Cut to JW drinking a lot. She is drunk and smiley. She asks MG teacher if he is healthy. She thinks he is super healthy. She almost tips over, so he rights her back up. JW says, later when you get married, be good to your wife. I don’t have to tell you this, but be good to your husband. When people say women like bad boys, it is all a lie. The real reality is that someone like you who listens to me well and takes care of me well and loves me a lot. Women like that kind of man.

He asks, what about you? What about you? You said he was a man that women like…what about you? Am I just one night for you? Really?

JW sees the little boy and drunkenly waves and calls out to him. The boy is walking with his friends. MG tells her that she shouldn’t’ call to him like that! The boy takes off. MG takes off running for him. But they get stopped by the light at the street. MG is breathing hard and says Usain Bold couldn’t catch them.

MG falls to the ground, sick. He asks her if she will throw up. She says she isn’t that drunk. he gets a cab for her and opens her door. They say their goodbyes. In the cab, MG tells her that she was uncomfortable today so he will search for him tomorrow. He enjoyed today’s date. She says it wasn’t a date. But then she remembers the day. Yeah, it was like a date…

ES looks at her phone and calls the son. She asks if she can go to his fathers’ house again tomorrow? She lost an earring, maybe she can get it.

JW gets home and announcing to her empty house that she is home. She stumbles around and turns on all the lights. But when she gets to their room, she sees that it is empty. The library is empty as well. She walks to her living room and is framed by their wedding photo. She says it is okay. But then she starts crying and repeats, it’s okay, it’s okay…as she continues crying and falls to the floor.

SY drives with SH early in the morning. They go to the harbor, but no one shows up. It is still early yet though, so they wait. The morning grows later and the harbor fills up with people, but there is still no one. SY sinks to the ground. Maybe she’s been duped? SH watches her.

ES meets with SY. She says that she was saving her husband’s insurance money, she didn’t’ touch it at all, this was her first time touching it and the money went to a conman. ES tells her to just forget about it. But SY is distraught, she says, what if he got caught sneaking out? He knew that Yerin’s appa liked that song. He knew all the strange phone calls to her. He knew that Yerin appa injured his throat. That is why he just calls me but can’t talk to me. What if it is real? What if it is real?

ES tells her that she understands what she thinks. But her behavior doesn’t help her. SY apologizes to ES, she says she can’t understand her.

Elsewhere, To walks on the phone with HY following him. She says she is busy and can’t follow him around.

The scene changes to ES and the son. She picks him up.

JW is in her car. She stops somewhere and texts her husband, telling him to just come home and sleep tonight. She turns to her right and sees MG eating by himself. She sits next to him with her food. She tells him that she is not uncomfortable with him. She is not uncomfortable. he is surprised. She says they can eat quickly and find the student. He says, yes.

HY disguises her self and is still following TO around. TO is with a woman in a store and is given something. HY thinks she has gotten him.

TO tells the woman that oppa will go to the restroom. He leaves. The woman turns to look out the window and smiles at HY but it is a snarky smile. Outside, two duty policemen approach HY and ask to take her cell phone. She asks them if they have a warrant. He tells her that taking pictures of someone else’s life is also illegal. HY runs away but falls to the ground in an unfortunate and hilarious way. Everyone looks at her, including TO.

ES and the son get to the teacher’s house. ES starts to look inside his room. She remembers that something is missing and we see a flashback of her and the teacher in bed. He kisses her leg…her lips…he starts to undress her. To the side, there is a candle on the counter that isn’t there anymore.

The son asks her what she is looking for.

TO drives HY home and asks her why she told him she did that today. Does she really suspect him? She says yes and she tells him to drop her off there. She says that she was relieved that he changed, that he married as duty and just enjoyed his life like her. But he is the same. After ten years, you are boring and not fun at all. He asks what if he changed. She says then, would you like to sleep here with me?

SY gets home a little late. The nanny asks her if she feels okay. SY tries to get some water, JS gets it for her. Her daughter comes out and asks her if she is okay. SY says she is fine and that she will rest a little bit. JS tells her that she will prepare hot water for a bath.

ES rings the doorbell of that little boy’s house from before. The son asks her why she is doing that. He mutters that she is killing him.

SY. There is a phone call at SY’s house. It looks like the nanny’s daughter hears it.

ES. At the witness house, the little boy answers. ES asks the little boy if the woman who came from that house brought this. She shows him a square candle.

SY. At SY’s house, the daughter sees that the phone call is restricted.

ES. The mother comes back and says that the police didn’t’ believe him, why are you tormenting him? The boy says he saw it. He saw that.

SY. The little girl talks on the phone and says that they eat curry and play with dolls.

ES. The boy says that the ajumma took it out, it was square and red. He saw that she took it out. ES says that it was yellow, not red. But then she thinks it might have been covered in blood.

SY. SY comes out from her room and sees her daughter on her cell phone. The little girl runs out laughing. SY walks to her phone and sees that the phone call is restricted. She looks back at the daughter and nanny’s daughter playing.

ES. The son asks her how she knew about the scented candle. She says that she gave it to him as a present. He says, you gave it to him? She just responds that the person who gave it isn’t important, the person who took it is. She gave it to him to calm him and for peace of mind. As a doctor, she can do that. If that is a good answer, can you let me go?

He tells her that she is pretty good. When she lied, her eyes were honest before, but now she can trick him with her eyes. She tells him that they should go home separately. he kind of smiles at her and then walks away.

YJ says that it wasn’t a lot of money. Someone else says it isn’t about money. It is strange that the conman knew about SY so well. The coffee shop girl is getting her hair done. She says that the hairdresser is really interested in her bosses business. The hairdresser tries to play it off and says that the girl has a lot of white hairs, she can change it for her.

Then she pretends like she has a phone call and searches through the girl’s things. She finds her key and makes a copy of it. Then she runs back to the girl and says that she hopes she didn’t’ wait too long.

SH talks to someone on the phone and says that she is not suspicious so far. Yes, I am closer to her now and I am the only one she can rely on. He daughter walks in. SH gets off the phone and in his wallet, we see that he has a lotto ticket.

Cut to the crime scene. the police officer says that he found something. A bloody lotto ticket. he is very close to the bloodstained coffin. Then there is a crash in their car. the glass broke. The police officers run outside and see that a rock was thrown into their window They wonder how someone can do this to a police officer.

They see someone running in the distance, they start to follow him. The four ladies look at all this happening.

Then we cut to them trying to put the body in the trunk.

Fade Out

So, we are starting to find out clues as to who the dead man is that all four women are involved in. It looks like the dead man is killed two months into the future, so that means that this storyline we are mostly in happened two months into the past. But we also have flashbacks from this two months in the past storyline. Every character has their own individual flashbacks as well, so you really have to stay focused with this show!

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