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Mistress Recap Episode 12 Final

Korean Drama Mistress Recap episode 12 starring Han Ga-in, Shin Hyun-bin, Choi Hee-seo, and Goo Jae-yee
This final episode has the tension building until the Epilogue. Everyone needs saving and they all have to work together to save each other or they are all dead. Talk about stakes! I have really enjoyed this drama and exchanging comments with everyone who shared their theories!

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JW walks out of the police station and thinks back to ripping up her babies parentage report. She told DS that it does not matter who the father is. She gets in her car with a huff and a sigh and buckles up. But then she sees a white car screech to the police station. Someone gets out and pulls SY out of the car, then she drives off.

JW immediately recognizes SY and gasps.

Inside, the main cop on the beat has to smoke outside. He is annoyed.

Outside, SY tries to hide her face from the duty officer walking up to her. She also has to hide from the main cop who just went outside to smoke. JW drives up right at that moment and tells her to hop in the car. Hurry!

Inside the car, JW asks where the others are, they should help you till the end! Are you okay? Does it hurt a lot? SY whispers that she is okay. JW tells her to just wait a little bit.

JW calls the other two and asks them where they are at.

Cut to all the women at the motel. SY tells them that she thought she could convince JS because they are both mothers. ES says she did convince her, that is why she dropped her off at the police station instead of that remote place. Anything could have happened.

The women get ready for bed with all their blankets. HY says this reminds them of their high school times. JW says they would go to SY’s house. They wouldn’t study and just talk about silly things like first kisses and ddukbogi. Someone asks who had their first kiss first. They look around until JW says it was her. She smiles.

Then they grow quiet again and wonder what they should do now. Their JS card went away. SH is their only hope, how can they find him? It looks like YD turned on SH’s cell phone once when he called her outside the hospital. If YD turns on SH’s cell phone again, then maybe they can find him. But how will we know if he turns it on or not?

HY says she will tell them a secret. She is not only good at following people.

SH. Poor SH gets another fingernail pulled out. YD tells him he is a natural. he thinks this video is his insurance policy, but he should have read the contract. 30 days after getting the money, you can cancel the insurance policy. I won’t guarantee your life even if you don’t give me the video.

SH tells him, whatever, I don’t care. YD mumbles…you don’t care….you don’t care. So you are doing this for SY? If this video is erased then there is no way to save SY? he punches him and tells him that he shouldn’t protect her at all. She is still mine.

He starts typing something on the computer and then pushes it in front of SH.

JS. Elsewhere, JS thinks of what SY said. If SY is dead then only two people know about the con job. One will go to jail and one will get all the money. Sung-hee will die just like her sister. JS picks up the phone but her daughter tells her that she is hungry. She softly touches her daughters face.

SY. In the motel, SY has a dream that YD is strangling her. She wakes up all alone. ES and JW are outside talking in the hallway. She wonders if raising a child alone will be okay. ES tells her she will be fine. HY comes back and fills them in. She asked JG (the lawyer) to do it. He will let them know as soon as the cell phone is on.

Inside the room, the women go back inside. SY tells them that they should go to the bankrupt condo. They say they went there and didn’t find anything. But SY thinks they should go to Halmoni’s house or something, she just wants to go anywhere.

SH. A Skype video of SH’s daughter with YD shows up on the screen. She tells her father to come back, she is waiting for him. SH starts to talk in fear and tells the video not to touch his daughter. YD tells him that children are the best bait for parents. He told the teachers that he is Yerin’s father, they are very nice and won’t know the things that they will suffer. You didn’t’ respond to my torture, why are you crying? Is it better now? SH tells him the password 7395. Why is everyone so weak in front of kids? YD tells him, if the password is wrong then he will put his face in his daughter’s blood.

SH has a surge of strength and is able to break out of the ropes. His hand is washed in blood. But SH just gets straight to typing on the computer. YD tries to unlock the phone, but the battery is low and turns off, so YD starts to charge it.

SH starts copying the video from the cloud. YD erases the video from the cloud, so the file failed to send to SH. SH sinks his head for a moment. But then he looks at the computer as if he thought of something. Perhaps he can call someone?

Cut to HY getting a call. She says the cell phone is turned on? Where? The car shrieks to a halt in front of the daycare. HY and JW get out to go inside.

Insurance Friend. The insurance thug guy is at work and gets a message from SH. In the message SH says that YD kidnapped him, he wants to leave this video testimonial just in case something happens to him. What YD said is all lies. He blamed everything on SY. The story I am telling is the truth.

HY gets back in the car and says that Ah-hyun had a Skype call with SH. But then they get a video message from SH. it is a different message from the one he sent his friend at the insurance company. The woman recognizes the place as the condo. SH says he is sorry to hurt you, he is the one that put the fingerprint at YJ’s house. He wanted to take him out and he really didn’t want SY to get hurt. He will do anything for the insurance money. I still did bad things to you, you know I am a bad guy, not a good father or a good husband. When we separated, I wanted to abandon Ah-hyun. I put her name on the list. I lied to you also saying that was done by Ah-hyun’s mother. There are too many lies, I wanted to be a nice person to you. I am sorry Se-yeon, My heart was truthful.

SH walks out of the motel and flags a car, but the car is driven by YD.

JS. JS is still thinking about whether she is being used or not. She gives her daughter food and her cell phone with instructions on what to do if she doesn’t come back. She tells her daughter, whatever happens, I will protect you.

Police. There are two things that happened. The cell phone turned on at YD’s daughter’s kindergarten and SY stopped by the kindergarten as well. They wonder what is going on. Also, SH’s video was sent from China.

Condo. The women get to the abandoned hotel and look around. They decide to spit up and look around. They use their cell phones as flashlights and search all the nooks and crannies in teams of two. Then JW spots the car. SY tells her to call HY and ES.

HY starts to look for ES but then gets snatched into a room.

SY tells JW that they should call the police. JW thinks that isn’t a good idea because they are looking for her. Maybe the video isn’t enough evidence to clear her. But SY knows that JW is pregnant from motherly instincts, she just didn’t tell her because JW didn’t tell them yet. But JW wants to stay and help.

JW gets a call from HY, but she can’t hear her. SY finds ES tied up with her mouth covered. She runs around a corner and sees her husband holding JW by the neck. He wants her to jump, otherwise, her friends will all die. Just like that guy he buried int he mountain. he tells her that he might be alive if she goes there quickly. Just decide whatever.

YD calls someone and tells JS to feed Yerin the pesticide. But it looks like a bluff. SY says she will kill herself. She goes to jump. YD runs after her but SY is able to sneak behind him. She tries to hit him but it fails so she gets put in a choke hold.

JS suddenly shows up and tells him to stop. She wants to know if he plans on poisoning her daughter to get the insurance money. He yells for her to shut up. She says, if you did it, then I won’t forgive you. YD is all like, you forgive me? We sacrificed our daughter and survived. SY is about to hut YD with something so YD throws her against the wall. She passes out.

JS tells YD that she saw the message that SH left. He explained it all. YD approaches JS and says it is no problem, he will just say that SY did it all. JS says she will be the evidence of his crime. She runs. He grabs her and starts kicking her for betraying him. He spits that he just wants to survive, what is wrong with them. he picks up a pipe and tells her, I will show her how to remove evidence. He charges her.

But SY pushes him into the next room. It looks like she pushed him all the way out the window. He falls to the ground, presumably dead. JS slowly walks to the ledge to have a look-see and then runs away. JW runs to SY’s side and asks her if she is okay.

Outside, the women all look at the body and wonder if he is dead. SY thinks back to the guy that is buried in the mountain, if you go there then he might not be dead. She tells the women that they need to go to the mountain to find SH.

The women all go to the mountain to look. JW breaks from the group to use the bathroom, but steps into a huge hole. It looks like it is the hole that SH is buried in. They start to dig him out. But they hear noises that scare the daylights out of them. Finally, they find the body. SH is in a bag in the ground. The women all hope back scared. SY takes a good look at him and tries to dig him out.

She starts crying as she tries to dig him out of the ground and thinks back to when he told her that he was truthful to her with his feelings.

Hotel. The women go back to the hotel and look at YD’s body inside a coffin-like box. They all talk about what they should do. They are all co-conspirator. What should they do with Yerin? If you dump the body, we can all do it together, we are all co-conspirator anyway.

JS watches this all in the distance.

Meanwhile, Sung-hee sleeps at home by herself. She wakes up and doesn’t see her mother so she calls #1 on the phone just like her mom told her to. This is her father phone number so SY grabs the phone and looks at who is calling. It says that his wife is calling. She shows it to the other women.

Cut to SY and ES getting back from the store. JW runs out to them and tells them that the body is gone! JS is up in the room in the condo and sees the husband running away. She goes to chase after him.

YD tries to run through the forest, but he can barely hobble along. He sees his wife following him and starts to run away a little more. But then he tells JS to help him. She kicks him in the face and he falls into the water. She drowns him in the water and tells him to die….die….~. He dies.

She crawls out of the water. But YD isn’t dead! He quickly crawls out of the water and tries to choke JS to death. She dies? He stops strangling her. She wakes up and hits YD in the head, he passes out. She apologizes to her daughter and looks at YD’s body half in and half out of the water.

That is when ES and SY walk up to the scene. They see the body and try to pull YD out of the water. But the police siren rings which alerts them to run to the building. JS watches all of this.

Back at the building, the police are looking around and are getting scary close to the blood-stained box. But their siren goes off because someone threw a rock into the window. They see JS running away and hop in their car to follow.

This gives the women enough time to out the body into the car. They think they should throw it into the sea, that would be better than burying it. They go to the ocean and are about to get the body out of the trunk. But then a car drives up. JS gets out of the car and walks up to them. The women all look at her as she calls someone.

She calls the police station and tells them that someone killed a person. She is the one that did it. She killed him.

JS – The police people went to the condo, they will come back because they will recognize it was you.

SY – What are you talking about?

JS – I told you, I killed him…..I’m sorry. I am really sorry. Yerin.…I am sorry. I am really sorry….I am sorry Yerin. I am sorry. I am really sorry.

JS keeps repeating that as she cries.

SY slowly steps towards her. Very slowly. But she doesn’t make it all the way.

Cut to the police scene. YD’s body is back at the pond area. JS explains to them what she did. They take her away.

JS V.O – I will take all of my sins with me. You are honest you will take care of Yerin well. And even though I shouldn’ task you, can you sometimes visit Sang-hee once in a while, please?

JS is put into the car and driven away.

Yerin looks okay, she runs to catch her bus. SY runs after her and tells her to listen to the teacher and not fight with others. Ah-hyun is also late so she walks with Yerin to the school.

ES meets JH’s husband in the jail. She has a question, he didn’t’ know that she still had something to hear from him. Two things, how did your girlfriend know that TO’s wife is obsessed with his affair? He says JH talked about it a lot. He told HR. (It looks like TO’s wife also went to the candle shop). Another thing is, why did you kill JH, how did you kill JH?

He asks what he is talking about.

ES says JH’s time of death, DS had an alibi. So the person that killed JH is not the affair person. But you said that the affair person killed JH. I looked at your past records. Ten years ago you had Ripley Condition (like the movie The Talented Mr. Ripley) where he believes the fake world is real. The symptoms started again after you killed JH. You lied to everyone and said the affair guy killed her. The judge didn’t believe you, but your mother believed you. That like made your mother a murderer and a victim. Your guilty feeling should be very big, that is why you are more obsessed with your lie that you didn’t’ kill her.

He says he didn’t kill her….I didn’t kill her….I didn’t kill her.

ES says his lie killed an honest person like MJ as well. he keeps saying no….no….

JW. JW’s baby is about 3 months old now and super cute. She sees DS.

Spa. SY and ES talk at the spa. SY has a new job as a counselor for foreign workers. She says she is good at listening but she is not confident as to whether she can help them. ES says the culture is different, but that doesn’t mean that their thinking is different. Especially the women, it should be similar to them since they are all women.

Afterward, they apply cosmetics in the bathroom. HY will meet them at the café but she broke her phone again.

JW. JW talks to DS outside. He says he hasn’t seen her in a while. He does internet broadcasting now with his crazy dinners. She tells him that he uses his environment well. he takes it as a compliment. She wonders why he is there. he gives her the forms that she shredded and just in case she is curious. The baby might wonder later.

JW starts to leave, angry. But DS stops her and gives her a lot of baby things. SY thinks back to when they went shopping for the baby. JW tells DS that her son will look like her and she will raise him like her.

HY. HY goes to get a new phone at the phone store. She sees To there. They have a moment where they lock eyes. But he is there with his wife and she is pregnant. he walks off.

ES, SY, and HY all talk about her new phone at the café. She says dating is no fun anymore. She needs a change. Should she meet a foreigner or someone younger? They laugh and says that she won’t understand any of them anyway. ES gets a text from the Son, he asks her how she is doing. But JW shows up with the baby right then and drinks a lot of water. She bounces the cute baby on her hip and then goes inside.

Sang-hee and Yerin are there along with a lot of other people. It looks like it is the babies 100-day celebration. The little cute baby takes a lot of photos with everyone. SH’s daughter is there as well so all the girls take a photo with the baby boy.

SH is taking the photo!! Yaaaaaaaay!!!!!!

Flashback to SH moving a little bit in the dirt. SH felt it.

Back to the photo. SH tells all the women to close in together for balance as he takes the photo. But he makes a joke to have more of SY in the photo. However, SY gets a phone call at that moment from a restricted number. She doesn’t tell anyone what the number is.

Cut to a woman looking at a building. She looks high-class. She likes the building and tells the owner that she will look around some more. Then she walks into the building in slow motion. The camera follows her until she closes the door, then it fades out.

Fade Out

Hmm, do I smell a season two?

I loved this show. I feel like OCN is recharging me with their quality dramas.

I am so happy that SH survived. I remember him moving in a previous episode during that dirt scene, so I thought he might have survived. But then I thought he might have died after all and they just messed with us in the opening episode. I was about to rage at this drama if that happened. But he survived and it looks like he and SH are dating or at least close, so I’m happy about that. Hopefully, his nails grew back or he can get a nail transplant or something.

It looks like there were two storylines going on the entire time. JH’s murderer and SY’s insurance case. Everything was tied together with the candle shop party because YJ suspected all the men (as the affair guy) who were at the party or connected to the party and YD was one of those men. The show started diverging when the affair guy was found out.

I kind of wish YD was the affair guy to completely go full circle & wrap everything up nicely. Perhaps YD could have killed JH for money (or had her fake her own death for the insurance, hello season 2). Then JH’s husband could have been let out of jail. The Ripley stuff was so out in left field at the end, but I am willing to overlook that because the overall show was so good.

OCN has been great for two drama’s in a row, so we are continuing with this network and will be covering Life on Mars starting next week! I hope we see a few of y’all over on that show as well. See you then. ^_^

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  1. jo
    June 3, 2018 / 1:54 pm

    SEASON 2 Would be amazing! I can’t believe they fit everything into 12 ep

    • Handily
      June 3, 2018 / 2:01 pm

      That would be amazing!

      • V
        June 3, 2018 / 4:56 pm

        I agree! I also cant’ believe they did all this in 12 episodes.

  2. Kathy
    June 4, 2018 / 4:12 am

    Omg loved this show!! But I am confused who is the dad of the baby. Is it the chef or the teacher? Sad that we did not see an ending for the teacher

    • V
      June 4, 2018 / 7:34 am

      Oh, you’re right, the teacher was missing. O_o

  3. Andy
    June 4, 2018 / 6:33 am

    I read the recap before watching this ep just so I can see how it finished off and WOW like OCN really did amazing. I’m off to see the last ep now and see if there really is a whisper of S2. Imagine if the lady turned out to be JH who’s alive. 😂 I haven’t seen the face yet so I don’t know. I’m glad that there were 2 separate mysteries going on instead of 1 because it seemed smarter than pinning everything on YD alone. JH popped out from nowhere but they were dropping hints about YD eg. about his dad who committed “suicide” but then they later found out was killed for insurance. I wonder why SY never got any indication about his psychotic behaviour tho like he took out SH’s toe nails. UGH. The reveal about JH’s murder was very unexpected. I didn’t think it could be the husband because they never showed any signs. Because of him his mom and MJ died.

    • V
      June 4, 2018 / 7:35 am

      And his fingernails!

      • Andy
        June 4, 2018 / 10:20 am

        Yes the fingernails! Ughh YD truly was psychotic.

        I finished and loved the ep! Amazing conclusion because they also tied in how HR knew everything about TO (since JH’s husband heard about everything from the candle shop). The ending totally screamed Season 2 so YAY! Hopefully it gets made because the mysterious lady bought the building which used to be the hair saloon/ candle shop- both owners were murdered. So it might be tied to something. Maybe the lady is another mistress? The reenactment of JH’s death proved that the glowing body and bloodstains shown in ep 2 when JY put off the lights was in fact JH since the shop was used by the both of them. I wish the drama had dwelt more on the characterizations eg. who JH was (she suddenly popped in), the twisted mother-son relationship between JY and son, what happened to Ming Gyu etc. but for a 12 ep mystery, female-centric, high adrenaline drama- Mistress was amazing!

        I’ll stick around for Life On Mars too!

        • noona
          December 30, 2019 / 3:40 pm

          What about the insurence guy that got abducted?

  4. pandazz14
    June 4, 2018 / 1:34 pm

    before watching this episode my theory is this:
    – JS killed YD
    – SH is alive as i just remember you had mentioned in episode 4 that his body probably move
    – as JS killed YD, i believed during episode 8, she calls the police to turn herself in
    – as SH is alive, he’s the one who throw the rock, smashing the police car’s window

    while watching (i watch it raw, i havent read your recap):
    – the person who throw the rock ran fast, so i believe that person shouldn’t be SH as his feet hurts.
    – now im sad as i thought my assumption is wrong, SH is really dead
    – but i keep on hoping that SH is alive :”)
    – i legit thought SY did kill YD accidentally
    – i thought the child is DS’s (will read your recap to find out if DS told her what’s in the letter)
    – when SY is looking at the mirror, i keep on chanting “SH is going to make an appearance” but nope. :”(
    – when SY has a flashback about SH, i cried, coz “NOOO HE DIED FOR REALLL”
    – i thought TO is divorced, really happy for HY.
    – then i saw TO’s pregnant wife, i cried again coz poor HY :”(
    – towards the ending, i heard the familiar voice and started to cry again, OMG, SH IS ALIVEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! T-T
    – ok who is this woman?? i thought she is JS ><
    – I NEED SEASON 2! or simillar drama like this!!!!

    now im going to read the recap. hehe.

    • pandazz14
      June 4, 2018 / 1:58 pm

      finish reading it!
      – hmm so they didnt know whose the baby’s father
      – im mad when SH told YD the password, now i know why, because YD threaten him using her daughter, argh!
      – i believe JH’s husband do killed JH and my assumption is right! (i forgot to inseart this)
      – towards the ending, i cannot with the product replacement. 😂 samsung s9 and the skincare? perfume? lol.


      • V
        June 4, 2018 / 2:25 pm

        Oh, just read this one! Yeeeeeees, that was dirty to use his daughter on him like that. YD was so bad! But that is also what gave SH the super human strength to break free. The product placement was so hilarious. Sometimes I wonder if I should write them all into the recap as an inside joke for people who watch a lot of Kdrama’s. 🙂

        • pandazz14
          June 4, 2018 / 4:30 pm

          IKR? YD is so fckin evil. i dont expect korean drama to be like this coz they tend to sugarcoat. probably because this is rated 19 drama.

          yeah, the product placement in this drama is kinda obvious, making it hillarious. 😂

          hehe. just do what you want to do. 💪💪💪 again, thanks! 🤗

          • Andy
            June 4, 2018 / 11:58 pm

            The product placement was hilarious! I think they purposely didn’t release the father’s name of JW’s son because maybe they want to include that in Season2!

            • V
              June 5, 2018 / 6:48 am

              Oh! Hadn’t thought of that!

              Product placement: Made me lol. I think it would have been better if they just used the product all the time and didn’t zoom in on it or comment about how great it smelled or felt. If she used it all the time but the production team intentionally didn’t show us the product, then all the internet people would just find it and be happy to have a discovery.

    • V
      June 4, 2018 / 2:23 pm

      Love this before and after! Can’t wait to read your reaction after you read it!

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