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Mistress Recap Episode 11

Korean Drama Mistress Recap episode 11 starring Han Ga-in, Shin Hyun-bin, Choi Hee-seo, and Goo Jae-yee
It went from worse to the worst, y’all! Seriously, SY life was already bad and somehow got worse. But at least the girls are all in this together as they try to figure things out. The one silver lining is that we kind of know how it ends-ish due to all those opening scenes in the earlier episodes. We just don’t know who is dead (though I think most of us would agree that it should be YD) or how they all ended up at the warehouse. Also, how did they get JW to go along with all of that? We will find all that out in the next epiosode. But before that, you have to check out this episode to be all caught up!

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Recap of previous episodes.

Flashback of SY telling SH that if she shows up like this then YR will die, what if someone sees him, what will he do? She wants to save her Yerin, she needs her. So you just live like a dead person, you are already dead to us. if you show up one more time then I will kill you.

SY thinks that she should have quit back then, then her Yerin would not have been in danger like this. She and the other two friends are in the hotel room looking at the news. They see the news saying that YD is still alive and went to the hospital.

The police are interviewing YD. They ask him why he was hiding for two years. He says his wife tried to kill him in the water. His wife left because she thought he was dead, but he was rescued.

Why didn’t you come back?

I came back, but I was already a dead man. My wife told me she needs to get the insurance money. She told me to just hide and live like a dead person, otherwise….~.

He pulls out a recorder and plays the recording from the beginning of the episode. The police listen to it. But he changed the recording to say “If you come out one more time then I will kill Yerin.”

YD says his wife promised this to him, that is why he was hiding. But he heard that she made Yerin like this. He starts crying and takes some tissue to wipe his tears. But he is actually smiling underneath it all.


JW is in the bathroom by herself. She tries to compose herself. She steps out of the bathroom and sees YD there. She is alarmed. A reporter runs up to YD and asks her where he was at and why he was hiding. JW is gobsmacked. She steps into another hallway.

YD asks to go to the bathroom so one of the cops take him there. In the bathroom, the reporter says that he saw him, the police are hiding him. YD steps into the bathroom at that moment and asks the man if he is a reporter.

SW. SW watches the news report on the computer.

SY. The three women are nervous. SY thinks it is all over but ES thinks they can do something. SY puts on her jacket to go to the hospital to see Yerin. But the other two women stop her, they tell her to be logical. She can not do this. YD will want this. He will want you to get blamed and caught. He will be alive with the money again. SY starts crying as she asks, what about Yerin-i, what about Yerin-i. ES tells her that it will be more difficult for her if she comes out of the hospital.

JW. JW calls ES and tells her that it is strange, but YD is still alive. ES says she knows, she should have told her before, but she has a request. Can you go to Yerin’s hospital? HY and I cannot go there. JW wants to know, why are they with SY right now? Hey, I am having a hard time taking care of my husband, but you want me to visit Yerin? I can’t. She hangs up.

It looks like JW hates SY because SY made her husband into a murderer.

ES tells HY that she has to go there. Can you take care of SY? HY doesn’t want her to go but ES says she has a sunbae in the hospital. She leaves.

In the hospital, YD is left alone with Yerin.

Meanwhile, ES sits in her car and thinks. Then she texts someone and tells them that she is at Yerin’s hospital, she will call them later. She goes inside and talks to the police about going inside. She says she is emo. But she is not real emo so the police won’t let her in. She asks if he would like fruit? She has a fruit basket, but this officer got in trouble with HY and that fruit incident so he does not fall for this.

However, YD comes out and tells him that he knows her, so it is okay. JW goes inside and listens to YD talking about how cute his daughter is. he knows it’s weird saying this with her in the hospital bed, but she will be prettier when she runs around. He does not know why SY did this, the important thing to him is taking care of Yerin. He will hate someone later. Do you know where Yerin’s umma is?

SY. Umma is still in the motel/hotel. She is throwing up but it seems like she has been throwing up for awhile because nothing is coming out anymore. HY pats her on the back and tries to make sure she is okay. SY isn’t okay and thinks that she will never see her child again. HY tries to tell her that it won’t be like that.

SH. SH tells JS that Yerin has an eunnie that had the similar situation to her eunnie that died. They got the insurance money right? It will happen to Yerin and it will happen to your other daughter, she will die. JS tells him to shut up and leaves. But she looks concerned and flustered in the hallway.

JW. JW leaves the hospital room. YD sneak peeks a look at her and then goes back into the room. While walking in the parking garage, ES pulls her to the side. They sit in the car and ES fills her in on what has happened. YD is the one that blamed her husband, not SY. Don’t you remember? there was no fingerprint on the watch that was found in the restaurant. maybe it is difficult to forgeries that.

JW wonders what she should do. ES says she should see Yerin just in case YD does something to her As for them, they are going to find a way to clear Se-yeon’s name. Would you like to talk to SY? JW says she is too busy to talk to her.

SY. SY looks in the mirror and talks to herself “Don’t you know, if you show up then Yerin will die.” the image changes to YD, “If you die then I will save Yerin.” SY sits on the floor, she is going insane. She has a hallucination of seeing Yerin going up steps so she follows her.

In the garage, YD watches ES driving off. He follows her.

At the motel, SY follows the Yerin hallucination all the way to the top of the building. She slowly walks to the ledge. Tears are in her eyes.

VO – If you come out one more time, I am going to kill you. I am going to kill you.

VO – When an animal is in a corner, they kill their baby first. If you show up one more time then I will kill Yerin. You should die. if you die then Yerin will live.

SY – I will disappear, I will disappear, don’t touch Yerin.

ES gets back to the motel. HY runs up to her and asks if they have seen her. Several people scream which alerts them all that SY is about to jump off the building. They run to the top. SY has a vision of Yerin praying that Umma is not sick also. She tells Yerin, without Umma, don’t be sick, umma is sorry, umma is sorry….

VO – Se-yeon! Se-yeon!

Flashback to SH telling her that his wife committed suicide because of him. SY says she does not want to hear it. SH tells her that everyone said the mother committed suicide because she left her daughter alone. But it is all his fault. She trusted him but he told her that they should divorce. Her world ended. I don’t’ want to lose someone I love again. if YD comes to visit you, whatever happens to you. I will protect you. It is okay if you don’t trust me, but be somewhere where I can see you.

On the rooftop, Yerin yells for her mother, so SY runs after her and asks her if she is okay. Umma told her that she should stand up by herself without her Umma. She should stand up by herself and be brave all by herself. Yerin says she will, she will grow up strong, so Umma should be next to her and look after her for a long long time. SY says, of course, she will look after her for a long long time. Just wait Yerin, just wait.

ES and HY get to the rooftop and run to SY’s side. She is sitting on the rooftop on her knees. She tells them that they need to find SH, he is there only hope. They need to find him and save Yerin.

Unfortunately, YD sees them on the rooftop. Now he knows where she is.

YD&JS calls YD and tells him that they got the insurance money so they should just leave. This guy is talking about strange things. Our daughter’s death is similar to Yerin and the money as well. YD says he is making up strange stories. JS says She knows, let’s just leave and live nicely with that money. YD does not want to leave though. He tells her that they are almost done, she should just guard him.

YD get in the car and calls 112. He wants to report the person on the news from yesterday. He thinks he saw her. But then he says he may have called the wrong number. He hangs up. Then he calls JS and tells her to come there. He needs to talk to her.

ES and HY tell SY that nothing will happen to Yerin right now, the police are guarding her. they drive to the insurance company. ES records the conversation that they have with the thug-like insurance guy so that SY can hear it. the thug guy says that YD became the most pitiful person in Korean, no one can touch him.

SY tells them about the diary. ES and HY ask about the diary. But the thug says the police took it all.

JW. The women call JW and tell her that the police investigating her husband also took SH’s belongings. The diary should have evidence to find him. Can she help them? JW wants to know how she can help them. HY tells her that the diary has the answer. But JW is overwhelmed with everything at the moment. how can she go back to the police department? She just came from there!

But she does go back smiling and gives all the cops drinks as she tells them to please take care of her husband. She sees SH’s board in the police department and kind of gets a pretty good look at it. No one cares about her as she walks around the area, so she is able to find the diary as well. It was just sitting on one of the policeman’s tables. She is able to sneak it out of the building by putting her box of drinking on top of it and picking it up.

But while leaving, one of the cops ask her what is in her hand. She is nervous for a moment because the diary is in plain view. But then the cop takes the little bottle out of the box and says he will enjoy it.

She makes it outside. The thug guy saw that she got the diary and asks her for it. her doctor friend wants it. She gives it to him and he walks it over to ES and the other ladies. But he jumps when he sees that SY is in the car. he tells her that he is sorry about that time back then, SH wanted to see if YD did it by himself. She tells him that she knows, just get in.

They all look through the diary. SY finds something interesting. SH wanted to investigate JS.

Flashback to SH finding out that YD had another daughter, she died of lung fibrosis and YD got the insurance money. SY says that is the same symptoms as her Yerin. So that means JS gave poison to her own daughter to get the insurance money? No, she treats her other daughter very well, she shouldn’t’ be that kind of person. Maybe YD did it, he is the one that got the insurance money.

Meanwhile, JS meets YD and gets in his car.

Also, YD’s father committed suicide and YD got the money. SH thinks YD killed his father and got the insurance money. SH thinks that is the starting point. then he killed his daughter and got the money, then he faked his own death. People will inspect him if he receives more money. If JS gets the money then people will investigate it further so the money won’t be paid. So, he wanted to have someone who didn’t have a record of receiving insurance money. Also, they wanted someone who would not spend that money.

All the ladies shake their head at the plan. It was perfect. they don’t think JS would suspect that he would do this to her own daughter. maybe they can find her and convince her. But ES thinks it could be the situation where the mistreated person sympathizes with the person torturing them. They want to find her.

But SY says no, they need to find SH, before something happens to him, they need to find SH. They need to split up. One team can search for clues to find SH and the other team looks for JS.

YD. In the car, YD apologizes to JS. He says they lived together for awhile with kids and it is difficult to end it. She needs to take care of the video that is out and needs a little bit more time. JS asks if he will live with her. She tells him that he should not do this. He told her that it was all for Sung-hee. he says that he knows. Yerin is his daughter also, you know. I was about to turn Yerin’s mother to the police, but I couldn’t do it. I started it for you and Sung-hee, but we won’t feel too good sending an honest person to jail. Do you think I will feel okay watching Sung-hee?

So from the beginning, she was the problem?

YD sighs and says he doesn’t know what to do.

She understands. She gets out of the car and walks to the hotel/motel. He smiles and puts on his favorite song as he drives away.

HY & ES. SY drops of HY and ES to the market. They look for JS there. But they don’t find her.

Later that night, they all drive away looking tired. They go back to the motel. The owner says that someone left her a message. It says that she knows where SH is, come by yourself. HY and ES do not want SY to go by herself, they want ES to go talk to her and persuade her. SY thinks, whatever they say, she won’t betray YD. But at least if she goes there by herself, then she might tell her something.

The women reluctantly wish her luck. HY gives her a hug and SY runs away to the car. ES wonders what they should do now. But HY just pulls out her GPS because she put a wiretap on SY and is looking at it right now.

SH. Meanwhile, SH is in the torture hotel staring YD in the face. It looks like it will be a fresh round of torture. he tells SH that he just needs the video now. he goes to the back of SH and starts to pull something, we don’t see what he is pulling, but it looks very painful.

SY. JD happily eats soup at a cafe as SY approaches her. She does not stop eating and asks SY if she ate. SY asks her where SH is. She says he is too far to walk to. Cut to them both driving there. HY and ES drive behind them. It is so obvious because there are no other cars around. JS notices them and drives faster. Then she searches SY and finds the tracking device.

Later on, HY finds the tracker on the side of the street.

JS drives SY to an open clearing. SY looks suspicious and tells her that SH is not there, right? JS says it is not all a lie, she will go first and SH will follow her. She pulls out a knife and puts it to her throat. SY tells her that she knew her daughter died from lung fibrosis just like her daughter. JS tells her to shut up. SY tells her that she suspected him while giving pesticide to Yerin. You wanted to trust him, he is an appa and went that far? think about it, he is Yerin’s daughter also.

But JS said it is different. Her daughter is her daughter, SY gave birth to Yerin. SY says there is no difference. Look at us, we are the same. YD asked you to do this right?

They fight. SY tries to get away but JS gets her and stabs the knife right next to her head. SY tells her to kill her. SY tells her that two people are in this con job. One will die and the other will go to jail. YD only needs money, your daughter will die just like your other daughter.

SY breaks free again and tries to get away. But amid the scuffle, JS grabs a huge stone and hits her in the head with it. SY falls to the ground unconscious.

JW talks to her husband at the jail. She asks him if he says he had an affair with JH? He says that he wasn’t with her for too long. He thinks JW is also responsible. She stopped liking him when he started his TV show. She noticed him. JW thinks JH would have loved the baby TV show idea. he says he thought they would be happy. She asks if they are happy now? He tells her, if she supported him more and trusted him more then they wouldn’t be like this now.

She gives him the result for who is the real father. then she takes it back and rips it up. She realized that it does not matter who the father is, she is going to raise the baby by herself. She leaves.

The camera follows her as she walks across the street.

Cut to SH knocked out in the car as JS drives her somewhere.

HY and ES frantically drive around searching for her.

SH wakes up in the car. JS stops the car and pulls SH out of the car in front of the police station. She drives off. A policeman in the distance asks her if she is okay.

The main policeman on the case walks out of the building smoking a cigaret and looks at her. He starts walking to her. The other policeman walks closer to her as well.

Fade Out

Wow, how is SY going to get out of this situation? She is barely holding on to reality as it is. Hopefully she can just walk away and hide her head. I don’t think any of the police officers will think that it is her. They are probably just concerned for a normal citizen that shows up at the police doors. So I don’t think they will chase after her if she just walks away, right?

I love how these women aren’t experts. They are just normal people trying to figure things out. Hence all the mistakes they make like following too close to JS’s car and subsequently losing her. At first I was all like, um….you are way too close to her car on an empty street at nighttime with your lights on. But then I remembered that HY is a bad detective. TO always saw her following him around, she was not sneaky at all. ES has no clue on how to follow anyone and was just concerned about losing her friend to this psycho. So it all made sense. Hopefully they don’t make the same mistakes twice.

On the flip side, they also get things amazingly right by using their wits. Like when they used the power of an innocent-looking-women-in-despair against the police officer at Yerin’s door. It was a trick they could only use once, but it was well used. They have lots of those clever moments in this drama.

In other related news, I really hope SH lives. I feel bad for suspecting him in earlier episodes. 🙂

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  1. Andy
    June 3, 2018 / 10:46 am

    I’m hoping YD is the one who was shown in the beginning because he’s truly evil. I mean he plotted to kill his dad too – just for money. Also if JS doesn’t turn towards the good side (she ends up calling the police in the present), she better be caught and put to jail because she plotted to kill Yerin. She must be suffering from something similar to Stockholm syndrome if she’s rationalizing YD and his sick, twisted, psychotic behaviour. I’m wondering how SY and the gang escape all of this and free SH (who’s missing in the present) and JW’s husband. All the ladies except HY have a personal reason to hate YD now. Also who killed JH? JW’s husband denies it so did I miss something?

    • V
      June 3, 2018 / 11:53 am

      Andy!!! I just watched the last episode and it is GOOD. All your questions are answered. About to post it now!

      • Andy
        June 4, 2018 / 7:28 am

        I’m watching it now! 💖 It struck me this ep that when JS hit SY with a rock in the head she only became unconscious. When JY hit MJ with a candle he ended up dead. Seems like a need to suspend disbelief.

        • V
          June 4, 2018 / 7:39 am

          Lol! Yes, I am going to assume that MJ was already very weak due to his chemotherapy/other medication and that she hit him with the sharp side of the candle.

          • Andy
            June 4, 2018 / 12:31 pm

            Oh I forgot he was sick! Thanks for reminding me. The writing really was great then in its ability to write a superb mystery with a non-linear timeline.

            • V
              June 4, 2018 / 1:25 pm

              Yes! Great writing. I also think it would have been nice to have a little bit more of a closure on MJ’s son, but I like how they insinuated that ES and he still keep in touch.

  2. Jessica
    June 3, 2018 / 12:59 pm

    Literally dying for ep12. Refreshing this website non stop now

    • V
      June 3, 2018 / 1:46 pm

      It’s up!

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