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Mistress Recap Episode 10

Korean Drama Mistress Recap episode 10 starring Han Ga-in, Shin Hyun-bin, Choi Hee-seo, and Goo Jae-yee
This episode was so good!!! The truth comes out and SY is caught up in it all! There is action all over the place. Everything happens in this episode that builds so nicely to the finale week. I am so pumped for next week y’all, ARGH, I can’t wait!

MUSIC: Mistress OST
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Recap of previous episodes.

Yerin and SY take a photo with YD during happier times. But we flash to the future and see that same photo on news report of an insurance fraud case. The news was at 21:04 but then it rewinds to 07:00.

DS is sitting at home waiting for his wife. She comes in so he gets up and asks JW what she did all night, where was she? He worried about her. But JW isn’t concerned and just goes to pack her things. DS asks her what she is doing. She doesn’t speak and just opens his hands and gives him the bracelet.

Flashback of the candle party.

DS tosses it on the floor next to JW and tells her it was nothing. She just liked her. JW asks why he was so desperate against JY to not lose that bracelet?

Flashback to JY at his restaurant.

DS asks, what about you? You had an affair with that guy. JW looks at the floor and says that is right. You knew it, you played it to torture me. DS yells that he was angry. JW wants to know, if he was so angry, then why was he so happy that she was pregnant? You knew everything. You don’t care whose baby it is so long as you can be on TV. Stop being so greedy!

JW wanted to tell him something a long time ago, just make food that people can eat, not flashy food on TV. Just real food that will make people full. The food you used to make. You were happy when people ate your food happily. Right?

DS mutters that he suffered a lot to come to this position. She knows it best. He is on TV now, they can live happily now. Is he so wrong for wanting that?

JS sighs and tells him that this is not the man she used to know.

She leaves amidst sirens. But as soon as she gets to her car, the police approach her and ask if her husband is there? DS is dragged out. He is arrested for YJ’s murder. JW yells, what is going on?!? Yobo!

They drive off leaving JW scared.


SH. At the abandoned hotel, SH still tries to get out of his bondage by rubbing the ropes against the chair. He hears someone come in so he stops for a moment. Then he starts again. YD came back and goes straight to sleep.

SY. SY gets a call while at the hospital. She runs to the police station and goes inside. All the ladies are at the police station. The police ask SY if she recognizes a watch. She asks where they got it. They say they got it in the drawer of the accused along with YD’s fingerprints. It looks like he planned it. SY speaks up and says not to call him the plaintiff yet, he is not a person that kills people.

The police ask her if she recognizes it again. SY wants to know what would happen if she recognizes it? The police tell her that they already have a lot of proof. he lists all the proof they have. The only question they have is where he got the fingerprint for YD because there is no fingerprint on the watch. That is why they need her, to see if the watch is her husbands watch.

SY reluctantly says it is her husbands watch.

Three of the ladies talk afterward. They think a dead persons’ fingerprint will make the investigation more difficult. DS accepted that he had an affair with JH, but not the murder of YJ. JW walks up and wonders what they are talking about. Are they saying that her husband really killed someone? She hurriedly walks off.

Afterward, the other three talk about if something happened with Yerin. SY tells them, Child Protective Services….but she doesn’t finish.

Cut to the hospital. The children welfare center want to question her about her daughter. They go to Yerin’s room and start to try and take photos of her but SY asks them what they are doing? This is the mark from the needle. One of the CPS people pulls SY away and ask her about the drugs in her system. SY tells them that the nanny drugged her. CPS told her that they need her phone number. They also mention that she has big insurance on Yerin, it is a lot of money.

It looks like SY was filling the other two women in on this while driving. They tell her that it shouldn’t be anything. It is good that she had insurance.

SH. Meanwhile, SH sees a knife on the floor. he flips his chair to try and get it.

SY. Back at the hospital, the police are there questioning SY. They talk to her about DS putting a dead person’s fingerprint there. They are sorry about putting her through that. But actually, they are here about her daughter. She has a lot of insurance money for her daughter, they received an investigation request about it because she also got a lot of insurance for the husband.

SH. He is busy trying to get the knife when a kids ball rolls into the room. Sang-hee runs in to get it and sees SH on the floor. they stare at each other.

SY. The police ask SY about the insurance policy. SY says her husband wanted her to write one for Yerin and her as well. But they inform her that there is no insurance for her. they tell her that her insurance was only paid for one month and canceled right away. SY thinks they are curious about the insurance, but you don’t get insurance with kids. The police think she knows a lot about insurance.

SH. SH tries to talk to Sung-hee. he tells her that she remembers him, right? Can you hand me this stick behind me? Sung-hee just looks at him. SH tells her that they should play with Yerin together, help him and they can. She starts to walk to him slowly.

SY. The police ask SY if she knew SH. She did because their kids are friends. The police think they are more than friends but they aren’t friends anymore. What is the reason? Did you know that he was an insurance investigator? SY tells them that she didn’t know about it in the beginning. The police ask her if she knows that SH is missing? Yes, she knows. Do you know when he was missing? Why are you asking me about that?

The police tell him that SH became missing after he met someone. She asks who that person is. He says, you.

SH. SH manages to get out of the bandages! he immediately calls SY. SY picks up in front of the police. SH tells her not to answer, just tell him yoboseyo (hello) if the police are there. She says, yoboseyo. He tells her to go to the hallway and talk.

SY goes to the hallway and asks him if he is really SH? SH says he just got out from YD. He has his cell phone but it isn’t’ a strong signal. The most important thing is you. Listen to me carefully, get away from there. YD called the police, you have to prove that YD is alive first. Otherwise, you will be the one that killed your husband and got the insurance money and made your daughter die as well. you need to hurry. When they arrest you, you won’t be able to prove anything. So get out of there right now, okay?

Inside the room, the police think the phone call is too long, did she run away? the other one thinks her daughter is there, she won’t. But the partner thinks she gave pesticide to her daughter, she was bad enough to do that. they go check her and see that she is gone. They run to find her.

SY was hiding nearby and goes back to check on her daughter, then she takes the elevator. But the cops see her and chase after her! She is only able to just get away.

She manages to get in her car and take off. SH is still on the phone. He tells her that it is difficult to run away with a car, you should use public transportation.

SH. The person that was sleeping wakes up, it looks like it might be the nanny?

SY. SY tries to take the subway, but the police spot her again! They aren’t able to catch up with her so SY is able to sneak away. But one of them sees her on the other side of the tracks so he runs to catch her. He gets to her right when the doors close on the subway. She got away!

SH. The nanny wakes up and knocks out SY.

SY gets another call, but this time it is Yerin appa. He tried to disguise his voice as SH’s using an app, but the app messes up and makes his voice sound so scary. SY isn’t frightened, she says she just has to prove that he is alive. She will prove it. YD tells her that there is no evidence that he is alive. SY tells her that HY saw him. YD knows that isn’t’ strong evidence because she is her friend. She could just say it for her.

YD keeps talking about how SY needs this money for Yerin’s treatment. If she tells the police about him then the treatment will stop. Give him the money and he will make sure that she gets the treatment. Who do you think helped you at the hospital? Sneaking into the hospital is easy for me. I want to tell you that killing a little kid is easy for me.

SY starts panting, she tells him if you touch our Yerin then I will really follow you to hell and kill you. YD creepily says he won’t do anything against his own kid, but animals do do that when they are in a corner. they shred them and kill them. There isn’t enough time, get the money.

The police talk to ES. ES tells them that they know their friend won’t commit that kind of crime. The policeman says he hears that a lot, no one thinks their friend with do that. Just tell them if she calls her. He hands over his card.

ES goes to her car and calls SY. Where are you? The police came to me. In the background, we see one of the policemen hiding in a car. he follows ES when she drives off.

But ES ain’t no chump. She gets suspicious of the car behind her. It looks like she calls HY to get behind that car and honk at him. then she is able to pull a switcharoo where ES parks her car and hops into HY’s car without the policeman noticing.

They are also able to pick up SY. The three of them drive off together. HY tells SY that she trusts her, if she does something then there is a reason for it. Just tell them and they can help her. SY is so overcome with the day, she tries to stay stoic, but a tear falls.

She fills them in on everything.

SY thinks they should get the money. HY thinks they should move Yerin from the hospital. ES says that hospital is the best in the city. SY tells them that the money is the bait, she will get him using that money and protect Yerin.

HY. HY goes to the hospital and purposefully spills a lot of fruit on the floor a little away from Yerin’s room. The officer guarding the room runs to her aid which allows ES to sneak into the room.

ES finds the bank account information under Yerin’s bed.

Outside the room, HY listens to the policeman talk about all the bad guys that he has caught. She plays the “dumb blond” and listens to him closely in order to keep his attention away from the room. But then she sees that ES leaves the room, so she runs after her. The policeman goes running after HY because she left her fruit basket. But this catches the attention of his superior so he asks him who that woman was. he isn’t super suspicious though because he checked the room and Yerin looked fine.

But they still check the CCTV and on it they see ES leaving the room. They think SY might be trying to get the money.

They are right because she already had the money prepared and goes to pick it up from the bank. It is 4 pm.

Hy waits outside talking to someone. ES is also on a phone talking to someone. it looks like they are asking for money related things with high interest.

The police call the bak, but SY takes the phone off the hook. Then the bank man comes in with all the cash in a duffle bag. it is a lot of money so they want their guard to walk her to the parking lot. She says it is fine, with a smile, and leaves.

The police get there as soon as she walks out. they don’t see her.

SY goes to a public locker and puts the bag inside. Locker #16. Then she and ES wait. Their plan is to ambush him. But when YD shows up, he is able to get away without them getting a good photo. the woman all give chase. HY is in the car and follows HY right away as he drives off in a motorcycle.

HY keeps up really well. It’s a chase scene as she follows the motorcycle through alleys. But she loses him when the street gets too small. However, they put GPS in the bag so they can track him.

The three women follow the GPS signal and find the bag. the bag is empty. They lost him.

SH. Poor SH is back tied to the chair. The nanny is looking at the computer in front of him. he wakes up and tells her to let him go. It looks like she sets up something for him to watch and walks off.

NEWS: The news says that SY tried to poison her own child and take the money. Everyones face in the family photo is blurred out except SY’s. SY watches this with ES and HY. Ah, this is the news alert that the nanny put in front of SH. The news says that SY did this before with her husband. She got 2 million for murdering her husband and now she poisoned her own child and is trying to get more money. But she got away. She got all of the money and disappeared.

Everyone sees this news report. The friends tell her that they have to prove that he is alive. Does she have any recordings of his voice? SH says she recorded the last one, but he changed his voice on it. ES thinks they should have CCTV evidence somewhere. If they prove that he is alive, then they can be cleared of everything.

SH shows up at the hospital and tells the police that he is Yerin’s guardian. Then he starts crying and says that appa is here. he cries crocodile tears in front of Yerin. The police and everyone wonder what in the world is going on.

Fade Out

My wife tried to kill me in the water
It is okay if we prove that he is alive
SH’s diary should have a clue, you should help us
Let’s find SH first before something happens to him, then we will find JS
If we finished everything back then, then we shouldn’t have been in this much danger

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  1. Hayy
    May 27, 2018 / 6:52 pm

    Agh.. finally..
    Gomawo.. /\

  2. Hayy
    May 27, 2018 / 7:41 pm

    More interesting..

    What this situation can be real?
    So scary..

    But in other side SY have a strong friendship :))

    • V
      May 27, 2018 / 10:37 pm

      I love their friendship! They know their friend and they are on her side. It feels really good to see these women stick up for one another. I also love that they are smart and noticed that they were being tailed. the only mistake was letting the husband get away, but they tried their hardest! 🙂

  3. Andy
    May 28, 2018 / 6:25 am

    These ladies are incredible! I think the person they kill is YD

    • V
      May 28, 2018 / 7:29 am

      I hope it is not SH! Now, I love him and want him to live. He really was concerned about SY the entire time.

  4. Anonymous
    May 29, 2018 / 1:01 am

    Oh my gosh I just discovered this website. Thank you so much. I love the Mistress Korean Drama and I am glad someone is doing recaps because I enjoy reading them while waiting so long for the next episode.

    • V
      May 29, 2018 / 6:47 am

      So glad you found us!

  5. pandazz14
    May 29, 2018 / 6:45 pm

    i think the dead body is YD. because in episode 7, HY told SY that they’re going to the sea because SY wants to dump the body in the sea. and remember on the 1st episode, they went to the sea and SY threw a flower? i think that day is YD’s death(?) anniversary. also YD is suppose to be dead in a shipwreck. plus i assume SH is probably get killed by YD as in episode 4, SH was found buried and wrapped in plastic. #TrynnaPlayDetective

    • V
      May 30, 2018 / 7:46 pm

      You’re theory sounds good to me!

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