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Mistress Live Recap Episode 9

Korean Drama Mistress Recap episode 9 starring Han Ga-in, Shin Hyun-bin, Choi Hee-seo, and Goo Jae-yee
Everything is converging in this episode! SY finds out a little bit more about her daughters condition which is what some of us where speculating; JW does a little bit of digging on her while at her husbands restaurant; and everyone else tries to figure out where in the world SH went to. Oh, and they have to do it by 5 pm.

I didn’t have a chance to go back through and edit this one for grammar so there are some typos below.

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Airing Time: May 26th, 22:20 Seoul, tvN
How to Watch: Viki

SH walks through the alley. He finds JS on the ground. He asks her, where is he, where is YD? Call him. YD comes up behind him and hits him hard on the head with something.

SH wakes up in a room. He is all tied up. He tries to escape, but the chair he is tied to falls over. YD walks up to him with a flashlight. He shines the flashlight on his face and tells him that he is awake.


JW. JW thinks about her situation while looking int he mirror. She thinks about MG tells her to never trust her husband. He is a scary guy so just leave him. She also thinks about JW telling her how they suspect that JH’s affair person is the husband of one of the candle shop members.

Later, JW asks her husband if he remembers the end of the year party two years ago at the candle shop? He does. She says that the candle that JH made was really good. She has always been good at making things with her hands ever since she was at school. He looks at her.

This evening, do you want hong nip? The baby might want to eat it so I will make a nice one this evening.

His PD calls at that moment. JW is also a little nauseous at that moment. She gets up off and goes to the sink in the kitchen. Her husband tells his PD that his wife needs more time, he is trying to convince her now.

JW goes to work and sits in her cubicle. One of the teachers says that MG isn’t the kind of guy to not accept a phone call. The VP tells him that MG won’t be there today. They need to readjust their schedule so come to the meeting.

ES. ES goes to the parking garage and sees a woman walking by. The woman gets in a car and leaves. Inside, the nurses are whispering about something as ES walks by. Another doctor asks ES for a meeting, so she goes to his office. He shows her a cell phone and tells her that someone posted all of this on their homepage. ES looks at it, it is the sam post over and over again about one of their doctors having an affair with a patient. It is not just on their homepage, it is all on their SNS as well. At first he ignored it, but that person came to visit them and told them that ES had an affair with her husband, you didn’t right? ES shows her guilt by being quiet.

DS. JW’s husband, DS, is driving. YJ showed him that cassette tapes and told him that he was the one that had an affair with her.

VO – When I bumped into him, he dropped something. Cassette tapes, very small cassette tapes.

DS thinks back to seeing something in YJ’s house. He also thinks back to seeing SY’s daughter leaving SH’s house in an ambulance when she had a bloody nose.

DS broke into the house and found the cassette tapes, they were just sitting on the table.

VO – But he is different. He is very warm and sweet. He drives me crazy. He makes me excited. He told me that my lips smell like Italian oil. I am that kind of person for him.

DS throws the cassette into the river.

HY. HY goes to work out and thinks about what happened that night in the alley. She thinks she saw SY’s husband there.

ES. We hear a voice over of the male doctor telling ES, why don’t you just take a break until this matter gets a little quieter? ES is thinking about it on the rooftop. She calls HY.

SY. SY is at the hospital. She tries to call someone and is able to get ahold of them. This is about the money she wants to talk out of the bank. She wants to cash all 2 million dollars, she has to use it in a hurry. Please call me whenever you are in a hurry.

SY needs the money by 5 o’clock, otherwise JS will visit the insurance company. ES meets her at the hospital and tells her about all the people following everyone in the last episode. SH was following JS> And HY was following SH. But HY saw someone else in the market. Your husband. SY acts surprised. ES tells her that he is alive, right?

HY. Elsewhere, HY goes shopping for shades. She spots TO with his wife on accident. He spots her as well. TO gets nervous and tells his wife that they should go somewhere else.

SY. ES listens as SY tells her that SH told her that her husband is alive. She fills her in on everything. ES wonders, what if YD and JS are working together to get the insurance money? Did SH contact you after that day? She shakes her name. He has been quiet for the last few days. ES tells her to ask him if he saw them meeting. SY calls, but his phone is off.

SY asks ES if she can find SH. SH might be the only one that saw the witness, but sh has to do it by 4 pm because she told JS that she would give her the insurance money at 5 pm. If she doesn’t give her the money, then she will tell the insurance money that YD is alive. ES is hesitant, if they are working together, then if you don’t give her money then she won’t tell the insurance company anyway. SY nods and says that is why she wants her to find SH, if SH saw then meeting then she doesn’t have to give her money.

ES. The son meets with ES outside. He wants to know if she quit the clinic. She says no, she is just taking time off. ES wants to know why? if you are innocent then you shouldn’t do that. I can fix it. But ES just gets a bracelet out of her purse and says this was the bracelet in the candle that YJ took. She gives it to him. Then she tells him that his mother was right and his suspicion was right. She liked his father, so you don’t have to correct it. Now, everything is corrected.

ES tells her that she should have hidden this till the end and not gotten caught by anyone. She says she has no reason to hide anymore. He wants to know why? Because you don’t like me? Right, if you liked me then you would have hidden it forever. he storms off.

ES goes to her car and sits for awhile. Then she gets out and goes to the insurance building. She meets with that thug like guy but this guy tells her that he can’t contact hyung for a few days. he went to the hospital to check on SY but he doesn’t know why SH is so concerned with SY. The thug wants to go to the market because SH’s cell phone signal ended over there. ES tells him that she wants to go there too. he tells her to wait a moment, he will just take care of some documents and then they can leave.

SH. YD tells SH that it was a good plan to put his finger prints at YJ’s murder scene. Why did you do it? YD tells him that YJ saw him at the cafe, she took pictures and seh knew too much about him. She knows that the murderer is him. he met with her and told her that he isn’t the murderer, it was DS. DS and JH were together. She told me not to hide from her anymore. If she doesn’t pick up my cell phone then she will release my picture with SY. I couldn’t leave her alone.

But there is a variation since he put his finger prints at the site.

ES. ES is still at the insurance agency and is taking pictures of the board. The thug comes back and tells her that she shouldn’t take pictures of that. ES asks where that photo was taken.

SH. YD thinks SH’s company should know that he is following him. if he dies then his company and the police will search his cloud. He also can’t hide his feelings too well. This thing has been screwed up from the small point.

All this time, YD has been preparing a torture palate for SH. He starts unraveling one of his legs. SH tells him that he will make it so that his finger prints disappear and that he gets the money. But YD just tells him not to worry about it. Then he pulls out one of his toe nails.

HY. HY goes to meet TO and tells him that they should take a walk, it is a nice day. They start to walk up a huge stone stepped hill in the city. HY tells him his body is only for looks, because TO is having the hardest time walking up all the steps. TO apologizes to HY for lying. His wife wanted to buy his in laws present. HY says there are a lot of houses over there, it is not her fault that she doesn’t have her own house. There are a lot of men over there too and it is not her fault that she doesn’t have her own man.

She isn’t confident to live as someones wife. I am telling you that I don’t want to be anyone, but I am the affair woman now. This isn’t me. There are ups and downs in life and maybe we just hit the wall while we were going up. But we can hold hands and push each other. We mistook it for being special. (OST #1 plays). She tells him that they should go down hill separate and live separately.

HY walks down the hill by herself.

SY. SY goes to a motel and asks for 302. But the lady says he emptied his room a couple days ago. SY is shocked that he left. She walks away stunned. But then she gets a call from ES. ES tells her that SH didn’t show up at work and they can’t contact him also. ES is on her way to the office because that is the last place that the cell phone signal was found. SY tells her she has to go to the hospital so ES just lets her know that she will investigate it and tell her later.

Then ES gets a call from HY. She asks her if she met SY. But we don’t know what she told her because we cut right to the last known location for his cell phone. ES is there with the thuggish guy. They look around the area and ask people if they have seen SH.

HY is there as well. HY is in front of SH’s car where there are a lot of tickets. ES and the thuggish guy converge on it where he confirms that it is his car. he wonders what is going on.

Cut to the hospital. HY, SY, and ES are trying to figure out what is going on. HY thinks SH might not be a bad guy. It seems like he just wanted to protect you. His friend also said that he worried about her a lot. SY thinks back to SH warning her about YD and how he is a scary guy. ES thinks that SH saw YD and JS meeting together. When are you going to give her money? By 5 o’clock. HY asks her if she knows where he is.

SY doesn’t. The three think they need to find SH. ES shows them a picture that she took of the board which triggers HY’s memory. She thinks she knows where they are.

JW. MG calls JW and tells her that he will leave work for awhile. But he also tells her that it was truthful when he told her to leave her husband. That man is not a good person. He is not the person you think he is. JW asks him, the black box USB, when you sent it to my husband, where did you send it?

Cut to DS a work tasting the food. JW calls him and asks him if he would like to do it? The baby variety show? DS says yes, that is a good choice, he really thanks her. He will not disappoint her. Thank you for trusting me. JW asks if he would like to eat at his restaurant? DS says yes, they can close the store and she can come over. he tells her that he loves hr. She pauses for a moment and tells him that she loves him too.

SH. SH is screaming in pain at the torture. YD tells him to just tell him the password. he wants that video of him. SH won’t tell him. He was looking for him for so long. YD says that is fine, he has more toenails.

HY & ES. It looks like they are driving to the abandoned hotel. They are almost there.

SH. SY is still inside screaming at his toe nail missing. But then YD gets a call from SH, he thinks something is wrong at the hotel with his daughter so he says he will be there right away. Then he goes to SH and tells him that they are on a break. Don’t worry, she is an important person to him. SH yells after him.

HY & ES. ES thinks the gate might be locked. HY confirms it is so they start to walk around the area to find a way to get in.

YD. A gas station attendant talks to YD and asks him if the pretty girls got to the hotel okay. YD looks back toward the hotel.

HY & ES. They make it to the hotel and walk around. It is a creepy place. They go upstairs.

YD. Pushes the gas pedal on the car as he drives down the street.

HY&ES. They both find the room where it looks like someone lives in the building. ES says she will search around some more. She starts to go downstairs.

YD gets back to the building and starts to move SH into a secret location. ES walks down the steps slowly. YD hears her footsteps and slinks away around a corner. he was able to hide all traces of the torture room he created.

ES gets to the basement and looks around with her flashlight. In a corner, YD holds a knife to SH’s throat. She gets close to them, they can see the light of the flashlight. But then ES gets a call and tells HY that she doesn’t think that anyone is there.

YD tells SH that they can let her go, but if he wants to see her dead then he can scream.

ES is still wandering around. Right now, YD left SH’s side and follows her around in secret. But he lets her go.

ES goes outside and tells HY that she didn’t find anything. They leave.

SY. At the hospital, SY picks up the phone and asks them if they found anything. ES tells her that they didn’t. But then she looks at her daughter and calls someone else. She talks to the bank (I think). Her money is ready to be picked up.

But then the doctor wants to talk to hr about her child. Ye-rin has symptoms of Polio. They found a poisonous chemical pesticide in her system. It is a large amount and she has been exposed for a long time. Her lungs are also fibrotic. her condition is very bad. The good thing is that, because of the chemical, we found her leukemia early. We found a few cases of this poisoning in China. A few years ago we had a few cases of pesticide poisoning. A few of them were insurance fraud.

SY storms of in a rage and drives up to the parking lot of her building. She goes inside. JS sees her from the park and then goes inside the room as well. JS asks her what she is doing and where is the money? But SY finds the poison in the kitchen! SY asks her what she idd to her daughter! SY throws the bottle at her and tells her to tell the insurance that he is alive. No one will get any money. I will make you go to jail for 15 years. Tell me!

JS runs away in fear and grabs her daughter.

SH. YD puts SH right back into his torture spot and starts to get everything ready again. JS calls him and tells him that SY found out that she fed Yerin pesticide. She says she won’t give them any money. YD tells her to threaten her. JS says she did it, but that didn’t work, what should we do?

JS hangs up and goes to grab her daughter. She tells her that thy will go to their house.

YD starts raging which makes SH laugh. YD asks him how he can laugh and steps on his foot. SH yells, but he tells him that he lost all his money, they found his finger prints, and his fraud person has disappeared. What are you going to do? YD says that he had a way to take care of his finger prints right? SH tells him that he can use his finger prints one last time.

YD runs to his room in the abandoned building and grabs a cell phone. Then he leaves the building and locks the gate.

SH is still inside tied up. he tries to free himself by cutting the rope on the chair with friction.

YD goes to DS’s restaurant. he is wearing black from head to toe and has on gloves. The staff and patrons are still there, but he manages to sneak into the back. While there, he looks at the CCTV in the kitchen area and pours himself a drink of water. It looks like the restaurant is coming to a close for the day.

JW. JW shows up at the restaurant to eat dinner with SH. She says she didn’t eat much that day, possibly due to morning sickness. DS tells her he will prepare something nice for her, just wait a moment. He goes to the kitchen and JW gets up to go to the back. She also looks at the CCTV. YD has to hide somewhere.

JW looks through the CCTV and sees something that shocks her. It looks like DS opens the video of his wife sleeping with someone else. he closes the video. YD makes a noise that make JW spin around. But he hides himself well. JW keeps looking at the video and sees a big disturbance. YJ showed up at the candle shop and breaks the candle in the middle of dinner. She shows him the bracelet. DS puts her in a head lock while with everyone and grabs the bracelet from her. he tosses it to the side. It is a huge scene.

JW goes back to the restaurant and looks around for where she thinks the bracelet might be. She reaches under the counter and feels it. her eyes grow wide as she pulls it out. It says JH “heart” DS on it. She leaves right away.

DS watches JW drive away. Cut to him driving also and trying to call her. This allows YD to walk around freely. SH told YD that DS has motive to kill JH to cover up his affair. He could add confusion to the investigation by adding the finger prints of a dead person. SO YD puts his own finger prints and his cell phone in DS’s things. So he is making DS into a murderer but DS might actually be a murderer because he might really have murdered JH.

DS, we are arresting you for YJ’s murder.
It is not you, you are not the one I knew.
YD came up with everything?
He tried to disguise himself as dead.
We have to prove that he is alive.
Let’s go to the bank and get the money first.
Money is just bait, I am going to catch him and save my Yerin.

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  1. Yemmy
    May 26, 2018 / 10:40 pm

    So who is the corpse and who is the murderer? To me I think the dead person is YD since JS show up at the last moment

  2. Andy
    May 27, 2018 / 12:59 am

    The mystery has gotten so intense! I knew JS had something to do with Ye Rin’s sickness but did she seriously just place the bottle of poison in a cabinet (which could easily be retrieved for evidence) without even removing the label? Wow great forward thinking there. SY should’ve taken photos of it or something so she could provide it as evidence in the future to send JS to jail but when she threw it onto the wall I was like YAY unleash your anger (her emotions are usually hidden). She’s on fiercely protective mode so it’s understandable.

    Also how dare JS try to harm Ye Rin (what was the point either way, they could’ve asked for the insurance even without that). She probably has insecurity and anxiety issues.

    YD is seriously psychotic – the torture chamber and all. I hope they reveal since when he’s been planning for the insurance and whether he’s been evil all along (Eg.why did he target SY specifically). DS too, is so shady and he’s probably the one that killed JH starting the chain of murders. I think YD gets killed and the reason why SY flashed backed to SH is because YD also kills SH in the future whilst framing DS (who maybe ends in jail and makes JW’s life worse). YD and DS is at the centre of it all.

    Basically What’s happened so far:
    DS was having an affair with JH and then killed her- supposedly (for some unknown reason),
    Her husband who was sentenced to jail and her MIL, got enraged.
    The MIL- YJ then accidentally killed MJ thinking he was the affair guy(ES’ lover and teacher)
    Whilst the husband asked his girlfriend HR to follow TO. HR, pretending to be his wife asked HY to follow TO
    The MIL- YJ changed her focus to the affair guy being YD (unknown why). Hence she opened a salon next to SY thinking YD cannot be dead since there wasn’t a body therefore, he would show up eventually to SY
    SH is also stalking SY because he thinks YD is alive and doesn’t want to give the insurance. He finds out that YJ is also stalking her. They team up to find YD
    YJ then decides (after finding out YD is alive) that he isn’t the affair guy and hence, breaks into ES office to get the tapes of JH’s confession. She finds out that DS is the affair man and confronts him.
    When she’s home, YD supposedly murders her because she has pics of him being alive and hence, he won’t get the insurance. SH enters later and takes the tape whilst framing YD for the murder by putting his prints.
    SH tells SY that DS is the affair guy and after meeting with JH’s husband she and ES are up to date, HY finds out by confronting HR and they have a meeting so ES,SY and HY are up to date. JW as of ep 9 ending just confirmed that DS is the affair guy.

    JS and YD have teamed up to take the insurance and seem like the biggest threat.

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